Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.03.24]

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Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.1 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.03.24]

Episode 1 I’m Jeong Runa People say I’m a bad woman, ruthless desire personified, an evil femme fatale I don’t care what they say because what they say doesn’t affect me Don’t you have desires? Does having desires make me evil? Are desire and ambition different? Look deep within yourself You just never had the opportunity I told you not to say anything The thing is Shut up Just don’t say anything Runa, stop it. Slow down No. Slow down Stop it, Runa Stop it Oh, no! Oh, no! This was the moment my life started going on a downward spiral Or perhaps it had begun before then My fatal ruby red desire led me on a path of self-destruction, but destruction only makes me stronger I won’t give up my desire, dream, or love And I will never have any regrets Who would dare cast stones at me? No. Go ahead and cast your stones at my desire and ambition Chuncheon Ms. Park, I heard you dropped me This isn’t right They say writers reign supreme these days, but you shouldn’t play games with people Pardon? What are you doing here? Let’s talk outside Let go. I have nothing to discuss with you Come on. I’ll explain Listen, Ms. Jeong Let go of me Explain yourself Cat got your tongue? What’s the matter with you? Have you lost your mind? We could’ve talked about it later in private It pisses me off I was all set to be the main emcee

for the upcoming show, but the writer said no, right? I told you not to be like this You need to control your temper You know I have a bad temper Just 0.0001% can make or break things in this industry Plus, it wasn’t Ms. Park’s decision alone During the planning meeting, people said your image wasn’t right for What wrong with my image? You should’ve dropped the writer You’re the producer after all That’s enough, Runa Put yourself in my shoes I said, that’s enough What am I going to do? I’m so upset You have to do something Runa You said I had it in the bag Let this one go I have it all set up for you to be the main emcee for the second season Stop crying. You’re being a baby Trust me. I swear You swear? Really? Yes You’re going to be a reporter next week Once you get that done, I’ll get the director to sign off on it Really? Truly? For real? Yes. Really, truly, for real So don’t just barge in anymore because you’re angry And don’t take it out on Ms. Park either It will only do you harm anyway Are you 100% sure that I’ll be the main emcee for the next program? 200% You drive me wild Go get ’em, tiger Don’t party and head straight home Make sure you’re ready for next week, including your wardrobe Don’t you worry. You know me Hello, everyone Let me introduce myself I’m the new host, Jeong Runa Jeez, Soyeong. You’re making a racket Let’s have some peace and quiet here Chorim, my name isn’t Jeez Soyeong It’s Ko Soyeong, okay? It’s always “Jeez, Soyeong.” Jeez, Soyeong. Jeez, Soyeong You’ll get it from me Welcome It’s the dry cleaner’s I’ve come to deliver these No one has come to pick them up It’s $70 $70? For dry cleaning? My goodness You must know our rates by now The receipt’s right here I’m pressed for time Here Thank you Bye Runa, that wretched thing It’s not like she’s a celebrity Of course she is. She’s on TV TV? A split second every once in a while How does that make her a celebrity? She’ll get it from me when she gets home She’s obsessed with clothes This is perfect Okay. I’ll take this Just a moment, ma’am Okay Ma’am? This card has been canceled That’s odd I’ll pay with this then Sorry, ma’am This one has been canceled as well Pardon? Could you please remove the dress?

Do you think I’ll run away? It’s not that, but Please use the fitting room Please be careful. It’s expensive Even riffraffs walk in What did you just say? Riffraff? Pardon? What I meant was I’m a riffraff? You’re humiliating me over a stupid dress? Who do you think you are? Don’t you dare disrespect me How dare you? Fine. I’ll buy this, so wrap it up Never mind. Please go What? I’m buying this. Wrap it up Your cards are canceled, so just forget about it Wrap it up this instant! But, sir, you can’t do this to us You said you’d sign the contract today We said no to another company as we were waiting for you to sign Hello? Sir? Sir What did he say? They’re not signing? They keep making excuses to delay this They’re driving me insane We have to get it signed this week You’re capable and persuasive You should go and talk to them Oh, man My blood’s boiling Ruby, let’s go out and get something nice and cold to drink I can’t. I have to draft the plan for the Hoban Concert Who cares about that right now? You need to come with me so I can let off some steam But I have to do this Come on. Let’s go Runa Mobile Why isn’t she picking up? The person you are trying to reach I’ll get it You finish that up Hello? Yu Gilja Spicy Chicken Mom, did you cancel all my cards? Yeah, so? Come on. This is so embarrassing I’m being humiliated at a department store because of you Being humiliated because of me? Anyway, this is urgent Either reactivate my cards or wire $1,000 to my bank account I need it right away Good grief You can’t be serious What do you take me for? I barely got by last month because of your credit card bills Stop your nonsense and hurry back home I need to set you straight Please, mom This is really urgent You’re getting more clothes, aren’t you? What’s the matter with you? I’m hanging up Who was it? Runa? She threw a tantrum because she found out I canceled her credit cards $1,000? Good grief I don’t know who she takes after It must be urgent. Send her the money She said she needed new clothes to do a TV report on buckwheat noodles But you know how she is Didn’t you see all the clothes the dry cleaner’s dropped off? She has a mountain of clothes She’s bought so much for her supposed TV reporting gig She spends more than she makes But don’t celebrities these days get free clothes through stylists? You don’t say She bought several outfits for the Soyang Dam report But on TV, she was in huge rain boots and totally covered up in a raincoat She’ll be the death of me I’d love nothing more than for her to get married Runa will find a great husband She has a knack for using men Pardon? The person you are trying to reach Oh, my goodness Hey there It’s me Don’t you remember me? Was it Hyeyeong? Oh Hyeyeong? It’s been so long. Good to see you Why? You left your phone here, didn’t you? The head of the team’s been looking for you

Really? Ms. Jeong, you’re back Come with me Where to? The executives are in a meeting and want a status report But Ms. Seo has to do it Didn’t Ms. Seo go to Juni? Yes, but So you need to do it Hurry Hyeryeon, the report’s printed, right? Yes Oh, no. The report. Thanks Hello. Hello Our new director will introduce himself I’m Bae Gyeongmin Nice to meet you The chairman told me the Chuncheon branch has such strong fundamentals that I will have to learn from you And I’m ready to do just that I’m still young and inexperienced, so I ask you for your guidance Good job We’ll start with Marketing Team 1’s presentation We will first report on where things stand right now Juni has been delaying the signing of the deal we have to close today, so I sent Ms. Seo there to get it done in person As for the Hoban Concert planning, Ms. Jeong Ruby will provide you a detailed update Ms. Jeong, what’s keeping you? Right Are you okay? Oh, no Here’s the receipt Thank you. Come again Soyeong, let’s take a break Ow, my neck Let’s have the watermelon we got earlier Okay Man, I’m tired Did Runa call again? I guess she gave up Runa never gives up That good-for-nothing Runa will be the death of me She’s always been such a troublemaker Why can’t she be more like Ruby? Gilja, cut Ruby some slack Despite it all, she can be so affectionate I find Runa more endearing than straitlaced Ruby Endearing? Give me a break You’ve had it so tough, Gilja, raising those twins on your own When you go to heaven, my brother will thank you a million times over Enough already You’re responsible for half of my woes Me? Are you serious? You’re an old maid massaging chicken thighs all day How can I not be worried? My goodness You also massage chicken thighs all day just like me Good heavens Okay. Fine Then let’s order only roosters Wouldn’t it be better to massage male rather than female thighs? We’re all single ladies here You’re too much Why haven’t the girls called? Yes, Ms. Seo

Why the formality? Workday is over I’m still at work. I’m heading out now What happened with the Juni deal? Who am I? Seo Jinhui, right? Of course I made them sign Come on out. Let’s have a drink Oh, my goodness Hello? Anyone here? Hello? Is anyone here? Hello? Is anyone here? Let go. Let go of me Help! What the…? Did I startle you? What do you think you’re doing? I could ask you the same question I asked you first I’m in the restroom Jeez What are you doing in the ladies’ room? I heard a scream You shrieked Long time no see. You haven’t changed I knew you worked here Excuse me Wait What are you doing? All set You look nice Jeong Ruby, do you want to have coffee? Do you still like espresso? Isn’t Bae Gyeongmin still attractive? I asked him to play so that we can see if he’s still good Jinhui, I should get going Sit Gyeongmin’s now the director of our company You will have to see him daily You’re still a heartthrob, Director Bae You’re the one who said we should keep work and play separate So you’re saying this is play, right? Yes, Jinhui It’s been a long time It’s been too long This is like a college reunion Jinhui, I think I should go It was a long day. I’m tired I’m sorry, Director Bae. I need to go Ruby. Jeong Ruby You’re so diligent

You do that at least once a week I’m a maiden I need to take care of myself What did I tell you? The man you were set up with last year wasn’t a bad catch But he was a widower I’m only marrying a first-timer I’ve never been married Even first-timers these days are said to be open to divorcees and single mothers You shouldn’t be so picky If the man’s decent, that’s good enough Why don’t you introduce me to a real man then? My goodness Why would I do that? I’m just as desperate for a man too Pardon? Say, I wonder why the girls are out late and haven’t called yet Maybe they’re partying because it’s Friday What do you know about partying? I’ve been young once too Wow, my sister, who would’ve known? I never took you for the partying type You didn’t know? Do you want one of these too? Don’t laugh. You’ll get wrinkles Thank you – How many did you order? / – One One Thank you Take it easy and relax – It’s cold, isn’t it? / – Yeah It’s very cold, so look what I got for you Tada This side And now this side They’re pretty Wow, fruit Why’s Gyeongmin so late? Chuncheon’s quite far away It’s bit of a drive Why didn’t you give him a position in Seoul? Why’d you send him all the way to Chuncheon? I was going to, but he insisted on Chuncheon So have you been looking for a bride for Gyeongmin? Yes, mother I’ve been asking around We need to get him married for me to have some peace of mind That must be him – I’m home. / – Gyeongmin Come here, my adorable son Have you had dinner? Yes, grandma She’s been waiting for you all day Yes, I have So how’s work? Do you like it? Yes. Give me a few minutes, grandma I’m sweaty. I’ll be back after a shower Stay with me for a bit It won’t take long Goodness me When will you give up on your unrequited love? My love isn’t unrequited Tada. A Christmas present Do you know how hard it was for me to knit this? You knitted it yourself? Is this a leash to keep me from running away? That goes without saying You’re mine now forever and ever Why are you being so uncool? Uncool? Let’s talk about that once we’ve taken this all the way I’m done here I’m not done yet though Shut up and just come with me I don’t think so I thought you’d have a better eye for girls I’m sorry, but you’re not my style,

so get lost What? What do you take me for? This really pisses me off You’re a real nut job, aren’t you? Nut job? You can’t pull a fast one on me Come on. Let’s go Let go Don’t make me hurt you Runa! Let go of me Runa! Thank goodness. Call the cops This guy’s a real psycho What? Psycho? Stop it Who are you anyway? Get out of the way I’m Runa’s older sister Runa? Your name’s Runa? Wow. You even lied about your name You’re done for Really? What will you do to me? What’s the matter with you? Get out of the way Why should I? This is my sister Then will you settle her debt? I spent $700 on her at a department store and another $500 at a club Did I ever ask you to? Did I take your card and use it? You did it because you wanted to So I did What did I tell you? That I’d pay for your clothes and booze if you’d spend the night with me I don’t care if you’re her sister Mind your own business or you’ll get hurt What do you think you’re doing? Come on Come on Hey Hey you dirtbag! Run! Stop! My dress What’s going on? What’s the matter? Runa What if he’s dead? Aunt Chorim was awesome Did you see anyone follow us home? What is it? What’s going on? Something terrible could’ve happened It’s a scary world out there these days Jeong Runa! Jeong Ruby! Jeong Runa! Jeong Ruby! What was that? Who was the guy? Aunt Chorim, um It just happened Runa, is it guy trouble again? No, mom He was just some psycho pervert You tell us what happened It was just an unfortunate incident Don’t worry, mom What was this unfortunate incident? Be honest and come clean with me Being beautiful isn’t a crime, is it? It wasn’t my fault That horrible man chased after me Right, Ruby? You always drag her into your problems Ow, mom. Okay But it’s true. That awful man said he liked me and wouldn’t leave me alone I didn’t do anything wrong It’s your fault for giving me my perfect genes The things you say What’s this? What is it? How did you get this? I canceled your cards. How’d you pay for it? Who is it? Open up, Oh Hyeyeong! Oh Hyeyeong? Mom, no. Don’t open the gate Ruby, let’s start over Too much time has passed to start over There’s no such thing called love Love’s just a front for business dealings Wait a minute. Do you have feelings for me? This is a work of art I’ve never seen anything like this This is bad. This is really bad You can’t just keep avoiding me Don’t disrespect me like this I think I might have to resign I think I might have to resign See you next time