Tutorial: Changing out the Blu-Ray assembly out of your Slim PS3

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Tutorial: Changing out the Blu-Ray assembly out of your Slim PS3

what’s going on YouTube this is gonna snipe here and today I’m gonna be doing a new tutorial video now to try to make the here’s the story on December 24 on 9 December October 24th my ps3’s blu-ray drive died on me now I’ll have links in the description of where to get the part where to how to diagnose your system to be foremost to be to begin with now here is pretty much the part that pretty much died on me actually which is this it was mainly the only the the blu-ray diode but this is the part I ordered this is from Rick’s PS experts.com it’s the blu-ray assembly for my system now I’m gonna go and take this in apart I’m going to show you how to do it step by step a way you can fix it yourself now if it’s not your blu-ray laser that diet but your controller board for your drive then you’re gonna need to go and send it to Sony now if it’s if is that you guess you won’t be needing the Sims of Sony just pay the price you know just do that I’d be done with now here’s the system I’m gonna be working with this for my slim Pettit for three years and now let’s get started as you can see here is my slim I already took does when I had the thing with taking a bug when I think dynamite he took the duh like the little squares off so that’s what you can that’s the first thing you need to do yet [ __ ] you got to take apart these take these screws off these are little squares off now here’s one right here we’re happy our warranty sticker right on it I fix it dot-com also has a little gum how to take this sticker off without activating the void on it if your system if you bought your system and it still has the warranty sticking you still within the one year claim it’d be easier if not you can take the sticker off and be done in not worry about it now first things first we’re gonna be taking off these seven screws and they’re gonna be three security screws right here if you have an O newer model just of the first slimline there’s gonna be a fourth one somewhere right here but for mine there’s only three so first things first we’re gonna take these screws out and set them to side you want to keep your screws pretty much want to keep your screws in the near area that way and your neat area that way every that way you have everything situated just right you know I mean you just want to keep your screws near you so take these on quick now the the now this little panel right here that’s where my fingers that that’s your look that’s your hard drive uh I’m screw where you can’t jump like that you can take your hard drive out and swap it in with a new one since we only be dealing with the blu-ray drive itself we won’t be needing that I won’t be needing to take the hard drive out so take this last screw out now when we get to the part where we put the thing together we’re gonna have it to the point where we can have it plug back in and be and just to test it out all right now with the seven skewers I was time to take out the time to take the three security screws let me turn this around you’re gonna be needing a t8 I don’t you can see that well you yes you’re gonna need a t8 – art I call them star screws some people call torque and you’re gonna take out the three security screws and hang a second also gonna need something to guard in there deep saw pair of tweezers tweezers help kind of you either a pair of tweezers or

something to help grab these damn screws out of the holes that we can take them out that we don’t lose them so just take the star bump these two out you know a song in my room a big that’s it so I wanted to make this video a good one so it’s hard to turn off you a my ceiling fan okay decide now that the the screws all the screws are done or off now it’s simple just take this thing off this pull it from the back and pull the side off pull the top off and put this I put the top shelf to the side now here’s the inside of the PlayStation get the capacitor back here got just got your cooling fan your metal Brett some metal brackets you blu-ray drive the control board well first things first to get the blu-ray drive out we’re gonna need to take the capacitor out we’re not gonna be messing with the fan or these brackets we will be taking this part this little control board off and they’ll be one the later stuff whoo okay so the first thing this we’re gonna this can make these cables in the back and then we’re gonna take our screwdriver really doesn’t matter which one I mean this won’t be used for like the bigger the screws underneath it this one can be you this little smaller one can be used to take out the screws right here if you want to that prefer using the big one because it can because it kind has like a bigger bezel it has a minute a big bite to it and mine’s partially magnetic so it kind of helps with the okay now with the screws off and the cables disconnected you want to gently pull this out if you yank it out too hard you’re gonna rip you ten-to-one you’re gonna rip these little prongs right here that hold this on took that pretty much power this you know do you don’t want to do that I said that’s a sight okay now we got that gone taken off we disconnect this cable right here from the blu-ray drive and there’s a security screw back here a Phillips stick here excuse me just unscrew that but that’s go to this side and there’s a little connector another connector or cable connecting the boot the blu-ray drive again the blue connecting the blu-ray drive to the motherboard so it’s like a little blue a little brown clip you just pull that up and pop that popped out turn to when turn the system around again and you don’t want again just like the the capacitor you want to take to take you want to take this off gently you don’t want to break it you break it you’re pretty much out of luck I’ll let gently and set that down now with now that the blu-ray drives free fold it out and you can set your console to the side okay now that we got our blu-ray drive free there’s a total of eight scripts three on the top five on the bottom now I can take a really small screwdriver like something like this to take off the the eight screws you want to be careful with it at this point so we’re gonna take the bottom ones off and since you don’t have the console on your way you can pre keep the East groups in your body like right on the stick right on the side all right now we take the top three off

now if you’re opening up your system for the first time and you come to the point where you still can’t get the taking these screws off forget the two plates apart however when you come to the pub when you come to your to this point you take off the top plate off first just be careful because this part the this part right here can bend and you have to bend it back all right mmm that’s uh that’s the side now you also don’t need to take this part off there will be an extra let it be like a little piece of black security tape on one side nothing personal nothing too fancy just take it off and be done with so it’s it take this once the stickers off you take it off boom you got the bottom part of your drive alright now we’re also going to need to take off this top piece because we’re going to need to get to the connector on the drive to get to take the ribbon off in this part it’s not that hard there’s only two screws right here right here and there’s maybe a couple of clamps clunk the you know clamps right here and right here and be done with it you for security for safety sake you don’t want to lose this so just take that off put it to the side go ahead take that oh by the way if you have a CD DVD or blu-ray in your drive and you need to take it out that’s one thing I need to tell you if you already have your system taken apart and you’re eating you forgot to take you jot your disk out you can turn this gear manually I don’t know if it’s the left or the right you take it off boom you turn it you don’t think I’ll be turning it in you can manually take your disk out okay now that the skirts are done I’ll have to be careful autonomous of the board pull back push on those clamps and pull this off now as you can see we have a cable right here that we’re gonna have to take off and we got two more on the bottom not the two on the bottom or pretty much well yeah two on the bottom are pretty much easy just pull them and be done with whoo my hats yeah we’re gonna have to take the board off too because you got to get to the the back screws on this thing so first things first let me undo the cables the cables are done get back down here um I’m just not gonna I’m stressed I’m stressing this up this enough as it is oh yeah if you want you can also take this part this in another kick this cable off tune is set to the side you’re gonna need it but I’m stressed I’m stressing this up is this enough as it is any damage to dis board you’re screwed any damage to it during this process you pretty much screwed yourself because these boards are married to your systems motherboard you screw this thing up you’re done so you want to be extra extra extra extra careful so I take that ribbon off and again being careful there’s a coupler clamps yeah I’m so nervous I don’t want to break this I mean I’ve done this a couple of times for dry runs before I did this because I was waiting for the part to come in I don’t want to break it all right there we go get the board take it on and just put it right here now we got the board off suddenly get time to take this thing out as you can see it’s got four screws on each side so take our screwdriver okay many not this one it’s a bigger one where is it oh yeah we’re gonna need this one this one’s too big this won’t be just

right now once we take this drive off this is somebody off we’re gonna need to take the plastic feet off as the unfortunately these new blu-ray parts blu-ray drive to somebody’s don’t come with ever ever feed them unfortunately I think they should just to take one step out of it but you know okay pull that out and here’s your damaged blu-ray now as you can see they the other they’re pretty much the same here’s your new one here’s your dead one so now we’re gonna have that now here comes the hard part because I’ve never done this before and that’s taking the rubber feet off of this one and put them on this one but the new one right there from the side beam but this is so for now we’ll come back to it later Pinkus oh yeah these are gonna be easy I think pull them off be careful you don’t break on and with that say adios to your dead drive-in here we go you know here’s the hard part putting them in okay that’s one no half ask but you know what to do okay there we go I got it not a better shape too three and four okay I got the things in now for me to get her are got a little pack the black drive like I call it oh wait a minute okay just to make sure cuz there’s a little gear up here you don’t want to lose that you lose that you dumb okay so we place it back in place I said no one in the in the place and now we now we come now we go to the ascent reassembly it’s best to have magnetic screws and awaken and if you hear the wind blowing it’s kind of windy outside today can’t really stop that also I forgot to mention at the beginning the website I got this part riches PS XCOM PS experts.com again I will leave a description on it about the link to the site on my on the description on on this video they do have a year in sell when it comes to pretty much everything pretty yeah they pretty much got a year in sale going on with this merchandise right now okay drives in as you can see now I’m gonna put the board back in again wanna be careful with it wanna make sure everything’s lined up yeah that’s right and area like the the cables back in these sleepers always these cables always gave me headaches you want to make sure all your cabling is right because if you cables not right you’re gonna have problems with sound quality

and all that you just want to make sure are you cables are in okay all the tables are in on the top I’m gonna go ahead and you know not to damage the both the control board I’m gonna put the bottom plate on first way to can set her down okay but the bottom plate on opening up the this little the flat foot up drive put the cable and make sure it’s all the way in again we don’t want to have any issues with when you talk when it comes to putting it back together in there you go now wait oh wait oh let’s sort out get this first put this back on top line it up and it’s snap into place take you two screws put it put your two screws in tight put them back in take this put it in I’m good to go now get me the way I put it okay top half you want to put it in front first cuz you again you don’t want to bend up the front alright put it in like this as best you can okay first things first we can do the I’m gonna do the top screws first I wave it go going in reverse so we’re gonna take the top screws and take you small screwdriver you don’t you can tighten them but you don’t tighten them too tight in case you need to come back in here okay now we go to the bottom take you two long ones first I hold the bottom and the top together it’s going in and then take you to three little ones put them into where they go yeah now with the squares in in place you the cable we took off earlier as long as you have like the little tape and a little wrap up cotton like thing on it it’s pretty much easy to realign it so making sure the brown flap on the back flap on that board is up place your cable in here make sure it’s in all the way and then close the flap all right drives back together take my spirits away my shooters over all right get the console back now putting it back together much taking it apart so only in Reverse so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put this these cables I’m holding these are you blew your the Wi-Fi cables so just gonna move everything all the way from mommy put everything back to where it was take your country our control board with that in first make sure make sure everything’s okay now turn it around reconnect this cable back to the other end of the blu-ray drive

this cable into the motherboard and clip and push down on the flap now take your Phillips security screw and your screwdriver and screw the thing back in one without a music plane but because of YouTube stupid Content ID filter am I gonna do it watch the screws in get out capacitor keep that make sure everything is out of the way cuz you don’t want to break a connector set it in yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna screw it later I’m gonna put the screws in later but for now time to test I’ve got I’m gonna keep the system open for this so I can see everything working right I’m gonna put give me Mom enough in my system whoa as you can see there’s my ps3 ready to go now let me put my where’s my remote remote on my TV in component mode now systems on the game I would be testing sorry the game I will be testing with is kingdom hearts because I know when you put the game disc in is gonna have like a little music thing going toward remove the camera Jess right there as you can see here’s my desk I’m gonna put it in this is let me see what happens here there it is my bloop my ps3 is finally fixed I hope you enjoyed this little video because I can see now everything’s working fine like I said I hope you enjoyed the video yeah I’m with a happy Christmas Merry Christmas actually Happy Hanukkah Merry Kwanzaa happy holidays for that matter if and if I don’t see you guys again before or before before December 31st Happy New Year this is gun tonight I hope you enjoyed this video hope it helped again I will be putting links of where I got the part in random and how to troubleshoot your ps3 that way you know that way you that way you can diagnose your ps3 for yourself this is guys tonight and I’ll see you next year