【English Sub】If I Can Love You So – EP 12 如果可以这样爱 12 | Melodrama Chinese Drama

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【English Sub】If I Can Love You So – EP 12 如果可以这样爱 12 | Melodrama Chinese Drama

I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me And wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Episode 12 I don’t think I would want to restart my life Why? Because if I start over, I wouldn’t have met her Even though I really dislike the current me right now, it’s this kind of me who met that kind of her Mochi If we didn’t meet like this, I probably would have never known that I would love someone enough to etch her in my memory For this kind of love, even if I can’t live to my father’s age, it’s worth it Just give them the profit margin Don’t just look at the small profits Geng Mochi’s deceased wife, Ye Sha, who was suspected of stealing her composition “Love” is suspected of having an affair with an unknown man Okay Geng Mochi’s deceased wife, Ye Sha, who was suspected of stealing her composition “Love” is suspected of having an affair with an unknown man Oh, right. Mochi, I have to tell you something We can’t continue with the lawsuit anymore That weekly magazine has been discontinued. It’s facing bankruptcy and is done for When Huang Zhong told me yesterday, I thought it was weird Someone else beat us to it and he moved fast. Steady, accurate, and ruthless No one knows who did it. It just said it had something to do with a debt Also that Tie guy, is he not in Hong Kong now? Not only was he fired by the publishing company, he even got barred entry back to the mainland I reckon that he’ll never return now Everything you just said isn’t important anymore I’m telling you, all of this is a coincidence. For a lame magazine like that that reports on dead people, it got what it deserved Can you eat a little slower? Bai Kaoer, you… Drink some water. Drink some water You’ll choke to death Stop thinking about it. It is already passed I know you’re thinking about that Beijing person Same words Stop thinking about it. It’s better for the both of you Do you understand? It’s like you’ve opened a small kitchen! – Hi – Hello, hi, I recognize you – You’re Kaoer’s best friend! – Right What are you thinking about? Not much I’m telling you an unfortunate news. Station Manager is back from his business trip Oh, stop. Think really hard about how you’re going to make your reflection This afternoon, when work resumes, you need to go to his office Take care. I’m going to go get some food Bye-bye Can you survive it? You want me to go? – Go! – In your dreams! Eat more Tears. It’s so embarrassing Do you even know how bad the impact of this event was? There were reporters downstairs all day and the station’s phones were ringing off the hook – Is it Kaoer that he’s yelling at? – I don’t know – We’re a radio station, not an entertainment company! – It must be her – Is there any point in explaining? Go write a self-criticism on this

– Hurry, let’s go – That’s it, get out! Pretty Lady, you’ve just been criticized? You have to look at the bright side. Station Manager just gives you too much importance That’s true indeed. I was bloody all over Oh, right. The materials you gave me are done – After work, come by my place – Okay, thank you Okay, then I’ll head back to work. You do, too. Fighting Bye Recording, please walk quietly Put your right arm in there The wind is quite strong Ever since I was little, I liked listening to this kind of wind sound I remember when I was little, every time we went to Grandma’s house in the countryside, you would hear this sound every night When I grew up and was performing abroad, whenever I could not sleep at night, I would miss this sound a lot It feels so far away. It’s like it’s in my dream Mom, today’s smog warning is already red There are hundreds of delayed flights Don’t worry. Don’t wait for me. I’ll contact you right before I take off Okay Mochi, don’t be anxious. You have no way to rush those delayed flights Are you hungry? I’ll get you something to eat Why don’t you rest? Your state today doesn’t seem that great If there’s news, I’ll come call you – Darwin – Huh? When we leave this time, we probably won’t be coming back ever again. Right? This Stopping and going. There’s no chance to meet nor meet again Maybe, this is how it has to be There are some things you shouldn’t think too much about If you don’t think about it, your feelings will eventually calm down Rest for awhile. I’m going to the first floor to get the newspaper Wind Sound Podcast Files Recordings Voice Files Voice File 5 Mochi! Mochi! We often compare love to the wind It comes like a shadow. It leaves without a trace When a relationship ends, the best thing to do is to treat the past like the wind What the wind takes with it isn’t meant to be yours What it doesn’t take are your memories The wind sounds we just played for everyone was personally recorded by me when I made a trip to the Qingquan Town In this loud and bustling city night, will listening to this wind sound bring you peace and calm?

Qingquan Town itself is a quiet little town It has pretty bamboo forests and deep valleys The wind forever exists in this little town And in this hometown of the wind, a talented pianist was born Just recently, he just announced he was leaving the music scene Although we won’t be able to hear his beautiful performance again, which left us with regrets, returning to a calm life after fading from the limelight is probably the best choice for him Let us thank this brilliant pianist for bringing us beautiful music, clean and pure Just like the clean soul of a performer And all we can do is send our deep blessings to him Okay. Next, we’ll listen to some beautiful piano sounds to end tonight’s program Thank you everyone for accompanying me every night Good night Young Lady! That was excellent! – Really? – Yes Station Manager was also listening. Believe me, your self-reflection report will be passed without any problem The blissful you is going back home to spend the New Year While the unlucky me will have to stay here to work Thinking about it just sounds pitiful Then I’ll wish you happy holidays in advance So pretentious Hey, how about something substantive Bring some of your mom’s sausages when you return. I just love them All right, no problem You’re the best – Of course – Let’s go It’s snowing? Geng Mochi, did you hear my wind sound gift to you? Every year in the past, we would spend the new year together How’s the selling of the house going? – Not bad. The past few days, I sold two more – Well done A natural-born sales leader! Then what about you? – Anything planned for the new year? – Just work How come it’s your turn to work this year? Because I’m easy to get bullied It’s quite nice to work during the holidays. You get three times the salary Today, did you come to see me in passing again? Yes, I always just happen to pass by here Be nice. Geng Mochi, don’t make a noise. Let’s go home for the new year Everyone please line up to enter the station – You… you, what are you doing? – What do you want to do? I’m going home to spend the New Year If you go home to spend the New Year, then what about me? Geng Mochi, put me down! – I’m not going to – Put me down! Put me down! – Start the car – Stop the car! – Start the car! – Stop the car! – What are you doing? – Stop the car! Geng Mochi, don’t meow What did you call him? You called him Geng Mochi?

– It’s my cat. I can call him whatever I want – She is a female cat She is clearly called Kaokao or Fatty Bai That sounds so bad! Even if it doesn’t sound nice, you’ll have to bear it Sorry, I shouldn’t have abandoned you It’s rare to hear you apologize If I did something wrong then I did something wrong. Why would I feel embarrassed to admit it? Let me take a good look at you I’m still really pretty aren’t I? Aren’t you too proud of yourself? Will you die if you praise me for being pretty? I’m a person who says things based on facts. I never say anything dishonest Moreover, whether I like you or not doesn’t have to do with how pretty you are It’s because my heart is beautiful You were born under the monkey sign, likes to climb up the pole Bai Kaoer. Right now, I’m no one, and have nothing Being together with me won’t let you feel pressured anymore. Right? No pressure I’m just afraid that your fans will throw eggs at me when in public They will slowly forget me You can really bear to? I was never a greedy person I just want what I want and live the life I want The world is so big and there’s so many people Being able to meet someone I like and wanting to be with them is such a hard thing. Since I met her, then we can’t separate I’m actually not willing to let you go, silly I’m so touched You said that in such a fake way I’m really touched Even though I am a heartless person, once committed, it’s an eternal thing Geng Mochi, I’m very certain right now that I love you. I really, really do You are only sure that you love me when I’m already like this? You are truly a cold-hearted woman So dumb and silly, but so cute I’m a lovely young girl that everyone loves Oh, no. I have to go home for the New Year My mom will definitely call and rush me – Go back – Then what about you? Of course, I’m going back with you – Ah? – What? I’m not good enough to show? – No – Then what? I’ll see your parents sooner or later We haven’t done anything dirty. What’s there to fear? But my dad’s temper isn’t that great He’s not easy to deal with What if you get kicked out? Then I’ll kidnap their daughter – Goodbye Teacher Fang – Goodbye – Hello, Dan Dan. Goodbye – Goodbye, Teacher Fang – Happy New Year – Happy New Year – Bye bye Dad! My son! I miss you so much! Yingzhi, I came to pick you up so we can spend the New Year together Dan Dan and I are going back to my parents’ house to spend the New Year No matter what happened between us, let’s talk after New Year is over. All right? Don’t worry. We’re spending the New Year this time with just us three I specifically requested for a leave and told the hospital that I’m not taking any surgeries I know there’s a lot of place that I’ve wronged you two I really want to solve the problems with us But at least right now, let’s give our child a complete New Year Dan Dan, do you want to spend the New Year with Dad and Mom? Mom, I want to spend the New Year with Dad Let’s go! Let’s spend the New Year together! Let’s go home! Why don’t you two just eat here at our home?

I’ll go prepare for it Dad Don’t call me Dad. If you acknowledge me as your dad, then you wouldn’t do such an embarrassing thing What have I done to embarrass you? Kaoer, then I’m leaving first Sorry for interrupting Let me send you out. Hey! Look at you. It’s New Year – He came, so he is a guest – You’re talking nonsense! Sit down Mochi, that’s just how my dad is Don’t take it to heart Mochi, don’t be like this I apologize in my dad’s stead Kaoer, let’s elope Let’s elope and go to Beijing. Let’s spend the New Year there Elope? Isn’t such a fantastic feat just what you, Bai Kaoer, would do? Fantastic Do you believe in people having spirits after they die? I believe it I believe that at this time, they’re watching us from that shore across Try guessing what they’ll think No matter what they think, I’m thanking them I’m thanking them for letting me meet you. Even though it was a bit late, I still met you No matter what people say and how they see us as, are you willing for us to be together? Are you willing to? I’m willing to. I never cared about what people think or say Even if those two are looking at us from across right now, I wouldn’t care. They were able to die together, then we can live together happily. Isn’t that so? I feel so blissful right now Today at 12 o’clock, after the bell rings, I’ll be waiting at the lakeside Go back home and have a New Year dinner with your parents If it passes 12 o’clock and I don’t see you, then 12 o’clock? When you went to my house did you see the wall surrounding my house? I saw it Even if I have to climb over the wall, I’ll come You’re so daring Being able to have dinner tonight as a family is so nice Here, Old Bai Kaoer, this is your favorite. Here Hurry and eat – I’ll do it myself – Eat, Sister – Here – Mom, you eat, too Wei Wei, don’t just keep eating. Offer a toast to your sister and father Dad, let me toast you Sister, let me toast you, too. May all your wishes come true So good. I will give you a big red envelope! Thank you, Big Sis! Look at you. Are you being close with your sister or the red envelope? Who wouldn’t want to be close to a red envelope? Mom, I’m saying it now. You’re not allowed to confiscate my red envelopes Little rascal Here, let’s all toast. Come. Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Good. Bottom up! – Time to eat! – Hurry, eat, eat. All your favorites Kaoer, eat. Hurry

– Uncle Zhang – Yes Milan, eating instant noodles for New Year? I… am just eating whatever there is for now. I’ll make something when I get home Your boyfriend asked me to bring this to you It’s still warm Thank you No problem. Your boyfriend is pretty good It’s so cold and he drove his motorbike over. It’s not so easy – Okay, then I won’t bother you. I’ll be going – Yes Okay Dan Dan, let’s toast Mom together. Look how hard she worked to make us such good things to eat. Right? Toast Mom and hope that she always gets prettier and prettier Good, Dan Dan. I wish that you’ll always be so good It really feels good to eat a family New Year’s Eve dinner I know I’m not a good husband and not a good father I’m really sorry to you and our son I’m not always a good child. I’m always breaking things Dan Dan, look, before I made a lot of mistakes. Can you forgive me? I forgive you including Mom’s share Where did you learn that? Television Here, eat some more Professor Ma Daddy, how come you haven’t answered your phone? Professor Ma, Happy New Year Right. Right. We’re eating right now Oh, I see Okay. Okay, I’ll head over right away Go on Professor Ma’s father-in-law has a bad heart that’s not suitable for long trips I’ll drive him to Beijing and return after I settled him down Mommy, Daddy has to work overtime again? Eat some more. After we’re done eating, we’ll go home Here, Li These are all your favorites from when you were little Chopped fish head and pork ribs Recalling when you two were little, every new year, when it’s time to eat the New Year’s Eve dinner, you two would be playing so hard outside that I couldn’t make you come back. All you wanted to do was set off fireworks When we were little? Setting off fireworks Right, I remember One new year, Xiao Jing was wearing new clothes and went out with Jie to set off fireworks She blew a hole into her new clothes The moment you saw it, you raised your hand and slapped her The next hit was so hard, she fell on the steps, and lost half of her front teeth Her whole mouth was full of blood I can never forget the look on her face Jie grabbed her and ran for the bathroom I followed behind them So many year’s have passed I keep thinking Where is my little sister? Does she have new clothes at new year?

Is she hungry? Is there anyone bullying her? I can’t think about it The moment I think about it, it’s like a knife twisting in my heart Li, I Mother, I really want to ask you After all these years, do you feel any remorse? Even just a little bit? Do you? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be saying these things at this time But I can’t forget about the past. I can’t forget about Xiao Jing I’m also adopted into this family. I often wonder if I was the one that was sent away, where would I be now? Especially during times of family reunions I know that right now, you’re my only family left I should be getting close to you But you clearly know in your heart, that since the day you sent Jing away and we lost contact of her, there’s very little mother and son relationship left between us Li, you know everything that happened that time You dad had just passed I just couldn’t raise all three of you, hence— Because we were poor? Yes, we were poor But even if we’re poor, you can’t send your own kids away. Even if they’re adopted Mother Until now, you’re still finding excuses – I’m not – Tell me, how can I eat a family reunion dinner with you with any peace of mind? Li, I really didn’t Li, listen to me Boss, where are we going? To my sister-in-law’s house. Do you have the present? – It’s ready – Good He’s running around. He went straight there I couldn’t catch him at all – Running and you still can’t catch him? – Eat and drink well How come you remember to take care of me today? Don’t I take care of you everyday? This is my policeman. I’m afraid of her Eat well, drink well Let’s play, too Come – Happy New Year! – Happy New Year! – Thank you. We have to get going – Leaving? – Then make sure you come again to see us – Definitely. Definitely Let’s go! Let’s go! – Run slowly. Slowly – Be careful Bai Kaoer, if you dare not come, just wait to see how I’ll deal with you What’s my dear sister doing? Chatting with classmates You’re not chatting with a boy, are you? None of your business Sure, who cares about you? Do you want it? Do you want it? I’m rich! Give it to me I can definitely give you the red envelope, but it depends on your comprehension My comprehension is always excellent. But why are there two envelopes? One is from me, the other is from Brother Geng Is he my idol Geng Mochi?

See, our dad doesn’t want me to be with Brother Geng Tell me, what should I do then? Elope! That’s what always happens in a TV drama My sister is really smart But there are so many people down there, how do I elope? I’ll cover for you Just for my handsome and talented Brother-in-law pianist, of course, I’ll take your side I’ll fight side by side with you against our dad’s feudalistic belief You really are my biological sister! No one can be closer Say it, how do I help you? Little kids, Happy New Year! Wishing you great fortune! Here, take it Yours. And yours Thank you, Uncle Happy New Year! Done Be careful Careful, Sister Catch! It’s New Year! It’s New Year! It’s New Year! You need help? Thanks! Where are you going? Happy New Year! Boss, Happy New Year! Looking at you from afar It’s like we have just met Treating it as a review of the past Holding you tightly from afar As if I’ve never left Just treat it as using my last energy }An unfamiliar city, but an unfamiliar rhythm Will it keep you company like how I used to before Big Sister! Can I hitch a ride? – Sure, get on – Okay So many years of not talking about it You can go now Yet the wind still reminds me of the memories That sound is so beautiful Big Brother, please drive a little faster – Okay – Thanks! One day, if the wound has completely healed If there’s someone else, then let him love you on my behalf

So many years of not talking about it Time wasn’t able to take away the memories They instead occupied every crack One day, once I’ve retreated out of your life I’ll still love you from afar Look at what time it is Outside love’s door Whoever betrayed whom is the one waiting Laughter and tears are constantly repeating Is being loved good or bad Wantonly uncover the mystery And let fate be unable to make arrangements You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you With us being so in love with each other I can laugh to my heart’s content even while crying That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you in turning into dust