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5 Common Lies About Parrots | Truth About Parrot Care | BirdTricks & SharynZoo

zoo crew we wanted to say hello from bird tricks this is a YouTube channel takeover and we are so excited to share some awesome information with all of you viewers for those who would have no idea who we are I’m Dave wall Mac and I’m Jamie Womack and we are from bird tricks and this is Jing fee we have a background in entertainment as well as training parrots so over at our channel YouTube / bird tricks we not only teach you how to train your pet parrots but really we strive for our goal and not saving parrots one person at a time so we really focus on education through entertaining methods in this video we’re going to walk you through the five lies that people tell about pet parrots and des miss them do you miss them is that a word I don’t know but it sounds like you have a serious lift miss D miss worry be miss up that’s right now please people use in embarrassing people are deathly gonna come over to our Channel yeah we talked about being entertaining watch the blonde Red Dog you can see what’s on your face nothing it’s perfect it’s perfect perfect the first lie people tell you about toys is usually right straight from the pet shop that toys for your bird should look a lot like the toys for your toddler not the case you know and unfortunately most the major pet shops sell toys that look kind of like this and the problem is that they’re just not organic they’re not healthy and the birds should not ingest these what you want to use is toys made of natural materials such as gas wood who would have thought that birds chew on wood now you can incorporate color color I’m gonna admit is mostly just for the human to say this is pretty I want to give it to my bird however you can definitely incorporate colored toys like you see it this one this is one of the toys we offer in our many toolboxes this is dyed using vegetable dyes so those of you who have ever cut into a beet and realized your hands are now purpley pink that’s what we use to dye our toys so those go a long way you can use all sorts of veggie dyes to get those bright vibrant colors that can entice a bird or the human eye but also we have a lot of natural looking toys that come in all different shapes and sizes and are all different types of is going Flora’s hardness so some are very soft woods other ones are very hard woods depending on what kind of beak you are trying to keep busy so when I was growing up my parents had a blue and gold macaw named Tico and this particular bird had a couple of acrylic toys his cage his hole light in my parents was like oh that’s his favorite toy we can’t get rid of that he’s had that forever so the problem with these like heavy-duty nondestructive toys is you think that you’re buying them just once which is great except the birds need to destroy the whole purpose of toys is so they have something to keep them busy during the day it’s not that they have something to like look at its pretty toys are definitely not for decoration they are for destruction so the faster your bird goes through the toys the better so now we have our three sister son Conyers phoebe lily and yet to go over a very important lie that you will be told mostly I pet shops but kind of all over even online and this is the lie that snuggle huts are necessary for small birds such as conyers budgies cockatiels lovebirds parrot –let’s and the like now snuggle huts are little tents made of fabric that will hang in your bird’s cage that they are encouraged to go and sleep in for warmth or whatever people say that they are good for the reason these are totally bad is a safety issue a lot of birds will actually chew on these they become very messy and hormonal which means they will tear up the pieces and actually ingest them all so it triggers breeding season for these birds I mean if you’re giving the birdnest they’re gonna go in there and want to breed and you know in the problem is every time I see these in somebody’s in-home consult I’ll go in I’ll say hey guys yeah you probably shouldn’t have the snowgo Hut the number one thing I always hear is oh but she loves it yeah off to a perch but that’s the problem is that they do love it because they’re trying to mate and breed even if they are by themselves – triggers hormones if you still don’t believe this on this melville Hut front just do a quick Google search or even look on Facebook you will find on a lot of veterinary pages surgery is happening to little birds like these guys fully open and going into surgery where they’re taking out all of that fabric that they have ingested it’s something that they cannot pass through the digestive tract and it’s a major major problem so please don’t use these there are alternatives if you feel like well then what do I offer my bird they do make quote unquote snuggle Hut’s that are made out of wood or different types of varieties like that again it kind of goes back to the hormonal aspect of it the birds really don’t need these

things but especially she’s stay away from the most dangerous parrot toy accessory that there is and that is the fabric snuggle Hut so this is Cressy our Congo African Grey and the third lie that we want to dispel since DeMuth apparently is an awareness is that of using cage covers now a lot of people use cage covers and usually it’s because their birds cages in the middle of the action of the house and they think that by covering it they’re allowing the bird to go to sleep while the TV still on in the action movie is still playing so kind of like we were saying about the snuggle Hut’s is that it triggers hormones speaking of which so does Dave for Chris II wasn’t sure we are going for a sec but the problem with cage covers again is a safety issue where if the bird can reach the cage cover then they can chew on it and ingest it another thing that birds really like to do with cage covers is maybe not ingest it but tear it into tiny little pieces and put it at the bottom of the cage to form nesting material so cage covers can lead to a lot of different problems which is why we usually recommend sleeping I wasn’t done with the cage cover bed I was gonna add to that okay so cage covers also trigger kind of that the bird is in a nesting area and so since what we always recommend to people is that the bird needs 12 hours of sleep people like oh I’ll just go get a page cover because I live in an apartment and I want to be able to spend time with my bird and put her right by the TV while I watch the entire season of 20 for that birds not getting quality uninterrupted sleep so that’s why we recommend a sleeper cage if you live in a very small area we recommend putting all those in your bathrooms so you can put the bird in their feeder dinner and then an hour later the light shuts off and that’s a great way for your bird to be able to still get that 12 hours of sleep without having to put her away with a cage cover and the biggest thing that we see is that people are misusing the cage covers so if your bird is being incredibly noisy that day and you might have neighbors over or friends over a lot of people tend to just cover up the bird to get it to shut up or be quiet so I find that people that do have cage covers will usually use them in a way that is not intended for them and also just that they’re not getting adequate sleep with a cage cover so that’s why we tend to find alternative methods for this so this is Bondi our rose-breasted cockatoo also known as Aguila from Australia and again we still have kress er Congo African Grey now this topic we want to talk about is a lie that you get straight from usually the where you get the bird from normally the diet that your bird comes to you on is not the ideal diet oftentimes it’s way easier to wean these guys onto seeds than it is to fresh vegetables grains legumes etc sprouts all the really good healthy stuff that takes a lot longer and usually people that are selling birds want to get them out the door a little bit quicker so sometimes they don’t put the full effort into a proper diet now we live in this about 10 years ago when we were on tour for two years and we are giving Bondi too much fruit and we thought okay fruits and vegetables they kind of go together right sounds healthy because that’s what we’ve been taught to eat as people and so we realized this when we were free flying she didn’t want to interact and she just went in sat in a tree which was very unlike her so we went we seeked out the best vets in the nation and came up with our own seasonal feeding systems so it’s kind of cool because Krissi is on the cover now it may be shocking but the best diet that you can give your bird actually changes with the seasons like it would in the wild them just as they aren’t able to get certain foods year-round because certain seasons change and wow I’m having a really hard time talking through this we tried to mimic that in our seasonal feeding system so we give you three different recipes to go with the seasons that you can change with your bird and really change it up we also you’re probably wondering that’s kind of a thick book for just three recipes we include a lot more that can add diversity to the diet and make it a lot more fun so that is kind of how our seasonal feeding system got developed and how we keep it varied for your bird to get everything it needs nutritionally speaking throughout the entire year one of the challenges that we ran into is people always say but oh I like to give my bird what I’m eating so we also have an additional part of that that’s basically sharing the table with your with your birds so there’s birds safe recipes that look like what you’re eating but it’s something that’s healthy for the birds so you can still if you enjoy that quality time with your bird you can still get that by making it so meals if you’re interested in learning more about the seasonal feeding system or our cookbook series you can purchase the physical product and we’ll mail it to you right away or you can download the digital product instantly over at Bird tricks store com the main thing we want

to get across with diet is that an all seed diet is incredibly fatty and unhealthy although a lot of wild birds eat seed these are fresh sprouted seeds these are grass seeds these are things that they’re spending all day consuming and eating and flying to get so you can’t really mimic that type of activity or exercise in captivity as they’re getting in the wild to actually earn those types foraging I especially want to draw a pause for the cockatoo owners the Amazon owners and the eclectus owners you guys have birds that are very very sensitive to foods and it’s even more important for these guys to be on the best diet possible so please do your research please feed the best foods don’t go on an all seed diet seeds can be necessary in the diet but it should be in moderation and for a very specific type of things versus just a freebie or a free-for-all where they have access to it no matter what I want to also caution you if you go on to any website you just search in parrot food it’s going to say like doctor recommended you know veterinary approved and if it’s if it has a bunch of seeds in it it’s just junk regardless yeah there’s so many bad representations by companies that are doing the immoral things and just selling this as a premium parrot product and it’s every single time I just got back from a week in Australia and the guy is like oh well I had this and it said that it was parrot food on it and it was highly recommended and it’s what the breeder gave and it was crap so you really need to watch for what you’re doing and don’t necessarily believe what the packaging says because there’s a lot of misleading information on the packaging because companies are quite honest to just being immoral and pushing something that’s cheap and easy to get your bird onto but it’s not healthy so make sure you read the ingredients and if all else fails please make your birds food oh all right guys we are ready for our fifth and final lie that you are told when you first get a bird and that is that the cages bad you will see this a lot it’s very trendy on social media to pet shame everybody for keeping a bird in a cage now we are not saying your bridge to spend all day every single day in the cage or that being cage bound is something that is great however the cage should be an enriching area that your bird enjoys spending time in kind of like when I want to go hang out in my room to get away from everybody else because the psychology behind what we’re talking about is it’s critical that you need to be able to have time out of the cage with your bird of course that’s why we got them that’s because we love them we love spending time with them but as you hear Jaime say all the time on her channel it’s about the quality not the quantity so when you have the bird out of the cage you should be doing enriching behaviors where you’re mentally stimulating the bird you’re challenging the bird to learn new behaviors through possibly training or here’s a big tip actually if the bird is out of the cage so long it starts to behave you’ve gone too long so the time out of the caves with you should be quality it should be kind of under your control in terms of being able to just engage with the bird if the bird loses interest it probably means you’ve had him out too long so when you’re finished training or playing with your bird or interacting with them in your home or if you free fly or whatever it isn’t it’s time to put the bird back in the cage don’t view it as punishment you know a funny story I always share is that parents used to be you know they get all upset with me and you David go to your room like okay I love my room I had all sorts of enriching things in there I’m a professional magician so I had a lot of magic tricks I would practice and I would there was no punishment for me going the cage now my parents viewed it as punishment just like you might view it as punishment for sending your birds back to their cage so when I went to my room or my cage I had a great time and so that’s what your bird should also be looking forward to they should look forward to going back to their environment because they have lots of toys that we talked about they have all sorts of foraging activities and just different ways to self entertain I actually love the idea or the concept of calling a cage or room it is really like your bird’s room they should learn to self entertain in there because there’s nothing worse than having to put your bird in the cage and having it be so unhappy there that it’s pacing back and forth waiting for when it can get out or it’s screaming and then a lot of people I know would then cover the bird so just having those be avoided to where your bird is independent enough to enjoy its time in its room and playing with its toys and foraging and doing all the things that it wants to do maybe even just preening or taking a bath I often walk into our Birds room and find them taking a bath in the water dish or preening or just being happy and so it’s a great place for your bird to know that it’s safe and relaxing and enriching it shouldn’t be a place that you use as any form of punishment you just decided you wanted to sit on the the cookbooks thanks for watching again we’re Dave and Jamie from bird tricks if you want to

learn more about kind of what we do and maybe if you found these tips valuable head over to our channel YouTube / Bird tricks orbit or Instagram at the tricks official where we are constantly engaging with everybody and teaching you how to save your parrot one person at a time and a big thank you to goes out to Sharon for featuring us on her channel doing this collaboration we enjoy so much collabing with other youtubers around sharing information and just bettering the lives of birds everywhere so thank you so much for allowing us on your channel share and we really appreciate it I’m getting pet like a bird I don’t know if we ever introduced comment into you so but this homage souza his comment is to say they are Camelot with us missus Capri this is Dave hey Sharon zoo crew Baraka wanted to at least say hi he has been busy in his fury destroying toys like this I know bud but this is what you did to it it used to look like well he kinda is awesome I just drawing all of our woven toys but it used to look like this this is one of our toys that was before this was after totally gutted good job Rocco the Strand zoo crew just really wanted to see you bud they heard how much you like cameras