Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.63 : Love UV Tour [ENG/THA/2017.08.25]

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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.63 : Love UV Tour [ENG/THA/2017.08.25]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Hwijae, special host, Jisook) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is war Battle Trip! Starting from last week, we’ve been joined again by our special host, Jisook – You’re really funny. / – Thank you – Also… / – You survived I’ve noticed that she’s good with words – She’s good with words. / – Yes, she is She went on a lot of trips It’s also because Sook’s with me I’d like to continue the Sook Sisters – Kim Sook. / – Jisook – Up. / – And down – Let’s… / – Do this! We’re emphasizing it What was that? I’ll continue to do my best Last week, it was the peak of vacation season – It’s passed by now. / – It has I heard on the news that it’ll be hot till October That’s insane. How can it be hot till October? – Until October? / – But According to the calendar, it’s already fall – You’re right. / – Summer’s last day has also passed – But it’s still quite hot. / – You’re right The change in the seasons makes time feel like it goes by so fast Watching Battle Trip also makes time go by faster – You’re right. / – We go to this country Then that country So you get jet lagged even though you’re in Seoul – Is it just me? / – I think that makes sense I can’t sleep at night because I want to go on a trip – Time flies by so quickly. / – Yes, you’re right Let’s quickly take a look at the 1st half of 2017 Which countries do you guys remember? – Jeju-do. / – Jeju-do? – The trip we went on? / – Because It was the 1-year anniversary host special We all went on our own trips to Jeju-do Do you all remember “Korean Cuisine and Dining?” You were Sung Bulam I ate fried anchovies and horse mackerel soup – Excuse me. / – You looked really cool then You remember my wedding dress? Yes – It was… / – I couldn’t watch without tears – What are you talking about? / – I cried at home too – They were tears of happiness. / – I only got 50 or 40 points even when I went surfing in 6 or 7℃ waters – Yes, it was the worst. / – Exactly – But you got to shoot guns. / – Yes, I did – It was really fun. / – What other trips were there? There were so many trips besides Jeju-do – What do you like, Hwijae? / – I remember Denmark K.will and Lee Hyun went to Denmark What about you, Jisook? I remember a fairly recent episode in Budapest When they drank wine with the beautiful night scene – It really made me want to go. / – Who was that? – We must go. / – Let’s go – Jisook. / – Kim Sook – Up. / – And down Okay, okay Our show also made a few countries very popular – Yes. / – Of course – Vladivostok was the most popular. / – Vladivostok Kim Okvin and Kim Hyeonsuk went on that trip together I didn’t know much about Vladivostok But it’s closer than I thought – It only took 2 or 3 hours. / – It was practically Europe Right It became very popular because of that Many of you might not know this about Russia – But it’s famous for beer. / – You’re right They sell draft beer at convenience stores They have a lot of varieties – And it’s cheap. / – It’s cheap I didn’t know any of that before I watched that episode Remember that king crab restaurant that Okvin and Hyeonsuk went to? That place suddenly became so popular that they hired a worker who can speak Korean Because there are so many Korean tourists – They had to hire them. / – That was what happened Let’s talk about Park Narae and Jang Doyeon’s Hokkaido They also ate crabs They ate hairy crabs That scene of Narae eating the crab was viewed by more than 2 million people on SNS – I saw that too. / – Do you think It became popular because of the crab or Narae? It’s because of Narae – I was hungry throughout… / – You’re right Because of that dish called Genghis Khan – That dish looked so delicious. / – You’re right – Since you love to eat. / – With hairy crab You can get it in Korea But we don’t have fresh lamb In Hokkaido, you’re able to eat different parts of fresh lamb You’re right – There’s a difference in taste. / – You can eat it – Yes, the beer. / – While drinking draft beer So today’s episode is going to be a special encore episode of Battle Trip It’s Hokkaido vs. Vladivostok We’ve prepared an extended episode for you – For real. / – Extended episode sounds funny – I really want to go. / – Extended episode I really want to see those two places again – It’s an upgraded version. / – You’re right Okay, let’s now call out our trip designers for this special Come on out! (Park Narae, Lee Gookju) – My goodness. / – Where did she go? Come this way – Welcome. / – Hello – She didn’t come today. / – Yes – What happened? / – I heard this is her actual size – Is this her actual size? / – Really? – Is she this tall? / – Yes, this is her actual size – They made it really well. / – Right? It feels like Narae’s really here – It really does. / – Why isn’t she here with us today? – She has a shoot abroad. / – She went abroad? – Yes. / – Korean Wave? – Korean Wave? / – I don’t know Unsure whether it was for work or pleasure Are they going to lose points for this?

It doesn’t matter if we lose points I’m just so confident we’ll win I went to greet them in the waiting room, I could already feel that – They’re going to lose. / – Are they going to lose? I could smell the darkness in there – Is that why you came to see us? / – Yes – I thought she came to say hello. / – I came for That and to suss you out – It was an investigation. / – That’s right – You must’ve gone to Hokkaido. / – Yes, I did The thing is, Narae has already – Been to Hokkaido in winter. / – That’s right And I can tell by her face whether it was better than last time So I was worried but it was really good – What about you guys? / – How was it? How was Vladivostok? Vladivostok felt like being back in the 1990s We both want to go back to that time And there, it really felt like we were in the 1990s – It stimulates the UV sensitivity. / – Yes Every part of Vladivostok was fit to be in our music video – Did it feel like the early 1990s? / – Yes That kind of means that it’s old, boring and not very interesting It was a very gentle trip – Gentle? / – Yes, it was gentle – Gentle in Vladivostok? / – Yes Gentle and calm It’ll feel different compared to the other trips you’ve seen until now I’m kind of nervous about this Seeing as they described their trip as gentle Did they get drunk on vodka and fall asleep? I’m worried The food is important on trips But as you can see, they’re not very interested in eating, right? You don’t eat that much, do you? I like eating and I’m not picky about food Muzie likes eating but he’s picky My goodness Do you know what it means to be picky? – I don’t know. / – Gookju is I’ve heard about being fussy Why should I feel bad about being picky? No team can beat this team when it comes to eating – This team is incredible. / – You’re right The place and scenery doesn’t matter. You’ll just Want to go after watching us eat Is there nothing else to do but eat in Hokkaido? There’s so much to eat I heard chefs in Hokkaido don’t really get acknowledged as chefs in Japan – Because the ingredients are so good… / – Right – It tastes good even without much skill. / – Yeah – That’s a compliment. / – As expected He’s absolutely right There were some new dishes that I’ve tried there I was surprised at how delicious everything was Starting from raw food to cooked food, there wasn’t a single dish that I didn’t enjoy. All fresh Didn’t you say you find everything delicious these days? – That was a personal comment. / – Oh, right. Okay Everything was so delicious Gookju is very busy but whenever she has couple of days off, she’d always go on trips – Really? / – She’s crazy about trips I’m already planning to go somewhere next week – Where are you going? / – Going to Tokyo by myself – By yourself? / – Really? Is it to eat everything in Tokyo? Yes, I’m going to eat without talking – Was it your first time there? / – “Solitary Gourmet.” “Solitary Gourmet.” “Solitary Glutton.” That sounds good “Give me four more servings.” – “4 more servings here.” / – I don’t need to talk All I need to do is gesture – First time in Hokkaido? / – Yes, first time Then it must’ve been your first time drinking Hokkaido beer – My gosh, seriously. / – Why? There was a limited edition – A limited edition? / – There was a beer – You can only get there. / – It’s a classic beer We weren’t sober throughout the whole trip – I was so happy. / – I heard there was a festival There was a beer festival – Really? / – We need to hurry up and watch it – So you went to that. / – It’ll be over soon – The beer festival? / – It really needs to be aired I really wanted the viewers to see as I was drinking I was so anxious that I kept drinking – The festival’s until August 15th. / – August 15th Then I guess you didn’t go on any tours You must’ve just kept eating and drinking – That’s the essence of a trip. / – You’re right Are you guys feeling a bit nervous? – No, no. / – Did you go to any festivals? – We did. / – Oh, did you? – As you may know… / – Vladivostok has festivals Vladivostok is famous for king crabs When we went there, there was a king crab festival – Really? / – That’s more like it You can buy the crab and eat it wherever you want while looking at the sea They also sell beer and the crab is much cheaper – At first… / – Our trip will be hard to beat You’ll notice on the map that, interestingly, Vladivostok and Hokkaido have similar latitudes – You’re right. / – It’s the same latitude – Yes, that’s right. / – They have the same latitude – It was because of the latitude. / – That’s why Both Vladivostok and Hokkaido are famous for king crabs – They have good seafood. / – Good alcohol as well We ate so many crabs How cheap were the crabs at the festival? It was 900 rubles per kilogram So that would be around $18 – Isn’t that really cheap? / – It’s really cheap – That’s so cheap. / – It really is cheap It’s 8 to 10 times cheaper than Korea – So cheap. / – It’s also famous for alcohol, right? – Vodka. / – Vodka – There’s no need to explain. / – That’s right Vodka We can only see a limited variety – Of vodka brands in Korea. / – That’s right I didn’t know there would be so many vodka brands How much did the vodka cost?

It’s about $7 per bottle – What? / – It’s around that price – Even one of the best quality… / – That’s cheap – Vodkas only cost $30. / – The highest quality? So I heard that people who go to Vladivostok always visit a vodka store first That would be a very nice gift Are the living costs affordable there? One cup of Americano cost 55 rubles – $1. / – How much is that? – It’s $1. / – That’s so cheap It’s really cheap there I think we’ll be more advantageous when it comes – To traveling expenses. / – Definitely That sounds great Let’s also welcome the 100 judges who are here with us today to judge this match between Vladivostok and Hokkaido. Welcome! – Hello. / – Hello The trip will be divided into two halves You’ll be voting once during the first half and once more during the second half But only the votes during the second half – Will count. / – Yes, that would be the final vote This week, we’ll watch Muzie and Saeyoon’s trip – To Vladivostok. / – That’s right – Are you guys confident? / – Yes, we are – Why? / – The team before us Went to Vladivostok when it was really cold So there were many things they couldn’t enjoy But we went there in the summertime So it’ll feel very different I can certainly say that it’s better to go to Vladivostok – During the summer. / – Okay – Okay. That’s good. / – Alright Then let’s go ahead and see your trip – Let’s all watch together. / – Okay, now Let’s all go on a trip to Vladivostok with UV Love UV Tour! (The first half of the match starts now) – Sorry, I’m late. / – Hey! – There was traffic. / – I know Why are you guys shaking hands? There are a lot of people (UV has joined Battle Trip) Do you go on a lot of trips? – Yes, we go on a lot of trips. / – I think I went on trips with him the most – Hong Kong, Macao… / – Saipan – London. / – Yes, we also went to London That looks great Saeyoon really likes active stuff so he likes to do leisure sports But I prefer to go to nice hotels I enjoy lying in the sun at the beach – Do you pursue luxurious trips? / – I like lying down Back when I went to Jeju-do with Muzie, we went sky diving, I mean, we went scuba-diving But this was what he was doing inside the water He was leaning beside a rock that was underwater (Muzie was resting underwater) – Really? / – Yes, he did that underwater I just couldn’t be bothered The theme for this episode is An encore trip – You always watch this show, right? / – Of course This is a trip I went to on Battle Trip It would’ve been nice if you went there too You did it? Did you do well back then? – It was really nice. / – Really? – It was clear? / – The water was so clear You guys got a lot of votes, right? – Yes, we did. / – Did you win? Yes, they won by a big margin – Laos. / – Laos – Laos sounds nice. / – I’d love to go there Vietnam, Hong Kong We’ve been to Hong Kong so many times Where’s this? – I know this place. / – The Trans-Siberian Railway? – It’s Russia. / – Yes, yes That place looked nice It’s practically Europe Yes, it’s pretty much Europe We didn’t know it’d be so close by So cold Yes, this scene was really impressive Okvin’s movie is doing well these days The Ferris wheel That looks pretty (“It’d be great to enjoy Vladivostok like Kim Okvin”) So many people started to gain interest in Vladivostok after Battle Trip Every Korean there came after Battle Trip Exactly (We’ve paid another trip to Vladivostok) I used to do a comedy skit with Hyeonsuk in the past – Oh, right. / – You guys did a skit together She feels like an older brother to me – Hey. / – Hey, it’s Saeyoon – Hyeonsuk. / – Yes? I’m going on Battle Trip soon And I was really impressed by your trip to Vladivostok It’s great – What was the best? / – I really enjoyed it What did you enjoy the most? I was really surprised by the fact that You can fly there in only 2 hours and 30 minutes But it’s so different from Korea You’re going to go there in the summertime, right? I heard it’s great there in summer You can do all the winter activities in summer too The things we couldn’t do when we got there, you could do all of them now since it’s summer Okay, okay. I’ll send you a lot of pictures – Have fun. / – Okay. Bye – Thank you. / – You’re welcome Okay, let’s go to Vladivostok Go! They work well together

– Love UV… / – Love UV – Love UV… / – Love UV – Love UV Tour! / – Tour! Pigeons The pigeons can fly They land back in the front (Beyond imagination) (Screaming) (Unpredictable) (They refuse to be ordinary) It’s the “Lambada.” – You wore that there? / – Yes We even performed on the street – It looks so much fun. / – They must’ve had fun We’re at the airport! I can’t believe – Our fans are here already. / – I know – The press is already here. / – You came so early Sorry, you guys Who are you talking to? We just wanted to give that a try I think we should mention the name of our tour before we go We’re going to Russia and we’re UV So we wanted to come up with a lovely name We named our tour Love UV Tour (How to enjoy Vladivostok differently with Love UV Tour) – We did so many things. / – You’re right Look at how many things we did (Eat traditional Russian food, enjoy Arbat Street) (Enjoy the park by the sea, eat king crab) Korean airlines aren’t allowed to fly over North Korea But Russian airlines are allowed to do that Let’s go out The weather’s nice My gosh, it’s summer here – I brought a thermometer. / – You did? – Right now… / – What’s the temperature? – 27.3℃. / – It’s pretty hot The humidity is 61% It just went up to 28℃ It feels like we’re at Cheorwon It feels like that I heard it’s normally 20℃ here. It’s so hot today When we got there, it felt like it was 30℃ I studied a bit of Russian You know some? Ochen krasivaya Ochen krasivaya. What does that mean? It means, “you’re very beautiful.” You’re very beautiful Hi. You’re very beautiful (She ignores him) She doesn’t seem to like it Of course. She was with her husband But I was just telling her that she’s beautiful – That’s bad manners. / – Really? Sorry I’m sorry – I’m sorry. / – I’m sorry I’m sorry You can’t say it in a rude tone like this That’ll just make them more angry – I’m sorry. / – I’m sorry – I’m sorry. / – Okay They are so funny when they do that We need to go downtown We can either take an airport bus or a taxi That’s an airport bus – Does it only cost $2? / – Yes – Taking a taxi costs $30. / – It costs $30 for an hour If 2 or 4 people share the cost – It’s a good option. / – It’s good to take a taxi On the previous episode, they traveled by train – But you took a taxi instead. / – Yes It’s moving You think of Russia as a cold country – Right. / – But it’s so hot right now I think it is even hotter than the weather in Seoul right now – It’s like I’m in Southeast Asia. / – Really? We thought we were in trouble because it was hotter than what we expected But the weather cooled down – I think I’m hungry. / – You are? Then let’s eat something as soon as we get there – Go, go! Let’s go eat something. / – Okay – It was amazing. / – It was amazing – Are you going to eat something? / – Yes – It takes 46 minutes by taxi. / – This is the place Now that we’re in Russia, we should try traditional Russian food – You’re right. / – Do they have kimchi stew here? – Did you try shashlik? / – Shashlik and borscht are The Russian version of beanpaste and kimchi stew It’s a home meal This place is unique (The place is full of exotic atmosphere of Russia) This is unique – They’ve just arrived… / – It looks so nice – It looks like they’re in Europe. / – We should order Can we use English? I’m sure they’ll speak English They look worried Hello? You can’t say that I shouldn’t actually call them like that It’s like thoughtlessly saying hello – What do we do? / – They have pictures – They have pictures. / – They do? You need pictures – It’s also written in Korean. / – Goodness – Crab. / – They probably added that after Battle Trip Scallop I’m so relieved – Borscht. / – Since there are many Korean customers

– It looks delicious. / – And this one – Okay. / – This one – And… / – We have to try shashlik – It’s their traditional food. / – You should try shashlik I want snails – Snails? Snail. / – Okay. Yes – Yes. / – And She understood – What’s your name? / – Is it a skit? – What’s your name? / – My name is this – Sorry? / – Yulia – Yulia. / – Yes, Yulia – What a beautiful name. / – Thank you You are beautiful – Am I beautiful? / – You’re beautiful – Thank you. / – Thank you – Thank you. / – Thank you – It sounds weird. / – Is this how you pronounce it? The accent is different (All of this adds up to $27.60) – Why is it so cheap? / – This is borscht – Borscht? / – Borscht. Yes – We’d like to share it. / – Okay That’s $6.70 – Borscht? / – It smells – Quite unique. / – Do you eat it with bread? It looks like kimchi stew because it has beets and tomato sauce in it – Beets and tomatoes? / – Yes – It’s health food. / – Right Beet is good for the liver. It’s getting pretty popular – How does it taste? / – But the soup I like it It tastes like kimchi stew made by someone – Who is bad at cooking. / – There’s no beef – He doesn’t like it. / – It’s like a vegetable soup – It’s because it’s vegetable soup. / – He’s honest – It must taste mild. / – The taste is probably mild – Everyone has different tastes. / – He’s honest How do I eat this? It looks like beanpaste stew I think you eat it with bread – It tastes just like beanpaste stew. / – Really? (Can’t be true) – Right? / – What is it? – It’s fascinating. / – It really tasted like beanpaste stew Wait. Is this ox blood curd? – Want me to ask? / – It looks like blood curd (Curious) – This is pork liver. / – It tastes like pork liver I knew it. It looks like liver Pork liver – This is barley. / – It has barley in it Right. It has barley in it It has a stronger flavor than the blood sausage – That we have in Korea. / – It’s stronger Is this a Korean restaurant? – It’s a little salty. / – They’re like Korean food I’d imagine they’d eat that for hangovers – Is it a Korean restaurant? / – European rice soup It’s European-style rice soup Should we order some rice? They had Korean food as soon as they arrived (Another dish is brought out) Is it the snail dish? – The snails. / – Snails They’re really big snails This is what the snails look like They’re boiled and special Russian sauce is added to them This is the best one – Good. / – It was the best dish I had in Russia It’s the minimalism of whelks It has a garlic flavor – Right. The garlic flavor. / – The flavor is strong – It must be delicious. / – It tastes like fancy whelks I like the snails the most Is it similar to the snail dish that we tried in France? I’ve never tried a snail dish in France before It was a little bigger than the snails I had in France It was bigger? – This is shashlik with meatball. / – It’s shashlik What is shashlik? It’s grilled skewers. It’s traditional Russian food It can have lamb, pork, or beef It’s only $9.50? – It’s so cheap. / – It comes in a big portion – The prices are reasonable. / – Is it pork? – Yes. / – It’s pork I’ll try the meat It has a strong rosemary scent It’s very chewy Rather than being tender, it has a chewy texture – It must be delicious. / – It really was – This food… / – You can enjoy it What do you think? You can’t ask me questions like that Everything looks good to me I want to go to Russia Korean people can enjoy these dishes They look like European food but they taste very similar to Korean food – You’re right. / – It tastes very good too I’m glad we came here It’d feel bad if we went to a challenging place first I think we filled our stomachs without trouble I want to go to Russia Because the prices are cheap Do you want to go to Arbat Street? It’s like Yeonnam of Russia – Let’s go. / – Arbat Street? When you go to Russia, you should visit a place

called Arbat Street If you travel every corner of it, you will find a whole new world – Alright. / – I couldn’t explore the whole area Okay. We should definitely go there This is Arbat Street It is the most popular place in Vladivostok Men would like the place but it’s even better for women There are a lot of spots to take photos The place looks just like Europe (This is the summer day of Arbat Street) – Look at that. / – It’s all green (It’s called the Street of Youth in Russia) You can meet a lot of fashionistas there – Really? / – It’s so pretty – So beautiful. / – I just can’t believe that You can go to a place like that in such a short flight – The pictures will come out well. / – They will – This is amazing. / – We’re here We came to Arbat Street, the popular place in Vladivostok The weather is different now Yes. It was very sunny and hot a while ago but it’s so different now It’s a little chilly now If you want to visit Vladivostok, you should bring a cardigan or something warm – You’ll need it from time to time. / – Right It’s not a bad idea to bring a stylish one either (They start to enjoy Arbat Street) What is this place? I guess it’s a multi-shop – It’s a multi-shop. / – It’s a vintage shop – You should go there. / – I like that place Prices are cheaper there – Wow! / – Muzie’s style This isn’t your style They have a lot of items that were popular in 1990s – Right. / – You must’ve loved it Should we buy matching clothes? I like it. It’s my style This one is cute That’s the one Saeyoon’s wearing now – This is the one. / – Right. These are the clothes – Did you buy them? / – Yes – They look cool. / – That’s so pretty – Love UV Tour! / – Love UV Tour! – They are cute. / – They’re so cute – There’s an alley here. / – Here This place looks nice Wait. Stand still This looks great The place looks awesome – It’s so pretty. / – If you bring an instant camera Or a film camera, the photos will look more vintage I think if we go down here, it’s the maritime park (There were hardly any people in this park last winter) (The Ferris wheel was the only thing that was moving) It was too low You had to sit on this side It looks like a different place It’s beautiful I guess we should go there in the summer (Screaming) (In a moment) – It’s crazy. / – Mommy! – What is he doing? / – Is he experiencing VR? – That’s so much fun. / – It is In this park, there weren’t Any people during winter – But it’s crowded in the summer. / – It is The summer here is very short Though it’s quite chilly to us now, it is the warm happy season to them – There are no waves in the sea. / – A monkey – A monkey. / – A real monkey? Monkey Goodness Hi, Saeyoon I’m afraid of that monkey although I mimic monkeys often – I’m afraid of it too. / – There really is one – It’s cute. / – Is it for taking pictures with? – Your eyes should not meet. / – I know (A baboon appears in Russia) He looks like a monkey This part of your face got longer now, didn’t it? – I think so. / – Because you did it so much – Shall we try this? / – What is this? Isn’t it something scary? What is it? VR World? – That sounds fun. / – It’s VR World – You try it first. / – Okay I want to know what it is like You put on the goggles, right? I highly recommend this So this is what it’s like It must be these moving scenes I’ve only seen it on SNS It was my first time actually trying it Gosh. It looks so realistic! (Screaming) Saeyoon tried it without knowing anything (Screaming) Gosh. It looks so realistic! It feels so real That’s so embarrassing (The screen played out for Saeyoon) Mommy! It actually moves It moves like in real life

(But there is a secret in this VR) It’s so scary It’s so scary – Is someone pushing it? / – Is it manually operated? Yes, it is Is it really manually operated? – Someone’s pushing? / – The man watches the screen And he pushes you from the back – It feels so real. / – But Saeyoon had no idea It moves like in real life I can see him pushing in the back It’s so funny that he is pushing it I thought there was a sensor But a man is just pushing it (The man pushing the swing) I’m embarrassed (He finds it hilarious) Look how tight Saeyoon is holding on to it In fact, he doesn’t have to hold it – It feels like you might fall. / – It must be so much fun With that device on This is so scary – It must be scary. / – It’s almost done That man is such a professional – He pulls back on time. / – It’s no joke Because it’s his job It feels so real – It’s because it’s his job. / – It’s so realistic What’s that? Oh, so that he can step down? – He’s so cool. / – That’s fascinating It’s state-of-the-art technology It’s more fun to watch it I’m getting on knowing that He knows what happens (Saeyoon doesn’t know it’s manually operated yet) (He starts to push them just like before) Is that what he did for me? Wow. Goodness You can see everything I knew it but it was still scary – Check out his feet. / – It’s really scary He’s trying to stay on – It’s so scary. / – I know this guy’s doing it But why is it so That’s incredible Look at his feet move What is that? He’s so professional He’s such a professional Please make sure to try it We highly recommend it indeed (He got all teary) That was awesome Thank you He’s got the map memorized He should get a part-timer if a lot of people come – It feels so real. / – It costs $4.80 I even drooled – I wish there was one in Wolmido. / – It’d go off I wish we had one in Korea too Let’s decide what to ride now – We should ride the Ferris wheel. / – Sure How do you pronounce it? – We can take a picture and show it. / – I see We took a picture and pointed to show them which ones we wanted to ride How much is the admission fee to the maritime park? There is no admission fee You just pay for each ride They’re all cheap I think the money is charged to this card We get 50 rubles back when we return the card What about this one? – Let’s ride it. / – We chose this one – That looks scary. / – There is no one (The pirate ship ride that may terrify you) We rode that ship not knowing what it is like It’s one of the most terrifying rides in Vladivostok (Anxious) The safety belt is It’s taped (Has this been torn before?) It looks like the rides in Wolmido It’s very old school Do you call the taped belt old school? There is another belt Thank goodness Will this rotate 360 degrees? I don’t think it will (The pirate ship starts as they feel anxious) I will Keep my face like this while riding (We doubt it) It looks like a pirate ship ride – That looks fun. / – I’m scared Geez It’s getting scary I don’t think it’s an ordinary pirate ship ride Mommy! What’s going on? – It looks so fun. / – I was shocked It’s not the pirate ship ride we know Why is this going upside down? (Oh, my God) You have to go upside down

It looks so exciting It goes all the way up – Hey! Hey! / – It’s flipping – What… / – Seriously (He might stop breathing) I thought he was Jackie Chan – Hey! / – He looks like Jackie Chan It’s flipping – It’s flipping. / – We didn’t know it would flip It stopped I still feel dizzy while watching this now Didn’t you know what it is like at first? No, we didn’t (I got teary) You should have checked before you rode it We should have known what kind of a ride it is We should have known before we rode this We should have read the manual We should have (The cameraman is also having a hard time) It goes for so long The ride lasts 4 minutes? That’s amazing. Normally, it’s around 2 minutes We look old now – We’re back. / – All their wrinkles are here Please eat something – Didn’t know it’d flip. / – So scary since I didn’t know I really didn’t know it’d flip Muzie grew a beard Why are you crying? I keep crying I keep tearing up Because I didn’t know about the ride, I was so scared Lastly, let’s ride the Ferris wheel Okay. Let’s calm down a little bit now It’s because you were flustered Two guys riding that? The Ferris wheel looks unique (They decide to ride it to settle their nerves) – It looks pretty. / – The gondolas are open What about seat belts? If you got wicked, you could easily do what you want – It’s okay so far. / – Yes There is a soccer field over there – You can enjoy the view up there. / – That’s right You should only ride it if you really like thrilling rides The view is great but – Are there seat belts? / – What? – Yes, there is. / – I’m scared This is scary You’d faint if you just pretend to push it There’s no safety device There’s nothing to trust (He’s holding it so tight that he might break it) Will it turn upside down when it goes down? (This is not why they are on this) The view is amazing though – Even if lovers ride this… / – You’re right They won’t be able to talk. It’s scary (They safely finished riding the Ferris wheel) Let’s hurry and get off Summer’s the best time to go to Vladivostok Look, they’re doing something It’s like Lake Seokchon I don’t know if you can call this busking Everyone is doing it – That’s nice. / – I want to perform on the streets (Me too) Should we wear a wig and perform? – That sounds good. / – I really like their ideas – That wig? / – We didn’t know they were filming this – We didn’t know. / – Yeah We have too many wigs The street wig – The street wig? / – Yes (That’s why this happened at the maritime park) We went busking UV is so awesome Vladivostok! Make some noise, Russia Make some noise Thank you We are Korean singers – We’re the best Korean singers. / – Yes Our team name is UV Do you know, Husky? Husky? Husky baby The first song is “Incheon Grand Park.” (They start their highly anticipated first busking) (Frown) (Interested) Don’t put the mic so close (Traditional Russian performance team approaches) (Will they end their busking?) (They make use of this situation) (Is this a Korean and Russian joint performance?)

(Featured by Russian performers) (They are dumbfounded) – That was our first performance. / – This is it Are you Korean? – Yes. / – Nice to meet you How is Vladivostok? – I really like it. / – Do you like it? What was your favorite thing here? – Me? / – Yes Me too (Hahaha) It feels like you will find love in Vladivostok Where are you going? I’ll catch it for you Catch it Don’t worry Little girl, don’t worry He has it I caught it for you Little girl, I caught it for you (Their most known song, “Itaewon Freedom”) Okay (A big crowd gathered because of the excitement) (Like this?) – So cringy. / – Look at them Doesn’t he look like a handsome Hong Kong actor as he gets older? – He does. / – He looks like a Chinese actor Thank you Aren’t you hungry? – Are you hungry? / – I am There’s a restaurant that sells crabs – Let’s go eat seafood and crabs. / – Okay You have to eat (The summer of Vladivostok) (Enjoying king crabs) I’m scared It’s bigger than your face – That’s the one. / – Seriously (Vladivostok’s king crab became so popular) Was that it? That was amazing. The reaction was explosive We ate those at a more awesome place The days are shorter in the winter so it’s hard to eat outdoors We went there in summer so the days were long – While watching the ocean… / – Outdoors This is the place. It’s much better – You can buy it here. / – You can buy it here You can choose whatever crab and beer you want This is nice With beer? Yes, with beer Look at this Look at the shrimp The shrimp – This is it. / – King crabs This one Is that one? – We need to eat it like this. / – They’re sold like that? It’s about 1,300 rubles for 1kg That’s about $26. Is that right? That’s amazing – Really? / – That’s really cheap We want this together Bear shrimp – These are brown shrimp. / – This is more expensive – It’s more expensive. / – It is, but it’s smaller It tastes as good as it’s expensive We want it crispy We want it hot – We want it hot and crispy. / – Over here – It’s packed with flavor. / – Yeah We can eat by the sea Okay We also have to drink some beer Beer It’s the king crab festival right now You can buy 1kg for $18 – During the festival period. / – It’s cheaper – That’s under $20. / – That’s right You can eat by the sea here – Outdoors like this. / – It’s cheap here Isn’t it? – This is my first time eating this. / – Me too Look at this. It’s amazing (The pink flesh escapes the shell) This is really amazing. Look at this Look at this (So plump) (Ho, ho) (They’re excited by the king crab’s size) (A band is performing at the maritime park) Are they performing live? It’s like you’re using your comedy to make Vladivostok look good They even have their outfits on It would’ve been trouble if they didn’t go together They kept performing live right next to us (Chomp) – This is delicious. / – It’s seasoned naturally It’s really plump Interestingly, Russia doesn’t farm crabs – Are they all wild? / – Yes Beer – Beer. / – Please drink some beer – Vladivostok! / – Oh, the beer (Cool beer goes down so well with king crabs) This is good – Even the beer is good. / – I need some beer tonight No matter what – Brown shrimp. / – Those shrimps were so good – This was really delicious. / – What is it like? Look at those eggs – Those eggs were amazing. / – The orange ones?

I think I’ve never seen this – Me too. / – I’ve never heard of brown shrimp – Look at this. / – This is amazing Check this out Just check this out Check that out If I could just have one bite Is it good? It tastes like the sea He didn’t put any sauce on it That’s the eggs It’s really chewy The texture is amazing – What is it like? / – It’s chewy Look at this (The shrimp is full of eggs) “Lambada” is playing (The music suits the Love UV Tour) They can’t sit still It’s really worth eating here I haven’t heard “Lambada” in ages Kids these days won’t know what “Lambada” is They won’t “Lambada” and king crabs What more do you need? What more do you need? (Fatal) He always does that with his hips If our wives Saw this (Embarrassed) Honey, I’m sorry – Honey, I’m sorry. / – I’m sorry This place is really nice So cringy I really want to go on a tour with them – That’s right. / – Me too – They make the performers happy. / – It’s really nice – This place? / – Yes Saeyoon, have a bite I peeled one for you It’s Muzie It’s Saeyoon They don’t move much. Everything is done on the spot Are Narae and Gookju eating well? They’re going to fail – Without any reason? / – Yes, they’re going to fail Look at their poses I have you in my left heart (With passion) (We will reveal) (A new Vladivostok) (How to enjoy Georgian-style food) – It’s good. / – Yeah This place is nice We’ll climb up to the observatory That was really nice Seriously. The best – I really don’t know… / – Vladivostok for you – How 40 minutes passed by. / – That’s right – It felt really short. / – We saw – Winter last time but summer is… / – 30 minutes It is a nice place to go during winter but you can also enjoy everything in the summer You made us laugh at an unexpected areas – That’s right. / – Your VR experience made us laugh I didn’t expect that It was the climax when they took the steps away It was really funny There was a video which Saeyoon rode I think it was the highest level I wanted to do it but I think he was tired – He told me to ride another one. / – Since it’s manual – It’s harder with two people. / – That’s right I really recommend that I think that is the true mixture of human and machine – It’s analog. / – It’s not automatic But someone memorized it and helps with it That is amazing Please describe the taste. Not the king crab – But the brown shrimp. / – The brown shrimp – The brown shrimp seems delicious. / – It kind of – Looks a little disgusting. / – It’s disgusting However, you can’t believe it the moment it’s in your mouth What does it taste like? I think it felt like a lobster full with firm meat Also, the brown shrimp had eggs It felt like it was seasoned – I get it. / – Why didn’t you bring some? There’s a lot of it frozen and wrapped – You can buy it at the airport. / – That’s right It only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes You can buy it and pack it frozen – Really? / – That’s amazing If someone goes there, I’ll have to ask for some – That’s right. / – Some king crabs and brown shrimp Let’s have a vote while things are going well Okay, let’s do this. Do you want to go to Vladivostok just like Love UV Tour after watching the first half? Please vote (Love UV Tour designed a trip to Vladivostok) (What will the judges choose?) Okay, let’s watch the second half Please tell us some things to watch out for That sounds good For the first half, we did things you couldn’t do when it was too cold We did things that felt differently at the same places We will show you the real Vladivostok this time How Vladivostok people enjoy the summer

Will you move from there? We move – I remember seeing a sauna. / – Yes Please look forward to that. It’s really good – How local people enjoy Vladivostok. / – Yes Russians love their saunas – Let’s go. / – That’s right Please join us in Vladivostok Love UV Tour (Vladivostok’s winter) Their summer is really short It was so happy and warm It’s really sunny over there Vladivostok is better during the summer (It’s time to see the Vladivostok) (That we didn’t know about) Where the people of Vladivostok go for their holidays What is that? I love sauna (Enjoy the cool summer of Vladivostok) (2nd day at Vladivostok) They’re so adorable They’re moving to the end – That’s amazing. / – How long did it take? It takes about 15 minutes by taxi – Taxis are cheap in Russia. / – It feels like Russia It’s worth the trip – This is it. / – Is it? – Who is that person? / – Hello – I think she’s the owner. / – That’s right – Hello. / – Hello – That’s amazing. / – We didn’t see any Asians here – What is that? / – The ocean was right in front Like that? – You can go back and forth. / – After your swim Go back to the sauna? It’s a Finnish-style sauna There’s water here Like this? If it’s too hot, you can pour water and re-enter – That’s amazing. / – That’s amazing What about our clothes? – What should we do? / – Our clothes? Our clothes? She thought it was Russian. Our clothes? Our clothes? – Do they do it completely naked… / – Yes – Or wear a swimsuit? / – It’s because If you’re going to stay inside, you can be naked (They enter fabulously) Saeyoon, what’s with your hot body? – Seriously. / – Thank you We have a lot of tattoos so we had to cover them Muzie had some tattoos from a while ago He did some recently They’re pretending to have tattoos? It’s a form of art but it might not be suitable for television For that, we covered them up We have a friendship tattoo here That’s why we covered it up I have you in my left heart Our music is here – Our music. / – An eighth note (They enter the banya, showing off their dragon tattoo) – They did that on purpose. / – They don’t have tattoos – They pretended to have dragons. / – Right Why do you have a hat on? It’s a thick hat that helps to trap the heat in This is nice I really like the scent of this wood The scent from the birch is also really good I feel the fatigue melting How much does this cost for an hour? For 8 people, it costs about $38 per hour This is a dry sauna but you can make it wet by pouring water like this By adding water? I’ll heat it up Oh, baby – Steam is rising. / – That’s good How is it compared to Korean saunas? We can control the temperature – With the steam? / – Yes You have to pour water If you do that, you can feel the heat right away – You have to sit above. / – In our ones – You have to sit above. / – It was too hot there You must work out these days – No, no. / – No? (He keeps flexing his muscles) (There’s a reason why he keeps showing his back) (Probably wants to show it off) Are you just showing off your muscles? (Let’s give him a close up since he’s making an effort) (He grabs the birch energetically) (He also beats his body energetically) – It removes the waste. / – On purpose Is that sweat? It is (What is wrong with his mouth?) He has a nice body but why is it so funny? (Just can’t help being funny) It’s about 40℃ – It went up a lot. / – It did From pouring water This is nice because the ocean is right there It’s really secluded They say you can also swim in the sea – That’s nice. / – After we sweat Let’s not shower – And go straight to the sea. / – Let’s do that – That’d be nice. / – Okay – That’s the way. / – It’s really Something you can’t experience anywhere else This is totally my style Let’s go straight to the sea like this

– Let’s go. / – Let’s go Go – Can we go barefooted? / – Of course This feels good – Thank you, Vladivostok. / – The ocean is outside? – We went right away. / – They took their hats off The water was really clean – They can both swim in the sea. / – That day There were no waves. It was like a stream It wasn’t salty? It’s not salty. It’s clean and really cold Let’s go back to the sauna since it’s cold (They go back to the sauna when they’re cold) (This is the charm of banya) They did something great over there (Back to the ocean) (Diving in) (Back inside to sweat) (Back to the ocean) (An infinite loop of sauna and sea) Go, go, go to the sauna – You want to sauna again after it’s cold. / – Right (They sit absent-mindedly for a minute) You lost all your tattoos in the sea – You look really tired. / – The tape is all gone They don’t have any tattoos Let’s make a song from the feelings from this trip Should we release it after the trip? What about this vibe? The song we heard while we ate the king crabs – The exciting one? / – It was exciting and unique We were coming up with ideas (Genre of the song is retro pop) – How about “Spasibo?” / – That sounds good – It means “Thank you.” / – They look like artists I’m so thankful to have a friend like you (He suddenly heats up) If you’re warm again, let’s go to the sea and cool down again Sounds good – This is exciting. / – This is what it’s about The fun is in going back and forth It really looks nice They look like they’re really free We were happy That must’ve been so good at the end – You need beer. / – Beer! (Their reactions are explosive) You have to enjoy Vladivostok like this Didn’t another comedian do that for his corner? I couldn’t help but do comedy Muzie – Thank you. / – Cheers, for this trip Thank you I’m thankful for my life It looks like you have everything I’m very thankful for you I’m definitely getting hungry after playing in the water – Of course he’s hungry. / – You get hungry quickly I found a place that’s good If you order shashlik beforehand, they get it ready Then it’ll be perfect with beer They grill it on coal right in front of you What is that? (A pie filled with egg and cheese) – Dumplings? / – It’s dumplings It’s Georgia It used to be called differently in the Soviet period Now it’s an independent state They were selling dishes from Georgia there It’s a very popular restaurant these days This place looks expensive It’s packed (The two are shown to a terrace table) What? – That’s… / – He bought something That’s a traditional outfit in Georgia This wig Georgia has a reggae feel – You can just wear it? / – Yes They let you try it on It suits you, Saeyoon (Prim) Hey, look at this – Next album concept or what? / – It’s popular – The restaurant feels really nice. / – Yes It looks nice and a bit luxurious The two of them look good in those wigs He looks like a dust ball (The massive dust ball scans other people) First, let’s try their traditional dish Apparently, this is one of their traditional dishes – It looks like pizza. / – That looks good Is it fried dumplings? – This too… / – This looks good too This one We can order the dumplings too. Let’s do it Go, go – You’re ready? / – Yeah – This one. / – Okay – And this one. / – Okay – This one, this one. / – Okay Any drinks? What is that? Glass – The glass. / – It’s chacha Georgian vodka – I see. Georgian vodka. / – Okay – Two? / – Two, please Chacha? – It’s alcohol. / – Vodka? – What is it? / – It’s not vodka – It’s tequila. / – Tequila? Yes, it tasted like tequila – The location of Georgia… / – Yes Is between Europe and Asia

So I think the food will feel both European and Asian – Wow. / – It’s here It’s chebureki – Chiburi? / – Chebureki – It’s chacha. / – Chacha – This is the alcohol. / – Okay Thank you Try this. This is European It looks like pizza and also scorched rice – This is my type of food. / – It looks good – It’s only $3.60? / – Yes – It looks very crispy. / – I want to eat that again What’s inside? Is it meat? – It is meat. / – Look at that – That looks so good. / – Looks like tortilla They all have bits of cilantro in it This is the best part This one here – I like this. / – It’s delicious (Now it’s time to try Georgian vodka, chacha) – Look at those glasses. / – Chacha – It’s so cool. / – So this I saw the menu earlier and it’s 55% alcohol (Singing “Cha Cha” by Eugene) It’s traditional to drink it bottoms up But it’s too strong 55%! – It’s kind of like tequila. / – Yes, tequila and – Kaoliang. / – Yes, kaoliang It’s here. It’s the dumplings Yes, this – It looks good. / – It must be delicious This is – Is there broth inside? / – Yes The way you eat it is fun – How do you eat it? / – How is it? How to eat it? Okay, you take (Starts speaking in Russian) People do that when they can’t think of what to say Use only your hands – Thank you. / – Okay Thank you You hold it like this upside down – It’s dumplings. / – It’s tougher than dumplings You take a bite of it first and drink the broth inside – And then you eat it. / – I see – This… / – The broth is incredible – The meat juice is insane. / – That looks so good – You don’t eat the handle. / – It’s lamb It’s lamb and not pork Oh, there are pictures This is beef This is lamb It was about $1.30 each This has cilantro in it There was cilantro added in it – That looks so good. / – $1.30? But just having two was filling Just one each Oh, I thought those 6 dumplings were one portion I was kind of upset hearing that just having two was enough to fill you up I usually don’t like cilantro but this is good This is not bad at all (The next dish comes out) Thank you (Khachapuri, Georgian pizza) – Gosh. / – What is it? This is the stuff One second (He mixes the half-cooked egg yolk with the cheese) – What’s that? / – I think women will like this dish What’s inside? It’s cheese and egg – I’m jealous. / – Feels like it’ll pop out of the screen It’s not that hot inside Thank you This one looks good It’s cheap too Whatever – Just eat it? / – Let’s just try it (Stretch) – With the bread… / – That can’t taste bad It was too salty on its own – Eat it with bread? / – Yes, with bread You can taste all the flavors of the cheese It’s good – It was my first time trying it. / – The cheese is strong It’ll be salty without the bread It’s a bit saltier than regular cheese – But the aroma is stronger. / – It’s just like Europe – The dumplings were sort of Asian. / – Yes – It’s a mix of East and West. / – You’re right It felt a lot like Mongolian food too – Chacha? / – Okay Gosh, chacha The food does feel a little greasy but when you drink the chacha It cleanses your palate Just one shot is a bit – We need more. / – Yeah Excuse me Can we get one bottle please? Oh, the bottle – Thank you. / – Gosh The bottle is pretty – The bottle is… / – It looks like the dumpling – It’s the dumpling. / – The shape of the dumpling – Thank you. / – Thank you The chacha bottle

– It’s shaped like the dumpling. / – You’re right It’s the same This name? – Khashlama. / – Khashlama – Khashlama. / – Yes, khashlama It looks like radish leaf soup Is it seaweed soup? – What is it? / – It does kind of feel like that It does feel like radish leaf soup – There’s meat in it? / – Yes You can definitely taste the cilantro It has a lot of cilantro in it. It’s good This would feel like Korean food if it didn’t have the cilantro Surprisingly, they had a lot of soup dishes What should we call this? – All the cilantro dishes are good. / – The meat is So tender – That’s the stuff! / – That’s it It looks amazing This feels like Asian food too – Did it suit your palate? / – Yes There were hints of East, West, Europe – All in there. / – Veal is very tender – Georgia food is so good. / – Yes There’s a famous Russian poet called Pushkin You know this? “Don’t be sad, don’t be angry…” – “If life deceives you!” / – Yes That Russian poet tried this food and said all the dishes are like poetry – Really? / – I can really understand Why he said that I’m not a poet so all the dishes are like music That’s good We haven’t been on a trip together in a while – It was fun. / – Chacha (The sun slowly sets and it’s the next day) You can’t see anything The fog – The fog. / – They’re wearing the same clothes – On foggy days… / – You didn’t get changed? We liked the clothes so much we kept wearing them I heard you haven’t taken them off once since then (Sorry, have to go to work) The fog made it feel like it’s Gotham Today, we’re going to an island called Russky Russky We’re going to use public transport today That’s good It’s nice to try public transportation in foreign countries Wow, there’s a lot to see in Vladivostok Russky Island? Russky Island How to get to Russky Island? Amazing. You can get there by bus (Laughing) Honey, I’m going to Russky Island Send me there too The island we’re going to is a military zone It used to be restricted – Must be clean. / – They opened it to the public now The Far Eastern University relocated to this place People in Vladivostok go to the island – For holidays. / – The university is a vacation spot You really have to go there If it’s 30 minutes by cab It’s very close, right? It’s a vacation spot for people of Vladivostok? (The island is a gift from nature) (Find the hot local spots hidden) (In Far Eastern University’s vast campus!) It’s inside the university? People of Vladivostok go on vacation inside the campus There’s the bus sign – The sign is right there. / – Yes If you look at it, the buses look like the ones in Korea Yes, they do They’re buses from Korean “H” company They bought a lot of those buses We need to get on Bus 15 – Bus 15? / – Yes If we get on Bus 15 We can get off right next to Far Eastern University I’ll give you a quiz. I already studied up on this That’s amazing This is inside the university? – What? / – What’s there? That’s incredible Isn’t it, honey? Isn’t that his waiting room? There is something inside Far Eastern University In Far Eastern University, there are Beautiful women This is You’re half-right – Try guessing it. / – University? Inside the university? – What could be inside? / – Maria Sharapova? In Far Eastern University, there are Good restaurants! Bus 15 is here! Are you listening to me? – We have to get on it. / – It’s this one Other people are getting on it too We have to stand in line Bus 15 must be popular We took the bus in the morning. Most people were

– College students. / – I see They were going to school – They get on from the back. / – Yes – It’s the opposite. / – The opposite to us You pay when you get off You pay when you get off? Yes, you pay when you get off Let’s stand here But Saeyoon I think we smell It’s embarrassing (They wore this when blowing into the king crab pipe) – Right? We need to change. / – Yes But it’s so comfortable I don’t want to change (Bus 15 departs) What do you think that is? (The Cyrillic script gives them trouble again) This bus will not operate on the 21st Wait (He searches online) The 21st of every month is the holiday It means 21 rubles It’s the price How much is that? – It’s about 40 cents. / – 40 cents? That’s so cheap I think there are a lot of the university students here It’s getting more crowded (There were only two of them) (The bus kept getting more crowded) (Packed) (The camera ended up right in front of his face!) Maybe we should have taken a seat The fog is insane – The last time I was in Russia… / – It looks mysterious – There was fog all over too. / – It feels very lonely So whenever I think of Russia, I think of fog It’s the Russky Bridge – This? / – It feels like a painting This is – A good view. / – It’s cinematic It looks like a movie You can’t see anything The lines are in the colors of the Russian flag Yes, the colors I think we’re almost here – It’s here. / – Okay I see flags Yes, you can see flags (They pay as they get off) He’s giving me change Thank you (They arrive safely!) The students walk in the fog This place is This place is Far Eastern Federal University The campus is enormous in size But what could be inside the university? But why did you go to a university? – Inside the university… / – There’s something there Look at that That’s the shuttle bus. We have to get on it We have to get on it? We missed it! What do we do? – We have to get on it. / – We got it – We got it. / – We didn’t miss it (They manage to get on the free campus shuttle bus) This university is so big that if you want to get around campus – You have to get on the bus. / – Oh, my God It’s so vast you can’t even imagine it It’s so vast It’s like a whole district Rather than a university We have to get off here – It’s here. / – Okay (They get off at 6th stop) It’s free so we don’t have to pay – We have to go this way. / – Okay If we go a bit farther, we’ll see that something We have to go this way – This way? / – Yes But this campus is so vast How could this be a university? – You had to walk after the bus too? / – Yes – We were surprised too. / – It’s so big It was so vast that – Walking never ends. / – Exactly So vast It’s so vast. It’s endless But how far do we have to go? We’re almost here Here You’ve waited long I can’t imagine it In Far Eastern University – There is… / – There’s what? – What could be there? / – A beach! Wow! – Wow. / – Oh, my God (There’s a beach right in front of the university!) It’s a beach When the weather’s nice, especially during the summer, people enjoy hanging out at the beach You can enjoy the youthful energy, the trails and the whole campus So people come here for vacation? Yes, they come here during the summer The view of nature is amazing And the trails are good too so people come for vacation It’s amazing But? – It’s because of the fog. / – Gosh What? It’s supposed to be crowded – There’s a man fishing there. / – It’s empty All those people earlier weren’t there? You can see all those people enjoying the beach

There are children playing in the beach “The Old Man and the Sea.” (He must have caught something) It’s a golden mandarin fish Golden mandarin fish? The fish is very small (It’s not a golden mandarin fish) (Waves swish in) This is a great vacation spot if the weather is good (Come again next time!) I’m getting hungry Yes, let’s go eat something (7 minutes by foot to a cafeteria from the beach) – Student cafeteria? / – Yes You really have to try this place – You can go even if you’re not a student? / – Yes Wow, it must be fun (They go to the nearest building 3) This is the school cafeteria Cafeteria! The plates are the same – Do we just take one? / – I think so – It’s a buffet? / – Yes It’s nice This is a special experience to have when you’re abroad Yes, people at that age are always hungry (The food isn’t fancy but you feel the care) Regular people can eat at this cafeteria And there is a separate cafeteria only for students This one (He chooses stir-fried eggplant and vegetables) – Thank you. / – I’ll take this one (Muzie starts ordering like crazy!) This That sauce looks tasty Stop. That’s good. Okay I should have some of that too Isn’t it cheap? – It is very cheap. / – Yes, very cheap That’s good This pastry is only 5 rubles What? It’s only 10 cents – What? / – That was amazing That was really amazing – It was 10 cents? / – This one This was the best item along with the snails – This one? / – Yes This cafeteria is nice It’s great Yes, together How much could it be? The two of us was $11.20 Wait, how did we get more than $10? (Saeyoon’s meal) – That was $10? / – Yes With $10, you can buy 100 of those sausage pastries You definitely could – This is so much for $10. / – It’s 10 cents? – There’s a twist. / – There is There’s a surprise? (Muzie tries the fried rice first) Good! Then Yeah, yeah – It’s good. / – It is It’s delicious (They enjoy every part of their cafeteria meal) – It’s cafeteria food… / – That looks good – But you feel the care they put in. / – It’s really good It’s like your mom cooked for you It really feels like a home-cooked meal It’s like those side dishes you had when you were in elementary school Everything tastes good Universities have good cafeterias these days – Yes. / – If foreign travelers went to Our cafeterias, I’d feel good There will be a lot of Korean food and it’ll be affordable – You’re right. / – And it’s a lot It’s a lot and clean People bring their kids to eat here Anyone can come and eat here You can come here after playing at the beach – Since it’s right here. / – I know Did you try the 10-cent pastry? No, not yet – Gosh, this one. / – This was so good – The sausage was… / – It was good? The sausage was different The sausage was less salty than American ones This is good – The sausage is really good. / – Tastes like the old days Should we buy $10 worth and take it home – 100. / – That’s 100 I don’t think we can carry them It reminds me of when I was in college – My cafeteria had great instant noodles. / – I see That’s why I want to go back We cleaned out our dishes (He shows the empty plates) If you ask me what the best eatery was in Vladivostok, I’d say here Cafeteria food? (They finish the best meal of their trip) Why? It’s scary – Wait, what is it? / – The secret of the sausage pastry? (Saeyoon goes to buy more of the sausage pastry) Excuse me. Two bread to go Is it more expensive from the second one? – How good must it have been? / – Nice We’ll be good for the day with this

The happiness 10 cents can bring Two bread (He confidently lays down 10 rubles) – It must be free. / – Right? – No? / – Wait, her expression isn’t good Thank you. Wait, it’s not enough? Why? Why? It’s not it? How much is it? It’s not five rubles? It’s not 10 cents What is it? It wasn’t 10 cents (The lunch box is 10 cents) – It’s not 10 cents? / – No (Hahaha) That’s so embarrassing. So how much is it? – It’s a dollar each. / – $1 – A dollar. / – Even then, it’s cheap – That’s still cheap. / – I’m going to eat this later – Where do we go now? / – Now We’re going to a different island inside Russky Island It’s not really an island It’s like a cape You see nature right in front of your eyes – Just as it is? / – Yes (There’s a cape shaped like North Korea?) (Will they see this majestic view today?) From Far Eastern University To North Korea Island There’s a bus. Bus 29 Yes, we can just take Bus 29 We need to get on Bus 29K – What number? / – 29K 29K The first bus leaves 6 a.m. Last one is 11 p.m – We can just wait. / – Is that it? That’s the one? (He holds onto the dollar sausage pastry with his life) No, no. It’s not it – There’s another one. / – The buses look so familiar – No. / – They just differ in color Yes – Hello. / – Hello Is there another surprise? Did you guys have those for dinner? – That bread? / – Is that the bus? This is it – Bus 29. / – This is it Wait, isn’t that an academy bus? That was the bus My kids take that bus (Mister, where are you going?) This bus feels like a town bus It kind of feels like Gangwon-do Yes, it kind of feels like a town bus in the countryside The outside view is similar to Korea’s countryside too It doesn’t take that long, right? Yes, it’s not far It’s the fourth stop from the school But if we don’t request the stop, it’ll just pass by Saeyoon did a lot of research So it was fun using public transport (This is the stop? They just get off) Isn’t this Misiryeong? Isn’t this Misiryeong? The fog (The bus leaves) Gosh, what amazing view is waiting for us here? Local people drive up there It looks like a movie – We got there by bus. / – Is it “The Wailing?” Just as it is – It’s mud. / – We’re in trouble Take a look at what happens to white shoes – When you come here. / – No, no Try to wear old shoes when you come here It really feels like Gangwon-do – That surprised me. / – It’s a Schnauzer – Did the dog get off? / – I thought it was a person – It’s so cute. / – You’re right Cars kept coming in The rental car system isn’t that established yet – So it’s not too bad trekking up. / – I see I want people to know that The fog is really insane Let’s go up to the observatory and wait a little Okay I don’t think I’ve seen this much fog in my whole life Let’s go as far as we can Okay, this is the observatory – It’s here. / – Where is it? – What are they going to see? / – Can they even see it? – Here. / – This is the observatory It’s still a cool sight – What did they go to see? / – It doesn’t show on screen I heard that there’s an island shaped like North Korea I wanted to see it with you That’s what we should have seen Is this VR? (Shaped like North Korea) Does it begin and end with VR? I’m sure our trip will lose points here

You know our show precisely Editing is really important here – Editing. / – We’re going to have to mix VR Because he knows that VR was fun (Unfortunately, they missed this beautiful site) We should have seen that The fog went away on our way back The view from the top looks great What was the best part of this trip for you? The looping amusement park ride (They got on the pirate ship ride without much worry) Wait, this really flips upside down I really didn’t know it’d go around a loop And then that one. 4D? – VR. / – VR It’d be nice to come to Russia during the summer – The sauna near the sea. / – The sauna and the sea That was nice We like being leisurely too A sauna in a secluded area It’d have been nice if we’d stayed 2 days there – 2 or 3 days. / – It was nice – That was the best place. / – Yes – Sauna, shashlik and beer. / – Yes It was a little disappointing that the weather was bad But despite the bad weather, the trip was great – It was so pretty. / – It was great – Even fog was beautiful. / – Yes But going into the ocean after the sauna – I was so jealous. / – Anyone would want to try Right? I’d love to visit that sauna Do you need reservations? That place is 100% reservation based You can call to make a reservation – You can communicate? / – The owner speaks English Are there many places like that or is that the only one? We found similar places on our way there – I see. / – There are many That university campus was big enough to have 19 bus stops. It’s so vast – I think it’ll be too hard to walk. / – Yes – It’s not a campus. / – Do they lend you bicycles? You can rent a bike for $3 – It’s not expensive. / – Right – That’s pretty cheap. / – You can rent a bike I’m curious of your travel expenses – I really want to know. / – This is important – Yes. / – I’m confident What is their total travel expense to Vladivostok? Love UV Tour’s total expense for 3 days in Vladivostok is! The total expense is? – Per person… / – Per person! $248 in total Gosh! – $240? / – Really? – Japan is expensive… / – It’s the number – Russia really has the advantage. / – It’s cheap – Everything is basically cheap. / – Transportation too And also, to be honest, we could’ve taken the taxi but we enjoy riding public transportation So I think that played a big part Let’s vote Now, please vote whether you’d like to go on the Love UV Tour to Vladivostok (Love UV Tour designed a trip to Vladivostok) (What will the judges choose?) Everyone has voted Look at them putting on an act They’re pretending to vote – They’re incredible. / – They really are You guys don’t seem very confident – You guys look very dark. / – He’s right – Are you okay? / – First of all There’s no victory or defeat when it comes to going on a trip “Trips are always right” as they say Why was I so obsessed about winning? So I want to tell you that Hokkaido and Vladivostok – Are both very great. / – They’re both great You’ll find out the results next week I hope you look forward to our next week’s episode Thank you! (Next episode) There’s a reason you need to come in the summer The beer tastes good in the summer (They enjoy the summer in Hokkaido with cold beer) (They become little girls again in a lavender field) Let’s go, Hokkaido It’s so pretty (Battle Trip) (“Star” by BOYFRIEND)