Blue and Gold Macaw Rescued From Hoarding Situation

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Blue and Gold Macaw Rescued From Hoarding Situation

(upbeat music) – My name is Dave Womach, I’m a professional magician (dubstep music) and a professional parrot trainer (rock music) And most recently a wing suit pilot (dubstep music) See ya (dubstep music) Which comes into play with this guy This is Sunny We first heard about him from a hoarding situation You see, every year we combine our bird training passion with our magic shows and we travel around the country with our show to help raise money for all sorts of non-profits This fall we were down near Salt Lake City, Utah doing a fundraiser for Ronies For the Love of Birds And during October, they encountered a hoarding situation Now I believe it was something to the tune of 20 birds but every day for a month they had to enter with hazmat suits just to care for the birds until legally they had the ability to get them out of that horrible situation When we heard of this we offered to help along with our Bird Tricks community We did a fundraiser on top of a fundraiser show and we were able to send check after check until finally I said you know what? I wanna do more than that So I called Denise up just to check in and see how things were going ’cause unfortunately right after the hoarding situation COVID hit So all the birds were stuck there and they couldn’t make their typical money from the boarding that they do to be able to help people out So I asked how are things going? And she filled me in and basically said, here you go Dave, this is my worst case So I drove down once the boarders were open, I picked up Sunny and decided that since I’m learning how to fly on my own new set of wings, it’s my dream to make it so he can also learn to fly his set of wings I love working with Denise from Ronies For the Love of Birds because she runs a tight ship She keeps everything spotless and you walk in there and it doesn’t smell like a bird store It’s clean and even though these birds are all there because they need to be re-homed, sure they might be plucked, they might have an issue, but the thing is, when you walk in there, you just, you simply feel how much she cares And her entire place is immaculate I feel an intense amount of pressure to be able to get Sunny from where he was to where I want him to be because I want him to have the best life that he can And I want him to have the best life, you wanting to step up? Oh Thinking about it? (intense piano music) Hi I know that doesn’t seem like very much but that’s from working with him for over a month and the fact that he communicated with me that he wanted to step up is huge I don’t have treats, that was just him saying that he wanted to hang out with me So the pressure for me right now is definitely quite intense I’m handling him at his pace We don’t know his background We know he’s roughly 20 years old And when I first brought him home, I couldn’t even get him out of the cage He didn’t want anything to do with me And although he hasn’t necessary been aggressive, he’s been fearful I’ve worked with fearful birds, but never as a project bird He’s gonna go at his own slow pace, but it’s just absolutely amazing to see these little itty bitty wins every single day (curious music) – [Jamie] Are you ready to learn? – [Dave] I’m sorry you’re so scared (bird calls) Oh, that’s the first sound that you made (curious piano music) There you go

(curious piano music) (bird calls) (bird calls) Oh Sunny (bird calls) (intense piano music) (bird calls) (intense piano music) (bird calls) (intense piano music) (bird calls) (intense piano music) They said you’re not handlable To get him out of his travel cage I had to take the entire cage apart There was no way he was coming out of the cage for any reason So I took the travel cage apart and I was able to get him out And I was shocked that once I had him out of the cage he was actually willing to accept my pets on the head He was afraid but he was like well this feels good Well this will make an interesting story We’re gonna take this wild, crazy, out-of-control bird and make him a pet (Siri sounds) FaceTime Jamie Womach mobile – [Siri] Making a FaceTime call to Jamie Womach – Oh, I got it right – [Jamie] Is he on you? Oh my gosh – So an interesting observation, he’s fluffed up a couple times on me, but he’s more fearful than he is aggressive – [Jamie] Did they know that or did they just think that he was really mean? – They said he was unhandlable – [Jamie] Awesome, I can’t wait to meet him – All right, well yeah, I’ll talk to you in a bit – [Jamie] All right, see ya – See ya Oh my goodness (Dave speaking indistinctly) (intense orchestral music) Okay, we don’t have to Well, I’m curious what everybody says makes you so aggressive So you’re probably thinking why the heck would I want to pet this bird after a 12-hour drive He’s super stressed out, he doesn’t wanna come out of his cage for anything and here I am wanting to force my petting on him Well it’s very interesting, if you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you hear me refer to the five languages of love And my personal love language is physical touch It’s how I express as well as how I receive love And there’s five different ways There’s physical touch, acts of service, quality time, gifts and words of affirmation And I found that through doing this parrot training for years now, that people will use their own love language to try to force their love onto their bird and so it might be like, hey I buy my bird toys because I want him to love me Or in my case, I just want to pet him because that’s how I show that I care And to my surprise, he was receptive to it

Now, because day one is so important to us, we want him to understand what his new normal is And what that meant for Sunny is that his normal wasn’t being stuck in a cage like it used to be It’s not the same crappy diet that he used to be on It’s now the seasonal feeding system from our cookbook And what I decided to do was keep him in my office He’s not a very loud bird, except for today during consults, but overall he’s not that loud But I’m able to spend a lot more of my own time with him and between different phone calls or emails or video editing, I’m able to just turn around in my chair and go over to the tree and do a quick target training session And since most of our progress starts with these guys just doing target training, that’s really what I focused on the first week or two And as you saw from his little slow motion step up there, he’s not a very agile bird yet He didn’t have perches in his cage, he was stuck clinging to the side for God knows how long And so whether it’s muscles that are atrophied or tendons that are tight, I don’t really know, but you have to see his progression as he learns slowly how to target train, (laughing) and as well as climb around the tree and just build his own confidence And that’s really what the first week or two was about for me It’s letting him know that hey you’re safe in this environment Here’s some good, healthy food Let’s make you feel a little better Let me help you build your confidence so you can be a good bird, you can live the life that you’re supposed to live Good morning day number two About to go check on Sunny, he got a little bit of sleep last night A good solid 12 hours in my office Good morning Good morning Sunny Oh, how’d you sleep? How’d you sleep? – [Child] Can I turn the light on? – Sure Good morning I think I’m gonna get some natural light in here for him And then, oh yeah that’s way better, then we’re gonna do a little training session Oh, all right bud – [Child] Dad, can we get some (indistinct) – All right, here’s some good news Lost a feather last night And it’s one that was pretty damaged There’s a horrible cut job and I’m not sure if it was mutilated from the other bird but the good news is, doesn’t look like he plucked it Looks like that fell out on its own And it’s a flight feather You can come in if you want This is actually just his regular pellets Do you want one of these? Hm? Yeah that’s fine Is that better? Not so sure about that one either? How about that eye pin You are so gentle, good job (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (clicking) I’m gonna give you that (inspirational music) I’m not gonna hurt you, I promise Oh you still have some

You’re hiding it You’re a food hider (inspirational music) Finished? (inspirational music) (clicking) Good job (inspirational music) (clicking) (inspirational music) (bird calls) (clicking) (inspirational music) Well he wants it, just touch it (birds chirping) (inspirational music) (clicking) (birds chirping) Good job (inspirational music) (clicking) (inspirational music) (clicking) (inspirational music) (clicking) (inspirational music) Recognizing how badly butchered his wing clip is and how slow motion he is on everything, he’s not gonna be the normal three to six month turnaround He’s definitely gonna be a long term investment of my time and my energy, but the reality is he has so much potential and so much love to share, it’s just gonna be a long term project Might be a year, might be a little less, but either way I wanna see this through to the end because the reality is as humans, we owe that to him (inspiring orchestral music) You’re definitely gonna wanna stick around for the next episode Because of my lifestyle, Sunny’s gonna be going on two road trips with me I’m going to implement some techniques and training that we have never implemented with any other pet birds and quite frankly, it’s probably gonna make you question everything we’ve ever said and done So stick around You ready buddy? (upbeat music)