Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 946 – Full Episode – 2nd January, 2019

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Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 946 – Full Episode – 2nd January, 2019

‘Impure’ There’s a proverb To err is human And it’s right In fact, it’s humans who make mistakes Some people learn from their mistakes and some people try to cover it up Finally, when the mistakes counterattacks then it ruins everything Greetings! I’m senior inspector Himanshu Rawat I welcome you to ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’ I was assigned a strange case from Delhi that I still remember You’ll be shocked to watch how a mistake turned into a disaster! I’m not blind! You’ve used seven cans of oil in just two weeks! Are you using the oil to fry the ‘Samosas’ or are you drinking it? Dad, we need so much oil When there’s so much consumption You don’t have to explain me about consumption! I’m running this restaurant from the past 20 years I’ve been running it and making profits since your childhood Ever since, you and your sister have started managing the restaurant there’s a lot of consumption in the raw material but there’s no profit Where’s your sister? – She left home early Sir, I need your signatures on the receipts Give it, I’ll sign Why should you sign? I’m the owner, so I should be doing it Don’t act too smart! Is he a stepson or his own son? That’s his own son He is short tempered, sir He gets angry very soon I pay him Rs. 30,000 as salary where as he’s worth a salary of Rs. 3,000 Is that all? Listen, get some oil from the market He has exhausted all the oil Vishal. – Yes? – The features of the new tab from the brand ‘Orange’ is amazing! All right, tell me something – What? Where were you on the weekend? I called you several times Have you won someone’s heart? What nonsense! Listen! Do me a favour. Go ahead, I’ll join you in a bit All right. – Okay, bye – Bye What’s this? You think you’re very smart! I’ve paid six instalments for you I’ll repay you I’m making arrangements for the amount Hey, you! Pay up without making any fuss otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson! My boss has asked me to kidnap you I’ll give you two days Do you understand? Get lost! Grandpa. – It’s you! – I need to talk to you Hold on Consider it done I’ll do it. – Okay – You may leave Tell me – Grandpa, I need some money Money! Sure, why not! Here you go Here you go Grandpa, I’ve been assigned to do a project in the school That’s nice – …related to London So, the teacher has asked me to get Rs. 2 lakh Rs. 2 lakh! But I don’t have so much money Why don’t you do this? Take Rs. 500 more Have it Go watch a movie – But, Grandpa At least, listen to me – Go watch a movie. Go You don’t order me, Mr. Rastogi and don’t expect me to obey Mr. Sharma, the officials from the housing society are saying it, not me We’ve been waiting for your consent since three years The weather is good and the work is pending because of you Please sign the concern letter so that we can proceed with the work Absolutely, why don’t you go ahead? Mr. Rastogi, the builders know you very well You will get more space After demolishing my house you’ll construct a building and make all of us stay in tiny flats And you’ll reap all the benefits Look, even I’m a good businessman I’ve told you several times, and I’ll tell you once again I have two houses in this society One is mine and the other one belongs to Manish You’ll have to give me three flats in the building that would come up after demolishing my house One for me, one for Manish, and one for my grandson because a grandson has equal rights in my property Mr. Sharma, that’s impossible Then it’s impossible for me to sign. You may leave! It’s enough, Mr. Manohar!

Mr. Rastogi’s offer is good for everyone You better accept it Otherwise, I’ll file a lawsuit Then go ahead You can’t threaten me! Go! Dad, why don’t you agree – Hey, shut up! You don’t know how the world works! This is the document in which you need my signature, right? You wanted my signature on this document, right? There you go He wants to gift me a house! How is the house? – It’s splendid! Please have a seat – Sure You would’ve seen the restaurant. – Yes You would’ve showed him the restaurant and got him here to show the house That’s good – Dad, he is Vikas I’d told you about him – Yes So, you want to marry her, right? – Yes What’s your age? – I’m 26 years old How old did she say that she was? I told him that I’m 27, Dad She is 34 years old She is eight years older than you What do you do for a living? – He owns a shop Did I ask you? The thing is, I’ll neither give you any money for wedding expense, nor will I give you any dowry As long as I’m alive, neither she nor her brother will get any share from the restaurant that she was just talking about I pay them the salary Dad, what are you saying? – Shut up! I know such imposters very well He wants to marry you only for the sake of money So, you invited me here to humiliate! What do you mean? You are not worth any humiliation You don’t have any status! Get away from here! Come on! Vikas! Vikas, listen! Vikas You’re my enemy, not my dad! You’ve already rejected nine proposals I’m 34 years old now You’ve ruined my life I didn’t ruin your life You’re very naive You don’t know how to choose good men As long as I’m alive, no one can have their own ways Yes, you’re right We have no other options Okay No, what do we do? We’re helpless! Do whatever you said Yes. All right Sir, the grocer is here – Okay I want your signatures on these vouchers Sure, I’ll be back in a minute Shubam. – Yes, sir? – Here’s the money. – Okay There you go Check the grocery thoroughly before you give it All right, sir Good night I need Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000? What for? I had given you Rs. 2,000 last week Are you giving me or shall I leave? I won’t come from tomorrow onwards And you very well know what will happen after that I am not used to refusals I won’t give you money Do whatever you want Go! All right. Wait and watch what I do What are you doing? Give her the money Tulsi! Come over here Why do you get upset with little things? You want Rs. 1,000, right? Here you go Here’s Rs. 1,000 I have prepared ‘Roti’ and greens I will do this dishes tomorrow One more thing I won’t be coming on Sunday I am tired of Managing the house and business Sir, open the door Sir! Tell me, Shubham Mr. Manish, I had come to pick up Mr. Manohar But, I have been ringing the doorbell Nobody is opening the door. – What? I have been ringing the doorbell since a long time There’s no response

Please, come soon I am getting tense All right I am getting the key You wait there Okay Trikha! I was here He hasn’t opened the door yet? Mr. Manish, he hasn’t opened the door Come on I have got the key I have been ringing the doorbell since a long time Come on Dad! Father-in-law! – Dad! Sir! – Mom! Mother-in-law! – Mom! Sir – Sister! Sir, everyone died due to strangulation The wounds on the necks are deep Sir, I think, a rope or a rope like thing has been used But we haven’t found anything And after looking at the condition of the room and cupboard, it seems to me that the murder has been committed due to the loot Is there any forced entry? – No, sir That means, they knew the murderer They opened the door for the murderer The murderer came inside, killed them and fled away Three people have been killed Declare alert in all the police stations Just find out if any gang is active or not Okay, sir Sir, He never kept money in the house Whatever we earned at the restaurant dad used to deposit the money in the bank after every three days And mom used to keep her jewellery in the bank locker Where do you people stay? Sir, my family and I live in the same colony I had come to meet dad yesterday Why? I visit him every day I come to wish him good night What did both of you talk? Actually, my sister, Nidhi was worried about her marriage She was 34 years old She refused to marry when dad was searching a suit She was looking for a boy herself He told me that she had called a boy home But because he was younger to her, dad didn’t like him He insulted him What was his name? I don’t know Who is she? She is my wife What is your name? My name is Trikha Who all are there in the family? My son, Vishal, who has gone to school Did they have a servant? Yes Her name is Tulsi Does she stay here at night? No. She leaves after doing the chores She comes at 8 a.m every day I wonder where she is today She hasn’t called Sir, I had met Mr. Manohar last night I come every day to take signature on the voucher Why did you come in the morning? I come to pick him up Does he have enmity at the restaurant? No, sir There’s nothing as such Till what time were you here? Sir, I had left after taking his signature Sir, it seems like robbery and murder No, Singh Manohar’s son has said that he used to deposit the money in the bank after every three days And the jewellery are in the locker Robbery is just an excuse to mislead the police The real matter is something else It’s possible, sir – Their maid, Tulsi Call her for the interrogation And check Nidhi’s call records Find out the man she had invited You mean to say that he revenged his insult Sir, even if he does this, why would he kill Nidhi? Nothing can be said at this moment Check the call records of the family And interrogate the neighbours They might have seen something Sir! Listen Where does Tulsi stay? Sir, that one Sir, her house is locked Her sister, Chameli lives in the house next to hers You can ask her – Okay Sir, Tulsi is my sister

She wanted to leave Mr. Manohar’s work Why? Sir, I don’t know the reason Whenever she wanted to leave the job Mr. Manohar increases his salary Which other household does Tulsi work for? She used to work at Mr. Manohar and Mr. Manish’s house Manish! Sir, I don’t know how Mr. Manohar used to increase her salary every month Every month? I wonder if Mr. Manohar had an affair with Tulsi She disappeared all of a sudden There must be a reason behind this Find out about Tulsi as soon as possible And interrogate the family We may learn something Sir Sir, we don’t know when dad used to increase her salary He never increased it in front of us Did Mr. Manohar and Tulsi had.. – No, ma’am Dad wasn’t such a person How was Tulsi’s behaviour? Sir, very arrogant She used to do things her way I have prepared ‘Roti’ and greens I will do the dishes tomorrow And one more thing I won’t be coming on Sunday All right But until we are done with our investigation none of you will go out of the city without informing us Okay, sir – Sure There’s something fishy about this Tulsi Did you get to know anything about this woman? Sir, Constable Kishore has got the information Tulsi was seen boarding the bus to Meerut Inform Meerut police I think, Manohar and this woman had an affair She must have killed them and took away everything she found in the cupboard But could she strangulate three people, sir? Can a woman do it alone? She is a young woman She is capable of doing it Or she must have sought help Anything is possible – Yes, sir Find out in which bank Manohar Sharma had an account Get the statement Let’s see if he really used to deposit money in the bank in every few days or it’s something else. – Sir Sir – Yes, Urmi Sir, here are Nidhi’s call records That evening, she was talking to some Vikas Sareen In fact, they’ve had many conversations earlier as well I’ve fetched his address and summoned him as well Good Since when do you know Nidhi Sharma? Sir, I and Nidhi are in a relationship since one month – Where did you find her? On the internet – She’s elder than you Did you go after her because of money? Sir, what are you saying? She’s a nice girl Hey, listen! Don’t try to act smart! She’s history! She’s dead! – I don’t know this, sir You know that her father owns a restaurant, right! Initially, I didn’t know I got to know later, sir And Nidhi herself proposed me, sir She herself talked to her dad as well When I went to her house that day, then the old man I mean, Nidhi’s dad insulted me, sir I agree that I had a little bit of greed in me to get married into a rich family And when you couldn’t get married then you took revenge by killing everyone? Where were you that night? – I was here in the village Lock him up! – Sir – Take him away! Sir, I didn’t do anything You can enquire I was in the village Sir.. – Singh, find out if he’s lying or something And check Manohar’s background If an ordinary man can target him through his daughter then some other people can also be there Sir. – Where were you from so many days? I’ve been trying to call you up from so many days Why don’t you answer calls? Earrings? For me? I’ll wear them on the day of my wedding Okay, tell me When will you marry? And don’t delay too much How am I looking? You! Where have you come from so late at night? I-I went to the police station What happened? – I just had to enquire something Just sleep for a while, okay? Okay? – Okay Don’t worry. Just sleep – Okay What are you doing? Nothing, Mom I am collecting books I have exam tomorrow so I thought to do the preparations now I am leaving Bye. – Bye Actually, Mr. Manohar was a bit rude, sir

But he was very nice at heart Mr. Manish and Ms. Nidhi used to work here from around 15 years What do you mean, they used to work? They own this restaurant, right? He used to consider his son and daughter worthless, ma’am And Mr. Manohar didn’t trust Mr. Manish He was expert in insulting people In fact, he never used to spare his children as well Has Manohar Sharma become a victim of anyone’s hatred because of his nature? But, sir. Two more people also died with him Did they die because of Manohar Sharma or Manohar Sharma was murdered because of them? Time will tell that Sir, look at this! Her throat was choked very brutally But why would they have cut her ears so brutally? Maybe just to take the jewellery out of the ears Sir, I found this phone I think it’s hers Send this number for CDR Fetch all the details Inform the forensic team and send the corpse for post mortem Yes, sir. – Yes, sir. I am the secretary here Bhuvan Rastogi is very close to the developer He’s after Mr. Manohar from three years to get the consent papers signed Rastogi was saying that something can be done only after the death of the old man now Actually, the developer’s Crores of rupees are stuck Okay, tell me one thing Now that Mr. Manohar is no more and he’s dead. Who will sign the papers now? Who will sign? Son or daughter Oh, sorry. The daughter is dead. Manish will sign Rastogi has already convinced him Sir, it’s ringing. Rastogi isn’t answering the call I think he escaped, sir I think the whole game is about profit and loss Profit and loss? – Of course Father’s control in the house, as well as in the restaurant Redevelopment is stuck because of father Manish, Rastogi, Tulsi, and many other people can be benefited by Manohar’s death Then why was the sister murdered, sir? In a way, Manish has the most benefit Because there are no other share holders Do one thing Check the call records of this whole family Keep an eye on their movements I want the complete story of every person related to this family – Sir Sir – Yes, come in Sir, here’s the detail of Manohar’s bank account No money was deposited in this account in last one week But, yes. The jewellery of Manohar’s wife are there in the locker Maybe Manish doesn’t know about this Or, maybe he’s hiding something from us regarding money Sir, by the way, Manish has a saving account in this bank Keep an eye on the transactions of his account I have an intuition that some movement will definitely take place Sir, take Rs. 1 lakh now I’ll give the rest later What did I tell you? Please, sir. I could take out this much for now I-I’ll do some arrangement You have two days Understood? The way three people died in your house the same way you too Leave! Go Sir, on 16th of October, that is, on the day of murder Manish and Rastogi talked for half an hour at noon and for five minutes in the evening May I come in, sir? – Come in Sir, I got a call from the bank just now Manish deposited Rs. 9 lakh in his account That too, in cash What I feared, has happened This entire conspiracy is of Manish and the developer Rastogi has escaped Before Manish escapes Catch Manish before he absconds And find out where Mr. Rastogi is Three people have been killed in a house together Everyone had a grudge from the people who died in this house Everyone had become greedy and intolerant Their relationship had become sour anybody could have hurt anyone anytime Sir, I had no planning or involvement with Mr. Rastogi Why would I kill my father, mother and sister? Then, where did so much money come from? It was Rs. 9 lakhs, right? No, sir, it was Rs. 10 lakhs Where did Rs. 1 Lakh go? I don’t know, sir You gave a contract of Rs. 1 lakh to kill your parents and sister Because, you’ll be the one who’ll be in more profit after killing them You would directly benefit from the restaurant, house and redevelopment of society, without any hurdles. Isn’t it? Sir, you can whatever you want but, I haven’t given anyone a killing contract Sir, that’s my savings after working in restaurant Savings or did you steal that money from their? Tell the truth or I have other means to make you speak

Tell me Sir, dad used to give me Rs. 30,000 for working at the restaurant You think Rs. 30,000 is enough for the expenditure? So, sometimes I used to steal Rs. 1,000 or Rs. 2,000 You spoke with Mr. Rastogi on the day of murder You used to speak with him a lot, why? Sir, again dad had a fight with Mr. Rastogi that day and that evening Mr. Manish, keep your dad in control He’s getting out of control Do you think I can do anything? I know Children of these kinds of parents often say it’s better if they die soon Mr. Manish, listen to me get the signatures and I’ll get you some money from the dealer How much? The developer is a good guy I’ll get you Rs. 10 lakhs from him Rs. 2 lakhs in advance the rest 8 lakhs after the job’s been done See, my dad won’t sign for sure Let me know if you have any other way There’s one way, but it’s dangerous Tell me Consider your signature will do the job What kind of an arrangement? Sir, I don’t know Okay Sir, I have nothing to do with this Why have you kept me tied up here like this? Even we don’t know Sir, please Sir, what are you saying? I was not hiding That was my own house I have four house like that in Delhi Did you kill Mahohar Sharma, his wife and his daughter? or did you give a killing contract? Neither did I kill anyone nor did I give any contract to kill See, we’ve taken a 3 day remand tell the truth or we know other means too Sir, Manohar was not signing the re-development papers from the past 3 years We know about that what were you planning with his son? That was a legal way He wanted to declare his father as mental And the Manohar was mental indeed You’re making a fool out of us, do you understand? Sir, Tulsi has been spotted in Meerut Sir, listen to me Wow, such beautiful ear-rings I have something to tell you I am going to be mother to your child So, you can’t give an excuse for not getting married Sir, I was scared The residents of that house were always behind each other They were doubting me too Also, I had an argument with Mr. Manohar That’s why I ran away An argument, why? Sir, Mr. Manohar used to have a fight with everyone Then why did you used to work there? And why did he used to give you a raise in salary? Or you used to ask for a raise? What was the matter? I asked what’s the matter? Will you tell us or I’ll ask them to make you speak Tell Sir, there was nothing between us I was raped in that house What? By whom? Mom, I am going to Ankit’s place, I’ll be back Tulsi, I am going to the market Clean the room and go to father-in-law’s place Okay, ma’am I had told this to Mr. Manohar

Are you really my son or an enemy? What if this woman goes out and everyone gets to know Whose reputation will be spoiled? Mine! Because, you don’t have any respect at all Sort this issue here itself How can we sort this issue here, Mr. Manohar? I have been raped here You have to give me justice Tulsi, listen to me No, Mr. Manohar Listen to me once and if you don’t understand you can do whatever you want to Come – No I’ll make you understand, come Tulsi, I know what happened to you is wrong Tulsi, man is a like dog I have slapped him Keep this money – No, Mr. Manohar Keep it, I insist I’ll give you more, as much as you want But, today onwards you’ll be working at my home You don’t have to work anywhere Someday, somewhere, you will tell this to anyone If someone gets to know about this Manish will bear its consequence but, your reputation will be gone too What happened with you was a crime Why didn’t you complain to the police? Sir, Mr. Manohar had got me influenced By talking about my reputation What do you think? Manish might have killed his parents and sister? I don’t know, sir Everyone’s the same in that house Let it be a kid or a grown up What do you mean? Manish’s son Vishal Mr. Manohar used to trust him the most And he used to ask money from Mr. Manohar every time And Mr. Manohar used to spend thousands on him What did he used to do with that much money? I don’t know, sir, he’s still in school But, he has all the habits of an adult And he’s a spoilt brat And once he had asked for Rs. 2 lakhs from Mr. Manohar The teacher has asked for Rs. 2 lakhs Urmila, take her statement and file a case of rape against Manish Sir, I can’t understand why would a kid need that much money? What if he’s into drugs? Sir, what if Vishal asked his grandfather for money and the grandfather refused, so he killed him Only Vishal can clarify this Get him Okay, sir Vishal had asked for two lakh rupees from his grandfather Did he tell you that? Sir, I knew that dad had spoiled him by giving money But, I don’t know why he asked for Rs. 2 lakh Do one thing, put Vishal’s phone under surveillance and alert all the exit points of Delhi And circulate Vishal’s photo Yes, Singh, tell me Sir, the informer Chandru said there was something between Nidhi and Shubham They both have been sighted together many times Interrogate Shubham and find out what the matter is There was nothing like that, sir Sister Nidhi used to be worried because of her dad and brother’s behaviour That’s why she used to loosen up her mind by speaking to me Sir, we’ve found this I.D. card Suman Pandey, Nurse, City Hospital Modus operandi is the same and her ears have been chopped off Who else stays in this house? No, sir, she used to stay alone Does any one used to visit this place? No, sir, she used to mind her own business Do you have her mobile number? Yes, sir, I have Note down the mobile number And get the call record Sir – Yes Vishal’s call records Vishal had received 4 calls from this number on the day of murder The caller’s name is Prabhat Lal He’s given Ganesh town, but, no one’s there Sir, Vishal frequently visits Meerut Sir, look at this, all of these calls were made from Meerut And the location of the calls are from Meerut every week A 16 year old boy from Delhi to Meerut? For what purpose he used to go there? The case had become thickened All the links were not having a connection to each other But, still we were following each and every link N-No, sir. No I’ll reveal

I’ll tell you, sir, don’t hit me Sir, I used to supply girls to Vishal Girls? Since when? Since a year – In Delhi? No, sir, Vishal used to come to Meerut every week At first he used to pay on time later he came to credit Sir, he has Rs. 2 lakhs pending That’s why I had called him on 16th The girls were asking money, sir Sir, day before yesterday he gave me one lakh rupees and said he’ll give the remaining in 2 days Then he absconded Even we are looking for him Did he meet you day before yesterday? Yes, sir – Sir. – Yes Vishal is at his friends home at S.P. road, Meerut Alert the Meerut police – Yes, sir Vishal, why are you so worried? You come every time and chill, what happened to you this time? Nothing, buddy What happened, sir? Come – Sir, what happened? Sir, listen to me, where are you taking me? Come to police station Sorry, sir, I got interested in girls Do your parents know about this interest of yours? No, sir, don’t tell my parents Please, sir, don’t tell them How did you kill your grandparents and aunt? I didn’t kill my grandparents and aunt Then how did you get that Rs. 1 lakh? The one you paid day before yesterday? Tell the truth You killed your grandfather and took the money from the vault, right? No, sir, I didn’t kill my grandfather I stole that money from my dad’s savings Dad used to keep his savings behind the wardrobe I had seen that I took the money from there and have him Sir, I was scared because if dad got to know he may beat me That’s why I ran away from the home Sir, I used to love my grandfather a lot I didn’t kill him We were looking at all the angles to solve the case But, just like you know The bulb and the tap are placed somewhere else but, it’s connections are at somewhere else Just like that, this case’s connection was somewhere else We had found many important evidences from Meerut station Mr. Himanshu, there have been 5 murders in the past 2 years And the method of the murder is same All the girls had been strangulated and their ears had been chopped We have got the call records of the last t victim There’s a number, 7021345 which belongs to Vishwas Kumar His phone is switched off But, he had called Ms. Tulsi Mishra before switching off Tulsi Mishra? – Yes Her address is in Delhi, we had spoken to her once No, I don’t know anyone named Vishwas Kumar Tell the truth, Vishwas has a murder case on him I have a record that he had called you No, sir, you’re mistaken I don’t know anyone named Vishwas Kumar Okay, if he calls you again, do let me know Save my number Okay, sir We’ve kept her number under surveillance too But, we haven’t found any lead so far Tulsi Mishra works as a maid She got involved with us because of this case What’s the history of Vishwas Kumar? I don’t know Sir, Tulsi’s phone is switched off Please, move aside Sir, a woman’s dead body has been found in Muradnagar There’s a tattoo on her hand It’s Tulsi Mishra Sir, what if Vishal is Vishwas Kumar? Even he used to go to Meerut Vishwas Kumar was in touch with Tulsi And now Tulsi is dead Check Tulsi’s call records again Tulsi is the common link between the murders of two places Through this we can find out who killed Manohar and his family?

Check the call records of anyone who’s related to Manohar’s family again May be we’ll find something The matter had started to become clear now My team worked hard We had gone through each detail carefully And now we got some important evidence in our hands May I come in, sir? – Come in Sir, Tulsi Mishra’s call records Tulsi used to call Nidhi, Trikha and this person frequently And he used to go to Meerut every week Finally, some good news Sir, don’t hit me I’ll tell you, sir Enough. Stop it Now, tell the truth I became an orphan in childhood I got into all kind of bad habits I studied till 10th grade and dropped out Then slowly I became friends with girls I got addicted to them I got a job in a canteen in Meerut But, the canteen’s manager saw me with a girl there Then he fired me from the job Then I came to Delhi Later I started working for Mr. Manohar Mr. Manohar wanted someone whom he can trust Slowly, I won his trust I didn’t used to do anything in Delhi I used to go to Meerut to fulfil my desires 5 girls were murdered in Meerut Why did you kill them and cut their ears off? Sir, mom gave me ear-rings I used to lure them by saying this I was just having fun with them But, one girl got attached to me She started demanding to get married Then, I killed her I had to kill 5 girls by doing this Why did you kill Tulsi Mishra? I had an affair with her I got a call from a policeman from Meerut He was asking about someone named Vishwas Kumar Then, what did you tell? What could I have said? I don’t know anyone named Vishwas Kumar But, he said he’s done a murderer The number which they were talking about is yours, right? I though she’ll open her mouth in front of the police someday But, where could I’ve gone empty handed from Delhi? We’ll go to somewhere else get married and will stay happily But, we need money to get married and settle down That’s why I am saying, we have to do something big this time See, you just have to do But, I have a condition, no physical assault I promise Take this, the duplicate keys of that house But, you remember what I’d told you, right? Yes, don’t worry Who’s it? Why are you here? You came here to steal, scoundrel? That’s all? Bugger old man Then, Tulsi became absconding After you searched and brought her I met her after that You said there won’t be any murder You killed all three of them It was an accident They died by mistake It was me who did a mistake, not you And now I’ll rectify my mistake I’ll tell everything to police about you Watch me Tulsi, listen to me What could I’ve done, sir?

There was no other option left We have an option Death by hanging Sir? Did you see how many signs were there in this case Manohar trusted Shubham more than his son He kept giving his grandson thousands of rupees without realising what he used to do with that money Manish didn’t just steal his father’s money but, he raped Tulsi also But, Tulsi hid the crime which had happened to her Even when asked about Shubham, Tulsi denied this sign Trikha supported her criminal husband She covered up his mistake And Manohar repeated the same mistake again People kept on committing mistakes and kept on ignoring signs And the result? Someone took the advantage of personal grudge Nidhi and her mother were killed for no reason It’s important to know an unknown person before befriending him This mistake can become deadly anytime We’ll meet again with a new episode Till then keep watching ‘Crime Patrol: Dastak’ The motive is not to tell, but to safeguard