Crime Patrol Satark – Ep 930 – Full Episode – 23rd June, 2018

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Crime Patrol Satark – Ep 930 – Full Episode – 23rd June, 2018

‘When 73-year-old’ ‘Kavita Acharya, living in Delhi answered her door’ ‘she had no idea’ ‘that the two people at her door would kill her.’ ‘This man, Sanjiv Parekh.’ ‘is the only man’ ‘who can tell the identity of the two, to the police.’ ‘This boy was one of those two people’ ‘who isn’t able to explain the motive of the murder.’ No, I wasn’t scared Did you know what was happening? Yes I held her legs so that she couldn’t struggle and stay still Were you taught to do this? Yes, I had seen videos A lot of them What videos? Crime videos I had seen a lot of them Did you see it at your own will or did someone show them to you? You do know that you’ve committed a murder, right? When you went there did you already know that you had to kill her? Actually, I used to talk to mom at least twice a day But this evening was the first time she hadn’t answered the call I was shocked After that, I tried her number three to four times within an hour Then, I thought that I should come and check I took my son Saurav and came here I have an extra key to mom’s house I opened the door and came in Mom! Mom! Mom, what happened? Mom! Mom! Mom, grandma is no more I called my older brother Praveen immediately He stays in Rohini itself Then I called you Our father passed away five years ago Mom lived alone ever since Me and my younger sister Nandini used to talk to her on phone, every day We used to visit her often I spoke to mom on phone this morning

Was someone going to meet your mother today? Did she tell anything to you over the phone? No, sir. She didn’t mention such a thing Mom used to wear two gold bangles on each wrist They’re all missing No, it doesn’t seem like anything has been robbed Did she not keep any jewellery or cash here? She used to keep some cash in her purse It’s there It hasn’t been stolen After I spoke to her last night I was going to call mom this morning I used to call her every morning But I got too busy today I have no idea if anyone was going to meet her today, ma’am Yes, sir I was at my home But I didn’t pay attention if anyone visited her home or not Even if she had screamed we probably couldn’t hear it because of other noises Is there any friend or relative in Delhi who often visits her? No, sir There is no relative I don’t understand who came here and There is an entry here, flat number 301, ‘A’ wing ‘Bijendra Singh plus one’ There were two people Probably I mean.. Yes At 2:45 p.m Yes, sir Sir, I’ve talked to the society’s manager He said the entrance’s CCTV works but not the lobby’s The one who is standing behind seems young Yes Both their faces are hidden They knew that there was a CCTV camera in the society That’s why they hid their faces while entering and exiting Look at the photo closely Do you have any idea who they may be? I can’t understand who they are Me neither Nandini? They are someone you know because they entered the house after ringing the door bell Your mother made them some tea There were two cups of tea found at the house There was milk in the kitchen and tea leaves in the strainer Ambe General Store Who am I speaking to? I’m the owner Kishan Gupta, and you? I’m SI Arti from Dwarka Police Station Yes, ma’am How can I help you? Kavita Acharya from Ranjana Towers had called you yesterday at 2:55 p.m How do you know her? I heard what happened I’m shocked She was a regular customer of mine Why did she call you? She had told me to deliver milk Kishan, send half a litre milk, fast ‘Yes, ma’am I’ll send it right now.’ Did you deliver it yourself? No, ma’am I had sent my daughter Roshni They entered the society at 2:45 p.m and left at 3:55 p.m They were in that flat for one hour and ten minutes with your mother Milk was delivered at 3:10 p.m and then tea was made which might’ve taken 10 minutes Half a cup of tea was left in both the cups That means, they murdered Ms. Kavita while they were having tea There is no doubt that she knew these people But only her bangles were stolen, nothing else Who can they be? Preeti Sharma, where do you live? I live in Noida, sir Can I ask where did you get my number from and why are you asking me so many questions? I wasn’t in Dwarka yesterday, sir I never go to Dwarka Kavita Acharya, her son Praveen Acharya daughter Nandini Mane and her son Saurav Mane Praveen Acharya’s son Ankit Acharya Do you know any of these people? No, I don’t, sir Will you tell me, what’s the matter? You’re scaring me, sir Don’t be scared, Roshni Try to remember What did you see when you went to deliver milk at Ms. Kavita’s house? I didn’t see anything, ma’am I just rang the doorbell Ms. Kavita answered the door and took the milk You didn’t see any man sitting inside? No, ma’am Besides Ms. Kavita didn’t open the door completely The strange part is that she was mad at me At you? Why? I don’t know, ma’am Whenever I used to go she used to smile and even thank me But something was different yesterday

Why are you so late, Roshni? My guests arrived long ago and I couldn’t make tea Who takes so much time to deliver half a litre milk? I had seen her so annoyed for the first time Were these two in there? Like I said she had opened the door just a crack and I couldn’t look inside Besides, why would I have even looked inside? It’s possible that they had come here before too but I don’t remember Mohit Kanojia The have written false names and false numbers too How would I have known, sir? Don’t you ask people who enter this building about the flat number and reason to visit? To be honest the way they came and directly registered made me think that they’ve come here before They were inside for an hour, sir Ms. Kavita even made tea for them Praveen and Nandini should’ve some idea about who they might be There was nothing doubtful about the way they walked in and behaved, sir No, we have never seen them before They probably had wrong intentions since the number and names were false You’re right The name they wrote was ‘Bijendra Singh’ no one from Acharya family knows anyone with that name The number they gave was a Preeti Sharma’s number who lives in Noida She doesn’t know this family No, Dad, I don’t know any Preeti Sharma Ankit, she studies at a college, in Noida Dad, what relationship can I have with a girl studying in a college in Noida? – No, Mom there is no Preeti Sharma in our group and if she were, could I have told her to murder my grandma, who stays alone? Have you ever seen them? Do you know them? No, Mom, I don’t! No, Inspector, I don’t know either of them Maybe, they wrote a random number which turned out to be mine I told him the same thing when your colleague called me Look, Inspector, someone is framing my daughter! It could be true what Preeti is saying But tell me, Preeti Would someone want to frame you? – No, Inspector I don’t even have any tiffs with anyone! I go to college and back, that’s it Have you ever come in contact with a Saurav Mane or Ankit Acharya, via any other college or online groups? Inspector, I have already told your colleague that I don’t know either of them! Look, Inspector, we are very sorry to hear about the death of a woman, but please don’t drag my daughter in this matter! How could an old woman fight two men? On top of that, she even prepared tea for them She must have known them She never would’ve thought that they came to kill her They stole only the four bangles which were on her wrists They tried to mislead us, making this look like a burglary She was 73 years old Someone known to her must have entered the flat and murdered her This might be something related to a family feud Inspector, my men are checking the CCTV on the path where those two people came from Talk to the people of the society Find out what Ms. Kavita’s lifestyle was and her routine Because it seems that the murder was done due to personal reasons – Inspector, I understand I’ll start right away Would you have always gone with your son to check if you mother didn’t answer your calls in the past? Yes, I would have But mom always used to answer my calls It kept ringing for an hour and she wasn’t answering my calls Saurav tried calling her too Then both of us thought to visit her and check Where is your husband? – Ashok has been in Raipur for six months He got transferred there He is coming today, in the evening Are you and Praveen the only siblings? Isn’t there anyone else? No. – Why didn’t Ms. Kavita and Praveen stay together? Inspector, Praveen Acharya has been working with us as a Senior Accountant for nine years Did he come to office on the 10th of July? Inspector, you want to know where he was when his mother got murdered, right? Was he at the office or not? – Yes, of course he was Actually, I was there when his sister called him He broke down after hearing the news Was his feeling genuine or did it seem fake? His mother was murdered Why would he fake it? Why didn’t you stay with your mother? I used to, in the beginning We used to live together in a house in Laxmi Nagar My parents wanted me and Dipali to stay in our own house and secondly, my office is in Pitam Pura I don’t like travelling much That is why I bought a house in Rohini My office is near to that place as well I have been staying there for the past 11 years Inspector, if you are suspecting me or looking for some family feud then there is nothing like that We were quite close, despite staying away from each other Me, Nandini, mom, and our families When did your parents move from Laxmi Nagar to Dwarka Mangal Vihar? – Eight years ago After retirement, dad sold the house in Laxmi Nagar and bought a one-bedroom flat in Ranjana Towers here in Dwarka Mangal Vihar Nandini used to stay nearby too, in Uttam Nagar

But dad passed away two years after moving into the new flat And your mother chose to stay alone? She liked to stay free But we used to meet every weekend Sometimes, it was her place, or it was ours Then why did you all not stay together? Inspector, everyone has their own will My mother had hers After selling the flat in Laxmi Nagar was all the money spent on the new flat in Dwarka Mangal Vihar? – No Some of the money is in a fixed deposit account which mom used to get interest from On top of that, she used to get dad’s pension too Dad worked with the Railway Services Whoever these two people are, it is certain that they were someone close, and their intention was to murder Inspector, that is quite obvious, right? We don’t understand who those people could be From mom’s side, my dad’s or from ours? I even asked my son Ankit if he knows any Bijendra Singh or Preeti Sharma But even he I don’t know who they could be No, Inspector, I am not able to recognise them Did you find any clues in mom’s phone? Maybe these people called her before coming Nandini, call records are yet to come But we found no clues in the call list Maybe, they deleted the number after the murder But why would they do that? They could have taken the phone with them, right? These questions need to be answered too ‘According to Kavita Acharya’s family and neighbours’ ‘Kavita liked to stay alone.’ ‘She lived on her own.’ ‘She used to leave the house only when it was required.’ ‘It was getting more mysterious how those two people’ ‘were connected with her’ ‘ones who her family members were not aware of.’ ‘Ones who murdered her just for four golden bangles.’ ‘Kavita’s maid Sarita Jaiswal was interrogated too.’ ‘She was the only one who used visit Kavita’s house daily.’ Inspector, I am not able to recognise them They look like a young boy and a middle aged man Someone like these two must have come to the house before Inspector, I come at 8 a.m., leave by 9:30 a.m for the other flats after completing all the chores I have never seen someone like them before Do you know Nandini and Praveen? – I met Ms. Nandini a few times and Mr. Praveen, a couple of times Did Ms. Kavita ever mention any family feud to you? Being angry with her children or any quarrels? Did she ever tell you something like that? Did you ever overhear her talking over the phone or seen her being irked at times? No, Inspector, I have been working there for the past two years I feel so sad on hearing this news! How could one kill her just like that? That too for just two pairs of bangles? The CCTV at the lobby has been down for two months and only one month’s footage was recovered from the CCTV at the building entrance The suspects were not seen in the footage Did Nandini check the lockers of the almirah properly? Is it certain that nothing else was stolen? That’s what she says By the way Ms. Kavita’s mobile and purse were found as they were Yes, Guru. Tell me – I found something in the CCTV footage of a shop next to Ranjana Towers Does it show both of them? – Yes, Inspector They came in a taxi They are the ones, without the caps Their faces are not clear here as well After taking another right along this alley one can reach Ranjana Towers after five to seven minutes of walking time Here is another photo from the same CCTV Sir, the faces are hidden in this photo too Maybe they noticed the CCTV while getting off the taxi and they must have been aware of the society’s CCTV already I mean, they might have come to Kavita Acharya’s house before But, sir, the taxi’s licence plate is clearly visible My men are searching the taxi driver Maybe he could tell us where he picked those people from Inform us as soon as you get any news Deepak Until we get our hands on this taxi driver keep a close eye on Praveen’s son Ankit and Nandini’s son Saurav Is it because this one looks younger? Right from the start, I have found this motive of stealing the bangles, fishy Both of them were in that house for exactly one hour and ten minutes All they stole were the bangles, nothing else Sir, maybe Kavita Acharya knew the boy who was with this man and he brought the man with him The name of Lord Rama is the truth

The name of Lord Rama is the truth The name of Lord Rama is the truth The name of Lord Rama is the truth The name of Lord Rama is the truth The name of Lord Rama is the truth The name of Lord Rama is the truth Pawan, is this your own vehicle? Are you the only one who drives it? – Yes We need these two These two This was a ride to Dwarka Mangal Vihar Absolutely correct You dropped them at the alley next to Ranjana Towers on the 10th of July, at 2:35 in the afternoon Where did you pick them from? From Nawada Metro Station – Are you sure? Yes, I park my car at Nawada Metro Station every afternoon Yes, sir? – Dwarka Mangal Vihar? Yes, sure. Please sit Yes, they were the ones, but who remembers the faces? Did you pick them up from the metro station or far from it? I picked them from the taxi lane I always park my car on the taxi lane Sir, it is essential to check the footage of the CCTV at the Nawada Metro Station They may have been caught by the camera there I’ll get that Till then, keep your guys on Ankit Acharya and Saurav Mane I have shown the taxi image to Nandini and Praveen The suspects were not wearing any caps but they could not be identified Can it be that they are saving them? Nothing in the phone records Kavita Acharya spoke to either Nandini or Praveen She also spoke to her grandsons Ankit and Saurav So their numbers will be in some other phone of family No, sir Nothing suspicious in Praveen and Nandini’s calls Nor anything in Ankit and Saurav’s records Then what was the motive? It cannot be for the gold bangles What other angle can it be? The Acharya family lived in Laxmi Nagar earlier Something from there perhaps Something that Praveen and his sister kept from us Can it be something that they missed? Our old address of Laxmi Nagar? You lived there earlier, right? – Yes But we sold that house eight years ago Not an issue Give us the address, please Nandini, the police have asked for the old address But who could it be from there? Roshni, daughter of the owner of the general store went home to deliver some milk She had said that mother was a bit angry Who could it be that mom was angry to see and yet she made them some tea? We were at her last rites yesterday We are deeply hurt We still cannot believe that Ms. Kavita was killed We have been told that when Acharya family lived here you, Mr. Ganesh and Ms. Divya, were pretty close to them A bond over years, just like one family When they sold this house and moved we were very upset They were great people Mr. Mukesh and Ms. Kavita Who could it be behind all this, ma’am? It is these two Do they seem familiar? We cannot even see them clearly Praveen and Nandini failed to identify them Something is clear One of them or both knew Ms. Kavita well Ms. Kavita made some tea for them Mr. Sanjiv? Could he help? He often visited Mr. Mukesh Mr. Sanjiv may tell you about someone that Praveen and Nandini do not know of Where does Mr. Sanjiv live? He left from here in 2011 He was a close friend of Mr. Mukesh They used to play carom here There you go! You are in quite a form Always! White is lucky for you! Amazing! The game is still on

May I send another tea? Pooja, please send some of your special fritters Sure There goes another one Sanjiv Parekh works at the share market I do not know his current address His mother lives in Green Park Mr. Sanjiv has moved out of Delhi Something like that Do you have his mother’s address? I’m sorry, I don’t But he once told us that he is from Delhi and his mother lives close to Green Park Gurudwara Do you remember her name? Mr. Sanjiv’s wife Pooja told us her name Ms. Savitri Parekh We are tracing Sanjiv Parekh A close friend of your father back in Laxmi Nagar We are tracing him He may tell us something about them It is strange that you and Nandini could not identify them We are still worried about it We are thinking of every relative distant or close Can it be someone that we never knew but mom did? I feel strange that you found nothing from mom’s call records If we could see their faces clearly we could make a guess We are on it, sir Two constables are on the platform footage Sangwan, we need to hurry I have given you the time frame About the window when they both would be at the station Sure, sir. Give us time till tomorrow morning ‘We were looking for Sanjiv’s mother’ ‘to get to Sanjiv, hoping that he identifies them.’ ‘We sent all the jewellers’ ‘the pictures of bangles of Kavita Acharya.’ ‘So that we can be informed if they are being sold.’ ‘We were lucky to find out Sanjiv’s house in Green Park.’ Yes? Ms. Savitri Parekh? – Yes? Is Sanjiv Parekh your son? Yes We need to speak to him about a murder case Ms. Kavita Acharya has been killed Sanjiv knew her and her husband well We have the pictures of the killers but no one can identify them It is possible, Sanjiv could help us Where is Sanjiv? – I do not know Do you have any contact number? No I have not spoken to him for a long time What? He is your son Yes, he is my son His daughter Anchal lives with me She may be speaking to him Please call her She is at college All right, give me her number ‘The number you have called is currently switched off.’ ‘Please try again later Thank you.’ ‘We had eyes on Ankit Acharya and Saurav Mane’ ‘the grandsons of Kavita Acharya.’ ‘We found out where they were’ ‘on the day of crime.’ ‘But we never found anything against them.’ ‘Two things were about to happen at once.’ ‘We would get the CCTV grab from Nawada Station’ ‘that would give us the faces of the suspects.’ ‘And secondly..’ ‘The strange news we got from Savitri Parekh.’ Ms. Savitri, I called Anchal but could not get through I dropped her a message but no reply I am worried about her She has not come back home and her phone is not reachable I spoke to her friends and they said that she left from college And they thought she must be going home as usual But no! I spoke to my son Rajiv but she is not to be found Sir, I have spoken to Ms. Savitri and I have told her that we are getting Anchal’s call records And we have asked her to speak to Anchal’s friends Can it be that Anchal going missing is related to Kavita Acharya’s murder? How did Anchal know that you’d be calling her? Sir, no one apart from Ms. Savitri knew that I would be calling Anchal And she said that she is not in touch with Sanjiv

but Anchal could be – Yes, sir ‘We’d know the next day’ ‘the secret behind Anchal Parekh going missing.’ ‘When we would have got the CCTV footage’ ‘of Nawada Metro Station.’ ‘Before we could ask Kavita Acharya’s family’ ‘about those killers, we’d know the answer.’ Her phone is switched off She has not even spoken to her uncle Rajiv I have spoken to all her friends And how can this happen? You ask for her number and she goes missing? We are startled by this event and Green Park Police is looking for her as well As you know we wish to speak to Anchal only to reach Sanjiv that would help us reach these two Do not worry, you will find Anchal Just a minute Show me the picture again This This is my son Sanjiv and by his side, it is Samir, Anchal’s brother Arti had just called They are Sanjiv Parekh and his son Samir Parekh Sanjiv’s mother identified them You do not identify them? They were your neighbours in Laxmi Nagar Yes, but they must’ve moved in after we left I have never met them nor have I ever heard my parents speak of them Ms. Savitri, your phone Hello. – Mom, I just called Anchal’s phone Sanjiv answered the phone Rajiv, where is Sanjiv? And where is Anchal? He said they are fine and he told me not to call again Yes, Rajiv – Sanjiv? You have Anchal’s phone? Where is she? She is with me She is fine Listen to me No need to call me again But, Brother He said nothing else and he hung up And since then, the phone is switched off Rajiv Sanjiv and Samir have killed someone What? A murder? Who was killed? Mom, what are you saying? Where is Sanjiv? Is Anchal with him? Is Samir there too? He never said anything to Rajiv about his location He simply hung up And now That lady The one that was killed Why? Why did they kill her? We are yet to find out the motive but before that, you need to tell us all about Sanjiv ‘Delhi Police.’ Mr. Ganesh Why would Sanjiv Parekh and his son kill mom? I do not know, Praveen Sanjiv was very close to your parents What enmity did he have with Ms. Kavita? They came out of Nawada Metro station then hired a taxi and came to Dwarka Mangal Vihar And they got down a little away from Ms. Kavita’s society Then they covered their faces and entered the society by writing a fake name and number Then they did what they had come for They killed Kavita Acharya Sir, I don’t see any motive They were in good terms Sanjiv’s daughter Anchal went missing yesterday And she is with Sanjiv Mr. Ganesh, did mom and dad have any fight with Sanjiv Parekh? No. We would have told them if they had any Sir, I am coming along with Savitri Parekh and Sanjiv Parekh’s younger brother Rajiv Parekh They claim that they have no idea as to why Sanjiv did such a thing All right We’ll try to find out from them as to where Sanjiv can go along with his son Samir and daughter Anchal You try to find out where Sanjiv’s wife Pooja is Sir, I asked them Ms. Savitri is saying that Pooja had left Sanjiv three years ago Ganesh, Ms. Divya! Pooja had left Sanjiv three years ago Do you have any idea where Pooja could be? How would we know, sir? We didn’t even know that Pooja left him Ms. Kavita never talked to you about Sanjiv Parekh? No, sir. She never spoke to me about them She didn’t speak to me either But what such was the fight that he killed mom Where could Sanjiv have gone with his children?

Where was he before this? Sir, actually, we don’t know anything about brother He sent his children to mom two years ago with a letter in their hand ‘I am going out of the city.’ ‘Mom, you take care of Samir and Anchal.’ ‘I know, you are upset with me.’ ‘But my children are innocent.’ ‘They are your grandchildren.’ ‘They have their mark sheets.’ ‘It will be better for them if Rajiv and you’ ‘send them to college.’ ‘Sanjiv.’ And there didn’t appear any regret in that letter Neither ‘thank you’ nor ‘sorry’ There was a request In fact, it was an order That we have to take care of Anchal and Samir Then? Mom started taking care of them Even I helped her I got them admitted in the school They are our children Brother Sanjiv came here six months ago, all of a sudden and took Samir along He made Samir discontinue his studies He didn’t even tell us why he was taking him or making him quit studies He just took Samir along And now, he took Anchal away Without informing us Ms. Savitri, we feel that Anchal has gone willingly Because you gave us Anchal’s number when we spoke to you Immediately after that someone informed Anchal that we were looking for his father Ms. Savitri, I had called up Anchal as soon as I left your house But her number was not reachable Perhaps, Sanjiv called her up before I did Hello! Anchal, this is your dad Dad! Where are you? Have you come home? No, Anchal I have come to take you along Write down the address Come here soon And listen, switch off your phone, okay? Why? What has happened? I’ll explain everything once we meet Write down the address Savitri, was Sanjiv in touch with you? Did he tell you that we were looking for him? Did you know that Sanjiv had committed a murder? No I wasn’t aware Just a minute, sir You are suspecting my mother She didn’t know where brother and Samir were or what they were doing And the woman who has been killed We haven’t heard her name before Where could Sanjiv be at this hour? And where can we find his wife Pooja? We don’t know He didn’t deserve Pooja He didn’t deserve any woman in life Sanjiv is my son I have given birth to him But I couldn’t understand why and how he became such a person He killed an elderly woman He killed her! And he involved Samir in this Samir is so young Being a mother, I couldn’t understand Samir What kind of a person is he? ‘Sanjiv Parekh had a talent to convince people.’ ‘He would win the trust of people by his nature.’ ‘He used to control them.’ ‘And would influence them’ ‘to invest money in share market.’ ‘Then he would cheat them.’ ‘He used to do fraud with them’ ‘and then look for a new victim.’ ‘While settling down in Hyderabad, years ago’ ‘he met Gurpreet Kaur from Amritsar.’ ‘And he had a motive to marry her.’ ‘Gurpreet’s father was a rich man.’ ‘And that’s why, Sanjiv got a place to live.’ ‘His first child was a boy’ ‘which was from Gurpreet.’ ‘And he didn’t take time to leave Gurpreet for Jaya Naidu.’ First of all, she was not of our caste Moreover, she was a divorcee She had left her husband She had ruined her married life for Sanjiv I never accepted that marriage Coming back to Sanjiv he left us years ago! He never even used to call us And then one day he showed up all of sudden I did not allow them to enter the house Because I never accepted that marriage Anchal and Samir, both were Jaya’s children But we didn’t get to know when she left Sanjiv

And then Pooja came into his life We didn’t even know whether Brother Sanjiv lived here in Delhi or in some other corner of the world Greetings, ma’am I am Pooja Then he left Anchal and Samir with me two years ago Then we got to know that Pooja, who the children considered as their mother, also left Sanjiv And a new girl came into Sanjiv’s life Mansi Mansi Banerjee And that girl She was almost as young as Anchal Anchal. Samir Meet Mansi Hi, Anchal Hi, Samir From now on, she will stay with us This Mansi Banerjee Even she may be involved in this murder plan Do you have her number or address? I don’t know Sir, we don’t know anything about Brother Sanjiv Whichever number he was using while talking to you give us that number I don’t have his mobile number And I don’t think brother uses a mobile phone It’s quite hard to accept Doesn’t your brother Sanjiv use a mobile phone in today’s world? It was never easy to accept anything about Sanjiv Ms. Savitri, apart from his personal issues your son is also a murderer That’s why both of you have to give us some lead, so that we can reach him He has involved your grandson Samir in a murder Even Anchal is with him now It’s very important for us to reach him as soon as possible Where is your father? I don’t know But he’ll come to take me He told me that everyone is chasing him He asked me to wait I’ll wait for him He’ll come and take me away with him Dad Was Anchal also involved in this murder plan? Why did you murder Kavita Acharya? It wasn’t going to be easy to reach Sanjiv Parekh But there’s no chance that we wouldn’t reach him First of all, he was a murderer Besides that, we wanted to know what his motive was behind Kavita Acharya’s murder And why did he involve his children in this heinous crime? Were they really involved? What had happened in the past that ended up with this murder? We’ll watch the hunt for Sanjiv and its result in the next episode In the second and the final part of this case The result of this hunt will be a shocking truth which led to this murder ‘Jai Hind’!