【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 26 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas Chinese dramas

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【English Sub】Emergency Physician – EP 26 急诊科医生 | Romance Chinese Dramas Chinese dramas

[music] 阳光会被遮挡 Sunshine disappears sometimes [music] 想成为风 I want to be wind [music] 让天空再晴朗 To make the it shine again [music] 指尖闪烁微光 Fingertips are shimmering [music] 那是希望 Hope, as it is [music] 衬托生命的坚强 Sets off the firmness of life [music] 不曾动摇信仰 My faith never wavers [music] 守护你 All I wish [music] 是唯一的愿望 Is to be with you [music] 坚持心的方向 Follow the indication of my heart [music] 救死扶伤 Heal the wounded and rescue the dying [music] 负起担当 Take on burdens [music] 紧握住你的双手 Hold your hands [music] 想温暖你的胸膛 Warm your heart [music] 岁月绵长 Life is long [music] 时光静淌 But time is short [music] 还有爱在你身旁 Love is here by your side [music] 怀抱住你的肩膀 Cuddle you around your shoulders [music] 想平复你受的伤 Calm you on your wound [music] 看到你的 Your smile [music] 微笑模样 As I can see [music] 是眼中最美的景象 Is the most beautiful thing in the world 没什么问题 窦性心律 There’s nothing wrong with the sinus rhythm 行 谢谢您 乔大夫 OK, thank you, Dr. Qiao 你看你这双手啊就是医生的手 Look at your hands. Just doctor’s hands 那么温柔 So tender 摸着我都觉得温暖 I can feel warm to touch 哪有啊 这么糙 Thanks, they are so rough 乔大夫 Dr. Qiao, 你上次给我开的那个头疼药 I’m through with that headache medicine 吃完了 you gave me last time 那我看看您的病历 再给您开 Ok, got it. Let me look at your medical records and then give you some 好 OK 来 Come here please 张泠 给阿姨量个血压 Zhang Ling, please take blood pressure for anutie 你不给我量啊 Aren’t you gonna measure me 阿姨 量血压护士就行 Auntie, you can ask the nurse to measure you 张泠 快去呀 Zhang Ling, come on! 行吗 May I? 行 Of course 阿姨 您躺好 Please lie down, auntie 我给您量个血压 Let me take your blood pressure 一百二 八十 One hundred and twenty 量个双侧血压 Let me take bilateral blood pressure for you 什么时候还要量双侧血压了 When should measure bilateral blood pressure 那我来给您量 Let me measure for you 来 Come on 我来吧 Let me do it 不是量血压护士就行吗 Isn’t taking blood pressure a nurse’s job 老大 你这真要演戏呀 Bro, you really want to act 不演怎么办 What if I don’t do it 今天肚皮割得不严重 It’s not a bad belly today 改天割得严重了 If it would be cut badly someday, 抢救都来不及 it’s too late to save 你说咱这急诊科 You see, our emergency department 还得当精神病院使 should also be a mental hospital 王大夫 Doctor Wang, 我们每个人都可能得精神疾病 each of us can get mental illness 泠泠 Lingling, 泠泠 Lingling, 泠泠 Lingling, 生气啦 Angry 你妈什么意思呀 What does your mother mean 看不上我是吗 Doesn’t she look down on me 我妈不是这意思 That’s not what my mom meant 你想多了吧 You’ve been thinking too much 你当我傻是吗 Do you think I’m stupid 她怎么想的 跟我又没关系 What does she think has nothing to do with me 你妈喜欢乔娜是吗 Your mom likes Qiao Na, doesn’t she 她喜欢谁是她的事 Who she likes is her business 我知道我自己喜欢谁 I know who I like 行了 我还有事 Okay, I’ve got work to do 我妈就麻烦你了 Could you please take care of my mom 有乔娜在还需要我吗 Qiao Na is here. Does she still need me 不是 泠泠 你不要这么想 Oh, no. Lingling, please do not think like that 别生气了 Could you please don’t be angry 我先走了 I gotta go 现在看起来不是心脏的问题 Now it doesn’t look like a heart problem 那我是不是可以回家了 Then may I go home

你就给我开点药吧 Just give me some medicine 阿姨 不是心脏的问题 Auntie, it is not a heart problem 不代表没有问题 But it doesn’t mean there’s no problem 那我还是不能回家 So I still can’t go home 测量下来 After measuring, 你现在两侧上肢的 The blood pressure of your upper limbs 血压相差很多 is quite different now 不是 什 什么意思 Oh, no, what does it mean? 有一种病叫作窃血综合征 There is a condition called stealing blood syndrome 是锁骨下动脉狭窄引起的 It is caused by a narrowing of the subclavian artery 严 严重吗 Ser… Serious 不严重 Not 这个一般是个良性的过程 This is generally a benign process 不过 你还需要下一步的确诊 But you still need the next diagnosis 我们还要再检查一下 We need to check again 手术时间 operation time 十一点零三分 11:03 我们开始手术了 We start the operation 放心吧 打了麻药 不会疼 Don’t worry. We’ve already given you anaesthetic and it won’t hurt 有点凉 It’s chilly 已经切开了 It’s been cut 老大 Bro, 这个手术的病例还挺少见的啊 This is a rare case of surgery 可不吗 Yes, it is 差点就给耽误了 Almost got delayed 是是是 怪我对病人诊断不准确 Yes, yes, yes, I’m to blame for my inaccurate diagnosis of the patient 我的错 My fault 我都跟你们说有了 I told you it was 你们还不信 You don’t believe 信信信 Believe it, believe it, believe it 信 Turst you 好了 王大夫 It is done, Doctor Wang 拿撑钩 撑开 Use the hook to hold 好的 OK 来 撑一下 Come, hold it 慢点慢点 好 Slowly, slowly, OK 看到肠子了 I can see the gut 这肠子也没啥事 There’s nothing wrong with the gut 没给猫吃啊 The cat didn’t eat you gut 说普通话 Speak mandarin 肠管正常 没有被猫损伤 The bowel is normal and not damaged by the cat 您请放心 You please rest assured 你这算是幸运的你知道吗 You’re lucky, you know 算是比较及时 It’s kind of timely 不然的话 这肠子要是被弄破了 Otherwise, this gut is broken 后果很严重你知道吗 The consequences are serious, you know 能看到它吗 Can you see it 我找一下啊 我找一下 Let me check. Let me check it for you 我看看在哪儿 Let me see where it is 在这儿呢 是不是 It’s here, isn’t it 对 Yes, 真的有 Is there really 是不是 Is it 我看到它了 I see it 头已经出来了 头已经出来了 The head’s out. The head’s out 好好好 OK, OK,OK 老大 今儿天挺干的啊 Bro, It’s quite dry today 出来了 出来了 It’s coming out. Out 轻点 医生 平时都很乖的 Please take it easy, doctor, it’s always good 好好好 OK, got it 它真乖啊 It’s so good! 让我看看 Let me see – 马上了 马上 马上出来了 – 老大 Right away. Right away. It’s coming out right away, Bro 猫 猫身上好多血呀 Cats have a lot of blood on them 你看猫还叫了 猫还叫了 You see the cat meow 好可爱 So cute 不着急 不着急 马上啊 No hurry, no hurry. Right away 马上好了 Ok, right now 你放松 你放松啊 You relax, you relax 好嘞 Got it 好 OK 出来啦 Come out! – 要出来了 – 出来了 出来了 It’s coming out – It’s coming out 乖啊 乖 Be good, good 不对 Wrong! 不对 Wrong! 怎么不对 What is wrong? 原来我肚子里的是一只黑猫 It turned out that I had a black cat in my stomach 这只是白的 It’s just white one 不对不对不对 Wrong, wrong, wrong 不是 Not this one 不是 医生 Not this one, doctor 医生 不是这只 Doctor, not this one 你先冷静 你先冷静 You calm down, you calm down 你先冷静一下 冷静一下好吗 You calm down, you calm down, OK 我肚子里头是一只黑猫 I have a black cat in my stomach 不是白猫 Not this white one 不是这只 绝对不是这只 Not this one, definitely not this one 你看看 You see 这是不是还有一只 Is there another one 你看这这这 这儿 Look here, here and here 在这儿呢 It is here 是是是 Yes, yes, yes 这真还有一只 There’s one more 怎么还有一只啊 Why is there another one 这个 但是它这个 This one but it’s this claw, 这个这个爪子 this claw 好像抱住这个肠子了 that’s kind of holding on to this gut 可能取出来需要点时间 It might take some time to pull it out 别着急啊 Don’t worry! 怎么样了 What’s the matter 快 再弄只黑猫来 Be quick. Get a black cat 黑猫 Black cat 你老公说他肚子里是只黑猫 Your husband says he’s got a black cat in his stomach 不是白猫 Not the white one 不是 这 Not, what 快去吧 快去吧 Come on. Go ahead 这 What 这想折腾死我呀 It’s killing me 你猜那个患者是 Guess 怎么跟老大说的 how the patient told my bro 哭着说 一边哭着说 He cried as he spoke 我肚子里的不是白猫 是黑猫 I don’t have a white cat in my stomach. It is a black one 这不是那只 This is not that one 那后来真给他找了只黑猫啊 Well, then we did find him a black cat for him 可不咋的 真给找了一只黑猫 Yeah, we found a black cat for him 但重点是 But the point is that 不是全黑的 the cat is not all black 这脖子和脚丫子呢 In his neck and feet, 还有两撮白毛 there are two tufts of white hair 你们猜老大怎么说的 Guess what the bro. said 怎么说 What 我跟你说 I am going to tell you, 这只猫进你肚子里时间太久了 He said the cat has been in his stomach for too long 它去踏雪寻梅了 It went out looking for plum in the snow 踏雪寻梅 老大真会说 Look for plum in the snow. How dare bro can say 问题是患者相信吗 The question is wheter the patient believe it 老相信了 Very believed it 现在老开心了我跟你说 I tell you he is vey happy now 天哪 Oh my god! 什么人都有 太逗了 There are all kinds of human beings in the world. Too funny 晓琪怎么没来吃饭啊 Why Xiaoqi didn’t come to dinner 跟患者聊猫去了 She went to talk to the patient about cats 聊猫进肚里的感受 about how he feel about the cat going inside his stomach 还聊呢 Still talking 你别忘给你老大打份饭啊 Don’t forget to bring a meal for your bro 必须的 Definitely not 太逗了 Too funny 你说说 You see, 这算什么事啊 what is the matter 我们是急诊科呀 It is the emergency department 这怎么什么事都要管哪 Why do we care about everything 对呀 怎么这种事还要找我们啊 Yeah, why do we have to be approached about this 是啊 Yeah, 你们还年轻 You are too young to 没见的还多着呢 see many things 干医护这个职业干时间长了呀 If you’ve been working as a paramedic for a long time,

老婆觉得你不管家 Your wife thinks you don’t care about your home, 父母觉得你不孝 Your parents think you are unfilial, 相亲的觉得你没诚意 The blind date thinks you are insincere, 亲戚觉得你不亲 Your relatives feel you are not close to them, 朋友觉得你很装 Your friends think you’re faking it 未婚的觉得你有问题 The unmarried think you have a problem 已婚的觉得你有外遇 Married people think you’re having an affair 离婚的觉得你有目的 Divorced people think you have a purpose 其实咱们就是 Actually we are busy 忙 忙 忙 busy, busy, busy, 忙着去救人 saving people, 忙着去治病 treating an illness, 所以我这段时间啊 So, during this time, 看见个朋友我跟他们说 I saw a friend and I told them, 如果你身边要有做医护的 If you’re going to have paramedics around you, 你得天天请他们吃饭 you have to treat them to meals every day 反正他们也没有时间去 and they don’t have time to go anyway 海洋 我们科刚送来个患者 Haiyang, a patient was sent in our department just now 肚里有个自行车 There’s a bike in his stomach 赶紧给取出来呀 Get it out, quickly 去你的 收拾不收拾他 海洋 Go to hell! Haiyang, shall we deal with him 你可真是 讨厌 You’re a real pain in the neck 一直拉 Always laboring 吃了什么东西吗 中午 Did you have anything for lunch 没有啊 正常吃饭啊 No, just eat normally 那行 那您去那边挂个号 Ok, then you can go there and register 挂个消化科的号 Please register at the digestive department 怎么了 哪儿不舒服 What’s wrong with you 胸痛 My chest pains 胸痛 疼了多长时间了 How long have you had chest pain 两个多小时了吧 It’s been over two hours 行 OK, got it 你把外套脱了 Please took off your coat 我给你量个血压 Let me take your blood pressure 有心脏病史吗 Do you have a history of heart disease Yes, 那行 Got it 我带你去诊察室 I’ll take you to the examination room 做一个心电图吧 Let’s do an electrocardiogram for you 家属 你去那边给他挂个号 You go and register for him over there 然后一会儿你到诊察室来找我 And then you come to me in the exam room 好 谢谢 OK, thank you 跟我来 Follow me 好 好 OK, OK 什么情况 What is the matter 我同事他胸痛 My colleague has chest pain 胸痛 他有心脏病吗 Chest pain Does he have a heart attack 他有 Yes, he does 上飞机时就不舒服 He was ill when he got on the plane 一下飞机我们就赶快过来了 We came as soon as we got off the plane 病人自述 Patient’s Readme 已经疼了两个多小时了 It’s been hurting for over two hours 这里痛是吗 Does it hurt here 除了这儿之外 Besides here, 你还有别的地方不舒服吗 is there anything else wrong with you 我好像觉着浑身不舒服 I seem to feel sick all over 心电图确实有些改变 The electrocardiogram did change 进一步地观察一下 We need to take a closer look 好 OK 你这咳嗽从什么时候开始的 When did you begin to cough 我没咳嗽呀 I don’t have a cough 我可能是有点感冒吧 I may have caught a cold 体温量过了吗 Have you taken your temperature 量过了 三十七度一 Yes, thirty-seven point one degrees 再量一次 Do it again 快 Be quick 好 OK 你怎么了 也不舒服 What’s wrong with you You’re not feeling well either 我也有点不舒服 I’m not feeling well, either 你坐那儿 我给你检查一下 You sit there and I’ll examine you 好 OK 把那个衣服拉开 Pull that coat apart 好 OK 你放松 正常呼吸 You relax and breathe normally 好 OK 你们从哪儿回来 Where do you come back from 非洲乌干达 Uganda, Africa 在那儿待了多久 How long have you been there 待了有一个星期吧 We have been there for a week 周围的人有没有感冒 Do people around you have colds 发烧 咳嗽 Fever or cough 不知道 I don’t know 飞机上呢 On the plane 不清楚 Don’t know 吴靓 给他也量一下体温 Wu liang, please take his temperature, too 好 OK 三十八度三了 It’s thirty-eight point three degrees 体温升那么快啊 The temperature goes up so fast 叫个床旁胸片 Get a bedside chest X-ray 床旁 Bedside 江主任 他们两个能走 Chief Jiang, they both can walk 能走也不要走 Even if they can walk, don’t walk 大夫 我们没事吧 Doctor, are we all right 没什么事 It’s nothing 我们需要进一步的观察 We need to take a closer look 你先躺好了吧 You can lie down first 好 OK 吴靓 你出来一下 Wu Liang, please come out 我现在马上去核实一些情况 I’m going to check on something right now 让护士长把抢救车 治疗车 Have the head nurse push all the rescue vehicles and treatment vehicles 都推到这个诊室来 into the clinic 葡萄糖 抗生素 激素都要备上 Make glucose, antibiotics and hormones well prepared 好 Get it 还有 没有我的同意 And, without my consent, 任何人不能接触这两个病人 no one can touch the two patients 知道了 Got it 问题这么严重了 Is the problem so serious 我当时就觉得不对 I knew something was wrong 如果真是新型冠状病毒感染 If it’s a new coronavirus infection,

那一飞机的人 都会感染了 people on that plane are going to get infected 我刚才核实了 I just checked 世卫组织已经通报过这种病毒 The WTO has repored this virus 这两个人都是 They both are 去过非洲的石油工程师 petroleum engineers who have been in Africa 咳嗽 发热 呼吸困难 Cough, fever, dyspnea 高度怀疑的标准已经够了 The high standards of suspicion are enough 死亡率是多少 What is the mortality rate 实验室证实发病的有四十多例 More than 40 cases were confirmed in the laboratory 死亡二十多例 More than twenty deaths 重要的是 The important is that 这些人之前都去过非洲 all of these people have been to Africa before 病例这么少无 Such a small number of cases 无法确定准确的死亡率 cannot determine the exact death rate 可专家认为 But experts say, 这种病毒跟SARS非常相似 this virus is very similar to SARS, 发病的症状也会相似 the symptoms can be similar too 推测死亡率也会一样 The death rate is expected to be the same 但是目前 But at the moment 传播途径还不确定 the route of transmission is uncertain 十有八九是相似的 Probably similar 这种情况只能 This condition can only 当甲型烈性传染病去处理了 be treated as a severe infectious disease 马上隔离 马上上报 Quarantine immediately. Report immediately 标本马上送检 The specimen will be sent for inspection immediately 可能还不够 Probably not enough 还有什么 Anything else? 关闭急诊室 Close emergency room 关闭急诊室 Close emergency room 就是不准进 不准出 No entry, no exit 停止一切人员流动 Stop all movement of people 除非救命的情况 Unless it’s a lifesaving situation, 还没有确定的情况下 and uncertaint case, 这么大动干戈 好吗 Is that OK to make a big fuss 就是因为还没有确定 Just because I’m not sure, 宁可把这个事情想得严重一点 I’d rather think about it seriously 如果人传人 If it passes from person to person, 从时间上来算 from time to time, 已经发生了 it has already happened 我们不能因为怕担责任 We can’t be afraid to take responsibility 就不怕劳民伤财了 to harass the people and waste money 你怎么总跟我想的不一样呢 Why do you always think differently 你就不认为我们 Don’t you think 是在负该负的责任吗 we’re taking responsibility 这个病要是从我们医院传出去 If the disease were to come out of our hospital, 谁负责任都晚了 It would be too late for anyone to be responsible 刚刚闹过一次院内感染 A hospital infection just happened 你现在在不确定的情况下 If you weren’t sure, 再弄得人心惶惶 好吗 why would you make people nervous now 这跟上次完全不一样 This is completely different from the last time 这有可能是整个医院 It could be the whole hospital 甚至整个城市的事 or even the whole city’s disaster 我们别吵了 Let’s not argue 赶紧上报赵主任 院领导 Immediately report it to Director Zhao and the leadership of the hospital 让他们定吧 Let them decide 喂 赵主任 Hello, Director Zhao, 大夫 Doctor, 我怎么这么冷啊 Why am I so cold 来 再给你盖一层啊 Here’s another quilt for you 各位急诊科的医护人员 Attention please, all medical staff 和患者请注意 and patients in the emergency department 由于发生紧急情况 In case of emergency, 我们暂时关闭急诊科通道 we temporarily close the emergency department access 暂停所有人员出入 to suspend all personnel access 请大家不要惊慌 原地休息 Please don’t panic and stay where you are 配合医院 暂不离开 Cooperate with the hospital not to leave temporarily 我们的医务人员随时为大家 Our medical staff is always available for you 到底怎么回事 What the hell is going on 请大家不要惊慌 Please don’t panic 我这病还没看呢 I haven’t been treated yet 这怎么就临时关闭了呢 Why is it temporarily closed 阿姨 请冷静一下 Auntie, please calm down 我们是突发情况 配合一下好吗 It’s an emergency. Could you please cooperate 妈妈 什么叫暂时关闭呀 Mom, what is a temporary shutdown 请大家不要惊慌 原地休息 Please don’t panic and stay where you are – 后面的跟上 – 配合急诊 暂不离开 The patient in the back, please follow. Cooperate with the emergency department and don’t leave for a while 大家请不要激动 Please don’t get excited 请耐心地等一会儿 Please wait patiently for a moment 到底怎么了 What’s the hell going on 我们会尽快了解问题 解决问题 We will understand the problem and solve it as soon as possible 我有糖尿病 I have diabetes 你说清楚到底出什么事了 Can you make it clear what’s going on 什么情况 What 一二 One, two 立定 Halt 拉线 拦人 快 Pull a line to stop people, quickly 拉线 这儿 Pull a line here 不能出去 You can’t go out 凭什么不让出去啊 Why not 您先让我们出去 You let us out first 还有事呢 There’s still work to be done 一点解释都没有 不能出去 Without an explanation for non-going-out 就是 Yes, it is – 太过分了 – 让我出去 Too much. Let me out 我还有急事呢 I have something urgent to do 别挤了 不让出去 Don’t push. You cannot go out 别挤了 Don’t push, please 也不告诉我们出什么事了 And you’re not gonna tell us what happened 你去哪儿 Where are you going 去EICU EICU 你最好别去 You’d better not go 我们现在都是密切接触者 We are all in close contact now 如果把病菌带过去就不好了 It’s not good if you bring the germs there 梅律师那边你不用担心 You don’t have to worry about Lawyer May 我都安排好了 I’ve arranged everything 你去哪儿 Where are you going 诊察室 Consulting room 我跟你一起 I’m with you 你不要去 You’re not going 那个地方去的人越少越好 The fewer people go there, the better 我跟你一起 I’m with you 你最好别去 You’d better not go 我担心你进去就出不来了 I’m afraid you won’t get out if you go in 你是不是必须要进去 Do you have to go in there 可你不是必须要进去的 But you don’t have to go in there 你进去我就必须要进去 You go in and I have to go in 这两个人还不能确定 It is not clear whether 是否是病毒感染 the two men were infected with the virus 还要使用抗菌素 They also will be given antibiotics 我已经下了医嘱了 I’ve already made a doctor’s order 加推两台呼吸机来 Push two more ventilators 我亲自去 I’ll go myself 越少的人进入这个诊室越好 The fewer people go into this room, the better 这个给你 注意防护 Here you are. Be careful – 对不起啊 – 说说 到底怎么回事啊 -Sorry. -Can you tell me what’s going on 是啊 为什么呀 大夫 Yeah, why, doctor 喂 江主任 Hello, Chief Jiang, 好 我知道了 Ok, I see 我马上过来 I’ll be right over 别走啊 Don’t go! 回来呀 别走啊 Come back, don’t go! – 这是怎么回事啊 – 大夫 -What’s going on? -Doctor 呼吸机由我一个人来推进去 I push the ventilator in by myself

你在这儿等着 别进去 You wait here and don’t go in 田亮 我不是让你在外面等着吗 Tian Liang, didn’t I ask you to wait outside 进都进来了 I’ve already in 就是 再说我的兵还在这儿呢 Yeah, my soldiers are still here 我能不来吗 Can I not come 吴靓 你出去 我替你 Wu Liang, You go out and I’ll take your place 来不及了 It is too late 刚才院办通知 Just now the hospital office informed 这间诊室现在是重度疫区 this clinic is now a severe epidemic area 只许进 不许出了 It is only allowed in and not allowed out 氧饱和度百分之八十一 Oxygen saturation is 81 percent 谢谢配合 Thank you for your cooperation 出什么事了 What’s the matter 谢谢配合 谢谢配合 Thank you for your cooperation 对啊 今天什么情况啊 Yeah, what’s going on today 出院 医院不让出院 The hospital won’t let you go when you leave the hospital 谢谢配合 谢谢配合 Thank you for your cooperation 领导 Director, 很好 Very nice 好 谢谢您配合 OK, thank you for your cooperation 各位不要着急 Don’t worry, guys 配合我们工作 不会有事的 You’ll be fine working with us 谢谢您 不让进 不让出 Thank you, It is only allowed in and not allowed out 请大家理解一下 Please understand 血压八十八 五十五 Blood pressure eighty-eight and fifty-five 血氧九十一 Blood oxygen is ninety-one 没有尿 There is no urine 看来肾功能也不行了 It seems that kidney function isn’t working either 这病情恶化得太快了 The disease has advanced too quickly 田亮 Tian Liang, 翻翻他随身行李 go through his carry-on luggage 看有没有航班号之类的 and see if he has a flight number or something 通知疾控中心 Call CDC 看有没有其他的发烧病人 to see if there are any other fevers 对了 他有行李 By the way, he has luggage 江主任 Chief Jiang, 好好好 OK, OK, OK 好 All right 那我马上向疾控中心汇报 I’ll report to CDC right away 请他们通知航空公司和机场 Ask them to inform the airline and the airport 立即追查一下CK995号航班上 to immediately investigate 是否还有其他发热病人 whether there are any other fever patients on flight CK995 好 放心 OK, do not worry 干吗的这些人是 What are these people doing 不知道 从来没见过啊 I don’t know. I’ve never seen any 干吗的 太吓人了 What are they doing? So scary 来 让一让 让一让 Come on, move, move – 怎么回事啊 – 都排下队啊 -What’s going on -Get in line 来这儿排一下队 Come and line up here 来排一下队 Line up here 来 Come on 这边这边 这边也可以 This, this, this, this way is OK 请配合一下 Please cooperate 测体温 来 Come and measure your temperature 我还得去病房呢 你们干吗呀 I have to go to the ward. What are you doing 一个一个来 One by one 您别着急 配合我们一下 Don’t worry, please cooperate with us 我们马上就好了 We’ll be ready soon 给所有病人发口罩 Distribute masks to all patients 然后所有东西消毒 Then sterilize everything 怎么回事 干什么呀要 What’s matter What’s going on 这是消防吧 Is this fire control 怎么回事啊这 怎么了这是 What’s matter What’s going on 没事没事 It is OK. It is OK 这怎么回事这个 怎么回事 What’s going on here What’s going on here 怎么办啊 怎么了 What should we do What’s wrong 儿子 没事 My son, it is OK 儿子咱们已经要出院了 没事 Son, we’re leaving the hospital. It’s okay – 出什么事了 – 阿姨 -What’s wrong -Auntie 我得回家 我得回家 I have to go home. I have to go home 您不能出去 You can’t go out 医院已经被封锁了 The hospital has been cordoned off 我的病已经好了 I have recovered from my illness 阿姨 配合一下 Auntie, please cooperate – 我要回去 – 你现在不能出去 – I’m going back. – You can’t go out now 不是 我得回家 我有急事 No, I have to go home. I have something urgent – 什么情况 – 我真的要回去 What’s going on -I really want to go back 无缘无故发我口罩干吗 阿姨 Why give me a mask for no reason anutie 不是 我必须回 我有急事 No, I must go home. I have something urgent 请配合我们的工作 谢谢了 Please cooperate with our work. Thank you 谢谢了 谢谢了 Thank you very much. Thanks a lot – 阿姨 – 我得走 -Auntie. -I have to go – 请回去吧 – 阿姨 -Please go back.-Auntie 你现在不能出去 You can’t go out now 放开我 Let me go 我们都不能出去 None of us can go out 阿姨 你配合一下 Auntie, please cooperate – 我得走 – 阿姨 – I have to go. – Auntie 来 给她打针安定 Come and give her an injection 我必须回去 乔娜 I have to go back, Qiao Na 阿姨 阿姨你听我说 Auntie, please listen to me 妈 医生 Mom, doctor 现在我们都不能出去 We can’t go out now 配合一下 你走开 Cooperate please. You leave! 不行 我得回去 No, I have to go home 阿姨 Auntie, 乔 乔 Qiaoqiao, 什么时候能走啊 When can we go 看情况挺严重啊 It seems serious 对 是啊 你看 Yeah, yeah, you see 请安静一下 Be quiet, please 我妈有什么事我跟你们没完 If anything happens to my mom, I’ll hold you accountable 会不会传染上啊 Can we catch the virus – 我们也得测啊 – 一个一个来 -We have to measure it, too. -One by one 排队 Please line up 什么时候能走啊 When can we go 什么时候能走啊 When can we go 出去啊 怎么办啊 How can we go out 快点快点 我没发烧 Hurry, hurry, I don’t have a fever 我说的吧 I have said it 这儿这儿这儿 This way, this way, this way, 一个一个来 别慌别慌啊 One by one, don’t panic, don’t panic 不要挤 不要挤啊 Don’t push, please don’t push 排好队啊 按顺序排好队 Line up please. Line up in order 别挤啊 别挤啊 Don’t push please. Don’t push please 让老人先坐一下吧 Let the old man sit down first 喂 爸 Hi, dad, 梅梅 你不要怕 不要怕 Meimei, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid 爸爸这儿没事 It’s okay for daddy here 听着 你在妈妈身边不要离开 Look, you stay with mom 病人心脏停止跳动 The patient’s heart stopped beating 爸爸挂了 要抢救病人 The father is going to be dead and the doctors are saving the sick 爸 Daddy!!! 肾上腺素一毫克 One milligram of epinephrine 静脉注射 Intravenous injection 快 肾上腺素一毫克 Hurry up. One milligram of epinephrine 肾上腺素一毫克静推完毕 One milligram of epinephrine is injected intravenously and completely

老李 Li, 老李 Li, 死亡时间 The death time is 四点五十五 four fifty-five 遗体要马上处理 The body needs to be disposed of immediately 阿姨 Auntie, 您这是怎么了 哪儿不舒服吗 What’s wrong with you 乔大夫呢 Where is doctor Qiao 她去哪儿了 Where is she going 她怎么还不回来 Why hasn’t she come back yet 现在外面都忙成一团了 It is totally a mess outside now 她应该在忙别的病人 She should be busy looking after other patients 您先把口罩戴上 Please put on your mask first 这里有疑似传染病 There’s a suspected infectious disease here 我先给您量个心率 Let me take your heart rate first 我看您这 快 You see, your heart rate is a little fast 你让我一个人待一会儿 You leave me alone for a moment 阿姨 您这都疼出汗了 Auntie, you are sweating 我得给您量个心率 量个血氧 I need to take your heart rate and blood oxygen 好吗 OK? 你让我一个人待一会儿啊 Please leave me alone for a moment 量什么量啊 What 您去哪儿啊 Where are you going 阿姨 Auntie, 阿姨 阿姨 你快上床 快上床 Auntie, please quickly lie down on the bed 来 您先躺好 Come here please, lie down first 您在床上躺好 我给您叫医生 You stay in bed and I’ll call a doctor for you 别叫别人啊 Don’t call anyone else 你叫乔娜 You can get me Qiao Na over here 我只要乔大夫 All I want is Dr. Qiao 行 我给您叫乔大夫 OK, I’ll call Dr. Qiao for you 您先躺好 You first lay good 你们到了门口之后敲下门 You knock at the door when getting there 我们会把遗体送出去 We’ll get the body out 好 OK 你怎么了 What’s wrong with you 哪儿不舒服 What’s wrong 对不起 I’m sorry 你怎么了 为什么要道歉 What’s wrong with you Why are you apologizing 我没能给他做护理 I failed to nurse him 按说 In gerneral, 遗体也要做一下常规护理的 The body is also supposed to undergo routine care 吴靓 Wu Liang, 这不是你的错 你不要自责 It’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself 这是防疫需要 This is an epidemic prevention need 刚刚还好好的 He was fine just now 一下子就这么死了 and then he died 家里人得多难受啊 How hard it is for his family! 吴靓 Wu Liang, 吴靓 Wu Liang, 如果今天死在这里的是我 If it were me who died here today, 你也必须要这样对我 You have to do the same to me 怎么对你 How 这还用问吗 Do you still need to ask 一视同仁 Equally 你看我年纪轻轻的 You see, I’m young, 我还无亲无故呢 and I have no relatives 如果我今天也死在这个隔离室 If I died in this isolation room today, 我也只能跟他一样 I can only be like him 就这样包着 It’s wrapped like this 拉出去烧了 Then it’s pulled out and burned 老大 Bro 你 Do you 一个亲人都没有吗 have any relative 十多年前 我父母都去世了 Both my parents died more than ten years ago 你跟我一样可怜 You are as poor as I am 吴靓 Wu Liang, 吴靓 Wu Liang, 你仔细听我现在说的话好吗 Will you listen carefully to what I’m saying now 你有老公 You have a husband, 你现在肚子里还有两个孩子 and two children in your tummy 你很幸福 You are very happy 你跟我不一样 You’re not like me 你怎么了 What’s wrong with you 有点不舒服 I’m a bit under the weather 吴靓 Wu Liang, 给护士长量个体温 Please take the head nurse’s temperature 好 OK 何主任 他肾功能也不行了 Chief He, he’s also losing kidney function

皮下没有出血点 这是好事 There’s no bleeding under the skin and that’s a good thing 因为年轻 没有基础病 He is young so he has no underlying disease 但免疫反应可能更强烈 But the immune response may be stronger 我有一种被遗忘的感觉呀 I have a feeling of being forgotten 田亮 你怎么样 How about you Tian Liang 对了 温度计 Right, thermometer 三十七度八 Thirty-seven point eight degrees 患者呼吸频率加快 The patient’s breathing rate increases 插管 上呼吸机 Intubation, ventilator! 立刻电解 Immediately electrolyze 幸好有两台呼吸机 Fortunately, there are two ventilators 一会儿 我就用那个 I’ll use that in a minute 用什么用啊 What 那是刚从病人嘴里拔出来的 It was just taken out of the patient’s mouth 怎么什么话到你嘴里 Why don’t you 就不好听了呢 say something nice 你们这些女人啊 You women 一个嘴比一个厉害 have the gift of the gab 还是男护士好管理 I think it’s better to manage male nurses 我得跟领导申请一下 I have to apply with the leadership that 以后咱们急诊科 全部配男护士 our emergency department is staffed with male nurses in the future 护士长 你别说话了 Head nurse, please stop talking 省点力气吧 Save your energy 你愿意 别人还不愿意呢 Even if you do, others won’t 不信你去问问那些病人 If you don’t believe me, you can ask the patients 是喜欢我们这些女护士 if they like us female nurses 还是喜欢你这些男护士 or you male nurses 喝水 Have a drink, please 谢谢 Thank you 你看看你 See, 最后一个进来 You are the last to come in, 第一个倒下 the first to fall down, 还不得我照顾 and finally let me take care of you 梅梅 Meimei, 爸爸这儿没事 it’s okay for daddy here 挺好的 放心吧 Good, just rest assured 那就好 That’s good 喂 老婆 Hello, my wife, 你别跟着添乱了 Don’t mess with it 我能有什么事啊 I am OK 你放心 You rest assured 我跟何主任他们正 正忙着呢 I’m busy with Chief He 挂了 Hang up 演 Acting 演得还挺像 You’re acting like one 干吗 What 我除了能在医院 还能在哪儿啊 Where else can I be but in the hospital 担心什么呀 What are you worried about 担心我 Worried about me 还是担心我肚子里的孩子呀 or the baby in my tummy 我现在 Now I am 跟何主任 江主任 还有护士长 chatting with Chief He, Chief Jiangshide 瞎聊天呢 and the head nurse 我给你买了那个止痒的乳液 I bought you that antipruritic lotion 我放在床头柜了 I left it on the nightstand 你自己 你自己记得擦 Remember to wipe yourself 照顾好妈 Take good care of mother,please 好了 我不说了 我挂了 Okay, I’m not talking. I’m hanging up 护士不能老讲电话 Nurses can’t talk on the phone all the time 挂了 I’m hanging up 不用怕 Don’t be afraid 不管发生什么事 有我在呢 No matter what happens, I’m here 我也在 I’m here too

还有我 Me too 阿姨 Auntie, 您这可能是药物依赖了 You may be drug dependent 我知道 I know 已经很多年了 It’s been years 年轻的时候啊 When I was younger, 这偏头疼差点要了我的命 my migraines almost killed me 我查了一下 I looked it up, 你的病历上 and on your record 从不同医生的手里 you’ve had a lot of painkillers prescribed 开了很多止痛药 from different doctors 现在计算机处方管制 Computer prescription control is now used 你的名下开不出药了 I can’t prescribe you any medicine 真的对不起 I’m really sorry 难为你了 It is hard for you 那以后怎么办呀 What will you do after that 我想过很多的办法 I’ve thought of many ways 可就是没有办法 But there is no way 戒除药瘾确实很困难 It’s really hard to kick the drug addiction 不过有人帮助 就容易得多了 But it’s much easier to get help 乔娜 Qiao Na, 我希望你能替我保密 I hope you can keep a secret for me, 尤其是对徐然 especially for Xu Ran 你放心吧 You have my words 替病人保密是我们医生的职责 It is our doctor’s duty to keep the patient’s secret 放心 Do not worry about it 真安静啊 It’s so quiet 他们就把咱们扔在这儿 Are they going to 不管了吗 to leave us here 不是还给我们 They brought us anything 送来了吃的喝的吗 to eat or drink 情况这么复杂 It’s so complicated 我们都还在这儿呢 We’re all still here。 他们就一点都不担心吗 Aren’t they worried at all 有我们在 他们还担心什么呀 What are they worried about with us 刘主任 Chief Liu, 看什么呢您 What are you looking at 也不知道何主任和江主任 I don’t know what happened to 他们两个怎么样了 Chief He and Chief Jiang 是啊 但愿他们没事 Yeah, I hope they’re okay 他们两个是跟那个传染者 The two of them 接触最密切的 are in close contact with the infector 刘主任 这怎么办啊 Chief Liu,what are we going to do 吴靓还在里面呢 Wu Liang is still inside 她还怀着孕呢 She’s pregnant 是啊 Yes, 好不容易熬到今天了 She managed to get through to today 这双胞胎呢 What about the twins 我都急死了 I’m so worried 何主任可千万别出什么事啊 Chief He, I really hope nothing happens 海洋 Haiyang, 这都什么时候了 Whenever, 你怎么只担心何主任 Why are you only worried about Chief He 我老大也在里头呢 My bro’s in there, too 你担心你老大 You’re worried about your bro 我担心我师父 I’m worried about my master 没毛病啊 No problem! 什么你老大我老大的 Your bro or my master, what? 急诊科本来就是一家 The emergency department is a family 谁出了事都不行啊 It is not OK whoever gets into trouble 就是 谁出了事都不行 Ture, It is not OK whoever gets into trouble 你就什么是啊 Ture 以前就属她分的最清楚 She used to be the one who knew best 行了 你俩都少说两句吧 Come on, you two need to cut it out 真是的 Come on 珍妮 Jenny, 怎么还有点咳嗽呢 Why do you still have a cough 走吧 Let’s go 珍妮 Jenny, 你还好吗 Are you OK? 没事 I’m fine 你说我们要是死在里边了 If we die inside, 是不是也得追称个 do we have to be a martyr 烈士什么的 or something 我可不想死 I don’t want to die 我们还有很多事情没有做呢 We still have a lot of things to do 对 不能死 Right, we cannot die 还有好多事没做呢 We have a lot of things to do

护士长 Head nurse, 吴靓 Wu Liang, 来 你坐一会儿 come and sit for a while 我不坐 你坐你坐 I won’t sit and you sit down 你坐一会儿 You can sit down for a while 你严重你坐 Your condition is serious and you sit down 我坐那儿 我坐那儿还不行吗 I just sit there. Can’t I just sit there 我坐这儿 I sit here 我 I 怎么了 What’s wrong 护士长 Head nurse, 我羊水好像破了 My amniotic fluid seems to be broken – 怎么啦 – 怎么了 -What’s wrong -What’s wrong 我说吴靓 你可别添乱啊 Wu Liang, you can not add disorder for us 对不起 Sorry 对不起 Sorry 你们这两个小家伙 You two little guys 也太会挑时候了 are so good at timing 这 这怎么弄 What What are we going to do 那今天要跟大家探讨的是 So today we’re going to talk about 止痛药真的会上瘾吗 whether painkillers are really addictive 很多观众会有这样的误区 Many viewers have this misconception 说吃止痛药吃多了会引起上瘾 They believe that taking too many painkillers can lead to addiction 那其实呢 这是不对的 That’s actually not true 那我们今天来跟 So today we are going to 大家分析一下 analyze the classification of painkillers 止痛药的分类有哪些 with you 止痛药分为非甾体抗炎药 Analgesics can be divided into non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, 中枢类 麻醉类 central anesthesia, spasmolysis 以及解痉类等多个种类 and spasmolysis and so on many kinds 那其中会引起上瘾的 The narcotic drugs that cause addiction 以麻醉类为主 are the main ones 比如大家非常熟悉的吗啡 For example, we are very familiar with morphine, 杜冷丁等阿片类的止痛药 demerol and other opioid painkillers 而平常常见的那些止痛药 The usual painkillers 属于非甾体抗炎药 are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 是不会引起上瘾的 They are not addictive 请大家放心使用 Please feel free to use it 反而是一些中枢类的镇咳药 Instead, there are central antitussive drugs 以及包括其中的止咳药水 and cough drops 是因为其中含有吗啡的成分 that contain morphine 所以在这里要 So here we have to 提醒大家注意用量 remind people to pay attention to 谨防上瘾 the dosage beware of addiction [music] 原以为人生故事平淡 I thought that life is full of dull stories [music] 谁知转眼风云突变 Who knows it suddenly brings surprises [music] 昨天已成为过眼云烟 What’s just passed is yesterday [music] 明天为何如此遥远 Why is tomorrow so far away? [music] 原以为人生路途遥远 I thought that life is a long journey [music] 谁知尽头已在眼前 Who knows the end is here already [music] 恩怨情仇就此了断 Grievance and hatred, let it end [music] 生死离别不忍说再见 Life and death, say goodbye [music] 今天的分分秒秒 Every minute today [music] 都是对生命最严酷的考验 Is a test of life [music] 今天的相依相伴 Your companions today [music] 都是对生命最深情的眷恋 Are your most affectionate devotion to life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念 Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严 Never give up the dignity of life [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 爱的信念 Never give up your belief in love [music] 用爱的名义发一个誓言 Make an oath in the name of love [music] 永不放弃 生命的尊严 Never give up the dignity of life