Ehd e Wafa Episode 21 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 9 Feb 2020

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Ehd e Wafa Episode 21 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 9 Feb 2020

Okay, May God Protect You. See you then So when is Saad coming back? I don’t know but I think that he should return this week Has he thought about his wedding yet? Does he like any girl or he would like us to find one? What do you want? Well, I would like him to choose He has to spent his life, if he wants us to find a girl, we can! But if he likes someone I don’t have any problem with that. I am more than happy He likes a girl The way you have ‘very good girl’, I think you also like her I like her very much I also like her very much And I am sure, you will also like her Okay okay Who is she? What’s her name? Her name is Dua She just became a doctor and is doing her house job Hmm…Dua…okay ask Saad that let’s meet her parents Let’s meet the parents and take it from there I will ask him to call today Brother Saad will be so happy Have some water Grand Father Keep this in the car and call Javed Ok sir Forget it… I will talk to him myself Ok sir Yes sir Did you drink it? Yes, I did Ok Sir, he has some other problem He has messed up everything himself and now he is holding you responsible I will come and give you the details sir Keep this glass back otherwise the peon will be angry if he does not find his glass Ok Good Who is it? I am the AC here Greetings sir! Greetings May God keep you happy Please come with me Thank God I found you Come This side sir Please come…give it to me Come I am tired of visiting the offices I am finished This side Thank you very much Thank you very much Sit here You have been very kind to me I have knocked every door but no one listens to me I have all the papers and evidence… but I am still struggling Now my eyesight has also given up along with my spirit My name is Firdaus Baig This is a castle where Firdaus Baig has his eyes fitted in the walls And they get activated when creatures like you try to escape and they stop their running feet right there and then

Somebody asked me to submit an application in AC’s office too You might get a solution Sir I have a widow daughter and a son Where is your son? That innocent is in the jail I pray that no one goes through the pain I am going through Please listen to my problem if you have five minutes I might get a solution I am in pain my lord I am in more pain than you are Mr. Firdaus You are my lord Tell me what happened to Khursheed? Right now, as soon as possible Khursheed! Isma you are not getting it I doubled checked it I selected all the right answers I think the professor hates me No, I have decided that I will submit my paper for rechecking Ok, I will talk to you tomorrow Ok see you Saad brother! When did you come? Just now Did you meet Mother? My dear! Saad brother! Why are you wearing this cap with civil clothing? It is part of me now Wow! I missed you so much We missed you too Yes Greetings Father! I used to feel even prouder whenever I used to get news about your bravery Thank you for living up to your potential and my expectations Thank you! I am so proud of you my son Khursheed Firdaus Come on Hurry up…Mr. A.C is here to meet you Why does Mr. A.C want to meet me? Your elders must have used some source Greetings sir Ok you may leave Greetings sir Greetings sir What happened now?

Don’t ask brother Father has fixed my proposal I am going to get my in law’s blessings Come with me if you are free You will also get an experience of how to impress your in laws Keep your experiences to yourself Who is the sister in law? Where is she from? Even I don’t know about it yet Mother knows it I had told Mother that it is up to her I will say agree whenever she asks me to Tell me are you coming with me? No, I have to go somewhere else As you wish Ok then hang up and let me pack What are you thinking? If the uniform suits you or you suit the uniform? I think we both look good together I was talking about the uniform Even I was not talking about you Will you come inside or will you keep smiling Ok then I will come inside and smile Listen What is this? Sketches Yours and for you Should I see them now or later? You can see them later if you want to make fun of me otherwise now is also good Then I will see them now only What are you thinking about? Let me see you first Dua! Is Saad here? Yes Mother he is here He has won it Let’s go God bless you You are looking very nice May God keep you happy and bless you with success and honor How are you feeling now? To be honest, I am tired of it My entire life is restricted to a wheel chair I am not good for anything I am a burden not only on Dua but on myself too I don’t say all this to Dua but I am telling all this to you Don’t tell this to Dua Is everything ok at your house? Yes everything is fine Bring your Mother sometime Yes she wants to meet you Regarding Dua? Yes I accept it…and Dua will also not refuse…I know it Ask your Mother to bring the engagement ring along whenever she comes What gossip is going on against me between the two of you? Nothing, we are having a private conversation Really? I can smell some conspiracy Not a conspiracy but a few complaints against you My Mother cannot have any complaints against me Is the tea sweet enough Mr. Captain? Abbottabad is very quiet today It was never so quiet Seems like the whole city has become quiet It is Sunday actually So Abbottabad finally spoke You ask me to talk when I am quiet and when I talk you ask me to stay quiet Why don’t you decide for once Captain? I decided the day we travelled together in the bus So did I…long ago When…The same day? No…the day you took my ring’s measurement Measurement…what are you talking about? When did this happen? Don’t try to act smart with me Don’t try to act smart with me I know about the game you played with me taking Rameen’s name

What game…I don’t remember Do you know the way to my hospital? Yes, I am going there Why did you miss the cut then? Oh, I missed the cut You did this deliberately, isn’t it? Yes, so that we can spend a little more time together Your hospital is here How long is your duty? I have to go home early today Mother is a little sad Ok, should I pick you then? I will meet one of my platoon mates who lives here in Abbottabad You can call me when you are free Don’t act smart I know it very well that you don’t have a platoon mate here But you are here…the soul mate So let me wait Go straight to your home Should I go? Go! You are not sure…you seem confused Bye! Listen! I told you are not sure but confused whether to let me go and make me stay I am not the one who is confused Captain but you are This is the reason you took the wrong measurement of my finger This is the right measurement They usurped my sister’s five canal plot after my brother in law’s death, assuming that she is a widow and she is alone Then I and Father got involved in this matter We went to a lot of people but nobody helped us The people who have occupied the plot are very strong They took our claims and put me behind the bars Now they are pressurizing Father that convince your daughter to transfer the ownership of the plot on their name or else your son will remain behind the bars We just want the market value of the plot so that our nieces’ future can be secured … but they are not even agreeing on that They are only giving five lacs for 5 canals whereas the plot is in the heart of the city and the value of 1 canal in that area is 50 lacs How do you contact the people who have usurped it? His men are always present on the plot I and Father go there Beg them then they let us talk to their boss What is name of the boss? Haji Shafeeq He is the real Estate King He has kept all the construction material on the plot He wants to build some plaza Forget the plaza, nobody’s can even keep a brick on our sister’s plot Thank you Greetings! I am reaching Islamabad. I want to share something with you and father Can we meet? When are you reaching? I will be there I feel myself to be the luckiest girl in the world Have a seat Today I have fulfilled my promise that I made to Father, to you and to myself I promised Father and myself that I will become a doctor no matter what… even if I have to leave my house And I promised you that I will only meet you when I am confident and strong enough And look Saad I am more confident and stronger than before

You have always been strong Sorry, I went to meet Father that is why I am being very emotional You met your Father… now meet my Mother You promised that you will meet her So let’s go to Kharian I will make you meet the Mother who trusts you more than me Shall we? Mother! Did Father also make you meet Grand Father like this? I am listening I can hear everything They are here Habib ullah! Come dear Greetings! Welcome! You have finally come to our house Naughty Greetings Please Come Call Haji! Didn’t you hear? Call Haji! Greetings Sir! Sir he is connected Assistan Commissioner, Sheheryar Afzal speaking Reach here in 10 minutes If you got even a minute late, you will not be spared Take this Why did you hit him? Sir, they understand this language The person you have hit is the servant, not the owner Finish the habit of hitting weak people I don’t want this type of behaviour next time Sorry sir I hope you are not feeling cold? It is cold Anyways… you will spend your whole day travelling in the car Pindi to Khariyan, Khariyan to Abbotabad and back to Pindi Forget about my day, tell me what do you think about my family? Saad! Honestly speaking I was really nervous before coming here I had a lot of things to loose but you know there was a fear that I will lose everything I have if your parents do not like me today But you know the way your family has accepted me today, I felt that I am among the people who are not broken or divided like other people They are attached to each other and each other’s happiness And the way they have welcomed me… I felt like I am attached to their happiness… I am their part You are being poetic and you blame that I have become a poet You are thinking a lot these days that is why you are being so deep Hmmm yes I am thinking Like what? Like if we get married then… Wait wait wait Where did this “if” come from? Ok I am sorry Let me correct my sentence Yes please thank you Actually I was worried about Mother

Where would she live? She will live with us, where else? Please Saad, I would never want you to take my Mother’s responsibility along with me Are mothers a responsibility? I consider them a blessing She will live with us But still, ask your parents once before taking such a big decision This is their advice Father has asked me to take care of Dua and her happiness Can we start our journey with your permission? Permission granted Let’s go and one more thing If anything is bothering you in future, always tell me It is an order I want every single detail about Haji Shafeeq this evening Ok sir, we will find out I will send some men to spy on him Ok thank you You can leave Hello! What have you done with Haji Shafeeq yesterday? Sir he has usurped a widow’s plot It’s not your duty to get rid of usurp things There are different legal forums for this Going and humilitaing someone at his property is not an Assistant Commisioner’s work Ask that widow to file a case against him rather than pulling you in this Rabia! Yes madam Is Malik Shahzaib and his friends upstairs? No, they are gone Gone! Where? To the village? No, they have gone to visit Islamabad…And that too alone and they have taken the car as well So we are here Pray that we get the tickets too This is such a big cinema, will we get the tickets? This is not a big cinema, this is a mall The cinema is inside it Whose call is it? Answer the call or else sister in law will kill each one of us Yes sister in law Sister in law! Where are you? I was going to Faisal mosque along with my friends Come home Do not ask me for a favor then If your brother gets to know that you have taken his car Come fast Let’s go Look! the issue is not in the system The issue is in the leeches within the system If you accuse someone, that person grates you instead of coming back on track All of them have contacts and all these savage people are protecting each other There is an option What? Right now the most important thing is that we get Mr. Firdaus the rights that he deserves and bring back Khursheed and I think that the best person for this job is Malik Shahzain If Haji Shafeeq is a cobra than Malik Shahzain is a weasel And if you have a problem… If we still have to turn towards Malik Shahzain even after acquiring such positions than I am sorry, we should be ashamed of ourselves Ok… Malik Shahzain can do everything and we start selling balloons That is not what I meant All I want to say is he knows all the secret doors of the system It is just a matter of few minutes for him Look! If he knows the secret doors of the system…Then I know the thieves of the system I am talking to you just because you have a power Use that power Expose Haji in the media Ok I will play from the media front And you play a game within the system Organize a show and expose all the people involved in it Have a blasting show Expose all of them Drag me into it as well The system will be pressurized once the individuals are pressurized

Have a show which is like a pressure cooker, which boils up everyone It is our priority to get Mr. Firdaus his rights And bring Khursheed out as well You just watch what I will do You have brought your friends from the village to Islamabad so that you can roam around in your brother’s car with the government number plate and boss around You could have taken the driver along if you wanted to go Is this the right age to drive a car? This is the right age How will we have fun in old age? Really! If that is the case then I will talk to Shahzain today and I will get you into a good hostel and you will have all the fun of your life It is so sad sister in law I consider you like my Mother and you are threatening me I wish I would never had given you the place of a Mother Do not do this drama with me I have only threatened you for the time being…It can be implemented when required You are disappointing me by saying all this sister in law And you have already disappointed me with what you have done my dear I will put a ban on coming to Islamabad if you try to drive a car the next time I swear I can drive Mulazim Hussain has shifted all his driving skills into me Behave like a man Malik Shahzaib or I will shift you to a hostel I need your love sister in law and not your threats Recall my favors before putting restrictions on me How would have you met brother on the roof tops, if I was not there Neither you would have gotten married, nor would you have been in Islamabad rather you would have been in the village right now I am the one who has helped you reach this point And I will be the one to get you beaten up by your brother Remember that! If you touch the car ever again… Over here Shariq that is your position Ok We will take a solo shot from here and master from here What are these reporters doing here? They must have come to sell something here, what else Let’s go and watch the show Let’s go People lose everything while building their house And you do not feel pity in burning the villages Viewers, today I am standing on a plot which belongs to a poor man and a powerful man has usurped it This powerful man has his men all over in the system, sniffing for empty plots and as soon as they see an empty plot, they usurp it And then they build buildings, housing schemes and homes on it and the deal in billions Today I am going to prove it to you with evidence that who is the actual owner of this plot… who is the real owner of the plot? And which powerful man has usurped this plot Stay tuned And then we are going to talk about the land mafia Stop this vandalism What is going on here? Get out of here Please behave yourself and give me back the mic Pack up all your stuff and leave from here Go, go What if I don’t? What will you do? Will you shoot me? Do not argue with me and leave According to the law, at least you cannot ask us to leave Do not teach us the law or else we will teach you the law that our boss has taught us Who is your boss? Haji Shafeeq! This is his property Do not prolong it, and leave this place Come on pick up their stuff Leave I will count till three and I will shoot if you will not leave this place 1, 2, 3 Fire Leave the camera Shariq! I had a doubt first that it’s someone else but it’s you

I wasn’t doubtful I recognized you from far away You haven’t changed No…I have changed a lot You tell, how are you? Where are you these days and what’s going on? Everything’s good How’s your politics going? It’s about to end. New elections will be announced soon How is Sister-in-Law? She is fine Shariq and Shehryar were telling that they tried to make a plan with you numerous times Yeah! But your were too busy Sit at one place Have you married? Actually, I am about to get married next month. So I am little busy with the preparations Great! Whom are you marrying? Dua! Congratulations! I’ll take your leave We are meeting after a longtime…won’t you hug me? You are saying this? I didn’t leave any stone unturned to amend the relations You even snatched my right to apologize But you behaved in such a way It took me such a long time in forgiving you Okay I agree that sending a proposal at Dua’s place was wrong But in all this nothing is wrong from your end? Tell me Remember the reason you slapped me and kicked me out of your house If not, then remember it Me and Sheheryar went to meet Dua for our benefit? We went there to talk for you Now, if I don’t get angry on my close friends then on whom will I get angry? I was left alone because of you Your friendship was very expensive You know…that I needed you more I know Aren’t you tired? Of what? Of all this bullshit. Many years have been wasted on this hatred You know what’s our tragedy? Neither you were ready to say something nor I was ready to listen And now at this point in life, I am ready to hear all your grievances After all this if we are unable to hear and understand each other then we have learnt nothing from our lives We didn’t learn anything from our mistakes I know one thing You are my brother And you are my brother