ENG SUB【浮世双娇传 Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos】EP35 | 张永曜替寿安公主顶罪(李治廷、孟子义)

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ENG SUB【浮世双娇传 Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos】EP35 | 张永曜替寿安公主顶罪(李治廷、孟子义)

♪ Clouds falling into the sea ♪ ♪ Look at the stars in the sky ♪ ♪ They said the light under the sea ♪ ♪ Is just a fantasy ♪ ♪ Want to touch ♪ ♪ The blue sky ♪ ♪ I do not believe the sea is ashes from the sky ♪ ♪ Because in my eyes ♪ ♪ You are that light ♪ ♪ The unfathomable depth of the sea ♪ ♪ Cannot stop me from running to you ♪ ♪ Tears are turned into glass ♪ ♪ Jasmines grow out of the wound ♪ ♪ Who said the clouds flowing upstream ♪ ♪ Cannot embrace the brightest star ♪ ♪ Let the world define ♪ ♪ A tragedy or a miracle ♪ ♪ Even if it is wrong ♪ ♪ Still name it an unearthly misery ♪ = Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos = = Episode 35 = The wind is really too cold tonight Your Grace! It is too cold Let’s go back and have a rest Why is the candle still lighted in the courtyard? Baby, Father is to blame for it I hadn’t protected and taken good care of you before you came to this world I am not a good father, nor a good husband I didn’t protect your mother and you well Even all her pains in life originated from me I am sorry From tomorrow on, I may not come to visit you, and speak to you Your mother loves you very much She has made many gadgets for you I burned them all as a sacrifice Remember to come back to see her frequently, Okay? Whatever, It isn’t the reason for you to kill others We all know that the baby’s death has nothing to do with Her Highness! It is all because of her She is the cause of its death Her Grace, it is too late and you should go to bed I don’t know where I may be tomorrow Tonight, I will check my mansion for the last time Your Highness! Your Highness! This is the incense pill you asked me to prepare some days ago Your Highness Invite the imperial doctor here Your Highness! Doctor, Her Highness hopes you can check

if the incense pill has any poison in it What are you doing, Your Grace? Your Highness, this incense pill isn’t poisonous Let go of me Listen, it is not poisonous I can smell its fresh fragrance like Longjing tea It is actually chickweed leaf The smell of chickweed leaf is nontoxic indeed But its mixture with green plums will generate acute poisons Green plum? I see Thanks, doctor I am leaving first Why? Your Highness! Minister Zhang is looking for you He said he had clues about your poisoning Assistant Minister Zhang? Keep her at the palace Don’t report it to His Majesty for now – Yes – Yes Her Grace, Minister has gone to the palace It is within my expectation Minister is always a righteous person He loves Fu Yuzhan deeply He must have gone to the palace to disclose me to my brother Well… What can we do then, Your Grace? Will the Imperial Guards come to arrest us soon, just like what they did to Princess Royal? Let’s flee here, Your Grace, before the royal guards come to arrest us Let’s flee here It is within His Majesty’s jurisdiction wherever we go Where can be our destination then? I will kill Fu Yuzhan and then we can go to hell together Give me the dagger my father awarded me I am going to visit Her Highness Do you want to kill Fu Yuzhan yourself? Yancao, There is still time Just go away Maybe, you can still escape safely No I must be by your side, regardless of death Okay Do you have any clues for me? Yes I do have clues for you, Your Highness! But it is only between you and me Protect Her Highness! Protect Her Highness! Great to see you, Your Grace! What happened? Why are you so nervous? Your Grace! Somebody offended Her Highness The Imperial Garden has been blocked by personal guards of Her Highness! Blocked? That is why we left in such a hurry You are dismissed – Yes – Yes You wanted to kill me? Why? Because I hate you The poison has failed to kill you It just aroused your vigilance This is the only way I can kill you But I stilled failed Is that you who poisoned me? Yes, it is me It is me who poisoned you It is me who wanted to kill you You said you poisoned Her Highness? It is me I know it is out of your expectation I thought you had come here to… I came here because I knew Her Highness’s poison had been cured I was frustrated and so I wanted to assassinate her

As you can see now You are dismissed No, Your Highness! What if Assistant Minister Zhang assassinated you again after their departure? No Just go away We will wait somewhere near here Assistant Minister Zhang, frankly, I had got to know about my poisons from the imperial doctor just before you arrived here My poison originated from the mixture of the chickweed leaf of Noble Consort Zhao and the green plum of Shou’an As Your Highness said, the poisoning was conducted by me I am the one who intend to assassinate you here It has nothing to do with Minister Why do you hate me so much and even want to kill me? You destroyed my happiness and the family between me and my husband You destroyed my baby It is enough for me to hate you Your loss of baby may have something to do with me But your happiness has nothing to do with me All your misfortunes have originated from yourself There is nothing special between Assistant Minister Zhang and me You have never trusted your husband So you always suspect any special relation between he and me Your suspicions have resulted in the consequences today It has nothing to do with me As you are younger sister of His Majesty, I will give you one more chance His Majesty won’t know about the poisoning The assassination today is actually Assistant Minister Zhang’s intention to show me a dagger as a gift Thanks for your pardon, Your Highness! Since your arrival, I have been good to you Why do you want to kill me? Don’t play innocent, Fu Yuzhan You have forgotten it because you have committed so many crimes Who on earth are you? I am not Zhao Wan’er I am also from the Fu family I am daughter of Fu Yantong from Xuzhou Fu Yantong from Xuzhou? Are you Fu… Exactly I am the daughter of the Fu family that was charged by you for the legend of daughter of the Fu family being the empress I didn’t expect it at all I have flattered you since arrival here because you are also from the Fu family and you may know some clues about the murderer of my family But I didn’t expect that you were the one who had killed my whole family Not even god wishes to show his mercy on you Both you and I are from an aristocratic family I should have enjoyed the happiest life, with harmony between husband and wife and favors from parents Maybe I will also have a few lovely kids in the future But the legend destroyed them all Daughter of the Fu family being the empress? What a beautiful legend?

It is so beautiful that it kills my family! Only I am left But even if I am the only one left, I must revenge for my parents and husband I am sorry Sorry? Fu Yuzhan, You are so selfish that you transferred your crimes onto innocent people Are you afraid of ghosts coming to you for revenge at midnight? Shut up! The late emperor ordered to kill your family instead of Her Highness then Lanpei! I must tell you the truth even if Her Highness may blame me Her Highness immediately dispatched a general of Tianxiong Army to rescue when she came to know the late emperor desired to kill your family But when the general returned, he said it was too late because the late emperor’s assassinator had killed all your family members He only rescued the family’s daughter It must be you You are lying Impossible! Impossible! I don’t believe my savior was dispatched by Fu Yuzhan Yes, he was Your savior is Zhang He has an accent of the capital city He is stout and has no beard on his long face in a military style You… How do you know that? Because he is Zhang Sheng, a general of Tianxiong Army He is in the capital city now Just go and ask him if you don’t believe it Impossible! Impossible! Her Highness treated you sincerely! She is also your savior But you bite the hand that feeds you and poisoned Her Highness! What a cruel girl you are! Enough Let’s go Your Highness! I asked General Zhang to convey the message to Fu Yantong at Xuzhou But it was still too late General Zhang only rescued Fu Wan’er So I asked General Zhang to take Fu Wan’er to the capital city and settle her down But the late emperor’s assassinator still lingered near Xuzhou Soon General Zhang and Fu Wan’er became separate and he only returned with this hair pin Your Highness! You dispatched General Zhang to Xuzhou for rescue You don’t need to feel sorry for that It is a great pity that Fu Wan’er carried out her hatred on you erroneously Her family was destroyed because of me Fundamentally, I owe her She isn’t wrong for her revenge with me Okay It is time for this hair pin to return to its owner I thought you went to the palace to disclose my crime to my brother Why did you take the blame for me? Because it is all my fault Were it not for my love for Her Highness after her marriage, I wouldn’t have made you sad If I had been better to you, You would have told me immediately about your pregnancy If I had returned then, our baby wouldn’t have died It is all my fault

All your misfortunes now have arisen from me It is natural that I bear all the crimes personally So many things happened today Take a rest early Let’s divorce peacefully What? I said let’s divorce peacefully You married me simply because of what had happened that night and your sorrow to me Actually, When I knew I would marry you, I was really so happy But I forgot our marriage was just a mistake without mutual love Maybe only peaceful divorce can be a final solution and liberate both of us What happened today already relieved you from whatever debts you had owed me So Let’s divorce peacefully And then? Then I will seal up this courtyard and commit myself to Buddhism in order to atone for all the crimes I had committed What does it matter if we divorce or not in that case? Actually, On the date of our marriage, I told myself that I would always be your husband Never talk about peaceful divorce again, Your Grace Your Majesty! Her Highness is coming What can I do for you? I would like to ask for a favor Just send a message if so You don’t need to come here personally You should stay at the palace and have a good rest Your Majesty! I already knew the poisoner Who is that? Zhao Wan’er? Accurately, she is Fu Wan’er Fu Wan’er? The daughter of Fu family being the empress The late emperor wanted to kill Jinzhan and me for the legend In order to quench his worries, I purposefully transferred the legend to Xuzhou Fu Yantong of Xuzhou mistook his daughter as target of the legend and thus became ambitious For that reason, the late emperor dispatched people to Kill Fu Yantong and his family I got the message and immediately dispatched my people to Xuzhou but only rescued his daughter Later, Fu Wan’er and my people got separated and she finally arrived in Nankuang Then she entered the palace of Nankuang by chance Your Majesty! Please authorize me to deal with Fu Wan’er Sure How will you deal with her? I would release her out of the palace Why? She poisoned you I can’t wait to kill her personally Anyway, my family owes her family and my poisons are already controlled now Just take the incident as my payback to her You are always so merciful Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I agree I will release her out of the palace But I will dispatch someone to keep a close eye on her Thanks, Your Majesty! Why are you coming here?

Do you take me as a laughingstock? This is what General Zhang took back I will return it to you This is a gift from my mother I didn’t expect you had it Tell me, what punishment will you give me? Torture or decapitation? I have begged His Majesty to pardon you He agreed to release you out of the palace and send you back to Xuzhou I will try my best to compensate you and your family I don’t need it I am not going to owe you anymore Your Grace! Your Grace! Your Grace! Your Grace! Your Grace! Your Grace! Issue an order and deliver the corpse of Zhao Wan’er back to Xuzhou Your Grace! And bury it in the ancestral tomb of the Fu family Yes = Mansion of the Princess = Xue Rong already knows about the late emperor’s having an orphan son now It is time for us to execute our next plan Yes Yueying, Don’t let me down again this time Yes = Wang Zhu knows Jiang Shao is son of late emperor and plans for treason = = Wang Zhu knows Jiang Shao is son of late emperor and plans for treason = Guo Fu, order the Imperial Guards to search the mansion of Minister of education Wang Zhu Submit any suspicious articles to me if any Yes Your Majesty! Wang Zhu, when did you come to know the late emperor still had another son alive? Another son of the late emperor? You are the only son of the late emperor, Your Majesty! The message about the late emperor’s son born out of wedlock is wide-spread in the capital city now It is impossible that you know nothing about it I ask you once again When did you come to know it? How did you know that Jiang Shao was the illegitimate son of the late emperor? What are you talking about, Your Majesty? What does Jiang Shao matter? I know nothing about it If you know nothing about it, Why is there a wooden plate engraved with Jiang Shao at your mansion? Why is there a secret report about your plan to contact with Jiang Shao with the wooden plate? Your Majesty!

Your Majesty! It is a frame-up, Your Majesty! I know nothing about it Is Jiang Shao a son of the late emperor? I am not a close friend of Jiang Shao, nor even an acquaintance Don’t argue anymore Somebody Yes Put Wang Zhu in jail Never allow any visitor Your Majesty! I am wronged, Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I am wronged I didn’t expect it was Jiang Shao = Funing Palace = Guo Fu! Do you think he knows it? Are you asking me if Jiang Shao knows his identity? Your Majesty, I am not sure if Jiang Shao knows his identity But I don’t think Jiang Shao is a tricky person Moreover, Your Majesty must know Jiang Shao better than I do as you have been good friends for long Ask Jiang Shao to come here Yes Jiang Shao You startled me What is that? It is a gold goose It is very valuable Why did you buy it? Because I wish to offer betrothal presents to your father to marry you again You want to offer betrothal presents again?? But why did you buy a gold goose? I should have caught a pair of live geese from the outskirts for you But the geese have flown southward at this season I have no choice but to make a golden one Let me open the door Great to see you, sir! You are wanted by His Majesty at the palace, sir I will clean up here and then go to the palace with you Are you wanted by His Majesty? I will go to the palace Just go back home and wait for me Don’t stay in the street for too long or you may disclose your identity Okay Give me a message if necessary Your Highness! I didn’t expect this medicine worked so effectively You have recovered well, Your Highness! The poison is cleared away very quickly I believe the toxins in your body will be completely cleared in the future Thanks so much, doctor Lanpei, I should have found the medicine earlier so that Your Highness wouldn’t have experienced such great pains I owe you my life, doctor You enabled me to stay alive and be with His Majesty It is a great merit It is a small gift from me Please accept it Thanks for your reward, Your Highness! Lanpei, See doctor away Yes I am leaving first Your Majesty, Jiang Shao is here Your Majesty! Take a seat Guo Fu You are dismissed Are you asking me to come here and drink with you, Your Majesty? I thought of the day when we drank together at a broken house last time I missed it very much But I was busy and couldn’t leave here So I invited you here to have a little drink with me You are really so hardworking Moreover, I must thank you for saving Yuzhan We are brothers Just forget it The dishes are really delicious I won’t feel it hard to work if I can have them every day If you become the emperor, you can have the dishes every day I become the emperor? Don’t make such a joke How can I become the emperor? I would rather jump off the top of city gate than

being an emperor, because I will just be trapped at the palace and lose freedom It is not a good job at all Do you really dislike being an emperor? Frankly, I was dying to leave when I worked at the capital city then I didn’t flee simply because of you and Jinzhan I don’t think I was born for this kind of place Help yourself! I am not hungry Have you invited me here just for the drink instead of anything else? Yes No You must have something to talk to me We are brothers I can read your mind Tell me what happened, Your Majesty! Er… this is my wooden plate Why do you have it here? I lost it before I didn’t expect to get it back here Jiang Shao, Are you sure this is your wooden plate? Sure Look, it bears my name in the back = Shao = Jiang Shao, This wooden plate was personally made by the late emperor for his son What? What are you talking about? The jade on this wooden plate was directly cut off from the jade plate of the late emperor The fracture of this jade completely fits the fracture of the late emperor’s jade plate It can’t be false Do you mean I am son of the late emperor? If so, We are really brothers Am I also son of emperor? If it is true, Prince Wei will never complain about her daughter’s marriage to me I am son of emperor Jiang Shao, It is not that simple to be a son of emperor If the officials know you are son of the late emperor, who will be the emperor now? You are the emperor, of course Unfortunately, we are not the decision makers Now this wooden plate is the only proof of your identity If I propose destroying it, will you agree? If you are worried about their knowledge of my identity, I promise I will never disclose my identity Even if somebody comes to me, I won’t tell him the truth Maybe I can go away with Jinzhan and will never return here But this wooden plate is one of the rare remains I have from my mother I want to have it back Let me consider how to deal with it – Your Majesty! – Your Majesty! Your Majesty! It is said the doctor already came here What did he say? He said I was okay and the toxins would be cleared one day Take it easy Okay I must reward the doctor greatly Lanpei, you are dismissed Yes Tell me, what happened You came in with a troubled expression My father adopted me from the Chai family because he didn’t have a son But he actually has an illegitimate son who is entitled to the throne I have found him You know him, too I know? I didn’t expect he was Jiang Shao ♪ Lost in the earthly life ♪

♪ Flowers are getting fierier ♪ ♪ Undercurrent from the silence ♪ ♪ Fall in love but have to be apart ♪ ♪ Meet in dream Time flies fast ♪ ♪ Countless mountains and seas ahead ♪ ♪ From the spring to the winter ♪ ♪ I know better what is love ♪ ♪ Being trapped in this life ♪ ♪ Try to protect ♪ ♪ The momentary love ♪ ♪ For your watery eyes ♪ ♪ I will give you all my tenderness ♪ ♪ All I want is ♪ ♪ To be with you forever ♪ ♪ Meet you again at where we started ♪ ♪ How many years we have missed ♪ ♪ Mountains and seas witness our love ♪ ♪ I will never let you go ♪ ♪ May you have worries no more ♪ ♪ For your watery eyes ♪ ♪ I will give you all my tenderness ♪ ♪ All I want is ♪ ♪ To be with you forever ♪ ♪ Meet you again at where we started ♪ ♪ How many years we have missed ♪ ♪ Mountains and seas witness our love ♪ ♪ I will never let you go ♪ ♪ May you have worries no more ♪ ♪ Mountains and seas witness our love ♪ ♪ I will never let you go ♪ ♪ May you have worries no more ♪