How to install central heating. Part 5. The parts are here.

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How to install central heating. Part 5. The parts are here.

alright guys it’s been a while since I’ve done a video and I just wanted to update everybody on the state of play with the central heating and I’m strangely just as I was setting the tripod up my phone went and the guy from National Grid was help the front needing to measure up and have a look where we want the the new gas meter fitted so he reckons four to six weeks it should all be installed and will be ready to go and probably it’s going to take me four to six weeks to install all of the heating anyway so you know sounds like good timing I don’t know whether I mentioned this before but when the National Grid install the gas pipe that’s all they install we’ve actually got to contact British Gas or whoever we want to supply the gas and they will come out and fit the fit the meter and connect it all and just why we’re on the subject of that the the gas pipe has to be earth bonded within the first six hundred millimetres where it actually enters into the property not the you know the boundary outside way so if we’re bringing it in through one of the walls it must be earth bonded with ten mil cable within that first six hundred as it comes in through the wall so it’s just something to bear in mind though yeah an update excuse me sniffing a bit today for some reason my hay fever has appeared out of the blue where I haven’t really suffered with it for a number of years so we’ve pretty much bought everything that’s required they of course be some bits and pieces that I’ve forgotten or bits and pieces that we actually need to buy but all of the main items are here I’ve got a selection of items here on the bench that I thought it just might be interesting to have a closer look at we decided to buy the boiler which as you know is the Worcester Bosch 29 CDI combi boiler we bought that locally because if anything is going to go wrong that might prove awkward it was going to be the boiler and if we know we’ve bought it locally we can you know pop back and saw any issues if it was damaged or whatever and in fact it was cheaper than buying anywhere else even online as you know I mentioned the company called missed the central heating and I found then mentioned on a forum for plumbing problems and have to say we’ve bought most of the the items from them and eBay and I don’t normally rave about companies because generally the surface you get these days really isn’t up to much but within an hour of placing the order with them for what we did we decided not to place everything not to order everything in one go we thought we would order the radiators first see if that went okay and then order everything else the delivery charge was only I think five pounds but within an hour of placing the order we’d had a phone call from them I think they’re up in sort of Birmingham area they’ve got stores as well around that sort of area so they found us within an hour told us that the radiators will be delivered on I think it was this Monday just gone and they arrived nice friendly guy nice van and brought her everything in I noticed that one of the roads had been damaged the back of this one you can probably see just up here the natural hanging bracket so covered by a bit of plastic and one of them had just been damaged you know there’s no excuse me no big deal but they took that radiator straight back and you know I was expecting there to be all sorts of issues getting it replaced but again within a couple of hours they’d phoned me and said well the new replacement radiator bill will be with here the next day which I thought was you know pretty good and it was here the next day and we actually placed another order a load of other bits and pieces some of which you can see over there and they arrived today so yeah mr. central heating coat UK I’ve

got to say excellent 100% to them for the way they’ve handled everything the quality of everything also seems brilliant the radiators were very very cheap but they’ve got a 10-year warranty as you can see they’re they’re very heavy this is a double panel double convector hopefully you can see that so that’s the top of the range red we’ve got most of our rads in that type we have got a smaller ones in the single excuse me a single panel type as well and they’ve been excellent thoroughly thoroughly recommend them so I thought it would be interesting just look at some of the other parts that we decided to go for in the end safely it was horrible today apologies again for that anyone that’s watched these videos will remember that there’s obviously condensate produced by the boiler and that needs to be drained normally – you can with your waste pipes in the house or into a drain gully outside but unfortunately for us the position of the boiler that means we’ve got no easy access to a drain or you know waste pipe so we’ve had to go for a condensate soak away which is so as you can see on this show up get the glare off you basically need to dig a hole put some limestone chippings in and then this condensate soakaway goes in and then we surround it with the rest of the limestone chippings and connect it up to the boiler so you know you’ve got two entry points there’s in the side here or in the top I’m not entirely sure which one to use at the moment and the pipe sizes are 20 to 32 or 40 mil so we will fit the largest size to minimize the risk of the condensate freezing which would then produce an error on the boiler and shut it down so recommendation is to go for the biggest pipe that you can which will do we had a problem finding anywhere that stocks the limestone chippings we obviously tried the usual B&Q and wicks and places like that and they’d never heard of it and then we popped over to one of the building suppliers in Wellingborough called Higgins and had a chat with one of the guys there and he didn’t he said they didn’t stock it either but he went and asked if anyone else knew where it could be obtained from and in fact they do stock it they actually called it condensate soakaway chippings specifically for the job i had four bags she’s probably too much but I thought we’d have for the last four bags they had just to make it as big as possible to dig one of the things that was you know it’s quite pricey this is fw 100 we talked about before it’s about 180 pounds you know most of you know modern-day electronics generally it’s freely cheap and straight out of China but this this controller is you know I think pretty pricey for for what it is but we’ve managed to find a new but opened one on eBay for a hundred and twenty five quid that’s just being shipped to us at the moment so 180 quid from you know online most of the other dealers but if you look around you might find one on ebay I think with risk there the guy says it’s been fitted and taken straight out because it either wasn’t suitable for the boiler or it wasn’t what the customer wanted I forget what the description said but we could have saved a lot of money there if it works so fingers crossed on that one one of the other things that we was at camera there we go that we wanted was a really good thermostatic valve and I’ve discussed this before and we decided that after

some research the best ones that you could buy where the Drayton TR Fours and that’s what we’ve got here it’s on camera here we go so these have got flow although these bi-directional it doesn’t matter which way you fit them you know flow or return there is a flow direction on there I guess it doesn’t matter which way around it’s either you know if that’s going into the radiator at one end of the rad here or if you fit it the other end and that’s coming out of the road I think either option is fine the actual head itself is interesting because it’s got a frost setting on there and it’s very there’s a very nice movement with half stop positions all the way around up to the maximum and something else I read in the little leaflet that this comes with is if you have a look underneath there are some pegs that you can pull out and reposition and that allows you to set the minimum and maximum positions that this going to be adjusted to so I don’t know perhaps if this was in a child’s bedroom and they my fiddle with it you could set the you know the minimum to three and the maximum to four just to make sure that it is on the setting that you you know need it to be on and that just unscrews and you need to turn ahead to maximum and literally this just fits on there and you do up make you sure that’s to the front just do that up that’s it obviously we’re not going to talk about balancing and and everything else this stage will probably do another video when I’m actually getting involved in doing all of that an interesting thing that you might want to consider is as you know these if you’ve seen the other videos our house is a bit of a hotchpotch of you know boards and concrete and wonky walls and we’re running 22 mil plastic feed and return pipes all around but I thought that if the valve coming straight down like that into you know through the floor the pipe below has got to be exactly in the right position as it comes straight down what I thought was if we have this valve in the straight option which this is the our good option is the one where it comes down this is the straight option if we then fit where’s that camera if I then fit a small piece of the pipe like that we can adjust this to go down you know upstairs it will go through the plasterboard at an angle like that and downstairs with the wooden floor we can probably just have it straight down like this but that would allow meet the slight adjustment angle to so it lines up with the 22 mil pipe you know straight underneath so it seemed to make a hell of a lot more sense to have that option because you can you know put it out through the back or if the pipes slightly out and it’s a bit further forward you can adjust that it just seemed to make a real good sense what will happen then is you know underneath the 22 mil pipe we’ve got 22 T with a 15 mil middle section so that will be down on the 22 mil hype 15 they all come with that that will go into this and then straight into the side so yeah absolutely perfect you can buy these tfv4 with the lock shield as a as a pack but again we used company called plum Co in Wellingborough who have been again great really friendly helpful guys knowledgeable prices have been really good I think we could have saved a tiny little bit of money on line with both of these again just trying to support the local businesses where possible obviously you can’t do if it’s tens of

pounds difference but we certainly were happy to spend a little bit extra on these but if they only supplied it like this in the box that you can see there the lock shield we just thought a standard straight lock shield again incredibly cheap and no issues the fair scan straight you can buy these and straight or angled and we can put that on the end and line it up with the the second pipe the in fact it’s interesting because you’ve got two 22 mil pipes running together side by side which I can’t see anything at that’s how you would have to do it here’s the straight down ones one of the pipes is gonna be out you know whether it’s the feed or the return and the other hands one of them will be not quite right so you know I guess you could dangle this know if that was a good one you could just have that hang good on the rack I think it’d look a bit stupid if it was a bit you know if it was like that on the red or like that anyway personal preference I guess and servicing parts are available for these crv fours which I thought was nice you can’t get a special tool to adjust in here so you can leave the locks your fully open and just get the temperature drop each end sorted out just by adjusting in here and there’s also a gland in here that is replaceable and in fact rate and supply a special tool to adjust this and remove that seal so it’s fully serviceable no issues there I didn’t order the tour I forgot to order it it’s only a special plastic so when I’m sure it’s only a couple of pounds but when we go down to the plum Co next week we will order one of those or a couple probably just in case it gets broken so oh yeah got to protect that the reason this is the probably the best on the market is because it uses a liquid to sense the temperature and and then operate the valve most of the others you know they’ll use wax or whatever the other options are but my research suggested that this is the better of the CRV I really didn’t want to skimp on the filtration on this so we’ve gone for a phone ops tf1 it’s not in the camera there we go that’s better in a minute again oh you know I spent hours and hours looking at recommendations and what seems to be the easiest and mr. has mister central heating sold a pack so we’ve got the filter that goes onto the watch okay and we have a corrosion guard and a scale reducer and these are maintenance-free rights and just go on to in this case this is an evolved scale reducer you can see that 15 mil fitting and so we cool early from earlier reading this it goes on to limits the burn up of scale on a heat exchanger and hot and cold pipes it changes the polarity to limits go and this must be installed no less and one meter away from the appliance so this is just going on to the 15 mil cold water supply just with these compression fittings so that should be pretty straightforward this other – corrosion god is again compression fittings and show you that and this one on to the the 22 mil heating pipe just work out whether this goes on the okay you can connect it onto the inlet or outlet pipe of the boiler so you know whichever is most convenient again I think this is a zinc electrode and another metal probably copper to produce the effect

that they need to stop the corrosion so again they seem to be pretty good products to install they are fitting to get and I think each had a two-year warranty what this does is you’ve got this can go multiple ways but the flow has to follow that arrow you can pull out this spring circlip and actually twist this body so I think you can have it in you know multiple angles you can have it you know like vase or in our case we’ll have it you know just upright like that it comes with see the washers that are in there and these is a full bore 22 mil pipe works 22 mil but that is not most reduce there from 22 mil sure I would have thought they would have used for poor fittings but whatever and brushes are in the box but you literally just screw on screw these on each end I won’t go through all the instructions we may do another video on that but the waters fed through here there’s a magnet in the top that comes down into this so it attracts or any magnetic material or attracted to the magnetic material steel whatever and and collects it around the magnet obviously it spins out any muck that’s in the system and when you want to service this and I think it’s generally once a year but if you’re competent finish you might want to do it every six months perhaps all you do is turn the boiler I wait until the borders fully off because you know even though you’ve turned it off the pomp will often keep circulating the hot water until the waters called to a sufficient temperature and then you would just turn off these you can just turn both of these off you can then pull out the magnet here that will allow all the particles that were being suspended next to the magnet to fall into here you would then release this cap the cap has a built-in tap for this valve here with a bucket underneath this you can just fit that twist it opens up the valve there and then with the returned to the boiler test this one here you just open that up and that will just flush out all of the rubbish that’s that’s in collected in this so just do that so it’s clear turn the valve back off and close this up and fit this back on there then you can with either a flat bladed screwdriver or a you know valve key you can just turn that hair vent valve open a fraction and turn this valve on let this fill up with water from the return pipe until it just hisses out off the top here and then nip that up then the one on the top you can just open that and you’re back to normal and good to go again obviously remember that put that magnet back and that really does just push into there I haven’t looked to the instructions properly for this but this seems to come with some sort of secure security thing here you can put it through the hole and I guess it just shows whether it’s been opened or not it’s the last time so there’s two valves included with this and it’s about it really again it seemed to be the most

recommended one this top actually does come off as well you need to put a wrench on there you can take that all off and take it out and clean inside if you if you chose to and as I said before there is a spring a retention system and there’s a little dent in there that you can see I can’t tell on the viewfinder yeah just here you can put a flat bladed screwdriver in there pull out that spring and then allows you to turn this into the number of positions that are available so yep pretty pleased with trying to think if anything else has happened over the course of the last few weeks that might be interesting but obviously I kept looking at prices online and until we were ready to order just chose the best price and where we could afford to get them from we did try and use the local supplier but you know for a lot of it just wasn’t possible in the end I think we bought the boiler from the CRVs and a few bits and pieces we had to buy a full-bore gas stopcock with you know the livre saw and the same for the 15 mil water from the mains we got that from them and everything else has been been purchased online I think mostly something else I would say is double and triple check the radiator sizes I double-checked the list and realized that some of the rats were the wrong size I don’t know how I did it so I wrote them out again going room by room and I had 12 radiators listed I then converted they’re the sizes we needed in the room to the actual radiators but we wanted online for some reason I ended up with a list of 13 but even more bizarrely when I place the order and they arrived and I counted them all in I’d only ordered 10 so yeah I don’t know what happened no part of the order that came today was for another to 1200 by 600 rads yeah and that’s it really we’ve we’ve got an RCD unit to connect the boiler to for the mains I’ve got 20 meters of 10 mil square bonding cable they’re gonna run that from the boiler gas pipe to the fuse box are consuming in it and cross bonds of all the other copper pipes on the boiler well though it seems that it’s not a requirement I will mention a book it was a Kindle edition book that I purchased I’ll probably put a link below this video for that because it’s been a huge help I can’t even remember the name of it at the moment but I’ll add it to the list the regulations seem to be interpreted differently by plumbers and differently by electricians and even men it just seemed to be some room to maneuver these regulations which I just don’t get so you know either it’s right this way or it’s not but it seems to be a minefield that’s something I’d recommend anyone get him into particularly he just gets just get somebody qualified in to you know to do the wiring and and obviously you’ve got to have a Gas Safe engineer to Commission and connect everything up which we will we will have obviously after I’ve done the talk of the work so yeah that’s it really that’s just a bit of an update pretty much all the parts are here now it’s just not a quick look at some of the more interesting bits when I get the boiler out and have a closer look at that I’ve probably film that before you say you know what’s in the boiler pack and probably just filmed some more interesting bits as we go starting upstairs it’s gonna go into the loft space and put the upstairs rats in first and run the pipe round things still to order I’ve just ordered that I’ve ordered some insulation for the pipes in the loft in fact all the pipes will be insulated I’ve ordered about a hundred meters it does think to be a requirement regulation why is for from from my what I’ve read it’s 25 mil thick insulation but it costs hundreds of pounds so we’ve gone with the 13 mil size you know and hopefully that will be and that will do the job so yeah that’s it thanks for watching I

know it’s gone on a bit again but I just thought it might be interesting to anyone who is contemplating installing their own central heating at some point and well I’ll update you again I don’t know probably during the week when we actually got the insulation and I just actually start work thanks for watching