Webinar Octane: Best Practices to Improve Email Deliverability

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Webinar Octane: Best Practices to Improve Email Deliverability

A very Good Morning to all the listeners who have joined us for the Webinar So before I begin let me introduce myself My name is Jawahar Gadhvi, I’m one of the Business Managers with Octane and today we gonna talk about the best practices to improve your email delivery So before I begin I’ll just give you a snap-shot, about the things we going to talk about what is email delivery, what are the global numbers for delivery, how to get the right opt-ins place, how to get to your data in place, how to get the content in place, how do you built your reputation, how do you get those technology aspects involved in email marketing how you involve them and we’ll also talk about it something which has been asked quite a lot from us, that is Enterprise Email Marketing, we have seen lot of challenges faced in that also So to begin with What is Email Delivery?? So as a marketer and technology manager you are sending out large number of emails,some emails and out of those emails where is that email going ,is it landing to the inbox going to the spam, is it being blocked by the spam filters this is this is the email delivery what you seem and understood that lot of innovative, creative email marketing campaigns can be really unsuccessful if the communication fails to reach the intended audience this leads to be lost of ROI, talking about ROI email is the ROI king, for every dollar you spend on email marketing you get forty rosengren in return. So I think its a big enough reason to reach your customers and prospects in boxes Now talking about some global numbers here, in terms of global email deliverity stats Globally for every email you sent out you get 81% of inbox delivery are preceded by 7% spam and 12% which goes missing or blocked at the ISP level filtering and we also talk about Asia Pacific number the inbox number goes a bit down again it goes at 78% inbox 18% missing and blocked and 4% in the spam So these are global numbers which which talk about delivery so I think some of you will be surprised at these numbers at looking at these but that some of these are challenges which can be faced by not only your technology team, if your are doing it in-house by also ESP if you are working with any of global ESP or email service provider Coming on next slide, before we talk how an email flows how get authentication or do you built reputation and all, the first in the most important is how do you get your data in place how do you collect those opt-ins,how do you get people to subscribes to your newsletter, etc. To start of with once you’ve done all the hard work you have displayed a banner somebody’s clicked on it, somebody search for you or your product and he goes to your website he’s registering, give him an opt-in, checkbox or give him a prior message that you have signing up for this newsletter it also means that the given example that as a customer as a prospects ones you sign up with us you receive these kind of emailers and the these kind of communications so as a consumer I’ll be ready for what you say about so I’ll be informed ,that is very important let them know before hand also if somebody signing up give them up opting checkbox if I’m giving my email to you it doesn’t necessarily mean I need your newsletters it could be something like I need to do it so ask for prior permission before we send them out right. Also to validate your data which means somebody has given you the permissions to send them email send them a non-commercial welcome email what it does is that it’s a soft reminder that you signed up with us it also acts as a validator which means that thank you email bounces you need to add it to you existing database So this is the first level of keeping the hygienic data. So it also reduces your hard bounces and chances of getting your email and IP reputation down once you start your email campaigning Also ones you send those welcome emails you can add or you can ask the people to add your email the from email you have used into the safe sender list or add it to your address book, this will again improve reputation and the next time when they receive the email it will go to the inbox We will also talk about something which many of the people have shied upon is using

double opt-in. So double opt-in simply means that if somebody has registered or signed-up with you he gets up thank you or a authentication email that some if you click on that email then on the will add you to mailing list. So double opt-in has its pros and cons Pros being that you get a highly engaged and responsive audience, but it also it also may increase the chances of drop hours and it may limit the size of your database and it is so i think is the call the marketiers need to take at their end Collecting again up you doing all the things online and if you doing email collection offline it could be via call center, it could be over customer care, it could be your sales team, it could be sharing business cards and all I think we should tell them or take a prior permission for opt-ins and also we should validate those emails because the else generally seen that emails which are collected offline tend to have a higher tendency of bouncing So make sure the hyphens out there the words the correctly pen down etc one more very important thing I’ld like to point out here that is please provide one click unsubscriber link in all your email messages what I mean by one click unsubscribers link is that if as a customer tomorrow or day after tomorrow or in some time if I wanna really opt-out of your email campaigns I should clearly see unsubscribers button it could be placed at the top, as an example why I say on the top and why I say at the clearly visible one is that if a customer or the consumer doesn’t see the unsubscribers link he or she has a tendency of clicking on spam rather than trying to find out where the unsubcriders link is, so what it does is it reduces your reputation again as a sender so make sure you have a clear visible unsubscribers link it will really help you in people not mark your email in spam Next what we to talk about is that if you collecting your database offline like we discussed in couple of thing last point please given them an option of unsubscribing offline also, it could be through a phone number, or it could be through postal address. Some people don’t do it but I think it should be really really followed you can you can really do that Also if you are doing your emailing in-house with your technology team I really really suggest you should clean your database regularly, it means removing all the hard bonuses and the undelivered emails, which means that keep your data hygienic because if you send an email which have already bounced it again kills your reputation as an email sender. And if you working with an ESP or a email service provider they generally give you the the automatic settings for removing all the hard bounces on the fly so that is taken care off. So to summit up you need to really clear your database like you would treat you mailing database Keep it clean, up to date Moving on we will talk about how an email flows it means that once you send out an email campaign or once you send off a single email what does really happened to that email how does it flow, what is the path that takes before it goes to the inbox or the spam or it goes missing so if you look at the supporting flow chart if you are sending that the email. So there are three things it passes through. The first being the authentication which technology like the ESPs and Domain Keys, we will talk about them in advance later-wards. Second is a Reputation how is your reputation of you as a sender and also how does content filtering happens at your end which means what kind of data you using is the email built specific guidelines as a of best practices and all So we will talk about all these three things are coming up and the hardest inflows so first talking about authentication we go to get a bus so that he simply means through simple things 0 process and it was the pre book or spf said that I D going keys so weirdo the word send it was very book all the SPF first if it simply means that it allows the owner of the Internet domain for example if you using the domain XYZ dark call up

it can designate which machines of the race to send emails who sent the email address ends with XI the dot-com so that’s up authentication protocol I salute them good it hampers so you could say spoofing and fishing so nobody can use your email to send communication so I species figure that they’re looking at those things cigarettes a day said I D again to the framework order email authentication technology go to court that helps in addressing the problem of spoofing and fishing by verifying the domain name from which emails are sent so up to some some you this if records they Gmail Yahoo some uses and a daily for a cock million Hewitt for the other two convertibles third again very important are you going east I’ll do mean he’s simply put I’ve piece of information contained in EMU message that enables the PC work to identify but the message is actually come from the senate it claims to have come from so again it updates forgery it kuwait’s I love for art for the Stafford is why do the math and put them in missing on its top so the so they’re looking out for you so up if you again looking in hopes with your article your team peace awesome to put peace spf in the nineteen to meet the same place very important lot indicate you had said that if you look with an ESP please get in touch with them if they haven’t already done it for you next very important something which is in your hand a petition soda position means blacklist and volume creates and use the workings and how do you manage your bounces and what is it behavior a field meanest two-sided because the blacklist this make sure the IP address that you using our or like this trip also make sure that I do mean that you’re using from doing now using result waitlisted please use easily identifiable from means sewed up a few setting a commission to customer let them know this is you rate so they can you get invited to get open and again improve your articulation document one remix because the city meeting for example if you sending ok critical in mister day you know to note when been lacking with the next day 28 ice FIS become suspicious that in such as chocolate or fame all 100 increase our database many force that’s the challenge so so that gives us peace and then they will probably put it stop P Hughes got it was editions I’ll please use the you can say the correct up in processes please do not use dishonestly claimed again be important if you’re talking about the supposed up caught in the body of the matter talk about the car in the separately please don’t use a delivered to the plane’s so great this also means that you figured you the customer are trying to love do things which us Ballard those so all in all you all the things are with this number does and you you need to do the opposite of that also please ensure that the links are accurate reflection of the landing beach so because it will also increase reputation and if you’re going the other way it increases your repression is up to me going fishing are going to a Fort a product also please don’t use my words these words and images dahmer both management again I’ll a come back to the point at which I love you made that if you are having I want is peace movement on the database if you send them an email again and again to hide bones it again to move your on a petition it brings us to a new level popular behavior Rd hard increase your up dictation okay re-engage with a customer if you do if your database is great if it if you have anything great click-throughs a if so many people are coping and clicking through this a sign of happiness depends it means the people are engaged with you as an audience 8 if people are opening word name so what ice busy looking at your email history if people are opening in overtime foot for not every day but small so dense that meant to send an email it shows a relationship between disciplined and he said and god forbid if you lineup in its bad if a user really want to receive emails they will Italy murdoch’s about so this is also be marred by be there looking at ok it people are really looking into looking for the email address is not bad for them so so this is that let you the winning soap user behavior will actually help you build a petition and the keep you all the spam box so being gay should be delivered a be abated with him up its bid to contact peacekeeping your YouTube is also with the new you think so coming on an ex parte

something which is absolutely in your hands the content the email that you can go as a marketeer so-called configuring something which is scrutinized by a species begin at the delivered took we’ll talk about hot images how the construction of Miller’s because he will be made it hard for the plane’s and Holly links they all add up be appointed I can produce a great point in upon these things now we talk or some peeps on hard to get you going to break so first fall these get a professional design template up by what I mean by profession template is that these make sure the that it is quoted correctly fees make sure that even looks best know the grocer’s because by putting can really attract up a high response code and it may do you do the stomach also make sure you human doesn’t have a missing or detained in court %uh which piece if you have the Corning gone bad them did they would ending problem between indicate to rice peas that year emails and a professional and they would probably put your stomach up a white MD funbags up for example love and the PSP them to die for it in a game have but you deliberately doing boxes said it would be barred even up to simply put a multi-party males are sending you our St Mill just plain text along with that estimate this improves your reputation is ended and up most of the few looking at the ESPYs most obvious is give you the option of setting a fire department on the flight but the board and they again like to mention here is that believe Pisa keeper take a double take for spelling mistakes and they both very very important up bad grammar and spelling mistakes can know should be avoided at all cost and if if the ISP’s don’t understand the words are the dahmer that you’re making out the leg input you and about to be white spelling mistakes and so I think an example a that we’ve been seeing work with the with a customer in the subject line they had messed up the then mister the words the item I played a third of the truck so on average they were getting fantastic open date on it be ways emailing and on the second day of the air there open its top best sex was important and with few min we diagnose what could be the problem was and we figured out because of the type where to because I’ll be using a slang also %uh that a drop of 67 percent open in that particular company is almost it can that your poet he make up its also you look ok great balance between our texts and images it could be a 60/40 images a between text and no images up for example as the a balance between text images that batters cannot read images DA become plan they cannot see and understand what is this image all about so also use or text on that images both ladies properly or you don’t was either dole if you have a the promenade will be both in the field and the many missing their hi-eight guys about her daughter hired a so please make sure their names okay did make sure you have the view that a correcting days because if somebody to see that wrong person 80 mil there’s a tendency day again mark you as spam will not display so this good this reduces the the position but also and a losing it with a customer was all the boats that are linked to mention and talk about is that please don’t you Dalits and very large fonts %uh being again the keep you up arlen mocks the Perkins bad except as a top soap is about keeping a good balance between text and images don’t use different fonts I’m all the words in the pockets for example I’ll if using us X thanks woman fought in one piece and a Calabrian other its it should go to it also be the one used by X number of ok gotta go back on this something which all the last time was to this two-way deal you can see the ideals staff just before the doc read that this the something which is really important something which are also seen as a human marketed Laurel North companies of customers also use in but it may just I think this dish you really really want it stealth by the spammers and these images these emails for the images as attachment automated within the mill so what it may seem like is that I don’t have to click on his name it is for the was too loud but what it actually does it makes the up the email have you and I get very prone to about so to wait this host your images online

I’ll in me that through your team is that video on YouTube said you can do that a game but the important thing people have a game bosses many dames can I use the form in the mail I were to send them a decision campaign in the same in the sense that I would do I i wanted it more results or the customer I was in a cabin saying that these send us feel better team is our phone number to contact Edith it should really wanted good good false in the mail what are the man because qualms uses dose groups which are again fishy and up many other names that have been blocked by the ISP’s and the the question is not and up also please don’t use Highfield bomb works like free and the you can say I’ll gamble and all these words we we can also you can also come to give up so that you can we can also share the list of banned words which I’ve been used these days so wide that coming on the next block very important up this is again be asked but our focus mad it hasn’t been on 3rd me but this is and the craziness that victor’s so and the brady was that produce are the hardest to get I don’t which means that b2b market is faith XO Holdings reading books so and a base paper did uses are a commission appointed and to fly with the bat to classify stop and in most cases also took and controlled by the bases not by the stopper deployed so dissolving in both the basements issues def work and your because I did up best Italian ending I think challenging maybe understatement the most widely used and Victor are the Boston E it’s going to cost me on it delivers 23 percent of your team a slingbox I think that’s a it for the surprise to a lot of people but only 23 percent in the box I’ll 33 person is bob and 44 percent goes missing up so sadistic get old and understands time if you if you’re mean for it to using possibly is that upping example about but most other delegates band assassin it gives mu taken any person both delivery at that person was missing and got so busy huge difference to some above water that you have spoken about here and that I love I quickly the visit border there we spoke in last 30 minutes so even if they are waiting are undoubtedly give you the best our way up for every dollar that is spent forty goes into great number soaking you can again keep investing in your email marketing packages and I’m sure you get more bodies but Abreu was you to make up its up getting opens and these build even data get the OPP get the user’s I’ll a gate is get the idea is ought to the user what defender for and be with the morning issue are talking about taking less attend the issues make SPFD condemns Israeli get them in please if you do you to health get to take on a new team in place enough time to do it if you look with an ESP if they haven’t ordered it for you please get in touch and I get this done also these behemoths and interpretation with all the thing think the point is that you discussed you do that and it would really help you in being good that the petition get your estimate going to bed got it please get pushed ahead a building out the middle a condom this is something which is at the Marquee or that point Meadows you have complete control of I think that’s something which you should really look up do you follow the best practices keep them more keep updated with them he will be with them up also we have seen a lot of talented challenges in the base meeting I think those outages are here to stay if you have something if you have a new to call you back through or something for the art which will be arguing that make the minority next both appreciate up before if they were black I just a quick a recap of for what you’ve done and just a few words about okay and what you doing up so on a monthly basis be so what on three hundred-plus million in boxes and that you’re looking currently with 120 Bryant which include Fortune 500 companies one of them be at Taco established e-commerce companies and/or upcoming months or so we have offices in Delhi a bombay man who and we have come up with a office in San Francisco so on the internet for people happy to a gate on that a beat-up I would be headed and and profitable p currently have it on forty-plus for their employees and yes we’re hiring so if any of one of you is interested in booking with us pieces I love it said Aachen Aachen and the drop in tourism is will be more than happy to benefit you

on that up by the way also we just in doesn’t really got what do that the pretty dope hardest octave tech startups in a dip and the we’re going to build on that Ando you see much point in a recent pic technology big through them up in the coming years with you in the next half an hour on the 16th of April thank you so much for joining us have agreed excellent about