От атеиста к Святости (18+)

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От атеиста к Святости (18+)

T: Hello IM: Greetings Zh: Hello T: Well, now the consciousness of some of you says: “Mmm … how interesting, one more programme Well, what else interesting are you going to tell us, so that we become more spiritual?” IM: Well, we’ll tell about the truth The question is, what they will hear There is no greater obstacle than the human’s consciousness for understanding the truth And nothing distorts it so much, I mean the truth, as a human consciousness T: Yes, Igor Mikhailovich, consciousness indeed is not an assistant in spiritual matters at all, and You have revealed this question very well in the programme “Consciousness and Personality …”, which IM: Well, I would say, evidently, we have missed something, no matter how hard we tried, because there is still too much misunderstanding T: Yes, it really turns out, that every person is looking for this path to God, somehow, at some point in his life IM: All his life T: And everybody is looking for it IM: In fact, the Personality even of avid atheists, it always aspires to God, but consciousness manipulates and easily substitutes goals, it leads away But this happens only when it manipulates a person, and a person, without knowing this, becomes a slave of consciousness, more simply, a slave of satan T: In the modern world, there is a lot of various information, freely available on the Internet about the spiritual path. And without having keys it is very difficult for a person to figure out where some substitutions from the consciousness are, that is, in general to get the point in this information flow: “How to find the way to God?” IM: Well, the path to God is the shortest path in a person’s life in fact, because God, or, let’s say, the doors to the Spiritual World are always within a human A person, wherever he went, either to high mountains, or into deep, let’s say, caves, he will not find God there God is within himself Therefore, everything is simple The only thing… in this case who prevents them from understanding it – this is just the one who stands between God and a human, this is the one who since ancient times was called satan, the devil, the iblis, there were many names Here in the modern world it is more convenient, and we say this way, actually – the system Because it should be understood that the devil is not in the flesh, the flesh of the devil is our flesh, and this should be understood. And he himself, well, just like the usual computer program, he is just an information structure, and he is in every particle of matter T: We also came across a huge number of questions from, as you said correctly, atheists, priests, laymen, and all people who are going to God and, it can be said, they are a step away from God Or how believers say, it can be said, in one step from the door to God And it turns out that certain questions arise in all people And there are no answers to these questions Some become disappointed in their religions because of this Of course, there are cases when, on the contrary, among the atheistic environment are found those people who find the way to God. But there is a huge range of questions on which people do not have answers, and we would like to talk about what kind of arguments the consciousness has in order to stop a person, in actual fact What questions in general do these people have? And try to figure out, give answers to these questions, in order to somehow ease for people this way home IM: Let’s try T: Let’s try. Well, let’s start, with atheism IM: Well, on the other hand, why try, it is necessary to act T: To act Zh: Right. We tried to figure it out, and have studied out the topics both of atheism, lay people, and priests, and so IM: So you are the first ones, who have studied out these topics Zh: Yes. And on the topic of atheism, here is the question: what is atheism? And in fact IM: Atheism is a religion, a religion of satan, meaning, a religion of materialism For they also believe in what they believe Zh: Yes. The question seemed very relevant, because it was surprising to face the fact that atheism is on the third place in statistical studies on the list of religions after Christianity and Islam So, in general, what is the reason for that? IM: Well, I would say that hidden atheism prevails over all religions

Why? Because in Christianity and in Islam there are many atheists, there are many atheists among those who call themselves believers, but in fact they do not believe in God, they do not know Him and do not aspire to God, but they simply use religious organizations as a specific instrument in this case And, unfortunately, this happens among clergymen, laity, and monks as well This is a convenient form of existence, but their consciousness tells them: “Whether God exists, whether God doesn’t exist – the main thing is to live now”. (Zh: Right.) Such one-day butterflies. I would even say there is such a fly – drosophila, which is being constantly experimented on Well, I would compare with this These are exactly those, who the devil is conducting his experiments on Zh: Yes. There also such information was found, while exploring atheistic dictionaries, reading various skeptic books, we just found out that atheists, they, in fact, deny God and do not believe in religions, they call religion a lie and deceit, meaning ignorance, lies and deception And, in fact, they themselves do not believe IM: And they constantly demand to prove the existence of God. (Zh: Yes.) But let’s figure out who among people does not require proof from God that He exists Don’t believers do that? We have talked about this more than once, and people know that, “Oh, God, if you exist, make my tummy not to ache”, yes? I have already given similar examples Or, “God, if you exist, let my financial situation be resolved, and then I will believe in you.” The situation was resolved, but a human forgot about his promise And again, from whom, do these proposals for God come, let’s say? Zh: From consciousness IM: But these are not even proposals – these are ultimatums to God: “If you exist, prove that you exist.” From consciousness But consciousness immediately says: “No matter how hard you prove to me that you exist, I will not believe you.” Why? Because, people need to know and understand: the consciousness will never perceive anything that is related to the Spiritual World, the real true It will always doubt, always A simple example, which we have mentioned several times, – this disbelief of so many people in those times when they were close to the Prophet (peace be upon him) Muhammad, and even with Jesus What is here to talk about?! Human consciousness And the stronger, let’s say, satan holds the ropes and manipulates such a doll which considers itself to be a human, the less the human has the chance to get in touch with the Spiritual World This is also true But human is not a doll after all – he’s a human And in fact no one can force him, as a Personality, to make his choice: choose serving satan or serving God The cognition of the Spiritual World and aspiration, and coming there, depends on the person himself No satan has the right to defeat a human, if a person aspires to God And satan cannot break the rules that are set not by him No one can Zh: Yes. In fact, satan is the one who opposes everything that comes from God IM: In fact, he opposes nothing, he is just an always hungry program that constantly requires energy, and everything else are tricks and ploys just for feeding itself Let’s take people for example, people being hungry are also resort to cunning and everything else, isn’t it so? Don’t animals act like this? They do The only thing that differentiates is that it is a well-organized, let’s say, structure with a huge intellect, well, and it is self-developing Meaning, what is now called an artificial intelligence, well, I would compare it this way And it would be possible to attribute our consciousness, let’s say, our thought process to a quantum computer Well, they all are interconnected and form a single chain But the only thing that needs to be considered here is that consciousness, as they say, even though it is primitive, everyone has it: the microorganism, and, excuse me, the parasites that live in the human body They are well organized and this is really true, because it is them which are forcing you to take these or those products If parasites living in you need sugar, you drink a cup of coffee,

let’s say, with an extra spoonful of sugar and think that it is you who want this, even without thinking who really wants And imagine, if a certain group of parasites can dictate to such a “higher evolutionally developed creature,” as atheists say, “accidentally formed, but reached a maximum development”, and they are dictated to by simple worms Here is an example of how programs actually work Also the same microbes, viruses – they also introduce their dictatorship and also rule And there are a lot of such examples. They manipulate not only ants, animals – they also manipulate people Zh: Yes. And here comes the question, but what about a human being – the top of the food chain? IM: Well, he is food for those who are at the bottom of the food chain, and here the circle closes T: Just how interesting the system acts That is, it encapsulates a person, and he thinks that such kind of his atheistic conclusions are his personal conclusions, absolutely IM: Well, everyone wants to consider himself very intelligent and in fact considers himself, let’s say, capable of understanding so many mysteries But this is all derivatives of pride and the rest Only a proudling one can deny the existence of God and consider himself above someone else, and assume that he knows everything It’s impossible to know everything T: It was also interesting, when studying this question we faced information that even that very atheism, which in fact was in ancient Rome and in ancient Greece, and that it was inherent in these elitist circles, who have their own IM: And you have just said the key phrase: “elitist circles”, meaning, the elite And only few people know what the elite really is Elite are the servants of El, or related to the circle of El And who is El? T: Well, we know that it is Well, from classical understanding it’s (IM: from the classical one) God in Judaism, this is the supreme God, and the meaning of this word is “might” IM: And look, now you are telling interesting things After all, Judaism is mono-religion, right? (T: huh) It believes in the One God. But how and where does the supreme God come from? But if we take, let’s say, Judaism and read in the original, and also the ancient Greek publications, which have been preserved until now, well, people will be surprised by what is written there, yes? As it is written there, that the gods gathered under the leadership of El, and how the human allotments were given to the gods by El, meaning, to the children of God, who later became gods Well, that’s all, let’s say, the echoes of ancient legends, which just told the truth, but history, or rather historians cleared it out very well and changed, and here instead of the truth, we have Olympus, you know, with its gods But this story, it copies exactly the reality which actually happened in Atlantis What is now called “Atlantis”, but it was called in another way. But what’s the difference, now it’s called Atlantis T: Igor Mikhailovich, and who is El in actual fact? IM: El? Well, for those who love history in its classics, I’ll say so, I’ll tell a little fairy-tale that has the right to life Who wants to, he believes in this tale and is looking for evidence, which is a lot, in fact a whole lot And who does not want to – he just perceives, as I said, “just a fairy tale.” In order to understand how it was in reality Well, I’ll make it easier for understanding Once there was a civilization that was much more developed than now They aspired, like any material, let’s say, formation, to autocracy They aspired to a single government, as, let’s say, as now many are striving for But they explain that the world should be united, people should live well, and when there is a single government there is a single world, there are no wars, no, well, let’s say, any misunderstandings in terms of economy and everything else And indeed at a high stage of evolutionary development, people have to be united after all But they must be controlled to avoid chaos

And from the best of motives a single government was created, but once again, as I’ve said, science did not stand still And it is natural that prolonging human life beyond the species limit, many times at that, is not difficult for a modern science; there are already good experiments, the first attempts that give colossal results and show that this is quite real, it is not difficult And when there are many people on earth, and then there were eight billion people Just imagine, eight billion people, that is, almost as now, just a little bit more Well, the modern development is moving, we are already approaching this – their development, let’s say so Imagine so many people, and they achieve immortality What to do? And they are breeding in addition. That is, the population increases, well, there is nothing to feed them and so on It is clear that for safety reasons, say, in order to avoid overpopulation, no one gave it to people But in connection with the fact that the scientific discovery was made, it was tested, gave good results, who needs it? Exactly those who rule the whole world, so that people who lead, they could exist for a long time, and keep order Well, again, when a person has everything, he does not need anything, but when others will come everything can change Well, in this way, certain people have become almost immortal It does not mean that they could not die – they could: get poisoned – and die, mechanical damage to the body could lead to a fatal outcome But, let’s say, they certainly would not have died from an illness or of old age And one of the supreme governors had the name El That’s what we That’s how the gods were created Why gods? Well, because generations were changing, but El lived almost a thousand years Imagine people are getting bored, a power does no longer satisfy them, moreover a peaceful power; and like any civilization in the peak of its development, or rather, reaching the peak of the development, they stimulated people’s knowledge, education, well, as long as it was needed And then they “stepped” on education and began, say, to fight the logical thinking of people We are observing this in education now, what is happening. This is a fact Well, and in such way they deprived people of many benefits. People became a little wild and grew stupid For them that country, let’s say, that world, you cannot call it another way, well it was kind of an assembly of gods for them, where gods reside and so on, something like paradise And for those who, say, were especially faithful and were needed, they had a chance to get into that world, “the world of the immortals” Only it ended badly. Why badly? Well, because people got bored and those who were called gods, they were actually anthropomorphic, but ordinary people with a lot of problems under the rule of satan, that is, consciousness manipulated them And in order to somehow brighten up their existence, their way of life, they endowed, or rather El divided, because he was the only ruler, he allotted the dominions to each of his assistants who were part of this group of immortals Well, they received certain peoples with a certain territory for their rule And he ruled them all Then the chess games began, the wars started between them, because they were bored Just like in ancient Rome, remember, gladiator fights and the like It’s human nature, it requires blood, and preferably someone else’s, not the own one Well, they reached the point, to the maximal fall, which is possible, say, from the position of morality and everything else It is clear that no one ever mentioned True God, as for all people the gods were the Atlanteans, led by El, and the group of gods with him, who committed everything from debauchery to murder – this was a norm for them That’s where in the future the legends of Olympus and so on were born from Well, it all ended badly for them,

because at one fine point they were simply demolished along with Atlantis and with their In general, all the gods and their minions, practically all, they were demolished And of course most of the people who strongly believed in it. Simply… like dirty dishes are washed T: A question arises now: by whom, if in such a three-dimensional world they were so omnipotent? IM: Let’s say it simply: God does not interfere in human affairs, but sometimes he has to That is, still there is one who represents the Spiritual World, and when everything goes beyond the line, then and there is no way to turn back, when people are deaf and blind, it is natural that they are washed away I’ll give a simple example Imagine a farmer, whose livestock are sick, what will he do? But there are also a few healthy ones He will save those who are healthy, and not those who are irrevocably sick, right? T: So it turns out that all these, say, ancient myths, antique myths, they IM: They are well reworked by consciousness, and as of today the Atlanteans – they were almost the best, the most intelligent and everything else Well, everything was altered, everything was distorted and changed. This is beneficial for consciousness But there are a lot of confirmations of these facts, which I am talking about: artifacts, megaliths, and much more The one who wants, will find confirmation And whoever does not want, as I’ve said, let him perceive it simply as another fairy tale, there are actually many fairy tales ATLANTIS ELITE IN THE SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY ALLATRA TV presents Were there more HIGHLY DEVELOPED CIVILIZATIONS than now? Did ATLANTIS exist? The existence of an island country where an anthropomorphic god reigned He was surrounded by his children – an assembly of gods who ruled people, had wonderful technologies (mysterious magic objects), possessed climatic weapons, the ability to clone a human (text on the screen: the hero Gilgamesh, the hero Heracles, the hero Odysseus), medical technologies prolonging a person’s biological life beyond the species limit, meaning, increasing life for a long time – the so-called “immortality in the body for the selected ones” – this information is mentioned in the ancient traditions of different peoples of the world INCONVENIENT KNOWLEDGE MONOCRACY (SINGLE WORLD GOVERNMENT) WHERE “GODS” LIVE (THE WORLD OF “IMMORTALS”) ELITE – SERVANTS OF EL AN EARTHLY PARADISE – THE COUNTRY OF GODS, WHERE SUPREME GOD, SURROUNDED BY ASSEMBLY OF GODS, REIGNED The legends about the over-advanced antediluvian civilization: – which was situated on the far West, on the large island, surrounded by water; – country the powerful influence of which was once spread all over the world; – the country where El autocratically ruled with own entourage of his chosen servants – the Elite, Text on the screen: El. Elite and endowed his children with power over different nations; refer to very ancient times Peoples of the East and peoples of the West who lived several millennia ago have kept these legends Each nation called this island state in their own way text on the screen: ISLES OF THE BLESSED text on the screen: DILMUN. AVALLON. ELYSIUM. ATLANTIS and other – this is the blessed island of DILMUN, “The Land of the Living”, where there was no disease and death, the gods’ place of living The scene of one of the oldest Sumerian myths about the gods Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, about the human Ut-Napishti who survived the Great Flood

These legends are embodied in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh hero, as well as in the Babylonian poem “Enuma Elish” It is from these legends much later, after many centuries, the Hebrew priests borrowed stories about Eden of paradise, the forbidden fruit, the expulsion from paradise, the Great Flood and much more In Celtic mythology – it is an island of blessed AVALLON, located on distant “western islands” Its symbolism: a glass tower or palace, wonderful apples, granting immortality and so on The word AVALLON is originally found as a proper name in the Welsh genealogy regarding the mythical ancestor of the oldest dynasties of Britain In Chinese mythology, the paradise of immortals (xian) It is located on three sacred mountains: Penglai, Fāngzhàng and Yíngzhōu, which swim in the sea-ocean It is mentioned that immortal people “xian” ride on the clouds, navigating flying dragons They have the garden of the goddess Xiwangmu, in which the peaches of immortality grow (p’an-t’ao) It is known that in legends the immortal person xien often has the face of a white-bearded old man and he is depicted with the attributes of immortality And in the mythology of the Hellenes, that is, the ancient Greeks – this country was called ELYSIUM “THE ISLANDS OF THE BLESSED” ATLANTIS HELLENES ABOUT ATLANTIS Atlantis That’s how was named a highly developed island state in the Atlantic Ocean by the first among the Hellenes the ancient Hellenic philosopher Plato in his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias” Plato was a descendant of the Athenian lawmaker of the 6 century BC – archon Solon, who was called “the wisest of the Seven Wise men” of the country of ELlada, a country known as Ancient Greece now According to Plato, the great mystery is that the story of the natural cataclysms is repeated and the present civilization is far from being the first, the Egyptian priests told to archon Solon during his travels through Egypt By the way, according to the legend of the Hellenes, the bloodline of Solon has its origins directly from Poseidon, the god of the seas, who, as it is considered have “founded Atlantis and settled his children there” According to the ancient Greek tradition, ATLANTIS was a large island state, which was located to the west of the Pillars of Hercules, opposite the Atlantean Mountains Other ancient sources report about the “land of Titan Atlas” Atlanteans waged wars and spread their power far beyond their state Atlanteans society was at the stage of decomposition: selfishness, power, luxury, ambitiousness, corruption of morals According to the legend, in punishment, the gods sent on them a severe earthquake and a flood The large island of Atlantis was DESTROYED during a sudden strong earthquake and rapid flooding It was flooded in the waters of the ocean “in one day and one disastrous night” According to Plato, the death of Atlantis occurred 9,200 years before the time of the Archon Salon (Athenian lawmaker of the 7th century BC) That is, 12 thousand years ago from modern times Today there is a lot of scientific material on the issue what do oceanologists, geologists, geotectonists and specialists in other fields of science think about this Many scientists had no doubt about the existence and submerging of a big area of land that once was in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and America, which Plato mentioned about

But many people were astonished by the very fact of a fast land submerging in only one day in this legend However, the current rapid global climate change on Earth, which has been observed in the last two years, all this indicates that in the modern world any day can be the last for the consumer civilization As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov said: “It is people with their choice and whom they choose to serve: the devil or God, they move closer or move away the end of the world A lot depends on people Some people doubt the end of the world But for today, only a fool or someone who does not see what is going on outside the window can doubt” THE COUNTRY OF ETERNALLY ALIVE Since ancient times, people living on different continents have preserved a common spiritual heritage, which includes an understanding of how can a mortal human reach life without death, how to acquire eternal life They were based on primordial spiritual knowledge about the existence of the Spiritual world, the eternal world of God, that God is one, about the temporality and mortality of the material world There was an understanding of the power of God, and that it lies in the Love of God There was also knowledge of the seven messengers of the Spiritual world, the executors of the will of the One God They periodically come to this world at the most important stages for humanity That is, their immortal Spirit temporarily incarnates in this world in the human body and, thus, being equal in living conditions with people, they fulfilled their mission until the destruction of the body shell, meaning, the death of the temporary body If six of the seven messengers from the Eternal, Spiritual World come occasionally and necessarily, then one of them is constantly present on the Earth at the behest of God He has many names, but his real name is Ahriman In modern terms, he is a programmer who wrote a program that is what people at different times have called the Devil, Satan, Iblis, or just a reasonable system A system, part of which is the consciousness and thoughts coming to the person from the system Thoughts influence and work patterned, as programs Ahriman constantly monitors the work of his global intelligent system He is here, in the material world, only “one day”, starting from the ancient understanding that the entire material world exists with only billions of years “just one day” Many people have a question, why it is needed the devil and these demons in their head, all these programs with coming thoughts and emotions, built on pride, envy, hatred and a assembly of earthly desires? But, according to primordial knowledge, they just create the conditions for human choice: to be mortal or to find spiritual immortality Thoughts seduce, create earthly desires, they are stimulants of vices, a thirst for power and dead attributes of the material world But these filter programs – the devil and the demons are also all-seeing guards before the gates into a true paradise. Heaven of God The Spiritual world is a world where there is no matter,

it is a world in which another form of existence, interpreted in the human understanding as the Love of God Love of God People called in different ways the immaterial place where messengers from the Spiritual World constantly reside One of the names known today is the legendary Shambhala, headed by Rigden Jappo According to the primordial Knowledge, Shambhala is situated between the real eternal world of God and the temporally existing material universe, that is, in the highest – 72 dimension of this Sphere This is from where came the mention of the number 72 in ancient legends, stories, images I would also like to note that the familiar material world is already changing in 4 dimensions, and in the seventh, it is already absent as matter The seal of Shambhala is the ancient AllatRa sign, stylized on the all-seeing eye of God, or the sun rising from the horizon in a triangle with divergent rays With the seal of Shambhala, as a sign, was marked the territory or place where was the interest of Shambhala Similar signs of distinction were worn by representatives of Shambhala when they temporarily incarnated in this world, as well as those from among the worthy people who helped them As there were and still are many legends about Shambhala, which are intertwined with legends about the cosmic World mountain In the legends, it was associatively said that immortal gods live on the top of this mythical mountain This concept is associated with an immaterial place, located outside the three-dimensionality, which can be spiritually visited by those who are called saints, etc And this is due to the processes of a significant spiritual transformation of human from mortal to immortal and has nothing to do with the matter as such, that is, neither with the physical body of a human nor with any material place on earth With these insights, it is easy to distinguish wheat from the chaff “…While in firm position of the spiritual Observer, as well as having primordial Knowledge and working on himself, man gets practical keys to self-perfection and finds grains of the Truth even if they are hidden in an elevator full of chaff.” (from AllatRa book) When the Primordial Knowledge is lost A person feels the Primordial spiritual This is innate in him on an unconscious level But also a person hears the thoughts that consciousness dictates him constantly, and he perceives them as his own by mistake What a person chooses in himself, to what he attaches his attention, he eventually receives that Loss of spiritual knowledge occurs when a person ceases to work spiritually on himself, loses his inner connection with God, that is, the possibility of gaining his real immortality in a temporary life Instead, he begins, as a servant, to fulfil the attitudes of consciousness – to seek immortality and salvation in the material world The result is uniquely sad – subpersonality The patterns of consciousness as part of the system are the same at all times Therefore everything in the world is the same and repeats itself after a certain period of time 12,000 years is just a cycle What happened in Atlantis? Most people have chosen a consumer format of civilization in their minds The desire to achieve immortality in the body became the dominant idea Consciousness began to distort actively and substitute primordial spiritual knowledge on directives beneficial to the system

Thus ancient religions were born, where spiritual action inside a person was replaced by an external spectacle and the satisfaction of earthly desires Atlantis is an example of that So, due to the loss of the primordial Knowledge, people began to call in the legends seven messengers from the Spiritual world – the gods This misunderstanding of the majority was taken advantage of in its earthly interests by ordinary mortals who, having reached power, resorted to the latest achievements of science – the discovery of the prolongation of human life beyond the species limit They called themselves legendary immortals, although at the same time they remained mere mortals who only significantly increased their lifetime A common mortal man named El declared himself the supreme god He appropriated names and epithets from the legends of one of the seven messengers from the Spiritual world, who was constantly on the Earth – Ahriman And then he appointed the gods first of all, then his children, giving them the names of the legendary messengers of the Spiritual world And for people to believe him and his associates, and to support their power – El and his servants – the elite created the Elysium on an island with a favourable climate and on a single low mountain, like in the descriptions of the World Mountain As a result, after several generations of their power, people could not already distinguish where the truth is, and where the fiction Only from the saint, there was nothing there anymore, the society degraded The salvation of the body became the goal of people’s life, and the concept of the One God became a worship the material image of a mortal man with a beard sitting on the throne It only seems to a mortal human that his earthly power is unlimited But this is only an illusion created in his mind by the system itself In fact, he becomes a controlled slave: what kind of thought the system will impose on him, that he will obey with obedience The descendants of those who managed to survive after the demolition of Atlantis, to hide from retribution and survive the subsequent times of the new spiritual formation of mankind, became custodians of the ideological heritage of Atlantis When the epoch of patriarchy came, they started to propagate actively the ideas of omnipotence and sought to implement them, establishment of new world order planning for centuries ahead Controlled by the patterns of consciousness, they led the game of the system in secret knowledge and secret activity: they created closed groups, clans, secret orders, organized initiations into the so-called “great mystery of mysteries”, giving the story of the country of El for fate of the chosen ones, granting their pride belonging to supposedly dominant a race of highly developed people, which, in their opinion, must govern all people on earth, that is, to the servants of El – ELite This can be clearly traced in different historical times It was on their initiative that there appeared the stories, including, the stories about Atlantis and the mountain of the immortal Olympic gods This information was subsequently introduced into the minds of new generations as a pattern of behaviour After all, what is allowed to the gods, the human pride invariably copied to itself The descendants of the Atlanteans took many other initiatives, because of which today most people have lost spiritual knowledge, they dream about immortality in material bodies, and do not even know that they have already lived under the Aegis of EL and unconsciously seek to imitate his ELITE But it did not happen immediately The descendants of the Atlanteans waited for the time when the system would gain strength and again dominate the minds of people a time when the spiritual resistance of mankind will be weakened Because they knew the main thing, that everything begins with a human and his choice How it really was…

When the era of patriarchy came, priests and militant leading figures usurped power That’s how there appeared many gods endowed with human passions, and bloodthirsty tin gods, who were portrayed in material bodies with symbols of power and attributes of immortality And that whole system of power was popularized by a mixture of particles of spiritual grains of primordial Knowledge (otherwise it would not be so attractive to most people) with beneficial to the system guidelines, such as the division of people, the domination of some over others, hatred, intolerance As a result, the society has degraded by the conventional patterns of consciousness programs: military clashes, conquests, exploitation A simple example is the first Sumerian city-states, in which the first kings ruled Have you ever wondered why the world history in different countries of the world in school textbooks, textbooks for higher educational institutions, begins with the IV-III millennium BC from the ancient cities of Mesopotamia and Egypt? And then, as a rule, there are indicated Ancient India, China, Ellada (Ancient Greece) Why is the attention of new generations concentrated especially in this Middle Eastern region and precisely in this period of time? On whose initiative or, more precisely, who is the sponsor of the dominance of exactly this opinion in this approximate science of guessing dates and events? As though nothing more important existed before: no megalithic cities on different continents, no Trypillian ten thousand cities in the territory of Ancient Europe, no highly developed cities in Eurasia, whose inhabitants led a peaceful way of life It is not even reported that before the Sumerians there lived people in Mesopotamia who especially respected the Allatra sign, as, indeed, other people from ancient times on different continents ALLATRA SIGN IN CULTURES OF THE WORLD 12-1 millennium BC The symbolic depiction of the sign of spiritual transformation among different peoples is AllatRa. More details about the AllatRa sign and other signs are described in the AllatRa book by Anastasia Novykh. The book is freely available on the website allatra.tv And why in this “world history of the elected ones” all communities of people before this period – conditionally called “cultures”, and then – “civilizations”, the first city-states? The answer lies in the word “state” Due to borrowings from other languages and translations, we meet such interpretations as “dominance/overlordship”, “dominus/lord”, “power”, “head of the family” The ancient sources of the origin of the word “dominance” lead to Sumerians It was at this time in the East that active propaganda of the ancient supreme deity began, the primal forefather named El, the history of his formation, the struggle for power with the old gods and their overthrow, the rule of the peoples by his children and the assembly of gods under his administration Considering that the Sumerians were dominated by the power of religion and propagandized by a assembly of gods led by the main god, it becomes clear from what “family of gods” the example of people management was copied “KINGDOM OF MIND” How did the history of the so-called people’s “civilization” coming to the fertile valley of Mesopotamia start? From the division of surplus and bureaucracy The first pictographic texts were accounting records, economic lists, checklists

To put it simply, the era of matriarchy was ruined by daily routine, as well as a thirst for the “patriarchy” power This is also the case with a person who loses a spiritual connection with God within himself Dictate of consciousness arises in him He begins to pay excessive attention to his household arrangement in three-dimensionality at a loss to his spiritual development And with the domination of the kingdom of mind, everything is patterned, regardless in the family or in the community: the definition of an external enemy, the desire to seize neighbouring territories, the exploitation of surrounding people, the struggle for power What does this lead to? Did the country Sumer was a country of free people? Sumer of the end of the III millennium BC is a country that has constantly waged aggressive wars, a country of mercenaries, slaves bought or captured in the war, a country of debtor slaves who sold their family members and themselves into slavery A country that lives by a collection of laws of kings, who proclaimed themselves governors of the gods The country of 30 pieces of silver, where human life was expressed in the measure of the value of the commodity of that time – in silver This is evidenced by the tablets with the annual reports of the guards, which are devoted to operations with labour and slaves And this “kingdom of minds,” the slaves and servants of the god Ellil, spread his tentacles to Syria, Asia Minor, and Elam NEWCOMERS WITH THE HISTORY ABOUT EL The ethnonym, meaning, the name “Sumerians” is a scientific abstraction, it is not the self-designation of the people This name is simply used to denote to the people who came to Mesopotamia fertile lands In the general literary heritage of Ancient Mesopotamia, which came through the cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians, then the Akkadians who adopted their heritage, and later in the writings of the priests of Babylon, it is first described the story of power formation, repeated the antediluvian history of the omnipotence of the long-lived El and his elite El here are attributed the qualities of the god Enlile (Akkadian Ellil), which later became one of the main gods of the Sumerian-Akkadian pantheon And there can be traced the echoes of the old legends, left from the original knowledge – about the seven gods, among which was also Enlile – one of the names of Ahriman, that Enlile was the second after the heavenly god named Anu and his permanent representative on the Earth But already in the Sumerian legends, Enlil of the seven gods is actively attributed to the antediluvian history of the world autocrat – El The main epithets of ENLIL are: “The Great Mountain,” “the ruler of all countries,” “the ruler who determines destinies,” “the lord whose words are immutable,” and “Father of the gods” There was even such an expression “Enlil of all gods”, “Enlilship above the gods” The term “Enlilship” means “dominance” LITERATURE OF THE SUMER In the Sumerian hymn “ENLIL IS EVERYWHERE…”, in which Enlil is honoured, his epithets and deeds of the gods are listed In this cult text, designed to strengthen collective emotions, contains such words: “…Without the Great Mountain Enlil, No city would be built, no settlement would be founded; No cow-pen would be built, no sheepfold would be established; No king would be elevated, no priest would be given birth; No high priest would be elected as oracle; Soldiers would have no generals or captains…” * * * “…The Temple of Enlil is a mountain of abundance, They take sacrifices there, they grant absolution!…” * * * Enlil, if you look upon the shepherd favourably, If you elevate the one truly called in the Land, Then the foreign countries are in his hands, The foreign countries are at his feet! A good example, one of the first ancient cities of Mesopotamia – Eridu is called the city of the first kings According to the legends, his patron is the god Enki son of Enlil acts as the organizer of the world order on earth

The city is ruled by the son of Enki himself – a man named Adapa, who was half-god, half-man hero It was believed that it was Adapa who brought civilization to the city from the island of Dilmun, meaning, from the Island of the Immortals By the way, Adapa in Akkadian mythology is one of the “seven wise men” A similar story about the Seven Wise Men was much later in Ancient Greece – Ellada, where Solon was also called one of the Seven Sages NOTHING MORE THAN folklore – myths – epic IMAGINATIVE LITERATURE? What patterns of behaviour were laid in the head of the younger generation? And who benefited from it? The Sumerians began to write actively and replicate the texts of the legends about the country of El For these purposes, special schools were opened – “e-dubba” or “tablet houses”, “houses of script”, where they began to prepare scribes and those who would be their heralds among the people It is interesting that when the Sumerian language became dead, up to the 1st millennium BC it was used as a sacred literary language and the language of science in the same Assyria and Babylon In fact, today Latin is used in the same way That is, the dead Sumerian language was understandable only to the elect Moreover, many signs of cuneiform writing expressed precisely Sumerian words and their meaning, and the sounding of Akkadian words was recorded initially through combinations of Sumerograms, like the current rebus and charades Why it was needed such complexities, and secret operations for the transmission of ordinary literary epic, myths and folklore, if it was such? The Sumerians made the texts easy for memorization and comprehension Moreover, the plot was designed to cause collective emotions with help of the story, to put a crowd of listeners into the emotional state established in the text, because the content was mostly known to listeners in advance In general, in the modern understanding it is preparing journalists for the mass media (although before this the cult texts for a long time were memorized and transmitted from generation to generation) By the way, exactly the same method was used several centuries later for the distribution of Homer’s “Iliad” among Hellenes and other peoples Only those heralds-“journalists” were already called “rhapsodies”, “sons of Homer.” Why did such bureaucratic state like Sumer, where everything was taken into account, it was counted even every fruit on the tree, suddenly allowed itself such investment in epos? What are the goals of the sponsors of this activity? The fact is that all this mythology, intertwined with religion, as a result, affected the worldview of not only these people, but also on the receivers of their literary heritage – the Akkadians and later the Babylonians, and from them it was spread to other peoples But with the only difference is that in subsequent generations, they no longer remembered the primordial, but believed literally on the word what the local priests caring about their power said The system has strengthened positions in the minds of people In general, there was prepared an example for people’s imitation: what god-like gods allowed themselves to do, the same people did, taking an example from them Moreover, the goal of human existence was replaced Instead of the true meaning of human life, understanding what for a human was created – this transformation into a spiritual being, the merge with God’s love within himself, Text on the screen: God’s Love the priests, under the dictation of his consciousness, instilled into the minds of the congregation something that was beneficial to the system Namely, the person was inspired from childhood that the goal of creating a person is to work for the gods: to cultivate the land, graze cattle, collect fruits, feed the gods with their victims That is, to work for El and his elite, devoting all their lives and all their attention to the outside,

the same is observed to this day in such a format of human society as a consumer civilization WORLD VIEW SUMERIAN AND BABYLONIAN LITERATURE What was hidden in the sample FOR IMITATION? Pride, murder, drunkenness, deceit, revenge, vanity, selfishness, betrayal, human love with the help of witchcraft – in general, all the same pattern system settings in the minds of people SEPARATION OF PEOPLE as in the country of El (SYSTEM IDEOLOGY: DIVIDE AND RULE) As in the country of El (and this will be explained in detail later in the story about the gods of Olympus), in the legends of the priests of Ancient Mesopotamia, people were divided into gods, heroes and savages And considering how the descendants of the Atlanteans – the archons have replicated these images in the minds of people for centuries, striving for a single world power, this can be observed even now in the modern world society The Assembly of the Gods – Elite – were patrons of people, endowed with all human attributes and qualities, possessing magical objects (high technologies) An example, God Shamash made it easier for the hero Gilgamesh the victory over the monster, thanks to the seven winds that blow at the will of Shamash The monster had striking rays and guarded a special section of the not a simple cedar forest of the god Ellil Today many rich people of the world dream of being elected to the circles of the world elite or at least be useful to them, aspire to have protection and their patronage for their mini-empire, whether it is business or influence on the territorial region Heroes (an example, the image of Gilgamesh) are lucky fellows who, with all their feats, were not owed to themselves, but to some mighty patron among the gods (from the elite of El) who possessed magical objects That is, there was a programmed hero who was supposed to destroy the evil that his patron would consider to be the evil, and then he dies young, in general, as the gods decide on the council of the gods During their short life, the heroes had to think about the meaning of life, to seek immortality in the body, since the gods have already possessed this immortality And the highest manifestation of courage – it was to be a recognition of one’s own defeat, promoted later in literature before the hero’s suicide Today, millions of people dream from childhood to be like the famous heroes-supermen of their time from films popular for the whole world, serials promoted with the help of the media And being adults, many people imitating them, risk their lives for the sake of translating the plans of the world elite not even knowing who they are really working for and why, Savages (example, the image of Enkidu – the servant of Gilgamesh) – a savage – an impersonal creature who joined the civilization and became a devoted servant of the Hero He had to pay to the gods with his suffering and death for their common accomplishments, his and the hero’s ones Today, billions of people stay in a state of misery and poverty, barely living from paycheck to paycheck Since childhood, they dream of at least standing next to famous people, not to mention to be as useful to them as possible in order to break out of poverty into “decent people” Fixed IDEA: IMMORTALITY IN THE BODY DREAM OF THE SYSTEM ABOUT ITS IMMORTALITY The aspiration to achieve IMMORTALITY by the main hero takes a central place in the Mesopotamian literature The epic titled “He who saw everything” about the Gilgamesh hero, is built around this plot and is repeated in different versions for different peoples, on which the sphere of influence of the descendants of El spread in different centuries

But it is important to note the leitmotif of these works It is supposedly impossible for a person to achieve the main goal of his search – “eternal life” The futility of human efforts in trying to get immortality and eternal youth, that is, the fate of the gods And the ending, that is, the emphasis on the idea of the work, emphasizes the idea that the only immortality that is available to a person is the memory of his deeds that glorified his image and name What do we see today? Billions of people do not know about the spiritual purpose of their lives Other billions of people, considering themselves religious people, do not know how to achieve immortality really in life This lack of knowledge is used in its secret manipulative goals by the world elite And how many people in the world are dreaming about their own career, about becoming famous, glorifying their name, capturing in the ages, so that everyone will know about them? For such a mass psychosis in the consumer society all the conditions are created by the hands of the same people And it does not matter in what scales this or that consciousness thinks: one dreams to glorify his name with stupidity on the Internet, having put a lot of photos of himself, and the other – a hypermind, releasing volumes of scientific works with his own photograph, or giving his name a new kind of mollusks The consciousness of all works in a pattern – to glorify own name But why the system is interested in the promoting of such a pattern as immortality in the body, the achievement of eternal youth? And why focuses a person’s attention on the promotion of his own image and name? Knowing the primordial spiritual knowledge and realizing that the system changes its essence, one can understand that the answer lies in two points: “immortality in the body” (now it sounds like “salvation”) and “glorifying the name” According to the original spiritual knowledge, any person can achieve immortality during the temporary existence of his body, that is, spiritually develop himself with the help of deep feelings to such a state of inner spiritual transformation, when as the Personality, as Spirit, he begins to live in the spiritual world It is important to know that only the Spirit can be immortal, but not the physical body and consciousness Consciousness does not understand this His God is a material image Consciousness does not know how to feel deep, it can only speak, think or to experience emotions And what does consciousness understand? It understands only what the system understands In the concept of the system, immortality in the body is the prolongation of life beyond the species limit, this is an increase in the terms of one’s own life, although the system understands its finiteness After all, its term is predetermined as an ordinary program So the promise of immortality in the physical body is its patterned trick, proven by millennia, an illusion, living which people, without hesitation, waste real forces of their attention on the food of system And glorification of one’s own name with an image in the centuries is also beneficial for the system Thus it churns out subpersonalities to itself, which is also a food for the system, being dead among the living “ENÛMA ELIŠ” Today it is not a secret for scholars studying Bible issues that much of it was borrowed by Hebrew priests from the sacred texts of not only Ancient Egypt, but Babylon The scripture about the creation of the world – ENU-MA-ELISH was essentially the Bible of Babylon And the priests of Babylon, in turn, borrowed these texts from the priests of the Akkadians, and the Akkadians borrowed their cosmological scriptures about the origin of the world and the administration of the gods from even more ancient people – Sumerians Whose god from the assembly of gods is more powerful, depended on the political hegemony of the priests in this or that city or country

In fact, there was a struggle to ensure that their god was awarded the epithet “enlilship over the gods.” The names of the main gods and heroes changed, but the essence anyway, remained the same – the story of the seizure of power and the absolute power of El and his elite over people “ENU-MA ELISH” – Babylonian-Akkadian holy scripture, ancient Mesopotamian cosmological texts about the creation of the world and the human race, about the origin of the gods and the universe, about the struggle and seizure of the power of old and new gods, about how a bunch of gods confronted people, how they dominated over the peoples and much more The Babylonian legends emphasize that the cause of the people’s distress is not the retribution for human sins, but the anger of the gods, their desire to reduce the number of ever-growing humanity, bothering the gods with their noise In “Enu-ma Elish” the main role in the creation of the world has no longer Enlil, but a god named Marduk And again the old story repeats – the main god organizes the world order through violence The leitmotif of the legend is the violent overthrow of the ancient forces, power by the right of the strongest Marduk is given the epithet of domination, that is, “enlilship over the gods”, it is called “Enlil of all gods” So Marduk holds the main place in the pantheon of the gods of the 2nd millennium BC By the efforts of the priests by the end of the Old Babylonian period, he is already honoured far beyond Babylon And even later, in the Hellenistic era, the story of Marduk is largely copied by the archons of the Hellenes, only the main god is already called Zeus, and the mountain on which he rules is called Olympus What is the main goal of this promoted epic poem “Enu-ma Elish”? Here the main goal is the putting together of many gods images into one So the features of the Sumerian-Akkadian gods Enlil, Enki, Ea and others have already been transferred to Marduk Why in the subsequent epochs the main god of other peoples and tribes who came under the influence of this system of worldview had such different conflicting characteristics and human qualities (for example, angry, threatening, intimidating, making a contract with the chosen people) and aroused bewilderment of believers and their inconvenient questions to the priests GOD IS ONE But why did the system do such actions, having transformed the multiple images of El and his elite into different qualities of one god? After all, the concept of the One God is a concept from primordial spiritual knowledge Because in those days, knowledge began to be updated, thanks to the Prophets preaching about the One God They came to this world in opposition to the system activation Primordial knowledge of the One God had a big resonance among people However, the Prophets came and gone, and the system remained in the minds of the generations that lived by consciousness Therefore, the primordial knowledge introduced by the Prophets, the priests of the dominant religions at that time, distorted and replaced, endowed the One God with the qualities of their multiple mortal gods from the past, such as anger, hatred, rancour and so on And they did everything to make people fear God – but not to love Him, to bring him gifts and offerings – but not to serve Him INTERESTINGG FACTS Do you know the definitions of a trio, a council of seven, a personality, a soul, an invisible world? All these definitions were known in Babylonia – the heiress of Sumerian civilization TRIO. COUNCIL OF THE SEVEN

For understanding: at that time the general structure of the pantheon of the gods, which was spelt out during the period of the slave-owning Sumer, remains without special changes during the whole period of antiquity, including in the Old Babylonian period That is, at the head of the whole world there was a trio: the supreme god Anu, Enlil and Ea They are surrounded by a council of seven, in other cases of twelve “great gods”, determining “shares” (shimatu) of everything in the world All the gods are divided into two clans, into two generic groups – Igigi and Anunnaki On the reliefs and seals of that time, there are often scenes depicting how the deity patron leads a person to the supreme god to determine his fate and to receive a blessing It was believed that with the loss of his deity-defender, a person became defenseless against the evil willfulness of the great gods, he could easily be attacked by evil demons These are the accents-echoes of the time of ruling El and his elite in Atlantis, which will be visually demonstrated later in the story about Olympus THE PERSONALITY THE SOUL INVISIBLE WORLD Echoes of the primordial knowledge were in Babylonia and this is evidenced by the fact that in 2-1 thousand BC the inhabitants of this country knew about the Personality as a spirit The bearer of the person’s personality was called “lamassu”, the vital forces of man – “shedu.” And the understanding of “soul” (napshtu) – meant some impersonal, it was identified by the priests with the breath, then with the blood That is what connected the person directly to One God, the priests, following the instructions of their consciousness, were substituted for material concepts, that is, in the understanding of the system itself It was also known at that time of the invisible world: ghosts, embittered shadows of the dead, not receiving sacrifices, all kinds of spirits of the underworld (utukki, asakki, lemunti – “evil devils”), night ghosts-incubus lilu visiting women, succubus lilith (lilitu), seizing men, and others MO – SECRET FORCES Mo is one of the important theological Sumerian concepts Today it is often translated as “me” in the meaning of what secret powers, divine essences mean For example, the myth dedicated to the theft of Enki’s “me” by Inanna It is not clear when the translation of “mo” changed into “me” and who was interested in it In fact, in the primordial knowledge – one of the names of the allat was “mo” – whence – among the peoples in the late period of the epoch of the revival of human civilization, to which the Sumerians belong, – there were words that reached the Slavonic language and are still used today – it is “мощь” (from Russian [mosh] – power), “мочь” ([moch] – can), “моё” ([moyo] – mine), etc The Sumerians generally had more “o” in the speech In their language, two important concepts of “mo” in the notion of allat and “do” – as a concept of anti-allat, have been preserved since olden times That’s why many names were associated with these words and denoted spiritual forces or forces opposing them But, when the Sumerian language later became dead, then in the Slavonic language and to the present day there are echoes of important concepts for antiquity “Do” in the notion of the earthly anti-allat action, is used to this day in such expressions, for example, as: о того, как (from Russian “before”); до куда ты будешь мне перечить (“until when will you contradict me”); от сюда до туда (“from here to there”); дорога (“road”), etc In general, the Slavonic language is one of the few languages that has preserved the echoes of the common ancient antiquity that was known to peoples living on different continents It was believed that the mighty forces of “mo”, the driving force in the development of the world, had people, peoples, cities, temples But these mysterious forces could leave their possessor Cult objects were also endowed with them, where these forces kept their invisible properties for a time AllatRA sign The Sumerian ideas of “mo” evolved into Akkadian ideas about the “tablet of destinies”

that determined the movement of the world and world events And it was emphasized that the possession of these tables provided or confirmed world domination In ancient times it was believed that the possession of knowledge of “mo” was very significant, like in the modern world, the possession of the ruler of the world power of “nuclear suitcase.” According to the poem “Enuma-Elish”, the goddess Tiamat, Enlil, Marduk and other gods owned these tablets of destinies ENU-MA-ELISH – the dominance of El and elite To date, experts, Sumerologists recognize the fact that the Sumerian language is not yet well known and there is a problem of an elementary misunderstanding of ancient monuments of both Sumerian and Babylonian texts In many cases, they are forced to leave omissions, question marks, or be satisfied only with a common understanding of some part of the text, often hoping only for their intuition and for the understanding that enabled them to acquire this civilization within the framework of the education provided to them It is curious how today the name, the first words of the Babylonian epic poem ENUMA-ELISH, are translated, actively emphasizing that it most likely means “When on high”, putting forward on the basis of this hypothesis different versions of the interpretation of words Someone is simply needed this kind of cover for the truth However, for the initiates, it is: “The rule of El and his elite” And for the rest ones: “When on high” And for them the first line of the epic sounds like this: Before (“before” = “do”) the rule of El and his elite To write at the beginning of the sacred text – “do” – it was a standard technique in the ancient literature as a designation of anti-allat For example, before (“do”) there were these and those gods, before (“do”) there was heaven and earth, before (“do”) a human was created, there was something initial That is “before” (“do”) there was something in the meaning of anti-allat, there was allat from the Spiritual world (from the world of the One God), which gave birth to the whole “do” – that is anti-allat and the material world appeared So the one who is more aware of the true history of the times, he understands the story of this peculiar Bible of Babylon and why the ancient priests put these words first and how then it was translated for the people, copied from these texts THE UNKNOWN KNOWN KNOWLEDGE “THE ISLAND OF IMMORTALS” IN THE MYTHS OF ARCHONTS ANCIENT HELLENES AND ANCIENT HEBREW PRIESTS Today, the traditions of the archons of the ancient Hellenes, as well as the Hebrew priests about the country of El and his “island of the immortals” is the most famous for new generations and promoted throughout the world Knowing the primordial, you can easily see what has been inculcated in the common spiritual heritage of peoples for the sake of domination and world power, distorting its essence and meaning Do you think that you have not heard about the country of El? But you do not even know that today you live as a slave under his auspices Think about it, even if you are an atheist, from where since childhood you have the image of God as an old man with a beard sitting on the throne? Why from childhood do you have a desire to possess magic objects and be like a fairy, warlike hero? Why are you attracted by the secret desire to join the immortals and live in paradise in a material body? Why are your aspirations in this world aimed at becoming a SELECTED MORTAL GOD, meaning, part of the ELITE? How strong is El today in your minds? ELITE – THE SERVANTS OF EL – who swear to El – that who provide services to god El

ELYSIUM – ELISHA – EL In the traditions of the archons of the ancient Hellenes, who got their knowledge from the ancient priests of the East, the country of El is mentioned under different names In addition to Atlantis, the most famous are the ELYSIUM (or the Champs Elysees), and also OLYMPUS ELYSIUM – in the ancient mythology is the EARTHLY PARADISE, located on the western end of the earth in the form of an island where the chosen by God El lived their lives And the heroes and virtuous people were there only after death, and then in the form of a SHADOW It is a country of enjoyments and pleasures, which was mentioned by the ancient Hellenic poets Homer and Hesiod Homer mentions that ELYSIUM is situated AT THE VERY EDGE OF THE EARTH, NEAR THE BANKS OF THE RIVER OCEANUS Elysium played its role in the imaginative conceptions of more than one generation of people who adopted from these legends a false idea of the godly paradise as a special place on earth, where the chosen live in an immortal body What does the word Elysium mean? ELYSIUM, OR CHAMPS ELYSEES, is translated from Greek as the FIELD OF STAY The Land of GOD’S EL stay The ancient Hebrew name of ELISHA (Elisey, Elis, from which the name the Champs Elysees came) is known from the Bible, as we already know, occurs in the 2nd millennium BC in the cuneiform tablets of the Akkadian-Babylonian epos written by the Sumerian cuneiform script It is interesting that the word El is usually translated as – god, might, power; the one who is above, and ISH means “human”. And the word Elisheva means a person who swears to God And the noun shevua (“oath”) has the same root as the numeral sheva “seven” An interesting chain is revealed: the 7 first mythical sages of Eridu, the city of the first kings of the Sumerian civilization, the seven first wise men in the ancient city of Athens, who played a leading role in the history of Ellada Seven swearing to god El – elisha In general, it should be noted that in ancient times in the Middle East the notion of a treaty (covenant) and its various types was widespread enough: between people, between kings, between kings and liegemen One of these covenants meant a solemn promise of a one-sided nature, a kind of “oath” in which one of the parts promised to perform certain actions A special type of treaty was the covenant that was concluded between God and human He resembled the treaty on the granting of rights by a ruler to his subjects It is interesting that the term “Old Testament” is a calque from the Ancient Greek, which literally means “old contract, the one that was before” EL – ELISHA – ELYSIUM EL To date, the most famous references to the ancient supreme deity, the progenitor named El are also preserved in the mythology of the peoples populating Syria, Palestine, Phoenicia from 4-3 thousand BC Different ancient peoples called El in different ways For example, one of the known names of the god El is Il, Ilu, Ilim, Elim In the Hellenistic period, El (Ilu) was equated with Zeus In addition, he had different epithets, by which he was esteemed by different peoples at other times For example, in Syria, and then in the Roman Empire, he was revered as ELAGABALUS, meaning, “mountainuous El”, Heliogabalus – “the sun of mountains” Or, for example, such epithets of El as EL OLAM, meaning, “Everlasting God”, El Elyon, meaning, “God the Highest” – are one of the oldest names included in the Tanach – the Bible of Judaism It is interesting that the local God of Jerusalem ‘ēl’ elyôn

was esteemed as the Highest God, the Creator of heaven and earth and the overlord of the country, access to which was granted by Him only on the condition of bringing tithes El first of all was esteemed as a symbol of supreme power He was considered the ruler of the world, the father of gods and people, sending down posterity to people “King of the Years”, “lord of immortality” He was portrayed as a bearded old man in long clothes and a tall tiara with horns EL was depicted as accepting the sacrifice and blessing the sacrificer, also in the image of a bull Legends says that EL lives “at the source of the River, at the source of both Oceans” He heads the council of all the gods – his children The gods act only with the permission of El The Ugarit list of the gods mentions also El’s Father, whom El for his own power later overthrows But gradually El himself loses this power In the 1st millennium BC in the Judaic pre-Judaistic pantheon, the image of El merges with the image of Jahweh (Yevo) He was widely revered in Phenicia In other tribes, Yahweh is revered as a son of El The vision of El as a symbol of power, the supreme deity, who heads the council of the gods is preserved in the Bible In the Old Testament, there are these words: “God standeth in the assembly of gods: he judgeth among gods” In Hebrew, they sound like this Moreover, ELOHIM is one of the names of Yahweh in the Old Testament in the plural, that is, it means not God Yahweh, but Gods … Yahweh “In the beginning, Gods created heaven and earth.” In Hebrew in place of the word God stands Elohim The word Elohim occurs almost 2,000 times in the Bible and comes from the common root “El” El is also the ancient name of God in the Bible of Judaism “Tanah” – this is a collection that is included in the Christian Bible In the Slavic Bible, it is traditionally translated with the word God in the meaning of being strong, powerful, at the top INTERESTING FACTS FACT №1 El is still considered to be the patron of not only the ancient cities This name can also be found in the name of geographical places, ancient architectural and temple buildings El already appears not only in the notation of modern names, but also in the names of entire peoples who do not even know about the true history, why it is exactly this way, rather than otherwise in the lobbies of kings and their rulers, an urgent decision is made about such renaming, and who sponsors such initiatives and why For example, the history of ancient Greece Since the 2nd millennium BC, tribes of the Achaeans (the Acheans), along with the Ionians, Dorians, and Aeolians were one of the main ancient Greek tribes However, in the 7th century BC, the archons decided to give names to their subordinate tribes that were living in certain territories, by the common name – Hellenes, and the country – Hellas So it is called until now And for the people, it was put forward the reasoning for the inculcation of such a name with reference to myths that were also written by archons But the question is whose history was written by the archons themselves? FACT №2 E-BABBARA – “THE WHITE HOUSE” “The White House” is a well-known name But why is this the name of the residence of rulers in different countries? Back in the 3rd millennium BC in Ancient Mesopotamia, in the powerful at that time cities of Sippar and Ellasar (Larsa), there were two temples –

the subject of special concerns for Babylonian, Assyrian and Chaldean kings So, in both cities, these temples were called E-babbara (“The White House” or “The Brilliant House”) For example, in Sippar, the White House consisted of 300 rooms and premises, among which were the dwellings of priests and royal chambers “White houses” were dedicated to the Akkadian god Shamash, who was the grandson of Enlil’s god God Shamash was revered mainly as a god who established laws and watched their fulfillment He was considered a bearer of light and prosperity, freed captives and even raised the dead This god was depicted as an old man with a long beard who sits on the throne Aren’t these images familiar to your consciousness? FACT №3 ELITE – THE SERVANTS OF EL, SELECTED BY EL Elite – those who are swearing to god El It is interesting that today the word “ELITE” in different languages of the nations of Europe has the same meaning – the chosen one, and it is written almost identically (elite): The term “elite” in French – since the 12th century, in the English language – since the 14th century, in the meaning “to elect”, “to choose for service” that is, choose a servant behind whom the subordinate group is assigned In European languages, the word “elite” has been spreading till the end of the 19th century It has been brought into general use in 30-40 years of the 20th century Today, it is said that the ideas that later served as the basis for the creation of the theory of the elite, namely selection in the ruling circles, upbringing, education of potential leaders, were developed, including by the descendant of the archon Solon, – the ancient Hellenic philosopher Plato, the very same Plato, who mentioned the ancient legend of the Atlantis But what his ideology and ideology of those whose will he embodied in his works was based on? THE OLD NEW IDEOLOGY “ILIAD” “ODYSSEY” ILIAD, ODYSSEY – Ancient Greek epic poems attributed to an unknown poet named Homer Until now these works are extolled for new generations as unsurpassed literary masterpieces, monuments of world significance But what is their essence? Homeric epics “Iliad” and “Odyssey” have similarities with the Babylonian epic “Enuma Elish”, as well as “He who saw everything” about the hero Gilgamesh and other legends of the Sumerian and Babylonian literature The names of the main gods have been changed, but the keynote concealed in these stories about the epic of the Trojan War and the wanderings of the leading characters is reduced to one thing: the final word in the fate of the hero or peoples rests with the council of the gods, headed by the main humanlike god, to whom all human qualities and vices are common In fact, it is not just a monument of the past; it is a record in the human consciousness of the Atlanteans’ ideology, the history of the life of gods sitting on the mountain of immortality – the Olympus The “Iliad” is about the participants of the Trojan War events, the key moment is that all the gods of Olympus participated Where not the gods themselves participated, but they gathered for advice and decided, headed by Zeus, how exactly the course of events will evolve, to whom it is destined to lose and perish, even if luck was on the side of certain heroes or peoples

In general, like playing chess with yourself That is, the game of the gods was shown, while the listener’s consciousness was immersed in the emotions of the fights and strife of the heroes, their conflict relations Speaking in modern language, this is a thriller that ends tragically for the characters, where the leading hero whose example, in theory, should be followed by people, (Heracles) commits suicide And again the idea that immortality is the destiny of the gods, but not of people, The Odyssey also tells about the wanderings of the main hero Odysseus, who miraculously survived the Trojan war, about his meeting with different nations, monsters, with phenomena of the invisible world and magic But the keynote of the work remains the same: the gods gathered on the council and decided on the fate of Odysseus, and then ruled the hero in his wanderings as a puppet As a result, with hero’s hands the undesired ones were destroyed, obedient ones – rewarded, the final word rests with gods Just as in the case of the Sumerians, the text was intended for easy memorization and perception by the primary consciousness, that is, for the level of perception of the 6-year-old child Heroes or actions were associated with the moments that a person encountered in everyday life and this served as an additional reminder of the plot Just as in the case of the Sumerians, these works were addressed specifically to listeners, not to thinking readers, with the goal of provoking collective emotions It was assumed that the listener knew the prehistory, so the emphasis was made on the emotional impact on the listener Moreover, as an introduction to such declamations were used “The Homeric Hymns” containing the appeal to different gods Poems were created by the same technique as the Sumerians had: during a quick emotional recitation, like through the music perception, the public’s attention is focused on the plot and its development Such a peculiar ancient rap-rock concert The result is the state of collective excitation of the Animal nature in the public Simply put, a collective egregore was generated: people were emotionally infected with thoughts about the plot, and they themselves became the active bearers and distributors of the history of the gods of Olympus among the common people Just like in the case of the Sumerians, when they were preparing their ancient journalists, special people were also being prepared here for promotion As it was already mentioned, since the 6th century BC, there were people who at the legislative level had the right to publicly recite the poems of Homer, the so-called “sons of Homer” (rhapsodes) But who gave birth to the image of Homer himself, so to say, whose son was Homer? WHAT A HOMER! Why Homer? The history has kept several interesting facts Fact 1 In the 1st millennium BC, especially from the 10th till the 7th century BC, the events took place that subsequently influenced the change of the worldview of not only the peoples of the East but also of the West and reflected on the worldview of modern people It was during these times that the Babylonian epic poem “Enuma Elish” is popular, it was continued to be translated into different languages The Ancient Hebrew Bible “Tanakh” appeared, which later on formed the basis of the Bible’s Old Testament The epic poem of Homer “Iliad” and “Odyssey” was being compiled It is interesting that god ENLIL was known to the ancient Hellenes, thanks to the Babylonian translations under the name ILLINOS And the word Eliada (the Jewish Elyada) is translated from Hebrew as “Someone god El knows” or “El knew, recognized” ENLILSHIP ENLIL ILLINOS ELIADA ILIAD Fact 2 In the Bible, precisely in the Old Testament, it is mentioned about the descendants of Noah, the man who survived the flood, according to ancient oriental stories Noah had three sons The eldest of them was called Japheth Japheth had seven sons, one of them was Homer, and the other was Javan

But one of the sons of Javan is Eliseus (Jewish Elishah) That’s them who are considered to be the ancestors of the Hellenes (the ancient Greeks) Fact 3 According to Greek legends, it is Hellen, the grandson of Prometheus, (under another version – son of Zeus) is the progenitor of the Hellenes, and his sons and grandsons are the eponyms of the main Greek tribes Why is it exactly the Mount Olympus? The name of Olympus is prior to Greek origin In the legends, the Mount Olympus was considered to be sacred and became the abode of the Hellenic gods and the center of mythological tales Few people know that Mount Olympus got its name from the word “El Olam” In fact, this is a known expression since ancient times, meaning the same as the Sumerian “The Mountain of Immortal El” Until now, in scientific studies of the literature of the past, there is the so-called “Homeric Question” The learned men still argue: when, where, by whom and for whom were these poems composed? Consciousness, as always, draws attention from the main question to the trifles, that is, not global causes of origin, spreading around the world and the effects of these works on the minds of entire epochs and generations are highlighted, but the dispute is brought to the point who wrote: one person or a collective of co-authors And this dispute is traditional, but not concerning its essence An organized criticism has begun since the 6th century BC, as another way of promotion and drawing attention to the works Later on it was organized by means of such authorities as the same Plato who “blamed” Homer (he, so to speak, led those who are against in order to regulate their opinion in the right direction) and Aristotle, who praised the works of Homer and, accordingly, led those who are “in favor” In general, as in the game of adults: “bad and good cop” Everything would be fine, only this was the same team (Plato was the teacher of Aristotle), a team that fulfilled the wishes of the sponsors, the sponsors, who pursued the goal of seizing power and restoring their former world domination, those who knew how the human consciousness works and how to activate it It was not by chance that Aristotle became the teacher of the 13-year-old future creator of the world power, Alexander the Great, who was inculcated with a new worldview through “love” for the Homer’s “Iliad”, and in such a manner that in the following list of “Iliad”, composed by Aristotle, this conqueror of nations will keep it under the pillow together with the dagger It is known that Alexander the Great always carried a volume of the “Iliad” with him in a golden box As recorded in the game of the gods in the “Iliad” plot, the gods quickly create a hero, use him, and then he dies by the god’s will, and his name is used in the following propaganda Nowadays everyone knows the name of Alexander the Great, but does anyone feel any better out of it? The military campaigns of Alexander the Great contributed to the spreading of Hellenism foundations to the East And this branch was also popularized among peoples In the Middle Ages, one of the most popular books in several regions of Asia and Africa, as well as in Europe, was the “The Romance of Alexander”, where the biography of the leading character was reinforced with fictional episodes In the era of baroque Alexander the Great became a popular character in theater and painting The spreading of the worldview of archons is still going on by all means that are available for them But what is its nature from within? text on the screen: THE WORLDVIEW OLYMPUS Hellenic mythology is called the Olympic mythology But how much do these ancient myths correspond to the memory of the life history of an antediluvian highly developed technogenic society under the tyranny of El the omnipotent? text on the screen: EL The history of civilization, known today as Atlantis, can be understood only now – in the era of a sharp leap in the development of new technologies OLYMPUS THE MOUNTAIN OF GOD EL As the legends say, the OLYMPUS mountain is a symbol of supreme power This is the place where the earth converges with the sky and where the sky changes into the fiery thinnest ETHER There is no rain or snow, there is eternal summer

On the Olympus are the palaces of Zeus and other gods, built and decorated by the son of Zeus – Hephaestus The gates of Olympus open and close the mountains when the gods depart in the golden chariots ENLILSHIP “PANHELLENIC” RULER EL THE WORLD OMNIPOTENT ZEUS (Dyeus) – acts as an omnipotent of the world order, as well as a punitive force, an example of the WORLD’S OMNIPOTENT and the ruler of the world’s destinies, the “King of kings”, “PANHELLENIOS” RULER He belongs to the third generation of the gods, which overthrew the second generation – the Titans Zeus rules of the Mount Olympus, commands nature and rules the destinies of people People originate from the ashes of titans burned by Zeus People subsequently bear the Titanic and the Dionysian (that is, coming from Zeus) origin THE DICTATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS: HOW EL SEIZED THE POWER HOW DID ZEUS SEIZE THE POWER AT OLYMPUS? The standard algorithm for the operation of consciousness, as part of the Animal Intelligence system, is introduced into the story of Zeus, as in the story of the Babylonian Marduk, in the form of a model for mass imitation by new generations As a result, Zeus: – overthrew the previous generation of the gods – the father of Kronos and the Titans; – has gained supreme power over the gods and people; – struggled for power with his closest relatives; – gave birth to children and made them gods; – introduced a new law, order, norms of morality, science, art; – created his elite – the gods of a new type; – created the executors of his will, which conveyed his decisions to the rulers and heroes in the human society Isn’t it a familiar story of the Sumerian Enlil and Babylonian Marduk? Isn’t it a familiar story of the formation of power and the rule of Alexander of Macedon, who was instilled with the taste of “Iliad” from youth? And not only him Moreover, this model is introduced by descendants of Atlanteans initially with substitutions about the spiritual significance of God for people It is introduced, so that people understand that the supreme God is the same as people, with animal passions and that there is no other alternative to the peaceful coexistence of society After all, as if the omnipotent God himself does the same thing Why is there an image of God in the minds of modern people in the form of a man with a beard sitting on a throne? Who benefits from this? The system does not understand what a real spiritual life is That is why the dictatorship of consciousness over the Personality generates the corresponding images prescribed in the algorithms of the dictates of the system over people A HUMAN named EL, who proclaimed HIMSELF GOD ZEUS AND THE GODS OF THE OLYMPUS HAVE A HUMAN LOOK They are characterized by all human passions, emotions, entertainment They enter into numerous marriages Live idly, carelessly The gods feast in their golden palaces The wife of Zeus is Hera, the golden-haired Apollo with her sister Artemis, and the golden Aphrodite, the mighty daughter of Zeus Athena, and many other gods The daughter of Zeus, the young Hebe, and the son of King Troy Ganymede, the favorite of Zeus, who received from him immortality, bring them food that makes them immortal – ambrosia and nectar – food and drink for the gods The gods decide all matters at these feasts, and they determine the destiny of the world and people there HIGH TECHNOLOGIES OF ANTEDILUVIAN CIVILIZATION “THE IMMORTALITY” WITHIN THE BODY FOR EL’S SELECTED ONES PROLONGATION OF LIFE BEYONG THE SPECIES LIMIT Different peoples have preserved legends about the past, in which there is interesting information about the achievements of science in the antediluvian civilization In the field of medicine it is a prolongation of life beyond the species limit, meaning significant longevity of people of that time, as well as possession of medical technologies of organism rejuvenation These legends are related to the drinks and food of the immortal gods: ambrosia, soma, amrita in old Indian stories,

rejuvenating apples in the stories of peoples of the West, peaches in Chinese sages, for Sumerian these are technologies, which look like cedar cones in the images of that time They are produced in a special place – cedar forest, where god Enlil set his lifeguard But if we summarize these mentions of different peoples about the same technology that makes people long-livers, we can understand the following – There was a laboratory for the production of this remedy – food for the gods, which situated on the separate mountain island and was thoroughly protected on the order of supreme ruler of gods, lord of the air and the sky In the myths it is called differently (Garden of the Hesperides, Emhain of the Apples in the Land of eternal Youth, magic Apple isles, Insula Avallonis, mount Mujavat, etc.) – This island was situated on the edge of the world near the banks of the river Oceanus The keepers of golden apples of eternal youth were several women For example, in the ancient Greek legend the nymphs Hesperides, daughters of the titan Atlas – And the garden itself was guarded by an object that tried to destroy everyone who came to steal these apples And this, as a rule, were mortal people – heroes who performed their exploits or hunted for the secret of immortality or a long life, for example, the ancient Greek Heracles, the Sumerian Gilgamesh, the ancient Indian king of birds Garuda and others Among the Hellenes, there was the guard of the place with the fruits of immortality – the hundred-headed dragon Ladon Among the Sumerians, in the legend “Gilgamesh and Mount of the Immortal one”, this was Huwawa – a multi-legged and multi-armed creature, surrounded by striking magic rays of radiance, the spirit of the tree on which these wonderful apples grow In ancient Greek legends, it is mentioned that goddess Gaea gave this tree to the wife of Zeus – Hera on the day of her wedding And Gaia herself was the keeper of ancient wisdom, the oldest pre-Olympic deity, thanks to which the first generation of gods, titans, other creatures and natural phenomena occurred However, the ancient Indian legends left a more detailed technical description of the place where the main secret of the immortality of the god of air and sky, Indra, was In the legends, which describe how a bird-hero stole the amrita of the gods, having assumed a golden similitude, shining like a sheaf of sunrays, it is said that it penetrated there, just as a water stream pours into the ocean Near amrita, there was a wheel with sharp edges, straight like a razor, which was constantly spinning That powerful construction, formidable and terrible in appearance, shining with fiery rays, it was skillfully constructed by the gods to destroy the soma kidnappers After overcoming the wheel, it had to conquer two snakes, that were assigned to guard the amrita, and blazed like flaming fire, horrible by sight, and their tongues were like lightning, with a mouth flaming with fire, endowed with great power, they were always angry and mobile Their burning eyes had venom in them They constantly burned with rage and never blinked And it was enough for one of those snakes only to look at someone, as he immediately turned into ashes There was a constant struggle for these apples of eternal youth and strife between gods; hence the name “apple of discord” arose Interesting details were preserved in the German-Scandinavian myths about the goddess of eternal youth Idunn, who was allowed to collect these wonderful fruits for the gods The rejuvenating apples, thanks to which gods preserved eternal youth, had one characteristic: their effect lasted forty days And if there was no further consuming of these wonderful apples, then this loss immediately made gods old, their eyes blurred, the skin became flabby, the mind weakened and a threat of death loomed over them Why did this happen? And the point here is not in the mistakes of science, as prolongation of life beyond the species limit is possible without consequences It’s all about the total control by El of his elite El carried out such a control every 40 days

Therefore, once in 40 days, all the gods gathered at a feast, where those who pleased El received this medicine, prolonging life for another 40 days And if someone decided not to obey El and became self-righteous, he simply, wherever he was, quickly got old and died That is why all implicitly obeyed El in order to live THE MORTAL “IMMORTAL GODS” But were these so-called gods really immortal? No For example, in ancient Greek legends, it is said: the fate controls mortals and gods Even the fate of Zeus himself is in the hands of the uncompromising goddesses of fate – moirai, who spin the life thread of a person, determining the terms of his life The thread breaks and life ends MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES OF REJUVENATION And what has the elite got into the possession from the epoch of grandiose scientific discovery in the field of rejuvenation medicine? Just a cosmetic procedure In the myths, it is mentioned that the gods could manipulate the beauty and transform at their will other people with the help of certain technical objects that in the legends are named magic objects For example, Homer described that the goddess Athena made Odysseus higher, more beautiful, and curled his hair with a single touch of her magic wand Also, Athena transformed Penelope on the eve of meeting with her husband: she made her taller, whiter and poured on her the ambrosia ointment that Aphrodite used herself INTERCONTINENTAL FLIGHTS The myths of the peoples of the world mention the flights of the gods, kings and their messengers on high-speed means of transportation through the air, that often look like a bird So, for example, the king Etana rode the eagle up to Gods, and then returned to his city to continue the reign Irida, who delivered the messages of the Olympic gods and carried out their orders, had iridescent light wings that transferred her faster than thought, in a blink of an eye, bringing her to the furthest places In the Chinese legends, it is mentioned that the characteristic of the life of immortal people xian, was their constant flights on cranes (xianhe, “crane of the immortals”), the ability to rush on the clouds, to manipulate the flying dragons That in their country of immortality they flew from one mountain to another and wander beyond the Four Seas In Ancient Mesopotamia, the eagle is indicated as a symbol of the war deity, the Sumerian Ningirsu (Enlil’s son) In the legends of Ancient India, it is mentioned that the gods were riding “heavenly chariots”, rapidly overcoming great distances INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Among information technology, it was mentioned the ability to manipulate, use holographic images and transmit them at a distance The gods of Olympus supposedly could put on different shapes; Zeus himself often took the images of clouds, rain, bull or eagle, visiting different places The image of the bull was also taken by Marduk and Enlil CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY The construction technology is also mentioned in the legend of Zethus, the son of Zeus and his twin brother Amphion During the construction of the walls of the Thebes city, Zethus carried and piled stones, and Amphion with a mere lyre playing caused them to move and made them fit the specified place THE MAGIC OBJECTS There are clear signs of use of various technical objects Thus, for example, Hermes, one of the representatives of the elite of Olympus (the son of Zeus and Maia, one of the daughters of Atlas), who mediated between people and gods, the patron of magic, trade, heralds, had winged sandals – talarias, giving him the opportunity to go up and move with great speed He also had a magic staff – a caduceus, which made people fall asleep or wake up It was used to convey the will of the gods to mortal people, and most often it was done during a dream when a person was sleeping Hermes handed out magic objects to the heroes, he knew the secrets of Hades,

covered and accessible only to the initiated ones WIND CONTROLLING In the ancient Greek legends, it is mentioned about the lord of the winds Aeolus – the king of the floating island of Aeolia According to the Odyssey of Homer, the main character, being a guest of Aeolus, received from him a leather bag as a gift, in which the winds were sewn, with a strict order not to open it But when Odysseus continued his journey on the ship, his companions accidentally opened the bag The winds, escaping from there, led the ship astray of its destination track and drove the ship back to the island of Aeolia, where Odysseus was already denied in hospitality The legend of a leather bag with the imprisoned winds is also found in other mythologies A high-speed ship with an autopilot system is also mentioned in the legends of Odysseus It is also mentioned that the ships of the same Odysseus were equipped with communication devices A piece of Dodonean oak was fixed on the bow of the ship, thanks to which the ship itself gave prophecy and opened to the Argonauts the will of Zeus HOW EL GAVE ALLOTMENTS TO HIS ADULT CHILDREN The legends about the gods of Olympus, as well as the legends about the gods of the Sumerian and Akkadian pantheon, and the legends of other peoples of the East have preserved a variety of references on how El gave allotments – lands on different continents inhabited by peoples, to his children whom he declared gods The names of cities, tribes, localities, mountains, seas, calendar months, and so on came from the names of these gods For example, in the legends about the gods of Olympus, it is mentioned that one of the beloved nymphs of Zeus, who bore him Hermes, was called Maia From the nymph Maia, the name of the month of May derived. She was offered sacrifices on 1 May It is curious that up to now May 1 is officially celebrated as a holiday in many countries, although the names of the holiday itself and the reasons for this memorable date are different ENTERTAINMENTS OF CHILDREN-GODS As in the legends of Sumer, and in the legends about Olympus there were references to how these gods (children of El) had fun, also achieving their selfish, evil whims, starting with renaming of peoples, sowing discord between people, disputes among themselves for the territory of prosperous cities and punishing people for any of their choices in favor of one or another arguing god, forcing people to pray on them Ending with their orgies and killing people, which was the usual entertainment of the gods So, for example, in the Olympic mythology, there is a legend about the fate of the family of Niobe – the daughter of Tantalus, the wife of the Theban king Niobe had 7 sons and 7 daughters with a beauty like gods Once she did not attend a prayer service and a sacrificial offering to the goddess of the Olympus – the daughter of the Titans – Leto and her twin children Apollo and Artemis, as the women of this city used to do, praying to them as gods Niobe had the imprudence to boast of the number of her children compared to Leto After all, Leto had only two children, moreover, illegitimate ones from Zeus – Apollo and Artemis, besides she was persecuted for this by the wife of Zeus – Hera Leto found out what the wife of the Theban king had said about her, became angry and complained to her children residing on Olympus Apollo and Artemis immediately rushed and killed with the arrows all the children of Niobe The whole family died in an instant, and her husband, when he got to know about the death of children, committed suicide Because of grief, Niobe turned into a stone with the pouring source – her tears Even in the form of a stone, Niobe did not stop feeling her sadness, mourning her children That is how the gods amused themselves It is interesting that nowadays the first day of summer (translator’s note: in Slavic language group “Leto” means “summer”) is celebrated in many countries as a holiday – the International Children’s Day The only question is, in honor of whose children the holiday on the first day of summer was named? Today many people know the name Leto, that is, the children’ killer, but not Niobe – the mother who lost her children and her whole family GAMES OF GODS (Entertainments of Zeus)

On the Olympus there prevailed envy, rage, anger, revenge, constant conflicts and quarrels, clarifying relations, who is better, who has greater influence among the elite of the gods and who is more powerful and glorious among mortal people As they say, the fish rots from the head How did Zeus entertain himself? The legends of the gods of Olympus mention the following: – Zeus destroys the race of the Atlanteans, who forgot about the worship of the gods – Zeus destroyed the human race several times, trying to create a perfect human Because his desire was to destroy the miserable kind of people and “plant” a new one – Zeus sends curses, which are terribly implemented on certain heroes and a number of generations of people (legends of Tantalus, Sisyphus, Atreides, Cadmides) – At the dictation of Zeus, Prometheus was chained to the rock for stealing the spark of the Hephaestus fire to help people, doomed by Zeus for a miserable fate – In honor of Zeus, the Panhellenic Olympic Games were held in Olympia TROJAN WAR – ZEUS DISPOSES OF HEROES One of the central topics of Homer’s ILIAD is the Trojan War The ancient writers explain the origin of the Trojan War as the WILL OF ZEUS, WHO WISHED TO “REDUCE THE EARTH’S BURDEN” Zeus did not only contribute to the emergence of the Trojan War, but the war itself was also a consequence of the decision of Zeus to punish people for their wickedness It began with pride and strife The events that led to the long war were developing by the will of Zeus And the games of the gods started; chess games began to be played out If you carefully follow the history of various wars of humanity, ranging from Sumerians to this day, you can see that the most difficult wars in human history were played out identically Large troops were gathered from the warring parties The Achaean army included the noblest heroes: Odysseus, Achilles, both Ajaxes, Diomedes, and many others Agamemnon, as the most powerful of the Achaean kings was elected as the leader of the whole army He was fabulously wealthy and had an outstanding position among the Hellenic kings The Achaean fleet, that was assembled in the harbor, contained over a thousand ships Before the decisive battles, a plague disease was sent upon the troops After long wars and the conquest of Troy, not only the population of that area and its defenders were killed, but the victorious heroes were also destroyed The quarrels immediately arose in the camp of the Achaeans By the will of the gods, a lot of ships, being deceived by the false signal of Nauplius, perished with the waves and wind during a terrible storm, while others split upon the coastal rocks Even the survived Agamemnon, the commander of the troops, who got wealth, loot from the war, was immediately killed on his return home, as a victim of the conspiracy of his wife Clytemnestra and Aegisthus The circle of Zeus knew in advance of the heroes who were destined to die in this war, that is, their fate was predetermined A bright example is Achilles, who later was a role model for Alexander of Macedon “Achilles’ heel” The sea goddess Thetis, knowing that her son Achilles (and he was the youngest of the generation of heroes, the future participants of the Trojan War) was destined to die, tried to hide him However, this consequently did not save the hero, who was considered to be invulnerable He was found, returned to the Trojan War and killed He died from Paris’s two arrows, guided by the hand of Apollo The expression “Achilles’ heel” for the elite – was a reference that it is enough to hit the hero into a vulnerable spot to kill him While for mere mortals, Achilles way of life was laid as a behavior model for new generations of mortal heroes, where the hero should have known that he was destined to live a short life, and he had to strive to live it so

that the glory of his unequalled bravery would last among descendants for centuries HERO The etymology of the ancient Hellenic word HERO is interesting. By the word “hero” the ancient Greeks originally called the SPIRIT of the DEAD, WHO INFLUENCES THE LIVING ONES (that is, a subpersonality). Heroes were the souls of outstanding ancestors, leaders Then the concept expanded, and some people born from the union of the gods with mortals began to be categorized as heroes In the poems such as the Iliad, heroes were considered the benefactors to the people, fighters of monsters, giants and robbers But there was one thing: the main heroes were often doomed to death by the will of the gods or committed suicide. And as a rule in honor of the day of their death, general sports games were held with the torch lit, and this led to the tradition of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece The same story can be traced in the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh, where the gods decide on the death of the hero, refusing him immortality They report through their messengers that he will have a remarkable after-death fate, and the monument will be raised to him In addition, sporting competitions in his honor will be held near his statue every summer during the month of Nenegar The gods reminded Gilgamesh that no one promised him eternal life and advised him to accept his destiny and quickly go to his ancestors The cult of the deceased hero is intentionally cultivated The life of one hero was not enough to embody all the predestination of the elite of gods Therefore the idea of the suffering of a heroic personality and endless overcoming of trials and difficulties is strengthened in myths The hero often experiences a painful death (the self-immolation of Heracles), dies by the hand of the deceitful villain (Theseus), by the will of the hostile deity (Orpheus, Hippolytus) As a result, Heracles stays on the Olympus, while his shadow wanders into Hades At that, the hero’s exploits and sufferings are considered as a kind of trial, the reward for which comes after death The priests were looking for a formula by which people will live all their lives in expectation of immortality, not working spiritually on themselves, but spending their lives strengthening the power of priests and leaders That’s where the substitutions came from, that a human can meet God only after death, and not unite with him during life by working spiritually on himself That is a false hope, promises from the system until later Millennia passed, and the same game was being imposed on the human society, all the same division into gods, heroes, and savages, as the Sumerians had Unless these concepts were increasingly embedded into the minds of new generations as the only form of human existence, where his freedom and the goal of life is supposedly contained But in fact, there was an enslavement of humankind by the system and the concentration of attention on the dictates of consciousness The etymology of the ancient Greek word TRAGEDY In the ancient Greek language, the word tragos meant “goat”, ode – “song” Thus, the word tragodia literally meant “song of goats” As it is known, tragedy as a theatrical entertainment for the elite public was born in ancient Greece – Ellada The most ancient theatrical productions were inextricably connected with the cult of the Hellenic god of fertility, the son of Zeus and Demeter – Dionysus (or his other name – Bacchus); where the word “bacchanalia” came from as unrestrained self-will, a wild feast, an orgy; a festival in honor of Bacchus, the god of wine and merriment First, various legends about Dionysus were set forth in the form of a dialogue between the chorus and its leader, the coryphaeus. The chorus usually consisted of satyr – goat hoofed companions of Dionysus Actors, imitating the satyr, these half-human half-goats, were dressed in goatskins A singing chorus of goat hoofed satyrs was called tragodia And it happened ever since that time: for people, it is a tragedy, and for the elite, it’s merely a song of goats

That is the uncontrolled revelry of the Animal mind system in a human society, where a person’s attention is concentrated solely on the human Animal nature: fear, hatred, anger, conflicts The system is always insatiable What does dictate of consciousness demands, when it autocratically rules the Personality? Bread and circuses For the system that is always hungry, the bread is a human life – bloody massacres, and the circuses are the concentration of people’s attention on these events, the stimulation of the Animal nature in a human, and, consequently, it is the system feed Therefore, it is not surprising that the main entertainment of El and his elite were concentrated on wars and conflicts, especially when they had a sole possession of unsurpassed weapons CLIMATE WEAPONS AEGIOCHOS is one of the epithets of Zeus, literally meaning “the bearer of the aegis”, a shield-bearer AEGIS is the shield of Zeus Aegis or egis in translation from ancient Greek means “storm, whirlwind.” It was believed that Zeus raised severe storms with a help of this shield The modern expression “under the aegis” means being under the protection, patronage of a person or acting within the framework of an institution, organization or enterprise For example, act under the aegis of the United Nations and so on It is mentioned that Zeus, ruling on Mount Olympus, commands nature and rules the fate of people He creates thunder, and collecting clouds, he causes storms with a single shake of his aegis He is the sender of winds, rains, and downpours Zeus possesses this weapon not right away At the beginning of his formation and struggle for power, his brothers and sisters were forced to give thunder and lightning in the possession of Zeus It was believed that with the help of the aegis, horror-stricken shield, Zeus raised severe storms Throwing lightning with the right hand, with his left hand Zeus shakes the aegis, that is hung with 100 tassels The aegis carried at its center the head of Medusa the Gorgon. Shaking the aegis, Zeus creates peals of thunder, that frightened the gods and mortals Aegis belonged not only to Zeus, it could be carried by Athena and, in exceptional cases, by Apollo The fact that destructive storms and winds were the area of activity of various gods, who destroyed their enemies and hated cities, is also mentioned in the Sumerian and Akkadian epic According to the legend, Zeus owned winds He enclosed the winds behind the steep cliffs of the floating island of Aeolia, surrounded by a copper wall Zeus entrusted Aeolus, the king of this island, to look after them It was mentioned that if one gives a total freedom to these winds, they will raise the earth and the sea in the air The duty of Aeolus was to release winds one by one according to the gods’ or his own desires When a storm was needed, Aeolus threw a spear into the rock and the wind began to blow from the formed hole until Aeolus closed it He was so diligent before the Olympic gods that according to the opinion of Zeus wife Hera, he even deserved an invitation to attend the feasts of the gods ATTRIBUTES OF ZEUS – aegis, scepter, hammer Zeus is the establisher of every order and law on earth, the gods and mortals are in awe of him By brute force, suppressing resistance and punishing, Zeus establishes his principles with the help of force One of the weapons of Zeus is also the thunderbolt, that throws out lightning The image of the weapons of the gods can be found not only on the artifacts of Ancient Greece but also Sumer, Ancient India and other peoples Ancient Greek legends say that cyclopes forged the thunder, lightning and thunderbolt for Zeus to fight against the Titans Zeus puts into action the thunderbolt, thunder and lightning in battles, so that Hades itself trembles, and the giant earth moans sorrowfully When the Olympians and the Titans throw rocks and mountains at each other, the heat from Zeus’s lightning

scorches the world, a whirlwind of flame rises, the earth, the ocean and the sea boils The heat covers the earth and chaos, the sun is closed by a cloud of rocks and cliffs which the enemies hurl, the sea is roaring, the earth trembles with the tramping of giants, and their wild cries reaches the starry sky Is not these descriptions are familiar to you as the consequences of the atomic bomb bursts? NUCLEAR WARS OF ANTIQUITY The hidden history Have you ever wondered where, in the literature of antiquity, the notion that war is connected with the will of the gods came from? Where did such a ritual originate in a human society, at which the tribe or the people, before going on a military campaign, should make a sacrifice to one of their divine patrons with a request to protect and grant them victory? Why was there a certainty that this patron deity would take a personal part in the battles, supporting them with the weapons of the gods? And, finally, whence did the peoples, who knew only spears, bow and arrows, were aware of the ancient events characterizing the conduct of nuclear and thermonuclear wars? As of today, a lot of inconvenient facts have been accumulated, contradicting the official version of world history, and indicating that the world has already plunged into the abyss of a world nuclear war and this resulted in a global catastrophe, extremely disastrous for the whole humanity of that time Nuclear wars have already took place in the distant past and left a lot of geological evidences of large-scale military conflicts of antiquity These are the presence of a variety of craters, the high content of radioactive isotopes, the presence of radioactive zones, the existence of huge leakage fields of tektites on different continents, some of which have a period of 12,000 years ago, as well as a number of differences from tektites of natural origin or the ones that were formed as a result of meteorites.Tektites are pieces of natural glass, melted with a sharp, significant increase in temperature and rapid cooling Today, a similar picture can be observed at nuclear test sites It is known that tektite fields appeared in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the explosion of nuclear bombs in 1945 Such ancient epicenters, the consequences of atomic explosions of destructive power, are found in different parts of the globe, which indicates a large-scale military conflict with the use of not only nuclear but also a type of currently unknown weapon The legends of different people also bear evidence of the great war of the gods with the use of all-destroying weapons One of such vivid examples is the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata”, which describes the war and its consequences after the use of unusual all-destructing weapons INTERESTING FACTS Fact 1 It is interesting that the first edition of the epic poem “Mahabharata”, narrating about the great war and discords, was carried out in the same… 7th century BC, rich in events of El supporters And the history repeats itself: just as in the story with the mysterious Homer, the text processing is attributed to one author – the legendary mysterious sage who edits the famous ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata”, as well as the Vedas, Puranas, and other Indian philosophical texts He is called sage Vyasa, whose name in Sanskrit means “division”, “separation”, “distraction”, “dispersion” He is also called Shashvata, that is, “immortal”, “eternal” Fact 2 In the epic poem “Mahabharata” according to the plan of the gods, with the hands of some people, the others should be exterminated, besides their relatives One of the main negative characters is Karna, whose image, in the glow of tragedy, draws closer to the image of the hero Achilles from the epic poem of Homer’s Iliad Just like Achilles, Karna died Moreover, the legend pays more space to the description of Karna’s death, than to anyone else’s, including the divine Krishna Fact 3 The “Mahabharata” states that these events (war with the use of the weapons of the gods and the following cataclysms)

occurred at the turn of the epochs of dvapara-yuga (where people had the opportunity to live for 1000 years) and the era of Kali-yuga Fact 3 The “Mahabharata” states that these events (war with the use of the weapons of the gods and the following cataclysms) occurred at the turn of the epochs of dvapara-yuga (where people had the opportunity to live for 1000 years) and the era of Kali-yuga MEGALITHS So, was there a civilization in ancient times with high technologies which exceeded in their perfection the discoveries of modern science? Certainly More information on the science of antiquity can be found in the “Primordial AllatRa Physics” report As of today, there are a lot of artifacts, ranging from the remnants of ancient knowledge to the megalithic structures, ideally preserved for millennia It is enough for any skeptic to pay attention to the same science of the Ancient East and wonder where from the ancients knew the exact sizes ​in geometry, mathematics, and physics But, perhaps, the most obvious evidence is the megalithic cities located in different parts of the world, the technologies of their construction, which modern humankind cannot reproduce until now Monoliths, menhirs, pyramids, cities, temples, palaces, airports and other ancient buildings, that were found in different parts of the world, amaze with their scale, stability, the perfection of structures Almost all the buildings of antiquity were made of large and heavy stones – megaliths, weighing several dozens, and sometimes hundreds of tons Sometimes in the building cladding and in the form of separate monoliths, there are also more heavy stone blocks – trilithons, which weight is more than a thousand tons Engineers of the distant past had the knowledge how to make a solid construction of stones with a huge weight How to lift large stone blocks, to set them at a high altitude and fasten together without a grout They knew how to make a polygonal laying How to make high-quality alligation for strong metal strainers And today you can see that the slices on the stones are made with mechanisms with a pinpoint accuracy, which gave the effect of a tight fit of the stones, between the gaps of which it is impossible to insert even a razor blade Masters of the past left lots of marks that indicate the using of high-tech equipment: super-power circular slabs, grinding machines, drills (possibly ultrasonic), cutters and many other devices that the current civilization is not yet aware of The left marks impress with their flatness, ultra-thinness and accuracy, largeness, and high quality of devices themselves, which are able to easily deal with stone workpieces of high quality and hard rocks Megaliths were made at a high level not only technically, but also their location, the form of structures, the images left on the stones were based on the knowledge of astronomy, geography, advanced mathematics, and other exact sciences But what are all these high technologies and grand buildings worth when a society loses its spirituality? “There is nothing more terrible than EVIL on the throne when his wife becomes a POWER that is terrible on its own” UNDER THE AEGIS OF EL HIGH TECHNOLOGIES ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT “IMMORTALITY” IN THE BODY FOR THE CHOSEN “CLONING” GAME OF GODS CLIMATIC WEAPONS NUCLEAR WARS DESTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS As of today, the world public remains in the captivity of ELcentrism And everything is imbued with it: starting with the programs of the education system of new generations that is adopted in civilized countries, and which impose a study of history and literature within the certain limits And ending with the implantation of names from the literary heritage of the servants of El, as the names of various communities, global projects, firms, businesses, household items, and so on Have you ever wondered why there are many people today who do not believe in God,

mistakenly believing that this is an old man with a beard sitting on the throne, but at the same time they understand that there is something supreme after all, but in the form of the Universal Mind, the system? As a result, believers have questions: since God is so loving, why does He allow wars and strife? Where there are so many people who are proud of atheism and who consider the history of wars more important than spiritual knowledge? Where does it come from that the world economy is much more important than human freedoms, that material values ​​prevail over human life? People do not notice who has long reigned in their heads They use words without understanding their true meaning Even the personal names of many people are not the original names of the nations to which they belong, but these are names that have an ancient Greek or Hebrew etymology of origin The question is, why is it like this, and not otherwise? Do you think this does not concern you, and you are not involved in this game of the system? Look carefully, what kind of information are you surrounded with and what are the comparisons, and the images in your thoughts? What do the today’s rhapsodies of servants of El want you to dream of? What do you subconsciously choose every day? Today, the word elite is embedded into the minds of consumers as something qualitatively higher, to which a person should supposedly strive for, what he can achieve in this world with a help of his trickiness, entrepreneurship, the maximum application of the power of attention Elite cars, elite houses, elite goods, business elite, sports elite, art elite, the political elite, military elite, ideological elite But what is the elite in the original understanding of this word? ELITE IS THE SERVANTS … OF THE DEVIL’S SLAVE – EL But what is the price of such chosenness? Whom does it beget in the consumer society? Is the literature, which is now introduced into the ranks of masterpieces of world classics, so harmless? Remains of knowledge about the Atlanteans are kept in the esoteric religious traditions of different peoples The priests were their keepers Many occult organizations appealed to the knowledge of the Atlanteans Theosophical and anthroposophical societies tried to reconstruct the legacy of Atlantis The emphasis was on the chosen race of people or the domination of one nation, which allegedly originates from the gods of Atlantis, over others This idea of ​​separation between lords and slaves was used by dictators at different times In the cultural tradition of modern times, Atlantis has become one of the symbols of the triumph of the intellect, the vehicle of ideas for the formation of the social ideals of the consumer society Alexander of Macedon, who was convinced of the idea of monocracy establishment, that is, of a single domination over the world, is far from the only example of influence on people’s choice, under the influence of such literature in the interpretation of the servants of El Another bright example is Reichsführer of SS Heinrich Himmler who at his time was also firmly convinced not only of the existence of Atlantis and further resettlement of Atlanteans, but also that the descendants of the Atlanteans have remained in their best only in Germany In 1945, the allies found in his library pretty worn out books about the Atlanteans civilization, including the “Glacial Cosmogony of Hörbiger” about the super-race of people, the “race of lords”, which acquainted the Greeks, Egyptians and others with the civilization Who benefits from this and what for? Do you think it happened by chance that in the culturological tradition of modern times,

Atlantis is the symbol of the triumph of the intellect? How many films have been devoted to it, literature, articles, how much attention and effort has been spent and involved in search of it? But what is this all for? Have you ever wondered why in your mind, in addition to your desire, there is actively being formed a deliberately positive image of Atlantis? They continue to search Atlantis until now But it’s interesting where the attention of new generations is being directed? To the search for answers to the question where it was and what happened with it. But no more What did the modern human accidentally hear about Atlantis? That a tragedy happened with Atlantis, that there lived highly spiritual and highly educated people, a “race of lords” What is the expected result? The program, placed by El – the desire for world domination It is quite obvious the global interest of certain individuals who are planning for centuries ahead The establishment of a new world order in human society, the El’s return to the throne But there is an ancient expression: every power excites vices, absolute power generates a dragon The information is scattered and without the key, a person does not have a global understanding, believing in something that is feeding his pride, thereby getting into the system which manipulates him from outside. And there are millions of such as he Servants of El only order PR in the media, but all this propaganda and realization of the ideas of world domination is being done by the hands of misunderstanding people deprived of their history By their lives, the elite – the descendants of El – are laying their way into the future, which they faithfully believe in the hope of renewing their former power But what motivates servants of El to do all these things today, if this is just a story? The answer is simple: the promise of the “ninth day” by the system They believe that in future built by them, when El again comes to power, they will revive in material bodies in Elysium, because in their secret orders, under the great secret, accessible only to the initiated, there are legends that all this is absolutely real, has scientific justifications and a similar resurrection in bodies was held in the days of El In fact, this is a lie Because at El times experiments were conducted, but only with regard to the transfer of part of the human consciousness and the creation of the body from the DNA of the deceased, 40 days after his death But the deception consisted in the fact that the Personality of the human, the one who the human is and feels himself during life, became subpersonality in fact, and people were shown a copy – just a clone of a human, but not the human himself Everything is false in the system Who knows the past understands the present and can foresee the future (Sumerian cuneiform tablet) But what is in the end? The system creates its own foci and uses people who live in illusions of obsessive thoughts, not knowing that they are manipulated by the system, and how this game of “material immortality” will end first of all for them Their dream of immortality in the material body is the dream of the system about the “ninth day”, which will remain as an empty illusion because the system itself is finite and mortal Its instantaneous existence with billions of years is nothing for the world of eternity, the Spiritual World As Igor Mikhailovich Danilov said: “The system is designed in such a way that all the discoveries that you receive, your mind erases and all the understandings very quickly disappear, driving you into the stall of ordinary life And only the fog remains from your freedom and understanding And in order that the system does not deprive you of understanding and newfound freedom, you must work very hard, and not give demons in your head, those whom you perceive as your own thoughts and desires, power over you as a Personality Only in this way you can find true life and real freedom!” THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE

The future of entire humankind depends on your personal choice Modern humankind has a CHANCE Everything depends on YOUR CHOICE WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE? T: It’s also interesting, what you said in the previous programme that in fact there was also a period for humanity, when it was on the edge, and that after all humankind had managed could be said to come out safely from this period, and there was a thousand years of reign, of Allat sisters IM: Well, if we consider, what happened further, surely there were people who remained, and something that was later called Hyperborea was formed out of them There is such an alternative history where it is told that there was Atlantis, there was Hyperborea, and they fought each other. No Hyperborea – it was already a spiritual formation, practically all of them then left, the Hyperboreans Yes, it has grown and was huge, both maps and territories exist and remain but this is a subsequent history They did not exist together And after Hyperborea exactly there was the golden millennium of the spiritual rule of Allat sisters And in the time following, well, one thousand years of normal existence of people, when the devil was weakened to the utmost And the weakening of the devil was precisely during Hyperborea T: The question arises, how people actually managed, in such a moment when, it can be said, the devil was very strong IM: Well, then the devil was as strong as he is now And now there are people who are aspiring to God, who are able to step over the devil, who are capable of arguing with their consciousness, is that not so? Who are able to observe their consciousness and analyze, and they understand after all that their consciousness is not their instrument, and that they are not the consciousness, and they are not the body After all, people get this experience Well, there were also such people then And thanks to them the world from, let’s say, I will tell carefully, out of less than one hundred and fifty thousand people, the whole civilization was reborn Well, just count out of eight billion Sad? T: It’s sad IM: Try to gather them now T: One hundred and fifty thousand IM: For example In all religions, all monasteries It’s just interesting Those truly aspiring to God How many could be gathered? Here is the answer Although everyone in himself considers that he is worthy, he is a believer, he serves Maybe. The only question is: to whom? What is he worthy and whom does he believe in? And whom does he serve to? This is the point T: Consciousness has confused people There are indeed a lot of questions IM: It’s like a program It has such work, it has such function After all, no one comes and forces a person to even make a step No one, including consciousness. It only offers Personality, and Personality already puts its attention Consciousness begins to act in accordance with the choice of the Personality Meaning, consciousness, it simultaneously gives a lot of suggestions, but for some reason Personality chooses these or those thoughts, those or other emotions It is clear that Personality does not see a three-dimensional world, it is exactly the fate of consciousness, this is the material world, the mortal world Nevertheless, a human exists here, and the Personality has to develop. Since childhood it is being enslaved by consciousness, isn’t it? What is hammered into people’s heads?!

Here is the answer, what is the most valuable and the most important T: Still today we would like to shake the positions of consciousness of people such as atheists, T: because IM: What for? T: Because after all, if everyone honestly confesses to himself IM: It’s their choice then he actually feels, and seeks God And in some cases without getting answers to some questions… IM: From pride They just fell for the tricks of consciousness It is banal, the child could be even in a rather small age while appealing to God, he does not get what he wants But appealing to God from a material position, of course he will not get what he wants Well, this is the impetus to a person to step on the other side: “Ah, since God did not give me, then I’ll go serve satan.” Again we return to these very problems Another position – a person was born in a normal family, but after looking at his friends, watching the broadcasts, he wished to be cooler, better and so on Well greed, envy, and everything else arose in him Well, how to justify an inner negative, which satan gave him? By atheism Isn’t it? “There is no God, what should I be afraid of?” And what is more, this is one of the persuations, one of the forms of the work of consciousness that “there is no God.” Well, no one stands in front of the mirror and says that “There is no me” This is absolutely the same Come to the mirror and say: “There is no me, I do not see anything, I simply do not exist, this is just a hallucination, a mirage that I observe” Zh: They just reason that there is no God, because it is impossible to measure him with the devices IM: Then there is also no consciousness, it cannot be measured either Intellect is possible to measure But intellect is exactly what you have to develop yourself, isn’t it? The better your effort, the more developed it becomes If you need it, go ahead and develop it And of course it is impossible to measure God, for how do you measure him in the material world? Zh: By no means IM: By no means T: It’s just interesting how generally the system acts, at all times And already going back to antiquity, and just now – how it all intersects It turns out that again what was offered by this elite? In order to defend their social and some economic convictions, they took questions that the priesthood could not answer in that religion, and as if caring about the spiritual for the person – they simply twisted the information, gave some of their own answers, considering people to be, well, the lowborns, T: that all these are children’s tales IM: To be uneducated; they do not understand T: …That all these are children’s tales, IM: This is happening till today that all this is for simple people, T: but for the wise, educated ones, IM: For the elite) profound thinkers IM: …For the chosen ones T: …For the chosen ones, yes IM: …By El Zh: Yeah And they need to know that there is no God T: Well, I think that this will indeed surprise a lot of people This information actually opens people’s eyes anew, because for sure if everyone honestly confesses to himself, he will discover that he thought it was unique, that he does not serve anyone, because atheists, meaning their consciousness, strongly do not want to serve to anybody and it opposes a lot to the fact that they can be controlled by someone IM: The highest form of egoism, let’s say, and arrogance is atheism Naturally, they think that they are absolutely free, but only because they have never really worked on themselves They have not studied either their consciousness, or themselves or the world around them, they have been content (satisfied) only with that whisper coming from the depths of their consciousness, and have not understood those were the demons who whispered, and nothing more But they think that demons are fairy tales, all this is a mirage, there is no death “Yes, the death exists, but …”, “but there is no hell, there is nothing”, that everything is fine, everything is good and God, it’s just a fantasy, let’s say “in the past people dreamt him up because it was necessary to somehow explain the thunder, lightning, something else, human death, that everything is happening in terms of higher forces” And all this is the banal physics and chemistry “And a human being just accidentally originated from animals. Well, Darwin said so after all” It’s easy to justify everything Consciousness always criticizes and perverts everything But there is also another experience But it takes time, it requires efforts What is easier: to walk the spiritual path or to serve the devil? This is a simple question for consciousness But consciousness cannot walk the spiritual path at all, it only leads people around holy places with the hope of seeing God and creates hope for people, by saying: “you go right there, and will come into contact” A person came – and didn’t come into contact He comes out, being inspired, all is beautiful, all was fine and wonderful, but inside it is empty, he didn’t find God in fact

Because it is impossible to find Him somewhere, as we have already talked about it He is inside a person Only through those doors that are inside, which people call the Soul, only through this a person can come into contact with the Spiritual World There is no other way Well, consciousness tells the opposite: “Right there was a wise man, right there was a saint” Well… So people are chasing after the external, after the images Zh: We have also met such situations when a woman wrote a comment: “I was searching for God everywhere, I traveled through all the temples; I wanted so much to get rid of my sins and… well, to enlight, to get enlightened, and I was seeking…” IM: And here a very interesting situation comes The woman wanted to get rid of her sins And what is a sin? Sin is exactly a service to satan This is the greatest sin And all the sinfulness lies in nothing but indulging our consciousness, because it is exactly consciousness that creates this whole sinfulness But this same consciousness was leading her to God in the desire to get rid of itself – well, that is how consciousness jokes And yet the devil, he’s a good joker Zh: Yes, and IM: And a human as a Personality felt, she felt the need to search for God, but ultimately having not found anywhere, she could become an atheist Zh: Yes, well, she is all discouraged and is still looking for answers IM: Uh-huh. To dwell in despondency (sadness) and seek love, yes? It’s impossible God is Love There is nothing else and cannot be And while a person does not understand this, and until he starts to love, he will not get anything Everything is actually simple T: People indeed spend a lot of time in order to Well, they just go around in a vicious circle and do not understand what the acquirement of this Love is, what Love is They do not even understand what means to love, because there are categories of consciousness IM: Here is the old expression “bogatyr”, yes? What is a “bogatyr”? This is the acquirement, the accumulation of God What does it mean – the accumulation of God? This is the accumulation of Allat power Meaning, when a person as a Personality really aspires, when he begins to feel – this is the perception through feelings, and not some kind of tactility or something else It is the perception through feelings that allows precisely to feel the Spiritual World And what is the Spiritual World? It is an endless joy, it is Love, it is absolute Grace Isn’t it? And when a person, having felt this, begins to send Love himself, he himself begins to love sincerely and truly, then what can he get in response? Only Love So that’s what the accumulation is And it turns out, the more he gives his love, the more he gets back, and being overfilled with it, he just shares it That’s when it is said “a person is with God.” Because it comes from him. But again, who can feel it? The very few And others, on the contrary, experience hatred that comes from consciousness, they envy him, or something else Why? Because they look at the image They see the image They see the image and immediately compare it with themselves So that’s where a conflict of interests arises: between the very consciousness and egoism, which consciousness itself has formed in a human Is that right? It’s simple T: Igor Mikhailovich, and love is it necessary to learn it, or to somehow develop yourself in love? IM: It’s necessary to constantly learn and develop The person comes to this world to learn and develop Having learnt and developed, he can become an Angel And if a person doesn’t learn and develop, 100% he will become a subpersonality There is no other way And consciousness hinders him, it’s true But there should be a hindrance in the path But how else? What kind of path is it, if it’s smooth and plain? This is not the path, is it? What would the person’s merit be if the path were easy? Once we have already talked about Zoroastrianism and ancient religions It is clearly described there because there is still an understanding of all this This is exactly what we have also mentioned of Hyperborea, and that’s where these explanations came from It is in modern civilization Well, again, similar explanations were also in the previous civilization The one that ended with the disappearance of Atlantis and almost eight billion people What did this lead to?! There was knowledge, there were religions, there was everything! T: Here is also such a moment, it turns out that people feel at some point of their time

this very moment of contact with God Consciousness simply deceives people that IM: Well sometimes people being impressed with something, experience euphoria, like, endorphins’ work inside of themselves But again, we must not forget the function of consciousness Human consciousness is part of a common system The system is always hungry The attention that our Personality distributes is nothing but food, no more than that Any information should be fed with something, with some kind of energy, otherwise, it cannot exist Everything is very simple And in connection with the fact that the system is a thinking being (you cannot name it in another way), it’s kind of an artificial intellect, as we have said Let it even be artificial, but it’s an intellect, it means that it’s already a being Isn’t it? This is already a certain life, even if it’s temporary But again, what does temporary mean? It is temporary from the position of the Spiritual World, but from the position of the human being – it is eternal, as well as the Universe is boundless Well, but in the reality, time goes very fast and the Universe is very small It depends on what and from which position to compare and from which direction to look at If you look at the system from the inside, it is huge, but if you look from the outside, it is practically invisible This is the point T: Igor Mikhailovich, right now you have said about eternity and immortality And also when looking for the information, we faced the fact what people basically say about immortality Why don’t they believe in it? Here they say that supposedly, in their understanding the Soul consists of atoms, and atoms just decompose together with the body at the end of life… IM: If to approach from their perspective that “the Soul consists of atoms, and the atoms are part of the material world, so the Soul will disappear,” but in this way, there is a confusion, they confuse with subpersonality After all, a subpersonality, it actually consists of Po particles (these are not atoms), it consists of that, of which consists something that precisely creates atoms then, let’s say it this way This is a bit beyond the quantum limit even, these are not quantum states yet So yes, a subpersonality is material, because consciousness remains, and everything remains. Naturally, it cannot exist eternally It exists temporary. But not the Soul The soul does not belong to this world and it cannot be destroyed And I also like how they say: “To save Soul”, right? There is also an expression But saving the Soul is like saving a life ring A simple example, we have already talked with you in the last program and I will say it once again: a person is drowning, the ocean is roughing, he was thrown a life ring from the ship, and he starts throwing it back “How is that?! It’s a life ring, it should be saved” That is how it’s called – the “life ring”, so you have to save life ring at the expense of your life Well, that’s what people do: saving the life ring, throwing it back until they drown Zh: There is one more persuasion. Here you have touched on the subject of subpersonalities Atheists are asked questions, and they answer Well, as if knowing somewhere even intuitively, subconsciously, that is, they still feel, they also have such a component as Soul And they say that “well ok, let it be something there, we’ll figure it out after death, but now everything is allowed to me, I won’t have pangs of conscience, I will not be afraid of anything, I don’t want these doubts … ” IM: Well, you have told it yourself This is a convenient form of slave existence (Zh: …yes, that is, the argumentation…) As we have already said, this happens only because people do not understand that they are being manipulated and controlled That the consciousness decides for them: where to go, what to do, to stand up, and even what to feel Consciousness controls everything (Zh: Right) What to eat, what to experience, when to get sick, when to recover This is part of the material world Zh: Or here is another situation when people set themselves a material goal They already have everything, have already achieved this goal, everything has already happened in life: children, a house, everything is planted IM: Not enough Zh: It’s not enough, but IM: It’s always not enough Zh: …at some point they seem to be disappointed in this material world and already IM: And this is exactly where it starts when they as a Personality feel that death is coming, that what is called death, and they have not received satisfaction from life and they have not done the most important thing, and they won’t be going anywhere else. And here are two ways: either to grasp at consciousness with all forces, sweeping the spiritual aside, well, or pretend that you are spiritual That is, without understanding, without knowing and studying, but again – without working on themselves

Isn’t it? It’s almost always like this T: And also in order to deceive this fear of death, such an expression is used quite often, not even an expression, but the experience of those people who survived a clinical death is taken, and they say that “supposedly people who came back from there, they felt the state of joy, therefore, why to be afraid of this death…” IM: And that’s always like that In actual fact, a clinical death is a short experience This is just a short experience of the Personality’s escaping from the power of consciousness But in the majority, the primary consciousness actually remains active, and in principle, even in some conjunction with the Personality And it is natural, of course, that people experience joy, euphoria, this physical weight falls But this is a temporary transitional state And when a real death comes, the person instantly turns into subpersonality At first, of course, he won’t understand anything But the first time, it passes very quickly And a person understands that there are no hands, no legs And then gradually he will understand more: the way he wasted his life Not lived his life, but burned it Well, this is… T: It’s interesting that even IM: …that is sad. Let’s talk about something good T: I guess such problems and misunderstandings are primarily related to the fact that people (even those who watch us for the first time), they simply do not understand the basic concepts: what is a Personality, what is the Soul, what is a subpersonality, a state… IM: And who prevents them? After all, if you take any subject, you must study it in detail at first, isn’t it? If a person aspires to God, he must study everything concerning God as much as possible. Isn’t that so? And when a person closes in, let’s say, upon one direction, nothing happens Let’s take science, any science: if a person does not study the works of his predecessors, the works of, say, other people who are doing this, his colleagues, how will he develop in science then?! Well, that’s easy. In order to make it work, he has to compile a critical mass of information at first Then he has to invest attention in this science for a very long time and very persistently, with a huge amount of, let’s say, attachments on time; and subsequently, as a rule, if he has sufficiently financed, he will receive an answer But he will consider that he decided that, and it is his merit – that’s how he came up with it Well, that is so But he gets a ready-made answer Zh: Yes. Few people know that atheists, well, they do not believe in religions and it is considered atheism, right? But there are religions that do not believe in other religions and argue this with the same evidence, meaning, they operate with the same concepts that the atheists operate with IM: Well, again, this is what we have already been talking about, that practically in all religions (not practically but in all), there are a lot of hidden atheists And they do not need God – they need participation, they pursue completely different interests, and they are manipulated by satan, no matter what they are in some kind of religious organization But they are controlled by satan They deny all and everything, and only they are good, only they are the most intelligent, they are doing well (Zh: Yes) Obviously T: It’s interesting that modern atheists, they took as a basis the following: back in eighteenth century there was Holbach, who said that children are atheists because they supposedly do not have any concepts of God And now this, let’s say, statement is disseminated a lot And what is the situation in the actual fact? IM: Children’s consciousness, in fact, begins to develop when they explore the world, as they explore it, the material part of this world Well, no one touches on the feeling side, what kids feel And who develops feelings’ perception in children? No one And it turns out that the first thing that develops and develops intensively is consciousness Naturally, it gets a huge head start over the Personality and later on it simply suppresses and manipulates the person This is how the slave of satan is formed, but not the God’s servant T: That means, a word is taken (in this case, the misunderstanding of this state of feeling by those people, yes, who (IM: Well, of course) are atheists), and simply refer to the fact that “if it is not called by the word God, then…” IM: But the child, who doesn’t know the words yet, cannot let’s say, use the word God

But it is enough when the child begins to talk more or less freely, to talk with him heart to heart You can be surprised by his wisdom. After all, many children have the wisdom, let’s say, of truly holy elders Isn’t that right? Yes, it is They have perception through feelings They may not know how God is called in their language, but they certainly feel what it is And they perfectly feel that this world is not their home And they understand where they need to go They cannot put correctly into earthly words their aspiration, but they have this understanding That’s why exactly kids are much closer to God because they are not as dirty as adults yet, they are not so burdened by their consciousness and by this “sinfulness”, as they say T: It turns out that atheists doubt any of this feeling experience And we met such information that they often say Now I’ll read: “I’ve studied the work of the brain It was interesting when it came to some revelations, some spiritual experience: how, if this happens in one particular consciousness, how can it be distinguished from a malfunction in work of the brain (prefrontal cortex) and in general from hallucinations?” IM: Actually, I would say, this is an interesting question But this is precisely a misunderstanding: what is consciousness and what is, banally, a neurophysiology, yes? But how do the neurons of our brain work? After all, the chemical reactions that are displayed and which we observe on the instruments – encephalographs, PETs and everything else – this is already happening after the Personality begins to finance this or that thought, this or that image And what happens? Firstly, the image is born, and then, after the birth of this image, or rather, when the image is born, at that moment a small group lights up, but when the Personality has financed, let’s say, this image, this idea, then a certain area of the neurons of our brain firing, that means, there is already a reaction But naturally, how can they distinguish, let’s say, spiritual or not spiritual, yes, if the material work is going on?! Here is simple example for understanding: we take a tablet, well, I don’t know, a laptop, whatever; we install certain programs there: in one program is written “devil”, in the other one “God” is written, both are in the same font, the same brightness, bold type, well, saturation; and then highlight it But the tablet highlights equally (T: simultaneously). Yes Here, the neurons of the brain are kind of the screens of the tablet and everything else But the only difference is that their combination causes chemical reactions That means, there is a subsequent physical reaction on the body And here the Personality decides: to finance the further action or not Meaning, to give energy for further development or not If the information came from the same body, yes, Personality should finance it If the Personality does not give a certain amount of energy, then the consciousness will not work Consciousness does not work on energy which the neurons of the brain work on – this must also be understood Why? Because neurons, they work exactly on electricity, on the chemistry which arises from the fact that we ate something – this is the machine that processes I’ll say it easier: here is a car with remote control, there is a battery in it, or there is gasoline, for example, or on an internal combustion engine, but it is exactly the operator who has a manipulation dashboard Well, there is such kind of parallel The machine drives to the right, drives to the left Well, here, a person is moreover able to process one type of energy into another one, thanks to which exactly the totality of our cells perform the function of this car And in this case, the operator is like a Personality, which sends a signal – and the car drives right and left. It can drive to the dump, and can drive to the petrol station And here, of course, here comes the choice from the operator Therefore the Personality, as an operator, it has the opportunity, has the right, and no one can refute this right – a choice Well, another thing is that the Spiritual World, It is static

We already talked about this once, it seems to me in the last programme It does not run anywhere, It does not strive anywhere It is, because It is eternal But material world, it constantly rushes with acceleration for over billions of years That is why, it turns out that satan needs faster and much Therefore, he has such a cunning and everything else And he fights for his feeder to the last This is normal T: Igor Mikhailovich, you said about the moment of choice, right? That means, ideally, the Personality chooses between programs… But what happens? Some automatisms come into action Why do they pay attention to this or that program, this or that thought?… IM: Well, people don’t even think about it T: They don’t think Naturally, having no experience, not having a real experience in spiritual work, people do not think about it And what is spiritual work on oneself? Well, we have already talked about this more than once, well, we’ll talk again, at least the way the elders, who reached this spiritual liberation, describe it It is control, control of demons in the head, of what they whisper Something to accept, something not to accept This is constant observation, constant work on yourself And of course, it’s better to write everything in order to see. Only this way you will understand that you are being fooled When you put every thought on paper, when every revelation you have on paper Here came to the person enlightenment, understanding, yes, meaning, he inspired, came in contact with something Divine He really understood He was able to perceive this force. He perceived This Love lighted up in him Even if he began to smolder, but it’s already warm Go ahead and write it down! If you haven’t written it down – tomorrow you will forget, consciousness will erase everything And it will say: “that was just kind of hallucination, that was an emotional outburst” Why emotion, if this is real, this is alive?! Well, and this is exactly the work The spiritual path begins from this – from the study of satan (Zh: consciousness in every way…) And nowhere you can get out of it Of course, from the study of consciousness Studying his own consciousness, it turns out that a person begins to unmask satan Is it beneficial to him (satan) or not? Of course not Will he resist? He will resist very strongly And people face this Zh: Yes, they do. And just here, also, a woman wrote in a letter that she encountered the fact that she had a misunderstanding, and she began to stop herself halfway What does it mean “living by spiritual is easy, but it’s very difficult to come to it, it’s a titanic work”? IM: Hard work In fact, if it were easy, everyone would be holy Well, then it would not be appreciated It’s like before, when people didn’t have a body, right? It’s like in Zoroastrianism But they themselves asked this in order to become worthy, to enter the World of God as an equal among equals A human, when studying how the system works, he understands that he is manipulated, then he learns to resist it, he finds himself as a Personality, begins to develop himself as a Personality, then to control. He learns the Love of God That means, coming into contact with the World meaning, at first he understands that there is devil, he understands there is Spiritual World, there is Love, he begins to develop what is precious to him, what brings him Life Well, one fine day he just begins to live and he realizes that it’s so easy Zh: Yes, it’s very easy and it’s very pleasant IM: Yes, but… it’s easy, pleasant, it’s joyful, this is Life It cannot be Well, how could life be complicated or difficult?! How can it not be joyful?! Well, how can Love be burdensome, yes?! (Zh: Yes) Well, there’s no point in existence even of a single moment here without it at all They say: “Is it difficult to love or?…” Well, why is it hard to love?! Not to love it is terrible, and to love – it is (Zh: happiness) everything, this is happiness, yes But this is when a person knows When he found it, well it seems so easy, so simple Well it’s really easy and simple But in order to make this step towards this simplicity, well, you need to step over the devil And this is not so simple, because you go with the help of the same consciousness, you study it precisely with its help Well, it’s natural that you stumble onto resistance, a plenty of substitutions and everything But the question is: if your aspiration is sincere and true, and you really go – you will surely reach! It’s impossible that you don’t reach But, if you listen to a consciousness that says that you are nothing and you haven’t learned anything and will never learn anything Well, this is again your choice, human, what can I say That’s just democracy, the highest democracy from God, the human right to choose: choose Life or death,

That’s it Okay, there is one point: The World of God is eternal and It is for all who aspires to Life, but… another world, under the guidance of satan – it is definitely deadly dangerous Zh: Well, of course, it would be nice to discuss these moments, where people stop After all, when getting this glimpse, contact, and already having experience of spiritual immersions, perception through feelings…, but a person is still distracted, the consciousness distracts him IM: Of course. Well, let’s just say, a person’s existence is an ideal condition for the formation of the Angel This should be understood This is not the cruelty of God, absolutely not God gave a chance (Zh: atheists think so, that it is cruelty) And whether you take it or not, it is your choice God can not be cruel, God is Love And who prevents you from Loving? Who prevents you from Living? Well, who? No one It is only your choice. And why does a person choose precisely the earthly, precisely material? Why does he choose the conviction of someone? Why does he choose the discord, war? Why does he choose dirt instead of purity? Well, who forces him? No one besides consciousness But if you know that consciousness is an instrument of the devil, then why do you succumb to this?! After all, no one humiliates a human as much as his own consciousness. Isn’t it? Nobody makes a human so unhappy as his own consciousness, doesn’t it? It belittles, it offends him, it mocks him, it glorifies him and belittles him at the same time, it leads him in circles around emptiness And people are content with this. Well Zh: Yes. But the question also arises: “Alright, I believe, I feel, but I can’t. I need someone to believe in me” IM: And faith is, well we talked a lot about this Faith in this case, it is not acceptable Faith should be in the first step, when a person hopes – he believes and he goes Here faith can encourage you to the way to God, but it will not give salvation. Knowledge and experience There can be no other. One should earn his experience, he needs to get knowledge, he has to achieve them When you learn the system, when you understand all this, when you feel the same Love, when you come into contact with the Spiritual World – what satan can bring you down?! This is a simple question What can he do? Nothing Everything is powerless, because it goes beyond the material world Everything earthly, everything worldly, it all remains far behind It’s true. Just like that “life should be acquired while you are alive” After death, you will not acquire anything, because you will be helpless. This is also true But the consciousness tells different, because it is profitable for it And the whole trouble (Zh: …yes, different to each one) Yes, and the whole trouble is that people don’t understand that consciousness is not who they are But many people think: consciousness is me, the body is me, everything is mine Yes, we feel, we feel that chemistry works, neurons work Primary consciousness perceives all information about the body, touch. All this is analysed, it all works The first experience that passes – it passes through neurons. That is, you touched, and neurons there’re also neurons in fingers, they worked, information went. What went? The electric current went The discharge went, which excited a certain group of neurons. Which in turn, gave out a certain image This image was already perceived, let’s say, by a quantum mechanism, yes? Meaning, consciousness itself is a quantum computer Consciousness worked, perceived it all – and now the Personality already receives a certain picture. Well and further already – whether a Personality was tempted or not tempted Where to go: right or left is the choice of the Personality But consciousness offers a lot of ways at the same time, and this is multi-vector Zh: Yes, just to each his own: atheist, that’s (IM: Of course), one thing is that “if there is love, then why are there woes, wars, devastation?…” IM: The question is not in love, in fact the very concept, we have already discussed more than once what love is Love, it is also understood in different ways There is love from the consciousness, and there is Love from the Spirit And here the difference is significant Say, people love each other, they cannot live without each other, but, sorry, they are constantly cheating on each other In the head, moreover, they do it all the time Isn’t that so? If not physically, then in thoughts But what’s the difference?! After all, our thought is material. In fact, there is no difference: whether you were unfaithful in your head, or you were unfaithful physically – everything is the same Well, unless infections can only be added, when physically Other than that, the essence is the same After all, this is perceived by the Personality absolutely identically. This is a sin, and that also is a sin

Well, what kind of love is there? Well, isn’t it so? And when they constantly quarrel, try to dominate each other – is that love? Why there is no such in the Spiritual World? And it cannot be. Well, it’s like that T: Here the consciousness of that same atheists, it puts such a counterargument, it can be said: “Why is such a merciful God in whom you believe admits all this? Allows strife, (IM: What exactly?) admits war, admits… ” IM: I understood. This is an age-old question: “Why does He allow injustice and all the bad things that are happening in this world?” (T: Yes, “if He is so merciful …”) Well, I’ll say simply: God, He never interferes in human affairs, in human choice And everything that happens here: wars, strife, all troubles – it’s a human choice Isn’t it the people, who start the wars? And where do the wars begin? In the head Who whispers? Consciousness What is the reason here? Pride and greed There is nothing else Pride and greed of certain people who have power And why do they start wars? They are bored Or they want to take someone else’s property To take what’s others’ If they cannot buy – then they go to war, because they claimed to be strong – they will take someone else’s possessions Well, isn’t it so? It is so Zh: Yes, and then exactly such atheists appear who say that “I do not believe in God, I do not believe in your religion, because you do not act in the way it is written in your sacred writings As it’s written: “do not kill”, but the wars are going. ” T: “Being hit on the left cheek, turn right one And believers do not do that way. So…” IM: Well, we have already talked about this, that some time ago this was relevant People were more spiritual, and an evil person who lives under the control of satan Well, a person cannot punish another one very much They will strike you on the left cheek – you understand, that he is directed by satan. A person punished himself How can you punish him more? Well, no way That’s why they said: turn the right one, but do not hold it against him. That was the point Forget this person – he punished himself You cannot punish him more But, excuse me, when after only a few thousand years the system has become so strong that now, well If you turn the right one, he will hit you even in the nose I’ve already said that if you are bitten by your left leg, a rabid dog, do not give it to the right one, Evil must be punished But, here also, the question is that one may misunderstand what is evil, and what is good, and to become a rabid dog yourself and bite others Here is important point T: Also there was such a key question: “How can we distinguish a good godly deed from a deed that God is not willing?” And an example was given that “a godly deed is an action, at the moment of which you experience joy, but if there occur…, some other states come …” IM: Listen, but if I eat candy and feel the joy of it – is it an acceptable in the sight of godly deed or not? (T: Well, you know…) This is my personal business, right? Under the dictation of consciousness. After all, it is excited Now, as a Personality, I don’t really care what an organism that lives in my organism wants to eat, and why it needed this chocolate (Zh: And what kind of parasite wants…) Well, generally speaking, what kind of parasite wants the chocolate now? But the consciousness cares about this. Well, what does God have to do with this, well, a simple question Well, simply What means godly deed or not godly one? I will say simply: all the deeds that lead to spiritual development and spiritual, the more so, people’s saving, are godly deeds All the rest are human affairs, deeds that are inevitably dead, and have nothing to do with the Spiritual World I praised you or I scolded you, so what has changed? A simple question But if I prompted you, gave the instrument, and only when you accepted it and began to use it, this is already a godly act And if I gave you the tool, I’ve spent my time, but you don’t want it. Again I come back to you and tell Do I do a godly deed or not? Of course not Because when I offered you an tool, you refused – you made your choice Well, God be with you, goldfish, swim further, and I’ll find someone who needs this tool I will not waste alive time on dead, you know? Because it is not those times The alive to the living, dead to the dead Everything is simple. And maybe this will be perceived in the minds of the same atheists as injustice: “Well, how? God, He has to.” God does not owe anything to anyone, first of all God does not even know whether you exist or not, until you are mature and become someone whom God will notice

We have already talked about this many times Well, I said once again But this will make crazy the atheists, they will say: “Well, how is it? He is God, He must know everything.” Sorry, the Internet knows everything for today Does it know what do you have in your left pocket? And maybe you have no pocket, if you, excuse me, have a rest in the negligee Well, isn’t it? And what does it have to do with the Internet? I’m talking for example Or what has the alive to do with the dead world, in fact? Yes, it can be insulting. Insulting to whom? Insulting to consciousness For what you were hooked? For pride you were hooked. And what is pride? And pride is just the anchor that pulls to the bottom Isn’t it so? It is And that’s how it all starts. We must not nurture and cherish pride and selfishness in ourselves, but we must work, we must study, we must aspire If you want to be saved – save yourself! There will be no other way out. Nobody will pass and do it for you But there is another expression, that’s when they say that “the proud people – they say we’ll save ourselves” and so on, that “without God, a human will not be saved.” And who is right here, who is to blame, well, let’s say so? In fact, it’s true that a human cannot be saved without God, because it is unreal But on the other hand, after all, a human makes a choice, doesn’t he? When he gets real power, love and freedom? Only when he deserves it When this becomes his only willingness and desire When he steps over satan, going to the Light, right? When he jumps over these bottomless pits, aspiring to exit Well then, of course, he gets help Say, does God gives his helping hand? (Zh: Yes.) Yes, He gives you a hand when you come into His home (Zh: Yes, when you are pure with Him…)He greets you But, when you go into His home. And that’s the point (Zh: When there is purity of intent) But the consciousness will hold you by the tail until the last (Zh: Yes, and suck you dry (or squeeze all the juices) And will try to tear you away, yes Even when you walk through the door, it will still try to pull you back. (Zh: To scream…) Of course! And here is your choice again, what to listen to: consciousness, or go to God Well, when a person is already entering the door, then there is no doubt that consciousness plays no role. Isn’t that so? T: Igor Mikhailovich, what is God’s help? IM: It is His love. It is His power This is exactly God’s help Well, again in any case God never leaves people And when it is necessary, He gives them a tool He will certainly give them a tool, will find an opportunity and a way The question is: will people take these tools and will they use them or not? We have said many times that it is easy to work with a good tool, however with a kettlebell of thirty-two kilos that is tied to a trowel, you cannot build a house That’s the point. And when pure good tools are given, then a person can take and easily build with them a way, the way home to God God never leaves, He always gives Well, the question is again in the human choice Zh: Yes. You have just answered many questions that are also in religion.. On the issue that “God owes” There is such a persuasion, and there is also a continuation that “not only that God owes, the patriarch is obliged, but a Christian (a layman) himself is not able to do anything at all and he is not shown…” IM: Yes, everyone owes a human Zh: Yes, everyone owes And in continuation the question was asked: “How can I see God? How can I know Him?” And there was an answer from the clergyman that “stay away, or you can burn like a candle, you cannot directly address God, you need mediators, you need a priest, you need a pastor.” IM: The answer is from whom? The answer is from satan In the true (proper) sense of the word. After all, who will burn at the appearance of God? A matter will. If the power of God really manifests itself Well, I mean not in hidden… It’s like antimatter All matter will disappear immediately But on the one hand, this priest have read about such physical phenomena, let’s say But on the other hand, again, his selfishness and his importance Well, this is pride and megalomania “Don’t meddle with God, what are you doing?! To love God, or something else… You must be afraid of God And only the God-fearing one will be saved “From what will he be saved?

“Only the one who is obedient to clergyman, who follows him and performs all that he says Only he will be saved.” Will be saved from what? From life? From life, yes, he will be saved Well, if this is a salvation for them, let them choose, they are free people after all But it only says that clergyman was, well, let’s say, a representative of the organization, but not the one who is coming to God If he really served God, and did not serve the organization, he would never say that And even more if he had experience. And the one who takes the path of service, he must go to the Lord He has to strive home Zh: If the organization were still properly organized IM: Any organization, it exists according to certain patterns, whatever it is The organization can not be different, therefore it is necessary to perceive them as they are Well, here also… it should be regarded with the right approach Because the same believers blame, let’s say, “I do not go to church because everything is sold there…” (Zh: Yeah, “paid candles” …), paid candles and so on.” Well, here’s a simple argument I would like to say to such people: if you do not like that everything requires payment in the church, that candles cost money – well, there are no problems here, it’s easily solved You simply buy candle factory, you buy raw materials for candles production You hire specialists who come and make a certain amount of candles that are for your temple, where you don’t want to go to Well, let’s say, for a year at least And here you take it all and bring it to the priest I think not a single Father (abbe -?) would refuse And he would hand out these candles to everyone. May they pray to God by candlelight, for God’s sake You don’t want anymore, right? All desire is lost at once “I will spend a lot of money” and the like, and the like “But in the temple everything requires payment Well, how can this be?” Excuse me, but is everything free at your house: free electricity, free gas?… Well, isn’t it like that? When we come to the temple (when it’s) winter, slush, cold, we come in and there is light, it’s warm there, it’s clean Well, it just won’t appear from nowhere Light costs money, electricity is not cheap now, gas for heating costs money too Even if they do not heat with gas, but with firewood that also costs money Someone has to pay for this somehow, right?! Well, isn’t it? And it turns out that the poor clergymen, they have to bustle somehow Instead of engaging in one’s own spiritual growth, and, let’s say, the spiritual growth of his congregation, the lay people who come to him, a person is engaged in administrative work He seeks where to take these pennies, in order to repair the temple, in order to renovate something, in order to build something To build for who? For the same parish The ones who will blame him later (Zh: Yes. They blame) Isn’t it? Zh: Yes. “Why does the priest deal with everyday matters? Why…” IM: What should he do? And how should he support the temple? It’s all costs money Also, the priest is the same person as everyone else He can have a family, children and all the rest After all, he is not deprived of these needs, say, ordinary ones, the same as you want And where to get money from, it’s just banal and trivial? That’s why they have to: ​​here a rite of baptism – it costs this much, there a funeral – that much… Well, he somehow arranges somewhere… Well, he exactly collects crowdfunding in order to maintain all this But why not to do the opposite, meaning, why in some countries, it happens they do something, even within some religions Well, everything is simple There is a parish, there is a certain number of people who come there, and visit this temple: a thousand, two thousand people, even a hundred people for instance – well, what’s the difference? People have counted Anyway, this budget consists of you, which is, well, spent on everything: the maintenance of the temple and all the rest They have counted how much money it is needed: on the wages of those who work there (the same priest, deacon), because it must be paid for, as people spend the whole day on it Again, people calculate how much the renovation will cost, the maintenance of the church, taking into account that this is an organization, and in any organization some part of money should always go on top from a small cell Well, as in the state – we pay taxes here on our enterprise, they go to the city, to the region and the like Everything should be supported. It is natural. This is normal With all the deductions, how much here, what amount runs out So that it would satisfy everyone and… it’s normal People have counted, dispensed on all, well, once a quarter, once a month, well, as it takes, a certain amount I think it would be just a penny for everyone. Well, then you would come, and no one would take any money from you

And if to do it in a good way, then there just should be some headman There must be some administrator: a layman from the public, who has to keep clean, order, repair, pay bills That is, the priest should be free from this as much as possible He must cultivate his own spiritual growth And when he followы the spiritual path ahead of you, it will be easier for you to follow him along this path Well, then he will not do anything stupid, then he will not rob you. Isn’t that so? It is. There are a lot of such people. Of course there are those who, well, overstep the mark, live from consciousness Well they are in any organization and there’s just no way around it Well, there are higher authorities. If such a person appears, the same perish gathers and decides that we do not need such a priest, we need another, a real one. They’ll change him immediately. Well this is natural This is a simple solution. The consciousness will be against it: “Why should I give money?” And then he comes when it’s necessary, well, you pay anyway, you still spend, what’s the difference? In this way it would be all fair, nice and correct. And in any case, there would not be any problems in any temple Well, isn’t it? T: That is, the priests themselves are not easy in this position IM: This is help, a huge help. (T: Yes) A person would have freedom, freedom from these material duties: which material to use to cover the roof, how to heat during this season? Well this is household stuff, this is what a common administrator should do And priests are forced to do this Well, isn’t it? T: And the priests complain that so much time is spent on this administrative activity, all these questions (IM: A huge amount), educational activities, that there is no time even for prayer. IM: Again, you have to understand how consciousness works, right? And I’m not surprised that there is no time for prayers Again, when a person has a lot of material problems, and he is constantly immersed in these material problems – that means the activity of consciousness is very high Does a person care about spiritual outbursts at this time? Well, that’s a simple question T: Everything that he can IM: All that he can, he does… T: …he hopes that God will see his zeal, (IM: will have mercy) …and will be merciful IM: …Well, there is no freebie, that’s the problem A human have to come by himself This is an extremely rare case when people gain for outstanding achievements, well, there is such an expression of peace; and salvation is in general, it it should be really deserved before the Spiritual World, so that as Personality you would be taken and brought up in the Spiritual world like a baby Well, this person has to step over a quite a lot and do something extremely good, depending on him Well, these are rare phenomena. It is more often exactly the opposite Zh: Yes, there is also a question from the laity That is, “if everything is correctly constructed in an external temple, but how to build an internal temple?” IM: It’s even easier than building an external one The temple is within a human, it exists, that’s the question But, unfortunately, there are two of them And we covered it in the last programme Here… You do not need to build it, you just have to go inside it more often, in the right temple, in the temple of God, but not satan’s one Then everything will be fine T: Igor Mikhailovich, now it would be nice to return to the questions to which the consciousness of, well, different people appeal: of atheists, laymen, and believers Zh: Yeah. Here is the next question. We partially revealed that “if there is no God, then everything is allowed If there is a confession, then it turns out, you may sin as much as possible, and then you will confess on your deathbed IM: Well, you can confess, but you will not be able to be saved To confess, of course, you can, but it won’t be easier from this If a person doesn’t begin to live during life, then after death, well, of course, this won’t work And at the last minute well, too, you will not erase life As we have already said, the spiritual path, it is not fast And it requires tremendous efforts from a person It’s not that simple You won’t be able to deceive God, however hard consciousness aspires to this, right? Zh: Yes T: There is such argument: “If you don’t consider time solely from the human point of view, then everything that happens to us at this very second, it will eternally happen to us at this very second So we are, in fact, immortal, if we equate time with the other coordinates of space.” IM: It’s not right, in any case It is an attempt of consciousness, or system to be equal to the Spiritual World As if “this second will live forever, and we will continue to exist forever.” By no means The Spiritual world is eternal, it is static, it does not have the flow of time

it does not have the flow of time There is no time at all there And cannot be And since material world cannot stop even for one tiny moment, it always flies rapidly Here, while I said these words, we flew millions of kilometers, in space, all our bodies together with the planet That is why there cannot be that point and time Time forms exactly the process of expansion of, so to speak, matter, of the material world That is, all the planets fly apart, the galaxies fly apart at enormous speeds, everything spins, everything moves, that is, a constant movement in the ezoosmic grid This is the reason for the flow of time, and it doesn’t stop for a single moment Therefore, this is unreal This is a desire and striving, I say once again, of satan to become like God That’s not going to happen Zh: Yes. The next argument is that “I want to believe in God, but I cannot meet a person who sincerely believes.” IM: And where does the person who believes fits in your desire and aspiration to God? This is out of principle “show me this, and I will be like him”? (Zh: Yeah) What’s that again? And from whom does it come? From consciousness This is likening, it’s someone’s image, the work of mirror neurons, and so on (Zh: Yes) And where is the aspiration to God? And in the question itself it is: “I want to believe in God…”, and I don’t strive for God, I don’t aspire to enter the Spiritual World, “I want to believe” – ​​this is already an exception Well this is a question from demons in the head Thus, say, consciousness manipulates and plays with the Personality, and doesn’t give a chance for liberation Zh: Yes. It is related to the topic of authority both among those who are on the way, and those who are laymen, that is, they are looking for authority again IM: But what are they looking for? Not to, let’s say, go along the same spiritual path as they did And they are exactly looking for people on whom they can blame all responsibility for their future, for their spiritual salvation, f or everything, that is, to shift responsibility from yourself to someone It’s just like people, well, many people, especially those who are in religion, they say: “Lord, on you the One I trust and completely surrender myself to your hands Do with me what you want, if only in the end everything was fine” So he said this and went to do everything that his consciousness told him And he believes that “this is God’s will.” “If I wanted to deceive someone or something, but God wants it this way, because I gave myself into his hands.” This is abdication of responsibility, this is a game of consciousness, this is manipulation Nothing but this No, this will not work Zh: And in what case is the theme of authorities acceptable? Not even authorities, but teachers IM: Well, the only teacher is in heaven, as the Bible says This issue is acceptable only if a person really aspires to God, goes by himself and his life serves as an example for others, no more But this is a rare event, but it has the right to life Only in that case, let’s say, one can learn something Yet it must be realized and understood t hat everyone will walk his own way, only the own way, when he goes It is impossible to walk along the same path, because this path is too short, and it is inside the person Here you have your own way, she has her own way She can never go your way, because it’s your body, your consciousness, your Personality, excuse me, your soul It’s not possible to go someone else’s path But it is impossible to do without mentors in the process of service It’s true, it’s exceptional But this has nothing to do with spiritual salvation, it must be understood And the true service is those whom we, here, call the Geliars, or, well, from time immemorial there were those who really took the path of serving God, not of some kind of organization, and not in some organization they served the interests of the organization, but really serve God Yet this is due to the fact that people serving the Spiritual World actively confronted, say, metaphysical manifestations, which come from the same servants of the devil and hinder people on the spiritual path And it is they (the Geliars) who protect on this path. This requires tools In addition to tools, it is natural that they receive certain spiritual forces that are capable of manifesting metaphysically in this world Here it is natural that without teachers it is impossible anyway

But these are extremely rare occasions that are not related to the spiritual path This is the highest form of service, I already talked about this, when a person came to the Spiritual World, opened the door, took a step, then stopped, went back and stayed to serve the Spiritual World, because those who stayed in that world are dear to him Here he wants to ease them, let’s say, their way Well this is rare But in order to learn, here, of course, mentors are needed But this is a rare phenomenon Zh: Right. Here is also a question about Geliarship Many people, when they meet some situations which, well, it’s hard to cope with… Here they want to get this knowledge, these super abilities to somehow manage with the difficulties that are encountered IM: Actually, they want to get magical abilities in order to dominate other people This is all that the consciousness pushes them at People will cope with any obstacles, with any problems that stand in their way, if they really are striving for God, if the desire to live is above everything material in this world And, excuse me, if above the love of God, sincere and real, which you can acquire, there is at least any value in this world for you – you will never be saved Because even the very understanding of “equal value”, and especially “above”, well, it excludes the process of liberation Isn’t it so? It is So what kind of obstacles a person can have for which he needs tools, magical powers that he can Zh:…influence IM: …other people, and not only To subordinate demons, to command them, so that they later attacked unwanted neighbors who make noise at night T: Igor Mikhailovich, they also wonder: “What is the difference between religion and ethics?” It is believed that religion teaches a human to be good IM: Well, ethics, it teaches people to do the right thing, according to, let’s say, generally accepted norms, but religion, it also gives a chance for spiritual salvation Well, because in religion there are grains of truth, spiritual grains that a person can comprehend, and thus be also saved spiritually And ethics – it’s just a set of morals, just masks, wearing masks: when you feel sick, but you smile. Yet religion teaches us to act exactly in such a way that you do not feel sick, to understand the essence of things The difference is substantial Zh: Yes, it is. And here’s the following question: “Who is more pleasing to God – an honest atheist or one who believed in Him because of fear?” IM: Nobody Only those who come to Him are pleasing to God Excuse me, but I will give a simple example: which of your egg cells is more pleasing to you, do you know about them? Zh: No, I don’t know IM: Well, that’s the answer for you But, excuse me, when it meets a spermatozoon and a life is born in you, nothing you can do, what you get is what will please you, whatever it turns out to be later Isn’t that so? Well, that’s an earthly example Here, it can only have both gender and forms and, ultimately, to be someone of his or her choice But only equal and free ones come in the Spiritual World, angels come there And the person should acquire this life here in order to come there with joy Because, as you can see, the filter is very serious In the role of satan is a very serious filter, let’s say, which eliminates any doubters, proud ones and all the others, although this same filter creates such interference But, excuse me, that’s the weakness and immaturity of human, when he succumbs to temptation. Isn’t it so? If for a person, I say once again, something in this world is higher than the love of God, then he is not worthy of the Spiritual World But this is his choice And it’s all fair T: Igor Mikhailovich, there is also such a question, at that a very frequent argument that “believers talk about eternal life, but then no one came back from there.” IM: Who said that anyone came from there? Jesus is a simple example

Do people see, say, people who represent the interests of the Spiritual World, let’s say carefully? After all, they look with the earthly eyes. And what do they see? An image, nothing more And the image corresponds to their own image, which they see in the mirror, doesn’t it? You can feel I’ll say it simply, you cannot help feeling But this, again, is only then, when a person is able to perceive the sacred and spiritual But if a person does not really perceive, for example, the representatives of the Spiritual World, he does not feel them, but considers himself spiritually free, then all his freedom is dictated by demons in his head, that’s it, isn’t that so? We have already spoken with you in the last programme, and I will say it again, in fact true believers threw stones at Jesus Christ Himself and crucified in the end They did not see who was in front of them, and they did not feel So what kind of believers and really true ones are they?! Here is the answer Zh: There’s another question: “The root of religion is the practical impotence of a human.” That is atheists say that “this is shifting responsibility to God, that God is responsible for everything, that if God disappears, then everything will disappear, and then there will be no meaning of the believer’s life.” IM: Well, here they are absolutely wrong They are trying to argue, without studying and knowing It is not true. First, God cannot disappear This is guesswork from the consciousness But they say, “if this religion disappears, then the meaning of human existence is lost.” If a person comes to religion not to increase the number of, let’s say, the collective, that is in this institute, but to seeking God, and he really is looking for God, then it does not matter how it’s called, this or that religion, he is still looking for Him, well, is not it? Nothing will disappear from a person, but it’s a bugbear and a horror story, and such an argument from consciousness Why? Because God forbid there will be convincing proof of the existence of God, then what will atheists do, a simple question? What is it for them if there is a God and there will be proof? And it exists, and a lot of it Simply, let’s say, the blind ones do not see the sunrise Well, what can you do here? Well, He does not disappear because of this The sun as it rose, so it will rise, right? Regardless of the fact that someone does not see it T: Also, the atheist’s consciousness does not agree with this, one can say: “Religions offer to take on trust many things. And the rule is that one should not believe in the head, but in the heart But God created a human, He gave him a wonderful tool for cognition the Universe – a mind, logic It is with their help we build airplanes, we treat our teeth And thinking about God, for some reason we must throw aside both mind and logic I believe that when we voluntarily give this up, it harms our faith, we undoubtedly upset the Creator… ” IM: You know, here I am on the atheists’ side, absolutely After all, the first step on the way to God, truly real one, is to study your own consciousness with the help of your own consciousness, to study the devil, to study everything what it pushes Only if you understand that your consciousness is not yours and that you are not constructing these planes, but you are just financing these projects with the power of your attention, that you are wasting your days of existence, only then you will start to understand that, it turns out, it’s possible to exist in another way Only then on this path, when you force the primary consciousness to study the secondary consciousness, will you begin to feel as a Personality, as an observer of this process Only in this very process do the first steps on the spiritual path begin And in some ways they are right here And the tool that should enslave the Personality, it also serves as keys to its locks T: But these are not the only keys, right? IM: Of course not. But this is the key that most people need, there is T: In the transitional stage of this IM: At the initial stage of cognition. When a person feels the aspiration to God, but does not know how to pass,

here are the first most reliable tools that really allow But here you must be again persistent and firm, because any cognition, any revelation consciousness will erase tomorrow. But when you read it Today a revelation has come to you – you wrote it down, with conclusions, with everything And tomorrow you realize that you have lost something And then you read your own (understanding), and again this understanding comes to you, and you realize, you write already new one that “consciousness is erasing”. Why? Some stupidity, a kind of nonsense, a TV series – you remember for years, but important and serious ones – it erases And you begin to understand: how the mechanism works – and this is the mechanism; how these programs work – and these are programs, these are settings And then you realize that it turns out that your brain is a computer, it’s part of the system, the material part But it appears there is also something that is beyond the quantum limit, something that you cannot touch with your hands – that is the consciousness, which affects the work of the brain only as an echo, and when it is necessary And further it is more Zh: The next question is that it isn’t God who created a human in the image IM: …but a human created God. (Zh: Yes.) This is a weighty argument, which they provide: “If there were no human, there would be no God.” Why? Because a human invented god and believes in him Well, the brahmans, we also once said in one of the programmes on this issue, they went even further – that people are creating gods. If we wish, we won’t pray to this god, and that’s it, he will disappear But these are all games of consciousness in actual fact But they please a human megalomania. This is no longer likening to God, but it’s already rising above Him That’s what the system is striving for It aims to become like God, to reach those powers, but in fact the system, it absolutely depends (like any computer) on electricity Just take out the battery of it (from the tablet) – and that’s all, it’s dead Those powers that are given, say, to all material (were given upon creation) – these are the forces coming from God And the system understands this perfectly. That is why it wants to create a closed chain, and it strives This desire for the ninth day, a myth, it very much excite the consciousness of many people to this day And people, as I said, are part of the computer chain Everyone with their own computer, with their desires And if the consciousness succeeds (as it hopes so) to solve this problem, then the system will exist forever, and people will become absolutely immortal That is, to create within the Endless World such another endless world like this. But this is fantastic Why? I have already spoken about this many times Because over six dimensions, where the material world exists, there are sixty-six dimensions which again are related to the world, well, not quite material one, yet not to the Spiritual World, and they control these six dimensions This is firstly. And secondly, I will give a simple example: here think about the chamomile, well recall the chamomile Good. Have thought, yes? And now, guys, recall how the fish swim in the water Just imagine any fish: carp, perch, whatever you like, how it swims in the water You have recalled But you forgot about the chamomile at that The whole material world – it is enough for the Spiritual World to think about fish It’s for you to understand And nothing more And there are no material worlds at all These are disparate things Zh: Clearly IM: It’s true But the chamomile that you were thinking of, it consumed your energy, and it lived at this time, and there were a lot of processes in it which you didn’t even know about This is also true T: One more argument that “religions – it’s just a deceit of some kind of conjecture, fiction, and the belief in a lie cannot be useful a priori” IM: I’ll say it more simply – belief in a lie, of course, cannot be useful, it’s fatal But who is a liar in fact? And everything falls into place Is it not in our consciousness where a lie is born? In consciousness Isn’t that right? Is it not our consciousness that hinders and stands, say, as a stumbling stone on the spiritual path, when a person aims to know the truth? After all, it’s not through faith that a person is saved, but through knowledge, through the path, through aspiration… (T: This is wonderful …) until he knows the truth The truth and verity is one – it is God All the rest is a chamomile in the head

T: This is such a significant moment you’ve just voiced, that the system and consciousness are always looking for a liar in the external, in religion there, (IM: Certainly) in the state, or somewhere else (IM: Of course) But to see him IM: The question is that liars always blame others This is the first rule for the system It always substitutes and distorts everything And it always shifts its own lie to someone That is… well, such a simple example – people always tend to humiliate someone Why? Because they believe that they exalt in this way Well, these are deceitful ideas, stupid ones, having no relation to reality These are, say, the fool card games among the dead It doesn’t mean anything It’s just the dead ones are amusing themselves this way T: Just to know that the system, this liar, it lives inside every human IM: It’s living by lie. (T: Just to know that…) Every person is deceitful. Each one There are no people who don’t lie Why? Because consciousness, it is deceitful Some who seek to be completely honest are deceiving themselves T: Duality IM: Of course. Duality And you can’t go anywhere from it They are running to the temple of satan from morning till night, and they say that they are not religious, the same atheists Are they not liars? But if you throw off pink glasses and fantasy, and see – in which temple and in front of which altar are you kneeling? And here everything will become clear, even for them But it is necessary to have a great courage, it is necessary to have bravery to face the truth Zh: The whole atheism is built on pride in principle IM: Well, that’s why it exists, because the pride exists Both likening and confrontation Indeed, look even a small part of the whole system – a human, he opposes himself to God Well, that’s your answer. A human consciousness Zh: Right Here is the next question… Atheists, as well as ancient atheists, considered religion an evil, because inspiring fear of gods and after-death life, it deprives a person of happiness IM: Well, I’ll say this way. They are right in some case here. They are not right telling that religion is evil But the fact that they instill fear of God – this is evil It is impossible to love someone you are afraid of For example, if I’m afraid of a dog, how can I love it?! Well, or a mad bear, say, or not a mad one, but an evil bear. Well, I’m afraid of it. So why should I love it? A snake… What are you, going confess your love to it? Here’s a simple example Imagine the poisonous cobra standing in front of you, and you say: “You are so beautiful, I love you”, yes? Well, the consciousness pushes many people: they take the scriptures and go to to the lions to read them, because someone wrote that even the wild animal will not touch you Well, as a rule, it ends with a lethal outcome Why? Because, they simply don’t understand the voice of a human And the holy writings for animals are just a mumbling of food before them. Isn’t it right? This is the point It is only through Love one can come to God There is no other way and cannot be It turns out that consciousness mixed two concepts and gave it in such a form, at that accusing the religions, saying that they are evil, “because they are instilling fear of God?” Not the fear of losing God, like God-fearing, well, I think we’ve also explained it, but fear of God Himself It’s a substitution. This is how it works But we clearly see, based on these questions, who argues them. Exactly demons do And where is the Personality, where is a human? Just a gray mass, manipulated by satan. Isn’t it? Zh: Yeah. Well, consciousness always says (IM: Of course): “It can’t be so simple, it can’t be…” IM: Well, consciousness always says that it cannot be, and especially when it concerns the Spiritual World Well, because consciousness cannot do this Consciousness can’t even approach the Spiritual World, that’s why it is outraged, because there are so much Life, there are so much energy there (Zh: And it cannot anyway), and it cannot connect. It simply can’t This, you know, as for a fisherman: there is a lake open for fishing, but there is no fish, yet there is a closed one, but there are a lot of fish You want to, but you can’t. Well, something like this T: By the way, some of the main questions of believers in different religions are the questions,

basically, the answers to which you voiced in different programmes, including the programme “Consciousness and Personality From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive” and in the “AllatRa” book I will simply read these questions, because if people look for the first time, they can at least refer to the sources where these answers are “Why did God create the world and a human? What was the life of a human in Paradise? What is the cause of the Fall? What is the ancestral sin?” and other questions… IM: Let’s say it simply, there are answers to this, and if anyone is interested, let them watch the programmes you named I think it will be honest and fair T: Yes… Because besides these questions, which we’ve just announced, there are really an immense mass (IM: Well, let’s…) Consciousness is confusing so much. Let’s try IM: Come on. Let’s approach rationally (T: Yes) to the time, because there’s not much time Zh: Here the laity ask the question: “Who is the devil and how does he act?” And the church answers them that it’s somebody who provokes you into (IM: That’s right…) into evil IM: That is, the image that is formed in, let’s say, believers that the devil is something someone third, in some image, more often with a snout of a pig, with hooves, tail and horns (Zh: Right) Well, something looking like a goat. And so, if you want to see this goat, look in the mirror Sometimes he’s quite pretty. Because matter, especially a living matter, is… and if it’s also thinking one, this is a bright representative of the very same devil The devil, this is not something objectified, but it’s a common name for a bunch of demons which… Well, for understanding: yes, there are a lot of ants, but there is a common consciousness for these ants Here, it is this common name, this is the devil Or simply: there are a lot of computers that are connected into one network, this is nothing more than the Internet They share information among themselves Here the Internet, it is the devil And the consciousness Well, let’s say, in each computer there are programs, well, these possibilities are exactly the demons Well here’s such an understanding And what for the devil is generally needed? We understand how he works Through us, through our consciousness (we talked a lot about this), and every second, all the time And we have to emphasize for people’s understanding, Jesus, and the same Muhammad (peace be upon him), they fought constantly with their consciousness Isn’t it? It is And it is clearly written about this. And Muhammad, he was also an example for his followers: how much time he spent on spiritual practices, in order to tame his consciousness, in order to subdue it to himself as a wild beast Isn’t it? It is After all, an example should be taken from such teachers It is blissful T: There’s also such a question on the eternal topic of good and evil There is simply a lack of understanding in the explanations that are given, well, let’s say, traditionally Well, with good everything seems clear that “this is God himself and everything that comes from him and surrounds him” IM: It’s not true Good is understood in different ways, everything that surrounds it Well, for example, you want to eat, I gave you an apple – is it a good action? It’s good one What does God have to do with this? After all, there are two principles in a human, and the choice is made by the Personality What got dominated in a Personality, that gave a result But is it good or bad deed? (T: From the perspective…) When you wanted to eat, I gave you an apple (T: It’s good). Good one How do you know? Maybe you have what I need, and I just came with another purpose, in order to find an approach to you It may lie just over there, on the back shelf Seemingly, this is a good deed, but in fact I pursue my own interest, because I might need something from you All this is twofold, this material world And once again I say, good and evil are done by people at their choice That’s why, to relate something and separate, attributing to God, or something else, God-pleasing deeds or not God-pleasing God-pleasing deeds is when a person already goes to the Spiritual World out of this hell, – that’s God-pleasing When a person acts in such a way that he contributes to the fact that he himself goes to the Spiritual World, and also if he helps others, really helps, doesn’t alter or think up, but shares tools and helps people get out, that’s God-pleasing. All the rest is worldly affairs, it has nothing to do with the Spiritual World, but it has to do with the Personality itself The more developed a Personality is, the higher is the conscience, the more he does good deeds, the less he listens to the bad things in his consciousness, the less evil is in him

It’s good. Good for what? For the Personality, for the freedom of the Personality But to cover it with God-pleasing deeds or not God-pleasing ones, this is a manipulation, sorry, a religious manipulation T: It’s also interesting that they say that “evil is not real, m eaning, it doesn’t exist, so it shouldn’t frighten or scare us Only by our negligence…we call it to life IM: It’s said… ” IM: Of course That’s exactly what those who do evil say to justify it If they say that evil doesn’t exist, well God forbid they will meet worse than they are, because this is an attempt of selfjustification, because in the minds of these people something is going on that even Chikatilo didn’t dreamt about it, you know? It’s one hundred percent T: They mute the voice of conscience IM: Of course They say that evil does not exist, there is no good, there is no evil So what doesexist then? Them? Only them and that’s all And the whole world revolves around their egocentrism, right? Well, because they are the center of the egoism of the whole world, even the devil is running errands for them Well-well… Zh: There is such a contradictory concept, here it is said “do not judge”, but in another case it is said “judge with righteous judgment” What is the righteous judgment? IM: Well, righteous judgement it’s I would say so, the righteous judgment in this world is according to the law of the country in which you live But these laws are written by people and invented by people This is a specific agreement of society, so it is they who create a righteous judgment And everything else, the destiny of judging, well… it goes much higher And there can be only one judgement – whether there will be a future for humanity or… like Atlantis with all others This is the judgement This is serious And all the rest are private issues And I will say simply: God does not judge God, He is far above all this There is someone to deal with these foolishness Atlantis is an example T: There’s also the topic – what is heartlessness? What is an unfeeling person? IM: An unfeeling person? Well, this is the majority of people, who prevail a lot, unfortunately, in this world This lack of deep feelings of the Spiritual World perception, this is what is unfeeling person And everything else is emotional or emotionless And to the feeling, well A feeling, it comes from the Personality, and when the Personality is developed it perceives everything that comes from the Spiritual World or comes from a person Well, it’s a feeling person Zh: Where does the true repentance lead a person? IM: Well, it depends how to understand the true repentance, you know? Repentance is the admitting of making own mistakes Well, for example, I got F for dictation, then I come and repent, will I get A for this? Until I correct it, nothing will happen Until I stop serving satan, I won’t get closer to the Spiritual World And the fact that I will go around telling: “Oh, I did, I made, that’s the consciousness, sorry, it have failed me, and I did that” Well, yes, so what? Well, you repented, yes. So study These are your problems Take a diary, learn, write down. And don’t do such bad things, right? And if you do it every time and every time you repent Zh: repent, then where you were sitting, there you will stay Zh: There is even such a rule that the more you repent, the better you are, and you are always IM: Better what? you become better as a person… you are cleansed, become sinless… IM: Well, I will say this way IM: Well, how is it sinless? A person cannot be sinless while the consciousness controls him And since you repent, then there is reason for that Isn’t it so? Zh: Yes… yes So every time you do something. Well, where are you and who are you? Zh: Right, Zh: …and every time it’s called the true repentance IM: Well, that’s how people call it Again, everyone has their own traditions That’s why, we cannot discuss traditions We can talk at the root of the essence of things And in this case, I’m talking about the root of the essence of things Repentance is an understanding of the process of manipulating you as a Personality by the consciousness Here you have realized this case, you voiced it, for example, among your friends, and all together you already do not make such mistakes That is, you know the patterns of consciousness and do not step on these rakes anymore This is the point And if every time you step on and talk about it all the time, well, guys, it’s your choice You can do this as much as you want This is your life and you have the right to do anything with it as you wish

T: It’s really great that it’s not just to repent somewhere inside, to realize and not to do like that any more, but to share with others, so that others IM: Well, that’s the point If we take the repentance as catharsis (purification), which was used before, this was exactly the studying, the collective study of satan, meaning, the work of own consciousness, the study of patterns, how it catches, what it tells about They studied collectively and collectively tried not to step on those rakes You know, that’s how the deminer went through the minefield, and the rest followed the footprint, and all came alive And someone misstepped – it’s his choice He just wanted to step aside: “Why will I go like everyone else? I can walk alongside, I’m brave” Brave… Was But not brave ones survived That’s it T: That is, it really changes in the root the notion of what repentance is and what a confession is IM: Consciousness is playing with people And it perverts everything That’s all It perverts even the concept of repentance And every week, every month people go, repent of committing their sins and think that in this way they are being saved? Yes, that way they, forgive me God, they’re messing the priest’s head, you know? Nothing more And basically he (the priest) is no longer interested, and this is no longer a service, not a job, and they (parishioners) do not repent, that’s simply some kind of pampering is happening T: Also, in addition, I would just like to say that there is such a thing in Orthodoxy as a crying, the crying of the believer. And they say that it is a great benefit of this crying. And there is even IM: I will say this. There is such a thing when there are certain families, Zh: Instructions when the wife uses this tool and she bargains something from her husband in her favor So she cried there and there Well, no matter how you strain yourself, they say, husband is certainly a head, but the wife is the neck: where it turns, there the head turns Well, this turning tool is the crying. Well, why not do such way with God, right? Consciousness tells (T: He’s a comforter) IM: If I cry and suffer, then I miss, I’m so striving, that I feel so bad. But if you feel bad I’ll tell easier Here’s a simple banal example: would you like to be near the moaner? T: I would like to run away IM: Well, that’s the answer But for the Spiritual World these egoists, who are just engaged in turning around themselves and crying for themselves And these are egoists in actual fact They think that this way they are crying for the whole world, they are saving it, they are crying for themselves, for their sinfulness – and this is exactly a sin! Instead of Loving, Living, really Living, to be filled with this power, they, excuse me, like wash all these down the toilet But they fill with tears and grief, they make show in front of others to attract everyone’s attention to themselves And they are telling that this is the spirituality Well, if they think so, it’s their right, it’s their choice, no one forbids anyone to do anything They want to cry – let them cry. Oh God T: That is, this moment of whining is the moment of feeding the system What is self-pity in general? IM: Selfishness simply Well, or let’s say it easier, these are far seeing people who cry for themselves beforehand This is the only foresight that exists T: Why is this addiction in people, as a narcotic, from being constantly crying, whimpering? IM: And these are endorphins produced After that, again, when This is a banal physics, it’s all on emotions, these are people completely controlled by their consciousness and obey their body In fact, when a person cries, there is a relief after that, they feel kind of euphoria Simply said, it’s enough for a person, well, if he is with a healthy spine, to jump for a long time – and euphoria comes after that To swim, give a load, or run a lot – the same euphoria Instead of crying, they’d better run, let’s say, well, if health permits, of course Why? Because, a traumatization happens in that case, the body perceives this as…, running is a constant blow to the joints, including the joints of the spine, they are better innervated Well, the body knowingly blocks and produces endorphins Also produces endorphins for the production of acids… Okay, I got the wrong way. But what’s the point? The reaction both to the body, to the whining When there is such a tearing whining there and the like, as compensation the body produces endogenous opiates, that is, the same endorphins, an outburst And the person feels euphoria and ascent. And he takes it as a gift from God. That is, a person cannot achieve the God’s Love and gain real happiness, he can’t even to come into contact with it, but he goes on tricks from consciousness and literally on substitution, you understand? Here, I’ll just give you an example:

well to eat a homemade chicken grown on pure wheat, or, excuse me, genetically modified who knows what, which is kind of jellyfish, and shrimp, and something else lives, plus feeded on antibiotics and on this, well Where is the favour? It looks like a bird by volume, and the taste is somewhat similar, but then an allergy appears and a lot of diseases And that goes for the health Right? Is there a difference? Well, this is generally for primitive people, let’s say, with limited thinking T: Thank you, Igor Mikhailovich I think that it will radically change (IM: I hope… I hope) the attitude of other people, having met in their mind with moaning and pity for themselves IM: They will not change Do you know why? Because they do not hear me In order to hear, they need to feel And how will they hear me when they are busy, these egoists, only with themselves and with their weeping They are a kind of drug addicts They can not hear anyone, especially me, believe me They are more likely to listen to another one in their head, because in another temple they kneel and ask for earthly things Zh: Yes And the next question is “why is the God’s grace, I ask it so much, but it goes more often to those who are indifferent to it?” IM: In this case, God’s grace is perceived as material benefits – it means money, tidiness in the house, health and the like It comes on those That is, a person lives by deception, trades in the market, cheats, outweighs, and he has a beautiful house, a good car, all in his family wear fur coats, but I’m working honestly, I pray, and the grace doesn’t come on me That is, God does not send me a freebie. Right? Is this what grace really is? It’s not grace, it’s earthly matters It’s all satanic, let’s say, games And grace is the Love of God, it is (translator’s note: from Russian “благодать”) “to give grace” But the grace in this case is replaced by the consciousness for some kind of capitalisation, material acquisitions Look at how consciousness substitutes The most real, the most valuable, that can be is Life What could be more important? And this is replaced by the desire of some house or fur coat Well, what are you in this fur coat? Well Zh: Into the Spiritual World IM: Yes Well, let’s just say, listening to these questions, I understand one thing, that the filter works great That’s why it is needed T: Let’s try to clean it Such a very widespread question, they do not understand how to know the will of God Does God want and by His will or He doesn’t like anything? IM: Wait… What does it mean to know the will of God? T: “Is there a will of God for this or that matter?” How to understand…, now I will read, in order not to be proofless IM: It’s like, I can explain, ok? So I woke up in the morning and ask a question, everything is like, as on a selector connection, right? I say, “So, God, here on what foot shall I get off?” He says, “Get off on the left one” I say, “Well, I’m lying on the right side, it is not convenient, maybe on the right one?”. He says, “No. That’s my will” I’m getting off on my left foot and everything’s going well. And if I got off on the right one, fell down and then I hit or didn’t find the slippers, and I had to walk in bare feet into the bathroom…. Well, then, is that how the will of God should be understood? Well, it’s all games and mockeries of consciousness, well, honestly T: Three-dimensionality Well, imagine, what kind of pride and megalomania that is imposed by the consciousness on a person, that he thinks that God does nothing except planning your every step The system, yes, it plans, because this is a program it must do that way It’s like, excuse me, navigator, right? You turn it on your phone how to get from point A to point B, and it shows you step-by-step instructions You changed, went to the side, and it shows you another way, but again to the same point But that point is in the navigator – it’s, excuse me, the death, it’s subpersonality And it will show you no matter how far you go aside, it will draw a lot of roads for you in different ways T: Reorganize the route, IM: Yes And, excuse me, the Spiritual World is Life, it is freedom, there are no roads, there is Life And the difference here is huge And in this case, what a megalomania does a human have, so that he says, “How can I distinguish the will of God, what can I do, what to do about my neighbor and what do I do with my neighbor in the evening… “, or rather, “What to do with a neighbor in the evening?” And everything has to be controlled by God This, again, we say that it happens the shifting of responsibility for oneself to someone

In this case, of course, the best is to God, thus a place in Paradise is guaranteed, where a lion with a rabbit is sitting side by side, munching a carrot, and both are happy The material, and in the three-dimensional image Everything looks fine Because it is clear for consciousness in such a way, that’s what it perceives And people perceive it. But to do spiritual self-development, excuse me, they can’t Regardless the religion this person confess, if he really wanted to know God, he would understand that That world is immaterial And that God really exists And in fact the person is responsible for himself And the will of God a human can fulfill only when he is on the path of service But unless, excuse me, he himself hasn’t saved himself and does not aspire, then how can he serve God? That’s a simple question It’s same, you know, as… well, I want to dance ballet, sign me up, right? Well, imagine, to sign me up for a ballet now Well, they will register me of course, well, as I have friends, they are good people They will say: “Of course, Mikhalych, come, we’ll sign you up”. What will I do there in that ballet? To make people laugh? Now it’s already funny for you Well, the same it’s funny for me to listen to such people Sorry for the truth, people, but it’s true Zh: “God gives grace to the humble ones What does it mean to be humble?” IM: In this case, if we look at the root of this issue, where it came from, the humble is in this case the person who controls his consciousness, and grace is the Love of God This is exactly how I would express it: “To those who defeated the devil within, the Lord gives Life” – if translated correctly But it can be interpreted in different ways From the consciousness it will be interpreted as “obedient”, “submissive” and necessarily submissive and obedient not to God, but to someone who is supposedly an intermediary, well, a representative of some organization, and humbling means “you were blessed to rejoice, so do rejoice.” That will be the whole the grace Well, that’s if you interpret from the position of consciousness. But in fact, I have said it is Since ancient times this expression and understanding it was, in general, well-written about this T: Igor Mikhailovich, also there are a lot of, well, talkings about an instrument such as Jesus’ prayer and (IM: This is a great instrument). A great instrument IM: Yes. And it’s really working one And I must say that a lot of people, thanks to it, have joined the ranks of the Angels This is good one. But it requires tremendous zeal, and the problem here is that people were going by method of elimination That is, they eliminated any thought, suppressing it with an inner aspiration to Jesus Christ, the stiving to join him This is that huge, say, this huge potential, it was all redirected precisely and deepened into this prayer This is desire and aspiration to come into the Spiritual World Well, of course, imagine what kind of resistance they had from the system itself. It’s a hard way in fact Of course, using other tools, it is much easier to build a house. Well, this is a good tool T: As a matter of fact there are also substitutions, right, already now at the present stage? IM: Jesus’ prayer is very simple and it is very simple in understanding It is the attainment of God’s Love, the strengthening of it It’s the whole thought is directed, brought to one point That is, what does it mean? The power of attention is put only in the Love of God, in Love and devotion to Jesus Christ. That’s all And this means – the Spiritual World is perceived on His behalf Well, what’s wrong with that? Nothing bad It’s absolutely a working tool, but it’s hard one And the substitution here is just that many people, they were like those who passed this hardest way Well, say, chatting is easier than going, you know? Just imagine, if we now would carry a huge load on our shoulders and climb the mountain, or sit here and talk – well, it’s easier T: It’s just that you said to direct this power of attention, right? It’s such a moment that this understanding has already been lost, what kind of power it is, how to… IM: No really, the fact that system takes instruments from people because of their stupidity – well, yes, it’s true of course But there is a description, that are preserved thank God, of truly those who passed But the trouble is that a lot of chaff are also pasted by others, those who didn’t pass this way, but tried He withstood a day or two there, then it became hard, well… When he sees someone, he’s kind of whispering something, you know? That’s a huge difference

This is an inner prayer, not a whispering of the lips Those who whisper, they are likened They in turn need to show that they are in this prayer As soon as someone has left, snoring is heard in the cell. Well, there are also many of them. This is it’s consciousness Well, they want to be extolled and considered to be a comprehended one Well, it is seen by their deeds who they are Nothing much Well, in general it reveals perception through feelings This is a good tool, but very hard one Zh: The question is: “Why are the saints, the friends of God, sometimes are being persecuted, and are happy in persecution?” IM: I’ll give you a simple example Again, why are they being persecuted? Because they are dangerous for the system And here is a simple practical example: when you do something, and you feel how consciousness activates, even in the group, yes, well the people – you are also happy, as it means you are doing the right thing Well, is that the right answer? (Zh: Yes) Well, you see Well, for people to understand: when people stand on the spiritual path and really acquire the Love of God, and they strive to do something good for people, and the system is activated – the devil is activated, and they begin to persecute them, a lot of problems appear – they are happy, because they are doing God-pleasing deed and they are doing the right thing Yet satan is angry. Well, that’s why they are happy that they somehow made trouble to the horned one Zh: That’s great IM: Well, they really rejoice, because without leaving their, let’s say, path, leading to God, they are acquiring new strength And they are happy with the Love that overwhelms them, and not with the troubles that happen Only a fool can think that they are happy because they are hurt. No, they have the same pain, as you have Well, they rejoice at the inner forces, the Love that fills them. And the body… The body, it is already mortal Sooner or later – anyway we will die The question is, where will you be Zh: Yes, when you understand it internally, then it’s just, it’s… IM: Yes, but the topic we have today is not about this. We have a theme to the questions from the mind, right? Zh: Yes T: Well, basically that’s a common situation for believers and people who follow the spiritual path, when at some point a prayer or a spiritual practice is already becoming a formality. Well, this Why is this happening? IM: Because at first a person is with a spiritual impulse on some wave Here, for example, a person felt the Love of God, right? Just felt it And it filled him He wants to be there, right? After all it’s great, well, if he can feel, of course But if he is not able to feel, but the Love of God is coming, then the consciousness will be outraged But the question is that the Love of God, if you do not acquire it, meaning, do not strengthen it, and it is unrequited, then it, well, as Winnie the Pooh said, like honey, it gradually ends, because you eat it and it ends You enjoy this Love after all, and it is used, but it isn’t multiplied And now, as soon as it has weakened, the consciousness starts to attack at that time, right? So it turns out that the next day you don’t feel it already And consciousness says: “Whether it has been or not?” And first you do it, having felt this grace, you do with eagerness, you do prayer, you thank God for this gift, because you feel it And you are overwhelmed with this joy, and it is alive inside of you Even consciousness stops, does not want to understand another things, because you are filled But at this time it comes from you from a pure heart Your prayer, your spiritual practice, no matter how you call it, is alive But it’s worth to be little distracted, to think about the daisy, about something else – and the power calms down Then you begin to make a prayer, but there is no that happiness You accomplish spiritual practice – but it is empty And the next day it is nothing at all But you do it because it has to be done

Is not that so? But the question is, what do you do? You are trying to evoke with the help of your consciousness, to perceive that spiritual which was sent down from the Spiritual World Isn’t that so? To simulate. Consciousness becomes sad and boring Well, it does not like to do this, it is not for it And it starts telling you that you’re wasting time But on the other hand it says: “No, do it, try,” because consciousness is twofold Well, on the one hand, it pushes you, and on the other hand, it laughs at you You as a Personality become sad at all Well, and you begin to listen to consciousness And then everything turns in vain And what could you do? And you could have (T: Live) not to remove it, you could have stayed in this Love You just shouldn’t stop the dialogue with God But a dialogue with God is not a chatter from the consciousness of one’s problems and desires, it is exactly an inner impulse and Life Isn’t that so? It is Only it works. And everything else – this is the trickery of the one who is called satan, substitutions The cruel ones, but fair Why fair? Because you are financing You as a Personality, you choose: whom to serve and what to perceive That is why, this is absolutely fair Zh: The will of God and inner freedom – is this the same thing? IM: No, these are completely different things Inner freedom is the Love of God, which inherits you with all these, but the will of God, well, it occurs and manifests itself only in the case, I’ll say it once again, when a person is in the service That is, he uses certain tools to increase already endless world with new Angels Here it is, let’s say, such a difference Freedom is Love, it’s life, it’s freedom T: Oh, Igor Mikhailovich, the wave is very good, but the questions… Well, I do not even want to break it Well, the fact that there is a substitution from the system of the thing that the system constantly wants to slip to a person a result and some kind of guarantee that he will be saved And it is interesting that it invents kind of very easy ways of salvation, as if salvation is an easy way: either some indulgences, or just to accept … IM: Well, salvation is indeed a very easy way The question is different, the question is that the system grabs this function on itself It’s just a lying deceit Well, that’s the way it solves its problems But after all, people also feel that this is a lie Excuse me, you come to the organization, they write out a piece of paper for you, you pay for it with a bag of gold – and you’ve already been saved, it is chartered for you, already the place is provided, that’s all This is not some kind of hotel where you booked a double room there or a single, or some apartments there, I do not know, the presidential, well, how much money you have, and it is waiting for you forever Well, well… that’s, people themselves understand that this is stupidity It’s just, for the clearness of conscience, just playing this pampering T: It’s a position convenient to them, right Meaning… IM: Of course, it’s a convenient position To boast to the neighbor Well, we also have people here Well, I understand to present someone, let’s say, the name of the star. They named a star, well, in your honor, they presented it to you, in order to boost one’s megalomania. But when a person pays money to name the star after him, that no one will ever hear about, it’s really ridiculous Zh: How do you know where is this difference between prayer and magic? IM: Oh, there’s a very clear difference here And everything is really very simple A prayer, it is like Jesus prayer – no one asks anything except God’s Love So, a prayer directed to the salvation of the soul, to the God’s Love, to the expression of love and gratitude to God – this is prayer And everything where something is asked – that’s all magic And here is the difference: prayer to God, it happens, well indeed, sincerely and with aspiration Well, the consciousness does not even like to pronounce such prayers. Here it more comes from the feelings But the request for yourself – it always comes from consciousness Well, the Personality will never ask God for anything except the desire to get home Everything is very simple And whatever it was Even if you pray for the salvation of the whole world Just… of the kitten, the whole world, yourself, well, whatever

Everything that is related to the material world – that’s all magic And long ago it was said: do not ask anything from God, except saving yourself Well, except the Love of God, as it was before, and saving yourself, there they called it differently Then, ultimately, they started to call it the salvation of their souls, well, this is such a trite term, although this is wrong, of course We have already said: saving your soul is like saving the life ring. Well, it does not sink You need to save yourself as a Personality. For that, you were given this life ring – that which is called the soul This is exactly the door that leads to the Spiritual World It is near, and the home is near, well, but you can’t come in, that’s… ahead of time T: There is also such a thing as righteous anger towards other-minded, including in the family, in the society, and in religion. Can the anger be righteous? IM: No, of course. Surely not Well, how can there be anger and righteous at that? Well, I’ll say it simply, it’s again if we take it all globally, that’s because it’s a substitution and its aggravation, anger can be righteous I gave an example on Atlantis – yes, this is righteous anger, which simply wiped the civilization off the face of the earth, washing it away and destroying it But it’s like a useless load Yet in relation to people this can not be manifested First, righteous anger comes through the Spiritual World, from the Spiritual World Well…, how in people, especially those who are far from the Spiritual World, as I am from the ballet But this is a convenient form of manipulation: to declare someone a satan and to bring down all their righteous anger upon him Thus, their earthly problems are easily solved under the guise of, let’s say, postulates T: Selfishness, upholding their thoughts (IM: Yeah, of course) Are they their ones? Zh: Igor Mikhailovich, there’s such a question. The laity believe that holiness is the destiny of the chosen ones IM: Of course. Holiness is the destiny of the chosen ones But chosen ones are not born, they become so (translation missing) Well… And holiness is, again, the accumulation and retention of those spiritual forces Here, more simply, a holy human and a saved one – this is a huge difference. That is, holy and alive – there is a difference That means, a person is still here, but he is already acquiring during his lifetime During temporary life, our earthly life, he acquires eternal life This human is already free, a saved one But the holy human is filled with this power, this grace, this Love of God And he holds it, just like a greedy, and doesn’t share with anyone, but he constantly increases it Well, of course shares, it’s impossible I just say it I’ve said from the good that he does not share it with satan, but he shares with other Personalities with joy That’s why, it is multiplying in him This is the saint – the one who doesn’t lose this power of Love, this inner light And why are they called saints? Because they are shining when they share Zh: Yes, there is also such a similar question that you have to wait for grace to descend upon you, and you do not need to do anything for that yourself Zh: You’re sitting IM: Well, again, these are mindsets from consciousness Meaning, be obedient, sit quietly, wait, and it will necessarily descend on you, that is, do nothing Well this is very convenient. It’s all the same, you know, you owe money to someone and say to him: “Sit still and wait, and I’ll bring it to you” A year, two, three, five, ten, and there already, as one interesting eastern poet said, right? He says: “Either the donkey will die, or the sultan, or me It will be resolved somehow” The same is here. “Sit and wait”, foremost don’t do anything Don’t prevent consciousness from stealing from you, stealing in large quantities, taking away your life and any chance And you “sit and wait” If you want to live, get up and go There is no other way If you sit, life will not come to you T: Igor Mikhailovich, here is also such a question In many religions there is such a thing as there will be some day when weighting in the scales of good and evil deeds will take place What is this weighing? What kind of day is it? IM: The day – this is actually your life That what the day is. And you are the scales

And every second, every minute you scale it all Because a born human, he is already dying And he is the scales of his actions And if good and God-pleasing deeds prevail in you, then you will attain life Having attained it here, you will cross a bridge into life eternal But the bridge from death to life is in fact your existence T: So this is not some kind of judgment day, but this is what happens to the person in every IM: Judgment day… Well, one can say both a judgment day, and Armageddon it can be called, but everyone has his own one Just for someone life consists in many years, decades, and the like, but in reality it’s just one day, even less In the morning it has began, the sun has risen, and in the evening it went into the down. The same is with life Well, people had this understanding quite recently Zh: There’s also a question, when a person develops spiritually, and begins to look in external for confirmation that he is doing the right thing, of his spirituality: whether his eyes glitter, how he looks outwardly IM: Well, eyes glitter. The eyes glitter on the mass of other causes: smoke struck the eyes, he cut the onion, someone stepped on his foot Well, eyes can also glitter with tears and And tears are different There are tears of sorrow, and of joy This is not a criterion Life in the eyes – this is a criterion But the question is that not everyone sees them, but everyone feels The only thing is that sometimes consciousness is indignant and takes it as a hateful gesture And it often happens, well, let’s say, Well, you know by yourself – you come in and feel hateful glances Why? Because they envy, they are likened and so on. Isn’t it? And the eyes of very few light up when you come in Isn’t that so? And the others – on the contrary. It’s even visible how the muscles tighten. Why? Who controls who. When God lives in people, he rejoices you, that you have come And when, excuse me, devil rules them, he begins to move his horns there – people are hurt inside, here they shrink, strain That’s your answer But it’s just you Isn’t that so? Let’s go further T: There is such a thing, well, just a common expression among people, that you need to “worry about somebody”, “to ache for someone” And what is “aching for someone”? IM: Well this is direct expression, it’s… You know, the language is a very interesting thing And the system, it actually gives a lot of signs and calls a lot of things by their proper names Well, let’s say you are worried about someone – means you are living your life in the name of someone You ache for someone – you are experiencing ACHE for someone Well, if you translate it into a normal language, then by your actions you simply waste your time, and you put the power of attention into the system, you feed it. Whom is better off this? Demons are better, the system is better Are you better? Of course not You are just OUTLIVING your life, or BURNING your days, months and the like That is, you shorten your real life, reduce the chances of spiritual salvation, because you just pour this power into the toilet bowl, excuse me, well, this is a direct expression, for everyone’s understanding T: Igor Mikhailovich, also such a question is widespread in Orthodoxy, that people in their daily prayer, they commemorate the deceased, and it is believed that the commemoration of the dead, it can definitely improve or soften their position IM: What did Jesus Christ say? Yet in Christianity, who is Jesus for a Christian? Tell me, who is higher: the one who wrote these prayers after and made people do this, or Jesus? What did Jesus say? Let the dead take care of the dead, and you will follow me Let the dead take care of the dead, but alive ones are going the same way with us When a person commemorates in prayers and wishing the best, and tries to beg something, to bargain for the dead ones – he feeds the system

Yes, we have already spoken about this more than once Indeed, subpersonality becomes easier for a little bit, but the costs are incredible, for the dead eats a lot Well, for them it’s… This is Here’s a simple example Imagine: a person is very hungry and experiencing a constant hunger, and you, well, I don’t know, gave him a small piece of bread You took your own daily ration, but you gave him just a little crumb He will not survive from this and will not be saved, but for a moment he will quench his thirst After all, in the centuries that subpersonalities are wandering around, for them a day of satiation, well …, yeah, a holiday for a short time And what will happen to him when you also become a subpersonality? Who will feed him? Well, a simple example. If a person Well, maybe it’s not moral, maybe it’s not good and the like, but it’s consciousness which comes out. Why? Because it is beneficial for the consciousness to be fed And it builds a whole system of continuity, so that children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren – we already talked about it – feed, feed and feed, because, well, it’s profitable, convenient, good when you are fed. Isn’t it? Maybe, you shouldn’t rely on the fact that you will be fed, but to attain life, so that not to die? So that the food won’t be needed Isn’t it? They say: “Yes, you can feel thirsty, but you can become an ocean.” Here is the difference… Zh: What is religious fanaticism? IM: Religious fanaticism? Well this is the same as atheism. This is, first of all, the denial of God, this is ignorance of God These people fanatically believe in the dogmas of their institution, their religion, and they do what the authorities say That is, this actually is fanaticism, but by no means it’s knowledge of God, because these people, they will very strongly rest against and resist the Truth It’s… Well, we often notice it when people, well, defend their religion, excluding everything else They don’t even bear a thought that in another religion, it is as good as your religion, where people can also be saved And they were saved, and they will be saved “Well, no, that’s just our religion,” this is “And in the name of God, I’ll do everything,” he says, “and I’ll kill anyone”, right? Well, that’s your answer This is the way of death This is ignorance and, above all, it’s laziness. Slavery existence One of the form of consciousness’ substitution Well, what will you do… T: This is also very frequent phenomenon among representatives of different religious organizations, sects, occult, magical salons, when they operate with the same phrase, performing some ritual action And here they say: “By the authority of God vested in me” or “by the power vested in me from Almighty” I allow you something or dispense you from something, or endow you with something, give you absolution, and so on That is, it’s a matter of power and authority, which is allegedly given from God to one or another representative of the organization Well, even Christians have a mention when it came to the apostles, and the Almighty IM: I’ll say this way, it all comes from the desire and striving of the system itself, let’s say, to have some power But the forerunner of this whole thing, if we take Christianity, then in fact, Jesus gave certain power to some of his disciples To some, I emphasize, of whom we do not hear now They had a certain power, but, again, they were at the service – you need to understand this Service in the highest meaning And indeed they were endowed with power And the rest of them – well, they are likened After all, it’s good to know that you have some power, just because you are in this organization Well, that’s a custom, so it’s happened Well, what will you do? The way it is And that’s how it is believed that, here, he was given a power, gave him such kind of power over the demons or something else The question is different A person came to such a clergyman, and now he says that by the power vested in me there, I am a representative from God, I absolve you of all your sins And the person as he was, so he is. As was empty inside, so he remained. Did he become less sinful? Or does his consciousness stop, and doesn’t work? Well what… in reality? They are already adults, they must somehow approach this more seriously, somehow,

let’s say, either from a scientific point of view, or even from an elementary adult understanding of what a spiritual path is, to take it more seriously And people treat as some game, but not as You see, well, that’s the whole trouble One wants to believe in fairy tales, that’s despite the fact that he or she is old, right? In childhood it’s okay, but when you’re an adult, why are you playing at all this? If you want salvation, you get up and go Go save yourself. There are tools Well, and to believe that another person can forgive you for your sins – well, that’s ridiculous We have already talked about this a lot Again, what is the very understanding of sin? After all, it is terribly distorted. And I will say simply: to be a slave of the system, to be a puppet in the hands of satan, to live under the dictation of demons, when everything is being decided for you, absolutely everything, even with what leg to get up, everything is decided and reasoned by consciousness – this is a sin And everything else And there is nothing else in this world In this world there is only one: either a dictatorship from the system, or spiritual Love Zh: Also, the next question is that the presence of some kind of gown makes a person more spiritual, more filled IM: Well, God does not give ranks These ranks people themselves bargain, buy, deserve I’m not saying that everyone does. Well, and also deserve. It’s like in any other organization Again, someone step on people… As a rule, well, naturally? Well… to look reasonably at things Somebody is pleasant to someone, someone is above, and this toady is pleasant to him, so he pulls him And if a person stands in the way of God and defends, well, they usually seclude themselves Well, who would put him on top? He would destroy the entire system Zh: It’s just shifting ,well, responsibility of believer to someone who is a clergyman, that is… IM: Well, again we rest on authority, right? That is, a person instead of really going by himself Priests are important and necessary They must prompt and tell. Again, who is higher: the priests, the church or Jesus? Just simply? Jesus What did he say about the scribes and pharisees? Well, that’s the answer for you guys Don’t be like them, don’t do like them, but do everything they say, because the directions are often right Well, again, there are good people everywhere, wonderful people, and there are, excuse me, just people who are controlled by the system, greedy and the like These greedy ones, that’s That’s ridiculous, they begin to tell, there And it’s true, it’s from life, people come, tell You look at this and think, well it’s somehow Again, the people themselves are to blame, they themselves create authorities, because they listen to them and indulge them, right? One could say: “No!”, turned and went the other way to another priest And that’s it. So if everyone would have acted like this, then that one who is lazy and greedy, he would act differently. Isn’t that so? It is Here, I’ve started to tell that they come and tell me that some fathers say that during commemoration of their deceased, every week a representative from the family is obliged to bring food And not just food, it should be fresh, freshly cooked, warm, that’s the best Here, you sit down for a festive dinner and the best was portioned and carried to the church And it’s not just to bring warm food to the church, but also it must be wrapped in a kerchief In a new kerchief necessarily, and not cheap one, because you cannot stint your dead ones But if priest’s wife wears this kerchief, then it’s all the more grace for your dead ones Well… well… well… guys, well, that’s a scam, well… it’s sickening to hear, honestly I ask people, saying, “What, is it really so?” “Yes, indeed it is.” I say, “Do you also bring?” – “We do” I say, “Well, which of you is a fool? Is it… well, a priest? ” Well… we know some fathers who want to burst from their greed Well, what will you do? Well, satan controls them. Well Satan is not really afraid of either the temple, the cross, or the water – he is not afraid of anything, because he is sitting in the head of a person The only thing he is afraid of – it’s really when a person stands on the way of the Lord And he is afraid of God’s Love inside – that’s what he is afraid of And the rest are games, people, and the like Well, it’s true, it is so Well, who is to blame that such people appear, say, in the churches, like in organizations?

Well, people themselves First time you heard such stupid things that they say it to you – well, just gather openly and send this father, well, somewhere to collect mushrooms, preferably inedible That’s it, and everything will be fine Isn’t that so? It is They themselves indulge, they themselves bring “Well, how can I contradict, it is a priest?” Yes, he is a human first of all. What does it mean, a priest? Excuse me, if I burn a fire, so what, I’m now the keeper of the hearth or what? Well, that’s a simple question And if I’m not there, the fire will go out and there won’t be any more fire in the world? Well, that’s a simple question Well, is it possible like that? You must think, people, just think. You create problems for yourself, and then you take offense, then accuse the whole church and everyone How much I talked to people, and I talked, believe me, a lot, this is the first time I heard about the “happiness” that is happening now Well, who is to blame for this? What, excuse me, the leadership of the church is to blame, that is it there…? Well, it is impossible for each priest to put two more who will follow Why two? Because if you put one – he can share what was brought to him, you know Here it is needed to put one more, so that he was honest Well, what are people for, what are the laity for? Well… well… it’s Actually the temple is your home You go there for spiritual growth If something hinders you, take it away T: That is why it’s required, as you said, to send them to the forest for mushrooms and preferably inedible IM: That’s right. Why to the forest and for the inedible mushrooms? So that in the forest there remained more edible ones, so that less people incidentally picked up inedible I mean, good people, promising ones Well this is also good Such forest attendants. If you cannot bring benefits among people, then bring at least any benefit T: Igor Mikhailovich, there is also such a question, one might say, insurmountable for a layman: how to love your enemies? They try and try, but, well IM: You know, a person, in fact, has one enemy, and this enemy is satan And it is impossible to love him Well, how is it possible to love a mad dog that bites you? Isn’t that so? Why to love the devil? You need to love God And then the reconciliation will come, then an understanding will come that one should not take offense at people, because the devil rules them, just like it rules you It’s been embedded in this expression that one shouldn’t take offense at people who are doing wrong things, because one cannot take offense at those Personalities who are deceived by satan, they do not know what they are doing, that’s why they are doing evil That is really true Well, because they punish themselves Well, for what can you take offense at a person who is a slave of satan? Well, it’s the demons who do it in him You shouldn’t be offended But to love… whom, to love the devil? To love dead? Well, it’s somehow wrong, yes? To try to love (t/n: vozlubit’), it’s simple, well, there was such an expression, but not to love That is, “near (t/n: vozle) love” (t/n: from Russian “возлюбить”, “возле любви”) – ​​not to take offense, but not to love Zh: There is such a question: what should the action of the believer begin with? IM: What do you mean? Zh: Well, what to begin with, well, namely, not to be a passive expectant, but … IM: Well, we’ve talked about this many times That is, any spiritual path begins with the first step The first step, the simplest, let’s say, truly verified path – start with studying your consciousness with the help of your own consciousness And in fact, if one takes this seriously, the person will simply be horrified, how much he is being manipulated And this is what strengthens you on the spiritual path, when a person really starts to work, because an understanding comes that everything is being decided for you by someone But who are you and where are you? Well, the system does not really want to show it and to give such an opportunity to a person to start working on it, it always distracts, puts it off for later, well, because the unmasking is not very pleasant for the system, because its tool gets taken away And it eats with these tools, by the way – they are its spoon and fork And you should not feel sorry for satan, as he does not feel sorry for you, either He deprives you of the most important thing in your life Isn’t that so? It is T: There is such a saying: “The prayer of the priest, who received the priest ordinance, has special power

It is much more likely that God will hear you, Christians, when the clergymen pray with you and for you When church ministers pray for you, with you… ” IM: Oh, my God. May God forgive me. No matter who would pray with you and would do something with you, if your prayers are recited by demons in your head, then no one will hear you except satan, people Again, it’s better to follow the path together, study the patterns together, the influence of satan, distractions – it’s better, to share experiences is better, to learn the experience of ancestors and preserve the culture and study history is better, this is the point But to aggrandize yourself in pridefulness over someone, when you yourself are the same, no matter what kind of rank you are given, – well, it’s a sin Well this is already a sin, which is voiced here: “The Lord will hear you” – well, there are no intermediaries and there can not be between God and a human, because the path is too short, no one will fit Well, imagine, I’ll give you a simple example – Personality and Soul, a short way How will you cram between this a big dude, in whatever clothes he had on, no matter what religion he belongs to? Everything is banal. It’s all banal, guys But, in the meaning of manipulation over people’s consciousness, the aggrandizement, why should people obey and carry out that “prayer is stronger” – well, then they slip down so that you have to bring them hot meals every week Precisely hot meals, and wrapped into an expensive kerchief And to dream that the priest’s wife wears this kerchief, then blessed will be your dead ones, whom you commemorate this way Well, that’s how it all starts Priests Well, here we must also understand that this has been going on since ancient times, when indeed, people served God and their deeds were absolutely secret After all, those who are in the service of God, they act secretly, and the person does not know about it Well, this is not interesting, the secret action when well, let’s just say, those who are in the shadows, we have already said, there are many manifestations and indeed there is an influence, and when someone stands and still gets in the way of influence upon you, you do not know it, you just felt bad, you start to feel better and when you got some free time, a minute, some weight fell off of you, and you recalled God, you recalled Love, you recalled the good, and you’ve gotten inspired by this, and you got this joy, and maybe, something good will come of you But you do not know whose work it was and why it is so You’re just in a bad mood, the weather has changed, blood pressure has spiked, hormones have been playing up, a lot of problems, you ate something that didn’t agree with you But sometimes, just when a person is being attacked by those who are in the shadows, the third ones, as they are called, not related to the system (well, it’s still part of the system, still it’s all that… the same demons) well, they also eat a lot, and the person is in a depressed state Those who are really in the service of God, they secretly, well, remove these unnecessary hindrances, because even consciousness is already more than enough for a person, and God willing, this filter will be enough to get through, and those already latch on like leeches Well, therein lies the meaning of the service And consciousness, it likens and twists things, because in fact, Jesus’ disciples, what did they do? They carried this knowledge and gave it to people Right? But, after all, they did not say Well, everybody heard, there was Simon, who tried to liken himself, he even surpassed well, “Jesus Christ was nothing compared to him”, when he (Simon) walked, if his shadow fell on a person, then the person was already blessed and was healed, and that’s all, there were such oooh…, such a “God’s power he possessed”, that he was bursting Well, here is the answer for you, guys Everything is from consciousness, likening and so on Therefore, well, what kind of power can someone’s prayer have for you, if you do not want to and are not going anywhere?! You will not get anywhere Isn’t that so? Everything is in your head T: Igor Mikhailovich, here is also such a moment, I would like to touch on the topic of monkhood After all, monkhood, it is, basically, a rather, let’s say, young phenomenon, but IM: Yes, it is young Zh: How was it before? T: What was the prototype, yes, of this monkhood? IM: Well, at the root of the prototype of monkhood, where it all came from, and then… It appeared later Let’s just say, the mention of Allat sisters Initially, there was a spiritual service, I mean, already after Allat sisters,

there was a spiritual service and only women were there Later on, with the advent of patriarchy, already with the development, well, let’s say, when everything had already changed, the devil gained strength and was not so afraid, became stronger – that’s when priesthood appeared That is, women’s groups of people who lived in a certain community akin to monasteries, but they were no longer engaged in serving God, but were serving satan, meaning, practicing magic, foretelling and the like, that is, they were spending Allat forces, turning them into anti-allat, well, such an exchange for information, let’s say Well, this served as a prototype, again, for the creation of monkhood, certain groups, and there already became a male one and all that. Why? Because they saw that there is a community of women who live in solitude, doing who knows what there, but they have great power Well, the desire for this power had actually led to this And also served the fact that people who aspired to follow a simpler way, an easier one, they refused all worldly things and went into such concentration, into solitude, well, in order to be inseparably one-on-one with God Well, for some reason, it was considered to be easier Well, no matter who you hide from and wherever you are… even on a high mountain, even in a deep cave, – consciousness will not leave you anyway, it will be with you, in seclusion and in society, consciousness will still remain with you, you will not hide from it anywhere Well, that’s the truth of life There is nothing bad in monkhood, it’s a community of people, and well, people are people They are people everywhere: even in monkhood, in religions, anywhere. Isn’t that so? It depends on a person Apart from that, there’s nothing bad, on the contrary it’s interesting, on the contrary – it’s good For example, when people really develop themselves, when they strive for God, of course, it is easier and better to do it collectively, and when it’s all done in discipline and aimed at spiritual development – well, of course, that makes it simpler T: There is also such a moment as renunciation of the world, right? Meaning, some kind of cutting off of one’s own past, a change of names IM: Well, again here we take likening to service, because when a person starts serving, he renounces everything that was before Well, what does it mean, he renounces? Still, the skills and memory are preserved, it is impossible to renounce everything that was before, and to start with a clean slate That means, you need to learn the language, learn to walk, yes, meaning, everything, well, if we’re going to be honest But otherwise, no, well, it’s a kind of game: I’m renouncing what was before, and now I’m starting something new, well, such reasoning, it’s more like a game of consciousness T: Also, such a substitution from the consciousness, which sounded, basically, in the first stages in my head also, what does it mean to renounce, right? So, here I embarked on the spiritual path IM: And I lost everything T: Here, you have to, (IM: And what, and what, what …) “Everything that happened in the past, that’s all lies.” You have to… IM: What? You will not cook, you will not live, you will not communicate with your relatives, well, what…? T: You have to become someone new somehow. But what kind of new? IM: New, what kind of new? Green or red? T: And then begins the search of what kind of new, where are these saints, how…? IM: Well, this is consciousness. Nothing does change in a person Well, how can something change in his image, what can change in his memory? Nothing It’s just that life is gained and something becomes immortal, and everything else is mortal That’s all But how can it be otherwise? T: Thank you. Here is the key point, that it’s not… it’s not a change of masks, but this is just… IM: No, on the contrary, it’s taking the masks off (T: Yes) Although sometimes on purpose, and a person already puts the masks on consciously If in everyday life, every person, I emphasize, each one , he does not notice how the masks are being changed to him, he doesn’t even notice it, then, let’s say, when a person gains life, and still he is forced, well, here already, as they say: “he who keeps company with the wolves, will learn to howl”, and so as not to be recognized as a delicious lamb, being among the wolves, you have to wear a wolf’s mask, right? Well, here I am speaking figuratively Well, this is all masks, well, it’s a conscious action already Well, how can we talk about, for example, God, when there are only atheists around? So, you will talk about fishing, about sports, about anything Although you understand the suffering of those who are close Well, what can you do, it’s their choice Zh: There is also this question, that one Athos monk admiringly told that while he was sitting, praying on the mountain, an eagle circled above him IM: Well, an eagle maybe it’s not an eagle, just the man made a mistake because of old age or pridefulness,

maybe it was actually a griffin? T: So that is the moment when people are looking for some kind of confirmation: if the prayer is the right one, then the eagle circles, if the eagle does not circle – then… IM: This is megalomania This is a manifestation, a sign from God, which was sent down to him, because he is an Athos monk, he sits on a mountain and prays to God, he himself prays to some God And here is God: “Wow, what a good guy you are, let me at least look at you with an eagle’s eyes.” When actually, it’s just a bird wanting to eat, waiting, when this liar and prideful man finally turns into food, everything very simple While this is a prideful man and a liar And such people are not worth listening to, because he is mistaken himself and leads others there too But I must say that there are a lot of very decent people on Athos I have many friends there, and they are good people T: Yes. But this question …IM: …those who do not wait for eagles to fly over them They got up and went They have one trouble, but the trouble is trouble of the organization, that one can not talk openly about keys, about the true ones Well, that’s the organization Zh: What is the invisible struggle of monks? Well, that which they face, that which hinders them IM: Consciousness Nothing else. And what else hinders them? What can hinder a monk, as well as any layman, and whatever a person would call himself, and whatever he would do? Besides consciousness, besides satan, there is no one between him and God Nothing more Zh: Yes, here also, on the other hand the question from the laywoman: “I pray for sins to go away, I am constantly worried, I’m afraid that, what if it happens again, what if I again fall into …” IM: And this is nothing other than just the work of consciousness, right? Meaning, consciousness blames, exposes – this is its favorite method Person embarks on the spiritual path, and it starts denigrating, humiliating, and filling him with fears Will this person get anywhere? Well, to nowhere but a subpersonality Why? Because he spends the power of attention on listening to these actors who chatter in his head He finances them, he feeds them with his attention, instead of directing this attention to God, to Love, to sincerity, after all, this is really easy. Isn’t it? It is So, excuse me, who is the fool in this case? The fools are demons who whisper this, or a person, as a Personality who finances this chatter in the head instead of gaining Life? Well, it’s all fair Well this is true But when she’s in worries, it’s like that crying, yes? Well, they consider themselves to be fighting, that they are doing something, they are opposing and they are achieving something, there is some kind of action, because the consciousness says: “Well, how is that, just to love? There is no action, you just love, and that’s it?” And why? Because consciousness does not know what Love is And it will never know what true Love is The love consciousness knows, it’s, well, I do not know, there may be some kind of pheromones, a game of hormones – that’s what love is for it, and that’s it, that’s where it ends, and then the confrontation and hatred But it doesn’t know what Love is and it cannot know. Why? Because the mortal does not know Life, and one must remember that T: Igor Mikhailovich, also in some monasteries and in communities there is such a practice when people cut themselves off from the outside world, restrict access to means of communication, interaction, the Internet (IM: Well, again, this is solitude, it’s…) How does this help, or does it help in work on oneself? IM: Absolutely not, not in any way Well, yes, there is less information, less distraction, but consciousness, it is consciousness, you see? But the question is, no matter how much we try, say, somehow to prevent satan from attacking us, well, it won’t work Well, anyway, even if there are two of them in the same monastery, they will still be angry with each other At that, consciousness – it separates And the question is just how much a person made up his mind, how much he is striving, how sincere is his need and how much he is willing to work sincerely and truly If a person really feels and has the desire for Life, the aspiration for the Spiritual World, and he is ready – then, he does not care: even if there is Internet, or something else, even if all the TVs in the world are arranged around him at the same time and are droning on from morning till night, it will not distract or hinder a person in any way Well, there are no such distractions coming from consciousness and there cannot be… Whatever consciousness offers, let’s say it simpler, a thousand years of the most exciting shows, excellent health, all the benefits and delights –

on the one hand, and one instant in the Spiritual World, just one instant Is it possible to compare this? It is impossible, because a thousand years here will fly by as one instant, and one instant in the Spiritual World is forever, because there is no time there Such old jokes Well, but it’s true, it’s incomparable Zh: The life of believers has acquired a kind of sin-centeredness, meaning, they are looking for one sin, then the next, overcame it, then the next IM: Striving to fight and the like And often, people on the spiritual path, also when performing Jesus prayer or spiritual practices, they come across an understanding of the study of how consciousness works, they face certain patterns from consciousness, with attacks, and so, they begin to resist it, and here it also happens that satan wins Instead of starting to Live, a person confines himself specifically to the process of the struggle itself, a substitution takes place and the person no longer invests the power of attention in God’s Love or something else, he does not gain Eternity, he is busy with the need to fight, he needs an enemy, with whom he will… Well, consciousness, it goes for this easily. Well, and that’s it, and that’s how life ends in a fight It is necessary to study, this is one of the stages, but once you realized that you are being manipulated, you should continue to gain Life, you need to continue as a Personality, once you realized that you are a Personality, that you are the one who endows with this attention, and that you have the freedom of choice – the redistribution of these means, let’s say, this energy, this vitally important energy of attention, then you should already make a choice on your own where to redirect it all If you like fighting, well, it’s the same, well, I do not know, as any other life, as atheism or disputes about God, or to completely forget about God and live your life After all, that’s what most people do They remember only when, excuse me, like a patient with an enuresis remembers about a bedpan, only when he really has to go But otherwise, well, they live without God, and He does not bother them, you know how, like, because in general everything is cut off, and it seems to them that they should live like this But animals live like that, well, and people also live like that Well, what can you do?! But the understanding that you invest the power of your attention and you make a choice, you are a free human, and you make this choice of investing the power of attention in the Spiritual World – this is spiritual growth And a fight is it’s a fight, it’s a fuss At the first stage, it is justified, after that – no more Zh: Not to get stuck IM: It’s impossible to overcome the system Well, we have to approach this reasonably This means that you will fight again out of pridefulness, ” I will defeat satan” Well, how can you defeat him? Well, it’s like you will look through the entire Internet now, well, on your tablet Well, you will now scroll through all the Internet – it’s ridiculous But that’s just some Internet, while there, excuse me, it’s the system T: I would also like to share one priest’s insights: “The most crucial decisive moment in life is the moment here and now And what is the most important and significant in this moment? To understand what God wants from you.” IM: Nothing And that’s the point God cannot want anything from a person who has not started Living We have already cited this example namely on Zhanna’s egg cells So did she understand what they want from her or not? Well, right? Right Nothing God cannot want anything from a person until He sees him, and God only sees him when he enters the door of His Home The question is, that you should understand what your Personality (not consciousness, but Personality) wants – this is the one that remains after death What are you striving for: Life or subpersonality, do you want to Live or do you want to die? That’s the point And this understanding, it must be preserved, despite the fact that consciousness will resist most actively, it’s supposed to resist, and the stronger it resists, the more correct is your path Zh: Where is this fine line between responsibility for people and lecturing? IM: Well, responsibility and lecturing, well, it’s very simple, it’s not a fine line Responsibility is when you take on responsibility, you don’t desire anything and you do not want anything, when you are in the shadows, but, let’s say, you do not feel any kind of pridefulness, that you are respected by everyone because you are such a great teacher or something else. Isn’t that so? It is

And the responsibility is, despite the fact that it gives you a lot of troubles and hassles, but you know all this from your own experience, that all these, let’s just say, when they point a finger at you in the store and say: “Oh, come here, look, yes, but tell me, what did I dream yesterday, I had a dream yesterday about a horseradish with a beet, what’s that about? ” Is that not so? This is called responsibility, when you understand and experience all these stupid questions, like about horseradish with beet, yes, coming from the consciousness in the middle of, excuse me, the supermarket, but well, despite this, you continue to do your work, because you know perfectly well that there are also normal people who do not work for the system and who do not crave for magic, who really want to Live, and a tool given to them correctly and at the right time is a big help to them And in such a way, you really serve the Spiritual World Well, that’s right Well, that’s the responsibility Despite the fact that it gives you a lot of troubles and inconvenience, you continue to serve the Spiritual World, let’s say. Right? T: There’s also another moment In monasteries, a huge amount of, let’s say, time is given to such a thing as discipline Well, and naturally, some domestic issues come up: why the novice does not follow certain rules there, or was late for service… IM: This is a collective Well, it’s inevitable After all, any organization, any association, and especially since they live together, they must have order And it’s natural that they have administrative issues, decisions, and disciplinary issues, and the community must exist according to clearly formulated algorithm. Well, it’s natural But still, if they have this constantly and instead of spiritual development, well, well, that’s like leadership’s omission, they are not doing the right things, that’s not why they got together T: How does discipline help in gaining freedom? IM: Not in any way But discipline helps, let’s say, to save time This really helps And freedom… Well, well, what kind of? There must be discipline primarily in relation to consciousness, coming from the Personality, there must be discipline in the distribution of the power of attention and responsibility – it must be, that does help But the fact that you get up every day at five forty in the morning, and then you go to bed at three o’clock at night – well, that’s not discipline, that’s abuse of the body, let’s just say Can this end well? Not for the body While if the person is free, well, what threat can that pose? Generally speaking, it can’t But exactly here, there must be responsibility The body should be given rest, and should be fed on time, and kept clean And how can it be different? This is responsibility. It’s like a person drives a car that’s falling apart, “they say, I have one more”, – Well, that’s irresponsible Change the worn out rubber bushing on time, and they will last longer Change the tires in time, after all, it’s for safety and everything else Well, an gain, you should wash the car more often, it’s a different matter that you do not always have time But the body, it’s not a car, you need to take a better care of it T: Igor Mikhailovich, there’s also this question from people: can a person, while being here, in this three-dimensional world encounter a miracle, a manifestation of a miracle? IM: He can But, let’s say so, will he notice it? Well, let’s say simply, was there a miracle today? T: And more than once IM: But who saw it? Only the one who has an opportunity, let’s say, to observe the world through the spiritual eyes, and not only earthly ones And those who live to the dictation of consciousness and look with the earthly eyes, did they see? That’s the point Zh: And what causes a person to exchange the constant expression of love for God for a fight with his demons? IM: It’s ordinary, a mere, let’s say, art, well, I would say, the excellent work of actors in his head Or let’s say even simpler, that’s the tricks of demons, because it is they who distract a person,

and make a person betray Life, betray the Truth, betray God and exchange Him for the earthly dust, for the empty, for the temporary – that’s simply the work of consciousness T: Igor Mikhailovich, there’s also a question Well, it is noticed by people already in the work on themselves that if any thought comes, it comes simultaneously to two people And also IM: Not only to two people, it comes, well… When a group is working, but it is clearly visible when there is a group of like-minded people and they all strive for spiritual development, they do not play around, do not play at spirituality, but really strive, they are really walking And when they study the patterns, how it works, people are able to analyze, see, observe, how thoughts come, they can immediately voice them, well, indeed, when the work of the group on spiritual self-development is going on, it turns out that the thought comes at the same time to at least a third of the group It can change a little, but the main point remains the same, of that very thought T: The woman asks, well, a simple laywoman, a believer, she says that she is being attacked by demons And so she is very worried about harming another person with her thoughts Can she harm another person or not with her bad thoughts? IM: Well, how can she harm another person with her thoughts? There is no way She can harm with her deeds, but not with thoughts Moreover, the thoughts are not hers She simply watches the performance of her actors and worries about the actors in her head But this is all staged, it all comes from shaitan Zh: It often happens that there is a blockage in spiritual issues, that is, a fear to ask Some material questions are easy, while IM: But who exactly doesn’t let one voice the truth? Well, again, we come up against work of consciousness, against the very system, right? Meaning, to whom is it disadvantageous here? It’s not beneficial to consciousness. And what is the first rule? Consciousness says no, but you do it Right? And then you see how it starts to obey And what’s also important: in order to make consciousness attack less, it must be loaded up as much as possible If there’s nothing to do, well, everything has been done, nothing to load it with – let it learn Chinese language, well, if you don’t know it of course, if you are not Chinese, let it work, study consciousness It will be indignant, saying: “Well, why, how is it, why do you need to study such a complicated language?” Yes, there is no need, just so that consciousness is not idle Or let it solve some problems Well, consciousness should be constantly loaded and constantly in the work And again, pay attention only to the performance of a certain work, but not to the idleness of thinking If a person does not do anything, lies on a sofa, resting, watches a movie and philosophizes, he is far from spiritual, believe me If he watches some TV series, he worries about the heroes, he compares himself, – well, what kind of spirituality are we talking about here, isn’t that so? That’s why, consciousness must work untiringly, then there will be no idleness, then it won’t attack you, then it… it’ll have no time, because you you’ve set a task for it, “I will only pay attention to you for studying the Chinese language and nothing else.” It will have no choice, it will have to study Well, what’s wrong with learning certain languages? Nothing Let it study, if it doesn’t want to be obedient T: Igor Mikhailovich, people have also faced the fact that after the experience of the first contacts with the Spiritual World there is a loss of interest in everything external And there is a moment of avoiding everything in the external: contacts IM: Well, this is fear Again this person has encountered the Spiritual world and he has a fear of losing this love, losing this connection, this, so to say, non-verbal dialogue, and of course he avoids, so that he doesn’t get distracted But this is such an understanding, let’s say, that it’s enough to get distracted by anything, and the Spiritual World disappears immediately, meaning, this inner connection. Well, these are the first steps After all, if we look at children, how they learn to walk, they fall and stumble, but it’s normal, not a big deal, they get up and go It’s okay, this will pass, but don’t be afraid of anything You just need to stand your ground firmly, and everything will be fine T: Therefore, I think the next question in this context, “How to harmonize these relationships with relatives”, has already… IM: Well, it has already T: …been answered IM: Of course Just to love Zh: Consciousness often conceal from the Personality even the understanding that this life is fleeting, that everything in it is an illusion IM: Naturally. Consciousness, it is obliged to cover up this . Why?

Because the Personality understands the existence of Eternity, it understands the existence of the Spiritual World It understands love and joy emanating from the Spiritual World, it aspires to go there But consciousness has to give something as a counterbalance, and it covers up understanding Yes, it leaves you an understanding: “yes, you will die sometime”, but it doesn’t give an evaluation of death Why else? Because consciousness perfectly understands that after the death of the physical body, if it won the Armageddon, and the Personality remained an obedient slave, then for consciousness, it is still centuries and centuries of existence, this is not death, and for it After all, consciousness doesn’t experience pain and suffering – it’s just a program, and the program can’t worry It is precisely the Personality that is endowed with sufferings and all the rest This is torture for a human, but not for consciousness Therefore, this is extremely beneficial for consciousness – the subsequent existence after the death of the physical body in a state of subpersonality After all it continues to live and exist T: There’s also such a question, “During spiritual development, side effects are possible, but consciousness substitutes and says that if you develop those very side effects, then you will become spiritual ” And there is no knowledge how a person should act otherwise IM: Side effects during spiritual development are what’s called sagacity, gifts and everything else This is a natural process, because when a person is studying how the system works, acquiring God’s power, much is revealed to him It’s not for everyone really, but it happens quite often Some people pass the spiritual path very fast, by understanding, catching the essence, well, they, at full speed, without any of these effects, break into that Endless World and never step out of there again If a person goes in a certain fight, in a confrontation, then here, of course, such outright manifestations of, say, metaphysical abilities happen Well, it is natural that consciousness, clutching at it, tries to distract, tries to exalt a person, saying, “You see, you know what will happen to you tomorrow.” And tomorrow, it really happens And consciousness puts an emphasis on this, saying, “Look, you’re already spiritual, you’ve already developed to such an extent”, and so on These are tricks, tricks and directives from consciousness But many people, looking at this, especially if he works in a group, and sees how someone is growing and these metaphysical abilities start manifesting themselves in that person, he begins to listen to his consciousness, and consciousness begins to tell him, “You must develop extrasensory abilities”, and the person banally slides into magic This is a side effect of spiritual development, but it doesn’t manifest in everyone, I say it again But the development of metaphysical abilities has nothing to do with spiritual development On the contrary, it leads away from, say, the spiritual world, and inevitably kills a person Zh: It happens so that someone becomes involved in some projects which, for example, are aimed at spiritual unification of people, and there surely appears some servant of the system who starts judging the actions of the person who is doing a lot IM: Well, the system always judges and always opposes Again, commonplace envy, hatred that arises inside Well, hatred comes from consciousness, a person cannot separate himself from consciousness, cannot resist it All this is manifested through him, it’s normal. But as we know, when you do the right deeds, the more the system revolts, the more effort you need to make, right? Zh: Yes If only these goals would be directed to a peaceful course IM: Well, if all these were to the good, the world would be wonderful If people at least a little, at least a bit, made at least the first steps in the direction of the Spiritual World, then there would be paradise on earth, but… T: Igor Mikhailovich, people also have such a fear: they are afraid that the more they are engaged in spiritual practices or the Jesus’ Prayer, the more activation of dark forces and demons takes place Meaning, that IM: Well, we’ve already talked about this But this is really so At a certain stage, they really start to resist, because their goal and task is to keep a person under control, because this is their food And when a person becomes spiritually free, then, excuse me, he already thinks: whom to feed, when and for what That is, a person starts having a choice, and he doesn’t give away food for no particular reason Well, but this is inconvenient for them, so they are fighting to keep what’s theirs

Well this is normal T: How can people go through this phase of stopping? IM: Well, how? To hold on. And You see the goal, you don’t notice obstacles We’ve already talked about this today So what? Well Well, it rebels, that means you’re acting correctly, you’re on the right track. It all passes quickly Zh: Consciousness strongly doesn’t want to unite IM: But consciousness cannot unite After all, if there are even two people in a group, they will still think badly about each other, because any matter – it strives to enslave, to suppress, to dominate over other matter. Isn’t that so? It is If there are three people in a group, then it will be two against one – well, this is the law Moreover, today I’m with her against you, tomorrow I’m with you against her Well, these are games, games of consciousness – divide and conquer But in the same way, consciousness divides a human within, this is also true Zh: Yes. It’s just that there are such moments, people encounter the fact that consciousness doesn’t let them into groups, right? But it’s clear that in a group, the growth is faster, and IM: Of course, it doesn’t let them, this is natural Why would it let a person go where he can find freedom and escape from the ower of consciousness Well, it must resist Well, people are different from animals by the fact that they have, say, in addition to being spiritualized, they also have soul-filling, that is, apart from consciousness, they also have Personality, and they have the right to choose where to go and how to act – not by the will of satan, but according to their choice Zh: Well, right, it’s just that there are directives like, “I won’t go, because, when I’m on my own, there are no factors that provoke me into something, there are no those” IM: Well, it’s kind of easier (Zh: Yes …) But, let’s say, not always what is easier is right, and this “easier” – this may be precisely an illusion that is leading the wrong way, right? (Zh: Yep.) And this is dangerous for consciousness, because people, if they are engaged in their own spiritual development, and moreover in a group, and without fear, they announce all that, they tell, study the patterns of the system After all, a person having come there, can hear exactly how to get rid of, how to get out from under this control, how to get rid of satan’s oppression But is this profitable for him? Of course, not That’s why he says, “Sit and that’s it.” And who is this person? A puppet in the system’s hands, if he obediently performs all that is ordered by the demons Well, what can I say here? You can feel sorry for him, but this is his choice Zh: Another question is that consciousness always pushes on person’s red buttons, meaning, it pulls precisely the most painful spots IM: Well, of course. It touches on a sore spot, because a person reacts to it So, if a person has, say, something that the system can yank him any moment or create conditions for the person to be distracted from the spiritual, it will surely do that But again, here is an understanding, what’s more important – his egoism, his red buttons, well, anything in this world, if it is more significant than the Spiritual World, then a person is not worthy of this World, meaning, he needs to grow, he needs to do his best But this is his choice It is for this that the devil is needed – ​​as a filter sifting the dead from the world of the living But if a person has gone through this, he has the right to Life But this is a person’s choice, after all, a person creates himself: he makes himself either alive or dead This is a choice, this is really freedom, it’s wonderful T: It’s also noticed how consciousness, by sneaking in some unnecessary thoughts and arguments, says that “It’s not a big deal.” And this moment of the first entry IM: Well, that “nothing will happen”, “nothing will occur”, “just think about this”, “get busy with this” and the like at a time when a person is exactly, say, interacting with the Spiritual World, meaning, when he is exactly in such a non-verbal contact “Well, not a big deal”. But the Personality has given attention Then, after this “not a big deal”, comes something stronger, bigger and in the end the person observes that he is already, excuse me, not in a dialogue with the Spiritual World, but he is a spectator, on whose stage, in consciousness, certain actions are unfolding, and the actors have already taken full possession of all his property, right, meaning, all his attention Well, that happens often as well. But this just indicates either weakness of a person who cannot resist or… He doesn’t want to, everyone can, there are no weak people, and everyone can If he doesn’t want to, if he likes being in slavery – well, this is his choice

T: Maybe you have questions? A. Operator 1: I had a question You previously said in the programme that consciousness, it turns out, is trying to find someone from outside who is lying to you, well, someone from the outside who is enslaving you, although in fact, it is the one that’s enslaving And here, I had such a question: this enslavement from consciousness, a human fills it with his attention, because he himself, during the day, wants to enslave someone IM: To put it simply, with his attention, a person strengthens the influence of consciousness on himself as a Personality Why? Because this fuss of consciousness, these fears of it, if they are financed by the power of attention, and a person starts listening to them, then the game begins – and everything internal gets lost Consciousness, it is cunning. Well, how will it not be cunning? The system has existed for billions of years, so it is natural that it has experience of deception, including deception of humanlike, meaning, spiritualized and soul-filled This is normal But it cannot make a choice for you, and this is true You are the only one who chooses Life or death A. Operator 1: It turns out that a person, simply by seeing that it’s deceiving him, that it is that enslaver, then, actually, he stops believing anything…, well, he might not believe it. Well, meaning, see the true essence of consciousness, that it IM: Well, why “not believe”? Here, we should also differentiate well It doesn’t mean that consciousness lies about everything Two times two makes four, well, it’s not lying, the elementary things But consciousness does substitute everything that concerns the spiritual It always works exclusively for itself It will never work for the Personality, especially for liberation of the Personality Well, how otherwise? After all, it’s unprofitable for it Excuse me, but consciousness is a good economist, and it simply wants to eat It will never work to starve It doesn’t have the concept of Conscience, Honour, Goodness, Love, well, there aren’t any concepts – it’s a program, it is soulless We enliven it by investing the powers that are coming from the Soul, excuse me Yes, spiritualized, yes, a part of the Alive, but also inevitably dead It’s just a program, and one shouldn’t make something alive out of it, something really existing and possessing human qualities No, it doesn’t possess these qualities Listen to yourself carefully, write everything down, to the last thought that comes, and you will understand how awful it is, your consciousness, anyone’s, even the best person’s consciousness During the day, consciousness injects in him such thing that Even that very psychiatrist who tries to understand, let him write down, – he will make such diagnoses for himself Y. Operator 3: For the freedom of conscience Very often, consciousness uses the slogan: “For the freedom of conscience” IM: The concept of “conscience”, it is again often substituted What is conscience? What does it come from? In fact, conscience is the aspiration of a person as a Personality for freedom And conscience is a quality of Personality But consciousness easily violates it If it, excuse me, leads a person to death, then what would it cost for it to step over conscience by simply changing the viewpoint and showing other pictures? Well, it’s quite a liar That’s the reason of all troubles here on earth, that’s why there is hatred, hostility among people and everything else Because people listen precisely to the one whom they shouldn’t listen to, they listen to demons in their heads And this, as we have said many times before, is precisely the main cunning and sneaky abilities of satan: he simply hides behind the invisible world and acts through consciousness, because consciousness is his domain, and a human cannot understand where to find satan Well, where-where? He himself is a part of satan A. Operator 2: Why, if everything is so simple, in fact, everything comes down to one thing, that… well, the power of attention and that’s all, and to understand that consciousness is an enemy IM: One should not understand One should study and practice After all, it is the one that doesn’t let you go anywhere, sunshine A. Operator 2: Well, I am… Well, the essence is one All the time, everything that is filmed, everything that you say, the essence of all this is one IM: Just one A. Operator 2: One. Then why is it like that? IM: Why is it so difficult? Because you do not practice, everything is quite simple When was the last time you tried with a notebook and pen? A. Operator 2: I tried with a notebook and pen a long time ago. IM: Here’s the answer for you Will it be easy? No, it will not, because you aren’t studying it ,

because it twists you around its finger You get these moments of a surge during that same filming, when we communicate, it encourages you and you feel that this is true, but the consciousness immediately tells you: “That’s all rubbish” Isn’t that so? It is A. Operator 2: Well, it doesn’t talk about rubbish IM: Come on, it does. Well, don’t be shy After all, it’s not you I’m accusing, I’m talking about consciousness “That, generally speaking, all this is nonsense, there is so much there, and all this is trivial.” A. Operator 2: Well, the phrases sound, but I IM: Yes, but they do sound A. Operator 2: Phrases sound IM: Of course. Here’s the answer for you A. Operator 2: But I do know that it is not so IM: But you do know. How do you know? Then why are you, excuse me, on the other side of the table? Didn’t you have the opportunity to be on this side? And who prevented you, except your consciousness? Here’s the answer for you Is it worth thinking about? It is A. Operator 2: Well, I think about it constantly IM: But you should not think about it and not invest, because, this way you feel sorry for yourself and sympathize with yourself, because you’re so good And what do you do to prevent this from happening? Nothing You continue to feel sorry for yourself. Isn’t that so? For your own beloved self, a good and worthy one But what must there be? There must be an action. Inaction doesn’t solve anything If a person is inactive, if he is not going to God, God will not come to him, and this is the truth Do you want to be free? Be free It’s very simple, it’s really simple But this requires a lot of effort, you have to be selective at first, and highly selective: what exactly to finance, and why consciousness forbids you to do it and you don’t do it It literally forbids you to develop spiritually, and you listen to it and obey After all, who are you in this case? A. Operator 2: Nobody. A subpersonality IM: Here’s your answer And this is not a joke, this is a life which you, let’s put it so, forbid yourself Isn’t it? A. Operator 2: Well, it is. So I don’t see, because I don’t write it down and don’t observe, right? IM: Because you don’t work on yourself, because you yearn for it and you just cry about it, this is crying by the wall, just like Tatiana said A. Operator 2: Well, I pushed it deep inside, because as for crying, I actually don’t IM: Well, I’m telling you figuratively And there is no difference. You are always thinking about it But what are you thinking? And what kind of thoughts do your actors palm off on you, are they good ones? No They are just sorry for you, they tell you: “it’s not working, you can’t do it, you don’t want to”, and you don’t do anything, you are always just thinking about it But if you had spent these forces studying the system, then one fine day, a long time ago, already back then, you would have realized how much it’s screwing you, and, believe me, your pride would have won over your laziness, you would no longer allow the demons to control you But you allow it, and they manipulate you, excuse me, they do whatever they want with you But the pleasure of this is illusory Is this not so? Is it good to live in an illusion, realizing that you are digging a hole for yourself and as if you cannot do anything? Who tells you that you cannot do something – the actors in your head? They cannot do anything, but you can do everything And why don’t you do it? Because they forbid? Well, isn’t that so? Give me at least one argument A. Operator 2: Well, there are no arguments, because well well, I don’t know, it kind of forbids, it’s just that from them, well then I’m deceiving myself, because also in the external, for example, I’m doing things in the external IM: And this is precisely the forbiddance from them In the external, you try to appear, but in fact you are not working on yourself, in fact you succumb to their fairy tales, which they tell you and you walk around in circles to their dictation A. Operator 2: Probably, I only just change the record… IM: Well, if you were changing record, sunshine (A. Operator 2: But I am changing…), there would at least be a different melody, while you, basically, have three verses in your head A. Operator 2: Well, yeah IM: “Well, yeah.” First of all, stop lying to yourself, and that’s where it all starts from But not lying is boring, it becomes scary In fact, when a person stops lying to himself, and this is the first thing to start with before embarking on the path of studying the system, it gets scary and terrifying when you face the reality, and that’s exactly what many are avoiding Again, who is scared, you as a Personality? No Consciousness is scared and terrified, satan is afraid of being exposed But until you, excuse me, drag him by the ears out of the depths of your consciousness,

well, he will sit there and manipulate you Do you need this? A. Operator 2: I don’t IM: And nobody will do this for you A person himself makes his choice Zh: Consciousness plants doubt, was there an experience, spiritual experience? IM: And this is a must, because consciousness, it actually doesn’t receive this spiritual experience and it cannot receive it It’s not accessible to it For all the spiritual experience that a person comprehends, it all happens at the level of the Personality’s development While consciousness, it is obliged to cast doubts on it and destroy it. Why? First, it’s inaccessible to it, it cannot fit it, well, in the category of logic, it can’t understand it All that we need consciousness for and that we can get from it on the Spiritual path is again, at the primary stage, to study and understand that satan does exist and how he works This is the maximum usefulness we can receive from consciousness on the spiritual path, and everything else is a hindrance T: Also, besides the argument “it’s not a big deal”, consciousness has another argument During the moments of deep contact, it says later on: “take a break, rest from the spiritual.” IM: Oh, that’s for sure as well But why, are you tired? How can you rest from the spiritual? This just shows that it is tired and it is asking for rest So, what should be done? Do more with great intensity Isn’t that right? It is, that’s the only way If you just relax a little, “Well, have a rest, well, it’s nothing to worry about, get distracted here, dream like before, it was good before, after all” – well, if a person feels good in the oven, then he is, excuse me, a pie, not a human This is his choice, of course Zh: Also, there’s such a question, a person who once came into contact, is looking for ways back, how to return, meaning, he is going around in circles, because there is no knowledge IM: But here, one thing sometimes happens A person who has come into contact with this real miracle, with this happiness, with God’s Love at least once, later on he often keeps trying to find all this, but with the help of consciousness, and it doesn’t work And consciousness often tells him that it was just a delusion, it didn’t happen. Why? Because consciousness doesn’t experience this And what does a person experience besides love and happiness, in the first place? This is freedom from consciousness But, of course, this is not profitable for consciousness Everything is simple T: I would just like to voice the arguments of consciousness which stop people on the way, well, basically, even from performing spiritual practices: “you won’t be able to do it”, “I want to sleep,” “I need to take a fresh look, and in this state it won’t be done properly” (Zh: …on the way of working on yourself…) “it’ll be better when I’m in a different mood” or “you don’t have enough experience, when you gain a little more experience, then we will succeed” IM:Well, I’ll say this. This palette here, it is very diverse and full of colors, with which consciousness colors its aspirations And there’s one desire – to distract a person from spiritual salvation Well, how can a person get tired of God’s Love? Well, this is unrealistic Whereas, consciousness gets tired, it’s hard for it, and it begs so the person gets distracted, it tells him that “you’re tired”, “you need to rest,” “what spiritual practice or prayer, what are you talking about, go to bed, sleep and everything will pass” Well, if a person listens to this and goes to bed, then indeed, everything will go away, and in the morning, it will become easier, as there will be no need to take care of himself anymore, no need to think or fight, just like a slave, like an animal, you live by instincts to the dictation of consciousness and “everything is so simple”, “everyt hing is so good”, but not for long Zh: Later on, there appear doubts and fears, after he already begins to act, has already come into contact, (IM: and then… yes, of course) the attack begins already, a series of thoughts that (IM: certainly…) make a person doubt everything IM: Make him doubt, and oppress him, well, how can it be otherwise This is the work of consciousness, it scares, it drives him away, it does everything to lead a person astray But, excuse me, this is a filter, that’s how it should function A worthy one must pass, and unworthy and weak one This is his choice After all, all people are born with the possibility of spiritual liberation, but not all aspire to it Does that mean they like it? Well, they don’t really like it, actually everyone is afraid and everyone feels inside what Spiritual World is,

and people understand that hell does not exist, but there is something worse, there is a state of subpersonality – this is what people call hell And people feel and understand this perfectly But they do not let this understanding turn into awareness Well, self-defense, instinct, reflex, they can be called differently But this is just a struggle for life of consciousness Zh:Right. And with the next point, consciousness simply erases the gained experience Well, it turns out that it imposes some new ideas, new projects, new, well some kind of new (T: a thousand and one little things) life goal, yes, a thousand and one little things to distract you with some problems, or something has happened IM: Well again, it’s a matter of distraction Let’s say simply, nothing prevents a person: neither learning a new language, even a quite complicated one, nor getting involved in some projects, work, business, study, nothing, even illness, nothing prevents a person from gaining God’s Love Well, but it’s impossible if a person himself, let’s say, doesn’t want it If he as a Personality doesn’t invest his attention into the desires and aspirations of consciousness, but will direct it only to spiritual development, well, definitely he has only one way – the way to immortality, the way to the chosen ones Well, isn’t that so? It is T: Igor Mikhailovich, please tell us, what is the most important thing in life of every person? IM: Love This is what’s most important, because Love is what gives Life Love for the Spiritual World and Love for each other So, guys, let’s love each other and just Live Thanks a lot for your attention Thank you Zh: Thank you T: Thank you, Igor Mikhailovich IM: Thank you