ENG SUB【燕云台 The Legend of Xiao Chuo】EP08 | 萧胡辇为救乌骨里,无奈答应嫁给罨撒葛(唐嫣、窦骁)

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ENG SUB【燕云台 The Legend of Xiao Chuo】EP08 | 萧胡辇为救乌骨里,无奈答应嫁给罨撒葛(唐嫣、窦骁)

Tencent Video presents ♪Birds over the clouds♪ ♪Horses over the steppe♪ ♪Misty rain, armor suit♪ ♪Flower blossom under the moon breeze♪ ♪When did the universe start?♪ ♪Who will the moon shine on?♪ ♪Spring breeze sprouts buds in trees♪ ♪and breathes new life in me♪ ♪Love is a song, passion a painting♪ ♪Dream falls at the flower of my hairpin♪ ♪Been around the world, seen it all♪ ♪Have the universe under my sleeve♪ =The Legend of Xiao Chuo= =Episode 8= Hunian I’m sorry I’m a little bit rude This is the best vulnerary I’ve got from home Have a try If it’s effective, I’ll send someone to bring more to you It’s nothing for us who live in the grassland Besides, there’s no harm in getting hurt At least, you’re here to see me Let go of me No I got beaten up for you, I should get something in return You’re so rude I’m only being rude to you Let go of me Be careful of your wound It’s okay I know you’re worried about me I know you’re afraid of me getting hurt Actually, you have feelings for me, right? You’re the powerful Taiping King in Liao Dynasty, you can have whatever woman you want Why do you have to pretend to be an infatuated teenager now? Hunian I hope you can understand that I’m not interested in other women I just want you to be my wife These are the tribute from below I heard they were salvaged in the East Sea, thus called East Pearl I don’t care about West Pearl or East Pearl, the moment I saw them, I knew they were made for you Here, put them on Let me see Hunian Just put them on and let me take a look I’ve wounded seriously for you, can’t you even satisfy such a small wish of mine? Put them on Come on, just put them on and let me take a look Come on They really suit you Gorgeous Alright, just leave them there, don’t take off Say yes As long as you say yes, I’ll go to your home to propose a marriage immediately That’s not gonna happen You don’t wanna marry me? My father would definitely say no I’ll talk him round Just tell me how you feel right now Hunian Please marry me I want you to be the most exalted woman in Liao Dynasty Your Highness want true love,

but I have to tell you, true love relies on true love to exchange If you have other purposes, please forgive me, I can’t give you my true love Hunian, sooner or later, you’ll be mine Derang, shall we go hunting in the suburb together tomorrow? I have to go to the imperial palace to run some errands tomorrow You’re going to that Mingyi King again? It’s something important Alright I’m a sensible guy I’ll just leave you to your business Go ahead Hunian is back Hunian, you’re back How come you’re so careless all the time? What if I didn’t help you and you fell? You’re so… Don’t hit me If you hit me, I’d really get hurt Hunian Hunian Derang Today is a big day, Uncle Han is being crowned, I’m so sorry that I’ve had other business to attend to and couldn’t congratulate him in person It’s okay Yanyan has already come to our mansion on behalf of the Prime Minster’s mansion That being the case, please excuse me Derang, after you’ve done your business tomorrow, I’ll come to see you the day after tomorrow, alright? I’m not available on the day after tomorrow Then three days from now? Alright, just wait Deal Hunian, let’s go home Where have you been today? Why did you come home so late? Nowhere Miss Xiao, let’s go back to the room, too Hunian looks quite unhappy today Go ask the carter about what happened to her today Got it Hunian I can’t believe you went to see Yansage You knew Wuguli suffered a lot because of him I just went to visit a patient Don’t make a fuss about it Where did you get these pearl earrings? Did Yansage give them to you? You…You’re in love with him Yanyan My head aches so much Go get some rest, will you? Hunian I know you have your own difficulties, but you must not aggrieve yourself No matter what happens, as long as we three sisters work together, we can solve it Alright, alright, I get it It’s pretty late Go get some rest Go Alright, have an early rest Wuzhi King, please seek a marriage alliance to Prime Minister Siwen for me I wanna marry Wuguli You wanna marry Wuguli, or you just wanna marry the daughter of Prime Minister Siwen and the eldest princess of Yan? Wuguli has been through so much with me, it doesn’t matter to me if she’s the daughter of Prime Minister My father is dead She’s now the most precious, the most important person to me in the whole world Wuzhi King, you’re the highest elder in the royal family Please do me a favor It looks like that this imprisonment has made you less frivolous Alright For you sincerity, I’ll help you this time Thank you so much Thank you, Wuzhi King

Alright, get up The three branches of descendants of Abaoji, the first founder of Liao Dynasty must have heirs Now that you wanna settle down, I ought to help you I can wait Father has we three daughters After you and Yanyan both get married, then the marriage of Xiyin and I would be less dramatic By that time, no one can stop me from being together with him -What on earth are you trying to do? -Hunian. Wuguli Something big is up What’s that? Xiyin has asked Wuzhi King to seek to propose a marriage Father said he’d consider about it What? Wuzhi King? Father respects Wuzhi King the most Great I can’t believe Xiyin has asked Wuzhi King to help him Do you really have to marry him, Wuguli? Of course He’s the only one that I wanna marry My awesome Yanyan, thank you for telling me this good news You’re the best Siwen Just think about it Imperial uncle’s son and your daughter may make a good marriage Hunian It’s not easy to see you Hunian The other day you said, true love relies on true love to exchange I feel the same You’re the best princess in my mind As long as you say yes, I’ll immediately go to your home to propose a marriage Finally have the chance to drink your milk tea It smells so good Hunian Why don’t you wear those pearl earrings that I gave you? I don’t like accessories anyway I just don’t want to wear them Alright Hunian The woman I love can only be mine Don’t fall in love with someone else Otherwise, I’ll kill the guy that you love Don’t be afraid Hunian, don’t think too much Just prepare your wedding dress happily Marry me The emperor is here

Your Majesty You’re injured, why are you still going out? Bro, you…you don’t blame me anymore? Why would I blame you? You servants Your king is injured, you’re not gonna stop him from going out? He’s already lost his princess, if you don’t take good care of him, I’ll kill you Yes, got it His Highness wanna shoot a wild goose in person as a betrothal gift That’s why I… That’s why I didn’t dare to stop His Highness A betrothal gift? You’re fast Yeah? Shouldn’t you say thank you to me? Bro… Hunian was born noble Her father is the clan elder of queen family Her mother is the eldest princess of Yan A family background like this is perfect for you What do you think? The trick of having you tortured has really helped you a lot, right? Imperial brother has expended much care and thought on this, thank you so much, Your Majesty The 20 hits from the rod has helped you get the woman you love Also, I want you to learn from this that no matter what you do in the future, don’t let the others get the goods on you I have to let everyone know that in front of me, no one has privilege I’m fully aware of my mistake Of course, you always have privilege in front of me Even if someone gets the goods on you, I’ll also protect you Thank you, bro Xiyin is nothing I won’t become estranged from you because of him Imperial brother, the reason why I didn’t kill Xiyin was not only because of Hunian Though Lihu deserves to be dead, he’s the son of Abaoji, the first founder of Liao Dynasty Abaoji only has three branches of descendants, even if there’s bad blood, it’s something within us three branches If we kill all the descendants of the other two, then the strength of us would be weakened If anything happens, clan five, clan six and queen family don’t get along well with us, then we’ll be at a disadvantage Let’s keep those two branches, even if anything happens, we, Abaoji’s descendants, are still the ones who rule Liao Dynasty I won’t kill Xiyin Though he is so annoying, Mingyi is still pretty good I won’t kill anyone of his branch, either Now you can rest assured, right? The position of your commander of household troops is now vacant, many people want it I gave this job to Mingyi But he’s quite tactful He wrote a letter to politely decline my offer, saying he is too weak, and is not up to this job He also recommended Nüli to take the charge Now everything’s easy I can make another imperial decree to restore your position But Mingyi risked his life to save Your Majesty, if he truly meant it, then it would be perfect for him to protect you But what Mingyi said is also reasonable, he is too weak to run all sorts of things, just let Nüli take care of all the business for him Alright, alright Everything’s up to you

Come on Let’s shoot a wild goose -Okay. -It’s the real business (the Prime Minister’s mansion) Please Prime Minister Siwen I shot this wild goose myself today Please take it, Prime Minister Siwen I wanna marry Hunian Hunian is still too young to bear Taiping King’s great affection Prime Minister Siwen, you can’t think that way Hunian is no longer young, she’s a good sister In order to look after her two younger sisters, she missed the negotiation of the initial stage of marriage Now she’s older than 18, yet still unmarried Hunian is pretty and intelligent, she’s the perfect one to be my princess I wanna marry her I want her to be the most exalted woman in Liao Dynasty Please let me marry her Well… After all, it’s a solemn decision for her Before I can give you my answer, I need to ask her about it Prime Minister Siwen Hunian is willing to marry me She took the earrings that I gave her I took the bracelet that she gave me Just take this wild goose Prime Minister Siwen Do you think I’m unworthy to be your son-in-law just because I once had a princess and now you look down on me? It’s not that serious Prime Minister Siwen, I really wanna unite with your family by marriage and be connected with you forever You have a kind heart, and you have helped plenty of relatives who are rebels I understand you’re trying to save some blood for the imperial family But many people don’t think so There are many things said against you in front of His Majesty You know that? I’ve been Liao’s Prime Minister for 15 years, I don’t think few gossips can slander me Of course But if I marry Hunian, then you would be my father-in-law, no one dares to slander you His Majesty shot that wild goose with me He is thrilled to know that we’re gonna unite by marriage Then I’ll leave this wild goose here and wait for your answer Father, you wanna see me? Hunian Do you know why this wild goose is here? Why does Yansage have your token? Please forgive me, father That day, you were not in Shangjing City, and Wuguli was in prison I had to go to Taiping King’s mansion to ask for help Taiping King told me how he felt about me In order to save Wuguli, I said yes to him in the end Come on I’m sorry to make you go through all this My girl, if you don’t wanna marry him, it’s okay I can refuse him Even if His Majesty blames us, I’ll take the responsibility Thank you, father But His Majesty is brutal, everyone keeps quite out of fear in front of him

He only trusts Taiping King Yansage is very powerful, if you refuse him, I’m afraid that there never will be days of peace Besides, he kind of really likes me Though I don’t like him, I don’t hate him, either Also, I’m the eldest daughter in our family, I have to join the imperial family in the end It’s my destiny You… really are willing to marry Yansage? Yansage kept his promise and saved Wuguli I should keep my promise, too I will marry him Did you hear that? Recently, two kings went to the Prime Minister’s mansion to propose a marriage Really? Do you know that? I’ve never heard of that Hey, you guys Don’t gossip Your Highness Get up What were you talking about just now? We were talking that Prime Minister Siwen is gonna prepare for weddings Two kings went to propose a marriage Two? I thought it was only Xiyin who proposed a marriage The day before yesterday, Taiping King went to the Prime Minister’s mansion in person with betrothal gifts It is said that he wanna marry Lady Hunian, the eldest daughter of Prime Minister Siwen You’re now at the place you wanna be Yanyan Two daughters of your family are gonna marry members of imperial family Hunian is gonna marry Yasage Wuguli is with Xiyin And who’s gonna be the one for you? Madam Taiping King sent someone to bring these to you You may see if there’s anything you like, madam Why is it so noisy outside? It’s the servants of Taiping King’s mansion They’re sending betrothal gifts to madam Quite a few servants are needed to carry all these cases Sending betrothal gifts? Yes Go tell Xiyin that my betrothal gifts must be better than Hunian’s, Got it I’ll tell His Highness immediately There has always been savings in the imperial uncle’s family His Highness favors you a lot, he wouldn’t let you lose face You’re fully in charge of purchasing betrothal gifts

You must try your best, leave a good reputation of mine in front of Prime Minister’s family Don’t worry, Your Highness It’s about the future princess, I’ll definitely achieve the task Wuguli, I’ll let you get married in style Your Highness Your Highness Your Highness Why are you still sitting here? Without knowing it, it’s already morning You’ve stayed up all night? Your Highness, your health condition can’t stand this Come on, let’s lie down Come on Your Highness -Your Highness -Your Highness -Your Highness -Your Highness I increased the dose today, it’s gonna be a little bitter Please bear with it, Your Highness Have a piece of sweetmeat Here Your Highness How come His Highness’s condition is suddenly getting worse? How did you do your job? Bro Han Don’t blame Diligu It has nothing to do with him It’s my fault I didn’t sleep well last night Why didn’t you sleep well last night for no reason? Diligu Don’t tell me there’s something wrong with your herbal medicine It has nothing to do with that, either Diligu, leave us now Yes Your Highness Can you tell me what’s bothering you? Is there anything on your mind? You can talk to me Do you know that Yansage and the Prime Minister’s mansion are gonna unite by marriage? Yes, I do So, Your Highness is worried that Prime Minister Siwen is gonna change his standpoint because of that? Yes The family of Yelü and Xiao have been united by marriage through the ages, even if this marriage doesn’t exist, Prime Minister is closer to His Majesty and Yansage than to you However, Prime Minister Siwen chose to be loyal to you According to my opinion, the one Prime Minister Siwen chooses to be loyal to doesn’t need to be close to him in kinship, but needs to really care about the destiny of Liao Dynasty That’s the reason why he’s on your side You’re right I thought it in a wrong way There are still many things needed to be done by me It shouldn’t influence our business no matter whom the daughters of Xiao’s family marry There you go, Your Highness It’s impossible for Prime Minister Siwen to change his standpoint just because of love affairs between men and women I’m just thinking, now it must be a really hard time for Prime Minister Siwen I wanna leave the imperial palace to see him No problem, I’ll arrange that Your Majesty, it’s just… The next time something worries you, you can tell me about it, I can help you with that Okay (Yansage, the eldest branch) (Xiyin, the second eldest branch) (Xiyin, the second eldest branch) (Yelü Xian, the third eldest branch) (Zhimo)

Siwen Just think about it Imperial uncle’s son and your daughter may make a good marriage Master Han Derang from the King of Yan’s mansion wants to see you Ask him to wait for me in the lobby Yes (Yansage, the eldest branch) (Xiyin, the second eldest branch) (Yelü Xian, the third eldest branch) (Zhimo) Derang Prime Minister What are you doing here? Imperial Xian is here I’ll guard the door here for you Please Prime Minister Siwen Your Highness Yanyan What are you doing here, being so sneaky? Derang What’s the matter? You don’t have a fever Why do you become so quiet all of a sudden? I just wanna tell you that I’ve already asked my father It looks like… It looks like that he’s not against us Really? Now the situation is subtle I hope you can stay in the imperial palace, just in case anything unexpected happens Please don’t worry, Prime Minister Siwen I’ve already born that in mind Prime Minister Siwen You look so weary I suppose it’s because the proposes of marriage from Yansage and Xiyin I’ve been busy with government affairs recently, I haven’t had time to think about it Your Highness, how do you think of it? If Yansage and Xiyin insist on marrying your daughters, I think you can accept them both In this way, both the initiatives of attacking and defending are in our hands Whether the important business between you and me can succeed or not, you can protect the descendants of your branch Your Highness, please go on I know it’s because of my misgivings that keeps you from agreeing to their proposes of marriage Prime Minister Siwen, don’t worry too much The other day, I only talked to you for a little while, you just promised to help me It showed me that you really care about Liao Dynasty, you’re on the same side with me I’m fully aware that Yansage is very powerful now, and there’s true love between Xiyin and Wuguli It’s hard for you to refuse them I know that clearly Today, I’m here to tell you that no matter what decision you make, I won’t blame you, I will support you What I do care about is I don’t want this to cause bad blood between you and me That’s the most important thing What Your Highness just said made me feel ashamed It looks like it’s not Your Highness has misgivings about me, but I have misgivings about Your Highness What Your Highness said suddenly enlightened me It’s nothing, Prime Minister Siwen I’ll talk to you later I don’t wanna talk to you Your Highness, is everything settled? That’s Prime Minister’s youngest daughter

Xiao Yanyan Her figure looks so delicately beautiful That’s right But she’s just too bold to do anything, a real headache for me She’s Prime Minister’s daughter, her courage must be extraordinary Your Highness, should I take away this picture? Never mind Burn it Burn…Burn it? Wait Go get someone to frame it Secretly Yes Leave us Hunian Father Why are you staying up so late? I couldn’t sleep Come, sit here Talk with me I’ve always been busy with government affairs all the time and have lacked the education of Wuguli Now you have to suffer because of her fault I know you wouldn’t have said yes to Yansage if it wasn’t for saving Wuguli I’m so sorry Don’t say that, father Even nothing had happened to Wuguli, sooner or later, Taiping King would find other reasons to marry me His Majesty is brutal and kills people frequently You’re in a high-status, our family is also on the cusp of the game of power Ever since I was a child, I’ve seen lots of my old family friends suddenly die If marrying Taiping King can keep our family safe, then there’s nothing wrong with that ♪Who wrote the love down with affection♪ ♪Who got drunk with thoughts on horse back♪ ♪Song of her across land and sea♪ ♪Lingers on and beyond the men’s world♪ ♪Like a bird over the waves♪ ♪Still be the same as we meet again♪ ♪Exchange our love and passion♪ ♪Fill two hearts with happy ending♪ ♪You and I, from now to the end of time♪

♪The watch at night, dawn at the skyline♪ ♪Two beating hearts, a never ending story♪ ♪Unbending belief, bothered by none♪ ♪All the joy of the universe at your blink♪ ♪Like a bird across the clouds♪ ♪World shimmers at me♪ ♪Love without regret♪ ♪Fear for no danger♪ ♪What a brilliant life♪ ♪Like a bird over the waves♪ ♪Still be the same as we meet again♪ ♪Exchange our love and passion♪ ♪Fill two hearts with happy ending♪ ♪You and I, from now to the end of time♪