【English Sub】If I Can Love You So – EP 01 如果可以这样爱 01 | Melodrama Chinese Drama

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【English Sub】If I Can Love You So – EP 01 如果可以这样爱 01 | Melodrama Chinese Drama

I so want to find you To lightly touch your face I will open both of my hands To gently caress your back Please let me have your Lost time Before you cry I will be the one to keep your tears Even if the world stands in front of me And wildly say That I should stop being extravagant and wasteful If I Can Love You So Prelude If people can only encounter one true love in their life, why couldn’t I get to know you earlier? We met at the worst time of our lives With two deceased people between us, we couldn’t truly get close to each other I am sorry I couldn’t live in a world without you I seem to be hearing again the farewell song that you played It turns out that our encounter is destined to end like this Warm sunlight, warm mood [Three Years Ago] Today is the weekend. My friends who had been working hard for the entire week can take some rest now Meet up with your friends, watch some movies, go to music concerts. These are all really great options Talking about concerts, tonight at the Provincial Capital Music Hall, the famous pianist, Geng Mochi, will have his solo concert I heard that it’s really hard to get a ticket I wonder if you guys were able to get a ticket Everyone knows that the true musical golden period of Geng Mochi occurs after his marriage with Ye Sha “Love Series”, which enjoyed acclaimed fame for a long time, was composed by Ye Sha

This married couple was an ideal combination like pearl and jade in a string, playing songs in perfect harmony In the music world, their love story had once captured everyone’s imagination All right. After talking to you guys so much about piano, it is already time to say good bye to all of you Lastly, let me play to you a representative piano composition of Geng Mochi during his early years, “Warm”. This is the Music Zone. I am Bai Kaoer. See you next time Da Mao, I’m going to leave first. I’ll leave the night to Haiyang Kao’er, let’s eat together tonight I am going to go watch the concert tonight. Bye-bye! – Hello – Milan, are you done yet? I might be able to get there in half an hour. Is Yingzhi there already? She said she can’t come. There is no one to look after the kids She is definitely a role model for a virtuous housewife Can’t do anything about it. Her husband is so busy at the hospital, working from day to night If she doesn’t look after her kids, who will? I am already on my way to the event venue. Hurry up – Okay. See you later. Bye-bye – See you Geng Mochi! Is it true that Ye Sha copied other people’s compositions? Is the “Love Series” just stolen? Please answer it Who is the true composer of “Love Series”? Do you know? There are rumors that Ye Sha isn’t the original composer of the “Love Series” Mr. Geng! Mr. Geng! Please comment about it! Thank you to all our media friends! Mr. Geng has to perform soon After the concert, I will arrange a time for everyone to interview him. Okay? Thank you. Thank you – You’ve gotten smart! – I have always been smart Why did you arrive so late? I got here a long time ago. I was the one waiting for you, My Lady – The scent of hotel detergent – Such sharp sense of smell I have been waiting the entire afternoon at the hotel. In the end, my stomach is full of coffee But I still couldn’t get an interview. I am so mad! Enough. Let’s go. Okay? I can’t go inside to watch the concert with you tonight. I have to go backstage and wait for the interview Why? Because of him. The one I waited this whole afternoon for is him Mr. Mochi Geng’s Piano Concert This could be my last stage performance Why do you say so? I don’t know. I have this premonition What premonition? This concert will be successful. Okay? Don’t overthink Were you able to contact Sha? Little Lin, did you call? – No one is picking up the call – Keep calling You are really something. I tried so hard to get these two tickets and you want me to listen to it alone? I am sorry If I’m unable to complete my task, my editor-in-chief will surely kill me tomorrow I will treat you to midnight snack. Okay? Really – Go, go, go! – I am leaving then Oh, right. Don’t your husband, Qi Shujie, know the owner of Royal Garden Plaza? Tell him that if we’re able to obtain favorable terms for employees, we’ll be able to afford the deposit – Shujie? Wait a second – Huh? I haven’t seen him for half a month now. I don’t know what he is busy with Wife He’s not picking up It is okay. You can ask later at home I am going. Bye-bye – Do your interview well! – Okay Dead brat – What’s up? – No one’s picking up No one is picking up until now? I sent so many texts, but she’s not replying Then what do we do now? Ye Sha always accompanies Mochi during his ending bow Without her here, the reporters will have even more things to say Mr. Mochi Geng Piano Concert

Hello? I am Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everyone for today. You’ve all worked hard Mochi. The press is outside waiting During the performance earlier, it was strange I suddenly panicked Nothing happened to Sha, right? Police Ambulance Leave! Get out! What happened to Jie today was all your doing! You troublemaker! It’s you who killed Jie! Get out! You still have the nerve to see him?! You always had a “don’t hear, don’t ask” attitude around him It’s all good now! It’s all good now! Are you happy now? He’s dead! Are you satisfied now? Don’t stop me! Leave! Get lost! Jie… That slut called Ye Sha – She’s such a vixen. You seduced my son – Mochi – And still had to take him away? – Calm down. Calm down If you want to die, then go die. Why did you have to drag my son along? – Why didn’t you find someone else? Why must you come for my son? – Geng Mochi? He’s the husband of the woman who died with Qi Shujie Even if you die 10,000 times, you could not pay me back my son’s life According to the preliminary investigation, both deceased died from drowning Excluded is the possibility of homicide If in the future, there are new findings, we will contact your families This is the death certificate after the initial autopsy If you have no objections, please sign your name Kaoer

If you guys are against this result, then you can request for a more detailed autopsy Police Comrade, no need for that. Thank you Autopsy! I agree to an autopsy Kaoer He already died with someone. Is he still afraid of being cut open?! I want to see if there are more women inside his heart Is his heart red or black? Don’t be like this. What are you doing? Okay, then. Go through the necessary processes later Comrade Police, can we leave now? – Okay. You guys can leave first – Thank you Hello? Miss Bai, your husband’s mother, Ms. Chen Guifen, has commissioned me to help sort out the assets left behind by Mr. Qi Right now, the house you live in is also among them So Ms. Chen wants that you move out from it right away What? She wants me to move out? Lawyer Wang, since I have the right to inherit his assets, shouldn’t the house be under my name? Because you’ve signed a contract of abandoning any right to his inheritance, so this house doesn’t belong to you Yes, I did sign, but I just want this house and nothing else Then, on the house deed, is your name on it? House deed? I don’t know I usually don’t meddle with such matters Then it’s going to be problematic. I need to see the original house deed I will find the house deed. That’s it for now then – Mochi, you haven’t slept, right? – Yes Unsurprisingly, the American recording company would like you to explain this situation Of course, they are being tactful about it But the meaning is clear If the “Love Series” compositions were truly stolen by Ye Sha, they have the right to sue us for violating the contract They can do whatever they want If we have to compensate them, do so. If they want to cancel the contract, let them Tell them that I’ll personally take full responsibility for this matter It’s best if we discuss all these at length first Violating the contract means a huge amount of compensation Just do as I say Milan, my house has no electricity What card? Electricity card? I don’t know where I put it Listen to me, Kao’er Go back to Hongjiang first. I’m really worried about you staying there alone At least, you have your mom watching you. Or you can bring her over there with you, that would be okay, too I just want to be by myself right now I don’t want to see anyone Don’t be like that. You’ll get through this. Don’t take this so hard Whatever you need, just tell me. Tomorrow, Yingzhi and I will come see you Don’t come. I said I don’t want to see anyone Hello? Hello? This girl didn’t even let me finish talking You should let Kaoer be on her own at this time She’ll feel even more comfortable if so many people are circling around her If one encounters a thing like that, no words of comfort will work Now, take a look at this This month’s bills have exceeded our budget again You spent Â¥780 for these cosmetics ($115 USD) Â¥1,808 for clothing. ($270 USD) – And for one meal, you spent Â¥800. ($120 USD) – Hey, you! You’re so annoying I’m not trying to annoy you. It’s just that we need only Â¥40,000 more to afford the deposit for the house. ($6,000 USD) Shut up! Say one more word and I will shoot you, so it’ll be quiet Everyday, you mention that deposit thing. It’s so annoying I’ve been with you for five years I’ve been saving for that deposit everyday. You think I still haven’t figured it out yet? I know you suffered a lot being with me But we’re in love I think that as long as there’s love, we can conquer anything, am I right? Can love be treated as a meal and eaten? Look at your place. Kaoer’s terrace is bigger than this You’re envious of her? Why wouldn’t I be envious?

She has a closet full of clothes and bags! She spends tens of thousands on beauty treatments If she’s in a bad mood, she just goes shopping in Hong Kong I went with her to Zocai and saw a diamond necklace She just bought it right there and then, while I can only watch from the side We’re all women. We’re classmates Why is our status so different?! But her husband died And he was even with another woman Mom’s House Why isn’t she picking up her phone? It’s already this time Why are you still calling? I’m just worried I just want her to come back and live with us for a few days Why would she come back? The neighbors here will just gossip about all this When she hears it, it’s like throwing salt on the wound But this isn’t Kaoer’s fault Whether or not it’s her fault, it’s not for us to say That Qi family never had anything good to say to her Chen Guifen has never accepted her from the beginning That’s why I get upset whenever I think of this matter She became a widow at such a young age How is she going to spend her future days? Number A052, please go to window four to handle your business Number A052, please go to window four to handle your business – Your business will be done through window four. Number four – Oh Thank you – Electricity bill – Okay. Please wait a moment – May I ask if this card is your own? – It’s my husband’s This card right now is in a frozen state Frozen? Because you’ve signed a contract for abandoning any right to his inheritance, so this house doesn’t belong to you Then, on the house deed, is your name on it? House deed House deed! There are speculations that the reason that Ye Sha committed suicide is because of an extramarital affair? Is that true? Right. Is it true? – Try saying one more word – Mochi What’s this? You want to hit me? As if we don’t know— – Mochi! – What’s going on? Call… call 120! Geng Mochi hit me! Where’s the house deed? Who is this? What medicines are these? Yingzhi, who are these medicines for? Do you recognize what those medicines are? Of course Even though I’m a heart surgeon, these are medications commonly prescribed for depression All doctors would recognize them – Depression? -Yes Looking at the way these drugs were combined, this patient must have been suffering from a serious case of depression Are you sure? You could go talk Dr. Xiao from the psychiatry department. He’s an expert in this field His explanation will be clearer than mine Stop overthinking He probably didn’t tell you about it because he didn’t want you to worry Ten years Zhang Qianshan just said that you had to have this disease for at least ten years to use this kind of medicine So that means, he already had depression when we got married, but I never knew about it – How many other things could he have been hiding from me? – Don’t be like this He’s not alive anymore, so what’s the point of making a fuss about this? He chose to walk down that road, so why should you suffer and be sad for him? It’s not worth it That’s true, Kaoer The important thing is that you live happily Happy? Can I be happy? He died and released himself from all of it, leaving an awful mess behind for me

Not only did his mother stop all of Shujie’s cards, she had a lawyer tell me to quickly move out of the place I’m living in Do you have the house deed? I can’t find it. I spent last night looking everywhere for it I’ve told you that you are too trusting and you wouldn’t admit it For such an important thing as a house deed, why didn’t you make sure you kept it in your hands? At this point, we’re not sure yet that it’s with his mother Maybe, Shujie put it someplace I don’t know. I’ll keep looking around when I go home You should never have let go of those inheritance rights I don’t want Shujie’s inheritance How can you be so foolish? The way he hurt me isn’t something money can fix I want him to owe me in the next life! Okay, okay. Everyone calm down, okay? Kaoer, you go back and keep searching. If you can’t find it, we’ll have to think of something. Okay? Good idea. Anyway, things are already like this. You just have to take it step by step I heard that Qi Shujie has an older brother. No one knows where he is His mother is asking someone to find him now Qi Shujie has an older brother? He has. He left the country many years ago I don’t know why he cut his ties with the family. No one knows if he is still alive Their family basically treated that son as dead Did Shujie ever talk to you about him? He mentioned him twice. He’s not a biological son He was adopted. I’m not sure of the specifics He spoke very little to me about his family I reckon that this matter is indeed true Shujie is gone By bringing the other son back, the Qi family would then have a heir This way, that old woman would have someone taking care of her in her old age Only when people reach a doomed state would they remember to go back and look for something They would think it might be a chance to survive, but maybe, it’s a deep abyss Who forced Shujie into a blind alley? Me? Okay, enough. Me – Don’t talk anymore – I Okay Kaoer, don’t think too much about it now. The most important thing for you is to take care of your health But his mother insists that it was me who forced Shujie into a blind alley Then, who pushed me down this blind alley? Everything was fine. Why did he want to die? Why? [Seattle, USA] All right. Looks great. Send this to me and I’ll fax it over to the Beijing office Thank you. Thank you Thanks, Merlie [Victim’s name: Shujie Qi…] I left home and wandered for twenty-six years There are too many people and matters that I find hard to confront, but I could never put away my worry for you, Jie Even though we aren’t related by blood, we grew up together and were like real brothers I never expected that I wouldn’t even get to see you during your final moments How can the heavens be so cruel to me? Why? Boss Make arrangements for a return to China Brother Tie, I’m so sorry I should have been the one to go to that interview, yet they suddenly assigned me to go to that film premiere And you’ve had to endure this. I feel so terrible about it Okay, okay. Don’t be so polite, Little Sister I’m a man. This is nothing It’s nothing. Just look You actually look very… energetic – Will you be discharged from the hospital soon? – Yes – Discharged? Who says that I’m getting discharged from the hospital? – Yes If that Geng Mochi don’t make a public apology, this matter is definitely not settled Public apology?! No way Is Ye Sha’s matter not yet grave for you? In front of so many media personnel, you just have to do such a thing at this critical moment The consequences will be bad! A man has to bear the consequences of his actions. But I definitely won’t apologize to him Dr. Cai called me today He explained Sha’s medical situation to me Actually, these last six months, her psychological state was very worrisome But I was always busy with the performance tour, hence it ended like this. It was me who harmed Sha Mochi, you can’t take all the blame Others may not know it, but I know very clearly the relationship between you and Sha You lived apart for so long. Her depression was so severe She always caused you trouble and you suffered so much from it No matter how long we were living separately, she’s still my wife

Was what I suffered worse than suicide? Is there some way we could divert the media’s attention and stop them from dredging up more info about Sha? Divert their attention? That would be very difficult. Right now, all of the media is focused on Sha First, there’s the matter of copyright infringement Second is the matter of her private life. This is the one that scares me most I called Huang Zhong. It’s not any better in Beijing So many reporters are parked outside your house I can’t permit anyone to slander Sha She’s already dead, yet they still kept smearing her name I will look very incapable like that I understand Look, Mochi, how about we release some sort of grieving message to express your respect and care towards Sha? To the public, express that there was no problem with your marriage That way, the media can’t say anything about your marriage anymore Are you telling me to lie? How is that lying? You can’t call it a lie This is just a way to protect Sha No matter what the reality of your marriage was, to the outsiders, you can always say that it was a happy and fulfilling marriage Do people who are happily married live apart for four years? Mochi Release it Little Bai, I know that because of your family situation, your state now isn’t too good. But you also understand the broadcasting work You can’t make any mistakes The station has considered your recent circumstances We feel that, temporarily, you aren’t suited for a live broadcast So we’ve arranged for Xia Man to substitute you on your program. What do you think? Xia Man? Sister Bai Did the station manager talk to you? I’m sorry. I’ve also just received the notification Congratulations. You’ve gotten what you wanted You’re too kind. In the future, I still need more of your guidance The manager has asked for me. I’ll go in now Come. All misfortunes, just come at me Anyway, I don’t have anything anymore. I don’t have anything to fear Hello Han Zhi? What’s going on here? It’s like this, Sister-in-law Two days after what happened to President Qi, his creditors all came Whatever could be moved, they took away What couldn’t be moved, they broke it How could this happen? Wasn’t the company very profitable before? Sister-in-law, that was before. But actually, these last few years, the company was leveraged President Qi was too kind and softhearted He was too embarrassed to ask for payment from people who owed him money So all the money owed to the company got bigger and bigger And the money the company owed to others also got bigger and bigger I know very well that he was a good man But what I don’t understand is, why would he commit suicide just because the company owed money? I don’t think President Qi committed suicide only because of company troubles Before all this happened, his mood had not been good He often drank too much There were many times when I had to pick him up at a bar and take him to a hotel He told me he was on business trips Then he was lying to you I understand. He was with that other woman I don’t know about that. President Qi never mentioned it So today, why did you ask me to come here? Let’s go over there, Sister-in-law Sister-in-law, it’s like this This property management is about to take back this floor level that the company’s been leasing I had never let anyone enter President Qi’s room Help clean up his things. See if there’s anything to take There’s another thing I have to give you. One moment Cai Jiaming Psychological Rehabilitation Agency What is this? An item left behind by President Qi

Two days ago, the police called the company to inform his family of claiming it I was scared you’d be too heartbroken so I claimed it on your behalf Take a look Okay Because our parents are long-time friends, I knew my wife since we were little We studied piano together, grew up together Afterwards, I went to France for further studies Before I graduated, Ye Sha was also able to get admitted in the same university to study composition of music With music as our matchmaker, we fell in love in Paris and got married We have many precious memories together from the seven years we’ve spent together At the start of our marriage, my wife started to showcase her brilliance Love Series was then born Our marriage also became the focus of the outside world from then on Everyone admired how we’re able to play such harmonious music Everytime we end a concert by standing on the stage together, we got submerged under those wave-like applause But moments like that will never happen again My wife, Ye Sha, without you in this mortal world, the “Love Series” will not have a continuation anymore I’m not the only one mourning, for your parting is a great loss for the whole world, too Your shadow has now gone far. Those moving rhythms that you’ve left behind will forever be passed on In this city that no longer has you, please let us continue missing you One day, I will go and be with you Your husband, Geng Mochi Release an English and Chinese version online and provide copies to major local and international media At the same time, take all the earnings from the recent performance and establish a trust fund under Sha’s name to help those youngsters with musical desires and dreams Okay Also, close the studio I’ll take care of it Quickly come over and look! Geng Mochi has released a grieving message! Geng Mochi has released a statement? Really? Let me see! Let me see! Let me see! Quickly look. Geng Mochi has released his grief statement – Geng Mochi has released his grieving message! – It’s true [Remembering his wife in deep grief…] Boss, give me a copy Give me one as well So they met here at your place? Probably But they never showed up at this clinic at the same time As to when they officially met and their personal communications, I really don’t know Sorry. I It’s not your fault I’ve read the grief message you’ve published. To be honest, I’m really touched You are a responsible person No matter how outsiders see your marriage, at least, you continue to work hard to protect Ye Sha’s image You already did what you could, so stop clinging onto this painful matter Put it down [The Xingcheng City Health Bureau gives special trust recommendation for Psychological Consultation] Is anyone here? [Geng Mochi] Miss. What are you doing? I’m here to look for Dr. Cai Oh, do you have an appointment? – You need an appointment? – Yes If you don’t have an appointment, then you can’t meet with Dr. Cai I hope this can be the end of this matter Don’t worry. I will seal the files of Qi Shujie No one will know that he’s a patient here – This is also a kind of respect toward him and Ye Sha – Miss! Miss! You are I’m Bai Kaoer You can go out first Dr. Cai, sorry to disturb you I came here to understand the treatment situation of Qi Shujie in your facility This is his medical record. I’ve read it I want to know the condition of his illness So sorry. In our field, we have professional ethics to follow I must strictly keep any patient’s information confidential So I… cannot tell you anything But he already died. I still can’t know? Dead people deserve more respect Honestly, for such a thing to happen, as a doctor, I’m also really upset It means that the treatment I gave the patient wasn’t effective

I feel the utmost guilt towards him I definitely won’t utter a word about his condition How long has he been here? I cannot say When was the last time he came? – I cannot say – Then what about him? Why is he allowed to know? I am a family member and so is he! Ms. Bai. I can understand your feeling But I really cannot help you Isn’t the reason that you guys want to seal the records of Shujie to prevent that woman’s seducing deeds getting exposed? Please speak more respectfully. Who seduced Qi Shujie? You’ve finally spoken. Did I say the wrong thing? Your wife not only seduced other people’s husband, she also stole other people’s work and deceived the public to build up a false reputation You can shut my mouth, but do you think you can shut everyone else’s mouths? Do you have proof? You have no proof yet you keep spouting nonsense here with such confidence! You think that by slandering Sha, you can clear the name of Qi Shujie? Am I clearing his name? I just want to know his medical condition. How is that clearing his name? You still shouldn’t slander Sha! You clearly know if I’m slandering her or not! Okay. Okay. Don’t argue anymore It’s all a misunderstanding Ms. Bai, as of now, there is no evidence that shows Mr. Qi and Ms. Ye Sha had that kind of relationship You’re overthinking. They’re just normal friends with illnesses You’re saying that they met each other here? This Is that right? You two are colluding You’re bullying a weak woman, huh? Who’s bullying you? Outside love’s door Whoever betrayed whom is the one waiting Laughter and tears are constantly repeating Is being loved good or bad Wantonly uncover the mystery And let fate Be unable to make arrangements You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you With us being so in love with each other I can laugh to my heart’s content even while crying That bitterness is also used to irrigate the wound You said that loving you has nothing to do with the future We are waiting for the clock to slow down Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons Even if I turn into dust for you Sparks fell in love with the great sea Sinking into its embrace after blossoming If we can accept this unexpected situation Let the pain be more straightforward Gambling on all victories and defeats If I can love you so I understand all those reasons I am willing to accompany you In turning into dust