Love of My Life: Stefano and Adelle’s unconditional relationship | Full Episode 3 (with subtitles)

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Love of My Life: Stefano and Adelle’s unconditional relationship | Full Episode 3 (with subtitles)

It’s okay if you don’t like our work That’s why I thought, to earn some money, we don’t need to join your Trade Expo Kiel Oliveros told me to go here He told me to look for Adelle Nisperos Is that you? Who would have thought that the beautiful woman you’re referring to is Adelle Unfortunately, it looked like she’s not in the mood again when I saw her Well at least, I know now where to find her We’ll have the chance to talk. Wait and see Help us! Are you okay, miss? Please help us Adelle I need to bring my child to the hospital Your child? Thank you so much What you did is a big deal Thank you We owe you my nephew’s life Nephew? He is Elmer My brother Bro! You want to have some coffee, right? Thank you, Adelle For accepting my invitation and for having dinner with me Do I have the right to say no after you helped my son? Is it the only reason? Aren’t you curious about me? Because I myself will admit, that I find you interesting You are always sad whenever I see you Oh, that? I’m so sorry Well, it’s true It occurs that whenever we see each other I always have a problem It’s actually embarrassing Maybe you’re thinking I’m such a crybaby and weakling Of course not Adelle, for me, you are a very strong person What you did the other day, when you ran in the middle of the road and tried to block the vehicles, you could get hit but you did it for your child Right? I will do everything for my son That’s how much I love him Oh, thank you Let me do that Adelle, I hope it’s okay to ask but… where is Andrei’s father? Uhm, Francis was gone He died before we could get married It’s okay That was a long time ago We were about to get married but there… he met an accident on our wedding day That time, I thought it’s the end of the world Good thing, my mom, Elmer, and of course Andrei, were there They helped me move on After that, didn’t you meet someone else? Boyfriend or something like that? There was no one else I’m okay with just me and my son You, where’s your family? My mom is in Manila She’s managing our family business My brother left a long time ago. After… After my dad died I’m sorry You know, you and my mom are so much alike She also didn’t entertain anyone else after my dad She poured all her attention to you and your brother You both carried huge responsibilities Especially you You were able to raise your child alone, Adelle Wow What you’ve been through is unimaginable

I’m so different from you I don’t have a resolve What do you mean? Adelle, I also have a child Grandma’s coming Go! Hurry! Okay, I didn’t see anything No one was playing Go on My dear, come and eat your dinner Where’s Mom? She’s with the person who helped you Why is mom with him? She accepted Stefano’s invitation so she could thank him properly They went on a date? My gosh! You’re so young, what do you know about it? Who taught you that? What do you think? Is it okay if your Mom go on a date? Don’t push it, Elmer Stop it Go, eat your food Then you have to get some rest Your doctor gave you an order, right? You’re not allowed to play yet And you can’t eat chicken and egg So your allergy won’t come back Noted, Grandma Wow, noted? Okay, noted Did your Uncle also teach you that? He learned it by himself That’s his Eat There you go You have a child? With my ex-girlfriend We were so young back then We were not that serious with each other Or maybe I’m the only who was not serious that time That’s why when I learned she’s pregnant, of course, I was so scared I didn’t know what to do I wasn’t prepared yet But I tried to reach an agreement with her The next thing I know, she already left with our child I haven’t seen them since then Where are they now? I don’t know I saw our baby once in Kelly’s social media account I messaged her but she deactivated the account Then I wasn’t able to find them I’m so sorry No. Adelle, I’m the one I’m the one who’s sorry Until now I still regret that I didn’t take responsibility for our child He didn’t even meet me That’s why I admire you so much Especially when I learned that you raised Andrei alone You’re different You are really different Thank you Come on, let’s eat You want some more? Sure Wait, I’ll just go to him Are you serious with Adelle? Isn’t she just a rebound? I’ve already moved on with my ex-girlfriend a long time ago But she has a kid already So? What’s wrong with it? Bro, what’s important is that she doesn’t have a husband No boyfriend Single Why her? There are a lot of beautiful women other than her There’s just something about her When I first saw her… Sorry, sorry I can bring you to the hospital No, no You don’t have to No one can’t help me. Thank you anyway Miss! Miss, miss! I wanted to help her I just wanted to take her pain away, you know

And the next time I saw her… I wanted to make her happy I want to be there for her I want to protect her I want to keep seeing her smile I’m sorry I snubbed you a couple of times That’s nothing So, you wanted to have some coffee, right? You mean? Now I have more reason to stay I admire your confidence But what about your Mom? You two are close, right? Aren’t you going to tell her about Adelle? Maybe I won’t tell her for now You know her, right? I’m sure she’s going to say something Especially that Adelle is a single mother So I think it’s better if I’ll just surprise her Well, you’re not sure yet if Adelle will like you anyway Wow! Wait and see You want to make a bet? Sure! I’m so thankful to the Lord now that Andrei is already okay He has recovered from the allergic attack Well, it’s a good thing that Stefano passed by He’s like a knight in shining armor I owe him my son’s life Oh wow! Someone has really changed! You’re not cranky today Of course. Because I made a new friend Friend Is he just a friend? You’ll never know, maybe after having two cups of coffee you’ll end up together Of course not We’re really just friends You should really be just friends Because Stefano and I are meant for each other I’m so beautiful, right? Oh, dear! Cha-mae! You’re so nosy You heard our conversation even if you’re so far away from us Of course! I’m so beautiful Good evening! Someone’s outside I’ll go check it Who could that be? Wow, you swallowed everything Hey Bro, how are you? Is Adelle here? Adelle, Stefano is here! Come on in, son Come here We just started eating Come on, join us Am I not bothering you? Not at all I brought some desserts Thank you You helped my grandson, right? Sorry I wasn’t able to thank you personally Thank you so much, Stefano My grandson is alive because of you You’re welcome, Auntie Siony Andrei, he’s the one who helped us bring you to the hospital How are you, Andrei? I’m doing okay now Sorry I fell asleep when you drove us here This is the first time that I see your face We’re alike What do you mean? We’re both good looking When my mom needs help again, will you help her? Of course Are you a good man? I think so Yes, I think

You won’t hurt my mom? I won’t Are you courting my mom? Andrei, there’s no such thing Stefano and I are just friends Adelle, actually, Andrei has a point I came here to ask Elmer and Auntie Siony if I can court you What about me? Aren’t you going to ask my permission? Of course I’ll ask your permission That’s why I mentioned you last Because you’re the most important So, do you give your permission? Okay Approved! Really? Yes! Let’s lock it. So you can’t take it back Ah, I know! This one This is fitting This is Mama Gong And Baby Gong Just like you and your Mom See? I think someone’s missing This is Papa Gong Papa Gong Is everything okay, Mom? Wait, if these two are you and your Mom, and they are now three, what does it mean? Who is the third one? You I came here to ask Elmer and Auntie Siony

if I can court you Hey! Hey, the wind might blow on you and make that permanent Look at your smile My gosh I just appreciate Stefano He’s so kind to my son He’s like a father to Andrei Doesn’t he like a husband to you? That’s what I’m saying Hey, tell us the truth You’re already falling for my Stefano, right? I’m just reminded of Francis If he’s alive— Wherever Francis is right now, I’m sure he’s very happy Because Stefano is here who takes care of you and Andrei Okay? So just go! Whatever makes you happy, makes us happy too! Even if I’m a bit hurting Are you hurting or just constipated? Constipated I think your friends are right Stefano’s courtship is doing good so far He’s not like those men who you easily rejected It’s your turn I just had my turn It’s your turn But I think the way you’re falling for each other is a little bit fast That’s not fast, Grandma It’s already been three days Oh good Lord That’s not enough for your Mom to know Stefano well Mom, Elmer, what else do I need to know about him? He told me everything already That he has a child? That won’t be a hindrance to us You have a child, too Uncle Stefano loves me He’s right, Mom You see that Stefano is sincere with me and Andrei Because if my son is being aggrieved, I will be the first one to reject him But that’s not the case Stefano loves Andrei Actually, we’re not totally against him You’re in the right age to make a decision Our only point is, you don’t need to rush You lost, Uncle! Wow! How did it happen? You’re cheating! You’re a cheater! Adelle, we’re just concerned about you and Andrei We just don’t want you to get hurt It’s already late Andrei enjoyed playing, Mom He fell asleep I’ll put him upstairs This is for you Who shouldn’t have troubled yourself. Thank you Go ahead, it’s late. You still need to drive I’ll go inside in a bit, Mom Okay Thank you Thank you, Stefano We really had fun I also want to thank you I enjoyed so much You know, whenever I’m with you and Andrei, I always forget about the time

You’re the first one who gave time to my son I really appreciate your effort to make him happy And you? Are you happy? Why should I be lonely? You always do everything to make us happy When I saw you smile, I’ve always wanted to see it So if my mission in life will be to make you smile, I will do it wholeheartedly