Love's Target. Russian Movie. StarMediaEN. Melodrama. English Subtitles

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Love's Target. Russian Movie. StarMediaEN. Melodrama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Yana Sobolevskaya, Pavel Barshak Denis Rozhkov, Vladimir Simonov Alexandra Nazarova, Alexei Smolka Zaza Chanturia Idea of Tatiana Nazina Created by Eduard Palmov Directed by Dmitriy Laktionov Director of Photography – Mikhail Markov Art Director – Alexander Yakimov Music by Yevgeniy Zaytsev Get away! Step aside, stap aside! Executive Producer – Dmitriy Minzyanov Stop! Where asre you going? I got a call from the police! Produced by Yuri Minzyanov and Vlad Ryashin Are you Kyra? Yes, I am Let her pass UNDER THE SIGHT OF LOVE Hello Hello I’m Petr Yevgenyevitch Vlasov I’m Alexei Anatolyevitch Borisov, investigator. Sit down These are the things of Anna Vlasova What’s happen? She fell down from the roof A street cleaner found her at six a.m. There are no witnesses Everything indicates that it was a suicide What does indicate on that? She couldn’t have slipped or fallen from that roof accidentally There is a high fence there. Anna had some money and valuables with her. Could she have a larger amount? No, I don’t think so Therefore she couldn’t have been killed to be robbed. Did she have enemies? No, no! Of course she didn’t! What about you? I mean serious enemies who could dare arrange a murder Do you mean my business? No! As you see, there is no evidence that would point to the murder The only thing is… No, it’s impossible! We arranged to meet today! One moment… This is what Anya sent me yesterday. “Hello, sister! I miss you very much. I have great news. Let’s meet!” May I look at it? Thank you, I’ll take it into account. And one more thing! This is what we found in Anya’s bag What is it? A drug. Methamphetamine Was she taking it? We can’t be sure. We shall wait for the expert’s conclusions But we found it in her bag, so it is possible May we go? Yes, you may. I’ll inform you if we get to know something This is my business card May I take some of Anya’s things? Unfortunately you can’t They are the evidence What did you want to take? This! A toy? Thank you! Good bye Gena, where is the minutes? Here it is! Gena, you shall write this word with two “n”s and with an “o”! Alexei Anatolyevitch, are we investigating murders here

or learning spileng? It’s “spelling’, Gena! Spelling! Please remember – paperwork is a very important part of investigator’s job Write it again! And cross the toy out God, why are you punishing me? What do you have to do with it, dad? Yes, I paid little attention to her! I only thought about work, the money, money, money! What did she do it for? It must have been because of that stuff! Something seems wrong here No, everything is clear There was no expertise Somebody could have put it in her bag secretly! God, what will I tell your mum? They’re together now I’m sorry, Kyra. I’m sorry I’ll stay with you, OK? Sure! Find everything you can about her father. Enemies, conflicts, relatives – everything The division of property and things like that Any info you can find! All right Gena, did you understand me? Alexei Anatolyevitch, why do you keep calling me Gena? I have an ancient and very beautiful Georgian name! Papuna! I was named in honor of my grandfather. He was a respected man! He could hit a fly from his old gun from a twenty-step distance! And you… Despite my respect towards your grandpa and his old gun I’ll call you Gena. First of all I got used to that Secondly, it’s “genatsvale” for short Vlasova used to study at the law faculty Go there and talk to people. Scandals, rumors, students’ quarrels… This is a list of questions I need the answers by today’s evening! All right. I better go before it’s too late Go! Wait! Yes? Pay special attention to her sister Kyra All right, I’ll do it. Genatsvale! All right, go! Kyra! They told me you won’t come today Stop it, Maria Mikhaylovna! Is Nastya still sleeping? She is getting up earlier than me! She is drawing in her room! What a great ration! I think you’re paying for this with your own money! I’ll cook you a fish soup today and a custard cake for dessert But we’ll have to make an injection first As you say Are you upset with something? No, everything is fine. Maria Mikhaylovna, I need to make a phone call Sure, Kyra! Please use the phone! Yes, Kyra Petrovna! I’m listening Are there any news? Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything yet, but we’re working I’m going to the trade center at the moment to examine the place of her fall and the roof. Kyra Petrovna, we got the expert’s conclusion. Anya was on drugs So she was on drugs, after all! I’ll come soon Wait for me there, OK?

OK I have to go, Maria Mikhaylovna Don’t worry, I’ll clean it! Go! What has happened? Where are you going? My sister died yesterday She fell from the roof Oh, God! If I can help you with anything please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you! If we fail to find some piece of evidence soon we’ll have to close the case I was in Anna’s flat today and found this Pyropromid. What is it? It’s a very potent medicine It belongs to a group of tri-cycle antidepressants It’s impossible to buy it here An antidepressant! It only confirms my version that… Kyra, are you crazy? What are you doing? Let me go! Hi, dad! Kyra, where are you? At home. I was on the roof today Look, Kyra, why? The investigator said that the case is closed Leave it to the policemen, they’ll do their job! Dad, it was our Anya! Yes, Kyra, it was our Anya We only have each other now I’ll come for you If you don’t sell it in this season you’ll have to buy it yourself! Hello Good afternoon Did you have such dresses? Yes, but we don’t have them anymore! It’s a very stylish thing! They were very popular. The new delivery is on Monday Leave me your phone number and I’ll keep one dress for you No, I’m not going to buy it You should! The dress is great! A very nice model! Tell me, did this girl buy it here? I remember her well She was very beautiful She was in high spirits. She even bought a necklace here She has a great taste and a very handsome husband How did he look like, that husband of hers? He was tall, blonde, with a short cut… or maybe not Who are you? I see! She was not his wife, you’re his wife! No! Thank you Kyra Petrovna! What are you doing here? Are you watching me? Me? No! Why did you think so? I came here as a private person I was buying a toy and saw you I can see that you’ve started your own investigation I saw you talking to a salesman in that shop You’re closing the case, aren’t you?

You didn’t investigate it properly. And I found a witness who saw Anya in this trade center! What did he say? Anya was in that shop. She bought a dress and a necklace She was happy. She was with a man I beg your pardon, Kyra! What is that? I found these photos in my sister’s computer Do you recognize the landscape? I do. These photos are professional! But how can they help us? You see, a woman can’t buy necklaces in the afternoon, make photos in it, be in high spirits and then jump from the roof in the evening! In reality a woman may make photos one hundred times a day, smile two hundred times a day and then catch her beloved one with another woman in the evening and jump from the roof Believe me, I know such cases! You’re a real connoisseur of the women’s psychology! What shall we do next? Let’s do it this way Don’t do anything for now I’ll try to find a man who was with your sister on the day of her death in the trade center If I get to know anything I’ll give you a call. Is it a deal? Kyra? Why aren’t you married? It’s none of your business! You didn’t buy the toy for your partner yourself, did you? No, it’s for my wife… I mean my son I see! You got me wrong. I divorced my wife five years ago It’s time for me to go. I’ll be waiting for your call Maria Mikhaylovna? Maria Mikhaylovna? Hello, who is breaking the door? Who wants me to break his teeth out of the jaws? Hello Hello I came to Maria Mikhaylovna Let me come in, please No way. Who are you? I’m a social worker And a family doctor I’m giving Nastya lessons and look after Maria Mikhaylovna And who are you? I’m the son of Maria Mikhaylovna and Nastya’s father We don’t need help of the social workers any longer! But… stop pressing on my foot with this bloody door! Take your foot away! Get out of here! No, listen to me! I’ll keep coming every day as before Do you get me? Maria Mikhaylovna? Hello, Kyra! Nastya! It’s all right, this is me. Calm down Come here, my honey My girl! Where did he come from? He hasn’t been here for a hundred years! But he came this morning! What does he want? He is a drunk! He wants the money. I won’t give it to him How can I give him anything? Nastya and I won’t have the money for living! I’ll talk to him now No, I beg you! He just wants vodka! When he drinks a bit he lies down and sleeps I won’t give him any vodka! I’ll drive him out of here! There is no place for him to go I think another one of his girlfriends drove him away One moment Listen to me, respected Igor… what is your father’s name? Mikhaylovitch Mikhaylovitch. I’m a social worker and you get in the way of performing my job! I’ll have to report to my director and he’ll take administrative or even criminal measures against you! Do you understand what you’re saying? Do you realize?

Don’t shout, please I can shout! I’m in my own apartment! This is my child and my mother! Your mum is an old and unhealthy person! Nastya needs lessons! You’re traumatizing your native child with such behavior! Do you realize that? Do you realize that we used to live without the social services and will live without them further? Do you get it? We’ll manage. Do you hear the doorbell? This is the police! Now they’ll tell you all about administrative and criminal responsibility Don’t consider yourself too clever! Senior Lieutenant Stupalov Did you call for the police? Yes, I did. Come in, please! Can you imagine that? I made just one step and she broke into the flat and started threatening me! She broke in with some false ID and started threatening me! She locked my mother in the room, she locked my daughter and demanded money! Igor Mikhaylovitch, calm down! I’m calm! I’m just telling about what had happened! She demanded the money and when I refused to give her anything she sprayed my eyes with a tear gas! Look! Calm down! We’ll sort it out! I have red eyes! The gas spray is in her bag! In the bag! Check the bag! Please show me your bag and your documents Here you go You too Why me? What do I have to do with it? I’m the victim This is for the minutes Oh, for the minutes! All right Sit down Wait! They’ll sort it out! Thank you, Alexei Anatolyevitch But you shouldn’t have called dad No, you did a right thing, Mr Borisov! Thank you for that When you have a wish to save the world from global unfairness warn me in advance. It’ll be my pleasure to help you What’s wrong with the girl? It’s called “mutism’ The consequences of a psychological trauma Nastya’s mum died and she hasn’t spoken a word since! I see. It’s very sad Kyra, go to my car and give Misha the key from yours! Good bye! I hope it will be the end of it I’ll depend on intentions of that… so called victim Tell me, is your daughter always so principal? Incredibly! Thank you very much again. Good bye! Good luck! I don’t understand. What do you need that almshouse for? You voluntary punished yourself! It’s not an almshouse, dad! It’s my job! A job! You’re earning 10 thousand a month! A job! Maybe you shall return to the clinic I’ve found my place and I’m not going to leave it! I don’t understand what your problem is It must be some unsatisfied maternal instinct, A constant wish to care for somebody! In such a case think about kids and family! Dad, don’t start, please! One can’t see the faces. We’ll have to send our people there for a check-up. Here are the cameras They all show the main hall but none shows this shop Look here, here and here Show it to me once more Alexei Anatolyevitch, it’s already late Metro won’t wait for me It’ll be closed and then… Gena, stop whining I know what kind of metro won’t wait for you I’ll give you a lift in a service car. Show me the caf?! It is very important Here it is Stop! Enlarge the picture This is the maximum… The face is fuzzy Thank you, Gena. Let’s go It’s your unlucky day at the parking lot! I think you did it on purpose! What do I need the car service station for? Damn it!

Don’t get so upset. My car is insured You’ll be compensated Do you know that insurance companies pay the price of the damaged parts taking into account their wear? Technical age of my car is fourteen years By making simple mathematical calculations one can find out that I won’t get anything for this old trash! All right, I’ll pay myself How much do I owe you? I’ll need to go to the service station They’ll calculate the damage This is my business card Call me when you’re ready You work at the social center, don’t you? Does it change anything? Almost everything. I work there too I have never seen you there before It’s my first working day Congratulations! Thank you, Kyra Petrovna! Don’t forget to take a bill at the service station Nicolay Alexandrovitch, this family has a permanent social package. I bring them food and make injections every day! Maria Mikhaylovna is old She can’t keep the house in order. Do you understand? Kyra Petrovna, I understand that But she has an able-bodied son! He is a drunk! What about Nastya? A child can’t live in such surrounding! He should be deprived of the parental rights! This is not for us to decide, thanks God! We have a long list of people in need of help You’ll have what to go God, why shall I explain that to everybody? What are you doing? I’m leaving! Do you understand that I can’t do anything? You can He’ll sue us! You may file a cross-suit! It would mean a scandal! We don’t need that kind of advertisement! Sign my application, then! Kyra Petrovna! Sign it, come on! All right, I’ll think it over Think it over! I won’t sign it! Kyra, don’t get upset! Stop thinking about the Solovyovs You have many charges. Vera Borisovna. And these… Koly… Kolyvanovs Right! There is no need to go to them every day. And the child! Nastya was making progress If we stop the lessons now she’ll withdraw again! Kyra Petrovna, please meet Mark Vitalyevitch Kurskiy, our new lawyer and your savior! A savior? Right! Mark VItalyevitch promised to help you, though it’s not his job. I told him about this situation This is it! Nice to meet you, Mark Vitalyevitch Mashenka! I’m sorry! Here you go! What was I doing? I was leaving! I’m leaving How shall we save me, Mark Vitalyevitch? Leave it to me. Kyra Petrovna If you’re not against it we may go there right now You have criminal squabbles here! And I thought it’s a boring bog! What did you come to work here for? This is the question I keep asking myself What are you doing, Mark, with your imperial name, in the bog of social service? What did your friend Mark answer? You’re smiling now! At first you seemed to me so… What? So… strict! I got shy Stop by the shop, please Thanks! Is it for bravery? No. This is a strategic step Is it your keepsake? What is its name?

Simply Hare Hi, Simply Hare. I’m Mark What do you want? I’ll throw you down the stairs right now! Calm down! Are your Solovyov Igor Mikhaylovitch, an unemployed, homeless and badly socially adapted element? Why am I homeless? I’m Mark Kurskiy, the lawyer of the social service I wouldn’t care much if you were the Pope! What do you want? If you don’t want to get what you can get without losing anything, then Kyra Petrovna and I may leave I don’t understand anything You’re so silly! We will talk about that in the apartment! Kyra Petrovna, come in Where is she going? Shall we turn left or right? Kyra! Maria Mikhaylovna! Kyra! We didn’t hope to see you again Stop it! I won’t leave you! Thank you! Did he hurt you? No. He gets drunk and sleeps the whole day long I beg your pardon. We’ll leave you for some time Igor Mikhaylovitch and I have to discuss one issue. Don’t we? We do, of course we do Come in here, please Thank you! Sorry! Where are they going? Don’t worry. This man is our lawyer I see Everything will be all right. Believe me! Hello, honey! Look at what I brought you! Go and bring some water He wasn’t always like this They were together when Lena died. He blames himself So he took to the bottle What about Nastya? What about her? He used to drive trucks for long distances He would spend two days at home and go on a trip for two months Nastya wasn’t used to him He would bring her some toy and she would hide behind her mother’s skirt When Lena died she fell silent Oh, poor child! Calm down! Everything will be all right! She’ll still recite poems for you! Shall we start drawing? Well Congratulations, Igor Mikhaylovitch, you’re now a client of our center! Don’t forget your pen! Thanks. And one more thing! If you as much as touch your mother once more I’ll show you! You’ll spend the rest of your days in prison! Did we understand each other right? Kyra Petrovna, don’t worry, the problem is solved Are you sure? Yes. Everything will be fine! As fine as it gets! What is he talking about? It’s our professional secret I’m ready to reveal it for you, though. On our way back! I’m staying. I’ll give Nastya a lesson Sorry, I won’t be able to give you a lift See you, then! Good luck! Mark Vitalyevitch? Yes? Thank you! It was nothing That’s no so Kyra Petrovna, may I invite you to dinner tonight? Try it Igor started to resist, but my strategic step worked, so

The problem didn’t seem so significant for him anymore So it worked If I were you I wouldn’t believe his promises He is a long-time drunk, after all And I’m an experienced lawyer We signed a written agreement Shall he violate it Kyra, hi! Do we know each other? Kyra, I’m Lyusya. Don’t you remember me? No I was at Anya’s birthday party last year I studied with her, do you remember? I remember you now I saw you somewhere too Lady, you’re mistaken Kyra, I’m sorry that Anya… You understand She seemed to be all right. I better go I’m sorry, I’ll be back in a moment Lyusya, when did you see Anya for the last time? It was long ago Do you know her friends? I have no idea Lyusya, I need to know everything about her It’s too late. Even God himself can’t know everything about a person I must know whom she dated I don’t need problems So good bye, friend! Are you crazy? I’ll call the guards now! These are the diamond. Tell me the name, and you’ll get these earrings Ask Anton. He should know whom his girlfriend started dating! Give me the other one! All right. Anton is a photographer We used to sleep with him Then he fell for your sister and left me. This is it Was he selling drugs to Anya? Maybe yes and maybe no. They were going to many clubs, and it’s not a problem to find drugs there Do you have his phone number? I deleted it from my phone and from my life! Will you give me the second earring? Call me when you remember Anton’s phone number Anya was a very happy person I don’t believe that it was a suicide! What do the policemen say? They are closing the case It seems to me that somebody helped her That girl from the restaurant, Lyusya, told me that Anya and she quarreled over a boyfriend What if he did it? I have to find him! It makes more sense to suspect the girl. They were competitors Let’s change the topic All right Tell me about yourself About myself? My story is very banal I grew up in an orphanage My grandma took me from there She sold the house to pay for my education I got to know about it late When I came she was already Remember Yashin’s poem: “My stepfather died, and my grandma is not with us any longer One should not postpone doing good deeds” Kyra, I have an offer to you! Let’s get informal! All right You’re Kyra You’re Mark Good morning. Girls? Have you been at the service station? I wasn’t at the station. I sold the car and bought this

for the money I got. I won’t delay you any longer How are you going to move about the city now? Are we formal again? I haven’t used to that yet I’ll go on foot or by metro It’s cheaper and faster Yes, it is cheaper and faster! Get in; I’ll give you a lift Where did you study? At the law faculty In our city university? Yes My Anya used to study there too! But you’re much older. You couldn’t have known her Kyra Petrovna, can you come to the department? We shall perform some procedures What do you mean? We’re closing the case Don’t hurry, please. I’m coming I have some information for you All right Mark, I’ll drop you here, I’m going in a different direction now All right, sure Thank you! No! I beg your pardon, Alexei Anatolyevitch, but I won’t keep you for long I know who Anya was with that day! His name is Anton, he is a professional photographer It must be him who made that photo Anya had relations with him. I met Anya’s girlfriend yesterday She told me about it What is that girl’s name? Lyusya. I don’t know her surname, but she and Anya studied together Did she tell you how to find that Anton? She promised to call when she gets to know something Brilliant! Inform me when she calls! I won’t close this case But I have a request to you Please don’t make any steps without informing me first It’s a deal Here you go Thank you for hearing me out Good bye! Gena, where have you been? I was here, close by! Sit down and get on working! You shall check one person I will! No problem! You’re an idler! Me? Not me! Good girl! Somebody earned something tasty! She did, she did! Kyra, I’m so grateful to you! I haven’t seen Nastya so happy for a very long time! I love her very much! How is Igor? Yesterday he came sober and brought a present for Nastya! I don’t remember when it happened last! Very good! Maybe his life will come to normal! I hope so! God help him! Sidorov… Stepanovitch… Two, three, five, six, four, two Hello? Stepanovitch, hi! This is Igor! What do you mean – what Igor? Solovey! Yes! Do you recognize me now? Where was I? Many things happened

Look, I am calling you to ask do you still need a partner? You do, don’t you? Yes! Yes, I’ll be waiting! I’ll be waiting! Good bye! Thank you! Lyusya is Lyudmila Petrunicheva, her classmate Is she from the rich kids? No, she is from Ryazan She lives in a dormitory She doesn’t study too well She has lots of bad marks We’re closing this case, aren’t we? No, Gena, we’re not. We’ve found new circumstances Alexei Anatolyevitch, I ran around the university like a hound Nobody knows anything! You should not only run around but think and analyze! Study the new case materials! Dad, I’m home! Hi, Kyra! I’m here Hi You should have dinner first Do you have new charges? Tell me about them! No, I have my old ones The Solovyovs family Really? We gave a new lawyer He is a clever guy He sorted it all out You didn’t come home yesterday because of him, did you? No, it’s not because of him! Hello? Hello, Kyra! Hello. Lyusya If you want to speak to Anton do come! Where to? He is in the club with some new girl! Tell me the address The club is called “Maximum Joy”, it’s I know it. Wait for me there and don’t tell him anything! And one more thing! Kyra, don’t forget the second earring. I’ve done my part Has something happened? I’ll leave for some time So late? I need to meet with one person The lawyer? I’ll explain everything later, OK? Don’t worry! All right Shall we get acquainted? Hands off! Kyra Petrovna, are you all right? What do you want? Everything is fine! We need to talk to you, Anton! You know my name, don’t you? Who are you? The prosecutor’s office, investigator Alexei Borisov I see What’s the matter? Do you know Anna Vlasova? Yes. We used to date I’m Kyra Vlasova, her sister I haven’t seen her for two months. We separated You were with her two days ago in the trade center Who told you that? The surveillance cameras. Were you there? I was! Very good! Did Lyusya tell you that? What a fool! I never dated her We went to a club together on a few occasions Lyusya said that you’re not together because of Anya! Maybe she thinks so! It’s her right! Why did you separate with Anya? Why, why? It happens! It was very good at first Then our relations deteriorated We saw less and less of each other. Then she found that

Who? Andrei I think is his name. I don’t remember She came to me and said: “I fell in love, I feel good with him Let’s remain friends. It’ll be better for both of us”! Who is that Andrei? Do you know him? No, I don’t know him. I saw them together once or twice Will you be able to identify him? I think so! I have good face memory. I shall go I didn’t allow you to go! It must be he who sold her drugs I have nothing to do with that. When we were dating she wouldn’t even drink two gulps of beer! I only heard about her addiction from you! What were you doing in the trade center? What were we doing? She called me to make her photos on a roof She loved unusual places! I came there and made some photos! This is all What was next? Nothing! We went to a cafe I downloaded the photos into her flash-card and left What was she planning to do? What mood was she in? I don’t know what mood she was in! She seemed fine! She was in a normal mood I was tired after a shooting session! I don’t remember All right Come to the prosecutor’s office tomorrow morning What for? I may detain you even now on suspicions of complicity I’ll be waiting for you in the morning! If you remember anything, call me You wanted to escape, didn’t you? Of course not! Your today’s boyfriend is nice It was the investigator, Lyusya! The investigator? Remember, I don’t know anything! Why did you let him go? There is no reason for me to detain him. Don’t worry He’ll come tomorrow. Do you think he has something to do with your sister’s death? I don’t know. Do you want a lift? Yes or no? I better walk. I As you wish I’ll come for sure Hi Hello, doctor Hello Can she talk? She is in shock. She has severe brain concussion Lyusya, do you recognize me? What has happened? I went out of the club, and there it was, the car It moved right at me! Do you remember the car? No Lyusya, was it Anton? I don’t remember. I have terrible headache! What do you have? There was no braking distance Either the driver was drunk or he did it on purpose Are there any witnesses? There are none Take me to the hospital My head hurts so much! Doctor, will you take her to the emergency clinic? Yes Please place her in a separate ward. She is an important witness All right Gena, call the head doctor and warn him. Let’s go! Your colleagues are great! The giraffe is good! Does it look like one? It looks like an elephant with a very long neck An elephant can’t have such spots! You’re right. It’s an elephant with a chicken pox

Why are you teasing the young man? He was trying his best Maria Mikhaylovna, Kyra is right This giraffe is far from perfect. We shall visit the zoo and refresh his image in my memory Go, then! What if we go today? Now? Why not? I have free time, what about you? Maria Mikhaylovna, won’t you be against it? Of course not, Mark! I’ll be happy So it’s a deal! We’re going to the zoo! Again? Yes. Gena, you shall place our people by his house, by the studio, visit the night clubs! Anton disappeared! He felt that something was wrong and ran away. What did you let him go for? Look, if you’re so clever why were you fired from your last place of work? Do as I say! I wasn’t fired, I left myself You shouldn’t behave like that, Alexei Anatolyevitch. May I go? You may Here you go! Stop! Kyra, please don’t make my photos! I have had the photophobia since my childhood I can’t do anything about it! I’m sorry This is too much. She might get a sore throat From ice cream? Never! This is the best medicine from all illnesses in the world! We’ll eat it with small spoons, very carefully, will we? Right! I’m ready to acknowledge that your giraffe wasn’t too bad Thank you for a holiday! Frankly speaking, I didn’t play a good boy just for the sake of it Why did you do that? I want to earn a right to one more dinner with you Consider that you’ve earned it What about your childhood? My childhood was like a fairy-tale Dad was very kind to me and Anya We were waiting more for his vacation than for our school holidays! We used to travel abroad a lot. Some classmates positively hated me for that Really? Yes. I started concealing from friends that I was in some… Germany Why? I studied in an ordinary school. Few of my classmates ever went farther than their grandma’s villages The times were harsh then! This is true! Let’s toast the times! I remember envying my neighbor who had a new foreign car

I didn’t understand why I got so unlucky with parents So I punctured his wheels one day! God, I’m telling you such silly things! I envied my classmates who were coming to school on a tram Can you imagine? I was begging mum to let me ride it! The car was bringing me to school and taking me home It was so boring! This is a song from my favorite movie The one Franco Nero stars in it Yes! Do you like old movies too? How is it called? I won’t be able to remember the name, but yes, I love old movies Shall we dance? No, Mark. I haven’t danced for a hundred years! And I haven’t danced for two hundred years Hello, Kyra Petrovna? Did I wake you up? No. What happened? Lyusya is in hospital She was run over by a car Is she alive? She is. I think it was done for a reason You see, Anton didn’t turn up for an interrogation today! What does Lyusya say? She hasn’t told us anything yet. We’re looking for Anton but he is nowhere to be found! I want to talk to Lyusya What hospital is she in? She is in the emergency clinic But it’s too late Let’s go to her tomorrow The emergency clinic. All right. See you tomorrow Who was that? Borisov, the investigator What did he want? Do you remember a girl from the restaurant? She was run over by a car! Is he is love with you, Kyra Petrovna? Are you jealous? Did you pray this evening, Desdemona? Hello, Kyra? Where are you? Good morning, dad. I’m sorry, I stayed at home Look, you should have warned me! We agreed that you’ll live with me for some time! It just happened so! Will you come today? I will Don’t you want to tell me about something? I’ll tell you when I sort it out! Everything is fine, dad I’m sorry, I have to get up, I’m being late. I’ll call you later Bye! Lyusya? Lyusya, this is Kyra Kyra Petrovna! We agreed to go to the hospital together

Why didn’t you wait for me? Lyusya could have told me what she wouldn’t dare tell you! Do you realize that the murderer could be in the ward? You scared the hell out of me! Be grateful that it was me who found you in the ward and not somebody else Otherwise you’ll have loads of problems now! Sorry for scaring you! You… when I called you yesterday evening… who were you with? Look, this is too much! Kyra Petrovna, I’m investigating this case Any insignificant detail may be significant My private life is no one’s business! I was with a man. His name is Mark. He is a lawyer He is my colleague, a good lawyer Are you satisfied with the answer? I am The guests bowed to the duke, turned around went away Kyra Petrovna? Be quiet! Nastya fell asleep Yes. Sit down, please I need to talk to you I’m listening, Igor Mikhaylovitch I’d like to apologize For what? For what you have seen, for the fact that you had to deal with it I’m guilty, this is true! Let’s forget this story Let’s forget it! I’m very grateful that you’re looking after mum and Nastya I’m very grateful, I assure you It’s just that I don’t have any money now, otherwise I’d repay your kindness! Stop it! What are you saying? I love your family! Yes, I can see that I was running around all the day long I was gathering the papers. I’m leaving for Krasnoyarsk tomorrow… to work! My partner found a job for me! What a great piece of news! I’ll spare no efforts at work now for mum’s sake, for Nastya’s sake! I hope everything will be all right with you! I hope so too Shall we hunt some boars? No, I don’t like hunting I’d go fishing, though Fishing trip is a wonderful idea My Ira cooks great fish soup Shall we take her with us? Ira? Your girlfriend’s name was Natasha! Natasha! That Natasha is nothing compared to my Ira Ira was a witness in Kolychev’s case Do you remember her? A cook! Look, Gena, how do you hook them? Thanks to genes! I took after my grandpa The main thing here is to concentrate. Right words, a few compliments, a bouquet of flowers, and she is yours! It sounds so easy! Have you ever been in love? Yes, I have. Do you know how beautiful some Georgian girls are? I still see her in my dreams

Why didn’t you marry her? It just happened so When are we going fishing? Yesterday! Hello. I need Kyra Vlasova Kyra? I’m here This is for you. Sign here, please Here? Yes Thank you Is that all? Yes Good evening Hello Alexei Anatolyevitch, I’m very sorry but I have little time Yes, of course. Sure Kyra Petrovna, you look marvelous tonight You don’t even look like yourself! I must have said something stupid… Who gave you the flowers? A friend? Did you ask me here to interrogate about my love life? Yes. I mean no! All right, I’m all ears Shall we drink some coffee? No, I’m in a hurry. The car is already waiting. Ask me! Aren’t you driving? No. I’m going to pay somebody a visit I see. Then… I won’t delay you. Go! Shall I see you off? To the taxi? Alexei Anatolyevitch, are you all right? I’m sorry. We’ll talk some other time I’ll go check on the main course Are you impressed? I am. One can see great taste at once Look, Mark… If you woryy about Kyra, then don’t I don’t want to hurt her Very good. If you hurt Kyra I’ll destroy you If not – I’ll help you You’ll have the same estate Do you get it? I do. But I don’t need that Let’s go inside, unmercenary! Mark, I have a request for you! Yes? After what happened with Anya Kyra shall not be alone I understand This is not easy to accomplish She has been incredibly stubborn since her childhood You don’t have much money I don’t complain It’s good. Take this… for the first time I have money, Petr Yevgenyevitch Let’s consider it to be an advance An advance for what? I want to hire you. And this is the first payment!

Here you are! I was showing Mark my collection of pipes Right Go to the table All right. Come on, come on! After you Thanks How did you like dad? He is great. Strong-willed, masculine! A real man! Did you offer you the money? He offered me a job He loves you very much and worries about you What else did he say? About your sister. He doesn’t want you to interfere in the investigation Dad is like always Kyra, maybe he is right I thought you understood me! I understand you! I’m trying to. But understand us! We worry for you. Stop by this house, young man. Thanks! Lunyov, is that you? You’re mistaken. I have a different surname I beg your pardon. You look just like my former classmate! The same face You’re mistaken. There are many people with similar faces There is even a theory about it I’ll tell you some other time I got you. I’m sorry It’s all right. Kyra, come on! Good luck Good bye Wait! I must have lost my earring Did you lose something? Yes, my earring fell. Tell me, what was your classmate’s name? Andrei Lunyov! I can see that it’s not him This guy is frail and he stammers. And that boy was larger Kyra? I’m sorry! I’ve fuund it! I’ve found it! Hello? Who is that? This is Anton! We shall meet! Anton, the police is looking for you! I know. It wasn’t me! I may explain and show everything! What can you show me? I found some photos of Anya and Andrei! You must see them! Where are you? In the club! There are many people here; he won’t be able to hurt me. It’s safe! Is he there? No, I didn’t see him. Look, I didn’t run Lyusya over! I was afraid that the police will suspect me and decided to hide! Come faster, will you? Wait in the club. I’ll be there soon Did your detective call again? What has happened? I have to leave urgently! Wait! I’ll go with you! I’ll go with Borisov Hello, Alexei Anatolyevitch? This is Vlasova Sorry for a late call. I just got a call from Anton He has Andrei’s photos In the club All right, I’ll come to get you Wait a minute. I’ll get dressed, have a cigarette and we’ll go No, Mark, you’re staying! Why? Mark, I’m going with Borisov What if it is a trap? Stay at home, please. I beg you! This is my story and I don’t want anybody to interfere Knife wound on the neck

The carotid artery is severed. Death was instant What could I see here? It was so dark! He was in a black jacket I didn’t see his face I came here in a few minutes and saw a pool of blood and Anton This is a bag from a photo camera But I doubt that he was killed for the camera! I’m going to check the surveillance cameras Shall I take you home? I’m all right. Don’t worry, I’ll get there Are you sure? I’m sure I’ll call you tomorrow How are you? What has happened? I’ll tell you about that tomorrow I want to sleep very much Sugar? Do you have cigarettes? I want to smoke so much! Yes. They are in the jacket. Try right pocket Did you find them? I did! Where is the lighter? I’ll get it myself Has something happened? Nothing. I decided not to smoke Is everything all right? What happened this night? Nothing. He didn’t come He must have escaped I forgot about one urgent meeting! It’s in half an hour! I’m sorry; I won’t be able to have breakfast with you! Go, of course, go! Alexei Anatolyevitch, this is Vlasova

Thanks you, everything is all right Could you please check one person? Put it down – Mark Kurskiy He studied at the same faculty with Anya He is of my age. I have his photo; I will send it to you Thank you! I’m waiting! Mark Vitalyevitch, hello You’re without Kyra, aren’t you? I was just passing by and decided to visit Nastya Oh, sure. Come in, dear! Yes, Alexei Anatolyevitch? There was no such student in the university I showed Mark’s photo to the dean and he recognized him as another person. His name is Andrei. Andrei Lunyov I think it was he He left this morning. He must have felt that I know! All right, I’ll wait for you at home! Asnwer the phone, Mark, Andrei, what is your name! Gena, put it down! Lunyov Andrei Vasilyevitch, born 1980, registered in Tver. Let’s go! Hello? Yes? Hello Hello, honey Where are you? I’ve called you about a dozen times! I know. You know, I know! Do you think that I’m a fool? I hope you’re not a fool either. So come downstairs, get in your car and we’ll have a ride Who are “we’? You, Nastya and me Mark, calm down! I’m calm! I’m calm like never before! And you seem to be nervous, dear! I advise you to hurry up and come down right now Don’t dare call your dad or Borisov! Nastya and I won’t like it! Bye! Hi, Kyra Petrovna! Shall we have a ride? Let’s go! What do you want? You spoilt all my plans Therefore I’ll have to think of some other story. I’ll need some capital for that The money! Give me the phone! Where are we going? Straight ahead… Bye! Hello, Gena? Send Vlasova’s car’s license plate number to all the road police posts as soon as possible Yes, they shall stop it! Send them the photo of Lunyov! Let’s go! Come on, come on!

We’re going to pay a visit, dear Kyra… to your daddy He is not home. He is at work This is even better I don’t know where he keeps the money You know everything! You know it very well Let’s not play these games It’s your fault. I wanted to have a normal life I wanted to have normal relations, I wanted to marry you, to have children! But no! You had to dig in this case, to get to the bottom of it! You did it, didn’t you? Very good! Now it’s my turn to act! We’ll wait for you here Go! Go, go, I trust you! Sit there! Why so little? This is all what was in the safe! Are you lying? All right, I’m not greedy At least not as greedy as it may seem Let the child go! I will! Later! Get in the back! Come on! Don’t play any tricks! Where did they notice it? I see. She is going to her father’s cottage in Ozerki village! You’ll get there faster. Get the guys and go to Vlasov! Gena, there is no time! Explain everything to them yourself! Go! Vanya, come on! Let’s go! Out!

Go out! When I say so run and don’t look back Do you understand? Run! Run! What a bitch! Run! Run! Bitch! How can one respect oneself if he doesn’t try to seem better than he is? Bernard Show It’s beautiful, isn’t it? How did you like my trick with the car light? It was genius! No? I wish you didn’t interfere. Especially you God, what did you interfere for? Everything that was kept secret will someday come to light Mark.. or Andrei, what’s your name… What did you kill my sister for? She killed herself You gave her drugs! I only gave her one pill to taste it! She kept asking for more and more! What a silly fool! I wasted so much efforts, money and time on her! Oh, God! “Let’s live together”. “Let’s separate” “I love you”, “I don’t love you”. I was sick and tired of it I proposed her on that roof! She laughted at me! Did you kill her for that? You have no soul! What do you know about soul? My soul is two hundred times lighter than yours! Have you ever been beaten? Without any reason, trice a day? Have you ever been locked in the cellar with rats? Without a drop of water, without a crumb of bread! I had to drink my own urine! We didn’t do anything bad to you! Shut up, or you’ll die before your time You’ll kill me anyway She wanted to ride a tram, bloody princess! Do you like cleaning shit after the old men? What for? Tell me! What are you doing that for? Do you want people to say that you’re good, kind and beautiful? You’re all druggies looking for your dose of pleasure Or maybe you’re praying for forgiveness of your fathers’ sins? My dad didn’t do anything to you! You’re like them! You’re the same! You have too much!

And people like me get raped by fat teachers! Did you see that? It’s my legacy from my dad! It’s his present! Look, Mark… No, you listen to me, honey! Listen and keep silence! I’m sick and tired of you! I saw so much blood and sweat! I woke up one day and told myself – you’ll get out of this shit And I did! I did it myself! Myself! I’m not like you! I earned my piece of happiness! I value my loud rights from which my head spins I don’t complain of what Gods failed to give me I can’t prevent the tsars from fighting! I don’t care about what the newspapers write! These are just words. I need other rights. I need real freedom One may depend on a tsar or on people – this is no difference I wish to report to no one. I want to care only for myself I don’t want to be dependent on other people I want to go wherever I want to I want to see heavenly beauty around… Yes? All right Here we are! Gena, are you crazy? What do you mean? Why isn’t Nastya at home? Take her there! She asked me to take her to Kyra, so I did it! Stop talking nonsense. She has mutism! What? Mutism! She doesn’t talk She is not mutated, she is fine! Kyra! Here you go! Kyra! What did you say? Repeat, please You won’t die, will you? No, honey! Stop! Wait! Kyra Petrovna, may I visit you in the hospital? Thank you!