The IMPOSSIBLE Tech Challenge ft. Mrwhosetheboss

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The IMPOSSIBLE Tech Challenge ft. Mrwhosetheboss

– Hello and welcome to This Is Today on the phone game we have a very special guest, Mr. Whose The boss is about to find out if he really is the boss How are you doing my friend? – I’m feeling good, I’m feeling confident – Oh, you’re starting out with confidence, I like it So the rules today are very simple We have 10 pieces of technology that we’re going to show you They could be phones, they could be computers Whatever the case is, we’re going to ask you two questions about each First, what is the name of the device? And second of all, what year it was released Now because obviously there’s a wide range here, we’re going to give you a little bit of a handicap so if you can guess plus or minus one year, we will count that as a correct answer Now if you can hit 50%, so if you get 10 out of 20 questions technically correct, you will be the phone game winner However, if you’ve seen previous episodes, we like to spice it up because what’s a game without consequences So if you would be willing to partake in a gentleman’s wager If you are able to get that 50% threshold, if you’re able to get half of these questions right, This Is Twitter will tweet whatever it is that you want However, if you fail to win the game then we ask that you tweet out, This Is is the greatest channel on YouTube That’s like a fair wager, are you feeling confident right now my friend? – I think 50% is doable I’m gonna aim just to get the year right – I mean if you get the year right in every single one and the name completely wrong, you will technically win – Yeah that’s the plan Okay, let’s do it – All right, let’s start out with item number one – Oh man, okay This is early Android You’ve got a menu key This is angular It is a Motorola Razr or Motorola Milestone and I think it’s 2010 – Okay so just hang on So for your final answer, it is the 2010 Motorola what? – It was a droid, it might be a droid I’m gonna go with droid I’d say a Motorola, I think it’s called the Milestone in the UK That’s how I know it – Mr Whose The Boss Congratulations, you are 100% correct Yes so we actually would take both answers So this is the Motorola Droid or obviously the Milestone both are correct This is from 2009, but you’re well within the points So you get full marks on our first question – I remember there was a time in my life when all I wanted to do was to get a certain score in like quadrant benchmark – Yeah, the good old days yeah, the good old days All right, let’s move on to tech number two – Oh man Oh you went hard, what is that? Okay I’m gonna guess that’s pre Android It looks like, is this a phone? – So it is a piece of technology and that’s as far as I can tell you, my friend – It’s got a front camera I wanna say HP, but the design language doesn’t really look very HP I’ve lost it, okay let’s go HP slidey boy, 2007 – I’m happy to say you are 50%, correct This is the Sony Vaio UX, but it is from 2006 This is actually not an Android phone This is a Windows XP PC So this is a full handheld PC As you can see you’ve got the webcam, you’ve got the keyboard and a 4.5 inch screen, but it did have things like Bluetooth, wifi and even edge cellular data, which was pretty cool for a 2006 little mini Windows XP system – Cool – Unfortunately you can’t see it but we did actually do a video on this, on the main channel last year and it’s got this nice little sliding mechanism Like if you listen to this (phone panel cluttering) – I can virtually imagine it’s great – All right well you’re still doing fine You are still at three or four potential points So you are well on your way to being a This Is winner – I’m feeling good, I feel like I came in expecting just to get the dates right and I’ve actually kind of won up to myself So, so far so good – Hold onto that confidence, my friend because we’re going to take it away from you with item number three – Okay, it has probably what I imagine is a crappy non-color screen Okay so probably pre 2000 I’m gonna say 1998 and I’m gonna go with, who would do something like that? Toshiba – Okay, do you wanna hazard a guess at the model name? – Alien egg – So, wait can you put that all together for me? So sorry, it’s the what? – (chuckling) That’s the Toshiba Alien Egg from 1998 – You may be Mr. Whose The boss, but today you are incorrect This is actually the Siemens Celebrate 4A, from 2003 – Oh man, Siemens I would never have got that one Could’ve given me 10 guesses – Well I am still happy to report that three questions in,

you are at 50% so you’re still absolutely in the game Are you ready for phone number four? – Not really – All right, well maybe you’ll have better luck with item number four – Oh okay, oh my God whats the name? Okay so this is a limited edition OPPO phone I’ve got one, that’s the worst part of this and it’s when their naming scheme was harder to follow Yeah, I’m gonna guess 2017 and then model number, I’m gonna guess OPPO, oh God, R5 Pro, Barcelona edition – For question number four You are very, very close, but that is actually incorrect This is the OPPO R11 FC Barcelona limited edition but however it is from 2017 so you do get the point I was tempted to give you that one, but R11 was just a little bit too different – I got the Barcelona though – The problem with this one is we almost gave it away Although you obviously guessed the year correctly because the photo has the actual year on it So that almost made it in, we’re like, oh wait a minute We had to pull that at the last second – This stuff used to get me excited, like limited additions phones that weren’t just like plain black slates I used to really like it – What’s your favorite limited edition you’ve ever unboxed? – It’s a great question Can I count the Escobar phone? – Is that limited or is that scam edition, I’m not sure – A hundred percent gold maybe edition – All right, well again, four questions in you’re right on the cusp of victory, my friend So let’s move on to phone number five – Yeah I think this is an LG phone There’s not many companies that make stylus phones and it’s not a Samsung It’s just the year and I think the only thing, see I was expecting to be able to go off icons, but you’ve got rid of those too – Well we’ve tried to pick photos that don’t completely give it away, but we’ve only used real stock photos We’re not like, you know, Photoshopping screens or anything like that The only thing we’ll do is like remove like a date or something – Okay so I’ve gotta go off kind of like the bezels and I’m thinking is it, it’s probably around LG G4, G5 time So that would be 2014, 2015 I’m gonna go 2015, LG Stylo, what did they call it, five – Matt is furiously yelling at me on the side, waving at me that I can I give you this That is an incorrect answer This is from 2017 and it is not the LG Stylo 5 but the LG Stylus 3 – Oh I got nothing, oh my God – That was a tough one mate So the thing is, this was back in the weird days of like, you can see like that’s like, not even I don’t believe in active stylus I think there was like straight up just a capacitive tip on the end of it I looked at this photo I immediately thought oh it’s like the DS version All right it’s fine, you’re still in it Don’t forget however, you do have your phone account available So if you’re feeling questionable, I’m just throwing it out there, still very much in the hunt Now let’s move on to item number six – You’ve done this before, I’ve seen this Oh no, no Okay, okay, it’s a PC It is a foldable PC and it’s meant to be pocketable I wanna say I can’t remember I think it was Marquez who did this one before and he said, and it ended up being older than he expected No, newer than he expected Okay I’m gonna say, 2007 and I’m gonna say Sony Foldy Flat – I’m happy to say that six questions in, you’re starting to catch up because you have 50% of this correct It is in fact, the Samsung SPH 9000 However you got the year dead on, it is from 2007 – Okay I do pay attention, that’s good – Okay so if we do a little catch up here, six questions in and you are sitting at five points So you are still very close to the 50% threshold So you still absolutely have a great chance and you still have four more questions to go How are you feeling now? – I feel like I came into this a new man and now I’m like, I’ve got war, battle scars – and I think this could go anyway but I’m gonna back myself, I’m gonna back myself – All right well let’s move on to item number seven – Uh huh okay, this is Samsung This is, I know they’ve made some funny ones They made the Folder, but I don’t think this is, I think the Folder had a second screen on the front It’s tricky, it’s like I’m looking at the material design, the kind of the level they’ve got to and I remember the Galaxy S1 was very, it was very, I suppose icons have become more flat over time isn’t it, and they become more squarkly

I’m gonna say this is 2011 and this is, no 2012 and this is the Samsung Flip – You’ve come a very long way my friend We’ve thrown some very difficult questions at you and for this one, I am sad to say you are 100% incorrect This is actually the Samsung Folder 2 from 2017 Fun fact, this was actually on a lost episode of mystery tech We unboxed one of these and subsequently the audio for that episode was lost so it was never posted – Oh man I’ve been done – Oh oh, hold on a second, I’m getting a breaking news update from Matt, what’s wrong? – [Matt] It is the folder one – Did you just – [Matt] It’s a typo – Wait, so hang on, so this is not the Folder 2 So this is the Folder 1 from when? – [Matt] 2016 – So due to gross incompetence by Matt, the This Is wizard We have only a slight idea of which one this is So you know what we’re gonna give you full points for that one – Full points, yes – Now that we’ve settled that and given you full points, let’s move on to item number eight – Yeah okay, I like the fact that you’ve shown me icons this time so I can see it is, are they on screen buttons? I’m gonna go with 2014 and I feel like this is gonna be one of those off-brand companies that you don’t really expect to make a lot of phones Like I almost want to say Kodak, ’cause it looks like a camera centric phone Yeah, let’s go Kodak I’m gonna go Kodak Kodak what would they call it? Pics, Kodak Pics from 2014 – So by the strict definition of the rules of this game, you are incorrect However, this is in fact a Kodak phone It’s called the extra from 2016 so I’m gonna give you a point for that mostly because – [Matt] EC-TRA – The Kodak EC-TRA was actually built You are actually correct on, it was from originally some of one of these more obscure brands It’s made by the Bullitt Group, the same people who make things like the cat phone or the Land Rover phone So it was very much sort of like they’re sort of packaging it up for different brands With this you’re still in the game So it is time to move on to item number nine – Oh God – Before you make any final decision on this phone There is a slight wrinkle to the way that this game is being played So right now, if you get two points out of the next four, so if you get 50% on the next two questions, you will be victorious However, we now have a bonus available If you may or may not want to actually take advantage of this so I’m just gonna give you a heads up now, especially before you potentially burn your lifeline If at the end you are feeling confident and feeling bold, you can take on an optional 11th question So if you answer that question 100% correct, you will get instead of a tweet, a full 30 second ad spot in a This Is episode where we will talk about whatever it is that you want So obviously as my mortal enemy who is trying to beat me to 5 million subscribers, I would certainly never want to promote your channel for 30 seconds and tell people to go subscribe So I’m just gonna float that out there but just so you know, there is a wrinkle If you get to the end of the game and you have won, you can take your tweet and you’re good to go, but win or lose, you still have the ability to take on that bonus question for essentially double or nothing So just float it out there that those are the new rules of the game So if you wanna take advantage, you know, just floating it out there – Okay that sounds fair I’m gonna phone my Ken – [Ken] I have never seen this phone before in my life – No, you were my lifeline – [Ken] I wish I could help you a little more, but – I wanna say pocket I feel like this is a device oriented to being compact because of the shape It looks like it’s running Gingerbread I wanna say because of the status bar or Android 2.2 or 2.3 So I’m going to say this is a 2012, 2010, let’s say 2011 phone I’m gonna go HP, HP, now you’re making me question Okay, HP Pocket – So this is the Pocket You are absolutely correct about that However, however it’s not from HP It is from Pantech, but it is from 2011 so we’re gonna give you one point for that You were very close, but this was the Pantech Pocket from 2011 – Brutal I’ll take it – So the thing was, this thing was bizarre So first of all, it had that weird four-by-three aspect ratio and to me like it’s sort of meant to look a little more rugged, I guess sort of you can carry around with you all the time but obviously this was from one of those brands like Pantech, which I don’t even know if they’re even still around at this point, but yeah, this is a little bit, one of the weird ones So let’s move on to item number 10 for the win

– Oh oh okay, this is a trick This is one of those copy phones based on a Xiaomi MI Mix, which was October, 2016 Okay I wanna say this is one of those Chinese brands This is, I’m gonna go Umidigi Crystal from 2017 and I’m feeling good about this, I’m feeling good – So you are very perceptive and that this is absolutely one of these copy phones and it is from a Chinese brand and it is not the Umidigi though This is the Bluboo S1 However, Arun, this phone came out in 2017 You are a This Is winner, congratulations my friend – Yes, Yes! Oh oh my gosh – So at this point, if you want, you can take the tweet, walk away You are a This Is winner and nothing can take that away from you Except if you want to opt for a bonus question The rules for the bonus question are very simple We’re going to show you one final piece of tech We are going to give you the exact same rules as before with one difference You need to give us not only the name of the piece of technology, but also the year with zero handicaps So you need to be dead on If you are incorrect with your answer, then you walk away with nothing However, if you are correct, then you will get a 30 second ad spot on a future This Is episode where we will say literally whatever it is that you want Does that sound like something you wanna try? Like how are you feeling confidence wise right now? – I feel like it was one of those things where I feel great You know I can’t say no to that – I like it Let’s move on to the double or nothing bonus question for the 30 second ad spot on This Is – Okay, I can tell you, okay so this is Samsung This is back when they were doing Samsung Experience It’s probably, it’s a mid range phone Well, I reckon just based on the icons, this is Samsung Experience So this is around when they had the Galaxy S8 Probably the year after that so let me just think So that would be 2017, 2018 time I think that this is, okay I’m gonna go with Samsung J5, 2016 – Arun, Mr. Whose The Boss, you have fought valiantly through this entire game You have brought some incredible knowledge from incredible knowhow, some incredibly good guesses, very intuitive thoughts about a lot of these phones that you’ve covered but when it comes to the bonus question, this is the Samsung Galaxy J7 from 2015 – Oh oh okay, I did better than I thought I would, fair play – So this is one of those weird phones, like you said, they have and still have a wide range of budget devices but yeah so this is one of those sort of weird entry-level devices Yeah, you’re right, the giveaway was definitely the fact that it still had the capacitive button, which I think they were phasing out around the 2016, 2017 timeframe, even on their budget devices – Yeah, I was thrown off by the icons, damn – My friend that was a incredibly impressive effort I feel bad because you had the tweet So you know what we’re gonna do We’ll go ahead and give you the tweet anyway, since you came so close to winning that Well, thank you very much for being on This Is Of course, if anyone would like to find you what’s the best place to find you on the wide wide web? – Mr. Whose The Boss – Easy enough, thank you very much for being on my friend and of course, thank you very much for watching this episode of This Is, make sure to subscribe to the channel, subscribe to Arun as well, and we will catch you next time when Matt inevitably gets something else wrong – All right, cheers guys (upbeat music)