Xbox Series X Exclsuives | PS5 Teardown & BC|Xbox Series X Hot | NextGen Podcast Ep.56

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Xbox Series X Exclsuives | PS5 Teardown & BC|Xbox Series X Hot | NextGen Podcast Ep.56

what is going on everybody welcome back to next gen podcast episode 56 if i’m not mistaken and we’ve got a couple of interesting topics to talk about playstation 5 news related related news and xbox related news and stuff right so yeah it’s going to be very nice show i just wanted to remain remind you guys that we are literally um almost a month from next gen uh you know beginning of next generation really because that’s when xbox so series x and s actually goes um on sale so um yeah looking forward to it so before we begin uh obviously i wanted to introduce the panel so we’re still waiting for dutch to show up so he’s still cooking his dinner apparently but we’ve got mojo and jamie with us so guys have you been hey man it’s been good uh just looking forward to talking about more xbox and playstation stuff and you know we’ve got more to talk about this week and uh yeah just looking forward to talking about it oh yeah all good here good good sorry i was just checking if the actual stream was live you know that’s why you were hearing me in the background again so yeah let’s let’s let’s start it off with um uh yeah i mean what we just what we spoke on uh before the actual show you know xbox let’s let’s start light with some light news so xbox um released this um xbox um how do they call it this this odds right um you know what did you what what do what do you think about this this ad um you know seems like it’s a very good quality and that kind of stuff and finally and i think like generally speaking microsoft is very serious about the consoles of this console launch and it seems like they are pumping a lot of money in promoting it as well and we will talk about this gamestop partnership as well like literally after after this um you know uh segment about the xbox ad uh so it looks like they are really investing big money in uh you know advertisement and that kind of adverts and that kind of stuff so what’s your thoughts on that guys i loved it like this trailer you know it was live action it you know had like tons of cg and so if it was a very expensive trailer you could tell just by the way it was and uh this trailer screamed to me that microsoft is kind of going back to the early 360 routes even better than that because you know obviously they got all the studios now but it’s like you know microsoft’s just so confident in this product and like this advert we got like we didn’t get anything like this seven years ago at all like like thinking back i can’t remember outside of the the live action rise trailer i couldn’t really think of any trailer for the console itself that was like this and again you know it was master chief you know it had everything you needed to be a good live-action trailer and it kind of gave me you know early playstation 4 generation vibes because a lot of their live-action trailers kind of did stuff like this although this yeah they it it’s it’s it uh you know it has this playstation 4 like kind of uh vibe to it yeah it yeah and it’s like i know there was like you know people saying like earlier in the generation that you know the playstation uh full marketing team was essentially the 360 marketing team well i look at this trailer i’m thinking did they get them back like because like this trailer it was really good and you know like these consoles are just boxes that go underneath your tv and like how do you make a cool advert for them and they did it like it was a really well done advert you know with good music and yeah i’m i’m really happy with it you know and i’ve just watched it in 4k about five times uh yeah i like it like you know it’s a good way to kick off a new generation with a trailer like that yeah i like the commercial itself but my thing is will they spend the money to put it on on highly rated prime time shows or in the wee hours of the morning on crappy cable channels in between infomercials because that’s when people are watching um that’s been my biggest gripe is not about the quality of an ad and how much money was spent on making the commercial but when it gets broadcast they’ve been real selective very few xbox commercials on regular television in the us over the last seven years mostly they just advertised the walk during the walking dead

and you know on sunday evenings and then during the nfl but that was more about whether it was madden or for their surface stuff wasn’t specifically for xbox but during regular television you just rarely ever seen xbox commercials now they had them on youtube and on the internet but that’s different that doesn’t get nearly the views that that you know regular television does whether it’s a cable channel or a you know regular over-the-air network so i’m just i’m hoping you spend that much money making a decent commercial that you’re gonna spend the extra money to actually get it to be broadcasting big markets and and during you know big prime time programs and stuff so-called network shows but uh we’ll see you know hopefully they’re gonna advertise the hell out of this generation because i think more than anything else uh that’s why they lost last generation you talk about the the mismarketing at the beginning or the more powerful cheaper playstation the truth was sony by the end of the generation out advertise xbox something like seven to one and you can get broadcasting magazines that verify all that uh microsoft did spend some money there i’ve read some reports about dollar wise microsoft spent money but they didn’t they didn’t broad get them on broadcast television they didn’t get them to where they needed to be where sony did and you can just pop on regular television and even today sony’s just has way more commercials than xbox he has ever thought about doing this entire past gen so i’m hoping this upcoming gin they uh they get aggressive and you whether you’re on the internet or whether you’re on regular television you’re you’re seeing xbox commercials you know with the whole like you know broadcast television stuff like i i think it might be like different in the us but in the uk like xbox adverts on all the time whenever there’s a new game coming out like gays five trailers were on tv all the time the outer world was plastered all over the place uh so you know i won’t be surprised if i say this on tv soon even like going back to like you know halo wars halo wars was on during the most popular tv shows walking dead flash arrow and again that was an rts and that was back in 2016 so it’s like you know i know in the past they haven’t really marketed that well but at least in the uk like i’ve noticed that they’ve actually done a really good job it’s just um i think the problem at the minute is is that with all the tv shows being pushed off to next year there isn’t really that big go-to tv show that’s coming out this year like because isn’t the walking dead being held off until next year like which is pretty much the biggest tv program of the year whether people like it or not um you know i think microsoft will product you don’t spend that much money on that kind of adverse and then not put it on tv and you know uh again they’ll probably put on during like sports matches or whatever it’s like i think they’ll do it because again microsoft clearly has a lot more money this time around for you know a proper marketing campaign and you know i i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because again this past seven years i should say earlier in the generation in the uk there wasn’t a lot of adverts like titanfall got advertised to hell sunset overdrive didn’t the master chief collection got advertised to hell quantum break got advertised to hell but like you know record didn’t obviously that was a smaller game and it’s just like you know halo 5 halo 5 dominated the uk that made more money in the uk than the bond film that released the same week so it’s like you know like i know it’s different in different territories but in the uk at least you know xbox marketing is all right it’s just i think a lot of the problems in the uk is that you know a lot of staff in like you know game shops and stuff a very place issue on playstation orientated so it’s like you know there’s some battles to still win but yeah i think with this new trailer the new box and you know the market and stuff i think they’ll do it um yeah um and that kind of leads us to the the whole uh gamestop partnership because like i mean nobody already knows what it’s all about uh not sure if you’ve heard anything but like i i’ve heard um um mr boom stick talking about it and like according to him is that this deal is going to be all about like um because i haven’t really read too much too much details on that deal but apparently it’s all about like really gamestop uh focusing on promoting xbox because like apparently microsoft is like paying them quite a lot of money for that and that kind of stuff so it’s it’s really going to be when you will go to like a game stop you will see you know like all these odds

and like um you know a kiosk with uh you know xbox city sex with game playing in the background that kind of stuff like next to the to the um you know to um to the cashier and that kind of stuff right so you know like apparently they are really spending a lot of money i’m talking about microsoft on like promoting xbox um so yeah it’s interesting i mean what’s your thoughts on on that guys i read that back to front the whole game uh gamestop and i have no idea what that was about like um yeah i know it could be about like you know back end stuff but it’s like you know i know it’s very different in the us um but like i just i just read it as like you know xbox is gonna get more how should i say it more of a foothold because whenever i say people post images of uh game stops there’s never these big like you know modern booths with like a new tv and like the consoles hooked up with the latest game it’s always like an old style xbox one with like you know dead dead ryzen 3 you know it’s like so i just read it as that um again you know i know retailers are having issues all over the planet at the minute and you know game stops probably having the same issues as game over here um so it could be for that because again you know i know a lot of people are moving to physical i should say digital and the asked a lot of people you know uh need discs and stuff and you know i think you know with the only two big places in the uk where people buy games is game and amazon you know amazon’s taking a huge foothold here so i’m thinking maybe it’s just like i don’t know microsoft just trying to like help out physical distribution somehow in the us but other than that i couldn’t really take much from it which is weird because we all thought that microsoft is all about digital right now right yeah which which is weird because you know again microsoft’s been more poor consumers than anyone at the minute so it’s like they’re doing a lot of people favors and a lot of you know good things so this could just be more good stuff for people well i know i read it and then i went back and i reread it thoroughly and it’s not an xbox deal by the way it’s got nothing to do with xbox this is all right microsoft has a partnership microsoft not xbox microsoft has a deal our partnership with gamestop they’re going to go in and they’re going to provide them with surface laptops and they’re going to work on their back end their software for ordering and all that’s going to be all redone using microsoft software uh and then hopefully hopefully out of this partnership we won’t get the biased crap that we’ve got in the last seven years in the states with gamestop employees telling people don’t buy microsoft it’s crap don’t do this don’t get that only by sony because that’s the kind of crap you get in these stores yeah i’ve heard that from many people yeah i’m hoping that they’ll put a stop to that now but if you read the deal and read it thoroughly this is not xbox and gamestop this is microsoft and it’s to put surfaces in their employees hands so they’re not stuck behind the counter they can walk around the store and and you know that kind of thing but anyway it’s not going to be a bad thing in any way and i think it will help to promote xbox more but as far as like kiosks and things like that no that’s not gonna get those in there that’s up to the xbox and their advertising people to get to these stores that they’ve got reps and their reps need to get off their asses and get into these stores and get their displays set up and microsoft that was a total fail on their part it was more than just game stop having a being pissed off at microsoft for the whole digital thing and all that the truth was there just wasn’t enough microsoft reps if you talk to the gamestop people they’re like yeah we see the microsoft guy once every couple of months and uh they just come in and yeah yeah the sony dudes are there almost daily sometimes during peak periods you know like getting close to black friday and christmas and whenever there’s a big game release so they make sure that the displays are you know they they went above and beyond and it’s same with nintendo there they have refs to get no stores and they get the display right up by the front and all that and microsoft just did not want to pay the people to do it and they had apparently with microsoft their reps had bigger territories and more stores that they had to go to so frequent visits and they never got the good displays and when stuff got old or outdated they just got left in there hopefully that’s all that crap will get

changed because there’ll be a lot more involvement with microsoft people in these game stops okay well you know maybe it is like yeah i mean if they’re going to have all these technicians and whatever there so yeah it kind of makes sense yeah i mean mentioned in that press release about how that there would be microsoft people interacting with the gamestop people on a regular basis to make sure everything’s working and all that kind of stuff yeah but that’s like microsoft will be providing support so yeah i wonder how that’s really going to translate into like you know hey you know how about we promote xbox a little bit here as well so yeah and to be honest and to be honest with you can you actually really change people working there in in a sense that like because you know i don’t know like um you know because sony did work on this relationship like years and like you said like they’ve got more people involved than whatever right so it’s yeah it’s going to be a tough battle in my opinion yeah and not only that there’s you know i’ve heard famous youtubers that work at gamestop have said that they you know xbox 448 that said that he got fired from gamestop for pushing xbox instead of playstation they but that was his particular store i know the little game stop i go to yeah they’re they’re the playstation area is a little bit bigger it has been throughout this whole generation but uh that’s mostly because the xbox rep ain’t coming in there and getting it and they didn’t have a uh after about two years whatever display that had an actual you know xbox in it and the monitor that went away because they never did change it out and they never would bring new games for it or whatever for the display thing but at the same time the workers i’ve rarely ever heard them say anything bad about xbox and they never tried to push playstation stuff over xbox at least not with me when i was ever in there so that’s just the little store i go to that was you know also it’s just yeah there’s probably eight ten in this given area that if not more i don’t even know how many i know there’s a bunch of them and when they had all those closures not that many closed in this area yeah i guess microsoft will be try will be trying to push game pass more than anything else so i’m not entirely sure whether a game stop is whether they need game stop for that really because you know like um yeah we’ll see how that goes really but uh yeah it was just interesting and i thought that like yeah and i’ve heard you know uh boomstick talking about like how you know they want to kind of use this deal to push the xbox uh you know a little bit more in gamestop as well so you know i wonder how that’s going to play out that sounds like wishful thinking from mr boomstick because nowhere’s in that uh press release didn’t even mention xbox it was microsoft and about surface and they may start selling services in there who knows that they didn’t specify but they will be microsoft products for selling there we already know they sell xboxes but uh yeah it it’ll be interesting and but whether or not it’ll keep you know gamestop from going out of business i don’t know some people mention stuff about reggie phillip may now you know he has a position with gamestop and whether he facilitated some of this you know that i don’t know because it didn’t specify any names of the people who’s done this but that would make sense to me if he was the one that kind of got this thing going to try to more modernize some of those game stop stores yeah it could be could be we’ll see well anyway we’ll see how that goes so listen um we’ve got that covered so before we start talking about playstation um let’s talk about one more thing and then we’ll uh let’s talk about xbox overheating issues apparently so it’s actually interesting because like jesus like this story got really blown out of proper proportion because you know a couple of in journalists actually reported that xbox city sex is getting hot right when like hey i mean you know the only thing i’ve got to say about is like what did you expect like did you expect xbox to produce you know ice cubes instead of heat i mean you know if you’ve got the exhaust of the actual the fun like really pushing out the hot air out of the console not into the console but out of the

console i mean that means that the actual fan is and the actual cooling system is actually uh you know doing its job because you know like i know that it’s it it’s called cooling system right but it’s not about getting their console cool called you know per se but it’s about it’s about you know taking all the heat out of the console and and basically throwing it out uh in the wild right which means that you know in in the process it you know you keep the temperature like low in the console and it look and it sounds like that the actual console is is not only quiet right so doesn’t seem to be an issue with that with a chip or anything and another thing is that the actual console the plastics on the sides and the whatever of the console is cool as well it’s not getting warm at all it’s just like the the air coming out of the you know top of the console is hot which like i said is expected right so guys i mean what’s your thoughts on it i mean um you know is there anything to get worried about or is that just like another you know fun boy story oh i’m gonna run about this so i like people go over the top when it comes to anything like this you know people will um you know the thing is microsoft’s had a really good run since they announced the xbox series x and people are just grasping for straws something to complain about but they can’t find anything do you know if i’ll put my hand on the back of my xbox one x right now it’s gonna get tossed you real quick yeah if i put red dead redemption on and i put my hand behind the console i’m going to toss my hand if i go and put my hand underneath my laptop right now i will literally burn my hand that’s how hot it gets off doing nothing so people expect microsoft to change the laws of thermal dynamics because they have a new console coming out what like the whole point of a fan being on the top is that it sucks air from underneath the console the cool air goes through the console and that makes the rest of the console cooler and it extracts the heat like heat rises like that’s why it’s being designed that way and it’s like they have a vapor chamber in the console they have a dni deionized liquid inside the vapor chamber and when the chip gets hot the liquid turns to gas and the gas goes to the other part of the vapor chamber the cool air goes through the fins which cools the liquid i should say cools the gas the gas returns to a liquid and then it goes back onto you know over where the chip is and it’s like that’s how they keep the console that’s why it’s so small so it’s like of course it’s going to get warmer above the top that’s how it works do you know if i if i you know edit video on my phone or if i take photos or if i just do anything with like you know 4k images my phone gets us that’s just how it works i don’t did people really think that you know a console should be pushing out cool air that would not make sense that would not make sense at all and it’s like microsoft’s like look at it like this they had the red ring of death they cost billions and then they came out with the xbox one which was clearly over-engineered because the whole thing is practically empty like there’s so much empty space in the launch xbox one it’s ridiculous and look how much they shrunk down that console and then they shrunk it down even further when they made it more powerful with the one x so with the the series x being you know it’s a bit bigger than the one x it’s of course it’s going to push through warm air that’s the point like and the thing is you know it it makes for good thumbnails right i get it you know an xbox one on fire and even today i’m saying like channels with like you know a million plus subscribers doing this whole you know xbox on fire thing and i get it right that gets clicks and it’s like is that where we at right now like people don’t understand that you know electrical goods get hot my tv gets warm like i i don’t i don’t really understand why people are you know trying to make it into an issue and then i saw people make the whole ssd uh the ex external storage card is you know that gets hot well of course it should get hot ssds get really hot if you put your hand on a hard drive it’s warm then you’re not meant to be touching the the metal part of the chip anyway it’s meant to be either in the console or just you know in its case that’s the point of it having a case you know it’s it’s just people being over the top of the situation and it’s just whiteness to be honest fake news for click baits that’s about as simple an explanation that you can get down i mean warm air rises out of it’s doing what it’s supposed to do but my thing is some re actually good xbox people have actually made this story worse because everybody happened to defend it which instead of ignoring it it made it

seem like a real story a year and a half ago before we were even doing this podcast i read from multiple sources and had people tell me that uh oh playstation has an overheating issue and they did but they solved it pretty quick that’s when they first went to the much larger size case and then they ran into some other problems later on that made them you know cooling issues because the running the thing overclocked but they addressed whatever they needed to address and even though there was always been little reports snippets here and there about you know problems that the playstation was having but so only never did say crap about it never answered to it they just eventually they put out you finally seen in the teardown the other day that they’ve got that big ass fan and even bigger ass heatsink they they did what they needed to do to make sure their console wasn’t overheating and they address the fact that the ps4 and even worse the ps4 pro you know sounded like jet engines you know so they did what they needed to do xbox also did what they needed to do they did it with the og xbox by making that thing huge a ton of empty space in it so that air had a place to move around and then they did it again with the 1s the 1x and now with the series x and i assume also with the series s but uh these things just don’t overheat people need to just get off this they’re just trying to crap on xbox making a big deal about it and again you had they sent these things out to a lot of playstation type sites and fans the dude in france that started it all that dude’s a hardcore pony he just is he does do twitch and he’s usually on a pc but he promotes playstation heavy all right and he was the first one it was like oh these xboxes are you can heat your apartment with it and they’re like fire to the touch and eventually he had to take his post down because it was all lies it was [ __ ] and then he then he put out some statements on twitter uh backing away from it and you know a couple more statements that was like yeah well it’s really not and then there was that idiot that had the ssd card and it acted like it burned his hand and he picked it right back up it wasn’t really that hot you know it was i’m sure it was warm it’s supposed to be warm it’s but if they don’t think if you take the wings off the ps5 and get to where their uh ssd slot is and try to pull that thing out while it’s just been running it’s going to be hot too of course by the time you get the bottom off and get the wing off and then get the little lid over top of the where the uh ssd is going to be yeah it might have it’s going to take you so long it may already be cooled down but that’s another thing altogether but anyway uh just to sum it up fake news clickbait that’s all this has been about yeah unfortunately i mean it is worth this people will try always try to spin it one way or the other unfortunately uh but it is what it is um listen so how about we talk about that playstation 5 teardown you know what actually you know before we do that uh let’s talk about backwards compatibility because we haven’t really touched on that uh um so we know that xbox 36 will be pretty much fully backwards compatible with playstation with uh sorry with xbox one games and xbox 360 games and og xbox games and we were all wondering what’s going to happen with playstation 5 backwards computer compatibility because there was some mixed messaging you know one week we had sorry about a hundred games being available day one then another story a week later was about you know how playstation 5 is going to be able to run all backwards compatible games and whatever right then we had you know some crazy stories about like you know a couple of hundreds of them being available day one and then you know more being added later but it looks like we’ve got some official information from sony now and according to their blog post 99 99 99.9 i would even say percent of playstation 4 catalog games will run on playstation 5. there’s like handful of games i i think i’ve counted like 10 titles and to be honest with you none of them really is any like a big title to be honest with you so there’s nothing to worry about uh i think the only one i really heard about was this rob robinson johnny robinson journey or

something vr game i think i don’t know uh or maybe that’s completely different game who knows right but like i said there was no big games on that list of titles that will not run on playstation 5 for whatever reason so most of the of playstation 5 games will run on sorry most of the playstation 4 titles will run on playstation 5 no problem um so that’s very good news that’s extremely good news now the real question and i’m sure that jamie will want to talk about it because he did say that he’s he wants to talk about the actual you know enhancements and that kind of stuff so what’s your thoughts on that guys and what do you think about games being enhanced and that kind of stuff on playstation 5 you know it’s it’s good news that like the large bulk of the catalogue is going to be back it’s compatible because at the end of the day you don’t want to find out that something you bought doesn’t work you know people might talk online and stuff about backwards compatibility but hey like it’s good to know that you can bring all your games forward and you know with playstation almost all of them are going to be there so that’s that’s excellent news and when it comes to the the enhancement situation so no games as of yes that aren’t i’m guessing sony will do some stuff for first party games but uh no kind of you know backwards compatible style enhancements like what the base a team have done uh will be happening but it will take advantage of the hardware via you know doing boost modes so games with unlocked frame rates will get a bump and be more stable in games with uh a dynamic uh resolution will actually you know go up so if something’s dynamic 4k it’ll go up to 4k which is excellent news and yeah i mean like again games should you know look slightly better perform better and when it comes to your backwards compatible catalogue like the the list of ten games there i only heard of both two of them so i don’t think people have to worry about like the list anymore and you know the vr games work again you know it’s just good news and again people you know people have been in the dark for a long time when it comes to backwards compatibility on playstation but hey the information’s out now and you know some games will guess you know they didn’t really clear up whether they’re gonna do more enhancements for backwards compatible games you know first party or remasters considering they did a ton of remasters this generation it wouldn’t surprise me to do that again but hey i mean we never know and uh now the the one thing they did kind of leave out the blog post was the save situation so on xbox you know microsoft’s had their backwards compatible team you know doing everything they can to get compatibility work from you know og to xbox series x and you know saves work seamlessly just go up to the cloud you pull the save down automatically and you’re good to go on playstation 5 it isn’t like that it’s up to the developer and the developer has to do the work which i think was possibly not the best move you know i know playstation’s eco system isn’t you know where xboxes burst like again like people just if people want the saves to transfer you’re gonna have to mention to the developer which is unfortunate and if people want saves to transfer and they’re gonna tweet the developer just be police be nice you know because i’ve already seen a few a few developers being hounded about this but like just be respectful and you know again playstation shouldn’t have left this onto the developers they should have made a system-wide thing but again playstation doesn’t have the bc team that xbox has xbox has been doing this for over five years now so they’ve got this in the bag playstation’s new with this so again saves on automatically transferring across the board it’s going to be on a game by game basis by the developer themselves um which which is pretty much the only bad news today when it comes to the bc stuff uh so yeah just people be respectful you know just you know don’t be swearing at developers saying i want me safe to transfer just just be nice because developers will listen to a polite tweet than someone swearing at them because one one way they’ll listen the other way they’ll just block you well if you go all the way back to i think cerny’s talked i i think at that time it could have even been before that it might have been one of those magazine articles that they’ve done over the last year uh but the the first by compat stuff i heard was that the way they were doing it was that if it’s a straight ps4 game that the ps5 would would clock speed would match that of the ps4 and it’ll play that game exactly like it played on the ps4 if it was a ps4 pro enhanced game it would use that clock speed and of course if it’s a new enhanced

game it would use the ps5 clock or if it’s just any new game of course would be the ps5 clock and that made sense to me in the fact that everything would be back compat immediately you’d build any disk you own any digital game you own you should be able to play immediately uh but then for the closer you know as months passed other information dropped and it was like well are we getting everything and then then there was that 100 games and then there’s still a question of what what were they even talking about with ps now or ps whatever service you’re going to get the top 100 games why why is that what does that even mean it doesn’t make any sense if every game’s back compact day one i’m still confused on that but why would they even bring that other crap up i i again i don’t know why but i just remember the original thing i ever read was that the clock speed the master clock speed of the system ps4 it’ll run at that whatever your ps4 runs at that’s what your ps5 is going to run at if you drop a ps4 disc in it it’s a enhanced game that was available for the pro it’ll run at that clock speed and so on so and that makes total sense of course that don’t give you a whole bunch of extra enhanced stuff so maybe that hundred they’ve been talking about is the ones that have like an extra enhancement or that’s the ones that don’t have a uh a fixed frame rate so you you know you’ll get a higher frame rate or i you know again i don’t know but i’m just glad they said everything’s about compact because i was planning on selling my uh pro just to get rid of it because it’s a useless machine and then just picking up a regular ps4 slim this coming black friday because i think instead of being at 200 like last year and giving you three or four games i think this year you’re gonna get 149.99 no game you know one controller ps4 is gonna be a pretty sweet deal so i thought you know what i’ll pick one of those up and then that way i’ll throw that on on a 1080p set that i have and yeah because i’m not going to have the ps4 hooked up to my 4k set anymore that’ll just be for my xbox you know series x and the ps5 but anyway yeah i i’m happy with this it just and then again i’ll have it covers me so good on them yeah i mean um actually you’ve got a point is it’s it it is interesting um because like they haven’t really released too much details on how that actually works because um yeah marx and it did did speak about those different um you know backwards compatible kind of modes right where you’ve got like playstation 5 running at playstation 4 mode playstation 4 pro mode and obviously playstation 5 mode um so what i would what i would say like reading the blog post because there’s like they there’s literally no zero information about any enhancements to those games other than boost mode right but like this moose boost mode is all about uh like giving you know giving a boost to those games that have unlocked frame rate right or or dynamic resolution scaling so literally the same thing that we’ve seen with xbox cd6 um and all these games that these youtubers were testing right because like just the share power of xbox 36 and playstation 5 will allow for some of some of the of these games to actually run at higher frame rate or higher resolution if a game has got a dynamic resolution scaling or um unlocked frame rate right so that makes sense um but there’s no word on any like playstation 5 enhancements yes i get it the games that that that have got like um playstation 4 pro enhancement so all the you know 4k and that kind of stuff right yeah that will that will be there because like you like you mojo said that you know you’ve got these playstation 4 pro clocks but they didn’t mention and they they said nothing about enhancing like these games to like playstation 5 level right in a sense that oh imagine a game that you know on place even on playstation 4 pro runs at like

1440p at 30 frames per second so you know they didn’t say anything about like enhancing that kind of games to run it to and to make them run at 4k and 60 for example right so what i think is going to happen is is that because because of the fact that sony don’t have such a big end and and experienced backwards compatible compatible compatibility team i think what we will get and we you know they confirmed that already we will get the all these playstation 4 and playstation 4 pro games to run at pretty much the same you know resolution frame rate as on the on of us on these like original consoles um except those games that have dynamic resolution scaling and unlocked frame rate of course and if a developer wants to enhance a game for playstation 5 their old playstation 4 game to play you know for playstation 5 then this particular developer will probably have to put some extra work and create patch and whatever right so yeah i mean so i don’t see too many games like that to be honest with you i mean some will be patched because hey we’ve got confirmation that um you know marvel’s avengers going to be obviously patched for playstation 5 destiny 2 will be patched for playstation 5 um and there’s a number of other titles right but we’re not going to get any enhancements from directly from playstation 5 backwards compatibility team right in my opinion um so it will be interesting to see how that plays out because like i was actually expecting that maybe you know the latest and who knows maybe they will announce it still uh but i was hoping that at least the the the first party titles like horizon zero dawn good of war uh last of us part two goes to to shima i was expecting these games to get like you know some sort of like playstation 5 treatment um but they say nothing about it and funny enough like literally minutes after playstation officially confirmed the backwards compatibility uh today a naughty dog official account came out basically saying that oh we are so glad that all our games all our playstation 4 game is going to be available on playstation 5 day one via backwards compatibility right but they said nothing nothing about enhancing the last of us part two for example right so you know that’s my only gripe with with that but like generally speaking i’m super happy about the fact that you know i will have access to some of these games i mean pretty much all of all of these games on playstation 5 right so i don’t need a playstation 4 to play some of these older titles because you know i did miss some of the playstation for playstation 4 titles still haven’t played spider-man still haven’t played days gone still haven’t played the last of us part two so i want to play these games on on playstation 5 but i just i just i just hope that sony will release patches for these games so i can enjoy these games at 4k and 60 frames per second right so um before we move on any last thoughts on it guys uh no i mean it’s good that they’ve actually gotten that many titles to work it’s just again you know they just have to work on the whole safe situation because again in my opinion it shouldn’t be on the developer for the whole saves yeah i got nothing else only that in fact even the save thing for me is a non-issue because i’m such a weird gamer that if i haven’t played a game in like say a year i start over i don’t worry about whatever i had it saved yet now if it’s a week later of course i want to go to the wherever i had it saved but if i go back to an old game i tend to always start over so i don’t care about the cloud saves but that’s just me i know i’m absolutely in the minority on that in fact i may be the only person that feels that way uh i think it’s a big deal for a lot of people it’s just not for me i’m just happy they’re all going to be available since they had made such a big deal last year about saying who wants to play old games anyway and you know and so i’m i’m glad that you know the entire ps4 library is available cool so before we before we move on to um before we move on to the last topic really i wanted also to actually chime in on uh one more thing xbox 36 exclusives because i mean we covered that we

covered that in in previous um podcasts obviously but it’s actually interesting because this there is like not sure not sure if you heard about this um arcane and machine heads games but not like remasters i think that they are or like bundles so the uh somewhere in korea or somewhere else um they rated arcane collection and um welfare science collection right i might have gotten the actual you know names of these bundles like wrong i’m sure i did um but the fact of the matter is that like there is a collection of like three f3 three games or four games from arcane so prey uh dishonest one two uh and uh there was like dlc or something like that i think as well and also there is a collection of wolfenstein games so new order uh young blood um and couple of other um you know the obviously new colossus and there was another one and these games these bundles go were rated for playstation 4 and xbox one sounds right but what’s interesting is that they were also rated for pc and xbox series sx but not playstation 5. so there’s two possibilities either they haven’t rated for they haven’t rated it for playstation 5 yet for whatever reason and that rating is coming at a later date that is possible or another possibility and that’s the news from couple of days ago and nothing has changed or basically this these two bundles these two collections are not coming to playstation 5 for some reason which means that maybe they are not really that keen on putting games new or old doesn’t matter on playstation 5 at all which is which kind of is in line with what we’ve been saying for the most part right like hey i know that phil spence uh aaron greenberg and couple of other executives were are saying that you know whether or not these games going to be coming to like playstation 5 is going to be on a case-by-case basis and i get it but it looks like that might be like a first kind of um uh indication right these collections that not so many games will end up on playstation 5 right because yeah i mean at the end of the day microsoft really wants to push their you know subscriptions numbers and that kind of stuff and not necessarily support playstation 5 right and i get it i get the the whole argument about losing money because if you’re not sending these games on playstation 5 you are literally losing money but i guess it’s it’s it’s i guess in phil’s phil’s spencer and other you know xbox executives heads it’s more about you know um which is more beneficial do we earn you know a couple of extra bucks on playstation 5 or do we push xbox game pass big time um so guys i mean what’s your kind of last thoughts on on that kind of subject really yeah so the whole like these games are not being like you know waited for playstation it kind of makes sense if you think about like my these talks between you know bethesda and microsoft have obviously been going on for a while so this could have been part of like you know early talks you know get next generation versions up because think about it it’s not necessarily just about game pass like there’s still people millions of people that go to stores buy games so if someone sees a collection of wolfenstein games you know optimized for xbox series x on a shelf they’re gonna be like oh i might pick that up because it’s a it’s a it’s an incentive to pick it up you know like i’m looking at games that i don’t normally play that have the end you know optimized logo and thinking no i could try that you know millions of people do that and then you have to think well okay what about game pass it’s like having these collections because if you look at game pass right now a lot of that content isn’t optimized for series x so they’re gonna want more content in there that is so that makes sense and the thing is you know why would they go to other platforms anyway i’ve been trying to tell people this for weeks and everyone’s been saying as well it’s like microsoft owns them don’t expect the games elsewhere like i know this i know it might be a hard pill to swallow but doesn’t it make sense insomniac bought by playstation we’re not getting spiderman on xbox are we not anytime soon so it’s like people

just have to like it makes sense xbox own studio xbox only game like that that’s just the way it makes sense you know uh so like people will be shocked when starfield and four comes out and you know it’ll just be the same all over again but yeah it makes sense you know again they need series s and x optimized content in game pass they need more of that you know them optimized games on the shelves yeah it makes sense and plus if no one’s played the wolfenstein games play them please because you know even on one x 4k 60 mode was introduced like this thing was like a month after launch and that game looks incredible so if they’ve put ratressing in mind blown and then you have to look at the arcane games the first game never got upgraded for the one x so that’ll be you know very nice to go back to the second game that that got upgraded for the one x that game looks really good uh the dlc which i always forget its name again looks very good in prayer prayer is a gorgeous game so if that gets ra waitressing too again arcane makes very interesting you know immersive sims and i think more people should play them but yeah i mean it’s just a bunch of good games getting you know more attention and that’s good in my eyes because again all the games i just mentioned should have sold more in my opinion you know wolfenstein amazing prayer dishonored amazing so it’s all it’s good news all around just people shouldn’t expect these games on playstation anymore you know yeah and since all these were originally released on the ps4 they’re going to be on the ps4 and the ps5 is backwards compatible so they’ll you’ll still be able to play them you just won’t get the enhanced versions which are being going to be being done solely for the xbox platform makes total sense to me and then in the future all the new games that’s all you they’re only going to be on xbox because listen let’s be honest even at 105 million consoles sold uh most of these games barely cracked a million if that on the playstation they just didn’t sell that well and that’s just not the amount of money to get back your investment they’re way better off driving people to game pass and uh and getting more xbox console sales which again will drive more people into game pass which is their number one way of uh reading it’s our number one revenue stream period so it would be inane to say it nicely instead of just saying stupid uh why would you sell these games on a competition’s console where if you know you’re getting the game and you’re never gonna buy an xbox you’re never gonna get game pass and that’s not helping xbox just selling an extra five hundred thousand eight hundred thousand a million million point five uh it’s just not enough they they’re better off letting people just gate go get your next box or get yourself game they need those subscriptions that’s their revenue stream and it makes no sense to let any of these games go anywhere else but within the xbox ecosystem which includes pc of course yeah i agree and to be honest with you like there is only one one scenario that i could see um microsoft releasing like those bigger big like titles right uh on playstation 5. because people people because like at the very beginning of this whole you know conversation just after bethesda deal was announced people were saying that oh you know you know it doesn’t make sense i mean why would microsoft uh you know just gave up on like 120 million user base right but first of all like you need to remember that we’re talking about next generation titles right you know next doom next uh i mean starfield uh next elder scrolls like like next all their their games right are going to be next generation titles i would just say that 80 to 90 of these new games going to be a proper next generation games only on next generation consoles or console and pc so what’s good of the 120 or even 130 million by that time

playstation 4 sold if they’re not going to be able to put those games on the playstation 4 anyway right so if anything they will be looking at playstation 5 uh console numbers right and we still don’t know how many they will sell so imagine a situation when well starfield’s probably going to be an exclusive anyway because like you know i i somehow i feel that the starfield is going to be a next year’s game i mean there is a reason why like every interview every show uh those microsoft executives or bethesda executives are on they talking about star field like you know the very the very first interview that microsoft made with um you know bethesda guys with todd howard and uh the other pr guy um you know that they spoke about brazil they spoke about starfield like you know major major major nelson was such a so so excited about it like starfield is like like it it it felt like he was like in in in high school right like you could literally see the excitement on his face when he was talking about starfield right i mean he got shut down a little bit by but thought howard a little bit about starfish and he said like you know we’ll we’ll see we’ll we will show it when it when we’re ready right but like then then you hear um you know other executives talking about my you know starfield as well so it seems like starfield is going to be like coming pretty soon in my opinion like next year um so so yeah like but other games like starfield is going to be next generation title as well like i think but my point is that like by the time all these titles come you know will show up will come out you know like playstation 5 is not going to be at 120 million sold right i mean like two years from now they may sell 20 25 million right and microsoft will have to and by that time you know the real question is how many subscribers they will have in game pass if they will reach like 50 60 70 million right it might be more beneficial for them to like give give game pass a little bit extra push instead of like you know putting those games on playstation 5 and just counting that these games just going to sell well right so like you know we have to look at that as well and that’s why microsoft like that’s why aaron greenberg and phil spencer say that the they will make decisions on a game-by-game basis right on a case-by-case basis because there’s a lot of stuff involved in deciding whether or not these games going to be exclusive i think that for the most part i think that the general rule for these you know new studios and i’m not even talking about bethesda only right now i’m talking about like all the their new per new newly purchased um studios the general the general you know rule of thumb i think is like the hey there the those studios games are coming to xbox only in pc hey we may we may make some exceptions here and there but for the most part all these games going to be on on on on xbox and pc and xcloud only and people use this argument that oh but yeah but but you know elder scrolls that was on playstation 4 before why wouldn’t another one would be on playstation 5. uh that fallout same k some same thing it was on playstation 4 why wouldn’t they release another fallout on playstation 5. but like if you same with doom right but if you look at ninja theory’s hellblade that game was on playstation 4 that was actually even released first in playstation 4 before it ever came to xbox right and now hey blade 2 is going to be xbox and pc exclusive despite the fact that the actual sequel uh sorry the uh you know the previous game right the first game was only on playstation 5 for all for almost a year another example the outer worlds right that’s a multi-platform game they release just a dlc and what do we know what do you know i mean sequel to that game and mad buddy has already already officially confirmed that the sequel to that game is going to be on xbox and pc only so if they are making these moves with those other studios that they bought previously i mean why would they apply different rules to like bethesda and you know all these studios under zenimax makes makes no sense at all and that’s why like i said like most of

the games will be xbox and pc only there there’s going to be some exceptions here here and there for multiple reasons i mean games are service like fallout 76 and elder scrolls online i guess it makes sense to put them on on playstation 5 because they are they are on playstation 4 already and they’re not just going to plug that pull the plug on them right but listen you know that’s just my thoughts on it so um any last thoughts on it before we move on to the playstation 5 tier down you know before we move on to the teardown thing i’ve got some like smaller game news which i can go over quick uh so the medium got to release date oh yeah december 10th so you know still launch window and hey that that’s that’s not that long after launch so in my opinion that that’s pretty cool um what do you call it the falconer will be 4k 60 on one x uh it will also have on the one x or cd section series x it also has a performance mode which is 1800 p at 120 frames per second its load time will be 13 seconds it will be 1800 p at 60 frames per second on the one x and uh 1800 60 frames per second on the series s end on 1s 1080p 60 frames per second so all across the board everyone’s getting a cool version of the falconer and oh yeah and outriders got delayed yesterday which is heartbreaking yeah until like february right yeah might like i found that one i’ve heard about it which is a shame because that game looks pretty cool um but on the falcon ear actually i’m quite surprised because you know i remember i even made a video about it because the developers of that game um on the xbox wire article i like interview they were saying something about like this game running at 8k on sirius x so i wonder what’s what what happened with that right because they kind of suggested that they they were testing 8k in that game on sirius x um so yeah i mean i just wanted to throw this out there really although more more interesting things about the balcony it has a four-door mod which is cool and after the open and cinematic there’s no more lord screens oh okay yeah so i mean the game looks really cool in my opinion and you know we don’t really get games like this anymore so um yeah i agree so mojo any thoughts on actually i’m quite surprised that i mean surprise maybe not surprised but like uh kind of sad that the medium is like is launching on december 10th but at the same time you know what i’ll be deep into the cyberpunk anyway by the time so maybe that’s better maybe that’s maybe that’s for the better so uh yeah mo journey any any thoughts on that he’s muted is he mojo okay i i guess he’s not my bad i i had myself muted that was but anyway yeah i agree with you on that the medium being in december’s that works out good for me because i’m going to be playing mostly cyberpunk and uh yeah i don’t need but one big game at a time um even though you could actually have two or three and switch out pretty quick which is cool but i think initially yeah i’m just looking forward to cyberpunk right now and and then after that then i’m going for valhalla and then then it’ll be the medium so yeah cool so okay so let’s move on to the playstation 5 teardown um so yeah that came out of nowhere uh i was kind of surprised i guess everyone was um the tear down was actually pretty cool in my opinion um they literally you know uh disassembled the the whole playstation really right they shown every single part of it i was quite surprised maybe i shouldn’t be really but like i was quite surprised with how big the fun and the actual cooling system is but that’s actually a good news because um yeah we were all kind of worried about the fact that playstation 5 might actually get hot and whatever right and loud at the same time but it looks like that shouldn’t really be the case like this big heatsink and the actual fun that should be more than enough to keep the console cool uh so hopefully that’s going to stay this way uh what else uh we found out how to install the you know the extra nvme ssd so that’s a good thing

um and yeah i guess like obviously we we also learned that the playstation 5 is big i mean really big right i mean it’s actually it was actually funny to see like how does it compare in like how that how does it look in comparison to like this guy this engineer like it’s like it was like almost up to his like chin right so yeah i was quite surprised so um what’s your thoughts on on the actual you know tear down that’s a big console that that console is huge that’s huge with a capital h um i mean like we knew these consoles were going to be big that goes for the series x as well but it’s like this console’s like massive and you know like the stan situation like you need a screwdriver for it at the end of the day it’s not going to be a big deal but at the same time people make a big deal out of batteries scoring their controllers so it’s like same energy dudes um but yeah i mean look it’s a big console and those fins are probably to you know keep your hands off the sides because that’s going to be a hot console because it runs off copper heat pipes uh so no vapor chamber which i’m surprised i thought they would have spent the extra money and went with the vapor chamber um but again it’s a huge console you know the you have to take off the side fins and in the video when he was taking off the fins i thought i’d be worried to stop it you know it’s like taking on the back off a laptop you do feel like you’re going to break the thing um and then having to take the you know take another screwdriver and remove the cover to put the ssd in or nvme it’s like it’s a bit much but at the same time you know it’s not the end of the world it’s just a big console and like the the heatsink for the thing is almost as long as my arm like that was a huge heat sink and i know they’ve got like a liquid metal for the you know uh hate transfer or whatever it’s like yeah that’s cool but isn’t that stuff only good for like three or four months um but again i’m surprised at how big that console is because you have to think about going back to this generation sony released a more powerful console in a smaller box and hey they are now releasing a less powerful console in a bigger box it’s like what happened you know and but again look at the playstation 4 pro it’s almost like sony over engineers these things because you know i’ve seen multiple teardowns of a one x like that thing is really compact and easily put together like underneath the shell it’s just you know a bunch of components next to each other stacked easily but on playstation systems and this goes back to the playstation 3 like there’s wires all over the place the antennas like cables go through like you know to the entire system it’s just weird like it seems like like i saw a comment yesterday of like uh there was a picture going around of the the playstation 5 you know disassembled on a table and then there was the one series x on the table and it was the guy from digital foundry and this comment i thought was way because someone legitimately thought that because the the fact that the xbox series x is so compact it’s cheap and it’s just awful together do you have any idea how much like r d goes into making something that compact like but again you know they probably could have gotten the playstation smaller if they went with the vapor chamber and you know there were rumors earlier in the year that they weren’t gonna go with that so it’s like for me i’m just surprised at how big that console is and then you have to look at the disk drive like the way it’s the way the disk drive is and the way it looks you have to think did they originally think that they were gonna release a digital only system because the the disk drive looks like an afterthought you know you need you need a stand to put it horizontally which is weird and i don’t know it just seems like it just seems like the console itself was just you know over over engineered and all the designs like you know everyone’s saying that episode of the simpsons where homer gets to design a car this is that console like it’s just too much that it’s it’s way bigger than a series x somehow it’s like i have no idea why they did it like that again vapor chamber would have made the console a lot smaller it’s it’s strange very strange and the storage solution you know i people are complaining about the price of uh series x storage this storage costs almost as much sometimes if not more yeah and it’s like like we should we should know i’m going this generation storage is gonna cost everyone an arm and a leg and yeah this console is as long as my leg you know it’s a big console like uh like the the series x is relatively big in its footprint when you have it standing up where it’s like

this is just like a behemoth in size it’s a yeah it’s just it’s just very big yeah it makes me believe those early reports that like from a year and a half ago that they had some heat issues that uh and then when they realized that they were so underpowered compared to the uh series x that they had to go to their uh current system of uh multiple clocks or whatever i all that stuff and overclocking it let’s just call it what it is and that was going to make it run even hotter so they i think there was some great designs mojo just just to double down on what you say um it’s actually interesting because there’s some people on the internet like you know tech tech guys they say that um i think some codes got revealed as well and apparently that kind of validates the uh the github kind of leak which basically spoke about like 9.2 teraflops uh gpu so it looks like that what they did with that is just like you know applied the variable you know frequencies and that kind of stuff and overclocked it up to like 10.2 really right so yeah yeah that we’ve known that and um so there was some redesigned stuff that went on throughout the the back half of the whole design or rnd for this this console the ps5 so i think that’s why you ended up with such a gargantuan box but personally i don’t care other than it’s not going to fit under my television i’ve got 12 by 12 cubes in my tv stand underneath it you know there’s like eight four across four in the bottom four in the next row and then the top portion of the tv sets on but yeah there’s no way vertical or horizontal that the uh ps5 fits but the xbox will fit so that’s cool i guess for the playstation it’ll just set on top of the stand and i may set both of them i may put one on the left side one more right because i’ve got my stands bigger than my television so uh it would actually hold a bigger tv if i needed to be but anyway uh yeah wow that tear down uh i i gotta admit i was a pr impressed with the fan how the vertical it runs like a uh like like a water like a mill that you know yeah yeah it does it looks like that’s cool and uh now i think it’s a massive fun i must say yeah massive it will push that air greatly now as far as the heat sink i thought that might be a little overkill that thing was humongous this got to be heavy this is going to make yeah that really no it’s not i mean it’s not you know why it has to cool down cheap see but also the ssd people like um well that goes back to what jamie said those why didn’t they use something like xbox did with uh the vapor chamber to make it run cooler and you wouldn’t need a heatsink that humongous but yeah i would cost more money and they were already going well over i guess saying over budget’s not the right word they were gonna it was gonna cost too much to produce already and so i guess they just didn’t want to do anything else they didn’t have to and then because they had the uh sock problem where you know at least on their initial runs they were barely getting 50 yields and then you know i think that more than anything is why they went to the 70 games to try to make that money back but you know i don’t know that for sure so i don’t have no source on it but it just makes too much sense for it not to be uh but again you never know stuff like that they might have you know once they’ve seen somebody else go to 70 just out of greed they’re like oh yeah we’re going 72 and i don’t believe microsoft is going to uh at least not for a while they they i think you’ll be like a couple of years if they ever go to 70 um but if they’re the last man standing at some point yeah they’re gonna have to you know right now there’s still some big publishers that are at 60 so we’re we’re okay for a little while and but that to me that is important though i would rather see them stay at 60 because uh as much as i love game pass i still love owning my own games and uh and they’re like well if you buy digital what does it matter well i can buy that game digitally and then i’ve got it on a hard drive and i’ve got it on a backup hard drive so i still have those games and i don’t have to go i’m not going to leave them on the cloud and just download them whenever i want to i’m keeping all my stuff backed up on on extra hard drives

and another thing these ssd sizes this is an issue people aren’t don’t really understand that all hard drives particularly ssd hard drives they have and they don’t have infinite lives the more times you write to that drive it starts wiring out okay you’re going to have drives that are not going to last the lifetime of these consoles unless they plan on doing them you know more frequent refreshes and then not giving a crap about the older model because it’s right now if you’re constantly moving that from the ssd to a mechanical hard drive or to a an external ssd and then moving it back to the internal when you get ready to play the more times you write to that i’m telling you you’re killing the life of that drive now right now i think most ssds it’s it’s uh comes out to about 15 teraflops is is the right space that you’ll get you know on a one terabyte drive it’s like you can write to it enough time so it fill up like 15 terabytes yeah and i’m hoping that they these are even better than that that’s what was with some current stuff and this is all brand new cutting edge stuff so both with uh playstation and xbox so hopefully they’ve got that maybe maybe 25 teraflops i don’t know but i’d like for them to at least you know make these drives hey these consoles are going to be around for five years seven years this drive is gonna last that and you’re not gonna have to replace it out at some point but that’s one of my worries about them you know at least initially that moving stuff back and forth like that and constantly riding to a drive you know the reads are ridiculous amount of times you can read so that’s not going to be a big deal and that’s why right now it’s never been a big deal on this generation because uh you just play from your external or whatever and you’re just reading you only write to it once that going one time you know unless you delete it off and then reinstall it but if you’re constantly riding again that’s going to shorten the lifespan of these drives so i don’t think that was a good solution until the price comes down on externals but but it is what it is i mean i get it that’s you know they don’t talk about stuff like that but it needs to be mentioned that you might want to think about that uh you know especially if it’s again it’s not going to benefit from being on that ssd leave it on your external play it off the external don’t write to that internal ssd for some back compact game that gets no benefit from being on your internal ssd i’m just telling you you don’t want to wear that thing out and if it’s a new game then you have to play it off that ssd so uh just be wary of that yeah well we’ll see how that goes um you know the prices are actually killing killing you know us really because um which is uh also interesting thing because a lot of people were complaining about the price of the other segate ssd for xbox 36 and um you know people were complaining that uh you know 220 dollars is a lot and then uh when it was yesterday two days ago there was the there’s this samsung evo 980 i think it’s called ssd which like one terabyte is like 200 as well right so i mean and apparently it’s fast enough to install it in playstation 5 i mean sony still hasn’t really re released like a list of uh compatible you know drives but i would imagine that this one would be a good fit and you know like two hundred dollars right that’s a lot so it’s pretty much the same price as this um ssd card which you you know plug into the xbox cd6 or xbox 36 right so you know that’s just reality of it these these drives are just like very expensive and you know we will have to wait for the for those to actually drop in price at some point in the future it will happen but who knows when um so it is what it is but like going back to the actual teardown i mean um yeah i’m i’m i’m quite surprised with how big it is and like it might you know it might lead to the fact that you know maybe they had some issues you you know hitting issues in the past and stuff i’m talking about like prototypes and stuff so i’m not even trying to apply you know imply that you know playstation

5 may have a fee you know heating issues right i’m just saying about the fact that when you produce when you prototype these um you know systems when you design these systems you have to test different kind of solutions right and you know cooling solutions as well so maybe that’s why they they went with this you know big tower kind of uh design um just to keep the console cool right and and which is good because at the end of the day it’s all about like that’s one of the biggest things that i didn’t like about playstation consoles maybe except playstation 4 slim because that was this one is actually pretty quiet but regular playstation 4 and playstation 4 pro especially after a while you know they get loud really and you know the airflow was always a problem because like with my playstation 4 pro back in the days when i wanted this console to work quietly all i had to do is just remove the top cover and playstation 4 pro would go well i won’t say silent but like pretty pretty pretty pretty low in terms of sound and stuff right it’s pretty quiet so you know it is what it is so the fact that playstation 5 will have a good big cooling system uh the actual vents uh and the ventilation holes that are next to the actual uh fan are pretty big and that should you know it you know the airflow should be good as well so that’s another thing so yeah it is about this um so i think that’s it about that um tear down really so unless you guys want to add anything to it before we wrap up the show uh no i mean i thought you would have did the teardown of the controller as well um oh yeah but other than that like you know a big console as long as it stays cool you know i think people will be alright with it yeah i agree so listen guys uh we will wrap up this show so as always thanks everyone for tuning in thanks for all the like support and everything uh guys uh thanks a lot for showing up and you know all your thoughts and opinions on the all things gaming as always and uh shout out to your channels what’s your plans in terms of new videos shows and stuff that’s been a good show man we should have more stuff to talk about up until the launch and stuff and uh yeah my youtube channel is the elusive gamer i haven’t been able to post anything or make anything because of my dumb neighbors doing construction work but i’m gonna try and get some stuff out tomorrow uh because surely they’re not gonna be doing that on the wedding on a saturday uh but yeah i should have some xbox videos coming out uh hopefully two to three a week for the next three months and then you know go back to two a week or whatever but yeah uh that’s where my content will be the use of gamer and my twitter is jimmy mirandu here where i post game and stuff and books mojo underscore blues one uh i’ll have another podcast uh tomorrow night on saturday night at uh 7 uh me and uh lone wolf gamer uh i’ve been doing maybe like every other week i’ve been doing the wednesday afternoon one uh we’ll see if i keep doing that but right now it’s definitely going to be doing the saturday night one which is just a uh kind of catch-all show of anything that was announced during the week and that includes anything movie news music pop culture whatever um but yeah as far as videos dropping i don’t know and i’m gonna finally get off my lazy ass and start producing some videos i got no excuse not to uh but yeah i just recently got some i don’t say bad news but they they actually are going to do the heart surgery on me i’m going in tuesday to actually see the heart surgeon uh and at that point i guess they’ll schedule when they’re going to put me under the knife knowing this was coming but yet since it just kept dragging on and they’re not they weren’t never scheduling anything and i felt so good and still feel so good compared to before that i had kind of got it in my head that maybe i was you know maybe they wouldn’t have to actually do it but uh no so i expect sometime uh late october early november yeah i’m gonna go have the bypass surgery done as well as hopefully they’ll fix my leaky valve in there but i won’t know until tuesday for sure exactly what they’re planning on stuff when i talk to that heart surgeon because my cardiologist isn’t the one doing the surgery

she’s just just that she’s my cardiologist but yeah i haven’t even met this heart surgeon yet although apparently he did come to see me back last time when i was in the hospital but they decided at that time i wasn’t strong enough to have surgery and uh i’ve had multiple appointments with other kinds of doctors and things and everything’s went really well and they decided that now i am so yeah they’re gonna be doing it so we’ll see how that goes uh well hopefully you know afterwards with the podcast but uh anyway yeah yeah hopefully everything will end up uh cool and stuff right i mean at the end of the day you know the you know the health is the most important right so yeah so it is worth this we have to like you know uh so everybody feel sorry for me and tune in to my channel and give me some clicks or whatever i don’t make stuff but i’ll go for the sympathy clicks anyway yeah saturday night seven o’clock mojo underscore blues one uh me and uh yeah he goes by different things lone wolf gamer yeah okay cool talking everything good good so listen thanks a lot guys for support again um see you next week uh next friday i will see how you know hopefully we’ll get some you know exciting uh xbox news and stuff aaron greenberg was teasing something about was teasing us about like some new gameplay see you all guys next week take care guys bye peace bye everybody thanks