Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Step-Daughter Part 1 – Ep 860 – 7th October, 2017

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Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Step-Daughter Part 1 – Ep 860 – 7th October, 2017

Gita, come quickly The ‘aarti’ has begun Okay, I’m coming ‘The saddest truth behind wishing bad for others’ ‘so that you benefit from it’ ‘is this wish usually gets fulfilled.’ ‘But can somebody else’s destruction’ ‘really make us happy?’ ‘Can it give us a new life?’ Ms. Malti, give me the rent Kamal, what is the point in talking to them? We are suffering today because we didn’t talk This is the reality, Kamal We won’t gain anything by complaining We are ill-fated Fate? This is our helplessness We are helpless for no reason ‘Does our life improve’ ‘by wishing for somebody else’s destruction?’ ‘What happens’ ‘when human beings convert this dream’ ‘into a dreadful reality?’ Sir, I have received some news Bad news Tell me, Jagan Sir, we were hoping it to be about Ajit Verma But we have got a tip about a naxal attack Sir, the attack can be made on the guest house and Vinod and you are the targets Jagan, we won’t step back now Sir, please Step back for the time being It may be late by the time reaches you Sir, the situation is not safe That is why, I’m asking you to do so Take one step back for the moment Sir, please ‘Somebody considered his selfish motive’ ‘as a legal wish.’ ‘He found his advantage in wishing ill for somebody.’ ‘And the destruction wished for took place all of a sudden.’ ‘It came in a dangerous form which could not be imagined.’ ‘The person who wished ill himself’ ‘had no idea how this dangerous incident’ ‘could affect him.’ ‘He had no idea about what had not happened either.’ ‘And what was yet to happen was not known to anybody.’ Mohit, have your grandfather, Jaikishan and grandmother, Gita, gone somewhere? I don’t know, Priest Dad didn’t tell me anything What is the matter? They have not come to the temple from two days Dad and I were busy with some work That is why, we could not come But grandpa and grandma should have come It’s been many years now They have not missed coming here even for a day I’ll do one thing I’ll go to their house and find out Wait, Mohit Even I’ll come with you Mohit, ask your dad whether Mr. Jaikishan has gone somewhere with Ms. Gita No, Mohit Uncle never mentioned to me that he is going somewhere Moreover, where will he go on his own? He has not left this city in all these years Yes, Dad But I’m outside grandpa’s house with the priest and the door is locked I saw Mr. Jaikishan day before yesterday on the 15th when he was going out for a walk How did he go somewhere without informing? How is this possible? Uncle never goes anywhere without informing me Mr. Anand, I can get some smell from the house Yes, Dad It’s a dirty smell Sir, there are no marks of forced entry into the house

The lock outside is of this house itself They used to lock the house with the same lock before leaving for the ‘aarti’ everyday The murderer must have locked the house There are no signs of theft too Sir, they don’t seem to be a rich couple There’s only one cupboard in the bedroom Sarika is checking it Sir There is a locker inside the cupboard I don’t think it has been opened But the keys of the locker are missing Mobile phones? Sir, both their mobile phones have not been found yet When I tried calling uncle and aunt both their phones were switched off Don’t they have any children? They have a daughter named Nupur Nupur Hooda Doesn’t she stay with them? She stays in Majnukheda with her husband, Kamal, and her children Did you inform them? I was shocked and I forgot about it Well, we have not found the locker keys yet It was always with uncle and aunt Both of them used to keep it safely No, Brother Anand This is not possible I’m sure you have a misunderstanding No, Nupur Uncle and aunt’s dead bodies were taken to the hospital in front of me Such a huge locker in a middle class house? What could be inside this locker? Sir, let’s ask the forensic team to scan the entire house We’ll ask them to open the locker too Sir, a ‘Parantha’ has been kneaded and kept in the kitchen A fried ‘Paratha’ has been kept in the plate A used plate has been kept in the hall in which a ‘Paratha’ was most probably eaten There’s a used cup next to it in which somebody must have had tea Sir, there was wheat flour on Ms. Gita’s hands There are no marks of forced entry on the gate Sir, the murderer is known to the family The murderer may be a known or unknown person No matter who he is we have not found the locker keys yet So, has the murderer opened the locker and taken anything from this? Both of them died due to strangling They died two days ago which is on the 15th September around afternoon Doctor, did you find any fingerprints on the bodies? The forensic team has collected the fingerprints from the crime scene We’ll have to perform a separate check to look for the fingerprints on the bodies Yes, male victim, Jaikishan, was strangled with bare hands But in Gita Dahiya’s case I think a cloth was used to strangle her neck Jaikishan Dahiya’s nephew, Anand, told us that he is between 62 and 63 years and his wife, Gita, is around 48 years I think they got married late Doctor, Jaikishan has a daughter named Nupur Hooda She is 38 years She might be his daughter from his first marriage This could have been the victim’s second marriage Any fight marks with the murderer? Not at all I think the murderer was known to them and he must have been stronger than them

They would not have even realised that death is approaching them Sir, if anybody can do this it is only Nupur Mr. Jaikishan’s own daughter? But Aunt Gita’s step daughter Were the fights strong enough to kill her? Yes, sir They used to fight a lot I’d spoken to the rest of the neighbours None of them saw anyone entering or leaving Mr. Jaikishan’s house on the morning of September 12 Mr. Nandlal, someone entered the house and left, he also locked the door No one must have noticed it Then again, no one knew that somebody would go there and do such a heinous crime Didn’t his daughter, Nupur and nephew, Anand, visit them often? How come they didn’t notice it? Anand used to come everyday But what’s strange is that he didn’t visit on those two days when the crime happened And we don’t know much about Nupur They would have hired a servant to do the household chores, right? I am sure that person used to visit often Ma’am, you don’t know Mr. Jaikishan’s nature I mean he did all the household chores on his own His wife, Gita, she was good at carrying out household chores She did the all the household chores on her own Govind – Tell me, sir Pack some rice and lentils – Okay And oil worth Rs. 15 Here you go What did Anand say? Why did Nupur get her father and stepmother killed? For property, sir. She did it for her dad’s property Uncle Jaikishan would never have bequeathed it in her name Property? Why would Nupur commit two murders for that old house? No, sir It wasn’t for that house Anand said that Mr. Jaikishan owns several properties He used to collect the rent from all those places and give it to Mr. Jaikishan In a way, Anand is Mr. Jaikishan’s treasurer Is Anand Mr. Jaikishan’s nephew? Yes, sir His late elder brother’s son Ms. Gita was Nupur’s stepmother, right? Isn’t stepmother same as mother, sir? How come your husband, Kamal Hooda, isn’t with you? He drives a van, sir He has gone to Chandigarh to deliver goods What are you saying, Nupur? What happened? Anand had called me now He doesn’t know how and when it happened Do one thing Go there immediately My husband will be here by tomorrow morning, sir Did you find out who did it? We’ve found out a few things The murderer was known to them He rang the bell to get in the house They opened the door He was served tea and ‘Parathas’ Your stepmother, Gita, prepared them The murderer had tea and ‘Parathas’ After that, he strangulated your dad, Jaikishan and your stepmother, Gita, and killed them He took both of their phones, locked the door from outside and left the place quietly There is a locker in the house I reckon you know about it We couldn’t get the key of the locker We are trying to open it But it is certain that he didn’t commit the murders for the mobile phones The murderer is someone who knew your parents Someone who knew them? But who? Ms. Nupur, we heard that your dad owned a lot of properties So what? How many properties did he own? – I don’t know, sir You may ask Anand He handles all of it We’ll ask him as well but what do you think? Who could possibly murder your father and stepmother for his properties? Why do you keep saying ‘stepmother’? Do you suspect that I killed them? Ms. Nupur, we’ve come across many cases where people have murdered their parents for the slightest of matters But I am not like them I would never value any property more than them Rs. 2 crores? Are you sure? We’ve counted it twice, sir We did a video recording as well The exact amount is Rs. 2,00,45,000 The murderer didn’t attempt to break the locker open, right?

No, sir. We couldn’t find any fingerprints If the locker was opened, he’d have used the key If the locker was opened how come Rs. 2 crores is still left in it? Why didn’t he take all of it? Sir, both Jaikishan and Gita’s cell phones were switched off when they under the coverage of Palamnagar tower The last location is somewhere near their house Were there any phone call made after the incident? From the call records of September 12th morning there is no clue of someone visiting them People who knew them needn’t call them before the visit The same applies for people who lived near them Sir, the cell phones of Nupur and Kamal Hooda were located under the coverage of Majnukheda tower They live there The murderer would never ring the bell to get in the house And no one would serve him ‘Parathas’ or tea But if it wasn’t a stranger he’d have known about the locker and its key But he didn’t touch the money, Rs. 2 crores, in the locker The murders were neither committed by a contract killer nor a dacoit Both the murderess were probably committed just for money As per my accounts there should be Rs. 2,12,45,000 That means Rs 12 lakhs is missing How come he has so much money? He earns all this money in the form of rent How many properties does he have? A lot. There are buildings and shops He used to buy properties from time to time Are all of them located here? Yes, sir. There are all located in Faridabad Uncle Jaikishan had three buildings There are almost 100 apartments in every building He owns shops in different locations in Faridabad He has leased all of them He earns a total of Rs. 18 lakhs per month as rent Rs. 18 lakhs as rent every month? Does he receive it as liquid cash? Yes, I have the accounts of all those transactions You may have a look at it if you want to Mr. Anand, the question is, if the culprit did it for money, why did he just stole Rs. 12 lakhs when there was more than Rs. 2 crores in the locker? This is what I’ve been saying the whole time, sir Nupur did it Instead of catching her, you are making her the one who registered the complaint And how are you so sure that Nupur is involved? Because Uncle Jaikishan had banished her from both his heart and inheritance How do you know this? Because, first of all, I’m his nephew Second, there’s no one but me to take care of him Tell us, Anand Why did Jaikishan distance Nupur from himself? Because Nupur isn’t just crazy, she’s cruel too She killed her stepbrother That means, her father, Jaikishan, and stepmother Gita’s son – Yes, their son, Subhash If he were alive today, he would be the heir to the whole property and money, everything My son.. My Subhash Who laid an evil eye on my son! Why did my son leave me My son Subhash was only one year older than my son, Mohit So you’re saying that Nupur killed Subhash Then you must have lodged a complaint Has anyone been able to prove the existence of sorcery, ma’am? But it is true, right? Nupur got Subhash addicted to drugs Nupur pushed Subhash towards death but it seemed as though Subhash died due to drugs So you don’t have any proof that Subhash was murdered You just assume that Nupur killed him That’s the truth, sir Even after getting Subhash out of her way, when she thought that her own father wouldn’t give her a single penny, she killed her father and her stepmother Actually, sir, Gita feared Nupur a lot You must have heard about sorcery These are all just romours But, sir, it seemed tough to believe that Nupur killed her brother, Subhash Our men kept an eye out during the last rites

But no one from Gita’s family was seen attending Where was she from? I don’t know but we never saw her relatives and never heard of them But you must have heard that Mahima, Nupur’s mother Jaikishan’s first wife Jaikishan married Gita when she was alive That’s an old matter It was about 20 years ago How did Jaikishan get such a vast wealth from? And he lived here in such poor conditions It’s all about fate Jaikishan wasn’t well educated and was a labourer – What? He had his father’s land but it was all barren But it seemed to become fertile after Gita came Yes, when development works started in this part of Faridabad, uncle had many lands here The lands became expensive. He sold some and built buildings on some His fate took a complete turn Your uncle, Jaikishan, married Gita even if he had his first wife, Mahima What was that about? And there was no tension in the family due to the second marriage? Sir, I was very young at that time I wasn’t even that close Uncle So I don’t know much But from Nupur’s actions, it’s evident that here must have been extreme enmity That’s the reason she killed Subhash first and now, uncle and aunt Sir, Nupur Hooda’s husband, Kamal, a tempo driver creates a commotion in the house everyday while drunk disputing over only one thing That father didn’t give his daughter a single penny though he had so rich Any violence? – The neighbours didn’t say anything about that, sir But, yes, Nupur used to tell him a lot of things in rage She’d curse her husband Kamal sometimes or she’d curse her parents Get everything on Kamal I’m very suspicious of him The door was opened for someone familiar Kamal was their son-in-law, after all Also, relatives never inform before coming He must have arrived the same way without calling, on the afternoon of 15th September Subhash died due to overdosing of drugs Doctor’s certificate attests this Actually, we loved him a lot, sir You can say that we loved him beyond limit That’s the reason he was spoilt He got involved with wrong sorts of friends instead of studying Subhash Subhash! Get up, dear There’s not one night when he doesn’t come home in an intoxicated state I never knew when he came home and when he slept He didn’t eat anything All of us tried a lot to get rid of the addiction, sir I even took him to a rehabilitation centre We would get him admitted there, he’d fled home Your dad, Jaikishan, married again though your mother, Mahima was alive Sir, my mother used to be often ill But she passed away after dad’s second marriage But your mother must have felt a lot of pain due to Jaikishan’s second marriage And you too It’s natural You must have felt bad You’re trying to accuse me once again, ma’am Your father, Jaikishan, didn’t want to give you anything from his property Is that true? And your father thought you to be reason for death of his son, Subhash And your stepmother, Gita, too When I was 12 years old, mom used to be ill a lot of time and dad wanted an heir, a son Which everyone wants My husbands wants one too Though our state is so poor Dad wanted a son, an heir, and my mom couldn’t become a mother again So So to fulfil the desire of giving a heir to your father Jaikishan, your mother gave him the permission to marry again – Yes Mom herself told dad to marry again And your mother chose the bride? My dad’s elder brother, Surendra Dahiya Brother Anand’s father He brought Gita My stepmother Brother, I have to speak to Mahima What if she doesn’t like this – Talk to her first, Jaikishan Gita has said that she will stay only if she’s married to you or she won’t Okay, I’ll talk to Mahima right now

Mahima shouldn’t have any objections to this She can’t give you a son, anyway My mom gave her consent I was present at my dad’s wedding with my mom The wedding was held in the temple nearby People might have told you a lot of things, sir about the things that might have happened after the marriage But the truth is, me and my mother Both of us accepted Gita When Subhash was born, he was accepted as well You might call him my stepbrother but I accepted him from the bottom of my heart But Gita assumed you to be the killer of Subhash Is that true or is it a rumour? Unfortunately, Ms. Gita accepted this rumour as the truth, sir – Why? Because dad’s desolate land began reaping profits after Subhash came to our family but after his death I’m the only heir left to legally inherit the property And Ms. Gita assumed that you had her son killed for the property You can investigate, ma’am The doctor’s certificate says that Subhash died of drug overdose But there are no antidotes for doubts, sir Take you all, for example The police is suspecting me But it’s true that Subhash’s death took place in your house And his death took place the day your daughter, Nidhi was celebrating her ninth birthday Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Nidhi! Happy birthday to you! – Happy birthday to you! Sister-in-law Please take it Where is Subhash? Brother Subhash was right here. – Yes Subhash Did he take to drugs again? Kamal, think before you say something Subhash Where are you, Subhash? Subhash? Subhash Subhash? – Subhash, dear? – Subhash Subhash. – Subhash, dear? Subhash Subhash, get up – Subhash, dear? Subhash Subhash had become a drug addict, sir That day, without anyone’s knowledge he went out to take drugs Even today, I feel sad for his death Sir, when I married Kamal Subhash was just 6 years old I treated him like my own son What about your mother Your biological mother? Even she used to like Subhash, ma’am Even that time, my father wasn’t so rich Ma’am, are you under the impression that I was doing some kind of black magic on Subhash? Or was I putting him in the habit of taking drugs? But even your dad believed that you killed Subhash He was instigated by others against me, sir I agree that I used to have arguments with dad That’s because he didn’t give you a penny from his property Not only for that, sir I was angry because he didn’t utilise his wealth for himself Even after being rich he used to stay like a miser and made us stay like that too Listen, dear Whatever wealth I have, is mine I’ll not tolerate if somebody interferes in what I’m bequeathing Okay, Dad At least, spare something for yourself Enjoy the peace and share the millions like any other millionaire who gives something to his family Is that the reason you killed my son Just out of greed for money? I didn’t do anything, Mom – Shut up! Dare you call me your mother! I’ve already told you a number of times Both of you will not get a single penny from my property Both of you, stop eyeing my property I was already eyeing your wealth, Dad That’s why, it is rotting in that locker And I’m leading a miserable life there Didn’t you get a feeling that with so much money you have you can make your daughter and your granddaughter’s life secured? Greed doesn’t make somebody’s life secured. Never! Not only greedy, you’re also a murderer! Better tell Kamal, not to send you here to bother me I will not bequeath anything for the both of you! Sir, my stepmother and my dad held me responsible for Subhash’s death It’s also true that they didn’t want to give a single penny to me from their property But now.. Now I’ll be inheriting it. Right, sir? Still I’ll stick to my testimony that I didn’t kill him nor Subhash I went through poverty during my childhood, sir And today, I’m nothing short of a beggar Maybe my miserable condition is making you suspect me Rs. 12 lakhs is missing from the locker But you’d said, there were crores in the locker? Maybe Rs. 12 lakhs was stolen just to mislead the police I very well know who is misleading you and why Who is the person? Answer, Ms. Nupur Sir, my uncle, Brother-in-law Anand’s dad had brought my stepmother from a poverty stricken zone called Gonjilgadh from Dantewada We have completely no idea about her background But uncle and Brother Anand was aware my dad’s property like the back of a hand Sir, tell me The accusation which I’m facing that I had Subhash killed

or I put him in the habit of drugs This accusation can also be put on Brother Anand He used to frequent our house very often Even he had the locker keys in his custody He knew where dad had kept all his money But no The police is suspecting only me and my husband Maybe my dad knew to himself that I never took to wrong means Maybe that’s why he didn’t hate me so much because be bequeathed his entire property to Brother Anand or his son, Mohit But Brother Anand His entire life, he tried to give me a bad name and everybody should look to him in respect If somebody has planned everything from inception then it is Brother Anand And before that, it is uncle by bringing in Ms. Gita in my house as my dad’s second wife My stepmother Mohit, go and deposit this money. – Okay, Dad Your tea As I said, the police didn’t get any will in the locker Do you think your father didn’t draft any will? If not, then it’s good for us Maybe the will is with Brother Anand Moreover, he is a clever and sinister At the nick of time, he might furnish the will to everybody We can’t trust him Sir, as far as Nupur Hooda is concerned I didn’t come across any person whom Nupur discussed about black magic Nupur’s husband, Kamal What about him? He’s a drunkard, sir Both husband and wife fight like cats and dogs arguing that the father-in-law was rich and his son-in-law a mere autorickshaw driver What about Jaikishan’s nephew, Anand His son, Mohit? No concrete information on him, sir But even a blind man can say that both the families of Anand and Nupur were in the hope that when Jaikishan dies they would take over his property Ma’am, 19 years ago, she was taken from Dantewada I need some details What was Ms. Gita’s full name? Her father’s name What was her mother’s name? Sumit, look We still don’t know whether Ms. Gita’s real name was Gita or something else The person who knew all this is no more I will do one thing I will send you Ms. Gita’s recent picture That will be better, ma’am It seems Nupur has brainwashed you She has made false allegations against me We got to know that you had an eye on his property Sir, I had no bad intention It was I who looked after the entire property I never cheated my uncle It was obvious that he would have given his entire property to me Entire property? Uncle clearly told me the same He told this in Aunt Gita’s presence I served them as their own son He simply didn’t ask me to collect rent from the tenants I used to give him account of every penny You may check the register if you want to And it was I who informed you that Rs. 12 lakhs have been missing from the locker Did Mr. Jaikishan make any will? As far as I know, he didn’t make any will But he talked to me about this He told me that he would transfer his entire property to me and my son, Mohit Now, Nupur will get the entire property after his death Nupur is also charged with two murders What about that? Uncle was about to transfer the entire property to me Nupur played a trick before that But we have no evidence against Nupur That’s why, you are making false allegations against me at her behest! Your father, Surindra Dahiya was Mr. Jaikishan’s elder brother He brought Ms. Gita 19 years back It’s possible that the conspiracy was hatched 19 years back Leave it, sir My dad died with a regret Regret for what? He sold off his infertile lands at very cheap price And after few years, uncle sold off his share of land in crores He became a rich person Had my dad waited for a few more years my financial situation would have been great too From where did your dad bring Ms. Gita? He used to visit Raipur very frequently He brought Aunt Gita from there But sir, you are investigating in the wrong direction The murderer is in front of you Nupur is the murderer And she is trying to mislead you by accusing me Fingerprints were found everywhere Even from the locker Now, we will start the screening process After studying the crime scene, it doesn’t seem there were multiple murderers We can confirm this after matching the fingerprints

We know the motive of this murder We have the suspects too We also know that the murder was committed by an insider Their neck was pressed very hard It’s possible that the murderer is a male Dr. Ashwin has sent us the fingerprints those were recovered from the corpses Now, we will match those fingerprints with our collected fingerprints We have three male suspects Anand Dahiya his son, Mohit Dahiya and Nupur’s husband, Kamal Hooda But we have no evidence against them Rajat, fingerprints can come in handy in this case Give me some time I will send you the correct analysis Sir Someone has switched on Jaikishan’s phone A different SIM is being used in the same phone The phone’s location has been traced in Faridabad Hello – Who is speaking? Who are you? I am SI Vinod Agarwal from Palamganj Police Station I am Ghanshyam Sahu Give me your address Sir, I found these two phones We need to talk to you regarding these phones And we will talk to you in our lock-up But sir, what do you want to talk about these phones? I found these phones accidentally Where did you find these phones? Beside the corpses? After killing both of them? What, sir? Shivram? He is Jaikishan’s neighbour, right? I talked to him But he must have not told you about this angle Which angle? Neither Anand nor Nupur told you about this angle Jaikishan and Gita were planning to adopt a son I was talking to Nandalal and Mr. Mishra about this I thought that I should tell you about their adoption plan Did they contact anyone? Any documentation and all? When did you get to know about this? Around one month back I have everything But I have no heir Yes And the one who But you have your own daughter and granddaughter They are just for namesake They are just waiting for my death So that, they can get my property They are not concerned for me and Gita Ms. Gita Is she involved in this decision as well? It is she who has suggested this He didn’t tell me any name But I sensed that he had already taken his decision But he didn’t tell me the name Were Nupur and Anand aware of this? I am not sure about Nupur But Anand must be knowing this Ms. Malti, I have come to collect the rent Dad was about to adopt a son! No, dad didn’t inform me about this Who informed you this? That doesn’t matter But why did your dad not inform you about this? But he informed someone else about this It’s a lie If Brother Anand has told you this story then he is lying My dad could never take such a big decision without consulting me But this decision might have been taken, Ms. Nupur Your dad might have agreed for this There is a possibility And I’m sure that Brother Anand had brainwashed dad or Ms. Gita would have done that Both of them wanted to separate dad from me Sir, I am a taxi driver I have never done anything wrong I had gone to the toilet near Nehru Circle that day I found both the phones there, sir You found not one, but two phones in a public toilet That’s amazing Did it contain a note saying we have nobody and you can take us? I thought I will sell both the phones I had even gone to sell it Which mobile shop did you go to? Sir, I had been to Unique Mobile Centre Why didn’t you sell it? Sir, the owner told me that I won’t get anything for these phones because only smartphones work these days and even kids won’t use it as a toy So, I thought that I will use it The moment I inserted the sim and switched on the phone I have been arrested by you, sir You have narrated an interesting story Tell me the truth now because the owners of both these phones have been murdered Sir, I am not involved in all this No matter who the murderer is even we know that he is not an idiot to carry the victim’s phone with him Sir, Ghansham may be telling the truth After the new angle of adoption has been revealed

not just Nupur but Anand is also our suspect because Nupur and Anand both wanted to become Mr. Jaikishan’s heir Naxal connection? How did this happen, Sumit? Ma’am, I don’t know how this happened But I was looking for Gita’s family holding her photo I roamed the entire village That is when I met somebody named Ajit Verma You might have heard about Verma Come with the money now Tell me Ajit Verma? Yes, what happened? There was a woman named Gita in Gonjilgarh She shifted to Faridabad in Haryana She became Gita Dahiya after she shifted there Have you heard about her? Do you know anything about her? Who are you? I have heard in the village that you knew Gita I don’t know anybody named Gita And who are you? I am helping the Faridabad Police You are an informer? – You can think so Does Ajit Verma have a naxal connection? Somebody gave me a tip that Ajit Verma meets the naxalites He has closed his shop from the time he spoke to me He has disappeared with his wife Do you have Ajit Verma’s number? Yes, but it is switched off Send to me He has crores of properties But he still lived like a poor man And he thought of adopting a child during his old age Now, this possibility of a naxalite angle What actually is this double murder case? This has become like a circle, sir Anand sent us behind Nupur And Nupur gave a statement which made Anand the suspect There is a bigger mystery, sir Gita’s past I think nobody is aware about that There are many questions in front of us now The first question Had Mr. Jaikishan drafted a will? Was a child really adopted or did Anand and Nupur formulate a plan and was Ms. Gita aware about it? Or did Ms. Gita plan all this and did somebody else formulate a plan without her being aware about it due to which Ms. Gita was killed? Lalit – Yes, sir Has Rahul left the job? He didn’t tell me anything, sir He is not coming to the office and his phone is also switched off Nupur, you are here What brings you here? First tell me why the adoption matter was hidden from me Adoption? Who is adopting whom? Dad and Ms. Gita wanted to give their property to a boy after adopting him Somebody informed the police about it So, somebody has taken this guess now Who is it, Nupur? We had come to a conclusion that the murderer was a family member Otherwise, why would somebody leave such a huge amount inside the locker and take a small portion of it? Was this story about the missing Rs. 12 lakhs? Was it a smart plan to leave behind the remaining amount in order to misguide us? The locker keys were not found yet And the secret which could reveal the reason behind the murder was not found yet But all the proofs were indicating towards the property We were about to check every angle where the victim, Gita Dahiya, would also be suspected This case would take some shocking turns which was not witnessed by the department in many years We will close this case tomorrow ‘Jai Hind’