Shadow of Mordor Gameplay – SO MUCH LOVE IN THIS ARENA! Rise and Fall Achievement Part 1

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Shadow of Mordor Gameplay – SO MUCH LOVE IN THIS ARENA! Rise and Fall Achievement Part 1

what’s up everybody kinetic you’re welcome back to middle earth shadow of mordor things got really cool for me in this game ever since I’ve gotten to this new area because as you guys saw before I’ve got this whole new like plate of captains and war Chiefs to hunt and stuff like that and also I’ve found something really interesting in the achievements I don’t often look or hunt much for achievements but there is something that blue is code rise and fall an achievement called rise and fall essentially what you do is you try to whether it it’s I guess on purpose or somehow maybe by accident you get yourself killed by somebody it can be it has to be just a normal regular enemy right can’t already be a captain or word you or something like that and then they rise in power right they go up into captain obviously because they killed you and if you can get them to move up the ranks all the way up to war chief and then kill them then you get the achievement so there you go there’s the rise and fall I guess as its call it in the achievements I was like that sounds kind of fun then it’s like I create my own like like hardcore never system really rise up become a war chief and then just tear his ass down sounds like fun so that’s what i’ve been doing actually and i’ll show you sarang’s army in this region right here this is I suppose we could say my magnificence will call him in this situation Grisha barrel scraper it wasn’t much before I he met me now he’s a now he’s a captain moving up his way in the ranks so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna try he’s already moved up to ranks because like I had already cleared out a few captain’s just something like that so as soon as he became captain he like just move right up to like second rank captain or something whatever that is and now what I’m doing is I’m targeting the the next row somebody for example this guy I cough the hungry remember him I’ve got him targeted because he’s in a region very close to where I currently am right now and I figure tear him down and then we’ll see if we can get a gris shot to move up into the next rank and replace him him or perhaps posh here the ever wounded he’s in this area in fact I’ve got him targeted as well right now maybe I’ll just go ahead and and kill both of them he’s a legendary captain so that could be an interesting fight and this end a cough is only in elite captain these legendary captains are dangerous dude I’m getting one shot all over again I I wasn’t sure if it was going to be like that it is i bought some dude and i couldn’t counter him and he was like killing me in one shot so i had to do some pretty like interesting sort of like maneuvering around him and stunning him and stuff like that actually deal damage instead of what i normally do which is just you know counter-attack and then do like i try to do a combat finisher and stuff like that that’s what i normally do but yeah that was i was an interesting fight either way over time and this is sort of like my challenge to myself like just another layer to make this game more interesting i’m gonna try and get grisha barrel scraper up to be warchief that means obviously we’ll have to go kill a war chief or two to get them out of the way and get Grisha up there alright so let us you know what I’m gonna go ahead and let’s target posh let’s target him because i’m ninety-nine percent sure that’s who have already identified right over there ha there he is we know nothing about him he’s got a power of 20 legendary captain baby he looks a lot like um where’s his face is ugly [ __ ] the collector and guide that in a recent video i showed you he was one shotting me as well that was funny because that was the that was actually a vendetta mission and i think it was for demonic uh friend of ours demonic we regain with close i know i was actually tried to avenge his death but instead i got killed that was uh I was a rare opportunity for me to get my ass handed to me after my friend does um also saw like it when I started at the game today thank you that somebody avenged one of my guts I’ve had a couple of deaths as I experiment with the Furious things here in this new regions I guess somebody took that that Ben did a contract or whatever I’m not even sure what they call it then did a mission I guess just get these guys out of the way because I

don’t want them I just don’t want them here we have another Archer up there anybody else oh [ __ ] who’s that oh and there is a cough ah car I mean um okay so while we’ve got to war Chiefs excuse me double G what am i Zane to captain Sam Udo take no prisoners but I like the wounded ones oh that’s great you’re just sorry dude did he just [ __ ] rip his head off serious he he no way he’s that [ __ ] powerful that’s insane he he just ripped that user is that another oz glom there’s three captains here in this area I mean I’m not that surprised because this is pretty much in one of Sorrows struggles what the [ __ ] is going on down there they just ripping each other’s heads off for what there’s one rolling right there anyway you got quite the active tongue on you I’m gonna Ben did an available now of course and I’m not a bell shut the phunk pasa oh dude what you I mean I should have known that he sad I know pain you are not it let’s find out bring it on I was like why can’t I [ __ ] damn those Spears hurt huh yeah steps to a shot this is not to be the hard alter our kill you or your job already full we might have a problem if more join though I don’t care about death marks lowes is something for supper oh god this is not what I want one of you rise to single Baker no please don’t your heart the way you were invulnerable you are not oh [ __ ] we need to finish this quick oh my god what the [ __ ] [ __ ] this is bad almost had him too I can’t I just can’t smartbrief or nah oh [ __ ] I can’t let sleep over Hampton and I didn’t mean to try again I the problem now is that he is gonna continue throwing spears at me well I’m trying to deal with dealers which is bad give me another wound oh don’t you I’m gonna give you a real good one now you ready for this kill hell yeah nice ah you die as you raise [ __ ] they’re kind of tough yeah see they they actually kelter [ __ ] I missed Eric that’s what we need somebody’s throwing [ __ ] at me you [ __ ] back just with any [ __ ] guys here Oh damn it

we’re gonna need to drain somebody here quick oh there we go gotta drain that should give us a little heel nice a little bit more that’s kind of like my you know since I’m not giving myself like health upgrades at the very least sort of to keep this possible damn it is um isn’t I’ve got a couple of wounds that heal me if I drain gotta get rid of shield guys they’re the worst whoa crazy arrows oh nice yeah aren’t you ready to die internet [ __ ] cornet meet ya all right try that you try something then so so so so so she took about that about that pump you be dead oh yes it is done I like how there was like no like throat slit it was just like he collapsed in front of me 25 purse I can’t read that fast thirty-two percent chance a elf-shot wall writing a mauve I we’re here we’re done here who is that Hospital has aa scrum let’s get out of here this is like this will be a never-ending pit of like gladiator matches here tell you what though even though like I said I’m kind of using the the runes that I have as it was like giving myself a way of healing myself when lo help I still feel like that’s even like too easy too powerful but it is a sacrifice you have to understand that too like when you when you generate like combos many of you already know this of course because you’re playing the game when you generate combos like you can use that that sort of charged combo readiness state to to do a number of different things you can execute which I did to one dude you can drain obviously I did that a couple of times there are fire arrows that you could launch there’s a number of different things which are really really cool you can do like that that awesome like charged power ground slam that stuns everybody around you so by healing myself it is sacrifice in itself because then I can’t do any of those other things let’s take a look now add sauron’s army let’s see what he’s got left he two of those guys are down now which is awesome should I go hunt for a war chief this might be a lot faster than I was anticipating it I’m looking up in the the top right corner it shows the area the region where I can find them is highlighted in green this guy is actually right here I don’t think I really need to hunt anymore now these third to your eye is what i’ll call them I guess captains I really need to just go after a war chief now don’t I so where is the nearest war chief looks like it’s him Goleman ruinous dude helix he looks insane trying tying up a slave to be eaten by ghouls later you were a sick [ __ ] let’s go after him and then maybe we can get Grisha to move up and take his place that talk dude that nap too vague ok so we need to head a little bit south east of here I don’t even have that tower on lock so this is another reason to go over there and do that he’s elder towers ascend from beyond the past mm-hmm awesome so there is one more area unlocked I’ve got one more it looks like one more tower there’s that vendetta mission avenge the death of

sleepy kitty that’s definitely a person is definitely not on my list I’m my friend list I think I would remember somebody’s name if they were called sleepy kitty on my friends list anyway um alright so there’s our captain hunting mission sorry warchief hunting mission I mean right there actually I was hoping there is somebody like you up here but I got no angle from there hey come on keep walking hey go didn’t we do this you awesome if I can oh look at that have to admit that lethal shadow shrek is tons of fun vantage point let’s do it ambush calmed the ruinous by infiltrating his stronghold defeat the warchiefs bodyguards before confronting him okay that actually almost sounds like an achievement if I remember correctly something about one of the achievements that are read said it was something like draw out kill the bodyguards and then kill the work she person like that after uh whatever let’s do it he is too cautious to confront you directly we must find a vantage from which to strike Wow okay well that’s a completely different objective to know was expecting reach the surveillance point without being detected it’s fine by me i love a good sneaking alright um while we’re here look at that it’s right there we’ve got to an artifact we can pick up I really like these these are really really cool they give you like a little bit of lore some really cool like 3d model to look at stuff like that I wish they would do something like this Dark Souls I think it would be epic merchants across middle-earth know if it’s gone Dorian it’s good merchants across the Middle Earth know if it’s gone Dorian is good and they freely accept these silver pieces known as cast are as currency trading them across the civilized realms and with almost all the races of middle-earth this particular coin likely made its way into gong mode or through that realms primary trade route to see if no net nice so then we just flip this around and there is the memory we’re looking for it’s good a corner of the realm but it’s the coin of condors realm if you don’t want it audience say that cap there ever a few less of these in a little more of that elvish cloth you brought over from the reg you I think we can do that that’s pretty cool too I guess because through the powers of the Wraith or whatever just like as talion sort of is holding an object and experiencing the what are those the memories of killa brim boar he’s sort of getting little fragments of these these memories these moments in time by holding these these artifacts or these objects that he’s finding and then kind of hearing the voices or whatever of those conversations this I think that’s really neat I like it sweet I’ve got a ton of these I’m I’ve still got plenty to go to collect though I’m not only at 23 or 42 all right sir wealth will not save Gondor Europe do not care for trinkets Sauron will use gold to buy allies among the kingdoms of men see that’s what makes it even better after every artifact that you find there’s always like a little bit of dialogue between italian and Killebrew more about you know what was found and stuff like that so many little things that that polish this game I make it so interesting reach the server actually up I have something else going on these survival challenges I’m trying to find ill Garen and earth bread so get it try and remember to look for those types of icons both of them are here in this region you can see it says fern outskirts which I guess is the name of the region where I am currently it shows the icons of all the available herbs and both of those are here somewhere can’t be found somewhere here just said the same thing twice only one time backwards alright so undetected I shouldn’t be too hard since I’m pretty capable of sneaking around without being seen about most of the time there’s

another artifact we can pick up over here is it above the stem or below it not sure second quick look around I think we might be above come on get up there I don’t suppose it’s like sitting on the ledge here or anything like that is ain’t no I don’t think so pretty sure it’s maybe on top of this thing may be here there it is sweet we’re gonna get two of these in one video what is it this time what do we got a broken staff looks like a wizard staff some great force rent this wizard staff asunder fashioned from I sapling this gnarled staff served as walking stick magical rod and weapon for a wandering wizard what became of its owner and how it was broken he is a mystery maybe we can shed some light on that there’s our memory funny thing that they told us their names plenty of times but we all forgot to a man we forgot it was likely didn’t want us remembering after a while they were just the 2d he started and sometimes the big one and does it one can’t say how I can’t remember I remember the bigger one telling us stories of a goblin city of a man could turn himself into a pair of the time when I guess it didn’t matter too much to him but some of his stories needed some cleaning up I would scare a dead man out of his grave grunt a bigger one left he took his cane but he left a walking stick behind with all these little notches cut into it he was keeping track of something for sure hmm well I said whoever voice that did a pretty decent job I think of mimicking sort of like what gun Dolph saw actor sounded like from the Lord of the Rings um that’s pretty mysterious dialogue I almost wanted list to that twice sometimes just to kind of I don’t know digest that a little bit more but not right now these Wizards the istari what do you know them is their power greater than yours I have not yet been tested against them salomon the white is the leader of the white council his knowledge of the rings of power is deep I was gonna take the zip line but I was like [ __ ] it I can shadow strike and I might be able to do it again with somebody have you started that that’ll be a really easy way to get around possibly no I gotta find a single guy just like this one right here but there’s another one way too close so let’s take care of him it’s nice nice we got that way with that super clean I almost didn’t spot that other work there I think it was forged coat that’s yours true huh nobody’s here right nope oh dude you’re one ugly son of a [ __ ]