2019 Lexus UX 250h Luxury

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2019 Lexus UX 250h Luxury

let’s try 80 there you go it did it so a little trick there in case you didn’t know you go 80 miles an hour the windows will close faster some of you might be on the fence or on edge or ready to pull the trigger or sign that line and just in case you had any hesitation this should help you are watching new car spin and that is the Lexus UX 250 H luxury it is based on the Toyota rav4 this is actually an all-wheel drive platform it has an electric motor to power the rear wheels and an electric / gas motor combination hybrid setup to power the front wheels I’m not sure on the power distribution but it doesn’t matter because I can’t really notice it it has a great look on the outside it looks a little bit more like an upscale version of their older DT that is the CT 200h and I’m not sure what that’s based on probably the Toyota Matrix back in the day but that is the hybrid and it is similar to this car but different you’ll see it’s like a hatchback with four doors and unique but not unique enough as this one is but this being the UX is obviously all-new for Lexus and I have to say that it looks good it’s got great styling but it has a few shortcomings first one power trunk is always nice but look how high off the ground that trunk is it has to be that high off the ground because of the battery system and the electric motor that powers that we’re axial but what you have is a pretty fancy schmancy color combination I actually like it manufacturers do put a lighter color on the interior so that US media folk can have easier time with our cameras getting the interior to show how roomy or Unruh me it may be back here we have our subwoofer we have little grocery bag hooks we have a power outlet which you know I’ve never used in a I don’t know why they do that and under here we do not have a spare tire we have a fancy collapsing shade that works to befuddle owners we don’t have any tools in here except for a tow hook and it does fold forward as far as the seats is push here and you can fold it from the back of course the seat is in the way we can lock and close the trunk from here so let’s just go ahead and do that you have a backup camera as well you can see there close this nice then we have our rear hatch wiper blade and we have a really cool feature here with the tail light this little fin which obviously helps with aerodynamics and you don’t really notice it unless someone like me points it out it’s kind of windy so let’s go inside and key the century if you’re wondering this is what the key looks like it’s basically the same key they use on the newer Lexus’s including the LC now inside it’s a little different we have hard plastic here and there we have soft touch materials in some places and in others it just seems to be a weird combination but it works for me considering this cars price point we have a bottle holder there you go holds a 20 ounce bottle just fine of dr. pepper of course diet dr. pepper we have power seats and the lumbar only goes in and out doesn’t adjust up and down and the leather in here is is unique it’s soft its perforated it’s vented and heated and then we have this kind of like weird Star Trek alligator so I’m going to call it texture and its unique I don’t hate it I don’t like it I don’t hate it I don’t like it I don’t know can’t describe it yet inside power adjusting steering wheel for tilt and telescoping and I’m always a sucker for that that’s a that’s a sign there of hi class another sign of hi class let me close this door the way this door sounds when it closes keep in mind that bottle may affect that there we go let’s try this again ready very solid let’s put the bottle back I don’t know what these are for I thought this was fully loaded but we have a bank of blank switches which looks great

doesn’t it that’s pretty much like the only downside here on this side then we have the fan let’s turn that down a little bit actually we have really cool HVAC controls kind of like Audi a3 esque down here we have another switch of panel of row of switches can’t talk today these are for the heated and cooled passenger seats and the heated and cooled driver seat and the well it’s obviously just the front passenger seat and then the heated steering wheel we have a CD slot interestingly enough but no no SD slot but we do have a USB port here two USB ports and an aux in you’ll see we have a coin tray here and this cubby thing actually armrest flips up for driver and passenger the same access which is really really cool now here is our control for the stereo we are able to move forward and back on the song this whole thing is fixed we have a button here to choose radio and a button here to choose different media and then of course our scroll wheel up to raise or lower the volume and then we have a scroll wheel here to change the tune which is basically your stereo radio channels ironically it’s it’s a lettered as you can see for the passenger and not for the driver because it looks upside down on my camera and I think it makes sense for the passenger but not for the driver because it’s a hybrid we have an AV mode although AV mode is always unavailable because the hybrid battery is low I see that all the time in this car and I’ll get to this car is a Keeley’s he’ll in a moment let me show you around a little bit more because actually it’s not that bad here we have these little tiny things that you turn and when you do that you can hear it shutting off that vent and basically wherever this is moving towards is where that air is going to flow so it’s a pretty nice vent design what you won’t notice is at night this is actually lit up there’s a little circle and an arrow which points to whether or not this vent is open or closed so even the vents light up at night and that’s kind of the point I want to get to on this car every button even up here every button is backlit and of course this is for our sunroof to slide it open and to tilt it open but look at these lights boom there touch receptive touch capacitor what even want to say a touch anywhere on them will turn them on or off really nice and what I’ll tell you is the price of this car as this one is is $42,000 now it can sound pretty pricey but for what you’re getting it only gets cheaper than that so this is your worst case scenario if we look here at the window sticker we have a 2-liter engine not turbocharged 181 horsepower which is interesting because that’s just about right where the Mazda Miata is the problem here is it says you can get 41 in the city and 38 on the highway for fuel economy but I’ve been getting 31.6 and I’ve been getting that because I’ve had to drive this thing pretty hard mainly because this thing weighs 3000 605 pounds and a Mazda Miata weighs about 2300 pounds and they have the same amount of power so I’m going to drive this thing with a lead foot because it’s about 1,200 pounds heavier mainly because of the hybrid system up front and in the back so it’s carrying a lot more weight and obviously it has a rear seat and hatch not exactly the same car but what I want to tell you is the biggest problem I have in here is this fuel gauge that fuel gauge by the way I filled it up just before getting here with five with five dollars with the fuel and I got a quarter tank out of it meaning ten dollars gets you half a tank and twenty dollars gets you a full tank and that’s in Texas where the price is like 220 and change the problem is though you drive along and your trip computer here you know shows you some info and useful or useless information depending on what you want but then all of a sudden it says low fuel and the problem I’ve had is the low fuel warning has come on and it’s shown me a 15 mile range as soon as that hits low and that’s because this fuel tank is only 10.2 gallons so I’ve had this car for seven days and I’ve been to the gas station five times now granted I drove to Austin from Dallas and I drove back to Dallas but range aside the problem here is a car that’s supposed to be as fuel efficient or more fuel efficient than that has resulted in me going to the gas station almost every day and so

I’ve been experimenting with like five dollars ten dollars five dollars ten dollars because I had to check is that right is it really telling me at fifteen miles that I need to fill up because that’s just not enough warning most cars are 40 or 50 miles advance warning but for fifteen even in the city like you go downtown or you’re stuck here it’s like ah I have to finish where I’m going and then I have to go somewhere else and then maybe I’ll get fuel so it’s actually turned out to be more of an inconvenience than anything else one the one thing I wish is that Toyota would or Lexus would give me a warning at 30 miles I don’t care exactly how much fuel is in here but when it says 30 miles of range I want the warning I don’t want 15 miles because 30 I can kind of plan a little bit better than that 15 you know the average commute this day for everybody I think is is 40 miles so don’t quote me on that but it’s just not enough especially in a car made for commuting right yeah you’re gonna agree there but you’ll see this fancy steering wheel we we have another downside here there is no upgraded stereo in this UX so the UX 250 H luxury doesn’t have a mark levinson sound system and it desperately needs it so beyond that this is a great car I’ve been in here for seven days and this thing has been my office I’ve been on this I’ve been on the phone in here for a long time and you can see that the dash is kind of angled towards the driver and it’s very convenient and there’s a lot of activity here you can do that is tied in with the screen you basically have not a touchscreen but you have one two three four levels of action in this vehicle and everything’s kind of been segmented and compartmentalized in in a pretty much logical manner if I press menu down here what I get is the menu up there and this surprising actually has climate concierge which allows the vehicle to automatically adjust the climate within the vehicle and it’s more than just Auto it actually impacts the ability to have air filtration and a bunch of other things if I go into our options you’ll see we have filtration setting we have eco settings and all that other stuff it’s basically a very complex system but very easy to use and I do like it in here I do like it a lot this has been a nice office you’ll see the textures here aren’t this is not leather this is a weird kind of like so it looks like fiber but it’s not fiber I like it and the color here is pleasing it’s sort of baseball glove I like it let’s see what else we have well auto headlights Auto high beams with this button here Auto wipers and rear wiper we have radar cruise and lane keeping we have blind spot monitoring which is identified right there BSM and we have drive modes sport which shows me a rev range which is kind of useless because this is a CVT automatic transmission meaning there’s no real gear change and it also has the hybrid so the electric motor and the gas motor work together or electric motors there’s two of them one in front and one in the back essentially this car has been a decent commuter car the only problem has been the range 10.2 mile tank I haven’t really been able to go a week without having to fill up I haven’t been going a day and basically having to visit the gas station charge control off which I don’t need brightness display which is nice to have his buttons over here rather than having to find something this is actually backlit as well very nice and auto up and down interestingly the windows listen to this window and pay attention to how it rolls down it it’s like a multi step motor so it speeds up and then it slows down on seals now it’s not how it is it’s dual layer glass too which is really nice to have two layers of glass sandwiched together which helps reduce noise you’ll notice it goes up and slop softly closes now on the freeway like 60 miles an hour it doesn’t soft close it just goes right up in so I don’t know what speed that is you’ll notice I’m a freeway when you roll that window up it goes thunk so different different kind of engineering here on this car they’ve they’ve really thought out a lot of things which is why this car is so nice I actually do like this car personally it’s a little too small for me being a 6 feet tall and 260

pounds ish but the feel in here is is decent so what I’m gonna do is put my seat belt on and we are going to go around the block because what I want to show you it’s just what it’s like so we will put it in Drive we have an electronic parking brake and we have electronic brake hold electronic parking brake is actually right there so you push in to activate and pull it to release which is the way it should be in all cars with electronic parking brake I’m gonna turn this down again that way you can hear me and not the HVAC okay even though the engine is off we are on and there’s really nothing to show me that it’s on other than ready I guess I don’t know well we’ll go ahead and go up here make a right so the hybrid system just kind of like self charges there’s no plug-in aspect to this and the engine handles all of the charging so you don’t have to what you actually cannot park in the electric vehicle parking space because there’s nowhere to plug it in this is not a plug-in which is probably another problem with this car you know you have a little city car like this and all they had to do is engineer a plug so you can kind of like take advantage of those city schemes where they have electric field vehicle parking and like prime spots so even with this car you can’t but in something like an Audi q3 or sorry outie a 3e Tron you could it’s kind of a downside here that it’s not a plug-in alright at this car go by now this is not the fastest car it isn’t as sporty as it looks and that’s because it is twelve hundred pounds heavier than a Mazda Miata but it has the same power basically as a Mazda Miata it just won’t move fast enough 0-60 is up around nine seconds and I think that is OK in the city car it’s just that when you put it in sport mode it’s still silent there’s no real boost coming from the electric motors and there’s no extra sound being even pumped into the cabin which I wish they I wish they did Alexis if I have a UX 250 H luxury or even an F Sport I really want like a sport mode to be sporty sounding at least to make me feel like this is a faster car because it’s really missing something see what we got up here more people coming but that’s kind of what a hybrid does is it desensitizes you to the driving experience but in the lexus which you actually get is lexus ride quality it’s quiet in here you know you’ve noticed the dual glazed windows you have a pretty okay stereo but when you’re driving along you pretty much get a lexus ride out of it so the road noise is minimal as much as it can be in an economy / commuter car and the ride quality is great and that drum though out of the engine that that nasty sound I wish I wish they engineered like a sports sound through the stereo some people are haters on that sporty sound but I think it would really improve this vehicle a lot regardless of whether or not it’s enough sport being that it’s all-wheel drive and I don’t know the torque distribution between the front rear axles I will tell you that it doesn’t feel like all wheel drive there’s definitely some torque steer I wouldn’t necessarily say torque steer I’d say torque weight it feels like the steering gets a lot heavier not only in sport mode but when you put your foot down it just feels it feels harder to control if I put it back in a comfort mode then obviously this is how it is when you start up also when you start the car you leave the lane turning lane to LTA steering the assist thing if you leave that on it stays on when you get back in the car it’s going on for you I want to show you the window thing kind of a different review today if you’re new here please subscribe I have a lot of videos on new cars that’s what I do that’s why I’m called new car spin if you didn’t know these are pressed vehicles these are not cars that friends let me borrow or anything like that because my friends don’t have new cars basically I’m supplied cars by dealers and manufacturers and I do videos like this for you try not to bore you with stats I try and let you know what the experience is like because I think some of you might be on the fence or on edge or ready to pull the trigger or sign that line and just in case you had any

hesitation this should help alright so let’s just go for it floored and normal mode let’s go to support no difference really all right so let’s roll the window down okay so 74 didn’t do it let’s try 80 there you go it did it so a little trick there in case you didn’t know you go 80 miles an hour the windows were closed faster on auto up it’s kind of interesting it’s not the fastest car and people don’t necessarily get out of the way of a fast Lexus but getting off here what what happens though is get off here I’ve got vibrating steering wheel for when I’m over the lane or trying to like encroach on another Lane it won’t necessarily steer me but it tries to steer me to keep me centered to the lane it won’t steer me to correct me in the way this is Texas 67 and a 45 and I’m being passed by an SUV all right we’re gonna make a u-turn over here there’s one of these fun u-turns we’re going to see what the performance is like on cornering we do not have performance tires on here this is obviously low rolling resistance fuel economy style setup with the tires but the ride believe it or not based on what you see on the camera the ride is exceptional this is a Lexus for sure it’s got all this weight and it feels very balanced and smooth over these city roads and this concrete we go around this corner a lot of wheel howling it’s fine I’m used to the howling floored floored see not not really a mover here which is where I wouldn’t mind extra noise piped in and of course I can’t show you anything with the stereo because YouTube would copyright the music and I don’t want to get a flag because I try to monetize my videos and this is how I make a living these days so I appreciate your support wink wink still not a bad car I mean if you’re just driving around in the city and you don’t need to commute on a freeway or basically if you do commute it’s it’s never an open road like this this is a wet dream for a lot of you commuters but just understand that if if there ever was a situation where you had to commute this car is decent great ride nice cockpit layout here very convenient the hybrid system is supposed to blessed me now never sneezed on a review before as a first it’s just one of those you know nice cars to have but without looking like a boy racer kind of thing so keep that in mind if you’re on the fence here just go ahead and get back on the freeway there is a bit of a blind spot right here on the b-pillar and I can’t see much that’s all I see when I look left so you do have to depend on the blind spot monitoring and that’s it decent car decent price 42,000 for a loaded baby Lexus basically well done even a baby this is kind of like a flea the small size actually makes it very convenient to dart in and out of lanes and I’ve tested that out it’s it’s not as fun as a GTI but you do have all-wheel drive which a GTI doesn’t even have and I think if you’re an older person who wants a decent car for commuting in a budget I mean this is not a big car but cars these days have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger bigger look at the BMW 3-series it’s even bigger on the price tag – so it’s hard it’s hard now to find a decent commuter car unless you go for a base Honda Civic which I drove that was like 22 grand and very nice but if you’re an adult who’s been working for 15 years you want to kind of step it up or if you’re basically single and like to have

fun you also want to step it up we’re gonna get off here actually we’re gonna call this a review I hope I showed you everything you need to see hybrid works like this the car has a great feel to it the seats are supportive not necessarily the best adjustment capabilities but we still are in a luxury car and I can feel it and I can sense that and can’t necessarily hear performance nor feel it but I don’t think I don’t think that’s a problem for most of you if you can afford one of these you probably have another car on the garage – maybe a Miata which would be which would be fun to do have a Miata one of these alright well my battery on my phone’s low and I gotta get home so thank you for watching like subscribe comment and I will see you in the next video ciao