Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye (Full Movie) – Watch This Whole Movie with Your Family Today. (Gujarati Movie)

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Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye (Full Movie) – Watch This Whole Movie with Your Family Today. (Gujarati Movie)

“Mother, father are the reason for your birth” “and aunty gave you name” “But the world knows you only through the image..” “…which you have developed for your self, Oh brother” “Someone says you are mischievous” “Someone say you are mysterious” “Shallow in someone’s eyes,’ “and few feels you are bad” “few feels you are bad, oh brother…” “When eyes are closed by a ribbon,” “and you are standing infront of an elephant, everyone finds him different,” “When eyes are closed by a ribbon,” “and you are standing infront of an elephant, everyone finds him different,” “only elephant knows who he actually is?” “and my question takes birth from that point.” ‘Who are you brother, who are you?’ ‘That you only know darling, how can I know?’ ‘Come be in the mirror of yourself’ ‘Though you are a saint, your tongue is not in your controll?’ ‘Or are you a cruel soul with a sweet tongue?’ ‘Are you faking as a genuine man or are you genuinely fake?’ ‘Or a shameless devil you are?’ ‘Are you bitter or salty? Wicked or simple?’ ‘Dog? Monkey or cow you are?’ ‘King of vulture? Or master of patience?’ ‘Or a brother of tempered hippopotamus?’ ‘It is not compulsory to be stagnant as you are..’ ‘…because you have the power to change yourself.’ ‘You have only your self to break the cocoon and be a butterfly’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘Just have a look, who are you?’ ‘You will know yourself darling how can I know?’ ‘Come be a mirror of yourself.’ “When eyes are closed by a ribbon,” “and you are standing infront of an elephant, everyone finds him different,” “only elephant knows who he actually is?” “and my question takes birth from that point.” Let us fill the heart with courage, and take a leap into the sky Let our strokes of Efforts & Intellect, Brighten & Lighten Lets run ahead of everyone As the world worships the winner, then why stay behind? Come let us Win What a beautiful journey!!! Full of fun… Thrilling & full of struggles On the path to victory, one encounters new questions on every sojourn Questions show up unknown fears, & fear leads to new adventure New tactics, new paths, new ideologies, brand new perceptions of thought processes Continuous tug of war, where neither heart dominates the mind & fail to identify the difference between right & wrong, nor mind governs the heart & loose out on the happiness of emotion Such a workout that brain is extremely tired & exhausted, but so very lively that entire existence is overjoyed with happiness to the core What a beautiful journey And my voyage towards victory had already begun, even prior to my birth In my father’s mind My son will become The World Conqueror Ahead of all, first amongst all, best amongst all, my son With towering personality, broad shoulders, whenever Emperor Ashok marched on the battlefield, it would seem as if he alone is an entire army

(SNORRING) Ahead of all, first amongst all, best amongst all You have to become like them Even bigger than them My father wanted me to conquer the heights that he failed to accomplish Back straight. Chest forward Hold your head high Walk with pride & gravity Sit like this As if you own the throne His study about behavior of a winner was quite good, but he didn’t know how to be a winner PIZZA, PASTA, COLDRINKS… I have ordered everything that you relish All the preparations of a party has already been done Today is a very big day Today my son is going to win the first trophy of his life Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Hey Trophy OK? Trophy Dev… Dev… Come on Dev Trophay Come on Dev That day, for the first time I experienced the burden of my father’s dreams I tried to win in spite of carrying the burden of my father’s dreams But my shoulders were too weak I could not win the competition He scolded my mother for my defeat Why didn’t you make him practice properly ? I don’t want my son to be fool like you Every alternate month, he would get a participation form of a new competition Papa, I don’t want to compete with anyone Are you crazy? Moron Who taught you to runaway like this? Your mother? What do you want to become in life? Winner or Looser? LOOSER What? Fool. Moron…? From that moment my father has started scolding me, and till date he has not stopped and I stopped communicating which I have not dared to start till date Though out of frustration, I uttered that I want to become a LOSER, but deep down within, desire to win never diminished IF you really want to WIN, Than do something that no one in the world has done before See the world, like nobody has seen Learn to listen the silence that comes with the word World only understands what is told, you try to read between the lines & learn to decode what is not or yet to be said Think so deep that you understand the significance & crux of the matter Moreover, all that world offers which you feel true & good, just weave it in your thoughts, words, behavior & implement it in your nature as well…? Once you do all this, success will fall on your feet So find your way on your own, & go. Win the whole world.? I found that I wasn’t the only one Whole world was out there, set forth to Win & why not? The fun & joy in winning is discrete Who on this earth likes to lose? Is there anyone on this earth who wants to stay behind in this race of life? But the question is, HOW TO WIN? Who knows it? How many bases needs to be covered during this journey ? What are the remedies to cross it over? But that time even I had no idea about it Come on tell me, Which are those two ways through which a man can be possibly victorious? What are those two different ideologies through which one can accomplish victory? Even I never thought about it until that day But suddenly on that day, our family had to face off & encounter such a situation, wherein we had to choose between those two paths No… MAN!! I will have to shop something new for tomorrow’s party These clothes are too BORING!! Anything in EXCESS makes you BORED quickly?

When will I win even one trophy like this? When you make a decision What would happen by just deciding? Beginning Hunger not Anger Am attending classes for Anger Management Yeah, It is an enriching experience I feel like I am in total, total control of myself WHAT DID YOU BREAK? I would take the case & scream previously But now, what did you break? I ask courteously How can we change Instincts? Nowadays, I refrain from getting angry quickly on anyone Off course except Raseela,? she really tests my patience you see…? Will give you two tight slap Raseela! Raseela, have you seen my slippers? Raseela! Dev’s papa is already on his way home from airport If he sees me moving around without slippers, poor fellow will get furious He will scold me saying, “Family Members of Rich & Wealthy do not roam around bare footed in their houses, you uncivilized woman” How can he be a poor fellow when he gets angry? Anger will have a negative effect on his blood pressure, along with his state of mind One has to show compassion & mercy to such miserable, unhappy poor fellow, isn’t it? What kind of logic is this? One who gets Angry is a Miserable Poor Fellow Raseela! Will you help me find my slippers? Bhabhi my eyes are stuck on your Diamond Ring, I can’t move them an inch, It is so nice & irresistible What do I do bhabhi? Keep on staring at the ring everyday If I don’t give it to you, it will make me unhappy Here, take it Looks like an invitation card of some charity event Mummy Dear, How much donation have we given? 25 Lakhs Wow!! How kind of us What? I have habituated myself to admire & appreciate good deeds since childhood Even if I have done it. One have to appreciate. You know what? After my every performance on stage, I am the first one to clap for myself in appreciation It doesn’t matter whether audience appreciates or not, but we should How would audience clap sis? One can’t hoot and clap at the same time But aunty tell me one thing, how can you achieve this? I mean, your brilliant son Virenbhai at one end & on the other? Balancing act I guess I am aware of the fact that you all know that I am DUMB. It’s FINE At least she knows that she is Dumb Pallavi Very few people are aware of their short comings, and acknowledgment and acceptance of it naturally is even rare This simplicity is really very nice What is this? You people order Pizzas 10 times a month So what? Behave Abhishek She is elder of our house, only I can rightfully misbehave with her 12 times a month not 10 times, to be precise What do we do with all the food cooked in the house grandma? Send it to the hotel, simple BARTER SYSTEM Let him come. You like to boss around everyone in the house, isn’t it? I will make sure that you get an earful scolding today Who Suryakant? Look at her!! I will pull his cheeks Leave me you Brat & turn his cheeks into balloons Not just me but he will also forget to scold you forever Leave me you Brat Family Moments My Dearest Sister.? Sorry Mam, This card is discontinued What? Try again? I will ask him & make sure he cancels your Pizza Parties forever He himself orders Pizzas thrice a month. Moreover, until he arrives, who will save you from me, my favorite Guni? Leave You Brat Sorry Mam Strange!! ANU, please lend your card, Sorry Mam, but Why are you being sorry? It is our card that is discontinued

What? Nothing No money? Now go to the Five Star Hotel & wash their dishes, So you will understand That would never happen, even in 7 lives But I must admit, That your sense of humor is really very good Where does it vaporize when uncle is around? Exchange of happiness is only possible between the dear ones What? Nothing Please pay cash from my purse, meanwhile let me call Vasant I can see strain on their faces not fatigue All three of them Ever smiling eyes of Niranjan uncle even during illness looks sad & dispirited, WHY? Papa Dear, our credit cards are discontinued!! Here it is, welcome bill Face that always remains restraint looks remorseful, & there is bit of dampness in the corner of his eyes… Something is wrong!! 15000… Deepika? Why don’t we cook food at home?? What happened Vasant? Can you take these Pizzas back please? But Papa, we want to have Pizzas You don’t stop. GO What the hell? Why are you getting angry over a bill of just 15000? Listen up everybody, We have done a BLUNDER ANd we are in a big, Big, BIG PROBLEM Problem? ‘WE’ have a problem? Next 3 to 4 months are going to be Very Tough for us Now you are SCARING us? First you all listen to my instructions carefully & if you all follow it properly, then there is one way that will lead us out of this loss Loss? OH MY GOD!!! How much loss? Firstly, hear him out quietly Are you requesting her under such circumstances? Until how long will you remain So docile brother ? Sir, is the information correct? Because it is pin drop silence here Don’t move from there, stay rooted, it is the silence before the storm There will be a chaos, very soon Who committed loss? This is not the right time to discuss about all that Don’t look at me like this Vasant, you always feel I am the reason for Suryakant Bhai, It was just an act of instinct I very well know & understand that why you looked at me I am Sorry Nobody sees their own mistakes Suryakant Bhai I am sorry, I said I am sorry I know how meaningful your sorry is Suryakant Bhai I am sorry, I said I am sorry Suryakant Bhai You are very well aware that we have never encountered such a huge trouble in our life ever before. Moreover, coming times are going to be tougher & so I have been telling you again & again, that we need to be calm, Think peacefully, so that we don’t panic under the circumstances & can save ourselves from committing another big blunder or mistake So please can I speak now & will everybody listen to me for GOD’s sake? Please? Niranjan, ask all our servants to stay out of the house for some time, inform security to switch off all the CCTV CAMERAS of our house, shut the main door, not a single word of our conversation should leak out of our house, everybody switch off your mobiles now Ok now, listen everybody We have already exhaustively discussed about why we are in this problem & who is responsible for this problem You all will also be informed about the same at the right time But for now we don’t have any time to waste over it, so no one will ask any such questions Now, first things first, I will tell you what is supposed to be done, than will also share with you about what has happened To accept one’s own mistake publicly is toughest, even for a sensible person Instruction no.1, no one will go out of the house for some days No way, I have to give party to my friends Cancel it Papa I have rehearsals of my play Scrap the play But it is our home production and Scrap it I said No one will go out of the house Deepika Close the door Vasant!! OH MY GOD!!! How did these people got the information? These people enjoy revealing private life of others… Act of great joy for them Freedom Rapist Pallavi, what are you doing? Everybody get in… Get in right now Get inside This was exactly my reason for stopping you all to go out

Anyways, they will do their jobs & we will do ours Listen everybody carefully If you have a facedown with them, just say no comments, understood? Instruction no.2, Anything that is bank related, pass book, cheque book, credit cards, etc., whatever you have, give everything to Niranjan Even credit cards? Yes, even credit cards That is how you say it STORM IS HERE Bhabhi, all the jewellery that you all possess, Please give it to Niranjan barring couple of simple sets We will open a locker in name of Sarita & deposit all the jewellery in it Sarita? You mean our cook? Apart from Bhabhi and we three brothers, all the documents & records of everyone’s properties, investments, savings in name of other family members also needs to be deposited in the bank locker No no no… But why in her name? OK. Ok. We are done with the instructions Now Confession VASANT KUMAR!!? Is it 1st April today? Nope Than what is all this? We have lost everything Everything means? Everything means Every Little Thing Isn’t he Vasant Sanghvi? From Sanghvi & Sons? Company has done such a humongous loss, that if we try to repay, we will have to sell out everything How much payment we have to recover from him? 2.5 crores? Oh God! Offices, Factories, This House, Furniture, All the Properties in name of Everyone, Jewellery as well Even Clothes Everything Oh God, now what will happen? We need to stop this Call Vasant Kumar quickly Sir, Sting Operation at Sanghvi House!! Hmm Sir it is too risky. Interference in some Big shot’s private life Big Shots do not have anything such as private life And if the risk is big, benefits will also be bigger Who did the loss? I did the loss. Mom will you please shut up for a while? Can’t you see, Vasant uncle is under so much stress? So are we not going to go through this stress? Why should we bear the repercussions of someone else’s mistakes ? Someone else? Seriously? I should have attended Karate Classes instead of Anger Management Is papa not one of the partners in the company ? I know everything Partner for the namesake Suryakant Bhai decides all the domestic & Social issues, & Vasant Bhai rules business Has Niranjan any say in any matter? Ever? That he might be responsible for any mistake or loss? But, when their understanding of certain matter is better than mine, then what would one gain by babbling needlessly It is not my habit to say things just to register my presence What Clarity of Thought And you got so habituated to your habit that even when situation arose you just chose to remain silent, isn’t it? Oh my God!! Raseela is insulting Niranjan Kumar in front of entire world!! Even after having simplicity and straight forwardness in thoughts, why does a person becomes unhappy? Is it lack of Conviction? Or one is unhappy or scared that people might misjudge their noble understanding as Stupidity? Aunty & uncle both have switched off their mobiles Even Suryakant Bhai’s mobile Keep on trying his number Viren will switch on his mobile Can’t connect!! Switch on your mobile You will be trapped Mobiles Off But what is the problem in checking my mobile? Why don’t you just leave it on the table? Can’t wait for phone, let’s go to Sanghvi House But When you can’t vent your anger on others vent it out on your children Just Shut up mom You are insulting everyone No, let her speak Ananya, We have done mistake, INFACT a Big Mistake If we lose out on all the Happiness, Comforts, Luxuries, Name, Respect, Status, Stature, Home in blink of an eye,

than we deserve to be insulted, Today only Raseela is insulting us, tomorrow entire nation will ridicule us We will have to learn to be thick skinned Raseela you have all the rights to taunt us To stay away from this trouble If you want to, you can take your share of Property and Jewellery and separate Don’t even think of it mom Even if I think, it is never going to happen I won’t be able to stay without Niranjan, & Niranjan would never leave his family Oh God!! Oh God!! How come such a nice person like me got into this troublesome situation? Vasant Bhai, you did mention that there is a way out of this trouble, right? Yes, there is. All these instructions were meant to be for that way out We should We have to declare ourselves Bankrupt…? What? Bankruptcy? There is no other option Bhabhi Nice idea papa But, will no one sue us for this? They will, but we will manage everything As company is in the name of we three brothers, so all those Properties, Investments, Savings, Assets, Jewellery which is in the name of all family members apart from us, government won’t be able to seize it at all So that’s it, there won’t be any problem But we will be in problems We have invested lot of money in your company We will have nowhere to go They seem to be very powerful people It is supposed to be one of the oldest & most reputed trustworthy Companies in India, and now see Sir, Mr. Vasant Sanghvi’s in laws have threatened to sue our Channel Rao do as I say, call one Sociology Professor, one Intellectual, a Political Leader and arrange for a debate panel. Now. Move aside Start interviewing relatives, friends, employees of Sanghvis This is a Big Scoop Our Channel should not stay behind in covering this… Got it??Go now These people donate lakhs of rupees for betterment & growth of Society & Religion, & check out their Thoughts & Practices If we take such action, how many people will lose their money? Hundreds and Thousands Does it include poor and middle class people as well? Yes Possibly, our servants also might not get a single penny Hey, hey close the door Our servants as well? But Guni, right now we should be worried for our children or others? Off course… Our selves Please Your body will rot with Maggots & Parasites in it, you all will go to Hell as Punishments for Cheating Poor and Robbing their Monies This was that first path out of the two paths Contrary to Sacraments, leading towards the path of Immorality Where in by harming others, introducing wrong deeds as Practical and trying to justify one’s Own Self But this is Treacherous Breach of Trust Don’t try to be over smart. Do you think doing all this gives us Joy? But what shall we do? Our kids have been born & brought up in Luxuries Will they be able to live without Luxuries? No. Surely not. Please By doing wrong deeds in the name of others and creating illusion of being clean & good, who are we deceiving? Others or one’s Own self? Ok then Whatever everybody feels Savings of my whole life is invested in your company sir, and I need to get my sister married, what do I do? But father in law would have never agreed to do this, if he would have been alive today, he would sell off everything and repay each & every penny of everyone for sure And this was second path, admiring Sacraments, leading towards the direction of Morality & Righteousness But tough path to walk So now, the most important thing under given circumstances is that,

my family will choose which path? Bhabhi we can’t afford to get emotional right now, father is not alive, and not even those times But Our kids are, we are, to protect our happiness we will have to leave aside father’s Sacraments & start being practical Selling off everything is not at all a PRACTICAL STEP Absolutely correct papa I would never ever do such act But I would go for it If it would have been your kids in this situation, you would also do it Honestly, he is right Today there would be many people in the world thinking like Mr.Vasant The most important point is that, if at all people like Ajay Valia of Queen Beer with image of a spoiled brat commits deeds like this only loss that occurs is of money Whereas, when reputed people like Vasant Sanghvi commits to such actions it actually hampers Society’s sense of identifying the difference between Right & Wrong It has negative impact on thought process & ideology of the Society It is extremely difficult for me to even speak this bhabhi, but unfortunately, except declaring ourselves bankrupt, there is no other option or way out left for us That is exactly what happened of which I was skeptical Out of fear of losing everything, such a mature & intelligent person like Vasant uncle also gave importance to materialistic sense against opting for common sense The most saddening fact was that in the urge of saving materialistic happiness he got ready to lose his own true self & our entire family also implemented & followed him Just because they are big shots, whenever they feel, they decide to stop repaying the loans of the banks worth thousands of crores Mr.Kulkarni please immediately contact our panel of lawyers, Police Commissioner & concerned Ministers, I want to speak with all of them Immediately I won’t leave them this time This was the first time that Sanghvi family was facing defeat Everyone were extremely scared & frightened Shoulders were going weak & brain numb Eyes were getting dry & color of everyone’s faces was fading away Just with the thought of losing everything & getting defeated everybody were in extreme traumatic state As I was a born looser, I should have been in the worst state of mind compared to others, but that just did not happen to me What the Hell? No actually, what the Heaven!!? Instead of my brain going numb, thoughts in my brain started accelerating at such a speed as if it was competing with the blood in my veins, it’s pace was also increasing rapidly, so rapid was its speed that my legs were getting motivated, shoulders activated, I could not even realize that my journey to victory had happily begun My mind was screaming aloud wanting to say something, but wasn’t able to speak up, in fact it did not have the courage to spell out My short comings & flaws could prove to be so harmful to me? I don’t know how many complexes, fears and false beliefs I have gathered with in me Whatever may be the equation between me and my father, today the future of my entire family is at stake, this is not the time to stay mute COME ON Come on… What more than insulting in front of everyone would my father do As it is he does that every day Come on Does circumstances make intelligence of most intelligent people mentally handicap? Or else how could they term mummy & dadaji’s practical thoughts as emotional & their emotional decisions as practical? Credit Card Dev What? Only your & Viren’s are pending Hmm… What? Amm Tell me what is it? No… I… Amm

Speak up fast No… Nothing What is it son? Hmm… I want to say… That WHAT? Just a minute Suryakant Bhai, Listen Dev Extreme situations needs extreme measures, sometimes taking wrong steps forward leaving the truth behind proves to be more sensible, Sadly… it makes sense Sadly it’s nonsense Can I insult you all? If elders permit? No permission? Anyway Still insult is imperative, because extreme situations needs extreme measures Respected elders, brothers and sisters Decision to declare Bankruptcy is absolutely disgusting, crap & nonsense As there is total lack of foresight We all are so scared of losing out on everything that we have already decided to say good bye to common sense Ok!! Viren I am not yet done Mummy. You will get ample time and opportunity to reprimand Again, Bankruptcy is that path which will not lead us to happiness but lead us to disaster Here by, I am not at all talking about Sacraments, Ethics or Moral Loss, because I am a Business Management Graduate. Moreover, I am a shrewd Baniya, so obviously by default my focus is on materialistic profits & losses So instantaneously & with firm belief I am saying that by doing this, materialistic gains are very less & losses are insurmountable for us And it is not aunty who is getting emotional, rather it is you Which clearly means that along with money you have lost out on your ability to think objectively as well Now before I reload my gun, there is a chance for you to rebuke mummy Come out of the shock, as now it is your turn to attack What do you think? You are too Smart? Nope… I know that I am VERY SMART SUPERB!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I Love Him!!! Viren is two years younger than me but he is my hero His heroism is fine sir, but we can’t just sit here with our hands folded doing nothing trusting his heroism We should arrest them right away without wasting any time Once they file for Bankruptcy, we won’t be able to take any action against them But on what grounds shall I give their arrest order? They have not committed any crime yet Come on sir, they are already talking about filing Bankruptcy in front of entire nation it’s their plan to fraudulently rob everyone’s money If we will wait until they commit crime, not just bank funds, but monies of thousands of people will go down the drains and government will be disgraced as well Prior to this, people like Ajay Valia fled out of this country, because we were late in taking actions Ok. I will do something Connect me to the Police Commissioner Arrogance of Youth It is you who have taught cultivating courage to speak truth fearlessly papa Today I regret that I gave you that freedom without knowing your competency Belive me, your regret will turn into pride very soon For that to happen, you will have to prove all the accusations & allegations that you just made Allow Me Allow me too Wait Vishal What happened grandpa? So… Have you taken the decision? Yes Great. You won’t back off right? No What are they doing? Do you have the courage of telling truth upfront on the face of elders? No… But I want to Welcome to the biggest competition of our life Come what may, we have to win this debate This is all because of you Guni Viren, You are so clever son, you don’t need to give importance to her? You should also give importance uncle, because what aunty said is absolutely right What is there to laugh in this? Wasn’t this a cheerful moment? Where everybody saw their defeat in this troublesome situation, myself & Viren saw the beginning of victory New Vigor New Energy. New Enthusiasm That’s the fun on Voyage to Victory Yes sir, I have the arrest warrant I am on my way Sir

Before you say anything, let me make it clear, don’t waste your time talking over Morals, Ethics, Sacraments, etc as I cannot afford to waste my time There are many important tasks and issues that I have to take care of This debate & argument will be only in the context of, whether this decision is practical or not If this discussion deviates from practicality, for whatever reasons, I will stop this debate immediately Even I don’t have time to talk about impractical things papa I want to win the whole world and that to in this very life I will not even waste a single second What Attitude Boss!!! There would be very few people who can carry such Attitude with such Surreal Elegance What is the definition of practicality in your mind? Benefits for myself and my family happiness, peace, and comfort I love you for that Though this definition of practicality is debatable, but under these circumstances, even if we consider your definition applicable than, are we looking at these happiness, peace, comfort, etc for short term or long term? Viren, three of us have taken this decision only after thinking exhaustively, so One needs to think exhaustively for stupidity is a first for me Behave Viren Come on mummy, Just by showing the mirror, if one feels insulted, than who is at fault? The one who is looking into the mirror or the one who is showing it? Younger ones are not suppose to hold mirrors to elders If we go ahead with this debate, for sure conversations will get bitter Sometimes unknowingly and sometimes knowingly Shall I continue further? Pick up the phone Vasantbhai please His father is a shrewd businessman, he will not let his son win Son will Win… I offer you 3 for 1 10000/- Son, the present situation does not allow us to think for long term Long term benefits It is just not possible It is very much possible Papa it is impossible It is 100% possible Deadlock Unbelievable! Unbelievable!!! To make mature & intelligent people understand is sometimes as difficult as it is easy What could be papa’s logic? What could be the root cause of uncle’s logic? What would be his mindset? What is this nonsense? There is only optimism in your arguments & not logic By saying so you are challenging my experience and intelligence Today I am challenging it, tomorrow the world will do that If you just keep striving on sheer optimism of, “I will get everything in order” and continue building castles in the air about family’s Happiness & Peace, you will have to face such challenges for sure To change his mindset, one has to understand the exact reason of his delusion Why is it so? How is it so? Only than it would be possible to break his delusion If I was foolish to build castles in the air on the basis of sheer hollow optimism & not logic, The brand of Sanghvi & Sons would have not reached to the top One cannot prove their present decisions correct on the bases of their accomplishments of past Come on Just reading is not enough, to exactly understand the mindset of others, one needs to put one’s own self in their position Yes On which basis will you prove it? That your decision is based only on logic and not optimism If you feel that our decision is incorrect,? it is your job to prove it wrong not Vasant Correct I will prove it right away Papa feels that it is possible to achieve long term benefits by declaring Bankruptcy, whereas I disagree All of you are on whose side? me or papa? Police coming with arrest warrant? Oh no!!! Vishal What happened? What happened? Cover them, Quickly… Fast Call our lawyer immediately Papa is my hero. I am with papa Think on your own and speak Pallavi I don’t know how to think I don’t even want to think Thank you very much I possess everything at a moment and in the next I have nothing What would be my state of mind? Right now Vasant Bhai is our only savior Off course your papa He has earned it Thank you Me too Mummy? No Son, I have to be with him One encounters more troubles while on the wrong path How can I leave him alone in troublesome state? No son

Guni Dear!!! Are you supporting us or? So saintly. Start singing hymns along with her Complete Disbelief, Anger, Fear, Pain, Disappointment, Worries Champ, we all are speaking against you. Me too I bet you all are speaking in my favor. You too Concerns of the company, worried for thousands of employees, How will we face the media, public, relatives tomorrow? Above all, worried most for the family OH MY GOD!!! Uncle is carrying the mountain of worries over his shoulders Even if it is proved wrong, still we will support and be on Vasant’s side, unless and until Vasant doesn’t agree to it we will consider his decision final if we don’t go in right now, they will get into bigger problem Aunty just said that they will consider Vasant bhai’s decision final On what grounds will you consider it final? On the grounds of trust, should faith prevail or not? Vasant has done so much for this family till date I would still say that don’t think by getting influenced of him But I want to get influenced He is the best Wait Vishal We have no other option but to trust Viren, we have to make sure that we provide enough time to Viren But we don’t have much time at hand Police would arrive any moment My son, if we don’t consider past, than how shall we decide that who has the potential to make the right decision in crisis? Oh God. Kaka wants to save his family even though he is loaded with the weightage of mountain full of worries & troubles If we don’t keep trust in Vasant Bhai than Uncle, when the future of entire family is at stake, just on the basis of trust No Viren… It is not that petty an achievement that you can say so It takes a lifetime to earn it, and it is so delicate that even a teeny tiny mistake of doubt can break it in no time One has to be Extremely Careful, it needs Complete Attention, Utmost Loyalty, Optimum Devotion Just by saying, I know, I am smart, one cannot make brand value What if Viren does not succeed in convincing everyone? We have to think that he could have convinced everyone, if we would have been able to give him enough time We have to handle everyone out here so that he gets enough time to convince everyone in there One has to pass through many crisis, has to suffer through troublesome periods, some times has to make huge sacrifices, it takes lot of hard work to make brand value And you should be proud of the fact that your father has earned that brand value So how can one gain long term benefits by breaking the same brand value? What? By declaring Bankruptcy, papa is about to let go of this priceless brand value and break the trust This boy is magic sandy, all the interviews and debates related to this story should be Pro Viren got it? This boy is going to be a hero, he is the only one who can save their money They will Lose Money For sure their money will go down the drains Not Pro Viren… Not Pro Vasant Let’s go against the Sanghvis I said, I will make ‘you’ prove my point right I did say, that by supporting papa you all are actually justifying my point Now tell me, if this trust is so very valuable and precious, which is earned by going through so many hardships, how is it possible to gain long term benefits by breaking the trust of entire world? Is it practical? Give me close up of Vasant Ya Zoom Zoom More… Zoom Ya This man won’t repay a single penny Just look at his face Oh no Oh My God!! I will have to stop Viren He might have not realized that while attempting to win, actually we are digging the road of our own defeat Ammm… Bmmmm A, B, C, D, spell out all the letters, but you won’t be able to prove me wrong See I am his biggest fan If he would not be the best than how would have I become the best of all But even he could be wrong at times, and the argument which is highly impractical. No How experienced are you Viren, to be able to decide between what is practical and impractical? If experience is the only barometer to gauge over person’s ability to understand, than rationality and intelligence should have been of no value in this world papa Viren listen to me No. Let me complete It is very difficult to complete even a small job without keeping trust, & this truth is crystal clear, visible and weaved in everyone’s day to day life undeniably Now to understand this simple fact, one does not need to experience each & every phases of life Ya… let me make you understand that now Right now uncle is mentally strained, worried & tired By making him more stressful I know he is stressed out, but this is not the time to show sympathy towards him I am not stressed And I don’t need anybody’s sympathy I know you are strong papa

It doesn’t matter whether the decisions are taken under stress or with a fresh mind neither wrong decisions can be accepted as right decisions, nor can we change the consequences that results because of it. Vasant But I am not stressed So there is no question of making wrong decisions Relax Vasant, stress is clearly visible on your face You need some quality breathing No I need some trust here If no one has a problem Ok, I am stressed But I have taken right decisions under stress in the past and I am capable enough to do it now as well I completely agree I don’t agree Vasant we all trust you, but will you please think over again with a peaceful mind? Deepika do you have any doubts over my decision? Teams have changed? I am not talking about his tiresome worried state to sympathize with him What I am saying is that we have to be careful because he is under stress Here again they have started muttering I can see uncle getting into the zone of rigidity Whenever a person is surrounded by troubles and tensions he is always in a very vulnerable state Unknowingly would get stuck into rigidity and take a wrong decision immediately Why don’t you speak up in front of everyone? That to if their own children tries to teach them.? Have you not even taught him to cultivate little courage, that he can speak his mind out in front of his family? Good for nothing Focus… Dev Gather your strength If uncle gets stuck into the zone of rigidity, then even if he realizes his mistake ultimately, he will still not agree to accept it, like my father Right now we should not just focus on what we will argue, but we should also be careful about how we are going to argue with them We will not be able to afford his ego I think the damage is done But his ego will get hurt Than it would become difficult to convince him No… No Than what shall we do?? Let me think There is one way Even if his ego gets hurt, he will get convinced Which way? Vishal Where is our lawyer? I am unable to connect to his number Grandpa we need to have a plan B, if lawyer does not reach in time what will we do? Papa we got a problem Is there any such problem that you can’t solve ? Actually myself and Dev are in double mind Whatever we are thinking could be right or might be wrong He will get me killed What? You are so balanced that we can share it with you courageously, but can’t do the same with Suryakant uncle and he will not be able to do it as well Is it about me? What is it about? We feel that even if you understand that whatever we are saying is right, you won’t accept it because of your ego Viren, please don’t test me in this difficult times please I have always treated you both like friends I have always heard you with an open mind and i have accepted as well That is exactly why I said we are in double mind We were sure that, when the question is about the future of our family you will not give importance to your ego, you will get convinced and agree and accept it You are getting too shrewd Viren Want to save my family at any cost papa I also wish happiness, comfort & peace for my family Deepika, should we get angry or be proud of him? Who is in whose team man? Everybody is in the same team Now he himself will take care of his ego Even if he wants to, he won’t be able to be egoistic You have already built the dam before the flood arrives. Keep it up My mind started dancing like monkey with just a little lead in the debate On the other hand, uncle was firmly holding on to his confidence

confidently even in this adverse situation What control on own self? I will have to cultivate seriousness like him You don’t need to get so overjoyed The debate is not yet over Now how do I make him understand that, this joy was not of scoring a lead in this debate, but it was about the process of personal growth that one can even learn from the opponent It was about moving forward on my voyage to victory taking baby steps Come on overcome your excitement and centralize your thoughts Hold your nerves & focus quietly focus Viren the storm has not yet eased Uncle would have exhaustively thought over all the possibilities We will have to stay ready for counter attack Ok Viren, under such situations if we take any decision, considering only one angle of it, we might have to repent Raise your shield, attack has begun Have you both tried to look at this situation from any other angle? By pairing my name along with Viren, uncle registered my name in the assembly of Pundits There is not a single aspect of life which will not get hampered due to breach of trust I understand the importance of brand value better than you So for time being, just leave that aspect of debate & answer my question Whenever police arrives, I will need your help, alright? No. Even after providing services for years, if boss is not considerate about our security & wellbeing, why should we? Has anyone of you slept without air conditioners? No Just not possible When was the last time, you had to walk continuously for 10 minutes, Does anyone remember? When I was studying in USA, I use to walk in the huge malls No. I am talking about walking on normal roads, like normal middle class people under the scorching heat or heavy rain, not A C malls of USA Correct No Bhavya, cultivate the habit of walking You have not let us stepped out of the house without a car There is no question of walking Some days back I had to walk for half an hour, I fell sick because of that Have you ever traveled by local train? That is exactly what I was going to ask Have you ever sat in a local train ever? Mercy, you will plead for mercy If criminals are punished to travel in local trains rather than sending them to comfort of prisons, more than half of them will forget to commit crimes. Hell. It is Hell.? I will never travel by train please After a long hard working day, just chapati, daal & only one vegetable curry is served to you Have you ever witnessed such a day in your life ? Correct Trapping them emotionally…? The man who has passed through many tests in life with ease & come out as a winner, can also get scared under troublesome circumstances Can forget his own strength & become weak These questions were living examples of that.? How could uncle forget his strengths? An intelligent person does not think or consider only one aspect Viren, think & consider over other aspects & tell me Will we all be able to bear such conditions? Come on… Answer the Questions? Full eleven course meal is served to you on a Golden Platter and out of stress and worries you are unable to take even a single bite of it Have you experienced that ever?? Don’t ask questions against questions, give answers I have given an answer Was this an answer? Boooo Have you experienced sleepless nights even under full AC because of tension? Nobody needs to answer him, he is just trying to trap us using our own words against us It happens, when one gets into such problems,? they start sweating profusely even in their air condition Car Uncle has forgotten his strengths because of worries due to problems, so maybe he is unable to think clearly I am 100% sure that you would have not experienced more suffocation in a luxurious office compared to local train, right?

Mayank uncle of Diamond Market has experienced all of this Who? Don’t you remember, the person who sold his Youth in 50/60 crores What? Yes Though he saved around 50/60 crores by declaring Bankruptcy, but within 3 years his half of the hair turned white & other half disappeared Got discredited in society, got frequently abused by his creditors, rounds of court, to save himself & keep everyone under control, he had to do rounds of politicians and antisocial elements He burdened himself with so many tensions that he started looking 50 years old at the age of 40 You could see wrinkles on his face instead of smile He sold most precious things like Health, Happiness & Youth for 50/60 Crores Viren if we keep on increasing his worries, it will get more & more difficult for him to take a decision But as long as we don’t show them the losses they will not agree to the fact that their point of view is not practical Than what shall we do? You continue your conference later, first listen to me It is not necessary that whatever happened with Mayank Bhai will happen with us as well It can happen I knew that Suryakant bhai we should not ignore the practical facts But Viren if happiness of our family gets secured, than we are ready to face all the problems No… No Vasant That’s the only option and safety of our family is our responsibility. We will face it You will not be able to face it What makes you doubt me? I do not have doubt, I am worried If one of your creditors beats up any of your child badly & breaks his hands & legs, would you be able to live with guilt that your child had to suffer the punishment because of your wrongdoings? No one can dare to even touch anyone of you What do you think? You will rob off people’s earnings of life time & they will just sit silently? Never… Not at all Just because of us, thousands of people will face huge financial crisis and we will roam around in cars, will relax & enjoy in our Luxurious Bungalow, have fun partying with their hard earned money What do you think they will silently sit & keep watching us? Niranjan uncle? We will arrange for Police protection well in advance Get Security Guards for everyone Don’t worry, no one would be able to even touch anyone of us I don’t want Security Guards around me Papa, the one who is madly seeking revenge, how would Police or Bodyguards save us from their rage & ferocity? Intensity of their rage & anger would be so sharp that they would break our hands & legs or might kidnap Ananya or Pallavi and Viren When You can’t even hear it, how will you face such consequences in reality? It would become impossible to live with that guilt Even if we consider other angles & aspects as per your advice papa, we would see more trouble because of Bankruptcy for sure Nothing is more important than security of our children Vasant I am very scared Viren you are scaring everyone, just to prove your point We should be scared, if we don’t get cautious by getting scared today, tomorrow this fear will become a reality If we take the appropriate decision right now, there is a chance to get rid of these troubles The point is, that here by we don’t have to make a choice between problems and happiness and comforts The fears of troubles that we will have to face after selling of everything which papa referred to are also true, and if we declare Bankruptcy the fears of problems that will come our way which I referred to are also true Problem is readily waiting on both the paths to embrace us with garland Moment we take a step our Honeymoon with troubles starts. Enjoy What enjoy? The way you are saying, it seems as if it is going to be fun being in troublesome times We will have to find fun even in the troubles If we keep on cribbing, cursing & crying, how will we win the world? Different problems will keep coming to us in life But right now we have to decide that wearing which garland would be sensible Why do we falter in recognizing the correct path? On one side, there is a survival issue, along with the tension that how will we live without comforts and luxuries and on the other side it would be difficult to survive even with comforts & luxuries in tension Our status will be demoted, people will pity us, laugh at us, from riches to rags would be a new experience for us of which we are not habituated and on the other hand, it would be raining abuses & bad words, hatred & venom, people’s curses of which we should not get habituated to On one side, there is a chance to rise slowly and steadily upwards to the top after falling badly but on the other side we will slip so deep down in the abyss that there is no chance of reaching on the top ever again We should sell everything and repay everyone’s money back

What? You can’t go back from your words Niranjan, all three of us has taken a joint decision together and Yes. That time I felt that decision was right, but now I feel what ever Viren is saying is right My parties will stop papa Great, I can see at least one benefit right away My plays as well Ya Entire society will be saved from torture I won’t be able to live in poverty again If at all you are going to sell of everything than please give me poison Before she changes her decision , please someone get her Rat poison immediately or would you prefer the taste of sleeping pills? You all feel like laughing? We will have to badly struggle for every single penny if we sell off everything, we will be on the roads Have you seen the condition in which poor people live? If at all we are fortunate enough to get chapatis twice a day than it would be just chapatis & nothing else Juice, Fruit, Pizza, Pasta, Hotel would be available just in the dreams Menu will depend on the money that we would have to spend Everybody wants to crack jokes here Nobody will neither have their personal bedroom, nor bed & no AC Just a stiff bedding on the ground & the water leaking roof over the head Do you understand? How will you sleep in such conditions? My daughters are like dolls When they dress up in the Designer Outfits of biggest Fashion Designers of the world, do they look any lesser than heroines? Niranjan your Raseela is so fond of clothes, jewellery, etc, will you be able to see her fingers without rings? Tell me, can you see that? Answer him Please someone tell him, that if they want to take care of their kids, wives, then do it with their own money, why ours? Speak up… Answer Think before you speak, is anybody worried for the family or not? Shall I say something? Nope Ok I won’t say anything, but you please don’t worry so much, kids will learn to live under those circumstances as well We were also living the same way in the past But we were born & brought up in the chawl, & our kids in castle… Dumb Suryakant Bhai Please Than how do I make her understand? She has a habit of vomiting out whatever crap comes in her mind… Illiterate Can’t you see the troubles our children will have to go through Guni? Wait Niranjan, reporters would still be out there, instead of seeing through the curtains, go out & check Everyone is busy debating like Pundits No one is concerned about my tears But we will earn money for sure. Don’t laugh Viren? Sorry Stop Laughing… Can’t You see Suryakant Bhai is crying for all of you? and Dev says that we will easily earn money And he is right As there are three talented person & one genius in our family If we work anywhere we will easily earn around 2/3 lakhs a month So good food, clothes and shelter will be available And in any case problems will prevail for 4 to 6 months, not for life time I already spoke in my terror speech that we have lost our common sense because of fear. Problem actually doesn’t exist but Problem exists Viren… Yes We are habituated to give orders to thousands of employees every day It is impossible for us to do job and take someone’s orders Wow!!! You are ready to be abused by others for your family but feeling ashamed of taking orders? Even the most intelligent people also falters in reconizing the difference between profit and loss Why? Why? Why? But why are we welcoming the troubles, when we can easily save around 100 crores by declaring Bankruptcy & start our business afresh? Who will do business with you? Everybody. Why won’t they? Because Once you would have robbed off people’s money already Who would risk to conduct business with a certified fraud? We are not fraud Viren If we rob people’s money than we have to accept that we are fraud That is just… Vasant why aren’t you saying anything?

Now what? What shall I do? Vasant bhai No It is your turn to take a decision today Yes, I am fraud I accept that I am fraud Bhabhi please don’t look at me like this… We need to do this Being respectful & shameless at the same time, what kind of Paradox is this? But Viren I will still successfully do the business & I will maintain my family’s lifestyle How? Who will take the risk of doing business with you in Garment Industry? There are many other businesses in the world There are many businesses, but rules are same everywhere A fraud does not get an easy entry How will you do business? There is only one way to regain the lost faith, If Dev & Viren succeeds in convincing everyone to repay people’s money If at all public or media feels that you have cautioned everyone about the situation out here, than even if Vasant Kumar actually gets convinced, people will still think that he is lying & falsely trying to gain back people’s trust temporarily But finally they will 100% runaway with money without repaying Our bad image will not let us do business peacefully anywhere in the world Image is considered as a big asset in society or business, is it without a reason? And like a fool we are allowing this big asset to slip through our hands What if we have to face bigger losses if I hide this? How much bigger loss can happen after whatever has happened already? I have never ever taken such serious decisions Danz Motors Exactly DANZ Motors! To retain the qualitative image of their brand in the market, DANZ Motors recalled thousands of cars back, even at the risk of suffering huge losses Why? Because they understand that brand value is their utmost important asset where as we What will I do with the brand value, when the company would no longer exist? You are talking about DANZ Motors right? If quality of goods gets compromised, even we have scrapped the stocks worth crores & taken the losses on us That’s the reason that our brand has survived till date & got stronger The importance of brand value which you have been trying to teach me from management books since sometime, I have actually been experiencing it for years We are the Leading Brand of Garment Industries… Since don’t know how many years we are ruling the industry That is how much valuable our brand is But what do I do? Our company will be doomed Company will survive papa We are going to lose Machines, Structure, Office, Employees on either ways, but if we repay everyone at least name of our company will still exist On the contrary our brand value will grow much stronger people will believe that Sanghvi & Sons are really trustworthy people And on the basis of same trust we will recreate our Empire It is not that easy I will make it difficult for you Look, if we are unable to handle the police, we will call you You come outside so that can provide some more time to Viren Once you are back inside, to reveal or not to reveal, I leave it up to you If it would have been that simple, crores of poor people of this country would have become rich If you don’t have cash in hand, no one will let you even stand in front of them No matter how much ever you try Enterprising people still progress successfully with their intelligence Papa we have lost money not our talent Money can be borrowed from the market but not brand value Believe me, if we maintain our brand value, fear of poverty will not haunt us for long I hope there is no other problem No Are reporters still waiting outside? Yes Are they homeless? Tell them to go away, get lost from here My suggestion is that call them inside, confidently announce that, yes we have made losses But we will sell of everything & return every single penny of everyone No one needs to worry anymore Don’t be a fool Why should we feel shameful for making losses? We should be ashamed if we don’t repay I said no I don’t know what

Even after such logical arguments, why do you still feel that your decision is practical? Because I still believe that with the 80/100 crores that we save by declaring Bankruptcy, I will again run business with that money & reach on top My family deserves this lifestyle and I will give to them Even after losing the brand value? Yes Ridiculous Sir, please sir I am here to arrest Sanghvi Brothers Sir… Our lawyer would be here any moment… Sir Do you all still find papa’s decision sensible? Can I insult you all again? And this would be my last effort because even after such crystal clear arguments if you all cannot understand the difference between loss and benefits or you all don’t want to understand it knowingly than we deserve this troubles and no one can save us from getting ruined Sir I am Sanghvi’s lawyer But uncle’s eyes still look hopeful How can we take such big decision on the basis of just hopes & no logic? Do you even know that one has to face so many teething problems while starting a new business? Yes it is never easy, to achieve quality, to deliver orders in time, worker problems, management problems, one has to face many unknown hurdles during startups and papa would not be able to either give time or focus on the business, because he would be busy doing rounds of the court his focus & expertise would be spent on fighting with his creditors inside & outside the court Even one court case could be so stressful, hereby there would be many cases On one hand he would be worried over our security &, on the other hand protecting us from insults will worry him Nowadays, no one is considerate enough to show respect, they will beat us with their shoes in front of public I will beat him I will slap him in the middle of the market.? My Client has not committed any crime They are charged with Conspiracy of Crime Warrant? Under such stress, forget about reaching on the top, we will suffer losses in the business Yes it is difficult Difficult… I know It is very difficult But it is not impossible Have faith in me I am aware that there is a problem, very difficult time we are facing now, But I am not alone? We three talented person and one genius is there to support me I love you for that No seriously, I mean it When I see you arguing fearlessly, and logically I see myself in you I am so proud of you son Together, we all will come out of this trouble…? It is you who said that, if this discussion deviates from practicality, I will stop this debate immediately and now you are talking emotionally There is no such rule Viren Vasant Bhai We all are with you, but once we need to think that the direction we are moving towards is correct or not? Don’t you trust me Niranjan? Off course I trust you Vasant bhai, more than anyone Viren I would follow Vasant Bhai’s decision Is that fine? Don’t treat me like a child please If no one has faith in me it’s fine I still have unbreakable trust in my own abilities In the guise of Self Confidence, It is your ego speaking papa No my ego is speaking on the strength of Self Confidence and I can afford ego Yes you can. But can you handle it? Shouldn’t say that son But aunty, ego can disturb the balance of thoughts of a person Should that be termed as ego? How can we identify a person through the words that were spoken in a rage? Words might not stay under control, slip out sometimes You are intelligent Will you just catch hold of words? Would you not also analyze that under what circumstances they were spoken? As soon as the mind cools down, his first action would be to get rid of cowardice Vasant Bhai is not someone who would get burdened under the weight of ego He is capable enough to identify the differences between right & wrong correctly Suryakant Bhai you don’t value Bhabhi.? No… That is not the case Yes… That is how it is Things that no one understands, you understand it immediately and you can easily convey it without any magnanimity It was always there in my mind but want to express it today

I have utmost respect for you Bhabhi See now you are purposely wasting my time Sir what am I trying to say is Don’t even utter a word We also want to win public trust If we are in the same team, than why is everyone arguing so much? Promise me bhabhi, No matter whatever we decide today, you will always be there to bless me My support will always be there for you Vasant bhai But apart from me there are so many people who gives you love and blessings What if they stop supporting you after this decision? Holy speech has begun, result of giving her respect Yes will respect Bhabhi you please continue speaking I am worried Whenever you meet Sarla teacher your eyes are filled with respect.? Don’t do this son Keyur, our 20 year young neighbor, speaks about spirituality with such depth that you feel like listening him forever, you only said that Whenever you meet Ramila aunty’s daughter Mira, her calm & simple demeanor automatically gives you peace It is not in your nature brother Dinu uncle’s ability of smiling even in the trying circumstances gives you so much inspiration You always long for their affection, and blessings, want to celebrate your every occasion with all of them, isn’t it? What if their affection will diminish for you? Affection gets lesser when there is no balance in one’s bank account bhabhi Everyone does not think like you Raseela, evolve Suryakant Bhai, right now we should think of ourselves or others? That is exactly what I am doing We will even lose the respect of those who truly respects us from bottom of their heart Don’t fall down sir please Vasant I am absolutely confident that even under the difficult circumstances, you will surely find a way out to succeed in business But even with all the tools of luxury & comforts under our possession, how will we be happy alone?? Exactly, even crying is fun if our dear one’s eyes get wet along with us and in the moment of happiness, the fun doubles up What is the fun in living the life without such near & dear ones? What will we do if all those people whom we admire the most gets away from us? Our relatives are not the ones who would change their colors looking at our status We are changing colors not our relatives Make no mistake, we are the ones who are learning to betray by getting thick skinned Those who deceit society for their family can also cheat them whenever the need arises They will clearly understand this fact and will keep distance from us People will also stay away if we become poor The one who are truly ours won’t do that You were much better when you use to remain quiet And what kind of ideology is this? That the one who cheats the society will cheat the relatives as well!! My parents use to sell adulterated ghee & oil in their shop to customers That means they betrayed the society, but they have never cheated their relatives Oh my God!!! This foolish girl is spoiling our family’s name in front of the entire world.? Tomorrow you might also say that the one who betrays their relatives will one day for sure betray their own family as well And you want to us to believe that? In mummy’s case, we will have to believe, isn’t it aunty? Before you say yes, think over hundred times bhabhi, because whatever would be applicable to me would be applicable to you & Vasant bhai as well I am talking about you mummy, not uncle, aunty But aunty is right Because of person’s good and bad, right and wrong behavior their nearest and dearest ones also changes their point of view towards that person No one can get true affection through manipulation and this is applicable to all, may it be aunty or papa Can’t help it, I have to arrest them Sir, thousands like us will lose their money If you won’t think about public how will you win their trust? Just look at my brother’s condition You please take a vow to remain silent & instead of getting worried for society & relatives, stay worried for our family Being worried for society & relatives is actually worrying about the family only Yes Economics & Social Welfare are interrelated This has been said by many successful economists That is all bookish stuff It is practical stuff not bookish Thousands of families will suffer strain because of our one malice intention Out of those thousands of people we will at least face 10/12 on daily basis Now those tensed people will give us strain or something else? Than we will relocate our self Somewhere in foreign or.? Where ever we go, our fame would have already reached there before us Papa we can get so many jobs done without even paying a single penny why? Because our grandpa, has earned that goodwill

The way our generation is enjoying the benefits of goodwill today which dadaji had earned In the same way our coming generation will suffer & bore the result of our slandering decisions taken today They will keep facing hurdles in their pursuits No sacramental & respected family would get their dear daughters married in our family Vasantbhai, if we remain rich, I will get the prettiest girls lined up for our boys What do we do with beauty which lacks Sacraments? How on earth would she give happiness to our family if she is just money minded? The ripple effect of Bankruptcy is even more damaging than its immediate effect Slowly & steadily as the time passes by troubles will keep on increasing and get more & more painful because of this decision It is not at all practical papa I would still say that let’s flee out from this country I… I mean is let’s go away So many of them like Ajay Valia have done it and are living their lives with fun and joy People are abusing Ajay Valia How can you give an example of such shallow person? No matter how much people abuse him, he is enjoying right? Do you really feel he would be having Fun? He was forced to runaway from here overnight His Home, Offices, Factories, Priced Possessions such as his Expensive Antic cars, are all being auctioned one after another He would be desperately trying to find a way out to save everything, but after failing to save even a single thing his heart would be crying or dancing with joy? His dearest son’s career is already finished even before it started He had to openly give a statement, please do not victimize my son out of anger over my deeds While stating that would he be experiencing extreme guilt or pride? I can’t see him having fun & joy under these trying circumstances Viren. Amitabh Bachchan Yes, Amitabh Bachchan followed ethics and repaid everyone, so he reached back to his position, isn’t it? Same ways there are middle class & poor people who lives honestly even today, to whom if you give an option to choose between troubles and slandering, they will opt for troubles but will not let their name & image get tarnished How many of them survive? Lots of There are so many people like this This policy of disgracing the world to justify our own mistake will not make us pure Ok, if everybody feels that this is appropriate than Papa First you should feel that it is appropriate But everyone feels whatever you are saying is right Still final decision will be yours You are & will remain our leader If you are not convinced than no matter which path we walk on, we won’t reach anywhere What if I say that my mind is yet not agreeing then? Stubborn Cannot agree.? Because you haven’t noticed the biggest profit and loss yet What? Viren Come on, now even twelfth man will also bat Make them understand Nope. I want say it. It is your observation. And a brilliant point and you only should get the credit for it, so I won’t be able to speak You said you want to gather courage to speak truth to elders on their face Than this is the time to save your family & yourself as well But there will be no impact of my words Sometimes certain points are so piercing that even if it is not spoken effectively, it would still leave a lasting impact Speak up now Go All the best umm… I What? I mean… That Speak loudly

He is speaking Suryakant Bhai To win… Win There are 2 ways to win in life Sorry file… Sorry Life Viren I can’t do it You will do it… come on There are 2 ways to win Speak loudly… Speak loudly? On one way, by harassing others, making them cry, by criting By ricting Tricking Yes Tricking, and betraying others, By stealing others rights, by irritating others, one can move ahead, one can win If one wants to win using this path, than one has to get in to friction with others… One has to fight Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooo… Speak loudly Mummy please ask papa to not disturb Start sucking your thumb & sleep in the cradle Your mom will sing a lullaby for you Suryakant Bhai, kids have grownup now Grownups don’t hide behind their mothers like this Is he a father or an enemy? My only prayer in life was that Lord Almighty please give me a son who wins the world and I got this… This Focus Dev Focus on your words not Suryakant uncle Now will you speak up I taught him such a big lesson, still he is stuck with his rudeness Now speak up Speaking, I am speaking If you stay quiet for 2 seconds, I will speak up Did he Scold me? Yes Or did he insult me No There are 2 ways, one is of contlif, no conflict way Of the wicked, which would disrepute and the other one is of healthy competition Don’t speak so fast, speak slowly Hold… Hold yourself Dev Your problem is not your papa but your own complexes Papa dear, shall I support Dev? Brother, hold my hand Thank you On the path of healthy competition, person avoids to think about others and focuses on his himself, develops his talent & wins But why do you need anyone’s support? Leave her hand. Leave? Kids have made a gang You continue to speak Speak fearlessly You were going to talk about some huge loss So I am coming on that Speak up fast I said I am saying I won’t be able to do it if he keeps on poking in between Learn to be compassionate towards him What are you teaching him? Like we behave with kids She herself is an illiterate and wants to teach others Suryakant Bhai please But this lady has ruined my life Suryakant Bhai please stop it now, please? Uncle please help me I want speak about so many things But I don’t have the courage to spell it out I want to show you your mistakes but words are not supporting me Entire Entire… lafimy, Oh Man I don’t have control over my thoughts What do I do? Please help me… Please Come here… Come… No my son Don’t lose courage… No

Sit here, Close your eyes Calm your mind Don’t want to make him an illiterate like you, idiot crazy, who taught you to back out form the battle? Your mother? Come on speak up? Guni you have not taught him to cultivate courage to speak out his mind even to his family? Loser Control your thoughts Mind is not calming down Try son Why is it not calming down? Yes Papa Papa what?? I am getting angry over papa Actually I am getting angry Don’t open your eyes Why are you getting angry? Because he even doesn’t try to win I have not asked you But I still want to say it It was my dream to see him victorious Just like you, like bapuji Not like me But I want to Win I don’t want to stay behind anyone Son you want to win? Want to win right? What will you do? What shall I do? Peep inside your mind, and tell me who is stopping you from winning? Papa’s needless anger Come on? My mother getting scolded because of me So I am the villain for everything Yes According to me you are – I am concerned about you That is why getting angry I am scarred of you Then don’t run away from that fear Face it I am unable to face it You will be able to do it Everyone can do it Everyone always have choice, to win or to lose, to run away out of fear or courageously face our own complexes Viren said the truth, you are the only one who is stopping yourself from moving ahead, not your father, your own complexes Your own choice of getting scared If you really want to win face this fear, face yourself Can you? Yes I can But can you? What? Close your eyes I am I am not weak Only that?person tries to win by making others cry, by harassing, by betraying, who does not have faith in his own strengths & abilities He is weak not strong Close your eyes uncle When was the first time you felt strong? Father had a flourishing business, still without a single penny, on my own, in two and half years only, I established my business and proved my worthiness and won the throne. That’s when Are you sure? Yes… No… No When I knew that I had the skills to win Were you experienced than? No You had won the world without any money & experience,

than today with experience your strength should increase not decrease How did this reverse process happen uncle? Why are you scared? Not scared Face yourself Have you ever cheated? No. No The one who has trust in his own self, does not need to cheat ever Then why are you cheating today? But how can you say it is cheating? Government also considers this legal Is this not cheating uncle? It is planning son… Smart Planning Who has benefited by lying to his own self uncle?? It is This is Cheating Now he said it Why are you cheating? I… I don’t know Face yourself Everyone always have choice, to win or to lose, to run away out of fear or courageously face our own complexes I can’t… Sorry You are not a Coward I won’t be able to do it You can You will be able to do it You can. You will be able to do it Face yourself I cannot bear this fact that my family will have to suffer because of my mistakes You have given so much to our family Vasant, so Is it just about family? Dig Deep It is very difficult to accept the truth But if we don’t accept our weakness, than how will we get rid of it? As long as one does not face the correct reason, One will keep on losing And losing is not your habit, neither it is your style It will become difficult to win Is it only about family? Face yourself No. Not able to face it You have never made such choice Vasant, Don’t do it today as well Please Fight against all odds papa You are my hero I can’t face it You can do it, Everyone can do that We had forgotten our bag filled with 12 Lakhs, at our cook Sarita’s food joint, she returned it back to us, that was her Victory Our milkman Ramprasad, delivers milk to us without mixing water in it, that is his Victory Vegetable vendor Shuklaji, always keeps honesty while weighing, that is his Victory All those honest people who always repay their installments in time, are always Victorious A Farmer, or an Industrialist, anyone who belongs to the society, whoever wins without harassing anyone, by developing own self with honesty, developing their skills with sincerity

is the only one who knows the actual joy of being Victorious He does not have to bow his head down in front of anyone, or look down out of shame No malicious thoughts of selfishness and greed in the name of practicality Contentment in Mind, Sound Sleep, Bright Eyes, Head held High & Wide Chest filled with Sheer Confidence How would poor cunning cheats even, be able to experience the real joy of such happiness of Victory? The people who does not have courage, and Self Respect for themselves, does deeds like this? You have already been enjoying the Taste & Joy of such Victories till date Please don’t let it slip out of your hands please Make no mistake, this is not just about the loss of Wealth Even more disastrous than that It is an irreparable loss uncle. Irreparable loss Could not let it go, bloody just could not let it go This House, Furniture, Luxuries & Comforts Gripped me I couldn’t even realize that when did I become a salve of things I had purchased? I could clearly see pity in their eyes for me instead of respect, still couldn’t get rid of its attraction What kind of infatuation is this Suryakant Bhai? Which flattened the edge of my intellect? Actually I could not even understand a small thing that, all this petty stuff which I gathered because of my strength, my Self Confidence! I was losing that Priceless Self Confidence? Let’s sell off Suryakant Bhai, Let’s sell off everything & repay everyone’s each & every single penny No debt should remain Instead of losing family’s trust, it is better to repay everyone’s money I WANT TO WIN I don’t want a defeat, and I want to be Victorious on the strength of my own merits My son, Thanks a lot Dev You saved me It is not that easy If poverty won’t bother you, I will I am proud of you Viren Proud of Viren, Proud of you Dev I would have filled a case for 200/500 crores against media today, if my heart would not have been filled up to the brim with Happiness & Pride There is no room for Anger or Animosity now I don’t want to spoil our mood so…? Ladies & Gentlemen No, it is the right of the elder of our family to make the announcement today Guni Bhabhi No, no Please Say bhabhi, please What do I say? I only uttered all those teachings like a parrot, which I learned from our Forefathers & Elders I don’t know why everyone today thinks that Moral, Ethics &

Sacraments are all impractical things But today, my kids proved that teachings of our Forefathers & Elders are right Nice Can you all see the Brightness & Pride of Sacraments on the faces of our children? That only is our Real Riches & our True Wealth Moreover, whatever is made up of Mud, Bricks & Papers we will sell off everything and repay everyone’s single penny That’s all And that’s not all, this is not the end of Glory of Sanghvi Family, But is the beginning… 10 years, Only 10 years is what we will take to raise the brand of Sanghvis on the heights, even higher than where it is in present times and that’s my promise…? So… Can’t Sleep? – No Me too You know what Dev? For the first time in my life I got envious of someone today…? Still you gave me courage to speak my mind and pushed me forward Instead of taking your credit & move forward, why shouldn’t I take you along with me & go ahead? Now together we will recreate our Empire back in only 10 years and No Viren My path is different No I also want to win, like you I want to win the entire world…? Than how are our goals different? No Paths are different and I can see that on my path I will be able to win the world before you Are you challenging me? No… No, I am just advising you to walk on my path What is your path? Umm Means… umm Personality Development Dev. I understand Personality Development… That’s ok, I understood But we develop personality so that we can achieve a goal and Yes. But my Path and my Goal are the same and believe me this is the best path to be Victorious But personality development can be one vehicle through which…? Not just vehicle Destination as well… Goal as well It is Confusing… I can’t Agree Listen to me Viren… See No… No Viren Then you will Stay Behind Lets Compete Lets Compete Ready Steady Go