How To Edge A Lawn

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How To Edge A Lawn

this is the how-to training video today on edging a lawn now edging a lawn is key to making the lawn look superb and very professional have you ever driven by a lawn that is cut but has edges hanging all over the place grass growing all over the curves the sidewalks the driveways so this particular video is specifically on edging you can also watch my other videos on the basics of we eating lawn mowing lawn mowing patterns and blowing I have separate videos on those but this particular video today is on how to edge a lawn properly now first of all we need to discuss the different types of edgers there’s three main types of edgers and I have all three of these the first edger is the what you would call a stick edger or just a standard blade edger there’s different types but the type that I have you can see here is actually a split shaft edger because my steel we weed eater or it’s it’s an actual weed eater head that you put attachments on so i actually have here as you can see a attachment that goes to the edger okay you can actually buy full straight shaft edgers I prefer this the split shaft because I can switch out different ends without having to pay for all these multiple different pieces I can just pay one big price for the head of this split shaft and then I can i can pay individual prices for the attachments so first of all the stick edger or the blade edger can be used it’s very good for you know sidewalks curbs those types of edges okay now the second type of edge / that I use is actually just the weedeater you all you do is you turn it up on its edge and and use it this is the one that I prefer mostly because I actually combine the two main steps or the two first steps that you can see in my how to maintain a lawn video the first two steps are edging a weed eating if you use the weed eater you can do both steps at the same time I also like just the way it makes the edge look most of the time it actually creates a little bit thicker of an edge whereas if you want to just a very thin edge you can use the blade edger but so the second type of edger is actually just the weed eater edge and again as you’re doing your edges of your perimeter around the house driveways sidewalks curbs you can actually edge your turn it up we eat whatever you need to know do around fence post suit posts around mailboxes those types of things and then go right back to edging otherwise use a stick edger you gotta stick edge go around do all that and come back switch out your leader then go back around and weedy so as far as time saving time I like to use the weed eater okay now the third type of edger I do have and I do use this but usually i only use it on first time jobs and this is what is called a push behind edger as you can see here the push behind edger is really help really a great help for pushing through thick edges grass that is way over grown way beyond sidewalks very very thick areas that is that has not been maintained regularly it’s also good for edges our curves that are very very long around in parking lot areas and you want to just walk along very quickly and maintain that edge to where instead of using your edger and your kind of twisted up and if

you have very very long edges it can be very tiresome on your shoulders and your arms when you’re edging whether you’re with a weed eater or the stick edger so I like these if I have a area that is very very long and going to take me a long time to edge you can just kind of walk behind it and push it as you go they do make self propelled push edgers this particular one is just a push behind it’s very easy to roll and so I like to do to do that with with new jobs where the grass is really thick because it’s really powerful and it cuts through that that thick overgrowth that grows over the curves and the edges of the different areas okay so first of all let’s talk about the stick edger I do like to use the stick edger when I have quite a bit of curb on sidewalks because it does make a good thin edge and sometimes when you’re looking at a sidewalk especially on commercial properties you don’t necessarily want a huge thick edge and also I like to use this mostly on my warm season grasses like Bermuda centipede you will definitely want to use the stick edger or the push behind edger with the blade because centipede grass is very very thick and it creeps just like Bermuda it creeps and it grows out but Senate grass when it creeps it it’s like a thick blade sorry that’s my broken finger okay it’s not very straight so anyways the centipede is very very thick sometimes maybe not quite as thick as your finger but and you try to cut through that with a weed eater and it’s grown over the edges that weed or string is just going to snap off it’s really not going to do a good job cutting the edges so the stick edger I like to use also on centipede which is also a warm season grass so again I like to use the the stick ezer or the blade edger for the warm season grasses that creep also on areas that have a lot of sidewalk I like to do that it makes a nice clean cut and then I actually like to use the weed eater as an edger on my cool season grass areas one of the reasons why is the cool season grass like tall fescue tends to kind of grow long and over because you have to cut it longer which you can see my video on grass types and how to cut certain Heights but the fescue yards and a lot of the cool season grasses you have to cut higher and so they tend to lean over on the edges and when you bring a blade edger if your blade edger is not perfectly sharp all the time when you hit that blade sometimes it’s just going to push the blade out of the way and then it’s going to pop back and you’re not going to have a nice clean cut so I actually like the weed eater that spins and just it shaves all of those long blade edges that are pushed over so I definitely like to use the weed eater as an edger on all my fescue yards and I do actually use the weed eater edger as an edger on some of my bermuda yards again if I don’t have a lot of sidewalks or a lot of curb then I will just go ahead and grab my weed eater I’ll edge a yard driveway you know next to the road if there’s a curb on the road and then I’ll just take it and and work my way around the perimeter we’d eat around all the mailboxes around the house perimeters you know wall perimeters little boards that are on the ground or mulch bed borders just weed eat around all of those at the same time as I do that so really i like the week to it to use the weed eater as an edger as much as possible but again on the cool season grasses I definitely use those and on the warm season grasses I will use my stick edger again especially for first time jobs the third one that I explained the push edger I definitely use for first time jobs that are way

over grown when you show up to a customer’s house that they have not maintained the lawn well or a commercial property where they had a previous lawn care guy who did not keep up with the edging you’re going to see this a lot and you’re going to experience this that the grass is going to have grown over the edges of the driveway the sidewalks the curves tremendously sometimes it’s just overflowing hanging over and if you try to just whack through that with a weed eater you’re literally actually going to be cutting through dirt and so you’re really going to want a blade edger to get through that that’s why I like the push behind so that you can literally cut through that fit grass and dirt and make a nice clean cut then would actually like to do after i use my push behind blade edger i go back with my my hand blade edger stick edger and i go and i make another nice cut along that edge just to make it really really nice and once I’ve done that um two three four times to where I’ve got a really nice line cut especially with the sidewalks and the the driveways once I’ve created a nice little little edge path then I will go back and I will begin to use my weed eater but definitely you will need to use a stick edger or blade edger on new customers that have not had their edges maintained it just cuts through much better and it makes that that first nice clean cut now if you do use a blade edger you’re going to make sure you need to have several sharp blades on hand now this is another reason why I actually like to use the weed eater because your weed eater string you do go through string quite a bit but the weed eater string actually um does a very good job about not going through it a lot but with the edger blades you will go through blades like crazy if you edge every yard just it’s spinning through the dirt as like sand blasting metal it literally just dulls the blades you’re going to go through blades very very quick and it’s more expensive to replace the blood the edger blades than it is on the weed eater string at least in my experience others could have different opinions and obviously you’ll learn as you do lawn care what you like best and ways that you like to do things little tricks and tips but these are some things that I’m trying to share with you that will help you also okay now one of the things I want to talk about today is on the edging how to edge once you’ve figured out okay which type of edge or do I want to use now how do you actually edge the lawn it’s more than just ok I’m going to put this down here and run it real fast okay so first of all we’re going to talk about how to edge with the stick edger okay or the blade enter this type of edging you want you’re going to want to make sure that when you have the wheel on that edger there’s a wheel that goes out to the side that will needs to ride the curb or the sidewalk where the blade goes down next to the to the into the grass edge okay you don’t want to put the wheel on the grass and then have your your edger blade right up next to the sidewalk and then when you run across the grass you’re going to get stuck in and jagged and it get you off and and it hits the sidewalk and everything that that wheel is actually made to ride the sidewalk and the the curves or the driveways okay so make sure that will is on the side of the driveway okay also make sure when you edge that blade edger is going to go forward and then come around it’s actually going counterclockwise so as you’re edging you’re gonna walk with the spinning of the wheel okay um you don’t want to walk against it every time you go against the flow of an edge or a

weedeater you you um it’s harder to maintain a clean cut you’re going to the things going to jump off and you’re going to put jagged edges into the into the grass and it’s not going to look good so in order to create a nice clean cut you want that wheel right on the curb or the sidewalk and you want to just run slowly forward okay so you want to edge on a forward motion walking forward with the stick edger um and also on the walk behind sure you can do both I tend to actually walk a few steps forward come back a few steps because that’s where it’s really thick so you’re moving forward and you’re going back that one you’re going to have to kind of work with it depending on the thickness of the grass or you can go over the edge one time and then pull it back and then go over the edge again okay but also with that walk behind mower you’re going to want to keep the walk behind on the edge of the curb with the blade side down or the sidewalk and to maintain that edge also now depending on where you’re at if you’re in a heavy traffic area and the depending on the side of where the blade edger is on the push behind sometimes you actually do have to push that in the grass I have had to do that on but some of my commercial properties that are that are right on the edge of a major road where I cannot walk in the road to keep the edger on the curb but however most of the time just keep in mind that wheel on each any edger a push behind or the regular stick edger or blade edger that the wheel is on the sidewalk or the curb okay and go in a forward motion slowly you will learn you’ll get a feel for it how comfortable it is now as far as how to edge with the weed eater I’m a little bit different than most people the way that I like to hold the edger is because I’m left-handed I actually hold the front face on the front shaft with my left hand the actual handle with the gas trigger in my right hand I turn it sideways on this way and I like to walk backwards now there’s a few reasons why I like to walk backwards when I am edging with the actual weed eater one is that the way that I am holding the weed or shaft it is going counterclockwise but because it’s going counterclockwise um with the the angle of the weedeater faced this way I want to walk with the flow of the string again I don’t want to go against the flow and walk forward because I’m going to burn through the string you will you will burn through the string you’re going to make big divots and they in the grass it’s going to be harder it doesn’t run a nice line if you’re pushing against the flow of the string so you’re going to you’re going to burn through your string quicker and just waste it up quicker also again you’re gonna it’s going to kind of jump side to side now different people have different opinions and you could get good at this and you might be able to do this well but for me I like to walk back for backwards for that one reason i also like to walk backwards because when i am doing the job i like to see what I have just edged and if I miss a spot if I’m walking backwards I look up I see a spot that I’ve missed and I go back and I just hit it real quick and then I just keep coming back okay if you go forward you can always keep turning and looking around but if you’re edging and you turn your head around you’re going to either shift one way or the other and you’re going to come off on your edge now again you’re going to get a whole lot better at edging the more that you do it and you can do it however you want but I just like to do it backwards again for those reasons so the second reason again is as I’m walking back I could see any edge pieces that I’ve missed you don’t want to miss on the edge in fact I tell the guys who that I used to help me do my lawn care maintenance if you’re going to miss a spot do not miss it on the edge okay you might want to miss a spot if you don’t want to miss a spot anywhere

but if you were to I’d rather you miss it you know in the backyard a little little isa grass sticking up or something that i can come back and just go over it again then to have to go go over all the edges again so as you’re walking backwards you’re you’re actually walking away and looking at the edge as you’re going ok now obviously when you’re walking backwards you’re going to have to shift your head to make sure that you’re not going to run into anything just be aware of what’s around running the mailboxes or anything but this is how I have always done it and i really like it again for those two reasons ok so as far as on the on the edges curbs sidewalks side walks driveways edges of roads those are going to be kind of your main edge areas one of the areas that you are going to want to make sure that you edge is the mulch bed areas that do not have borders on them um the areas that do not have a brick stone or any kind of border where the grass comes right up to the mulch bed you’re going to want to edge the edge of that mulch bed area ok i use my weedeater edger on this and just run it down the side and now you can watch the how to maintain a lawn and and you’ll know obviously if you shoot something out into the grass as you’re edging you’re going to need to shred that up or if it’s mulch kick it back and blow it back in to be mulch bed but if you keep these edges of the pine needle beds the mulch beds all the flowerbed areas that is going to make your customer very happy it helps it have a nice clean cut so you want to make sure that you edge all mulch bed areas also ok so um that pretty much wraps it up for edging I’m going to kind of review as far as what we’re going to go over again make sure you edge all driveways all sidewalks all curbs all edges of the road really the perimeter of the house okay or the perimeter of the turf rather you’re going to weedy an edge every perimeter area that is around if there’s an edge on it if the turf stops that area needs to be as obviously if turf comes up to it on either side of the neighbors houses and stuff you’re not going to make an edge there but anywhere where the turf stops that is it that is where you’re going to want to make the edge okay also edge mulch beds pine needle beds those type of areas also okay so that pretty much wraps up this training video on how to edge