Backpack:Survival-Mountain Gear(English Subtitles)Part 2.Εξοπλισμος Σακιδιο Βουνου-Επιβιωσης Μερος 2

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Backpack:Survival-Mountain Gear(English Subtitles)Part 2.Εξοπλισμος Σακιδιο Βουνου-Επιβιωσης Μερος 2

Hi my friends.In previous video in this series of videos,we did an introduction to the basic rules of the survival and to the mountaineering we said about the knowledge that we must have in basic rules,priorities,the preparation and the process we must follow to stay out of a survival situation or to we increase the possibilities to stay alive and safe if we are in a survival situation Next we said about the equipment that could help as to do act our knowledge,more easily,faster and more effective even to keep us prepared if our knowledge is not enough finally we saw how we choose and adjust the backpack that will help us carry this equipment so in today’s video i want to present you this gear(survival-mountain) and how to pack the backpack with the right way is very important to pack the backpack with the right way to don’t get tired and to injure us,as important as it is to adjust with the right way,the same important is to pack it with the right way if we do it with the wrong it it will injure us,we will not have balance,we will lose energy,also it will not be comfortable lets go to watch the basic rules how to pack a backpack and then we gonna see the gear the right way to pack a backpack,without problems is: in the bottom of the backpack we put the sleeping bag over of the sleeping bag,we place some medium weight items,like the tent,foe example over of the medium weight items until to shoulders level and close to the back side we place the most heavy items,like cooking set,water bottles,tools ect now at the same level but to the outside side of the backpack we place lighter items,like clothes now over the shoulders level we place light weightitems for fast access,like waterpoof jacket-pant,ponco and first aid kit and last on the top pocket of the backpack we place small,light weight and for fast access items,like headlamp,compass,map,snacks ect the way that we gonna select our gear is the same way as we select the items for a survival kit must includes at least one item for every basic need that human need to stay alive so i am gonna show you my basic gear for many days mountain/outdoor activities which gear is the same or almost the same gear for a emergency backpack a backpack that gonna help us in an unexpected survival situation with this gear a can move on any field,any season,with safety and i to return safely-alive and i can fron an unexpected fact like an accident,injury,disorientation,weather elements ect

the presentation of the gear will be as follows i will show one item each time and i will tell you some basic infos about this item i’m gonna start with in order that we put in the backpack the items a basic rule is that we place all the items in waterproof bags even if it is sumer,even if we are in the desert to keep them dry from rain,moisture,dirty for example if our clothes get wet it gonna be very dangerous,we gonna lose very quicly body heat also we protect our gear from a possible leak inside of the backpack for example could open the water bottle personnally i have this type of waterproof bags to keep dry my stuff called ”roll top” dry bags and close like this,i will show it with better way later we can remove the air and the staff inside of the bag are very comressed and do not take up much space in the backpack i have different sizes and different colors to seperate the items by category so i know any time which items are in the each bag if was all the bags the same size and color i could not know what contain the bag,i should to open all the bags to find the item i would like also these dry bags have some extra uses,for example could work as sleepind pilow,if we fill with air or clothes also if we close the air inside could work as floating device,life jacket some extra uses just in case if you don’t have roll top dry bags,you can buy from super market the classic zip lock dry bags or these closing clips from super market,just place it in a normal bag to make it waterproof also yοu can have them independently from your main dry bags,to transfer the trush away for example we started the presentation from the first item that goes into the backpack,the spleeping bag i have here one winter sleeping bag and one summer sleeping bag,we choose according to the season or we have one basic,light weight and small size for the bugout bag because needs one full video to give the infos about sleeping bags i will tell only that don’t storage your sleeping bag at home in a compression bag because its lifespan is reduced if you have to have your sleeping bag for many years with effective insulation,hang it like your t-shirt the sleeping bag we put it in the bottom pocket of your backpack,in the lower compartment of the backpack when we place the sleeping bag on the bottom of our backpack over of the sleeping bag,in the spot that we place the medium weight items we put the tent or anything else we have pick as shelter,like tarp or a hammock personaly i have pick a 4 seasons tent because i believe has the most positives from the other types of shelters

for example has full protection from weather elements,we can set up without any material from around,as they need the hammock and the tarp,these shelters needs wooden sticks,rope,trees ect the tent we can set up any time,any where in any in any environment,without spend time and energy also with the tent,we can stay for long time if the weather close for example or into to the tent we can to treat an injured person or to protect a person with hypothermia one negative of the tent is the weight,but we can find a light wight 4 season tent on the market,the most times is expensive but is high quality performance or we can can choose one person tent for light weight,I suggest a 2 person tent,has space for our gear,could treat an injured person and is more comfort if we must stay for a long time we put it in,over the sleeping bag,also with the tent i have an extra nylon floorprint,could buy one or you do it your self like me gives extra protection,extra waterproofing because the easiest point to get water on the tent is the floor,no the tent so we place the tent in to the backpack the spot that we put the medium weight itemes,over the sleeping bag it will be useful to pick a tent that you can set up without tent pegs,because you may need to set up your tent in a place where tent pegs can not be placed,for example in a natural disaster could set up your tent in a car parking inside of the tent sheath i have a small repair kit which contains replacements parts,like zipper,rubber cord for the tent poles,glue,patches,net door patches,a metal stick for broken poles and i have add and duct tape for tears and waterproofing a repair kit keeps you prepare Next,over of tent,until to the shoulders level and to the backside of the backpack we place the most heavy items these items could be the cooking set,water bottles or some tools like knife,wood saw,an axe or some climbing gear for rescue use or may be is a sleeping pad,i said maybe because to have a sleeping pad light weight like this(the yellow)so you don’t place with the heavy items The sleeping pad is a cover between the our body and the ground,the most peoples believe that the nmain use for a sleeping pad is the comfort but the main use of a sleeping pad is the insulation,the ground ”absorbs” the body heat so even it is summer if we sleep in the ground without a sleeping pad we gonna freeze,is better to have one layer of insulation underneath of the body than 2 over

There is 2 categories of sleeping pads,the self-inflating and the foam type.the self-inflating have a valve and you open to inflate afer few mintutes both have positives and negatives.the self-inflating have better insulation,is more comfort,smaller size but is more expensive and most heavy,also could pierce Ithe foam sleeping pads is light weight,more easy to use,it is cheaper,you more durable but have less insulation and less comfort personaly i prefer the foam because is more handy,if the weather is cold i use an emergency blanket underneath of the sleeping pad,this is only my personaly choice,you can select anything you think is better for you If we use a self-inflating sleeping pad we place it with the heavy items in to the backpack,because usually are more heavy than foam sleeping pads If we use foam sleeping pad we tie it up on the outside straps in a waterproof bag.better is to keep all the items inside to the backpack,but some times we can’t,so important is to do it with the right way One more heavy item,but essential is the we can unterstand without water we can’t stay alive,even we don’t spent energey,we can’t stay alive more than 3 days So our gear must give us the ability to storage,to collect and to clean water in case we consume our water from the backpack To carry the water we have to ways,with bottles or with a hydration bladder The positive of the hydration bladder is that we can drink water hands free,without to stop walking,also can storage a lot of water,this one is 3 litres The bottles are more practical-handy,multi-use.we can use it in many different other cases except to drink water is very difficult to use the hydration bladder With the bottle we can turn to use it to cook,we can collect water,we can wash body-hands-wounds-pots ect.or we can boil water to cook or to clean it(if the bottle is suitble for fire) Personally i use bottles,one 1.5 litres in to the backpack and one mulisport,with straw,driking lid and big open lid

i storage it in outside pouch of the backpack for fast access,because my backpack has 2 pouches for this reason i don’t need the so much the hydration bladder This is just my personal choice,you decide wtat you like more.maybe the better choice is a compination of water bottle and a hydration bladder Also you can find pouches for the water bottle to hang on the shoulder straps for fast access whichever water container you choose,store as much water as you can be careful to write on ”BPA FREE”,thats mean its healthy,safe to drink with out carcinogenic chemicals Last a tip,if the temperature is below zero,store the bottle with upper side down,because the water starts freeze from the top,so if you store the bottle with upper side down,the water it gonna starts from the bottom of the bottle and the water close to the lid don’t freeze and you can drink water Also if you have hydration bladder use an insulation cover for the water tube because if the weather is cold the water in the tube it gonna freeze and you won’t drink water So we store the water bottles in the backpack to the spot for the heavy items as we said before As i said before,our gear must give us the ability to storage,to collect and to clean water in case we consume our water from the backpack To collect the from water any source,like river,natural source,moisture from plants,rain,can help us the bottles,the cooking pots,dry bags,even an emergency blanket or even a waterproof jacket from the backpack A piece of fabric,for example a t-shirt if we tie it up to our leg and walk through to the planets,the t-shirt it gonna soak with the moisture of the plants,then we squeeze it and we have water or the shoe laces,if we touch it in a wet rock or tree could,it soak and drips in a container (So this is the reason we said that the knowledge is more important than the equipment) When we colect the water,must clean it to we can drink it.we can clean it if we boil it.can help us the cooking set of the backpack before we boil it must to filter it to remove any dirty.can use a fabric or to make a natural filter,i had show you in the video about victorinox survival knife,2 ways how to make natural water filter(up right to the screen the video about) but an easier way is to have already a water filter in you backpack like this one this one is the ”LiteStraw”,swiss made and it is straw driking type.with this one we can drink directly from any possible dirty water source this filter can clean 4000 litres of is small size,light weight,ideal for a hiking or an emergency backpack with this type of filter we can drink directly water from a source but we can storage store water you can find pump filters

because this filter is light weight and has small size and is for fast access, i will place it to the top pocket of the backpack,not with heavy items.if i had a pump filter i would store it with the heavy items The next heavy item is the cooking set and the foods Here is my cooking pots,inside i have anything needs to cook and boil water.i gonna show it to you in a while Here is my food.the food must give us all the nutriens,energy,vitamins that we need.must has small size,light weight and long time storage and for cooking it does not need a lot of materials,energy and time ideal food for survival or hiking that we can store them for long time is the dehydrated meals,like this one which one it weight only 100grams,is a complete meal,has long time storage and to cook needs only to put a little bit of water in to package.this one is the known military MRE(Meal Ready to Eat) This one sended to me to test it and show it to you,so in my next mountain trip video i will make a video for you about,to test it in real conditions Personaly i dry the foods my self,because i can choose fresh ingredients,is more cheap,also i can choose the flavors i like let me show it from close,i suggest before you buy or cook the meals for survival to test them to be sure that not cause you any side effects we separate the meals to portions depending on how long the hike will last for the survival backpack we store meals for 72 hours,for the first needs until to the rescue or until we find food from nature For example here i have dehydrated patatoes,here is almost 10 patatoes,look how light weight is ans small size and to eat them need only to let them on water or to boil for a while Here is some fresh vegetables without preservatives,with a little bit of water i have a complete meal Here i have dehydrated some fresh fruits for breakfast or for snack.the fruits can be eaten without boil them.also i add walnuts and honey to my breakfast i think this is ideal breakfast,healthy,with energy and vitamins.also the body does not need a lot of fluids to digest

Aslo with me i carry gluten free vermicelli noodles,because incluted carbohydrates and needs only a little bit of water and only 2-3 minutes to cook An another solution is the cans,but i don’t prefer because is not so healthy, is heavy and leave alot of trush Here i have a food dryer,i don’t know if you can see it,we can dehydrated the food also to the oven or to the sun,these are more survival skills when we don’t have electricity If you want to show you in a video how i dehydrated my foods let a comment below Let’s see and me cooking set The cooking set help us to boil the water and cooking our food,this should be possible without the need for materials from the surrounding environment we must to have fire without woods,so we can boil water and cook the foods any time,anywhere even the food and the water from the backpack or the food and the water from nature if we are in a survival situation the water before we drink it must boil it to be safe or the food if cames from the nature,for example a survival food is the edible plants,if we have the knowledge to collect them but before we eat them must boil them so i have a pot 1.1 litre and the lid is plate or small pot Inside i have stor a gas stove,light weight but powerful and a gas container.the stove screw on th gas container but we can remove even does not emty A folding cup for tea,very light weight and a folding multi fork-spoon-knife The possible material that could be made the pot is stainless steel or titanium or aluminum the steel is safe,durable with normal price,but is more heavy The titanium is the best one.the most light weight,safe very durable with very good heating perfomance,the only negative is the price The aluminum is light weight,nice heating perfomance,normal price but is not so safe,especially this type,in this old style aluminum we don’t cook in there is carcinogen if you cook in aluminum pot must be anodizing,BPA FREE and if you can don’t cut the food in to aluminum pot,especially acidic foods,because if you scratch the anodizing the aluminum it came in contact with the foods

For cooking device in my backpack i have a gas stove.the positivies is the weight,small size,very easy to use it,powerful for the size and use it anywhere the negative is that can buy the gas container only from outdoor shops,you can find it around of you.also in low temperatures the gas stove has low perfomance,below the -1C works with difficulty A solution is to place the gas container in to the sleeping bag to keep it warm.the new type works better because has gas combination butane isobutane An another solution is to warm a little of water and put in the gas container,it goona help You can find and fuel stoves,the positives is that you can use many fuels,gasoline,alcohol,petroleum works in low temperatures.but is difficult to use it,could be dangerous,is heavy and expensive i believe for a light weight backpack,hiking the gas stove is better.the fuel stove maybe is better for alpine expeditions if we stay for a long time in a bace camp i prefer the gas stove.aslo you can find an alcohol light weight,easy to use,cheap,alcohol is availble anywhere,nice burn time the negative is that we can not adjust the intensity of the flame so i have a gas stove and one small which works with solid fuels in the backpack survival kit,i will show it to you later so if the gas finish and i don’t have any woods available for fire i use the solid fuels stove i forgot to tell you that in my store foods i have and some raisins,have energy,also i have flour.i can cook a meal,you can store it for long time.personaly i have gluten free is more healthy.if you eat meat you can dry also and meat and fish