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, but it’s as well as a form and if you wanted an associate of legislation this one internal reporting of an election early in t in real actors from talented message being part of a conspiracy to kill James Gaetti in Northern Ireland he was arrested in a sa 108 this opportunity to take their colleagues in Europe old, colleagues and the service of off Northern Ireland and also the mem in the early hours of Sunday morning standby and six-line of Saint Andrews and one things considered, 21 and I have always wanted the question is made more shopping service to the report a woman was sexually assaulted in a car in the vicinity of the Shelburne wrote balls bridge merrier old se will be gone in a twinkling all offers available online at host or more docile use as well as in store at homestore more Christm so far this year 37 pedestrians have tragically lost their lives on our roads that’s already 10 more than the whole of 2017 they said the woman who was subjected to the alleged assault and the car was wearing a long black dress the investigation is foc as a pedestrian year amongst the most vulnerable of all wrote users so before you take a step take steps to protect itself into always face on coming traffic and stopped to let it pass safely and drivers slow down there could be a pedestrian in the shadows are around at and always think pedestrians and message from the route 50 authority they also have an interest in the movements of a woman in the long black dress in the Manchurian area of token one between 2:15 has won; 6¢ and we can set a course that has so much to a fifth edition to its premiere The station along side are lifestyle t the suspect has been identified as still on the one after last night’s attack which also injured 12 people for people of so far visit because headquartered at eight of the side exit 18,000,050 and 2 hours free parking and vigil Beasley group stage comes to a close knowledge of primarily chapin’s man city knowing that role be enough for them to secu anti-869581347 of 8093 and 1999818316898323964 to 199799796006099-6263-eighths clients for cruise line today fall as is so good majesty and other already short of their passage to the market stage and are likely to rest some players for the trip to Valenci -hostages, 40 And the end of 135 today fall-out of the digital viewer finally Joe Schmidt is sent will turn down approach the all blacks last year new Zealand rugby heads the two was told a local ne will season 5316 is a definite workers us 37 and run a fortune in this affable as after after our parenting slots and that was i can’t really had [email protected] the basis of who the best of the role but then again I could be a situation where if it’s the same class year in 186 4134614331113361761191634196 SKG areas of all your last minute ID 86965 S. Loring and much more than men have enough time wh at says no one better, and I’d next year bride that each year with a bigger Christmas present to get around your kid wants to sy and now you’re up to date on the scope of 100211380945316 is our local number are checks number is 5316 that will pass to 30¢ y is a shortage of powdered baby formula bar because people are our bible buying and selling it to China at Texas’ Chinese student some my partner has never experienced that before and knew that the two children his relationship with his axes been quite bitte

sun Chinese for jobs in court even offer a shipping service after forming a kid got the world to dirty bird red hair had turns o emailing in a very direct way your X e-mail have two and it should be encouraged to hear what time it is possible in your effort eyes and enabled differently being a redhead has no evolution the downsides my IE doesn’t well as nomination that’s just you kno are children as they continue to grow it will be in anyone’s interest east of the children if there is at blinds us that the NT at Redmond and that means you know you’ve been warned that more likely to be cared about 130 starter Kevin and says add the migr like me about being change are now were middle aged they’ll have a chilling with Iraq chair and my kids don’t every damn and you onto Teflon coat yourself so that some about an acre and not if one is that you get slides off as best you can so my advice for I would say always remember 80 acceptance and eight I think he’s got to accept whatever their feeling except that it is not even fitting in with their suggestion that Ingrid here is a bad thing as another on having read their prayers nice actually at Stephe and I think you could be very practically helpful by been a little physically emotional eight of a nickel and wonder how they’re my red jean the opinion on the pain threshold seems to change with the winds yes would seem certain seems to be a major more pai because if you coming to a Canadian free in your hometown inches and brace FDR be willing to support in any way you can and the every embrace this that someone else says I find strawberry blonde even more complicated because people need to know from reader hands on like help me deal with us so I did not knowing the people involved in the snow that battered offered as the-a break fro they bring friends like people were ready yet we’re at the I was told in olden days in fees or redhead walking the streets it wa the impact in actually offer a distraction and depending on day and and and the state of the relationship something that can be by Christmas and a cricket star against one Y. Ezell center did not act now there are so many scientific breakthroughs made all for later on rather than right now but something to hold in mind and in terms than of your relationship with their mom not knowi you could reach out to hurt is chair in natural hazards of the University of Edinburgh and this evening at Trinity college in Dublin to be giving a talk ent to know her hopes and wishes for her children so that you can impart back to her children after she’s got it turns out to build errors quakes which we know are generated pains of colors below the earth’s surface can be triggered by tiny changes and stress as much as two and a like handshake yet when you’re to go beyond any less than a set of Saxony to the state about Sylvia I think that that something too late to mak so it turns out that these tiny changes and stress problem in places where we can possibly measure them and was opened in the qu and also is one of the pickup or woman may well find itself somewhat excluded by her partner and this decade while there is the is too active base your own support network and use than the man then looking with a regularly because that’s that’s going to ge and to let this idiot that a little they don’t have parents will be triggered by a tiny amounts like an avalanche and, the avalanche I mean if if it was a god forbid that it was a massive earthquake in Beijing is at lessening this is tiny cha listener tortured him on the other day complaining that one of her classmates was annoying her she showed me her cancer case for in the investor really good question were, but small amounts of earthquakes and have and one 3rd world that seismic waves travel defeated after her and add that he was elected to his puncher grabbed and that he should be scrambling over stuff just today and and no one end and almost doubled its missiles and bigger things that happened closer even though the storm a very small amount answer to show me what he did and when she was recreated the incident to show me that he did in departure in the jungles and fur and we’ve got some great example from the collections often, CNN will be able to show some good examples of where small monstrou so does that mean basically desperate Greeks will always be unpredictable on what I think that the quakes or fundamentally own p

yet well and I’m not sure a she didn’t say anything to the Boyer to the teachers and staff said the teacher Diane and can cite i so that’s bad news of course members of will be innocent to be able to about this and all means we have to look for away from th and bubbly able to look at some very robust rules and by making measurements of small earthquakes and capitol train were able to and hand out of school into the apparent issue but I do resent it say that is we might need to be sensitive to a situation at th and the end result as for example German callers quake we were able to say and II think is really important up entries in place early for young kids that we don’t explain away are dismissed kissing or se that there was a probability of about 2530% and also of a magnitude seven or greater earthquake happened sure in response to the that we’re able to do a better job than on all of women what size but instead saying where women and book probabilit these are all really good battery sat and talked about you’ve already done that and keep doing is generally I would say that som tackle the problem of rapid urbanization which is happening over, and show and a bond measure some traders and two billion peopl up but half the world’s population lives in cities and and a bullet that we expect that the number of people actually exposed to and fix everything but in this situation I think it’s crossed the line and you might be saying to her I’ve been thinking about w if you learned about the fact in the system is up 60% of the urban area and will exhaust from the planet and 2030 which was 12 years, hasn’t been built yet experience and skill said follow-up to school and I’m just noting the center furious it is always better to be any less than fur you can see that there’s a real opportunity money to try and make sure that this masterful market development will become partic just beware if you’re going and furious Europe driven by very heightened emotions so if you can just exhaled a little bit and ve not to the record we want to predict move up to the earthquake, no school happen within the lifetime of the buildings are being is the idea that when an earthquake happens when no one can get off to strokes we know that people are responding to the earthqu he couldn’t handle the fact been getting cried the whole way home is also very upset about the fact is a sheep without any speak in all the buildings that they’re trying to rescue people want a little tougher ready been damaged and very likely collapse shal so while books were able to do and is immediately earthquake happened we start examining besides Mr. Davis small earthquakes are and end up that we can extrapolate post and the future our children to take the young children disappointed it is normal to want to jump in rescue them make it better take away the ke and to Nairobi able to show you know, by a basic level modeler show will open up a show single equation but would scribe of these these distributions when you take stock that will handle actually do that this is a great opportunity to practice as building so nothing can be pleasant we have to normalize days like this we have to normalize intense and feelings , will step is to make the number and the probability of the year of quick stop an unwary than liable to say where the more like and to try and make sure that this type of science is made this fall and that during reward responses to the bigger question are emotional and psychosocial developments and if you can you couldn’t you can use it as a learning and teaching moment of reflecti is it possible to build an earthquake proof city or town or even been or are we just mitigation to some extent will be the answe that is almost certainly yes it is possible because we know that the amount of shaken that you can get from and you’re redirecting to a positive action coming out of this basically don’t pick a stone pacify don’t dismiss them say an adv from_get any point in the refusal of the and helping work through as there is a very real positive benefit for self esteem and resilience if you shy away from it if you case over there is a maximum amount of shaken and you could blow bubbles up can resist that the problem is that the very much mo

his self esteem yes not just on to make that you could activate the damage to his office team so again that she panetta said las so that the challenge for scientists and lawyers to come out over settles to come out about constant focus from a quaint and ins how we can and make sure that Camaro cities are built in a way that the bird are as possible because of the requirements of one of society’ the scenes to hire you know I’m going to the details valley to be creative you can make it cheaper imported in your version of t affordable because of that the cost of materials that did more resilient bones are more expensive and but also the brooch forces but you knew the star watts yet we knew how important actors like everybody had important role to play so I think about this cre 63730 the Schroder theatre at the appropriate name really never started running a scale of physics into Russia college the three at the Mary says at Monza Veritas is up at the positive end of reactions Mary says my children stepmother has been the most posi actually have a class and it was just on those quirky things that happens I was so embarrassed us and I are backups modjeska a n [email protected] better as announces their supporters for extended the families’ giving the terminal cancer I just can’t remember hi and it’s gonna be here is kept fresh ideas and even more magic music and color tickets are priced at for f however if he does do things to make our lives easier that will reopen the long run at whispers will lead to teachers to the tee to 98 PM and 11:00 PM it’s the multicasting of kicks up in liberty college in Dublin and four at details on back to the messiah to access a fantasy-sales come up and show it was lots on in committee room number 14 over and Westminster fare between six and they might get new counters from the local elections predicting doubling that they could run for the Jan actions and that’s the of the 374-4190 of sharing fund recommendations and lovers every month to join a sense of the more you stop the com/leeson’s boo at the myself I think that the timing is optimum insofar as – that agreement announced a boil of the simmering discontent and di here now has about a double its or bush and addiction to win big ISP and, unlike my prediction is that they needed to win like y , 21 May have been one of the you’ll always have insurance provided by of a Health Care they have turned- 3326221364313 for anyone’s business 75 use this as a minor or install and Christmas around a lot of the moment I must have ever the braves that they want nothing to reason may not from anybody and they just a little were the wrong attitude that so that wou they can start down here they can’t go right up here in Washington and indeed mother is another because during the antiques. As 191 sales and you’ll find beyond the range starting f

94 sprinkle technique and have the finances made under our purchase agreement and subject and ending criteria deposit required T event that a new team this week a new store can we think of corn or DOS and to make spirits bright this Christmas, you can help to make spi 315316 is our checks number that will cost you at thirties and Adalat is still with us and them questions about Shaq that the F5 half of Christmas is about to give than receive of the Irish blood transfusion service we know the answer is definitely in getting so please in the run-up to Christmas and over to build up our blood supplies for the 200 people each day protest continue to receive a blood transfusion over Christmas book is the most precious gift you can give visit give Paul Dudley for more information that one Texas is an offense when a city in the city place island she can have more shepherd or townsfolk doing the singing or m thank you for your continued support this Christmas one designs, the new Lexus and six months of tension and 3 to 9 #six million , my son was really upset you didn’t get the part of an array shorten the Christmas break the other part of the Joseph warning o ad because and for that and it’s an act that have been, the bottom of the Christmas story 150 and Andrea says he had issued in t fine supporting services for you, or 30 PM, and because of the nine and has any time you’re not have that eight information and that are as question is this my four year old daughter started to ask you this year she was really excited to go in the mornings discover the queue any teaching six range from Samsung the much sought after queue six range of que me the televisions over pure color across the whole spectrum for more information o and sometimes you want to stay in school longer will make a corrupt sunlight chill after she is to go to school tomorrow and a r at the younger eight on school starting yeah and what can happen is yet they do fine actor mickey and Gina the coping with schoo nine air man has made simple things in a limousine C9 and I can of 112133714-number one, 3 minutes and feel of a channel 69636 t this is on any involvement in developing a man so it can be emotionally quite a tricky Time &Insurance and so I think it when it and you make of the nation per your pasta teacher friends and playing and what you like to do about it but just an uprising that that context of a vote of no confidence that reason they will be crossing a few times to Westminster to get the latest before th and you can also play at the end of the day make sure that your checking account of the best benefits as a pitcher like to chang

and because I am reading here is that the teachers are saying that she’s doing fine rushes in their you’re saying just want to l this one internal reporting of an election early in the following year so no election next year but Neil Martin was scathing to see you might need to develop a ritual around the point of separation that point of saying goodbye and I’ve seen a share so some for the form of moments lines, was immediately confronted with one of the biggest threats from me that it’s the brains of the cl show the phones as the British prime minister is preparing to make a huge important speech to her MPS she fights to keep her job 164 conservative MPS of claim to the back for more than enough to win the Sebastian secretly called felt differently behind clos you up and cheer and lawmakers and said happy to see that Mr and other kids alike whenever I misstated this nice person who has of it managed in jail for six years for his role in a conspiracy to murder a man as part of the Coach Ken and gangland feud in r given time and additional storyboard is something I’d also like 16 bits very difficult stocks are making so if you go on my webs he was arrested in Dublin following an international policing operation involving the DS and I and europol outside court earlier given issue the norm for three months yet it’s it’s it’s too late now to go one step back and crash, wind-extra copy might keep the folders were involved in this conspiracy of Roche before justice in the Irish courts and other communities are kept safe fro was armed with a handgun and a nice looking for suspects 29 luxury ship task of following last night’s attack which also injured on emotional grounds in often needs to be an academic grants that you know that we have to be discussed at the if he still needs up as prosecutor any white says witnesses for the attackers just got is great in Arabic budget for now more to five of you still couple weeks in equity mean estimate that make every segment of renown for an actor, I don’t know how to sell you I think that’s a job is a great stage comes to close Allies premier league champions man city know the drawl be enough for them to secure top s with this rather than actually enjoying us but I think you could give this ago if buying and I mean giving you can enter Christm Leon made a point in cells in order to guarantee their spot in the last 16 a winter shelter the would see them advance along wit summer for difficulties about the separation yet how can any ideas and at 17 and one old shows that you really love the net loss , Joe Schmidt is on the 2018 sales manager of the year award the Irish rugby head coach was given the award for a second time af a wonder how she and IE the hobby and the dog will help any guidance very gratefully received on anything exciting signs anybody and and also by its exciting it’s also invitee provoking those two feelings often broke off e across the ball, new stock on the literacy you’ll be in the commune one of the house all distinctive and special lead 1 to 10 as and selecting a very young children as your data when as don’t stress about the details like the atolls to make an adjustment ca and it’s very convinced these Christmas gift a special place in your life of a 2 to 10 TV reply to 10 and credits available inst and this kind of enormous change can bring that invites you to eat in young children like that’s an antenna & season to scary wo and we know that small children try some predictability consistency where they want to be able to predict with certainty that ca

and now we’re up to date on the staff found slums well well come along to watch is proposing to be a dramatic they both they and what’s going on for them said they show us with their case you’re so you should be observing her E you know in and around the mo that article 50. The end of march they would support the government but they’re not saying that that would extend into 2020 and and what is in it for FEMA for I can absolutely understand they would not want to be an anything other than constructive and bus for the new environment yet that one last quick one fat my four-refusing to pay one that already tried everything to resolve the surely it was tempting to say on the 24th to may next year everything before activist that stemming from the console that suppor and I know this for NAFTA else has ever achieved spilling on the toilets and has regressed but in case they haven’t an airing in its Whitewater can splash their bombs and mike but sensation and you can just be unpleasant for them if you can pass and are for and ride across the country that will give them a good start over other smaller parties that second and M you need to leave your that and I’ve told me get the fact that they did the nation of favor with 2016 when we were handed arithmetic which have paralyzed and the wasn’t gonna be a grand coalition was decided by both the been a Ford did the state some service bush four years later yet you can get a refund is over and a good long with lots of ursus and I often recommends and on here taro Grammys book everyon you know what I need to do is make it very rare days ago, I bet you haven’t done it that is their friends and the city has got t does not mean better own brand is diluted the two become a support act that he will come into servitude role and you know what i causing this to be difficult for your child’s and using a proper policy is to be knocked us because it’s actually better get out so it strikes me that this is that of a bad job as prospect in terms of the warmly foot soldiers the soldiers of destiny in the and if it can make you to enter that has led as renumbering the rematch at holding 9 to 9 that’s nothing left to 1000 letters a 131436 on save I haven’t, DOS IBM-IBM as an eight-in- what’s in it for FEMA for cocaine escape to the real drama of course then last night it was confirmed by Sir Graham and Brady D after the confidence vote was established between six and 8:00 PM deceived by the vision action risks handing control of the bri to the leader wouldn’t have time to renew this is restored agreement and get legislation through college by the 29th of March say one of the fast acts would have to be extending over sending possible 10:45 and forties and stopping wrecks it’s OK she’s de and and and therefore there is not going to be a leadership contest but then she went on two prime ministers questions the labor

what the 60 are brings that is really want they want WTO rules they wanted default position the fact is nobody else wants which about for jet saving efforts in recent days to retake the barren jacks the British, 6517 I had as much as the number of people y a 988131 to eight of the 129 to 1200093 book a mail drop was worth it is because I have been through several really into me sign the dish appease them again went through a period for about 12 years and did little else only had the votes that rice in the middle the fact that she didn’t have the votes and Wasson defeated error and a weak and laws that say the ball the status quo was all rows greatly favored in every heat if you’re having a hell of a bet with a penalty: are not always been t people perished in their careers their careers a constituency level the careers of advancement of Mr. Level and you know what po I think the basic years have messed up their time they would be better to go on a stool I were to go after Ed Briggs ash is is u the parliamentary party cuts it down to two the membership takes over into five we process and you won’t have a new Tory leader if she didn’t get over that 200 if she can keep BM Briggs the tears two did the two fingers under 99 run driving to be a good da and read this book is taking two former Tory mp match in Paris in relation to what some really happening in the middle ground op new and alumni is often I watch a man sitting in a gun to go into merchant and you have live coverage from London of the titles it sets a forecast for 29 team that and it’s a pretty rosy picture another 4% growth next year, you pass this growing economy th

one please don’t go to this guy economic souls moves in cycles and were at the end of a particular cycle to look at the American the cops in the very same way that the building boom result in unsustainable Vashon property taxes but corporation tax which in is perhaps unsustainable should we not be worried is in saying everything is fantastic to the using Ivan, great summary of recen would not wish to this incredible opportunity and I think by far the single most significant economic development past five year at we’re really grasping it as an opportunity to make sustainable investments to protect ourselves against other charges of a do Internet database pending we should be much more judicious in terms of forcing recognizing what has happened before this phenome with them so well go below inflation is as broad as great resource is greater than youthful stage one of the pigeons and can go it most likely will go on forever but it could go on for extended period of time so no one scored as I do you know that the rule in one go for what do you think is happening and for all this extra moment so most significant because being pressed major form big over beyond what the revenue cocoa, get in CBT all of the top of this reform flow will check station would be gathered in fr and countries without the substance countries such as you know and artificial structures company countries that didn’t have a ma actually have this combination of low competitor for it on the substance already existed here the factory’s will the year so com in the mobile IP hold most of the intellectual property that was moved there isn’t really paying any significant amount of tax y was contingency planning given the range of options that can happen with basic for contingency planning to business want to see all we should we have the resources of robust portion of the writers are jumping to 10 billion corporate

all we want the season was stronger focus on productivity of competitors and spending it innovation of spending to structure and into Bosnia to last night and get that did the global economic crisis that works tend to be the work again essentially it kept p and he did the loss of climate would be an even more when summer day job substance to the effect of active was the victim was so that give them a lifeline if they face a potentially challenging scenarios are we doing enough on you know given 80% dependence is it doesn’t take longer and from a business point of view some of will and someone will make sense in terms of the time travel that the sense of direction is that the UK will remain economically aligned to the European Union Post acres had also been dozen we are even some election in 1991 the countdown to Janet and we’re moving at a certain point in our political cycle which means pay increase what we’ll just 83 percent coaches as a rule of thumb is there was a National Data, no other variations will fiddle court where the trading conditions will justify lush three, two years for the pop up the federalism into 6% of the similar injur will school to be the cost of utilities, roads, but the cost of insurance reform than the cost of labor because we are seeing an OK my thanks to firmer bright head of policy as Idec that course there delighted with everything M and their happy out coming up visit use on 63335776 times company seems to lose funds, is among 51163561 installed four saves one of the woman who still lives

get ready by January 1: 8019 to 8 to 0404 visit sage Daly for more ever puts the rink is the person makes you 121211 average jum charming so tense to be repaid up of playing monopoly to convince and a P-5633637871553 Steven Seagal 533261367, really the problem is not know if we do sale now our Ford like the experts in our workshops Nationwide with prices starting from just 149 your foot cars and Christmas made more shopping in homestore more this Christmas in homestore more all Christmas tree lights all cash and living gi will be gone in a twinkling all offers available online at host or more docile use as well as in store at homestore more Christm of a pan on one shoulder six-day; fire small car dealer 283 minutes-day shoot at 69636 these new south 4¢) to Westminster Gary when you set up week from the chaff let me cut to the chase and she knocked out 200 plus MPS she would be able to record while it looked like it or should you are and are warned about the recall. And are you get the impre are, which you are not the court ordered back and read the board Whenever you think about W: but you probably can control that RW. But it can be burned or Norwood are Margaret noble a third of the orbit HO or more people are ordered the number one, while are O in all the agreement ago You are OK I got past and its probative little bit tight and that that was for being a flourish of way and keeping it to two dig the problem. Were you aware and one on the board are you aren’t you are and are armed art and birch on the WR are told about all of the remote are you keeping order and we’re sure you are are there you are a majority she married there are a ball a little bit about Norman WWWRRRW HU. For a mobile guard and army at your local housing department and 190 nine RO you can get HH and where you come to order here is the Arab country are not RR, ordered the world order. Art. HHWRR and are buckled WW Vermont right arm and the amount of the record, but about you all of a number

of third are are you a grim. No position RWWWOR, W or are you that caught the report into orbit are there to protect you want or are grouping organ W a ROO or should the majority of one group or don’t calculation that are white or shoulder and which are you Jan also anyone drawing analogies with my departure who was up in the twilight over leadership after 15 years in charge and was completed and right arm recalled in a round OOUWU. One of you, call one, or order a word that read: exchange OWRO people control come down to crunch or retrieve a part of a long-term are all about: on order she warned are are you under the HQ what you are r , but are open. And wherever you need a component of you that you are and and at what struck me this morning I was watching that vote for her own breaks it but they don’t seem to have an answer to is just say there’s the three hardcore we’re really strong b was sorry if to reason they can only give us a watered down British who on the political spectrum in Westminster is going to giv of RU 1 great.: OR are where you are people all are good, coordinate are no. Our ERQ our number if you are and the RY report. Th are mature you don’t wear if you are that you should be called in, George you or a petition tension are our code. But it employe or HOWOHOHURUSROWWW Moore there might not what are called you a more with a trip to stay current Gary ordered WWWQ. About 80 other direction get annoyed and interact with an order of the record you are not be over or more, not be The other thing is that when the reality dollars on them and they would do everything to stop a generation because that either r only washers the way and for general action a potential change in government and the softer Briggs and are no breaks each article about WUWRRURQW. What are the critical and or a mime A question for you. The Coral Browne, but are or are you one calli HWWORUNO order which are more you are a group W and called them are armed with recorder and noble are a little bit of you are, b

the income that the more you can write a will show you are working toward you. Are you are known bug you in court record in that only last Boca we were talking about a gang of five ministers having breakfast and within cabinet and goals and two fox and all teaching it is losing that not only goals but the people at it that Tory party conference board’s own Fates like they owned seco a day in and will require, W on our board republican war 2 about one more a career, and W a RRU return right by them or if they repaired. You are WWWW, record we all are you that we were ordered. But now are golden, and will treat not meant to trot around In order would agree and RWORUWH Amador you will repeat our Margaret you got. Are you will. Or why. Orders are or are you want OWR armored car guard our own are the Camaro now M before the tone is the darkest hour credit, put it to you that if she wins ev that no British public opinion and constituents who weren’t token political and Rex May well feel a sense of sympathy that shoul that that Bennett chili this connections that are somewhat well in third. It should RW corbel of people trying to read the married. Are you are a record will go all the above the shoulder RHURURW a W. Mitchell and the trigger on W a RWO in the under pressure from compared and you never can opener. Write to me Are are short order or board. The third or about collecting you are 29 W troubled or treatment that courtroom W: all are not meant t R on third one should get a lot of warm water will not be a wimp you have a billboard Q will About. And that you want the butto court and won the cold and the commitment of the commode or she can to retreat yet again to bring around the forward not a case 18120 unknowing fear point of the few abstentions something in that territory are you and she could get arm or she should compete Publisher and around for a member of Congress are still some 200-1200 to 200100 is what report. And I called a bold but you are RR Roybal a member of the normally are about WR 9 adopted a truck full of RURURRQ R Wind

and were you worried that the intricate motion picture WO and wondered And you didn’t. WWW on the taciturn that I’m sorry for him and you down, and we like to keep the symbol of your man and a Gary g that thank you indeed not that again today we have for you the complete brags that are no break said Therese Mayer notaries may to location steps that the present a lot more that if Thomas and saint stephen’s green and the beautiful different times in camp tell me the year that this abandoned a parish went to number one 1st three OK textile worker your answer which is the year 19 wash your name and address 531-6752 percent would call out the winner of the ultimate to float trip between now and 7:00 optics will to keep up the game in government to 1211 used only in the senate has 96975714969 and have a channel six signs of 1100 thousand 441356714411 you saw and the safe and writing this winter, make sure you have the gene is crystal clear at all times like the fu broker service online about five and IE there are more people experiencing homelessness in islands now than ever before there’s and is one of them, don’t tell, 14 and standouts and, as I have 263338311166, one, 1 to 1, is not you it’s me actually it is you won the first make your all I wanted but now you’re just too limiting I want to express my retailers 10 cities apply pressure from 30044898881919995 He had a six-and-home and flew back and head of thousands of this new never seen seven to

shoot a gun specs a priest, who has been convened hospitals and someone on the Christmas list, laudable lawsuit loss because no all things to think in Phuket any of 436164-over again-18816112189431718885487144 351831944591 for seasonal specials of 519163118 of (112)-168-4100 percent and entertainment value of test flights a day-Lewis [email protected] these new south of one of the uniform leade into 2022 would be no turnips mixture notwithstanding the fact that on the 24th of May and will be on local and there will be a and I said I didn’t guess what was in it for painful and why they wouldn’t post breaks out, for the respect the uncertainty in t of an average of two little about this in the narrow that common membership that once again below market has failed to the grass but now we’re dealing leader meal marking count on after voting FEMA four for 40 years I guess it’s time to vote for some other to your precedent and other are people who don’t support uniform think this is a great move ad and do wonders that and how hardc on you know you’ll be walking about us in 1 minute to minute, but nothing in there are in a call on all we are or are that you a on the plight of the week of wheat to the report a bug about rental cars on the proper are other. And all year to date or, am su are or not I’m not sure he can number that you are we sure need and want, political ability to share our are arguable. You never Only then should order country them all, you cannot read or older and and or number to call you. Our job are but we provide If or we have to debate on the Irish sure you are and are you Or point guard, and are providing that ability to get a country. Did Dole says what’s in this for pinnacle another year before they have to pray to freeze the prospect of oblivion and Anton says of we can go on to become a record the remote are performed a warrior are kitchen or not, but old record. Two are all on that we ar

or the posture are you or I would be profitable for you all to go or not, are weeping readers are the we’re all pretty grim and the button that mold them all We’re doing. They’re right. In an option to go back On another time when you play political and removing peer review of you are not we’re showing out of your modem and an integrate ensure that you are on board or weird little market and are easily see eye to the popular one shore on your would be called into that they could they come with a long speech which is actually reasonable factor in 2016 the was no government the country had d than was the women’s risk that you could lose your identity of Balkan policy and a platform basis will return, a bye week but you open them in a rebuttal of the publishers or treatment are owned by Richard you are, are beginni in education, toward Cuba to correct the OR Bolton are more, would run the country that are important. In addition, conductor As on, what are you out, workers report or you are right, and-a bad-debt limit year from the thing again negotiating team, to this are we a button and cheaper to Compton that are regard. About 229. We can. If approved, would you are almost UN RW ready to resp On the perimeter. Making it cheaper open market and are adopted country ready for workers in terms of market makers, Morganton, to hold the next election and bring down this posh bully government but not the readers are government by a true 201991 to 29. RO 1 of them the ball. You are retired or were you when you order a c Our own borders not are, are nowhere or economic impact of orders order backlog, action or in the region are called orders are y we should have long waiting to conduct which beat you to Richard our holding an art form, not about what are you any renewal of that we are all to comment about you are rich on you all are in a convertible, but yield of two weeks on you, Michael (which thi on the third (and, what you are the Republic, and taking orders within your own W or we are pulling apart, but you are or were i

on the perimeter. If you can contract worth you are or that are directly read mail TV for FEMA full and deputy leader of the par Martin Deutsch 1088 and and a feeling we talk about 94 weeks with that kind of thing and it’s not just a 6-6 in the Isaac index and his Christmas gift of two recent announcement of contention, very special way to stay healthy Christmas and fewer even a 195 buying the prison’s you really want this Christmas own done deal, john Diehl discover and drive and was he thinking of the bottom of a group of armed with more than 80 stories of $19.00 and thousands returns us and reasons t 3346133646218643 percent in some reassurance-3-9 thousands of people choose not to take the three listed after one of the chewin displacements-contamination sign and IE of this season’s marketing starts and, as the sea world in ireland’s largest grain to fo the all new dossier poster is more rugged robust and even better looking on from promote its got the perfect figure to it all 40912 foyer for the all new dossier duster visitor local dossier dealer to their finances middleware purchase agreement term dollars 861 visit in a limousine C989, 34 traffic and travel-687549-pound junior delivered five just traffic its low both ways on approach to court to review of both Wilson wrote a victorious possible to Denise Krause be willing of finely and mail that delays both ways on the IMS 60 coming to work seven all of the castle body of the stock drop its rival w

just watch his merry little salary, show the full of got the number for the first time and we love for the reaction from the mai of its 5:00 that evening that the dir of the default has defended the decision to extend the confidence of supply agreement with feet of All-Star to the recess to participate on the Irish jersey to face the challenge of breaks us all we have to to date on t a British prime minister is due to address conservative party MPS around now that of a confidence vote in our leadership Teresa , so too should be known until 9:00 PM tonight speaking on this program California’s political Editor Gary gibbons says downing aren’t you are you are armed are into the chart WRROO all of the remote are you a hit man has been jailed for six years for his role in a conspiracy to murde to travel to Ireland last year to kill a man with links to the hutch criminal gang he was arrested in Dublin following an intern and edition, will continue to invest the necessary resources to ensure the folders were involved in this conspiracy of rosh befo orange authorities say a man who killed two people and left another brain dead the Christmas market in Strasburg was armed with car as prosecutor renny Hyde says witnesses are the attacker chef god is great in Arabic ward of using real sitting the targets the bank says was made on and a sense of hope for two European business officially opened its new head office on Wall Street str the first six months champions league games kicks off in just under an hour realm of a toasty SKA Moscow and Roma travel to Vict Manchester City and money in August of their games and baseballs are already qualified for the group’s marlett and secure top sp it had been hopes the couple open the ground for their premier league meeting the Manchester united on January 13 over the troub for off the ball, on the stock until Tracy and Christmas time for giving giving out mostly about accusing, Parks and also a time

again and still time all this year and Christmas delivered by appliances delivered daughter a useful 196 SKG areas of January’s those temperatures 47° and now you’re up to date on these talks frank said a man and it was a great pleasure that two welcome t we spoken to a few Paul chorus and they, said Sanford to reason a summer around 202 goals against somewhere around 100 with not are tired and auction held a meeting. There are a third while the top or ordered our goal to get are a bigger about on. And the beyond what you or noncombat UH order to IIUQNQHNWR Richard and M given that they’ve been lot of grumbling among lane why are pe a worksheet our target right to carry little longer any longer in the parliamentary and WR be under what you are a car or rich richer. Walker a reward or be about RIRR court Greek are the third mall charter needs for cars and other good beer of exasperati in column entry into the pocket, you should alert or leadership, and should be made out that are mired be altered our children a tour amp record Are there better being about But they told guard are the main. That number would actually got that are third and ordered about other turmoil at that 0.0. Let’s look beyond this function. Even with a statistician landscape of wish that could this be her da that move forward on this basis and say look and listen very carefully as we all have this morning to the hardcore breaks the te it’s a 90 within the entire spectrum of about 650 MPS by the DB in parliament and therefore I’m sorry brings the two years but n Two they realize that half a loaf a you know is better than no breaks out of our share of day will code aren’t that you are are or tried to kill about trying to work or attend any of the day she married or buried under record. She would alarm the week in w an attractive combination I can beat people that are charged question whether she had imagination that you are at a board with t EU no withdrawal agreement is there a D implication is that you know that made this decision permit customs union and and and I

are doing. It. You are or after a car can relate to. UO are that much, George UNR, or are the article that are not not going to are between a third of their eight OUR short of Norway ROBO or you could get true that are part and mickey O which nobody really want and are working record are getting she had imagination got into court. Our love and told t she got a great communicator aren’t you should turn to our court. The rate rather than part with Ford and weather and you should DIS deep civil war that raging in the Tory party over Europe M is is is really the profound and it could have a splash I mean like where the powers of all of the Tory party will become Yucaipa war are the gu I can. Oracle will be OR a week or two others Are you might call your local are you making the Mars or a conductor called are are remembered what great tree guard ordered ret IOURW are you entered in march into the new year armed into what about the new you bring in term of art that are together and ar and and you no good citizen action this time next year who do you think we should be watching is that the home second tree is a one of the other. Mentioned upon that. But you are the late report, you are our team Jeremy hard are you a bit of an opportunity order my arm are you at your article you shouldn’t go be having met got our troops and for the record of four young men are ripp around the yard or are chambered into court, that we never expected the bad and and and and and looking as did the economic prospects for Britain it seems that this uncertainty will certainly stretchi still gonna get serious with the values starting bid that the economic impact of all this to spoke about the only people being d of their members each other to bring you to remain remarkably right all. A gradual chipped away from the courtroom aid budget ar economic you buy Are workers will be borne out by our own people and give me your account word I could become our final question the labor party them a withdrawal agreement is voted down the Atty. first agenda over never they will then tabled a vote of no confidence you kn in tonight’s vote doesn’t bring down trees and make what could be the church of the origin. And the other in a word document wer indictment could happen, about yet under 18 are sure that you are married or she will do want to come. But you don’t report it g

Matthew Peres columnist with the times of London for a former Tory MPS, may be speaking to the measure on television tonight tha can tack that he of course the mp for noshing MM, spoken to them on the show and this is what he had to say about today’s votes one of the decision of the house has taken a decision we have six-and-leading the European Union because his 901 Lyon-6866989318 which is also a comedic that let me tell you responses to that directory listed at the Dorothy and fall and it was explained to and breaking my are suffering- FM making hard decisions?! Am porting on the Irish jersey I’m getting sick on my game is ready and half an hour gimme a break it gets worse than