Jo Tou Chahay Episode 38 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 1 May 2020

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Jo Tou Chahay Episode 38 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 1 May 2020

So tell me Fasiha, how did you get this sprain? From where did you fall? I just slipped but I’m much better now What about you, where did you go off to? Your grandmother’s still alive? Oh hey, my grandmother’s mother is also still alive! They have a long life God be praised Assalamwalekum Walekumassalam , bless you Uh… Fasiha… here take this This is my aunt’s grandson I see He lives in London I’ve brought his marriage proposal for your Mashal Yes and he’s quite nice and handsome too Oh hey, he’s not just nice he also has a store out there The whole family is full of praise for him! And he has loads of money! Really? Tayi-ammi , would you like some tea? Yes, bring me half a cup I’ll just get it Alright so now tell me, when should I invite his family over? Just wait for a bit I’ll speak to Abbas about it tonight Let me show him the photograph and I’ll call you after that Alright fine Have a biscuit as well Oh Lord, what kind of calm contentment is this that you’ve filled in my heart I never worry any more I used to initially feel that if Hashir ever went away from me, everything would be lost But now there’s such a feeling of confidence, such trust… my faith is growing stronger and stronger I’m becoming free of all worries Thank You for changing the way I feel Where are you going all dressed up? Dad called me up They’ve asked me to come in to the office for an interview I pray to God that you get a job and I get the hell away Get the hell away…’ from whom? From your family of course, who else! God have mercy but this was the worst experience of my life! They are such cruel people! Fine, they haven’t changed their attitude towards you Arisha, but then when have you tried changing yours? What do you mean??? When have I been bad to them? Tell me? You’re always either closeted in your bedroom or you’re sitting out here! Have you ever tried to make an effort to go and help Bisma and mummy in the household chores… or sat with them or even just mingled with them? Are your sister and mother even worthy of being spoken to? Aunty Shama’s complaints are never ending! Who knows what all revenge she wants off me as pay back for my mother’s doings! And when she’s done, Bisma makes sure she steps in to have a go at me! She’s always filling her mother’s ears! Come on, get up and get out of here right now!!! I give you a place to live and you’re filling my son’s ears against me! No, no aunty Shama, I… Be quiet! You liar! I heard it all myself! Mummy, it wasn’t… Be quiet! This is what this cheap girl is worth! Throw her out of this house otherwise I will make sure she leaves! Be quiet Arisha, you were also…

I was,’’Also,’ what, huh??? You’ve started to talk to me just like your mother! You all should become one! I pray to God that I die! Because then you all will be well rid of me! Yes right, fine, go to hell What are you thinking about Munnay ? Yaar, I get the feeling as if I knew that man And I’m sure he knew me as well Which is why he looked so shocked So then? Then what yaar? I’m feeling scared I hope he isn’t someone known to my father I don’t know why I get the feeling he’s got something to do with my father’s offi… oh hell, he works at my father’s office! We’re dead So what’s the big deal? Its not the end of the world If your dad asks, just say that you were sitting at the showroom Deny it and say that you don’t know anything If you’re in this state now, what will you do if supposing you end up in jail? What’s he saying Saqib… jail? I’m not going to any jail or anything! I’ll die but I wont go to jail! Make him understand yaar! Alright fine, forget it Come over here and lets get our shares What share… I don’t want it right now… I’m getting stressed Go and make a milk bottle for the kid Why so impatient? We’ll come the moment dad gets back Okay come on then, I’ll speak to you later, bye Bye Your tea Dad’s really late coming back today What time will he be back from the mosque? Seems as if you’re in a real rush to go to sister Bisma’s house? That I am May God make you successful in your aim If you pray for me I will definitely be successful Dad’s here Assalamwalekum Walekumassalam I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time You got quite late today? Lets go Yes, lets Could you please put this in my room my dear And yes, if your aunt asks you anything, you are to tell her nothing! Just say that we’ve gone up to the market Where’s Burhan? He’s in his room, where else can he be? Has he come to his senses or not? I was worried about him all day while at the office You’ve just returned from the office so have this conversation some other time Just relax! Assalamwalekum taya-abbu Walekumassalam , how are you son? Assalamwalekum brother Hashir How are you Arman? Assalamwalekum taya-abbu Bless you my dear Assalamwalekum brother Abbas Walekumassalam Assalamwalekum , how are you? Sit, please sit Uh… Bisma? Yes daddy? Bring some tea for your taya-abbu and Hashir Obaid, who was in the wrong, who sinned… who was the culprit, who’s fault was it… If we keep raking up what happened then this matter will carry on forever and the complaints and enmity will never end like this We’re the elders We need to put aside the wrongs of the children and move forward You’re right brother Abbas Life ends but the bitterness and enmity never end There is only one way to end an estrangement… its by strengthening the foundations of ones relationships and filling in any empty gaps Brother Abbas, what are you trying to say Kindly speak plainly Obaid and Shama, I want to tell you that Hashir and Bisma happen to like each other Hashir and I have come to ask for Bisma’s hand in marriage Are you making this tea for only yourself or are you making it for the whole neighborhood? Tell me something, are you really that clumsy or do you just pretend to be so? I swear but I don’t understand it Oye…! I pray to God that you also get a family with in-laws like mine! My in-laws are sitting in our living room Its your brother and your dad What!

Yes Brother Hashir came here himself??? Absolutely And in my estimation, one should only ever say yes to a proposal when someone asks for ones hand with such love and honor And not do it like as in deliberately force oneself onto someone! I just don’t know how people do it! Its really beyond my understanding Brother Abbas, we’ve already arranged Bisma’s marriage She will very soon be getting engaged She will very soon be getting engaged But she’s not engaged as yet And besides, relatives have first priority And I’m pretty positive that you will not turn me away disappointed Obaid Brother Abbas, there are many complaints and accusations but where’s the point of raking over them Even then please give us a little time to think it over Absolutely not! We will not think it over! This is will be decided here and now, face to face! What do you mean? What I mean is… for you, your son’s happiness is important and for us our son’s respect is just as precious Hashir really went and humiliated Burhan before the whole family And this is no small matter either… but look at us, look at our generosity, we are still willing to forgive and forget everything! But that is exactly what I want Shama Then fine! Mashal is Burhan’s fiance, you get them married and we will then give you Bisma’s hand in marriage But supposing we don’t allow the marriage with Mashal, does that mean that you will not accept my proposal for Bisma? Obviously So what you’re saying in effect is that you want Mashal to be sacrificed in lieu of a marriage between Bisma and myself What sacrifice??? I’m talking of marriage! If this isn’t a sacrifice then what is it aunty? You couldn’t find a girl for a boy like Burhan who is known to be a notorious, infamous scoundrel… so you decide, okay, lets marry him to Mashal Settle him and then you will arrange a marriage between Bisma and me Be quite! You’ve insulted Burhan more than enough earlier on as well! No ones given you the right to insult my son while sitting in my house! What’s happening out here? Mashal, have your taya-abbu and Hashir not returned as yet? Yes, they did return but the two have gone to the market for some work To the market? Both of them together? Why? They didn’t tell me why I wonder why this father and son have gone off to the market? Okay look, why don’t you make me a cup of tea so I’m able to wake up… I just cant seem to open my eyes Okay, I’ll just finish this and then get it Alright, bring it quickly You know exactly what he is He gambles, he drinks alcohol, he uses drugs He’s friends with scoundrels and degenerates! He’s full of every kind of flaw So you tell me, would you like to marry your daughter to a boy who has that many flaws…? Silence! You’ve insulted him before as well! Have you come here with a proposal of have you come here to humiliate us some more! You’re the one who’s making relationships into a business deal aunty Dad and I came here with all due respect for Bisma’s hand in marriage We didn’t come here to make a business deal Now you see here, Mashal is Burhan’s fiance! Who are you to break her engagement or refuse it?! Who am I? She lives in my house She’s my responsibility She is yes and orphan and needy but Apa ji handed me her responsibility before she died! She made me vow to be responsible for her, to be her protector! And I will fulfill this vow till the day I die! You all have lost all fear of God But I am fearful of the time when I will be presented before my Lord! Hashir, we’re trying to end this problem and you’re only making it worse Uncle, I’m not making it worse! Did you not hear what aunty said? I didn’t start the topic, she did What have I said to make you flare up??? I’m not flaring up All I’m saying is that, Mashal has nothing to do with this proposal Wah! Wow, son, wow!!! You don’t want to accept our proposal but you want us to accept yours, why’s that?! Aunty, Bisma and I didn’t fall in love because of Mashal And I will not allow an innocent, helpless girl to become a victim of sacrifice for the sake of my love! I’ve said it now, if Mashal and Burhan don’t get married then neither will you and Bisma! No. This is impossible Fine, then your match with Bisma is also impossible Is this your final decision? Yes! Consider it as set in stone! Then fine, consider this as set in stone as well aunty I will die but I will not allow Mashal to be married to Burhan Talk calmly son, there’s no need to get excited I’m not getting excited dad I’m talking of the truth and someones rights! Would any of you want to marry your daughter to such a degenerate? Would you want him as your son-in-law? No, right? Then why should Mashal be sacrificed as a scapegoat for him!

Is it only because she has no parents? Is it because she has no one to stand up for her rights? Have you no fear of God’s wrath! Why are you visiting this cruelty upon her? All of us will be presented before God one day, why do you all forget that??? Brother Hashir, please relax Lets all sit down and calmly sort out this problem otherwise there wont be a solution I am talking calmly Arman You tell me, is aunty right in saying what she is? You know your brothers shenanigans Would you want an innocent and helpless girl like Mashal to be married to a dissolute like him?! No Oh yes of course and why would you stand by your brother! Go on, go back to your in-laws place! And another thing, we don’t want this match so you two can leave now! Just a second aunty, you cannot insult my father like this Think this through once again Obaid… I would, in fact, suggest that we speak to Bisma about this It is after all a matter of their happiness, their lives Why don’t you tell us child, what do you want? Bisma? Answer them What kind of answer can I possibly give after listening to all this? After saying all that you did about each member of my family, after having insulted each one of them separately… do you really expect a positive answer from me Hashir? Its really easy for you isn’t it to trample me and my family’s respect beneath your feet? So fine, I don’t want you and or your love now I came here because of the hope you gave me Bisma What hope? I’ve finally realized what you wanted to prove And maybe I should have realized it a long time ago Its my fault Its my fault because I should never have given you a second chance I should have understood what you wanted But what difference does it make anyways as to what you want! Who are you to decide what should and should not happen between us?! This decision is now mine! And now I, in front of all these people, end whatever ties I had with you! I don’t want to marry you! I don’t want to marry you! You can do whatever you want about that! You all can leave now Its okay dad We will not come here again Good girl! You did the absolute right thing! This is exactly the kind of set down that boy needed! He will remember it his whole life! Yeah right he considered himself to be a ‘Tees Maar Khan’ , all high and mighty! I don’t know what he thought he was! I’m going to kill him! He demeans me all over the place! He’s making false accusations about me! Stop talking nonsense! Dont you dare do anything untoward! Whatever Hashir said is right! Are you still bent upon disgracing us further, is there something left for you to do even after all the humiliation you’ve already caused us??? Get out of here! Get out! They’ve been gone a long time… why arent they back as yet? What if there was a problem… maybe an argument or something… Oh God, I’m feeling such anxiety I’m feeling quite sorry son… Shama should not have done this

And Bisma, she didn’t budge… it was as if she only refused out of stubbornness with regards to Mashal She totally forgot that she was in love with you You’re right dad It felt as if the two of them wanted to turn Mashal into a sacrificial scapegoat I am, however, very satisfied with my decision How could I have sacrificed Mashal for the sake of my happiness? And then how could I have even lived happily after deliberately being a party to such cruel injustice I’m grateful to God that he didn’t place me in an actual trying situation You did well son… you made a good decision It is however on the other hand, something about which I’m also feeling rather sad I don’t understand? Life without love… it’s a huge decision son… a huge decision But you also spent your life without the one you loved and it hasn’t affected you has it? No son it hasn’t and I thank the Lord for it My conscience is also clear and unburdened May God give you patience and courage son Sometimes there is a turning point in ones life where one has to put ones love and wishes aside to make a decision… and that moment in time is a very difficult and painful time son I pray with all my heart that God eases your path and that He keeps you happy Always be happy son… always be happy Please go get some rest dad, its quite late It’s very easy for you to degrade my family? I would like to end all the relations with you, I don’t want to marry you Today the secrets of your love has been seen. All the promises you made for love were false You have insulted me a lot My dear, you saw what he’s like with your own eyes and even then you’re crying for him? I cannot believe it Ma… I just can’t believe it I’m feeling… I’m feeling… as if… as if someones pulled out my soul from inside of me

I don’t get it… did my love for him lack something or was his love a very lie from the beginning My darling, you need to realize one thing, he loves Mashal far more than he does you How can I believe that??? How??? I’ve loved him from my childhood to my adulthood, Ma! I’ve never thought of anyone other than him! What all have I not done for him, Ma! What all have I not done for him! Did you notice how he looked me straight in the eyes and stood… stood up for Mashal, mummy! I don’t deserve this! Hush now, stop it Stop all this crying Its good what happened… because now the blindfold on your eyes has been lifted You witnessed everything yourself Stop crying Whatever happens, happens for the best And that Hashir… I’ve always disliked him! Yes my dear, you’re better off with Faraz because he will give you every luxury Mummy… Mummy, no… mummy, no I want to be alone now… so please leave I’ll speak to you later Please Please leave Should I tell mummy about all that brother Hashir did here She doesn’t know that the snake she’s been looking after, he’ll only bite her one day If brother Hashir can leave, trampling sister Bisma in his wake for the sake of her love… then he can also stand up to mummy for her sake But why should I call her? When did she ever stand by me! And then brother Hashir, look at the way he threw me out of the house I’m glad at what happened to him because Bisma threw him out the same way he did me, empty-handed… an eye for an eye! You seem rather sorrowful today The chance for any reconciliation between the two families ended today Because of whom? It was because of Mashal, right? She’s the troublemaker! She will never allow the two families to be one God alone knows what she’s planned First she spoilt my rukhsati ! And now she’s the reason behind brother Hashir and sister Bisma’s love ending Mummy and aunty Fasiha never got on with each other even before Mashal’s advent so stop blaming her unnecessarily Oh I see… so you’re also now achingly in love with Mashal are you? Stop talking nonsense all the time! God alone knows what problem you have with her! Someone or the other is always after the poor girl! Its because you men don’t see anything beyond her No! Its because we men have finally understood you women and your wily connivance and cunning! That poor girl is helpless victim and harmless! Yes of course she’s a helpless victim and harmless and we’re the cruel and dangerous ones!

Listen, where did you go off to today after coming back from the shop? Just went out Went out? But you two hardly ever go out together And what did you go to buy and from what market? What’s wrong? You look upset Arent you going to tell me? There’s no point of doing so What do you mean? I mean nothing Okay so listen, I need to discuss something important with you Do it in the morning No… I need to give her an answer tomorrow morning What is your problem! What do you want to speak to me about?! Suraiya’s brought a proposal for Mashal They’re from Hyderabad and they’re very nice people The boy lives in London and they’re Suraiya’s relatives If you’re agreeable then I’ll invite them over? As I just said, I’m not feeling too well right now I’ll speak to you about this tomorrow But I have to give them an answer tomorrow! Lets just talk now. Tell me It wont be the end of the world by tomorrow! You women always want an immediate solution! As I’ve just said, we’ll see about this tomorrow! Oh hey! What’s with you??? Seems as if you’ve had a fight with someone! Don’t speak to me Fine, don’t talk! But look, I will now do what I think to be right so don’t complain about it to me later! God knows what’s wrong with him I’m always straight forward but even then he never replies to me! I get the feeling that something’s gone wrong Had uncle Obaid and aunty Shama accepted the proposal then brother Hashir would never have come back looking sad He was so very happy when leaving Oh Lord, I pray that everything’s alright As it is sister Arisha’s coming to the house ended because of me I’ll never forgive myself if this proposal is refused because of me But how am I to blame in all of this? How is it that even when I’m innocent I end up as the culprit I know that Hashir isn’t sleeping… but I also cannot ask him anything Oh Allah, only You can help me now Please fix everything my Lord Oye, this is too spicy yaar… uff But it is delicious boss Look at him Oye hey, lover boy, come on You should eat some good food as well sometimes This! This is protein! Eat this No yaar, you carry on eating I don’t feel like it Why is that? The grief inside me just isn’t lessening! Oh hey, ‘The grief inside me just isn’t lessening!’ Oh hello! You’ve only been refused a proposal! Are all other girls dead or what?! When you have wealth in your hands – money, thousands of girls will be find themselves forced to fall in love with you! Now come on, come eat Oh hey! She wasn’t my ‘Love,’ she was someone I was determined to get out of sheer stubbornness! And when one doesn’t get what one wants, ones heart, pride and everything else becomes meaningless! Explain it to him, what does he know! Forget the philosophy! If one has life, one has everything! Come here, lets enjoy life and eat food! Come on! Come on! Bro here is absolutely right Come on, come eat How difficult it is to spend a life without someone Dad is right One needs a lot of courage

I wish I didn’t have fall in love How will you live without me Bisma? What sort of life will you spend without me? This decision is mine and today in front of everyone, I break all relations with you. I don’t want to marry you Do whatever you want I wish that You just call me once and say that all this happened by mistake Return I have realized about my mistake I promise that I will return If I have raised my hopes in this war for love Then the love always loses You opted for stubborness Leave it I will come back to you I wish you could understand my love