Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 20

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Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 20

I got my life back because of you Well Atleast you remembered that still Now that you’re back in your life Then why not We start this journey together Should we get married next week Look I think that all this Is happening very fast Why Don’t you want to marry me What but Why are you thinking about this decision so much Why are you stuck Till when will you be grieving in your room like this There’s no point in crying about the past You have your whole life ahead of you My past was all a bad dream I want to forget it Then get up, get ready Go out somewhere Meet your friends Infact do one thing Call Areej You like being with her right Actually Amma I want to talk to you about something About Junaid Did you talk to Junaid What was he saying He wants to meet me Then what did you say I want to take permission off you first Yes you have my permission i myself want you to Go out Be happy, meet your friends You’ll be distracted Zoya I don’t understand How do I ask forgiveness for my mistakes and unjustice I wanted to save you from the mistakes that I made But I didn’t realise that I’ll become a culprit myself by giving you a punishment Please forgive me Why are you saying such things I have no complaints with you Don’t make me a culprit by asking me for forgiveness Whatever happened with me Was written in my fate Yes Where’s the doubt in that Allah makes us humans fates up in the sky But when we Sit on the earth and try to change it Then we become the ones to blame for But I’m your culprit Please forgive me Why are you saying such things I have no complaints from you I want to settle down a bit first You sure there’s nothing else besides that Yeah i’m sure it’s nothing else You were a famous singer

Are And will be forever Yes Sana But You know The rest of the people know too that I had left work A lot also say that All this happened because of your support And that’s the truth Look Junaid I don’t care about what people say That whatever is mine is all yours And now I myself want to become yours Because besides you I have no one Baba you trapped me badly But now You are trapped No What’s this Look at this I saw My daughter looks so pretty Are you two going somewhere No not me Zoya is going It’s good that you came out of the house Otherwise I thought you’d be there forever Baba i’m going to meet Junaid If you give permission then Yes I trust you You trust yourself Zoya I’ll drop you I’ll come back then we’ll play Okay Let’s go Come Zoya We were waiting for you How are you Areej How are you Very good Come sit How are you Zoya I’m good How are you I’m good too Just friend By the way zoya I’m very happy that you’re with us Now you’ve got a new chance To start your life again I came here to thank him I shouldn’t have come here alone actually I should’ve bought his friends aswell See Junaid What do they say It must be so fun for you guys here You, Fussy, Zoya, Areej Your company must be great That’s it We had a good friendship Nobody make me bored please Will you tell me when your concert is There’s one concert coming very soon We’ll come I’ll I’ll send two passes You two can both come You look so pretty in this photo with Junaid Look at this What’s the matter Zoya You’ve been very quiet since you met Junaid No it’s nothing like that You’re thinking that for nothing Okay Fine It seems like that to me Now if you don’t want to tell me then that’s different I told you it’s nothing like what you’re thinking I I feel very guilty I feel like Junaid has faced a lot of hardships because of me You know You’re very close to Junaids heart He loves you a lot And all the problems and hardships you had He had way more than that He was very worried for you I know He will always also stay in my heart But now there’s someone else in his life Sana’s very nice She met me with such decency She’s a nice girl Look This could also be a one way love

Maybe only Sana loves Junaid And it can also be that Junaid loves her too I can’t say anything about that But if you say then I can find out from Junaid No no Don’t ask him anything I don’t want to repeat all the old things I won’t let myself become a scene anymore You and Junaid are mature now You can make your decisions yourself now No I don’t want junaid to go through anything else because of me He’s happy in his life Let him be happy It’s Junaids call Zoya can we I want to meet you So can we meet Yes I’ll come I’ll wait See What did I say That he’ll say what’s in his heart again Areej it’s nothing like that And please don’t say anything like this infront of him Okay fine I won’t So when are you going I’ll go only with you, I’m not going alone Why Why should I go I’m not coming Why not, you’ve been with me all the time Where Actually I Was passing by I thought I’d have a look at Zoya Some Weird Thoughts And dreams were coming But She’s sleeping Thank god Our Zoya is a very Brave child She has a lot of patience Inshallah she’ll get better Allah will do good Come let’s go upstairs Listen Can you Forgive me I’m your culprit I have betrayed you I’m your culprit please forgive me I forgave you 20 years ago about the betrayal that you did with me But The unjustice that had been done with Zoya I won’t ever forgive you I had to sit in this depressing state Why have you made yourself depressed I mean what’s wrong Nothing Nothing has happened to me Maybe that’s my biggest problem Look Our wedding card has come Look at it And one second We are getting married And your friends are no where to be seen I mean are you going to call them or not What has happened Why have you got this face on This sadness That’s why I didn’t shave But I’ll shave the wedding day don’t worry

I know how to cheer you up How Call Zoya You’ll feel good if you meet your friends You mood will be fixed too And anyways we have to gove her the invitation Why I’ll call her You tell me How’s your happiness going My happiness is going good except yours You’re the only thing depressed in my life I’m not depressed I’l make tea, will you drink it Yes Sing me a song okay You did very good Areej That you came with her too Otherwise we would’ve had to come to your house My house Yes We have to give you the wedding card We are getting married right You guys definately have to come Because You two are the only ones who will come from his side You’ll come right Yes We will definately come You’ve called us so we’ll definately have to come now Okay then come quick Before all the other guests come Yes We have to give you the wedding card We’re getting married You guys definately have to come Because You two are the only ones who will come from his side You’ll come right What’s happened now I don’t know I don’t understand anything I’m very happy You’ll be set in your life after marriage Sana is a very nice girl You know You’ll have a very successful life Do you know what In all this I see Sana and her happiness But where am I myself I can’t feel it Open up and tell me Whats the problem You get annoyed when I take Zoyas name infront of you But the truth of my life is That my heart only gets peace from Zoyas name So Where did Zoya come in between all of this again Whatever she did with you My anger is still very little for that Zoya isn’t in the middle But she’s everywhere And that’s the truth That my heart only gets peace with Zoyas name Look I don’t know what feelings you keep for zoya I just know that before you just wanted to help her Now everything is fine right She’s at her house She’s safe You shouldn’t think about her either I’m telling you My existence feels useless without Zoya I like her silence too We met yesterday She wasn’t able to even say a word But I I could feel her words Brother my lover Get out of this love I won’t let you be unfaithful to Sana I don’t want to hurt Sana either I know she supported me when I had broken down and shattered Then remember her favours And think about marrying only her Look junaid Who can understand unfaithfullness better than you Look She’s a very nice girl Don’t be unfaithful to her Okay listen All the arrangements have been done for the wedding You don’t have to worry about it at all OKay And make your mood better And take off this sad costume and go get ready Quickly get up Get up man Even if you marry another girl

I’ll definately come to your wedding I want to see what you’ll look like as a groom Don’t you have any shame You’re so selfish You just care about yourself You don’t care about me You know how much that hurts me when you say that Okay I promise When I get married It’ll only be with you I won’t ever marry another girl Really Are you going somewhere Yes actually All the friends have Held a party because junaid has returned I’m going there Yes Go for sure I’ll tell Moez He’ll get you on the way back Listen You had to say something to Zoya about Junaid right Zoya I’m your baba and your friend too I want you to make your lifes decisions yourself now If Junaid Proposes to you Then only listen to what your heart says And do what your heart says Okay Go Okay He looks so nice right His friends are supposed to come to I don’t know when they’ll come How are you Zoya I’m good, how are you I’m very good Mumma this is Areej and this is Zoya Junaids bestfriend You quickly go get ready too Zoya you will get me ready today My wedding dress is upstairs And you know very well what Junaid likes What are you thinking Get ready Quickly go get dressed Get up Whenever I ask Junaid How he wants me to see me In what coloured clothes He doesn’t take any interest Infact Whenever you ask him He always says you like nice and fine Sometimes I feel like that He doesn’t even praise me from the heart However he praises Zoya a lot Zoya you’re not only his bestfriend You’re his ideal Today Make me exactly like yourself I want to look exactly like you This This is my wedding dress It’s very nice Is there a lehnga with it Can you wear this and show me How can I wear this This is your wedding dress You said You’ll help me get ready No I can’t wear that Why can’t you wear it If you wear it and it looks nice on you That’s when I’ll wear it There’s matching jewellry and makeup to this inside aswell

Get ready nicely and tell me how I’m going to look Hurry up All the guests are here and it’s time for the nikkah Take it, I don’t want to wear this You’re fat yourself And you’re taking out your anger on this I can’t do it What won’t happen Have you gone crazy I have a burden on my heart I can’t marry her with this burden So So go and get rid of this burden And then marry her That’s what I’m going to do I’ll tell her everything Whatever is in my brain, everything Sana I want to talk to you about something Don’t turn I don’t have the guts to tell you this eye to eye Sana I like you (No idea what he said) I had become completely alone You gave me support That you did so much But you’re just a friend Still today I love Zoya My first love I could’nt forget it Sana I want you to say no to this wedding I waited a lot For you to open up and say all this to me Thank god By mistake You Said the truth What kind of friend are you How can you think that I won’t understand what’s in your heart Every unsaid word of yours I know it all I tried to find myself in your eyes But I just found Zoya You I knew a very long time ago That you’ll only marry Zoya Enough Finish it all I was always your friend Am And will always be Bring her and come downstairs Today is your nikkah Everyone is waiting Will you marry me

What prayer are you praying right now I was doing 2 nafils I think that Today Zoya needs my duas You come Mothers duas get fulfilled faster You make her dua for her too What face will I make dua for her I have always snatched everything from her I don’t understand how I will face god Khalid god Is very giving He gives mercy For forgiveness One tear is even enough Yes but nothing is upto me now Nothing at all Otherwise I Would get all the happiness around the world for Zoya This helpless fire Is forgiven by one tear If you pray and ask for forgiveness Make dua for her Say something man Say yes Don’t you want to marry me Will you marry me PLease say yes once I’ve been waiting for so long I understand now You can’t do anything without asking your parents Then how will she say yes for marriage You call home And ask them That a musician is asking for their daughters hand They don’t have objections do they Baba Junaid has proposed to me He wants to marry me My heart wants that I Spend my life with Junaid If you give permission then Yes You can marry Junaid I accept this Proposal with happiness They said no Tell the truth please Forgive me my lord Forgive me my lord

Accept my forgiveness Forgive my mistake Keep my daughter happy Forgive my mistakes Keep my daughter happy Forgive me Forgive me (Im sick of her saying the same thing)