Patiala Babes – Ep 289 – Full Episode – 3rd January, 2020

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Patiala Babes – Ep 289 – Full Episode – 3rd January, 2020

Give these sacks to Ms. Geetha and Senti and make sure you buy the vegetables from the same farmer’s market because the vegetables are both fresh and even crispy there Okay? Sir, these vegetables are economical as well Exactly I had told you so many times You should’ve gone home then but you never listen You’re read grandpa’s mail, right? You should go home now Well, I’m fine now I don’t feel so good about leaving the restaurant Why? What might go wrong if you go home? Nothing will change in a day You should go home and rest or your fever will go worse Mini, the restaurant was still running when you were not here So, that doesn’t matter, right? Well, Neil is always here He will take care of the restaurant You should go home now What happened? What is her problem? Actually Actually, Mini is having a fever I’ve given her the medicine but it doesn’t seem to working I think she has a viral fever just like everyone else in Patiala And do understand that if you don’t rest you’ll grow more weak Go home Fine, I’m leaving Stop frustrating me Do you think it’s safe to ride when you have such a high fever? That’s not a problem I’ll manage It’s not a big deal Be careful – Hold on Here, take this No You come with me and let me drop you Yes I don’t need a ride I’ll go on my own Of course, you need a ride, ma’am. You’re not well Yes, Mini He is right Even I think you shouldn’t ride in such condition Moreover, if you go with him even I’ll not be worried if you’ve reached safely Let him drop you I would’ve dropped you if I had not tuitions I can manage – Stop giving excuses Let’s not mix disagreement with health and your health is very important I don’t want to go with him Stop complaining and just go with him Have you sat down? Now, hold me You can get angry later If you fall down then, I’ll be held responsible for it So, hold me Please! Don’t you dare intimidate me I’ll take an auto rickshaw – No Here, wear this helmet I just can’t take it anymore Can you be a little more quick You’re not doing me a favour Neil, be careful Mini, give me a call when you reach home Rani, even the TV is not working today I wonder what would’ve happened in my favourite show I know what would’ve happened today Do you really know? What has happened? Do you know Sundari had intentionally mixed poison in the offertory And the watchman had seen her doing that He had even told Neha about it Sundari and Neha will face each other now Fireworks They’ll take a step towards each other Fireworks Sundari will take a step back There was a thunder after that There was wind after that Tell me what happened next? What happens next? That’s the end of the show What? – Really? You should watch the show tomorrow to know about it That’s how they tell you, right? You know what? Sundari will definitely escape tomorrow as well Sundari is very smart I don’t like her. I think she should be imprisoned ‘Veer Balika is just like Sundari in that show.’

‘She is a very bad person.’ ‘I hate her.’ So, Arya Do you think Veer Balika is just like Sundari? Just because she rebuked you What else do you think? If it was your mom in her place what would she do? What would she do if you had dropped the food? What about your dad? Don’t you think he would’ve punished you? Think about it, Arya If you had made a mistake how would your dad punish you? Dad held me against the wall while pinching my ear What about your mom? She would’ve slapped me Then? – But she’s not my mother or father She’s still filling in for both, isn’t she? Arya, it’s not like she didn’t get punished Babita used to scold her when she made mistakes She used to slap Mini I’ve seen it Hanuman would scold her when he got mad at her He used to punish her too Even though he wasn’t her dad? Yes, despite that And Mini wouldn’t get offended by that No matter what her parents said Do you know why? – Why? It’s because she truly loved Babita and Hanuman When you truly love someone, you don’t get offended by them Do you understand? Think about it I’ll leave for now I have to read the sacred book Rani, close the door Mrs. Sandhu, where are you going? Not today, Kammo I’ve got a lot to do today I’m in a hurry Listen to me I called you treat you with sugarcane It’s all right if you don’t want it, though I can enjoy it by myself Anyway, you can’t easily get sugarcanes grown locally That’s right Kammo, isn’t that my tenant, Neil? Mrs. Sandhu, who else could it be? We have only tall, broad and handsome man in our locality You can spot him from a distance Kammo, who’s that girl? Oh, my God! That’s Hanuman’s elder daughter, Mini So she’s chasing after him! I mean, what she doing, sitting behind him? What’s going on between them? Careful – Don’t worry Thanks for dropping me off Don’t thank me Do you want me to take you a bit closer to your house? No, that’s not needed I’m weak because of fever and blacking out It’ll be fine Okay, be careful Thank you Give me the helmet Just a second I’m fine Give me the helmet I’ll manage on my own Yes, I can see that you’ll manage. I know Careful Careful What happened to you, Mini? Why’s she unconscious? She’s sick She’s caught a fever It might even be viral fever What happened to Mini? It’s nothing, everything is fine Where do I lay her down? Her room’s upstairs I’ll tell you what? Lay her down here Okay – Just a second I’ll go upstairs on my own – But I’ll go by myself I’ll take care of myself Mini, just lay down here You’re too stubborn!

I said, I’ll go by myself Big deal Hey Show me the room! Use wet towels and don’t let her temperature rise I will call a doctor Okay? – All right Don’t worry, dear, your sister will be all right soon It’s just a fever. Nothing much So don’t worry. Okay? What happened? Why are you hiding your face? Lower your hands. Do it Tell me. Let me know what’s making you blush You lifted her up That’s why Your sister was dizzy So I lifted her up What’s the big deal? Young lady What’s going on in your young mind? Tell me Hey, what happened to you? Why are you smiling? Hello, Dr. Ahuja? – He is coming Come, Ms. Sidhu, let’s go and ask him Come – No He will talk about electricity when he sees us And I have decided I won’t fix the light till he pays the rent Go, I am not talking to him Leave it, Ms. Sidhu Come with me – Just go Full address That would be Ms. Kammo Oh, sorry.. Ms. Kammo, can you tell the address of this house to Dr. Ahuja? – Sure, why not? Hello Yes, Doctor Please write down Plot number 30/3, Jarnail Singh mansion. Old city What is it? Thank you – What happened? Why do you need a doctor? Is everything all right? – Mini, the elder one She is not feeling well Is she sick? She was all right in the morning What happened to her? Actually, she has fever and weakness That’s why I came to drop her off You came to drop her off? As if it is your duty Are you a chef or a driver? Was there no one in the restaurant who could have dropped her off? Where was Ms. Naeem? Ms. Kammo, she had gone somewhere for work I was there. So I came It’s not a big deal Besides, she was feeling dizzy – Dizzy? Don’t take it wrong, Neil This is all just part of her tricks I know her and her mother well enough Why are you saying this? And what are you saying? What am I saying and why am I saying it? What else should I say? Entire Patiala knows how Babita lured Hanuman Singh in by her looks After all, the daughter learns from her mother You are just an innocent and kind man These fever and dizziness are their old tricks I know very well – Ms. Kammo Please.. Don’t say all these things to me She was refusing In fact, I insisted on seeing her condition Listen, I told you what I had to tell you But still I will tell you Patiala is a small town It doesn’t take much time to get defamed here Why are you looking at me like this? What did I say so wrong that you are giving me this look? I am not staring I am thinking Even if the world changes you women will never stop gossiping Who was on the pillion rider on his bike? Who met whom? Whom did he shake hand with? You want to know everything, don’t you? Carry on But Neil gets to decide who is with him or not Do you understand? All right, no problem Do as you wish to. I don’t care

You will understand when you are with the wrong girl I will give her an injection The fever will subside I-Injection! No, just a second Why do you want to give me an injection? Give me pills I am ready to swallow any pill no matter how bitter it is Injection is not required Am I right? Yes, right I will prescribe pills too But first, I need to give you an injection It’s very important that your body temperature decreases Fever down! My body temperature is normal now Even you put cloth soaked in water on my forehead Tell him the same Arya, I put cloth soaked in water on my forehead, right? Yes See this Yes, I put this cloth on my forehead like this And my body temperature decreased It’s not required Injection is not required Yes, injection is not required Mini, are you scared? I-I am not scared I don’t get scared I am not scared of injection I am asking him the logic Logic What’s his logic behind giving me any injection? Why is he – The logic is that you are suffering from viral fever And it’s necessary for you to take an injection What are you saying, Grandpa? Can’t someone have a viral fever? And he will be given an injection if he is suffering from viral fever? Just like that? No, I won’t allow Doctor, who has given you the right to give me an injection? I-I won’t allow this – Hold her tight No Dear Don’t move Doctor, I am warning you – Give me your hand Don’t come near me No, just a second Please! No! No, just a second This is not fair Don’t come near me Don’t touch me Don’t touch me Please Don’t give me injection – B-Brave girl! Hold her tight Otherwise, she will get injured No! Just a second I asked you not to come near me Hold her tight Hold her tight I will thrash you black and blue You will regret a lot I will thrash you I said don’t How dare you give me an injection? Leave him You will regret a lot No Don’t come near me No Just a second.. No I said, let me go No Don’t come near me Let me go Please tell grandma allow me to leave I don’t want to get injected No! May you get injected thousand times in your stomach May you turn bald May your child be born bald Stop it! I never get thrashed so badly while giving my patient an injection Both your granddaughters have thrashed me badly She has been scared of injection since her childhood Doctor, will you prescribe few medicines? I will prescribe few medicines Come with me. – Okay It’s okay, Arya It happens Sometimes, even I am scared of injections Why are you crying? Did you get scared? Do you know why, Mini? Arya can’t see you in pain She loves you very much Am I right, Arya? You were angry at me But I am not upset with you I love you I love you too You won’t drop food on the floor again, right? And don’t say again that you don’t care for me And you want me to stay hungry Never Shall I tell you something? Even I haven’t had anything since the morning I couldn’t eat Because you truly love me Was that the reason? Yes What about Neil?

What do you mean? – Even he cares for you He took you in his arms, right? What kind of love is that? Neil brought me here? Yes, in his arms Everyone witness that including Ms. Rani and me Like this He brought you here like this the way a hero takes his heroine in his arms in movies Tell me What kind of love is that?