Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.89 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.07.24]

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Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.89 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.07.24]

Episode 89 Hey, you two! Don’t just sit there, get to work! What if a customer walks in right now? Watch it! Hi, Aunt Chorim Oh, my goodness, Ruby. Sit Sit, sit, sit Hey, are you okay? I saw on the news that you stepped down Why didn’t you go to the press conference? Where were you? I wanted to collect myself You must be so upset The election was right around the corner Have you heard? Runa’s moving overseas Yes, I heard What’s up with her all of a sudden? She should think more carefully What about her job? People would gossip behind her back She’d have to quit anyways, so why stress by sticking around? She needs time to prepare for the move You’re so indifferent This doesn’t affect you at all? Even after you gave up the election? What can I do other than wait? The same people always run I can always run again I will become an assemblywoman Be quiet Mom She says she’s leaving She said she’d give up everything for you And yet you’re… You’re Why are you taking it out on Ruby? She has enough on her mind No, Aunt Chorim. I understand Mom’s precious daughter is leaving I bet her heart’s in pieces I’m sure she feels completely empty Right, Aunt Chorim? Don’t say that Let’s be honest here You were always your mom’s favorite Runa was always a thorn in her side Not a thorn in her side, her own bloodline, more precious than her own life Give this to Runa when she gets in She’ll need it to go abroad Take it back. She doesn’t need it Why are you being so harsh? You know Runa could use the money I’ll get going then Okay I told you take it back, missy! What’s gotten into you, Gilja? Whatever happens from now on, it’s not your concern, so you stay out of it Stop causing trouble and just be a good wife and daughter-in-law! If you have any conscience at all, get your act together already! Don’t ever bring us money again Take it and go Ruby Ruby! Ruby! Man I’ve never seen Mrs. Yu so angry But Runa’s the one leaving, why’s she mad at Ruby? Because ultimately, the video scandal is what’s forcing Runa to leave But that’s weird Runa’s leaving because of her own mistakes So why’s she taking it out on Ruby?

It’s really weird when you think about it Is there something we don’t know about? You think I don’t have a conscience? Is it that painful to see Ruby go? You can’t live without her? Do you have try so hard to make me miserable? President Bae, are you alright? You look pale I’m fine Please bring a glass of water I just remembered something What is it? I don’t know if this will make a difference if I tell you this, but something strange happened A few months ago, your daughter-in-law’s sister came to see me Do you mean Jeong Runa? Yes. She brought a fetal ultrasound photo and asked me if she had been pregnant Pregnant? When the sisters were brought to the hospital, it was your daughter-in-law who got emergency treatment for the miscarriage But Ms. Jeong Runa wasn’t married or pregnant But she said she had other medical records stating that she had been pregnant before and so she asked me to check again I had to send her back, but now that I think about it, it was quite odd What in the What in the world is going on? Letter of Resignation What happened? Is everything you said at the press conference true? I still can’t believe it What’s the truth? I’m sorry All I can tell you is that I’m sorry And farewell Take Jeong Runa, the woman you believe to be Jeong Ruby, and live happily ever after I heard Insu tendered his resignation He’s leaving far away from everything Far away from you Are you going with him? Yes Where are you going? When are you coming back? Do I have to come back? Thank you for everything, Vice President Bae Grandma, eat up and enjoy I will. Since it’s Bae Sera’s treat, I’ll eat all I can Auto, enjoy Yes, ma’am. It’s nice to have a meal

prepared by someone else Changgeun won’t be able to make it, right? Yes. He said he’d be too late It would’ve been so nice if the entire family could’ve eaten together Why did something have to come up? What about Gyeongmin? Welcome, my precious grandson Come sit What’s the occasion? Sera said she wanted to buy us dinner That’s what I said, but since Gyeongmin makes more money, I’ll let him treat us No, you won’t! Gyeongmin has his own family to take care of He has to save money What about me, grandma? I have to save up to get married If you sell all your shoes and purses, you’ll have more than enough Ruby’s not answering her phone She had to drop out of the election I’m sure she’s upset Be quiet You always ruin everything For better or for worse, she’s family Gyeongmin, why don’t you call her? And see if Changgeun’s home Yes, mother Gyeongsuk What time are you getting in? I just got home You said you’d be late. What about dinner? Should you bring you some sushi? I’m fine, so you and mom can take your time I left your mail in the study Okay I’m home, father We need to talk You saw the news, right? I withdrew my candidacy like you wanted me to Like I wanted you to? I think it was because of the video How long are you going to keep doubting me? I told you it was fabricated many times How many times have I told you that excessive greed brings misfortune? I know the video wasn’t fabricated And I also know that this wasn’t your first miscarriage either What are you talking about? I saw your records at Chuncheon Hospital You were definitely pregnant but you lost the baby in the accident But why doesn’t Gyeongmin know about that? Why doesn’t he know? Was the baby even Gyeongmin’s? I don’t know what you heard, but you’re mistaken I didn’t suffer a miscarriage It was my sister Runa If Runa had suffered a miscarriage, why was your name on the medical record? It was probably a mixup You know how it is Hospitals make mistakes like that pretty often Gyeongmin’s the only man I’ve ever been with How can you make such a dark accusation? How can you insult me like this? Do you expect me to believe you? Trust the person who tricked my family on numerous occasions? Yes, that’s how it was You trusted me, and I disappointed you But I swear to you that this time, I’m being honest I swear on my father’s grave That never happened I’ve only ever loved Gyeongmin I was going to give up my life for him How can you say something so cruel? How? Pick up, Na Insu

The recipient is unavailable Analysis of the Jeong Ruby Video Phone Records The line is busy. Connecting to voicemail Once connected, charges will apply Who could it be? Who? The man in the video? Are you sure? My father-in-law didn’t call you? What are you talking about? Why would he call me? I think my father-in-law is digging up dirt on us He even went to Chuncheon hospital The stupid video you made is about to ruin both of us Chuncheon Hospital? What for? Don’t you get it? He found out about the miscarriage I had when I was carrying your baby, you idiot Listen to me, Na Insu If my father-in-law asks you about the pregnancy and the miscarriage, tell him it was Ruby, not me Na Insu? The producer? And Ruby What’s going on? Tell him we have no relations If you slip up, it’ll be the end for the both of us If he finds out that I took on Ruby’s face, it’ll be over for you too So tell him it was Jeong Ruby who was pregnant with your baby Hello? Mr. Na Insu? Speaking. May I ask who’s calling? Did I hear that correctly? You were pregnant with Na Insu’s baby? No, no And what about your face? You stole Ruby’s face? But how You switched faces after the accident? What faces? Who did you trade faces with? None of it’s true You must have misheard Who are you? If the person standing before me

isn’t Jeong Ruby, then who are you? Father Yes, that’s right You weren’t her I knew something was off Father, what are you saying? I’m Jeong Ruby Your daughter-in-law, Jeong Ruby Your son, Bae Gyeongmin’s wife No. You’re not Jeong Ruby You were never my daughter-in-law Why did it have to happen? I do feel sorry for her, but I just don’t think they were meant to be She’s not that lovely Despite all the money that went into her, she doesn’t look as good as she used to There’s something very different about her If I’m not Jeong Ruby, who do you think I am? How could you do something so preposterous? Stop it. I’m Jeong Ruby Jeong Ruby. I’m Jeong Ruby How dare you? You wretch How dare you do such a terrible thing? How dare you deceive Gyeongmin? How? Yes. I deceived him! Why? Why? Why? Because I wanted him No. Never How…? How…? Father! Father, where’s your medication? Father! Father! 911? Goodness me Ruby, you were home? What were you doing there? You see I was looking for father’s medication Medication? Honey, when did you get home? You weren’t answering your phone You see I just called 911 Father collapsed What? I found father unconscious on the second floor when I got home What? What are you talking about? Changgeun collapsed? Ma’am, you should go to your room and Just stay put! Changgeun! Changgeun! What’s going on? Oh no Dad! Dad! Changgeun Grandma Ma’am Father Stay focused, Jeong Runa You need to be alert That’s the only way you’ll survive You’ve been cooped up here all day

Come down to eat Yes, grandma. I was on my way You have to let him go You’re still here. So eat Come on out. Grandma’s worried Yes, mom Your father sure was handsome Yes, grandma When he was a baby, everyone adored him Look at the forehead and nose There wasn’t anyone so charming Right, Gyeongsuk? Yes, mother Good heavens The heavens decide when to take us, but this man was taken much too soon Why the rush? Why so soon? Why’d you have to go before me? Who am I to rely on? Who can I lean on, Changgeun? Mother How cruel could you be? What about your mother? How am I to live? How am I to carry on? Why’d you have to go so soon? Please, grandma You need to look out for your health – Mother. Mother. / – No Gyeongsuk. Gyeongsuk What are we going to do? How are we supposed to live? How are we to carry on? Mom. Grandma. Don’t be like this Now you’re making me cry Ma’am, please don’t do this We can’t lose you too What am I going to? It’s not your fault It was an accident. It was just an accident It’s not your fault. It’s not It was definitely not your fault What is life? It just seems so pointless I know. We can’t even live a 100 years I don’t know why we fight and bicker so much But he seemed so healthy Why’d he die all of a sudden? They said it was a heart attack Yeah I know With heart attacks, you know, in dramas and in movies, when people get surprised or get bad news, they clutch their chests and die Ruby was right there when it happened It’s too terrible to think about I can’t imagine how scared Ruby must’ve been Stop blabbering and just take good care of Dongpal Heart attack? In front of Runa? Was Chairman Bae onto something? No way I’m their mother, but I only figured it out recently How could he have known? Runa? It’s me Did your father-in-law What? No. I said no

What are you talking about? Why don’t you believe me? Do you not trust me? Don’t ever say that again Those were good times Do you remember? Of course I remember Mother, are you sleeping? No. Come on in Gyeongsuk What’s the pillow for? I’m sorry, mother, but I can’t fall asleep May I sleep here with you? With this smelly old woman? Come in Should I bring my pillow too? The three of us could – Auto. / – Yes? Leave Yes, ma’am. Good night Good night, Gyeongsuk Come. Come lie down Who would’ve thought that I’d share a blanket with my daughter-in-law? It’s nice I feel the same way You know that you’re all I have left, right? What are you talking about? You have Gyeongmin and Sera They have their own lives to lead Gyeongmin takes after his father You know he’ll be good to you just as his father was good to me, right? Of course I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I was always grateful to Gyeongmin and Sera They always treated me like their real mom But you stuck around and raised them The parent who sticks around is worth more than the one who birthed them Thank you, Gyeongsuk. Thank you You don’t need to say that, mother What if it was my fault? What if Gyeongmin’s father died after seeing the video I posted? Ms. Jeong, did you really post that video? I’m going to ask you again Did you really post that video? No. It couldn’t have been the video That happened too long ago Then what else could it be? What could’ve traumatized him like that? It seemed like he knew the video was real What did he find out exactly? What was the shocking truth that gave Gyeongmin’s father a heart attack? Was it…? No way See you next time