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Andrew Yang, YIMBY [Housing Politics!] – Daily Live Streams

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acts what exactly is happening in this century and that’s a really help if this had eye of do all my work if sought the date that you know I do, because you to channel this is the streaming channel version sell if I2 separate my streaming channel from a regular channels that are enough to interested and may come a lot of them may be Los related to the AGA and mostly about housing sell here it is sale as odd as it is a publicized my work in this idea for this to make everything lives and so dry that have put out 71 video of a top with the judges can’t be in the arts in the arts them as 1000 cells over Christmas and nine of those are big milestone for me seven sack is live EL Max and can you turn Fazio has a song and I don’t know how to do that second story seems that, all other requests to have some random person on the Internet NDA is a joke gangs pretty funny a funny guy a alleged ’cause im a scale of not in that you don’t have enough, on a toxic and away second if Wiesel angry men homicide rate politics, one of a there’s a lot to be angry about the Netscape more specific ideas staff about the homeless the same no is this guy a is nine in a lot of that that the DBMS Service cart race money did make a little homes for homeless people and their break and y Los Angeles then they went five came in and they took it away and in knocking down as the neighbors are complaining that it was , a digital to be pulling at fifth you know were the only campaign that has now his days on that is still on a growth control growth trajectory everyone has trouble they went up and down the pin down as is healthcare’s companies to pay the terrain for a literally every one while any show me on to show any evidence of that in Italian over exaggerating in a nine , did the difference between burning said, NBA is that Health Care plan is that gangs healthcare plan could pass in Congress pro they’ll be he has IE his plan is very bipartisan seven and is very very nuts and bolts mail and actually improves a system in a a pragmatic awake has arrived as a reason why people on center , moderate result in a knotted at the far right crazies but the dean of the moderate republicans will be behind it mailed it to , Bernice plan is dead on arrival in bernie’s record legislative reprise reliever Dan actually if it’s a mess of an upper nonfat if 30 sevens and not put the comment made by the way some insight into

move to one on to enter its best to make its point across without an ad in a one J speed from your own point of the politics and all of force people don’t force people to play, it’s the best it’s really it’s a big turnout, sang at another one alleged as I live in all we are fifth in Aiken, links or people that I now sell that a woman to think you’re entitled to N C A channels a big enough for months , it is a problem OK politics you came into this channel starting with a conversation he started a conversation by a telling MGM me to do something for if enough yet a stand at that that is not the way you do it if in a big as the sun for favorite issue probably take them 111 more respect L it is actually the main reason burial see as the main reason why a reason to lose in IE’s noise into the pond and TV binary and know yet is a is the upset can XF 7 scenario also introduced 300 if you get fifth law from role , so this is what’s gonna happen two birdies the Health Care plan now a look at what Sanders is actually done in Congress is not the many helping your calls politics won a one union made really second , founded on intent of India seven gives you can still talk to other other on chat and want to enact nine seven had a worry about an elected an outdoor, nine, that of the payment is irrelevant fortunately they really MIMADDSI 57 in a Baghdad even in real life with the comment whether with a reliever road of becoming like being really really ru not words meant stalled. LC later by adding he created the 70 pray this account 7 minutes ago someone that’s that’s saying a lot too probably a troll probably have blocked by an hour by the decision was to time in a this happens all the time at all the time an officious site while while the LS libraries, schools of the soul of these women try and do and they do this stuff a real life to which blows my mind and I have no shame about AVEV a TI I’m about to release a UV real

and then Mike Hanna winery in on this guy’s parade A’s of a MIECA the guy’s got 57 ers’ about how was I rooted, daddy Kane NB 10 then with a week that he said that they had GM is a joke that cited literally started a conversation and if they expect it would be nice CM has lined up the new lets us get rid of him two new done this sort of thing before an idiot up nice, and it whenever probably Bernie probably burn it as Bernie F Burke that it’s a bad nine FDA campaign has been actually instructing his of his of volunteers to do that to NT and when they developed a love that kept L FAA 8000 people that they have no tents and mail it is blindly follow it in a whiz worse, Bernie nine th I would say bernie’s worse because he’s an ad in a used at Birney is actually endorsed people weren’t hardcore name is enough my mind I lost all respect from after that he has of EDI M1 a V is that spits they excess are not in my backyard and they are people who are blocking things like homeless shelters and low income housing in wealthy neighborhoods and if they attack from had the blame the kids if they knew that if worse they do stuff like payments Goins they had enough could take those tiny homes away from this homeless people, like the way it lo Gaddi Il burning takes private jets rid of it out but if , as it is targeted to such had it said. As a gentle to the L it’s like it’s hilarious side L these take a private jet flight citizens of this is going on all year in all users like it’s a Zen February and solheim nine movie IBM millionaire ramos rallies are public is aware I LL, have excel republicans actually like republicans actually like, gangs healthcare plan fo and I actually made a video of defending the N4 date: the center’s route went into Health Care because they they have health problems to know you one of revolutionize that should make enough it in one of the liked MF hospitals are corru L a better is that it often offer now in the fifth of the IMI had I have I have, actually have a lot of the trumps orders to our regular share I sell live again I can talk to those folks Allies are not too far right in the far right and far right extremists are just as c the mobile IP and only one of the one I like the one burden of Latinos are saying that an especially if you have health issues are not WION M and republican I don’t like is Health Care and Bernice Carroll show are

the five if you read the actually read the rules, you know it says right there no insults are in the started the whole thing wou the L fifth this is very basic things like bob N anyway, skip this video are an added nine L NE arrive around that you not UEBR Harwell at the AMA middle of a nine and sent to combating say that Seattle much much time he has on its hands sell that MMM MMM have a lot of trolls in which an Ahmanson, housing seven to nine I’m suspecting some of them are being paid to do this item on the blacklist somewhere for the belly of the stuff I do now is we’re because they’ve been trolling my of my of my channels of the very beginning even when I have only like like 10 109 fifth: 81818 of a given to one channel one at any given to me like a K S’s thing read this thing is ad to know that one people are objectively superior and nine of 1/5 enough as NNYA if MITIFOL bother with this guy this guy’s a waste of time and justly the city’s not here to talk about a you cannot convert these they’ve been paid or they’re really does that, in a cannot deny doing in good faith LN, and something other than to detail. The only make that turn them into entertainment that such a gap, comment the Internet and fifth 1010 practicing HIV more like gang you know me like the all the gang and it’s a lot of nasty comments all time many dozen these but, nine A the back end of a stage while he’s gonna be at the town hall rate so it’s not unlike the townhomes consider them that the others more time and so I think that’s an Exe paid one buys it eight 56 isn’t if it is too many things going on than , Woolsey , many men could be tough and these could be a smart could be a small town of the there’s a big one that was coming up with all that, but I did this video of person that, to look for I’m a little moment time crunch today and at ms expected session proactively by buying new injury in a move nine that role than Dian and 10th seven L.a. gang of site and off with all this summer’s

as a there’s a big town hall coming up with all the presidential candidates on and so on I think that’s a nice big serve a public event that the check is hot man is so much stuff when a 987 V stringent as Yang have a plan for, to use IA is at massive 1 seconds and the bustling AAA mid and you now 5828 did you are with a pen certainty of all one relief would add that using the right now if I need that Compaq 58 MG word selling SAI fought the ending the right now the sixth of K. Goodall thanks for the recommendation if you you I’ll say my channel of SMS unless Alicea you’re here to a bucket , this sounds site that I can’t close any links on the two , you can only do that on twitch and I may have to turn that off as well but it’s not an from SK comment thanks a lot and CAA is the best one in the cannon said dropped out when bush and maybe you maybe I’d talented fifth in IE other thing is like think that, most of the candidates out there want you know what they want the mounts a safer honest endorsed by dinner whenever an in a lot that’s the reason Y, cash rule endorsed warrant right because the cycle K K lot of them away and now but what can I do what can capture do to help cash room rates that captures that wall can endorse war and I could probably get a pretty good posit Galli watch it on a cot yelling and Asia, ba ana’s and that doesn’t happen every day if the day sell why should sign up for this in CS ticket that if six check this out whether the DV sending to sign up a K a sign that sign up for three rating, a owned firm success only come from nine if these really funny Hafif a file a case that

that they that can use a laugh sure of is as obvious as protesters of a where’s the babies out comment what am I using history of I’m using restraining seven , an FAA this one does have some balls of all time and laymen give an EU said this is weird because of their liked to your picture the whole time in a cell seeing themselves, doing this sometimes the way to figure out how to use system so he me know you relive IS 11 call that said it does work that crosses the line for minimum bid as if the nation be saying somethi had 10 you do this until I do this a dash four L out that in a that’s what a day and night out that, move my video and that one is as copy card played at it this is meant fewer suggestions of recommended tanks and how much as costs say then reload a nine CISC a LL Saal ISI is Ins into 927, if while controversial keywords in everything 90, ICL now sells basic they should put in Los Angeles the IF the seat of the city Los three Z fifth as crazy that the case is very close all this is very cool actually sell thank you for this recommendation by thing to get the most out of to get upgraded but, to be totally NL if it works is only worth it and animal and plant

49 am of a dollar a month and a snap it’s not nothing so the IAASC a salsa at the daily show and fifth AIX why not 100 if daddy sas some one in the channel does marketing staff and she tells me all of five of five EADD CNN this stuff and 85 the right broken you still pay for today that says a lot of sizzle out the antebellum I just love this stuff I mean, optimize up to 40 videos and 1.9. T word work and each time a at the Edison pop up a chair taken up in the detail tomorrow the rain may come after tell CNN violin of doubt , all Hamann that the hole inside these really weird right , I would like to think that our democracy has not fallen that the size 1C2L182 off and on Maui convicted child and sex track trafficker but it’s one big table after a FLOO a political candidate yuan says the holder of a scene of one of the missteps time rate and nobody likes and seven the NFL think if I could think it’s OK to go out of the ad like it I like it, I like in life that it does mean his quarry out like that has always pop shoes causes of the stuff tha bodies of free one I see an idea of a check it out, mail and Chad is professionally seven 2882 on visit is this what I need right now anyway second half of a knife answer them are back terry L here goes the air, Los , I should I send of the premier 1:00 AM I doing stew like now have added this to like fifth did they can sell out who they had there is no longer premier when you are really center of oxygen and into a if you have screamed cards have never really got into a so much work meant fifth day of the Pan Am up spending more time and doing to stop them on the content in a cell is a dilemma of a OO settle for kids he were to

be tempered in the NL fifth and OAAOFAOC Greeley hoping there’s a way to fix that leads to a lake : 80 senior site, suspend razor side of the work in the one in between jobs are now but, the little complicated if that the ad that a lot of the readings fifth cell I’m living off of crypto money right now L be transparent, having worked in the last year because of it’s a money maker of space and using that two a IR you can’t do that career switch time looking to work in housing are ill in a get a job in creek is a little tougher now because the market is not doing so well there that , subscriber, screen as well, lieu of cell but by a skill sell me know my SQL use some product in project management side to LB V’s IF can’t imagine project that’s my thing and Issa, restraining I use this time of the streams are announced remain onto age smashed cassette no idea what this says periscope, the show’s up th and then, having done too much traffic and from sweater is the one Gerard their attention Spans a limit to the United Way fifth again rather than people coming in from mixer bases in Rochelle 79 no ties to two, by the way Mstislav APEC clear this is in Japan, all male is a case in a someone in japan’s happens to be obsessed with Angie Ang and wants to see a man of this year’s were you are an animosity sp OK our universe to fifth in the X I is eyed and it does seem like it’s even working, Il Mcveigh to someone and rationale of Eli Wallach it that the Chinese men ru and will be the connection connection is frayed is a superb super duper three straight in the nine of one of like the literally all over the world than I have to pay that says is a good this actually works pretty well I like it so than C A’s a committee of the world’s write like you talking you talking too are twitch people want HP we’re talking to you t in some nice baseball people commend an ally well sells is away and M a ND a very light brought approaching a bad people to knows everything that they and things like A in TV guide was rind and they still streaming of IGNN they keep an eye on if are a son said in a tweak this the time

if , is terrible it is flocking to run the issue players to play a clip of this in a list of the escapist off as a side a good estimate is that this guy a raised some money or to build homes four homeless people and the city does Cayman identity OM videos of the AGA talking about the crises to appear interested seven have taken up to the red sea king and had slipped out the CFC this is Los Angeles now in a way to deliver a city and capital of the world and then they like Colwell nice house to have their PST away and start dozen neighbors are complaining about in my wildcats, the man and nine days because of a code nine are issued the dishes at the event a little hard to say it’s a video of AOL and their e-mail the ad hoc UABY G’s bad if the IC this is not a white and black thing you black people convened in these two in on the basically homeowners shirt were like , they thought it was an eyesore now they’re one happened so than the name not be taken away that destroyed a man another decide living end on the streets in the tents like it did not solve the problem Ali did was make things worse in other try to cover up the problem of FOMO, what goes into the mine does make any sense of NYU and rather than be wandering on the streets like below what the hell sell SSA didn’t talk about one depressing stop here in oz to be clear that this locked up his fault that any one you would make it wo now than they are like they’re really doubling down on my own if the terrible they actually bad people like it’s is illegal for you to use the printer cargo is as we said if it is this o so L people homeless people don’t have a home where sitting in their cars now they did take a dip that they can’t do that the A really is the other punishing core people working for a dozen in any sense to me And this is why happened cold water and uninsured this year to just go every one of the second of it that they is go everyone can I get their income made this vote against them, because the status quo he’d work in an ally of opening his ey but, then tried in a summer trying for the sheer

flood it’s hard because local politics in alone nobody pays attention to local politics bellies in L.a. only 6% of old eighth it , I mean the solution is to really go all , if I did I say to make a quick post about this Sunday’s bob an access to show the shoshana said the assault a hoax that no one no, most of the total about it does take to try to keep a hush hush scale NNO the democrats actually have the most to lose from this for people finding about, about desserts. Because, like onto an uneven from the U.S. and an April 8 the value 11 BI C.s and Gary AAON IMSUI met a few of a sudden is a were awarded four ESIR is no ghosts and teens Harris tells and more weeks as read El Al Olson , now as name sounded India that the Liang and is fifth at MMI of I’ve never I’ve never made an Indian gang person seven L that’s great if he has anyone ever owned TV as little courage AIFE anything else and see what with a campaign really needs right now is more attention and so we have we have a candidate that people like more and more than the more they learn about 10 men are our biggest challenge is to just ge and even that is Yang more attention is help and I even the negative attention fifth and learn to be driving more comfortable with that mail has heart that L.a. than that, the BEI that whipped cream video that would my Rosalie Latimer lane and of all I had it turns out that turns out that nobody cares if female there more important things to care about if if

they leave the phone 1000 basically what I do all day and time error in now make videos on an unsightly comes up that might make a video library now in a base and produce everything lied and publishing and I work in eight days is a wage for media, one myself 11 accountable if it’s hard to one as a way to doing everything by a stop sign at the Jackie Robinson upslope Yankees Maria we have a lot of great endorsements man in a lottery ones there we got the coolest of the cool now celebrities and London that were found in a cell if and a ole man and Lenny moody and Nelson mall B and only one of the Mia revised restarted the day of the cited the channel all lowered and so back to separate my content from a wish streaming site otherwise, gets minus any ad IMI 11 had married that my my building is very mule site since it’s well equipped for Internet stock by did I get my basic plan is like, they know how fast it is like 20 MB upload itself as fast and efficient as the basic plan sell gap I am lucky, and in Internet your costume is well I’ve even this day in Los Angeles without going broke the deal more housing or are wrong or all’s by now had sent 11 city live in India, is housing affordable their bloody scene like the way we’re question that these legion countries are better and housing that we are because the more comfortable intensity in a Americans are scared of other eye aerial some matters a crummy run with are a some manner and not quite sure we mean by that case of 10:00 PM sun would do a DB 98, clicks people on Monday that 7:00 PM months’ seven FM in

if you look at the aide said to do little to enhance what are the show people pay a lot for updates a similar thing a really is a city to name a bomb at a false every Cisco is terror and event homeless is problems out of control people are nearly shooting on the streets now I dying of heroin overdoses right on the streets N had enough YA airline now, we should do something about the Seattle shipped but the minute cycle galas been a homeless shelter t there was a rather like while gates stated as a way rather do the right at the wood is dying on the streets and literally like , a gasoline one Y is like a mumbai is that the cool city of India ISI, aliens and then any actually go to L.a. and Simons is no role RE the poured out as a bank dish combining owls , and people of the fifth the electric BLK that makes sense that give them a sense element and loan rates and drugs to discuss animal rights and you’re not really to be honest pour down some sorry the really not my area of expertise my my my area of expertise as housing seven and up about affordable housing and homelessness issues here mostl bad three and beyond that that Beverly DENN dropped an NT is that causes to like to Joe Biden had their different people fifth grand and

the FS had there not the same person per share but, by NEA has say are they have E gritty close relationship denounce a RLM 33 E on Biden said a Biden said that are easily can find an entry in a if this has much chance , the owner name: a , Allegis chants E pine and chants and their close the worry at all about the, the homeless animals while word of a lot of things but if it is so many problems everywhere , is just some mail them and went into halftime tie C denied relishes awaited scroll through this might be argued on that one of 11 anyway 0.3 that is a better way to a 2000 see many first 5th do you have a DUI and you a movie think it’s sound OK for society do prior ties and needs of animals over on over human beings, see all around L.a Around L.a. and on senses code and see a depressing site where they have the site fancy on that these fancy pact hotels in a is quoting Yang OK other your yard am actually are a son am also have the same feelings and needs a Siemens some bad acting answer the question so the thing is right four on L CY CDs cites the high you feel about that they’re being like thes human beings writer ID have his fancy eight at hotels work are cats are giving you now grew 80 and nice food and the plea to say enough the Dingell too far right way sell you a name for the enlightened heirs of homeless person right cell cell where a prompt as I’m Sam was a happy of a gap that a lot to the fifth L of the way as CFMZ 60 and sat at the other way as CA is that they’ll treat people well enough to said that the people are the winners read me if they don’t take up the people well that happen to treat animals well L and sell we need to really,

trade people well have a life of its not is not accept, but is not acceptable to me that we have people living on the streets in cell their many many times and came up here, supreme animals as human bank as so that I guess a greatly lower technician Lawrence Fuhrman on humans are a 10:00 AM IS analysts enough as bad as it is one thing we can agree on is that there’s some there’s a had another suffering every and whether it’s human or are animals are so the agree that we must greatly lower taxes depends on the tax if they’re actually taking a homeless guys kept all the cases well warranty thought they were treating in 1 hour and once a deal say that when it comes to real issues like that that the scale of a lot more complicated right cell with depends on why did they get away is it because wasn’t because he wasn’t reading them well or is it wasn’t because, that he was homeless if right sundae bar so judgmental that the label you’re homeless person there’s no way you can to treat animal well write seven and is it is a little bit like that, class, suppression in a past the Nicollet class prejudice mail going on I guess if I do say them are more, more concerned about class issues mail that really when it comes down to it on the other people have been a four to a bottle to 10 check and their dog into $100 debt h they’re a different class of people in the middle class and low income begin a I think a lot of times they’ll realize it , projecting there, and projecting that their privilege until the people and they’ll realize it in a fifth is too bad it’s too bad and I realize because of an L.a. this notice there’s a lot of lack of suffer when a sale run around these parts session away I’m honest in despair by summer and 5:00 AM ready to have a L can agree on everything started here that cell may wish to talk about something else that could her watch the PMA designer rights issue that I watched a few but agree with idea of privatizing animals or innocent arresting the IAAF, PS this year from stereo this person’s representing better than that some extent and the L.a. are coming across leading this person right here is coming across as very home with some were become a process very judgmental N, in our raid on the scene on its tail ideal of the stuff of time and are talking to had ever been the person of them I get very upset that at the way you’re talking m and judgment about one that’s for you do,

I can relieve the main man just way you come in with an agenda ready 10N2 this channel with an agenda and it seems like you’re not aware they’re projecting that if enough calisthenics played better but as for you think about male cell that might prompt eight A wade O housing fund , which one it is a wood sorrel K1 isn’t as I miss being honest if made up of I would be careful does a sudden help your cause if you’re bei sell such an image shows I am is having fun right now and elegant rover down seven , is having a weapon that they have which had which NS vanilla talking about the I-I do think by the L’s have been getting better and after I decided to just take one of 87500 9 to 11/2 original some animals are in a YLY being so extreme mission of it say they see things in black and white vinyl USDA you’re mostly troll and seven as I know people whose food, support animals and do not talk with that of the the privilege underclass to me as a SMS have pretty proud of this video because it had the nuggets in the heart of the matter if you went seven a J macro but the MSDN Care and an author enough to justify sell to me and think that’s the problem in a bad lot of people do politics or are nonprofits mail again is to be honest of people work for nonprofits it came to have this like one Mets V other want people to recognize how could a person they are and because , I get very frustrated when people don’t see that in the know him and are they have to really think about my WINNT actually do a little address people’s respect you need two gap to give rid of those feelings otherwise is never to happen in a cell LM the rental of political people of time and that is rare, and you know you’re not alone that one nobody cares about the Lakers about who you are second in the military’s what would you have to say it is assumed that and the OB a better person in a is as ms have to be negative is just like in oak ridge is , he disliked we are some people respect to know that that’s harbor man clinging onto a political calls and calendar when a person and it doesn’t work yet talabani Galena in a cell one ever start for a lecture by the sys of fuel and friends, the AAA and nobody cares about that it doesn’t matter how many years side of the I’ve worked six years of a lot of things but nobody cares in a master reality nobod then the Lakers about that in on an

ideologue of things to in my life at the Simi bragging about it sometimes if I do bring the sometimes but but you have to use leaded OMO -a lot of people do care take it that validation from from those people not from any until you’re showing that in my face are now an adult care ads are EL SSI are people’s respect and start the ad says, with the flow numerous to take it easy venues like having the necessary strength, stressed yourself sell the MTA I like getting a lot because he doesn’t care right click of a number like IA was the gang was that it was like had a albom was like in IE was like that 19 the data entrepreneurship, nine ANP it took it like two years before even mention that right leg fifth in Somalia as 1000 about malls it’ll, was like the idea while you’re then you and he never talks about it and he doesn’t care anything in on many N people have to like 4 CN2 if fifth set in a while because now if the IMS umbrella long way 90 with a lead this weekend when this on a sick enough to things: Iowa I think things are going well in New Hampshire we can really take the whole thing I got 1/2 fail at the very least it all very least we use our team changed Baltics firms are done that 70 well that LF is a fix me to a cousin of change is slated to 5:00 PM when I won a support person like gang 10 happen that recommends to fifth in im British area not that we now have done better and I didn’t find a prominent in a different size five is find you know you do your thing I do my thing to 10 ounces is both a way that you want, but rights commission by Hazen UFO Eli one election of Kennewick to do but watch. And then I watched the ad SX comment since the one ISO I saw this on IA A’s Office from the S&P 1:00 AM all for war and you should go forward and the you know she does very poorly among middle class and lower income 1000 PM I’m an evil and I like more people we’ll have a lot of friends are working with a very smart but they’re a little bit blind to the privilege do, like displaying some of that for a nominal slick in the one you have the luxury to care about animals more back more than at home people apparently sell off your pool our menu it’s so I see where coming from the air bases may shun face a stream gap

, as is the fact they come into the box watching Yet the vendor bear he says the fish and no feelings of many have liked the two people middle class and lower right in not that sounds very ridiculous and SA-fifth a La that we have today is the chair someone who is a middle class person worried about rents in Okasan BMI $500 in savings and and on the other have liked to two and a job in it doesn’t pay enough and they’re worried about the feature event all tell them about his feelings of a mysterious issues that feeling to you sell its unfortunate, but trump is, when abysmal women share this year a weary A sister site while this is a real thing, of the main agree this is a problem but is this a bigger problem than if people living on the streets in IE aides about that it’s a bit some matter buckets about priorities straight sell is that issue more important than people literally sitting on the streets are now in on that is really had had four, the problem are making a value you have to make a value judgment is which we spend more time on the beaches the fish over people the people are running at this, facade is like hopeful way where you live of CB is a day and has more are ants Z2544 two five and they felt they had to my seventh, arial a KI wanna see the town hall and Marianne Williamson and 99 never being that can help with animals of the same amount your money ’cause there’s not enough money they only have a limited am read the half to prior to the Anthony think that we have the time and money to do everything in the world has come it’s comes across is bringing very nineties LSM of that is not how you win elections of Americans are actually more practical than the pragmatic anything so

married a law that is the one you can ignore it because the people of bigger problems in a people a bigger problem site to deal with more than fish feelings into up and started as is the true by Don, why not watching him sort of anyone make a point taken from your own mouth of a gad relation L that transactions take UB welcome back from six , and I really liked this second I really like the taste of it is the debris broke I had 80 L time and that they did dissolve Chris Di people, they like parking at the wrong tree from enough they did OM is like to show up and were they doing with a dislike of asking stupid questions mail probably the A.L. 10:00 PM runs kill shelters in a fifth half the IA is part of the edge of the IAAF to keep certain populations out of control or anything like this willingly planning , now mail cell SA 9011 than they are, affliction on that now they have good intentions by had like in on Hamas or treating animals welds now that there are bond L15 begin thin on 90 and now if they look at my is to grant, have all the pictures of food and the add one thing is like you now allow those things are few good things that are women, said the union to fight the facts and reality and stuff @O1 turns out that he’ll run skill shelter staff turns out to me in Islam , does not actually help that much of the NAZI im you this question was coming Vi use the bathroom and I’ll be right back the date and scaling time before that expected second

half stock any claim to care about humanity if you are heeding V do you realize that, contradiction in that statement is made three f if the David real but & comments point 1005 additional man’s of you’ll realize that all meant to move its Panama, if I think your confusion is that you are you at somehow are unable to, processed idea that the humanity and animal L humans and animals are different subnet prod YL realize that sell at that some people are like Mary EV is an NT 90 ASWA and say but like many first or EV grant and mike we added 90 firsts in a second act by Sears a 5N9 percent was a TL and are mammals for me is it OK, now I think O.J. is a lonely word, but that’s just the way things are then, said Eddie all you can have the data about that, stuff about a known animal with Dixon, and morality and on that but the big hai the bigger issue and so that BASF it isn’t cultural thing right knee in ism started in the west right but this idea of like V8 two am not talking about like the kind of talk of a vegetarian and at cfo, gad my P1D1 U talk more about this right because, that has had a ZIB 10 N O’Reilly said terry and lifestyles in India on Desormeaux right as part of N division rights, Hinduism ran in for Sunday with FSI Indian friends to like our vegetarian and they were fifth , angling for a mediator to me and it’s not easy half and sell , sell enough the one that lifestyle that it is you know it’s actually part of some people saw a spiritually am at that level, the things that you’re doing right now which is like you now is tearing his of doesn’t go far enough in the you’ll get that back,

a tenor rhetoric from from the Indian people as the other leg and this is my belief that I’m doing this and bomb the whole idea is that we need to come for people to begin as a visit is a very western thing, 511 error Gass E like fifth in a they are being catered to you read even TSC, the dad again it’s a matter of priorities right like their allotted isn’t common problems in the world is that is at the failure and I don’t. But that’s something I hope you’re happy with your tail comes at the I can do so many things in life and get to choose what’s important to you, that is like the Hillier an eye on them while you’re happy with that choice I saw that I saw a clip of the town hall your say La just contradicted yourself again a man so you earlier you’re telling me about what about feelings and then value of care OK C we’re getting more honest and a life Mage era of KOAYR I get these are respect people’s choices about the spammers in unattended is promising and are respecting other people’s personal and I would say that you’ll most of the vegans who are cool enough to cool begins the day today that in on the light of day and doing me know if I let my eight 9M5 choices is my personal choice and respect other people’s 27 SMS the Swiss way makes its main difference about the biggest pr I would say is is the cost in all because of KI could technically, you could technically like cook your own food but I did this look around and ONF, restaurants out there right fast food, is changing the business I’m a change event that but Los act like getting an impossible worker is not cheaper than a regular mail Gaddi City more testable and it needs to be cheaper and sell again there’s a little bit of trail as she L oppression going on there can dislike the OEM people with a lot of money like scold ba it’s expensive as helm and nine and it doesn’t leave you feeling falsely at the even more noticeable anything their excess and not not not is not cheap are such cheap and 71 people did become vegans I would suggest you, figure out ways to make it cheaper for a rank for people to do it now instead of a moralizing and that’s a huge turnout foam and if people need action if that you’ll 8:00 PM when the moralize to know and as a reason why people for trout by the way the SCTOP year she’s I like Tina L2 visit our way we can afford if I can picture while valued as they mean no telling people what to E Allen people how to enjoy things in only taking away a pleasure or mother people and 88 that Oman fifth ILEIU

PUIOMO income community and say that to their face that it’s as good as gold one of these communities said the tool in on that, to the base of seattle’s common enough away at the Lumiere E canned foods just updating your meat in on the events fifth of a gang of five CS the problem, Romanov the NL seaport people don’t have to find rated CSI the other the other argument he uses like a a K a mob in restaurants are very expensive and, partially right now, it does suggest that route they’re all pretty posh then why can’t you because they’ll have five say asking people to just keep froze NA G’s enough people are arty struggling you like , if you are you telling that he can phones are frozen vegetables for the rest of them like wild in a and had the same ID have that you’re aware of how you come across scale seven Ariel Gant, CDC Life would this person here it is like really move their a really illustrated, the whole problem with 9000 dead taking away their literally try to take away pleasure in the lower classes to mail and they’ll probably don’t see it that way by that is that is how it ends up in practice and you’ll get mad and then it really motivates them to want to vote for people like trap just to pay some people, if , 9:00 AM to stop talking to them about this if we had very N Gass E1 thing and I’m getting is that our people don’t have the time to do that, seven they’re working three jobs get to some others working three jobs does not have the time two pick up a cookbook earned his knee entirely new skill said that , going to school or getting a better job in ISO so the effect is this projection of privilege that they really don’t like L is a good example of it sell its great be done as noble den of egotism has no bubbles and I are hierarchy by sending them but seven not there yet an appeal make it easier for people to be this tough enough, and I then buy it, as the SMS a problem that’s a problem that is abetted the problem with the movement and if the body should be working on fixing seven SASISCN, if Interop 20 THS FL Americans are about a talking about class error but in America SQL that something like to take second

get people people care more about class to do about in a IDL and Jerry ideal for the record I like I like the Indian regions and vegetarian sale of like they did in doing this for 1 hour a day to day for a long time and as a culture surrounding it meant as a reason why the , goes much deeper in and goes much deeper than men like if the amount of fashionable minimizes fast fashion is that there’s a tradition that is seven backing that the polite 70 MM in American we’ll have that you only because came out that the ship marketing and R people bought it for connectivity of the fifth is coming from that base, for the food industry lobbying La it said it’s that they support industry trend had trapped under mind guide service of about going on because of AIDS follow the money in a these moments are being propped up by certain that capitalist interests if if if it a lot of trial was allowed trolls and 1/2 the ad is a certain arrogance behind me and made me sing eight perched in a dead people taken more seriously now it’s a step in missing that step banked see later they see later freed for doubts EL fifth , the Berrien Geddes do it stop talking about it is do it and put you are mouth layer word is aroma other way around by l.a.’s everybody YZYZ people’s approach of the Internet to everything fox you support my ship in a fifth the decide that this all of his e-mail 90 days unfortunately to fix Internet

have to this healthy not because you are a morally superior person right if it again respect that buying a lot city gates and I live a lot that we give them vegetarian delighted I dislike by disliked veggies of ankle me too, AB two and a light pole with a S5 is flying that what is is a tough one to Y does have this was the Y is have some of Asia’s site, Donna granata VMI are terrible person to nine, having that all you’ll like a GC to get nearly for the health of a fair enough. The bad ready to dance the final of backs up to seven PC at L AAMFMIK and definitely not the staple, a dental use me as an example , health bad of no video please start fifth at the videos of is that if this does is tell me what well what if it is a guy dispatch and again to be Vietnam men of the heat it would be a pushy man now they don’t care because as so that that’s what that will deny there for that in all ISO sell had five FBI and the roundtable on Monday guys don’t sell on one of the other on table level when I contacted beyond mail Selby their reasoning gain housing flow believe I made 1111 more followers of it, put enough for when , yesterday I look at the roundtable and you’re talking about housing and talk about housing seven side of a that’s something I could have been either forgetful was the last of those watching as a side of the Stream FBI Stream sell 1011 era as I have my brother is a I think the one I saw always is, is, whenever and so you are, other talk about hill housing in real stuff yesterday’s sell last night’s of the event , and LO joint that they had checked this out later that seditious up the ad and I liked I liked the discussion yesterday ’cause I’m bob was little bit worried that that it was good to be like too skewed courtside one perspective of therapy others Presley Acme , that the only A had a pretty good balance some perspective so, mandated more motivated to do in a gang I never get the one in bytes and a tough quarter morning OK ATM with that question I was assured that rolling deny that that doesn’t it make it will come in here and they ask me really pointed nine cannot bargain in good faith and so I have to buy it seems like today’s a pretty serious about the immigration five so he added OT a B1 day you think about the immigration think that she’s lucky to get dirty Y this pretty one of data think anybody is a form open borders they just a matter of, how old the big three in which how much could be one of the Bourse to be right

body AF has not taken a real strong stance of immigration at this 0.7 tried to do not see this fall with us he wants smarter borders and a solo vault the wall in a metal worker Gates’s is five to modem and is lots of ways to get around wall in and you want to take th cell with the MX and 10 call on me a chicken dinner a move action came last night and once in an online from the thinking person’s the fifth, if bob of the AMA is out the ACA stance of immigration is a remember , is that he wants two NAIS say that this is a cop of events are by Hennessey that we need to improve the way that we are, monitor these functions that come from moved in a likable T.J. of a kid’s day and all the Comstock columns from V light because basically a broken C broke 10 nine border patrol system so so he is in all use in favor of La Security borders a K , 8986 human trafficking of any ms is a big problem, in a like the faces is to press image up in the fifth anyway, if the DFG a little bit since I last saw it on sell this is like the one I remember Selena we need we need better are border patrol methods and if that that’ll like the wall data with a problem with the wall is in with a prompt the Wallace is that border patrol officers need to be able to C over the wall of an RTC was going out of Yale and the defense would actually be better than wall because alleys of the fancy can see through a red really looking now have is the had had his side had lost any one C, streamlined the whole border patrol and take the odds over if you’re like on the ryken on t from them as if so , but rather that I think you’re underestimating how easy it is forbidden to pour 1 seconds they’re talking about someone who’s like I needed to five, textile and America in any doubt about that were pretty desperate in about the guy making that the NL with sex trafficking and all the ship for the homeless testing that it takes the worse by the hour creating a lot of desperate people are now selling the way I did this is not as satisfying as it did not, pretending that MGM has the ethics old policy in on two more secu allowed say that out of all the democrats , while the democrats nine are , all democrats OK that you’re bound I did

the fifth by IMADDD 8, then do that, ship and expect people to take them seriously that is I as a whole problem either of them from selling at a lake city has to be led by IGA is so grade on border patrol in online that I would say that the NT is fading about the problem in the most serious way a male adult have fifth I love really concerned about try that win over people in the right right now because we’re we have two B get t is saying and whenever it to what one day we’ll see that while C seven said the thing we can really in a little of either happen or not at the gad triggered that the Vegan person, stop that I did all begin paying two a class if the unlike they entered a deterrent mob of thing into law that says a very privileged standpoint of thing that trooper in Omaha is it occurs if a guy, but it is then that the gaddy case that the redeemer halt the fifth is in Aiello read the sign that one of the who are you talking too weary talking to starring Mel no infected infidelity a loud, into which chat the right has a huge crowd as of the proxy is alive and went by the CBI thank you that the end, thanks for the offer that an idea A think you shouldn’t nomination are poor whites $15,000,000 DL most guys and the like I have rarely im in the DB that ship but added, then, to calm down the oldest thing figured a contagious be leveled a women at how much money can again, said fifth in the SMU five BI selling down like, we FDA gang we talk about the only top we talk to people under rights in all of as I am not too extreme to talk to people on the right of time so you’re always welcome here would you let ba 5 to 1 comment on the married seven some on nonissue for Denzel monstrosity out you why you wanna talk about comment the OS is to this is a 10 minute while felt if you elect rough up your wife, Gama fifth 5th put in their planes stop

60 Trillin La OS fifth all many as seven the struggling meant comments is that this is, like join his weakness in only nine Ernie is not given the details , advocates see let a judge LICL bailout canvassing and thank you for pointing New Hampshire is ’cause I need a need of cash and fifth of the rate of ASEAN design values I use the the deposit human centered capitalism rate capitalism that does it started zero that’s why the UPI is there but after 1000 bucks a month you’re on your own mail is sent to follow question on the bottom so tha onto it comes out to be one of the one that you all you want people to have a cushion so that they can take higher risk seen as the small businesses, so help you ever install a file of republicans like gang because he is pro business in a specially small businesses any of starting your own business and I’ve been invited to know, man, on basil separation mail that the seven right now own the United States is an eerie on us about this in all of the nice a sudden you business and United States is a nig meeting to review our or small businesses to fried and a lot of problems are political you know this is why I get ATF I’d get one for trout because cozean only nine destructive than Famer im and MN, if the doorman comes then all these regulations and make your your DNA never ending are unique and are bad for content sixth in the fifth had not a bang, Sunday at the start at the start the mail by S. Ver and Bernice article the attitude of the wood Amazon L1 are those big as corporations as the fame and nine of the day the whole problem. Nine people like warren than about warren warren Bernie, 1:50 at the key for minimum wage right now, wage arts small businesses added if you’re on the right to can probably agree with me on that and, what ends up happening is that they think they’re like reeling against a system whenever that it is up, helping big businesses the most mail as they can afford and begin a 4 to 50 dollar minimum wage to small businesses they cannot say plus a small businesses out of business is like corporations take control of the market and melee YMNA 15 of UC the ailing YY: despite my efforts why things getting worse you know and Israel are to get them on amendments it has like disabled when control right to control actually perch for but on the sake of helping them actually heard and seven that’s tricky by the city bodies to be their supper sparse me and that are really ready for land that I won one bigger Federal government prob that point you that I wont the Federal government and more power

is an interesting local governments have to take a decision as prod Y come across as 11 e-mail the top down some spent 10 as a space is selling for teachings are a while if all you have read that that their thing about doing that the fact that stingray gas others always liked good intentions gone horribly wrong in the fifth eight in the democratic part per me right party right n stands for what in Olivet eight I believe in liberal ideals in obo are not quite doing a right sole at some point alliance Mosley, that sounds are the IMC isn’t the winner take all right leg is only one and seven great and make an , we had done nothing really to make it easier than abortion the price of a I disagree about that I live and I come from Hawaii says that was born a reason why we have one of the most Evers bases in the world then and things are good, it’s a perfect a YZ a reputation for being a very pleasant place to live, that is more than that, and on site of the blood that conflicts but the dusty lot of complex we had the scene that states are now a science class as money title, one people and confuse , economic , economic adverse city and racial diversity in a given says to nine PM as a burning 9:00 AM thinking of the art and a large enough, timing down the row well tissue. The scrutiny as fault up and says S that things are really 1245 will get it checked in with them on , if signed a lot of things in a copying was an article wrote a while ago by uses I use is a lock to that of a housing, inching up and said that , if the area is the problem of a there’s a problem is is how much you’re making this is a much housing costs and housing has outpaced wage growth in the last 20 years for cell and sell unless now even getting a solemn to be working as hard as he walked but over time you’re actually losing money of this IR mater dei a moderate who writes and say: mail is fair enough no 111 brothers have been a similar one of the easiest seven yeah I do think from a move had stopped because the idea of different opinions to have a can be a source of conflict, Finkel race is downright one to focus on

Ai are probably have probably had the Omni not wrong, and certain things about that in a culture does make a big difference but cell and 10 Americans are really data talk about money and fifth and learn that because into makes them uncomfortable as the site BV a lot of people were like super rich and a line I think he’ll do think the middle class and people were reached at it still b and so bad now it pings are banned, fifth and they discharge alone in because it does take some voluntary bodies that everybody will be homeless in a display this trend conti so we happen to know something about it but call running the show right now, and one that nine of budget seven I will whenever one ever and class in all of class conflict in on that oppress people need to get out their whining as single meetings, gather the nicer we’re saying that the Jews our own fifth the anemic support four 1000 issues from a means for lifters to media plays a game acting like all races are divided eight I thought that the big 102 over exaggerate people’s differences that span of a mind reader media these days of intense depends what you’re reading right to the thing is the thing is another thing is like most people running in the race right now than not that much different from each other no one on a C does again all democrats except for Yang Yang is a weird OK that there are they there a plaque 400 policies you kn it would be doing right now the media is like there are there like over exaggerating the difference is that my comment like that that moment when that Warren City, a liar on national TV Bernie Sanders and liked that you can’t be lionized aside the more similar they are the more the part you because they try to differentiate themselves in L.a Site about alleged be my everyone the same, they can’t call it will come ba that I saw the sixth day sell this week we took over at trial face poker as funny they can see stops

dominant as a prod the worst new committees for second of races at super high crime rates well again I think that that’s a matter of economics mail is due to lack of funding for police which are tied to disperse portion of the ms some mail it’s like when you’re part of 88 greater for community you’ll have the money two arrays but the police are good, good cop of a police force for example right but said it said is a problem that propels itself in a N 211 other rich neighborhoods were full of millionaire gad Al really nice poly station, said police stations in the low income no neighborhood is that the plane should N , are not being honest about is that we’re not allocating resources and even way as they should get off your good liberal you should be like every police station show about the same the Marion author and reach reality right cell as one had a really wanna get past the race day in and talk about and I can honestly I think that that is where all the goo debate nobody wants to around its the city and racism on tall as an event that nobody cares that’s the problem people don’t give a ship second HIV nuts that immigrants pretend to care of DNA about it either insane in housing in a synod of trust either party , if they can’t receive a party attended a ball in this poll that conservatives are a little bit more honest about the fact that they don’t care that but said still others solve the problem fate of my if the AA has a white person in one of the rounded, is asking the home and is saying that there are ways to solve this problem down the same and housing rate , if there’s lots of good ideas floating around out there that could actually solve this problem in and meaningful way, and we’re just not doing it because the people in office renown to store water anything sell its Y a politically involved in only the happened years of a nine and is not good for white neighbors would still need of you have liked these ghettos that are full of crime things like that sel , commenting on the no less like nine mass shootings for example right we have the highest mass shootings in the world right now to three D a list of gray liked by school shootings have become a routine thing doesn’t have a key scare bre economic turmoil bread and sell the top two people on the right I usually tell them that light it’s in your own interests is to support things IUDI are social safety nets ’cause I backed issues,, the IMS for people in the middle class as it has really bad because middle class people in other educated enough to learn out election and are make up all in all those dangerous things

and is there enough point of desperation and some a crazy in L AS are backing me up, MMM like if I had a careful with the race thing because if you like he liked the side to make that the worst focus right into this awful fully and writing because talk about race outcome of course the sea water and a C in on the frame of the framer conversations are racing games, see racism on time and is in a some of it is true that that, the other one other things in other things that should be just as below the wearer of a EC the same browsers INL Brady Perot’s LB of feet per second , one could come this is good, Eric as great a comment she’s so boss and a number that basayev had this is a reminder March 1 on NT and is indeed Crenshaw them and say we’re talking car racer and I’ll write like green and these can be talking to the African that Crenshaw is that of neighborhood in im Los Angeles by the way suspect a starkly black neighborhood in a stereo, iconic so im SCI perfect and CNN should feel like sandy and two Emmys I’s a Redmond I ISI Mr. Question boxes the rent control thing as well, I’d try a fifth and tried

comment the main gas of SMS a problem with, democrats and almonds the FTC off a lot of moderates and , in the pens are now specially with S issue with the impeachment U.N. peacemaking is not going over well with independent so the FBI spoilage or women outside the IE prod her bright neon a race of the majority and endorsed Brea Sanders and some of th it’s the inputs Don I’s liked if the L.a. Majid that you run decided dual role in San Ramon like a little Rogaine nine, paid much attention of I enough that if I’d buy a URL that 118289, of the one we NL side that MSN that’s the worst part of a society attack people and expect that had, and is administered the SLKI institutional racism sell a stairway that Wilson says, revenue , it does exist and EL IP some other republicans I agree with me and have the racism problem even democrat party for example a menace to be good, Nancy pillows C Chris CDL to say it will listen to them at first day Kerry L they sell to this address is still a lot of republicans and locks and Cisco right and it is the best this is a heaven on earth, two when you go there and the stree bathrooms as their bodies all of this is where Nancy Pelosi lives and no is how all the fray this place is a bit there right now still be as she is literally on the hill looking down and a fifth cell values for c they but now receive E. Oprah seal as the seven years as a new era dish three day by any way in nine days they said this neighborhood was explicitly racist until 1957 until the end of 1950s they were not allowe the URL out the a La was a whites, a , a community of setting a this is the whitewash version, there is a comment we T if diarrheal the AFC is worldwide residents only and that it was only until 1948 where the Supreme Court said they can’t do that

, as you wish you a 59 K Wellman if you’re white sure by the way a Moon dashes more below should Il fifth it is the one acted on anacapa I actually know what went on a standstill , in this is not a small group has 158,000 members to know and so what happened was that opal weeks ago , the hangover gang and took over the seven in space poker and apparently eight the owner : R, and is the owner , this group year are one of them major and maine’s anyway, IESPOSC shop in one of eight Mage shop and then by Israel test that one of trumps seven laws passed in and basically got Bender, allowed to go over that if if it if it did or love this book are parallels I was a IN in the study inviting everybody in the NT solemn the good news is that you know we actually had heard a lot of big conversations happen here and sell what it can all see and Feinstein live in NT AFB and disks and if they felt the two spoke here by I do not I don’t like Colosio auditions and me a rush to blocks housing and chief cheese par the problem but we have a massive h sell by a L have any sympathy for the 3/8, and 1/2 year MGM gave the closure ticket no, not she’s not that meant, body regarding rent control of KTLA interesting about rare thing about great picture of his you know one in a one Z is the reason why bernie’s, use of a seven R year’s California prop 10 you feel if you’re living here in mime remember this but, an in the cells they rent control initiative those of us apply to California it lost overwhelmingly actually voted yes on this in a one, Il rent control only the DMV’s are really split on this so we decided not to do an endorsement that, anyway and lost in Las Palmas huge margin and so this is one mean by California not being as an ideal guess who endorsed it used are Sanders here and La Board of supervisors peace out and ms sources to worsen the south ESOP every everybody decides if NI and the worst part is that it was funded by the AIDS Healthcare foundation Davis is the worst in 1991 to run Bernie and 27 is used as a is actually really ready to make it from solve EL so the AIDS Healthcare foundation spent $21,000,000

and here’s Bernie hanging out with this guy was some people consider to be the day and sits to these are not available seat and summer is hanging out with Satan right now you know and giving money of these guys, made his fortune of using the wrong nonprofit Healthcare System did for him in a an it is liable thing wrong Mazzola will campaign and then the other one and one guy with a 7.81 admit that this these connections are real and it’s a public information mail Saudis Health Care in AIDS Healthcare Bernie Sanders endorsement the names of mail that said united party cannot win over California Housing and a state like Ohio I am the amber NEA has a huge house keys and a V does not care now and then it breaks my heart that again until these brawny Perot’s any of the doesn’t care about you you think he does as all the markings that burning is like you’re running in some self airline of a very wants to do so good for the country and my known that really appear some proof is in part why a ID this is the birthday of so by a U.N. mean he hates people probably seconds in im 5/98 people a lot of love of socialist and very have varied games use o as I couldn’t capitalize to get have saw my optimism red lake act is hard to be a capitalist about being an optimist because in all but the whole idea that 99 on king and we can build something right leg when we can actually make something out of our cells are any other pending but that his campaign has not abandoned sixth and it’s like they don’t tru as is something very off 22 most people that , trying the ISO route to come Sunday I get La no one did a right to you can’t be seen together with doing a great buy even politically can’t get be like im of the time CY are even though your billionaire and a 19 PM people are people within h an adherent of a hearing stories that people watched the video and a lot about what have I got myself into e-mail nine nine they actually make them made them think twice about the support and nine La think that if you’d Dallas say that I now see that the statement yet as not what you said last five

than right of the money meant am mean literally Ai is a very good grades clip in seven has hit its Redmond is there a E I’s exactly right now we fell is really a bomb was picked as mistaken guy could integrate president creamy the company presents he just in the side with the homeowners at that moment he could integrate criminologist of the mediocre one seven and sell how he ended his ties into housing why don’t we have enough housing and EL that’s why that the politics is so toxic bec him kill two are in even given among the people in power like maybe they know they did something right thing they know and if not, though some of them are fifth, si politics is so toxic now because his site there really can’t go out to be a they’ll have been other real case trailing democrats don’t really have a good case to make the American people an in IE is the way he talked about these things I’ve heard all this before that enormously is talking two in a way of life really connects to dial folks at least a whole deal for the down a gurney of a fifth bothers him live speaks for itself SCI, one P that much, AMA Maseru nine doesn’t really Ernie Perot mobs never went away and does the same event, ceo and see what she has sitting there for detail, wouldn’t the women talk about well that said this from NBC while mission of La , La fifth 1130

that they had a family out of this. If the ANSI the thing is like a thing as one that is came in and the ID been instructed by the campaign to not tell NT and to drop out of the dying like question and nine, cooking article was fermented: one that’s always a box of easing is that so predictable and even any is like this the 70th time that has happened to me as customer might ISO like WB I thing right is that if you talk to people who are unlike some ad 909 exception E and all those L those that garment eight oh Grams to know they are out there and X is a lot of work a lot of work and study it rents are all ZR troops sent tell what cell look at the all the things you have to repair chance to get bike $500 and the average cardinals also zing, mandating of someone got any java to report that you and you can have a TV in a report that you’re a rookie Heiner regulating a reporting bob flax event that some recent Tunis and all but if, the thing is like to have a lying on her, Citicorp’s I know this but you have like couple people handling each of these cultures that means a garment needs to be three times the population as a naked the dozen and 80¢ in hi I is not sustainable and they literally isn’t song L yang’s plan just the people the cash they will begin the caching they’ll have to do all this ship was all pure ran a quick useless not really doing a role that you really fixated on the race thing, and the women say about six fidel’s and this one half a dozen this , men, AKA SCL but like inside the LAN not surrender but then on the 2020 and an area that’s the subliminal by her dad sell basically this guy you know he invited the time of Yang gaming the storm did nothing and we had a lot of conversations would trump supporters about a I heard a lot of it was actually positive male they add there was a few people that play into fights and seven

great a study on country well that look with that I hear nation building and staff to the drama SNL SS N. George bush about that in a drive to build a nation and I’m I made a mistake 990 to take care of the seven and say that Caroline is not very happy to point out that the studio so he and she’s an import arson in the campaign Sunday resolve this arena community for its product if the ballots about the housing though of god, is it be so complicated bottle icon Packard and

related a direct messages on you two COL ’cause I’d I’d called out one of the city consummated if NT CAC work out a guide to get that endorsement, and so have to make a decision right now whether wanna cheaper happy your on are a rash and clean up the fact that unite he has run hasn’t that record, at one of five as yet but I like for second at it as a problem if actually really really like song is right here in oz of 5:00 AM somebody that can always be right now but is alive MSFSAS is like is that, brown as is why happened gang doesn’t talk about housing much they roll even people in the Yankee and it’s triggered by the stops to move would sell automatic teller and will apologize for a offending her , Mattel added that the facts, then times can tell if the facts and the Seahawks to respond rid of the video be down the six seeing Marquez odds and the fifth as not to Don LC F one was I apologize, sometimes you don’t apologize for speeding the trip that’s apologize for SNMP the data needed a lady that Kim Il am sorry that you’re offended that, here’s the facts and that is right here in all the facts it is right here is that he’s anti housing mail and MILMPAA move the Yankee hang in seven hopefully if

, as it is hopelessly talk to other guy was as only a problem because I like her a so mail inside denies that any like relationship rarely did the right point in the starry to see someone offering fifth well nominal majesty like they are starting your femininity the video down as a gesture of good faith than any system this is why a this is why if other video because Saudis really bad housing and if if me a second had one, to you, like every bit of great year say in cell Robert and this comment campaign did. If the giants as an erect a 10,000 pounds in price that Marquez scale a DNA was in the same video was the defense of had had a SIE if it’s not worth it in Idaho, is worth sizes one video to dear ms find size politics area downs in 1999 75

96 as it is live update again, , kneeling and is playing well and I think the mistake I made was sending talk to her intent and if above the nine the act as it is 11 embarrassing for her two and a touchdown pass from V me get back to that the S.F. MMI affected him out because he is one of the main focus of the native of south said the money that they either have to air and I am as with a depth of anchorage, AK you have bad timing of it is bad timing issue be talking, talking ship about him a minimal IMF that

is hard because I need the SB 50 pass as a 58 SB50 and seven A’s are laid axiom ideas that might do this on stream of Jama pulp make the call to my fifth representative of ISP 50 of the SB 50 as the misses the big deal now because now my mind is called die if they can figure out how to do a file cabinet in a phone call on the computer thick as a way to sell and so this is the biggest housing mailers coming down and loving down quite right now is the one I talk about all the time L1 complacent 11 more objective will see the SL we define this for years now they were guns bill for couple years nots it is the biggest and an FDA of prodding not commented to call the war powers is actually part of the problem because OK again did this in a hook into politics during work hours are retired people and peopl cell with a wave of this does is that around transit centers are a stall around transit listeners it lets people build on denser housing and 8.7 , bulky taxes for a two duplexes track taxes and are permits and nine B error public transit so that , we can actually do something about the house increases inundated at apartments mize a building near the transit center and I s Makes sense bearable people on the left and the right agree that this is probably good ADM had no if this is like Bernie has con of a trickle down luxury housing in online of middle class housing and so he came out against it and all that if the column a column of every single one of them into my consent and a loss us, being really annoying of in theory there suppose it to follow what the status Critics say gives the abandoned its have to follow and they put out as being shown up in advanced the seven as the one I’m a great about this and this one SunOS AMA’s injury to say you live in California but in a cell all it takes is a job it is a job as cell and the weird thing is that people working a job in that it that day working that same S2 to seven, CNN, had a dozen as it is too late for that after KFI prefer you decide to some people think rather than try to hide a

SO for example right for example if you have one NL and the LAN use being read like the abbey’s meetings in these meetings happe but but if you’re like anyone else grade and the like anyone else or Kingman arm of Johnny can’t go to that meeting as a side 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Tuesday right if the cell so I headed by you can’t buy 1998 cell that’s Y that’s why the dormant its stacked in a DB end up representing the interests of certain people we have way too much time on their hands in on as prop in the like me could never had a job the ad, getting to that 0.2 Yale that he had a certain type of person to get a government job than you’ll fit the mold and then, stupid growth second , Maine, I wanted to like they’ll add a show why his record is let his record is consistently mending Allen added is a convivial I just put it on private for now decide what to do with it later that she’s involved have shoes involve she’s a case ON division talk about five days because she is the one that actually got the endorsement wouldn’t sell choose not to happen some ran down around and mass volunteer in a cheese actually very heavily involved and she’s and sell , I can’t just ignore it if she chooses out a lot in on a lighter in a LAN Ly Peres person seven and Chen resolve this , one of a comment is used for is some is so much drama reveal one of the L.a. what I said was Hank [email protected] be transparent, a Cal an aside, and 10,000 ELCC Graham said Sara five offended you have probably should talk to your head, none of the dad is a dns think that that’s probably when a 7:00 AM aviation talk. And, as they buy out is in on A.L. want this new point of contention sell strong working out 10 and one Marquez has been on record saying that he opposes the pro housing measures have been coming down so he’s been a political point for us for a while now I’m happy that is supported any more realistic about the fact that he’s still playing politics to nine NBA is running for reelec one TS that mail L.a. City can’t sell me that shannon’s 2020 by an odysseys the small fry in on the cents a gallon, announcer of a cell Isa is already in use any one if it enough , added 111 L a IS probably Y B decide to endorse and Mike Lowry known if I can do whatever I want, sell

F Telerate inmates are few better than Il probably only like three people watched a video dated a prominent emission seven , right there and bill that’s the best I can do by ISL 2 and one in the attack spanking session the NDY the one I replace Kevin use some of , M.A. Evans and he wants to be the right guy really does news is good that he’s not that dumb ages to the spy that’s a problem for second comments to dns the 58 in all but last year would happen was last year did I really close at two passing this bill and then, some do that name at the deportee now represents to reach a rich people from mom-and the use of a technicality and blocked it mail and got the votes and that the funding will send me block intertech account of the seventies and the beans, but it sell, move so that they shelled the bill for year the couldn’t sell it and the shell of a now are bringing back the other one is more on an SMS moffett’s dislike if sila do you have MCI everything’s happening all in one state we need is bill to pass or fall announced in California were fought about this bill out of power on that they think this fails and when to start all over that’s another few years back a few years and a few years of things can worst enemy afford that, and seven cell but he did he did endorse gang of estimates it , but said that I really think he’s opportunist and he just icing on the whole thing’s happening must be part now he and are saying the 81 is yup to call this guy Rhonda sent this is a great governor of a PM $1.00 and 99, bad that is bad the problem of this is like all my problems are hearing to set an all my problems in politics is right here doesn’t dislike I love the Yang Yang with the hanging as everyone, housing as housing gets sticky and on pressure so well on when know why it’s only a actually saw them a solid and percent of cell and Colette one ever in a little work in a hammock a worse things that happen if it in the in the gang interesting event of a new one else’s NFL the event is like start said Martin and economy starts at 17 S. Rukeyser one from moving in a video out today that’s Mara thanks, and