Disassembly Instructions and a look at the new CUH-12XX Series PS4

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Disassembly Instructions and a look at the new CUH-12XX Series PS4

my name’s not on hand welcome to this video where we’re going to be tearing down the bloom new 2015 2016 CU h 1200 series playstation 4 this will be the second time i’ve been inside one of these things because just this week a little bit earlier we were inside one of these for a wireless card issue the controllers wouldn’t sink of course these are little bit new to be finding those wireless cards as spare parts and frustratingly enough they are a different card on the SI c boards as they have on the s2 blaine SI b as we’ve already seen the s double-a and sa b wiles bluetooth cards are indeed interchangeable but with the SHC revision boards in these new CU h 1200 tvs they’re not they’re completely different the slightly smaller footprint and the pinout is different so they don’t actually fit um but um i actually took me lifted the board off I don’t have come to meet the EMI shield replaced a couple of components put the email shield back on rebuild the board put it back on and what would you know it worked frustratingly enough I didn’t want to record it but there was some quite firm time restrictions on the unit so I didn’t really have the chance and so unfortunately it didn’t get done and it would have made a good video so I’m a little bit disappointed but I’m sure we’ll get some more before we’re finished anyway so I definitely wanted to do this one down and come before you and we can take a look at me barn and see what the different processes involved in are so so now one or two looking for a few more tips on the RV Bali which of course we do every bowling APU tutorial up there but you know I’m sure there’s one or two things like I can maybe think of so as we’re going to look at so in order to get one of these things apart it’s uh it’s fairly straightforward to be honest probably not as straightforward as it once used to be but there we go so on the rear first change you’ll notice there are no more black plastic tubs and on the backside of this thing you forgot your to want to seal stick as there as you normally would and of course only the to talk screws and to remove this turn the a still t9 ER she knows okay so there to keep all the competed okay so those two screws around now this is the first big change I made and they’ve actually put there were two really horrible little tabs down this back edge so just wear it sauce weather where the groove is there’s a tab just here on this side of the on this side of the case and one corresponding tab here which basically means on the old pier so I’ve got you could just get out of it from the middle lift it forward you can’t do that well what you’ve actually got to do is is lift up from the back and I suppose you could took it really hard you know you’ll probably end up shredding your fingers so actually what you’ve got to end up doing is you got a screwdriver just in there in the gap there in the groove there between the two my bottom off the shell meets the rest of the chassis here and you sort of quiet now if not particularly pleasant and so yeah like say you get a screwdriver just where the two plastic surfaces meet there and it starts to come up and away and then obviously you can get a hold of it and give it a good plant and across the top comes clear um what I will do it is a little bit awkward you don’t have to be careful then because obviously you don’t want to mark it too much no because these are still relatively new units you don’t want to be saving up the two about it but I think it’s inevitable there is going to be a little bit of battle scaling going up really what we can do about it is really awkward it’s such an awkward place to get to because you can’t actually get anything down that gap because of where it is so you’ve just got to sort of pry it out as much as you can and then get down the side and if now it’s really quite a huggable it’s really quite a horrible experience really but anyway as you can see that now that’s one side sure you so got to do the other

once it’s done as this is know you are indeed in the bottom half of the shell and just shows you so basically the tab sit under these little plastic googles just here and here and the actual tabs themselves reside here you can really see that the light here isn’t particularly brilliant because I am missing a bulb but there it is there you can just about see where my screwdrivers and just right on that back edge where you count me and get anything you know of any decent size in there to get a good price er you don’t have to use a little jeweled screw drive and be careful threading too badly I’ll shred your fingers but you can give it a good tug and to get it free but to be honest giving it a good tip to get it for me probably will work but if you if you slip you are going to make a messy your hand and to be honest I’d rather not do that so next thing these guys want to get the power supply up and slightly different method to getting these things out so you’ve got mt9 there’s one of the back here and just kind of run up to the consumer so there’s t9 as well here as you can see there’s one here at the bottom as there is on the others and one on this corresponding edge again where it would have been on the older earth one thousand three and eleven sixty days and then of course you do have the two and standard sort of Phillips head things on this big spring return in this time so now that I’m the to farty little things there you’ve got to underneath this big sort of springy bit of plastic so just go remove those he knows and this is the other interesting thing of course is that I’ve been in two of these machines now and on both machines because it appears I’ve got one here both machines won’t let me TCU and never be in a part with all and yet two of the schools in the other unit will mount it out over the factory oh what a fear we’ve got at least the one in this one as well so it looks like the the production quality is as good as it’s ever been and of course I’ve been paying close attention to the developments around these new consoles and of course they redesigned all the APU mounting for the heatsink and of course stuff like the blue air drive no don’t have a logic board in there it’s all a bottle nut ball loose TMI codices changed albeit still one of the Panasonic amends series chips you know things like that anything no well maybe this one’s going to be a little bit more reliable but it would appear that may not be the case so anyway so we’ve got the Big Spring of tone right now we’ve got five screws out of our power supply now before of course you would have got your finger under this edge and try to pry up slightly and then lift it out this edge you don’t do that with this one you pick it up on the tab on the left the powers of I literally hinge it makes a lovely snapping noise when you do it but what’s the other mate getting it out and then of course you have the ribbon cable connecting down to the board that you can just see where my finger is where the bottom end is your connector is give that a pull and a clasp power supply then I’m just completely free it is a slightly different unit there to the one found in the older original ps4 if you like so from that point and you have these three ribbon cables for the blu-ray drive the left and right cables just point the center cable is on a traditional sort of krump style ribbon so you lift up the edges of the connector which then unlocks and then just allows you to lift the flat ribbon clean through and of course we do have a BNC click to there for the wireless that just pops off as always it’s on some little cable tired is just running out through there so the cable is now off of our blueberry drive are completely

disconnected and then next you do have some schools for the antennas and of course the blue very bored so there’s one here which hackle isn’t hidden underneath the optical ribbon anymore there’s one there in the corner one there in the corners has always been one though that Connors has always been and since the screw which cuts used me a little tiny Phillips one now serves as the mattify mounting stick and of course no more horrible little Phillips screws to take out there loose so we’re just going to zip those fine again t now make up to make up three there already rounded out I don’t know whether these are just a bad bunch of screws that soda got their hands on all that just really cheap crappy quality but the edges there is that even properly the edges of the staff aren’t even properly formed they’re just cheap chocolate things and bearing in mind Sony they only put this thing together you know nobody’s out it apart you know which makes it really really bad anyway we’re going to leave this ribbon cable in situ for now and you’ll see why later so we’re just going to pop the DVD drive out now so we’re just going to lift you up right now I tell you what we will disconnect this ribbon run out just be careful don’t and you don’t lose it later on but again you know you’ll see you’ll see why in a sec so anyway that’s the bottom side all this is a motor foot back top so anyhow this cover comes off pretty much as it Mars always has done I found these matte black plastic ones actually a little bit stiffer than the old glossy ones used to be but then again maybe it’s just my sample to well experience with anyway the same old PlayStation logo so it’s good to move the hard drive and that’s on a slightly different looking caddy these days you can see it’s a little bit different maybe I’m the one school just pops it out and then from there you’ve got to t9 hours holding this top plastic up just as you wanted on of course on the previous model again we’ve got another school this malformed absolutely awful anyway so as before you get this this buck package here nervously the hard drive bay yup and then get the other side a lot up and then just slide it up and upwards of Christ reveals the top half of the chassis so before we go any further we will of course remove this ribbon cable that goes to the Bulova so I am just going to plug the other end then I cross back in to a blu-ray drive one so we don’t lose into it makes reassembly easier later and then we’ve got some different screws to take out so there we do have some t9 hours and we’re going to remove core so we have t nine hours there there there there there are more of them of course there’s one there then there there there we’re going to remove these two to get the board out that one that one and I think we started on this one here so those are all t known us we’re also gonna have to remove some black phillips looking screws here says one there one there one there one there one there and then we are also going to remove these small silver Phillips screws here and then the small black ones here and then some really tiny Phillips ones here there’s a slightly different to these on top and so there’s a variation different screws in here took off the original first away as BB revision boards in the CH 1000 years and 11 16 s just RT not us these have a whole host of different so we’re going to start by buzzing out

the t9 hours so if you just watch and pay attention as to where we’re taking these out from so I’m gonna start down here it’s again we are more screws say about half the screws in this thing of being rounded off you got it what’s the so these I’m being stripped out these are these are from Frankie so that’s it then but as I say it sees three in the same old problems they’re still plaguing these iam and if they can’t even get the screws right let’s say both of these 1200 series ps4’s I’ve had have had rounded squeezing from the factory really does not say much for the quality it was two more there I’ve never seen this before I have never seen a product leave the factory three-handed screen edge before now but there we go so anyway yep those are all out now today we’re going to go and remove the balk Phillips screws I’ve got these three silver Phillips screws at the top yeah oh man there are two sort of dome headed folks who’s just here this little shield comes up the whole of this assembly up mr. black school here now the shield can lift up and away and as you can see now the APU heating pump is actually held in below the motherboard Yamana shield the connector for the farm is slightly different the actual fan itself is the same but the connector is different which is strange but nevertheless these two heating clamps now are going to on the screws that secure these and other unavailable well then once you’ve done that the board itself well if they don’t know and one thing you do have to be careful of the course is behind that black behind this black plastic cover which of course sits up in the top cloud when you remove that do be mindful of this little silver piece here now that is basically a little part that sits it’s loose and it basically just a thread which secures the Philips long Phillips screw through the power supply that literally just sits in this hole and is loose that is held in place by the power supply screw when it’s in place once you remove that black plastic cover it’s easy to lose don’t forget about it like I did so just keep on somewhere so remember to put it back in there when you don’t but anyway once you’ve done that the power supply button is now a push button rather than

a touch-sensitive one the presume they’ve done that for the Phantom of turning on and off and reject and things like and so they’ve actually made these push buttons now as opposed to the old touch pads and so again that can come flying out make sure you save that somewhere useful as well and then obviously the board lifts up and out this white plastic tab bit and just pops out as you can see keep that cell somewhere safe as well and the board which cost as you can see is an SI c001 comes out free and as you can see it’s a fair bit smaller and the original has two blades double a si B boards are there are one or two part chain users to say the Wi-Fi module is different the s CEO and the chip I think remains the same I believe you will notice of course that there are half the run box on these new boards the RAM is solely underneath and is not on the top at all which means musk in this border is going to be a lot easier than it used to be the Cisco system controller chip is different now we’ve got a different revision chip it’s a lot smaller and there’s now an ADA below col2 stylus CEO a blender chip and we’ve got them MX IC chip just in there which looks to be a nun packaged Easter I presume that’s the system flush as opposed to the old 8 pin package we used to have before and so yeah there are some interesting component changes on this but I believe the APU part number is also different those are known also there is this little some metal clip thing which sits out with a port not just on hooks there you go that’s one side there’s plenty on there little fiddly bits to lose out of these them to keen but as you can see otherwise the APU is down there in the middle of the board so that’s nice and easy and there’s nothing around it’s really fry there while you’ve got it on your meatball in stations so that’s quite cool as I said the Rams concentrated underneath so just captain tape that up so your bottom heaters don’t get older that they can’t remember to take off these thermal transfer pad there the NSS chip there and all this associated to bump I do believe is for the blu-ray drive because of course a blu-ray drive now has no integrated PCB there anymore it is all in the one there board which is cool because that means nobody can go swap it around and lose in a mini-mall which is great so yeah the Panasonic Aaron series controller chip is now different as well so of course before that was and eight six four seven one a mn4 8mn eight six four seven one a package of course this has now gone to a qfn style package and there seems to be a lot more pins around the edge so there is more data i/o out of this one this one is a MN eight six four seven to nine chip so you’re getting that slightly different in your vision it is mark today what I do believe is HDMI to complain