PAX Online Day 6 – Stream 3 – Goose Theatre

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PAX Online Day 6 – Stream 3 – Goose Theatre

companies being independent of Nintendo and suitable to handle the local decision-making Nintendo antenna issues with often dictated advertising campaigns the companies had to follow one employee of The Killers UK distributor for members late night calls from Kyoto with design worldwide advertising campaigns that would do nothing for consumers in the country a waste of money he remembers antenna truly believe in Japan or America would work everywhere else in the world we can also see how the different distributors collaborated in Spanish advertisement for the NES in 1987 on the left is clear the both the console and the game boxes say Asian version on them the reason because this advertisement live richly a pack in 5 the Asian version in the US in 1986 the advertisement was changed later on with subtle differences between the two as you can see on the right what makes it really strange have of it is that Elba is a Spanish TV makeup that they removed this on the revised version going back to the pain discussion telephone to this day in tennis to utilizes third-party distributor to distribute its products have at Burke’s Allah and active Okay I the only one still pot in the contender from the NES era after three years of the engine is being released in Europe in 10 eventually formed in tendo of Europe with the fall of the Berlin Wall Nintendo of Europe and of the German distribution of the NES taking control from the previous station me to buy an engraver in Hindi as the first Contact point the other distributed throughout Europe despite it being Theater 18 Nintendo Japan or Nintendo of America was still cold shots the show advertisement campaigns following Global Focus Robinhood localized the company didn’t take over distribution of the whole of Europe have up with operations only focusing on Germany in the beginning for a few more years many of the third Pirates. videos in his new originally contracted continued unabated with a local knowledge and relationships being more attractive than central control one of these companies Federal Bauer had the rice Distributing NES in the German speaking out of country hits since 1987 named and Switzerland based in Salzburg the company had pot in within 10 years since distribution gaming washes in the region to a partnership with yasid in to mm F-14 said about maybe known to just because they are accompanied actually invented the Nintendo mini classic machines only did they have the rights to Austria and Switzerland however said about Oaks who held the rights to Nintendo’s products in the whole of Eastern Europe by the way Switzerland is really interesting because of instead of purchasing translated boxes and Manuel’s Nintendo said about instead locally printer their own French menus and out of them in the boxes of the products as seen here English box with both French and German menus who’s ever that French manual is locally printed on locally sourced paper sourced paper I propose a question so you have a project which is insanely popular in the first world but after 10 years is increasingly become obsolete what do you do well of course you begin selling it to poor people from other countries of America representative commented on the plan for the NES step one has a Super Nintendo become a leading system in America the NES Creepypasta down to the younger children in the family meeting software sales were the most important aspect in the country Step 2 in Europe the NES was only spotting become popular for sales of consoles and Market recognition work the most important aspects of business and finally step 3 as Europeans graduate two more advanced games antennas plan is to Makkah NES to Eastern Europe and the Soviet kids in David chefs 1993 book game over Chef hints at the Eastern Europe East Division of the NES and I quote Eastern Europe was a low priority but it was not being written off the Australian tender distributor introduce the NES and Game Boy into hungry in 1991 Boy took off the weather selves and numbers were necessarily Motors compared to France and Germany this molted built-in shelf book is just starting point and so we begin down the rabbit hole in 1991 saddlebag was newly-formed hungry subsidiary start about KS is located in Budapest begin advertising for the NES and Game Boy sale games are the exact same as they Austrian versions in German or English with a German to English packaging wood locally printed paper instructions in Hungarian Games as well stick is on the consoles indicated their intent

who sells country and games as well on the left in advertisements 1992 showcasing the range of NES games Gameboy and even the Super Nintendo games available on the right we can see the Hungarian translator manual for Super Mario Bros with these days is quite a rare collectible we have become so various different versions what was the release date for it but a superset is the most common and that tiny sticker have the top left indicates Hungarian roots as we’ll see soon again Avalanche of releases of the NES throughout Eastern Europe Nintendo’s introduction hungry actually mirrors that of the rest of Europe quite closely in October of 1992 how to dial an ounce the Hungarian Nintendo championship the competition was based on page of paying the most points within a five-minute window in Super Mario Bros on the NES to be right in Budapest Budapest they also outlined plans for Nationwide competition for the following year and I quote as this game is not well known to hungry yet the competition can only take on Nashville proportions next skip actually pay the national competition if it was held have ever the country receive the Covenant in a magazine localized in Hungarian as well from 1993 playlist describe the Hungarian Club Nintendo magazine which author was based on the other European Club Nintendo issues originally from France and Germany included Hungarian specific articles as well that’s one of the most interesting things to come out of the Hungarian distribution for Nintendo was a TV show called electoral calendar host from 1990 until 1993 but just a few minutes per week the program was basically a colon race of those Super Mario Bros in Super Mario Bros 3 plays with: using a phone with a keypad and control Mario dipenti on the points obtained different prizes way one want by the end of 1993 the two people that receive the most point one brand new Super Nintendo consoles let’s take a look how to Mario Ybarra Super Mario run biotic so yeah that was hungry just book was published in 1993 Maine that was published before the end of the NES is lifespan which of course it means and misses a few countries that in tendo have operations as I publish before the NES was released in South Africa 1993 with repurposed phone Kong NES games and a South African specific console directions in the end of Europe the distributor in the country so minimal successes have the Game Boy was quite popular like many of these countries that lacks copyright laws of the time the biggest challenge that antenna face was competition my third party clothes and so let’s look at Poland Regina. Computer Beaumont international company was founded in Poland having discovered an NES code in Taiwan the company began to steal the color under the name Pegasus the TV Guide as it was known as the high quality knock-off of the NES and made Millions phone like many of the former countries on the 8th of the USSR or the Warsaw Pact at nearly nonexistent upright right there was an antenna was powerless to stop the sale of the system or more importantly the pirated games that sold with the system Pegasus was so popular in the country that intended with an unknown name to the Polish people it was simply Pegasus and nothing more polish gaming magazines such as top secret and Secret Service old started to include sections in the publication about Pegasus release evidence of official Nintendo products did exist a lover with top-secret including NES Club section with people could exchange NES games with each other these halibut with international version of a game such a gem in Spanish or Italian my 1992 100 games are available from Bob Knock by 1994 / 400 in February of 1994 Poland ratified as copyright Lewis main problem I could no longer sell counterfeit games consoles however unaffected on the 6th of October 1994 representatives of a Nintendo

StubHub hour and a company named Entertainment Systems Poland or ESP for short outline the plan for Nintendo in Poland an old assault on Central Europe’s largest market waiting to tender to the country and fraud the Polish makka with Nintendo products ESP would also be the official representative Nintendo in the country estimated at 90% of the game cartridges in the country where legal in 10 o clock a.m. bag refused to enter the country into Street copyright laws were enacted paw touring with Ritz American advertising agency Leo Burnett it announced plans to bombard the country with an array of advertisement promoting the NES Super Nintendo and Game Boy claiming to have allocated 300000 American dollars for two months of advertising leading up to 1995 it’s debatable actually how much was spent on advertisements for systems with localized versions of advertisement made by Europe Germany which can also call me localized versions of advertisements from America all forms of advertisement to be used with magazine radio and television campaigns old be utilized how the list television the normal members one employee work in tsp of the time ESP chose for regional Distributors Lucas toys a C & G and elements electronic each of these companies had previous experience Distributing electronic products from television computers and electronic toys important to note that a C & G’s president was in fact the same as the ESPYs ACG just handle this distribution side of things ESPN representation Monday November 14th so the first day of Nintendo officially being available in stores located in the Central department store in Warsaw or three platforms are available for the Polish market products were expensive to say the least the NES and Gameboy each cost to millions of all th Super Nintendo 3.8 million about 8 years 145 respectively high quality games to each of the systems cost approximately half of the consuls themselves that is 1 million for the NES in Gameboy + 2 million for the Super Nintendo Nintendo put this into perspective in 1994 the average salary of a Polish person was only 5 million salted for an average customer to NES console with one game it would cost more than half a month’s worth of celery I purchase which could easily be made from a cheaper for its alternative to Pegasus unsurprisingly the console sold poorly sold poorly do the abundance of systems that was due on sold in other parts of Europe NES consoles was siphoned from the warehouses of other Distributors and resold in Poland Spanish NES consoles were important Spanish distributor Spiker and stickers were applied to boxes with locally printed menus and warranty cards at it as well Game Boy in Super Nintendo system system app I buy start a bow in German however Stick it to spite original Nintendo finally in Poland games with Stannis Teitelbaum versions with a the German to English boxes and manuals unfortunately we don’t have any photos of the manuals for Polish NES games but an employee of the company has confirmed that they were included in said a Super Nintendo console manual in December 2nd Story Mario Brothers 3 Aladdin and cobi’s adventure of being available demonstration units for which could even be played while the store was closed closed 1995 both ESPN in tanuku stoned with self through of Nintendo products being around 100 units per month the Gameboy solaja successes of competition of course in December in the museum of Japanese art and technology in Krakow a two-week exhibition Nintendo’s products with put on despite the Polish people Super Mario in Krakow Intracoastal molesting Euro and allow people to see all and his offerings in the country in play as many games as they desired one publication described it as looking at a free arcade rather than a museum at the event the regional distributor for Krakow ATM outline Nintendo’s plant in Poland Cummins 1996 and I called the 16-bit Super Nintendo has enjoyed great success is getting a large group of supporters in the country the Gameboy 2 we have announced a sensational reduction in the price of the 8-Bit NES would you help to crush the market of fakes from the country Denny’s continue to sell into 1996 how it was phased out around the middle of the year with the successes ATM describe not being realized various different Super Nintendo

consoles released as well the rest of the attendance history in Poland can be summarized quite easily than tendo64 was eventually released in the country ATM with Roofing Distributing products in the same year along with elemis leaving only Lucas toys and a C & G G 1999 GS pay off the right thing to do in the country saddle valve for Lucas toys with the main distributor in the country and started taking the pill with Market more seriously with properly translated boxes and menus in the same year essay now CD projekt of The Witcher Fame became a distributor for the products of Nintendo in the country with the same CEO of SP the Game Boy Advance its various derivatives still hold the record for the most successful products in Poland in September 2013 it was reported that a total of 350 week consoles have sold in the whole year in 2014 about how to renew the contract with Nintendo things still haven’t gotten better sweat if it’s the into the market Nintendo of 1994 pop into today have never taken the Polish market seriously James’s are still not translated to polish and too many years especially during the start about today’s no advertising this done at all such is life for Poulan I guess well that Poland and Hungary up half the largest markets the NES released in Eastern Europe he doesn’t mean it wasn’t released elsewhere most were in partnership with settle down as well is Slovenia 9 tonight to start about sign with the newly-formed laser plus company to distribute in Taylor products in the country self through of the NES was fairly Paul have it with 2 Super Nintendo consoles tell me everyday and full game boy units the company was successful in bringing the Nintendo to the country in 1993 style Bow Wow signed a contract with m p m sport of the Czech Republic for distribution license in his products in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia however before this content it was actually officially in Czechoslovakia since 1988 to DirecTV deals with static balance and retailers is a huge array of unexamined material is available from this region I really look forward to exploring in the future 1994 Serbia and Montenegro receive the Game Boy and the Super Nintendo distributed by Local Company code beer soft however they Mass marketed likely was at least available if requested Josue 1994 Thunderbird parts with the Croatian company code a clue export-import to release the NES Super Nintendo and Game Boy this company chose 3 read new Subs stupidest Pinel Temple star and go art art Pinot 1995 but can the distributive post now as well in 1995 the only choice company was formed in 1996 they began to handle the distribution in new products in Romania however it is unknown whether the NES was to buy them and if it was slightly they were incredibly small numbers in Greece Cyprus and possibly Macedonia and Albania otaku hell has the greatest subsidiary of the Japanese country otaku disability NES with food-grade translated menus in Russia Lithuania Latvia and Estonia as well as the opposite CIS countries that is for example Ukraine Belarus and Georgia at the time Code was given distribution rights to Nintendo’s products in 1994 indeed the company responsible for the majority of NES Clinton Russia and its bordering countries became the official distributor for Nintendo an interview the director of the company men’s the contract and I called it was a clause in the agreement with the Americans that they would no claims to his company about the den Dee and of course it can continue to sell them however Staples retail stores that it had opened since the success of the den Dee and I quote should not have the Mega Drive consoles of the main competitor of Nintendo what the time say yo clearly knew where their priorities well well it’s quite interesting seeing official Nintendo products with the Deni logo on them like these there was even a popular television show during that time that was all about video games Nintendo included let’s take a quick look at that that Miguel 15 auto parts of Africa in the Middle East even got the NES to like the NES from Egypt pictured here Danielson you know borders with a research to needs to be

conducted we can see that attempts to mock the console made throughout all of you are well beyond what is commonly known other region of the world such as the Middle East and South America for example of received official releases of the NES how about with not enough time in this presentation to explore those regions and must be left to a later date though they’re going to enjoy this presentation I hope you learned a thing or two about Nintendo and the NES hopefully if my book is finished soon and it’ll outline everything before we discussed and more I hope everyone has enjoyed the presentation this load a thing or two about Nintendo NES NES hope since you again soon about being an ass and explore more research as it’s found again thanks for listening stay safe and enjoy packs on I would like to introduce you a Cooperative frenzied Myspace Spacetime fun-filled game by the name of out the first time from videos Australia countdown is a cab co-op games for friends and family without the four players were together before night Falls night Falls back together as a team to complete campsites and I’m looking for the areas in the game driving mix some hazards from natural environments such as things to get out of hand quickly haha I’m not that is on its way free short to share the tools a pickaxe is a race against Real players are required to build tents constructed campfire cooking enough food and get into bed before mustafa’s resources a a balla boarding passes navigating the landscape

efficiently and work cooperatively to complete the objective as quickly as possible complete now jitsu Regence finished in Space is finished quick catch a break before iPhone choices gameplay demonstration you can wish list now on Steam darkmagic is The Wizard of Acquisitions Incorporated he is first and foremost I would say a stage magician he’s a performer so the spells that he has 10 not to be very useful not great for the rest of the party just because I can’t help a lot I don’t do a lot of damage but I can make people invisible I can make sure hours of Sparks there’s a lot of exciting crowd thrilling spells the gym can do really important to go through gym think about what his unique things are right so he’s got his wand holster and his twin wands he’s got his skull brooch the cloak so all the little pieces of Jim that that you like her in there and then now they’ve got stats a little stories and stuff don’t work together in teams so you know Rosie has a buff for all younger women them to make sure that they understood the gym did not help anyone else his abilities had to be things that would make him better maybe even at the cost of the party I make sure the gyms Altima that would be completely useless but incredibly flashy and does a tiny bit of damage it’s mostly just Sparks and showers of Fire it’s fun to pretend to have that confidence the new and improved Jim darkmagic played by Mike krahulik like this the last show at last where I came out in that costume like that was I was so nervous and her come out in a wig and everything and make and like a leather leather pants but Jim has confidence right like he would be able to do that and so it’s fun to pretend to be someone who has that you can do that

I would like to introduce you a cooperative frenzied Myspace

Spacetime fun-filled game by the name of out the first

videos from Melbourne Australia countdown is a cat co-op games

game for friend family without the four players were together

before night Falls night Falls as a team to complete campsite

and I’m looking for the areas in the game

route me to mix some hazards from natural environments such


things are short it gets out of hand quickly


I’m not that is on its way

I said earlier early want to purchase

and I’m not at the British Open

is a race against the clock to build tents construct campfire

cooking a whole foods and get into bed before. Darkness Falls

is mustafa’s resources

hazards navigating to landscape efficiently and work

cooperatively to complete the objective as quickly as possible


2 Chainz complete

Regence finished

exhaust temperature is finished done


cricket Japan to bed before nightfall


hope you enjoy this game demonstration you can wish list

can’t doubt now on Steam

Wizard of Acquisitions Incorporated he is first and

foremost I would say a stage magician he’s a performer so the

spells that he has and not to be very useful not great for the

rest of the party just because I can’t help a lot I don’t do a

lot of damage but I can make people invisible I can make

Showers of Sparks there’s a lot of exciting crowd thrilling

spells that Jim can do

really important to go through gym and think about what his

things are right so he’s got his want hi welcome to the video

games for self-care I’m Eric Landon program director for

Child’s Play charity hi I’m just so we are on our account specialist with NPD games I work with a variety of publishers manufacturers in organizations within the video games industry including Child’s Play I’m a nurse that relationship and I was also a early part of the classification involved in the guy project that were to be talking to you guys about today hi Emma Anthony Silva I’m an operations analyst at MPD I run the classification team for games out of our Carlsbad office I was one of the original contributors on this project and do most of the classification on the therapeutic games week to week I wanted to thank you for for coming to see our panel we’re going to be in the chat during the whole panel so you have any questions or comments or need some links or whatever you’re free to ask us there a little bit about a child’s place so we were founded as a stunt in 2003 by Mike and Terry a penny arcade as a push back to some of the people who believe the games were terrible and we’re doing terrible things they reached out to Seattle Children’s Hospital in and built a wish list of of games and toys you know things like crayons all kinds of stuff that would be useful to them during the holiday season and threw it out to the community and the community responded overwhelmingly almost a quarter million dollars was stuff was bought with in less than 2 months overwhelming their garages and and forcing them to rent U-Hauls to get it there and then over the years after that the the charity was formed as a little Charity if I won C3 registered in the US and over the years Community you folks have given you normally raising millions and millions of dollars that allows us to both get games and toys and hospitals but also invest in tools like this guide that can really help hospitals use games more therapeutically for Anthony I we before we were that PD with a company called e r e r stand for Electronic Entertainment design a research and it was founded in 2006 by industry veterans Jeff Sackett and Drake you might actually recognized cup stacking from the awesome video games day at a time is that he’s giving it packs for several years now the company eat are the aim of it was too make the video games industry Smarter with metadata we say metadata were talking about facts about video games and things like release date champs room platform as simple as you know what are berating there’s no objective fact that we record and over the next 10 years we took this approach and weed as many games that come out of it came out as we possibly good over as many kind of vectors this week and we develop his huge database of / 7 million facts about nearly 90,000 product and Anthony you’ve been there since pretty much the beginning of this so you want to speak a little bit better metadata yeah I meditate on each product that just like metal those the 90,000 about 1,500 facts right now per product that we track and of those different categories I just talked about we have things like genre we have game Space we have Cam perspective mentioned something about objective and subjective facts and those objectives data like release date like sales of things that have one possible answer if you look at game genres that business objective thing which we use definitions to develop a methodology of research again in jonra were looking at the gay actual gameplay the actions that the user undertakes play looking at the game to finding features of her example in RPG there’s a heavy focus on character advancement or an arcade games that a heavy focus on score and limited lives and then finally for genre we go ahead and group light like objects so we’re creeping things together that gets along together for sure so eat are with all this better day to work in this huge database we began our collaboration with child’s play in 2014 two years later and PD Hirsch St tartar recognizing our expertise and the database using it with NPD sales data just made sense and eat our was acquired 2016 acquired 2016 so games are good for you we can all agree on that especially right now in 2020 I think so think it’s really important to remember that video games can be a great Avenue for self-care I mean obviously it has not been a great year for many people the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus DMX I have flexible lock at home a lot of people dealing with serious mental health issues and we think it’s important to remind do you have to look far to find examples of this in the market in March and April we saw a gigantic engagement with video

games and the games industry because of the pandemic or perhaps it formed by the pandemic Amex success for example the Animal Crossing New Horizons yeah it’s a great game is the first party games for Nintendo on a platform that is selling extremely well the Nintendo switch but also has the ideal printers for right now all we want to do is get away from all of this so what could be better than an Island Getaway where you’re at you’re just hanging out with you these animal friends and having a good time I think people that really resonated with people who are feeling trapped at that time and I think this moment Amarillo culturally especially here in this country is is that were reminded of how important play is and that games can be a great space to still get that social engagement that we really need one where all isolated so obviously there are well-documented benefits of Gaming the top one that you you probably think of first and I certainly do is that games are helpful. I hand coordination cognitive performance I know I was a little kid I definitely use that excuse many times when told to go outside but it’s true games can help with eye hand coordination and then your cognition games can do that might not be so obvious you know games can help us with a sense of accomplishment and making progress when perhaps we feel like things have stagnated similarly games can frighten Escape or distraction from the upsetting familiar I know you know all of us are lockdown right now we’re not in the same room like you’d like to be you were all on our homes in those part and that cycling is way down on you and games can offer you escape from that or whatever so brief brief it’s also really help us to know the better sense of apathy and care about others such a role playing games that are invite you to step into the shoes another character live their life make decisions as them we find this could be helpful for that as well well yeah so just talked about all of those documented benefits of games and in some cases assumed the benefits of games so for this project was that going to be enough for us to move forward on recommended games enter was definitely no that we were going to have to collaborate with professionals new we’re also going to have to look at what we were tracking so I mentioned earlier those objectives and subjective facts that prior to this project we really only had a few sections that were truly subjective one being King jonra the other really being literary genre or seem like some of the horror game or science-fiction game what’s the camera perspective is this to two years is 3D and well those are incredibly important and track well as sales in a great City report they were going to be a challenge here for what we wanted to accomplish we really only had games on on that was just not going to be sufficient so you’re going to see you what we did to 2 Short at up so the core idea was that we would use this metadata and our recommendation engine to provide games that would be useful for these applications but we first had to figure out the right components to make that possible so we did seek out third-party expertise to verify you know some of what we thought might be true we wanted to make sure that we had real back in here so we work with three people primarily on this dr. pepper Lieberman PhD she was the director of the National Health games research program out of UCSB we also work with dr. Daniel Johnson Ph.D he is the lead of the Queensland University of Technology games researcher interaction Design Lab we also work with dr. Douglas genteel he is a Christian child psychologist in over 25 years of experience conducting research with both adults and children so with the expertise that they brought to the table were able to look at our findings of what they were telling us about what was going to be the most effective way to to look at these games today what factors were going to be important we were thinking about therapeutic application application out of that we kind of narrowed it down to six broad categories so first day of games that are for pain these are games that would distract from either immediate pain or a adult chronic pain something where you just want to not think about how you’re feeling these games are good for that board in which is split into two categories are short-term board on which is good for waiting room situations and were short stay you talking about 10 to 15 minutes maybe a short. Of time when she just need to kill some time needed immediate pickup and play a game that you can put down too fast extend looking at a longer stay maybe you’re in hospital maybe you

just need a game that’s going to keep you and Gage for much longer going to talk about 30 to 40 hours again longer than that games that you can play Forever yeah then we also have anxiety much like pain here were distracting in this case from worry or anxiety sadness games to improve the mood discourage negative thought patterns and numbers that have let me be medicated or be talking to Liam pair of candies are low impact games with limited sale States States so after we look at these different symptoms we worked out the hierarchy of self we have key factors on his hierarchy including things like subject matter genre mood tone frequency and complexity that sort of thing Anthony yeah so some of these were going to take things that we already had in the original higher keys but we were just adding so much more based on that feedback and so entirely new sections of the hierarchy going to have to be traded like just put it out like subject matter like food in town in frequency section lengths goals things that are going to form more than arm edited it was more than you thought he was really more than any data was about games other than playing the came that sell I really are our meditate is almost able to give us a complete Rundown So based on these data points in each category each team get the score so all those six things that we believe that we can help with the again features of each game is classified and then verified against bat and then furthermore we also use recent release the platform or the reviews for to add an additional elements of climate classification right here we’re seeing an example of the higher head self so this is actually a little bit of the meat potatoes or what he’s talking about if you wanted to walk through this great we’re looking straight at the accessibility hierarchy and I was talking about frequency is input and complexity of input we mentioned the prequel to The complexity of the input is the actual button Maps so if you think of an Angry Birds Stella game or game is just a clicker you’re only in putting that game in one way it’s very easy to comprehend and there’s not really any friction between the user and their input moderate Pace game please look up your high complexity to games like a maddened you may have the face buttons on that but then pressing L1 using and tired of you say being able to give you a third-set some of those games you can see how that would be a real accessible barrier to games Gamers of cognitive impairment or in where you’re not trying to have them get any friction between input and the game we also track music controls and another big factor in it and accessibility and an accessibility were also tracking the accessibility of the game so both C mechanics of the games with systems that are involved in the learning curve so you can look at a game like Minecraft which it has a whole bunch of systems in it in it RPG but in the case of Minecraft a learning curve of Minecraft pick up and play Minecraft actually low write that someone can actually pick up that game go into the open world of that Minecraft games and actually get some value out of traversing that without hitting a failed state now with other games like Civilization the learning curve on that is much higher where someone isn’t able to just take off and start playing that and having some initial value out of it kind of breaking you these important things of the game into these multiple variables were able to query like we would on any of our other made a date made a date be kind of help us get these best games yeah I’m just a little bit more on the hierarchy here I don’t know I was going to say I was going to say her and setting and that’s another just really important thing because as we’re talking you know we just looked at the the accessibility of the game and how that might help inform a title but as when we started out in this project that we’re going to need to know a lot about these games to get these good game and in this case accessibility wasn’t going to be all we needed so for example if you look at a great game 4 her pain would be high frequency games with low complexity or high-frequency you may just do a query just to get against that and you’re going to get games like heavy rain which is going to be something you do not want to be recommending to two preteens but when you take mood and setting and you’re able to then look at the tire to hear you might be able to look at a game with a white toner or or a great mood and you’re going to get something like Dragon’s Lair which is a perfect name for pain so Jeff will run a little bit more through of them

this is probably my favorite hierarchy in the entire database honestly I really like the I like looking at subject matter and tell him because I think it’s important that you capture the balance between town and subject-matter another classics like tone but a jovial town after being a unit of a dark theme to Game about some dark things we also have hear music and sound this isn’t important thing to call Alex sensory input his gigantic for a lot of people and especially the game music and really impact that we have some special call outs on the hierarchy here for things like high energy music dissonance music or kind of plaster to call me relaxing music in all these inputs kind of inform how we rank the titles on the other aunt I think about something like you know like Doom has dissonant music as much as I would enjoy it and that’s maybe not the kind of music you want and every game you would recommend for these categories right so having that be Pyar Ki once we classify all of those games and we’ve been doing over a thousand per year Did you knows many of those don’t make the recommended list but you have to do all those titles that the best one surface to the top so so how do we do the hell what are the best titles and how do we verify that will first you know you know what you be talked about those symptoms and me crate Benchmark title is based on that feedback so when we came up with the best in Class things that could help for the pain system we went ahead and actually created a test game filled it out with what we consider would be the perfect one hundred percent score so on high-frequency this and that we do that for each category and in Forever game is classified we actually run that through our recommendation engine against those tests games age can get the score against that ideal game we do that / platform and run and then establish rankings by that platform and then we review in adjust on top of that based on things again like you score and release date and then also also so we don’t have like six Mario games you know Mario is going very high we want to be able to give us a little variety at 2 to child’s play as well yeah it’s it’s really important to us that the recommendations despite the fact that we’re using the metadata we’re using the recommendation engine rebuilding out these lists that using know that what we think is really your data we also want to have a little bit of the human gut check at the end that’s kind of what that last step is really just making sure that we look at a stopping at look at it this does this feel right and as any second of removing redundancies in title self once we have all of those rankings we have the results and this is actually pretty fun we’re going to walk through some of the titles that we have recommended to Child’s Play Child’s Play has been able to recommend using our guide that we’ve collaborated on together to help people play games and feel better better so what’s up with pain it’s kind of the most straightforward with me. Example for a reason free painting games are looking at a high frequency of input as we talked about the diss track from Angels me up shorter play sessions Anthony you anything else you want to confer for pain specifically Tivoli also low complexity mechanics and learning curve a silly Angry Birds what you’re talking about one or two buttons ideally something something a little bit more immediate immediate goals that you can go after you should be confused in a pain the game so here are some of the examples for pain that we delivered atomic theory of Tetris effect it’s a recent version of Tetris and you probably know about Tetris you’ve probably seen it before but it does not lose its Effectiveness hear you’ve got a really soothing music a lot of great sensory input and an immediate simple game to focus on the high skill ceiling in Tetris music Tetris effect is a is a good version of the game another exciting recommendation hear another game you finally played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe you know and the key thing here is not just that it’s Mario Kart and it’s good it’s that it both has the high don’t put the Simplicity their accessibility options in Mario Kart 8 that allow you to auto-steer Auto accelerate all of this stuff sort of brings together the police a package that makes Mario Kart or really good recommendation for this category puzzle action games in general and I decided to also had a really good game for pain it has frequent and putts short sessions it’s a real wacky thing it’s over quickly and

though there’s a lot of a kind of Chaos it’s going to distract you from the pain so that’s a look at painting games lot of arcade Shooters going to get totally yeah yeah I’m leaving work really well but yeah that’s where you get your shooters for sure because left trigger right trigger it feels good next we have other board and we talked about those are best for waiting room stays and you’re looking at a professional Mechanics for pick up and play a moderate to high frequency of input shorter play sessions so one of the great things we were showing that hire key right now is just a cut out we could stand 2 hours just talking up a claymore are short-term goals things like Max Victory right and and board we’re going to find a lot of those in to win a match remember trying to beat a level level completion with another one so yeah immediate goals and objectives for sale and some of those games that we came up where dogs pee ever was talking about it right now and it really is at the perfect at the moment as short-term boredom games ball guys yeah you’re getting high engagement the masses are relatively short and they have a quick objectives you’re just getting in there you’re playing you have some fun rock at least another one incredibly immediately engaging you’re looking at again Mash victory and you’re getting some some some great excitement in a short. Of time just another shout-out to how we’re cutting use game and so you see things in a course you might think of you I lose some of the best games of course you would recommend them how we’re doing the death of these mechanics we can look in seafall guys is really a perfect name for short-term board on but it might not be the best game for anxiety and really kind of recommending the most optimal games for the best symptoms not just good games that’s why we had to go through this process to make sure we could recommend these things are really feel like they’re airtight tight and he said there’s an inherent tension to Battle Royale style games and I know that even with simplified inputs in a very straightforward goal I still haven’t won a match with all guys so hopefully soon so bored of the other half of 4 boredom as I mentioned earlier you’re looking at and are to focus a lot to these games you have something that really trust the player through and continues to engage them overtime not necessary but very helpful for the category you know something like broccoli with her with a learning curve is fragile and simple mechanics here you want a gradual learning curve and a high ceiling of the can if you want something where you’re going to get better at the systems in the game you’re going to play water play sessions or you going to have the option to play long or short you want to come of that variability sing a longer sessions for extended boredom are some games for extended boredom We have the recent Paper Mario origami King obviously there have been some Paper Mario versus over the years this one seems to be one of the war of the inaccessible he looks interesting spatial thinking combat system with these rings around has plenty of great writing 4 top marks for that we find it to be a Preacher Man game music but also fits that have extended play sessions narrative breast model for a game of the other side with this not much narrative narrative of steps I mean it’s Minecraft Minecraft for me and one of the biggest games in the world and it’s because it’s a if on every platform even think of it’s got to be you contacted has creative mode custom servers there’s so many things you can do in Minecraft and then that’s not even touching creative mode which is again we’re reducing those things like you no fail states and objectives objectives just kind of reducing it to its course. So Minecraft very flexible Source pretty well a lot of categories will be think it’s especially good for 4 or extended board right and it’s another one that’s great in all categories but really is a great thing here is Animal Crossing so people you know who the growing their Island and then really building it up. Is it get a great sense of accomplishment from that over a long. Of time so we talked a little bit of how you know maybe all guys isn’t best for anxiety right now but again the last frequent inputs in The Limited failsafe not to do when trying to reduce frustration here and playing a game where you pick it up in your losing or you feel like you can’t make any Headway that this is not helping when you know you’re feeling anxious and they’re generally slower paced

so we’re looking at the games we have for that so Goose game rights so it does have some some a little bit higher input for the thing about that is empowering go around and cause havoc mess around kind of have fun and it’s really pleasing in that way another way just talked about was with those kind of puzzle Platformers and here’s one with Garden in between earlier you’re getting a great music you getting those soft colors and you’re really engaging with a different world in a non-threatening way for those things I could be really helpful my way definitely and the other thing was was Goose game is as light as you said it’s it’s really aware it’s where the music the style the comedy all just has really elevating this game for anxiety where it’s like if you’re looking at 1 factor really controls maybe look at his game and say maybe a side ideal but that’s why we look at all the different factors so we can really drive home what’s good for what so sadness you know your anxiety games are looking to call sadness you’re really looking to elevate mood so as I was just talking about the goose game game and also kind of ends up in these categories as well because it wasn’t setting and tone but here’s the Simplicity of inputs again for sadness there are a variety of other factors here in setting and tell him that that need to be called out the tennis is one of those pretty specific ones here a couple games that we have recommended for Santa Fe I really I really like so one of the things I want to point out is that we’ve covered a lot of games a lot of platforms and threes has something that actually was part of the console really good chill puzzle game matching puzzle math game and it’s just got a lot of charm for a game like that there’s a lot of pleasantness and sound design in the little tiles two faces on them it’s a nice game things that the person they’re getting through those those small challenges they’re getting winds along the way and it in a setting to sleep right now looking at a goals are achieved the things you’re making progress Songbird symphony is one of our favorite recommence platformer about a bird trying to reunite with his family has got into it if controls again very Charming game that we’re really proud of about this game is that we delivered a recommendation for software Symphony to Child’s Play before his hockey published story about this game really rude recommending and this is kind of an example we’re talking about we say like we’re not just picking the popular games we’re hopefully picking games that will be popular and are fitting these categories so I think other examples before it got an article but really it is such a joy doing this classification work seeing all these games and then really finding those Hidden Gem then some pieces are so fantastic four categories but you know might not have the discoverability otherwise yeah and the volume of releases today is so great that you know you were happy to find these things that might slip through the cracks otherwise healthy Elevate them so once we have all of this Anthony ever we collect we collect all the games all of the rankings and we have the output file put into a nice for Matt way of designers that take the output we kind of make recommendations for Tuki age groups were talking over 13 level 13 thing Grace Mario Odyssey Etc after we’ve designed the guide we hand it back to Eric and Child’s Play and and they take it away so yeah so we we get the guys we have them printed in nice booklets that we can hand out of hospitals and we take them around so we as we said we started about six years is 5/6 years ago we first had the guides and at that point we start actually visiting hospital that’s the way to get it out there and we had a pretty good idea that we knew it we felt like this was going to be useful but we visited hospitals and start handing them out they were they were just dumbstruck and and and so thankful they Child Life staff have always had a bit of a knowledge or an inkling that that the games were helping kids in the hospital but to have this guide that they could use as kind of a prescriptive Clinically prescriptive he’s our clinical symptoms but they were familiar with that they could use it and it was so much more affirming to them to be able to say hi yes this game is great

for this kiddo who is suffering from long-term pain I can give us women I can see the benefits of it yeah it was it was enormously helpful if we continue to we’ve handed out probably 8000 thousand copies of the guide so far in Last 5 Years and we deserted about a hundred and ten different hospitals in that timing and chatted with them as well as mailing it out regularly every year with our gifts that we sent to hospital or hundred eighty-five Parker Hospital and then heading out at conferences like PacSun and up child by conferences in other places where we are just to get it out there you know we don’t we don’t make the guy didn’t sell it we don’t we don’t do this right but we just want this knowledge DLP want the world to see how games can be more therapeutic and how they can help with the self-care stuff yeah and here we’ve just a few of the hospital as soon who’s the guy that utilize data and there’s a cure clear the screen you can scan that if you want to take a look at the guy for yourself there’s a lot of great recommendations in there a lot of games I actually really like what you know you you start this project can you think you’ll like what are the recommendations really going to look like and we were just happy to see that it was great games that we felt like work yeah and it’s it’s available in which there it’s on our website if you if you are in a place school or hostile or something and you need some physical copies let us not reach out to us we’re happy to to send you physical copies if you would like to drink some research or or would like some sort of more data on to the guide has it only inboards only has three copies of each game in each category because different games in each category maybe from from 2025 more day. Please let us know and then Reach Out and if you want to talk about it or if her contact information on the screen we’re happy to feel any questions about this stuff on the MPD side as well we’re so happy about the work and I’m proud to still be doing it and enclosing I do want to I do want to ask you both a question do you have a favorite game that we have recommended in the guy or the other game that you you really want to call out that we haven’t talked about I mean like as far as a game that is a wiener in hospitals Minecraft we talked about it but it is so useful and so many categories creative mode. It’s pretty great for anxiety cause you can just wander around to do anything long-term boredom obviously even short-term or the most kids are so familiar with it that you can play I heard something and that sell you the game is so ubiquitous that it becomes kind of like and unlike something on fortnite which is focused on competitive play but you said you have that creative mode can go for it I think two of the games that I see on the list frequently that I’m just a little selfish but Fez Hammer from last generation and I can’t has wonderful music it’s got a deep puzzles I think it’s a great long-term boarding take I think it’s specially 13 up why does 13 Oz games they’re not all the action Shooters you know it’s not all dollar this is very bright and pleasant game that has beautiful heart and I say fast is a good pic also go with the selfish ones to change category it’s the pinball Journey for anxiety it’s not always like giant AAA games that fell to the top like sometimes there are there any games that you know that they can trade it in and filled to the top and then you know hopefully can benefit so my kids so yeah I want one thing I love about journey in the guy as well is that that is a title that I’m out of people would call out I love that are higher keep out that what we did there for the system we put in place it does for our system validate that the journey we believe the AR system is a good game for those yes what is therapeutic games for self-care we hope that you enjoyed it please feel free to ask any questions via email or again in the chat and I hope that you have a wonderful packs online thank you in Japanese thanks everybody much

and welcome to us develop a traduction for Golem Glory festival at turn-based tactical RPG with a concealed weapon it’s your only weapon we set out to create a variance the focus is on Tactical Unit placement than clever use of the environment in Garland Lori your foes canopy humph I know what instead of your Heroes use their abilities to push and maneuver first deadly hazards around the battlefield not everything you face will full so easily from Undead sorcerer is to mahe dragons we’ve done some bosses to challenge a from the greatest heroes though your foes will be powerful you will have plenty of tools to balance the odds as you play Your Heroes will a mess the blessings of ancient deities H providing new sets of skills and abilities mix and match these Boons of divinity to create your own unique play style as you challenge the Legends the first boy from the timid Olson Studios thank you so much for your attention and may your adventures in the draft last be glorious create a timer I’m linn-baker get packed West 2018 thanks a child’s play play I’ve always liked video games and Liam would first just watched myself play video games you to always be by my side as you got older lamb start over taking my skills at first Lynnwood play let me try dad let me try and then I just let Leon do I cook lamb became his passion became his passion at 6 months old I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and since then I’ve been go to the hospital five times a year for 14 days Days every year and the beginning of the hospital stay in there like nothing to do and it was really like boys and stuff and then as I got older Child’s Play came into the

picture I definitely don’t know where I’d be now without having video games to play for someone who is stuck in this like biometric does all these people just walking by outside me and April do you like but his bed every day normal life it helps provide me a sense like I’m connected to the outside world I just got an older but it just seems like he’s been spending more time in the hospital and it also affects his overall mental health as well how many games available to lamp while he’s a possible if so beneficial to Liam’s overall translate started in 2003 there was a newspaper article that really kind of got Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade Fire it up that said video games or murder simulator can send and people had to be horrible and so they decided that they would show the world games can be good people they knew that they were good people they knew hundreds of thousands of gamers are also good people and they they issued a challenge end of November like November 24th that said we’ve got this wish list of toys put together for Seattle Children’s buy a toy send it to us will deliver it in 2 weeks Bay Rays about a quarter million dollars worth of points and from that point went oh this was kind of a stunt we were doing and this was a huge impact we need to continue this then quickly in the next year or registered charity made it official charity reached out to a whole bunch of other hospitals. More of the hospitals on board and Charles play was a was a thing thing stop the weather toe that’s all you got

hi and welcome to us develop a traduction for Golem Glory

festival at turn-based tactical RPG with a Battlefield is your only weapon here at Elston Studios we set out to create a task. The focus is on Tactical Unit placement that clever use of the environment in Garland Lori your foes canopy humph I know what instead of your Keepers use their abilities to push and maneuver first deadly hazards around the battlefield not everything else will Undead sorcerer has to mahe dragons bosses to challenge a from the greatest heroes though your foes will be powerful you will have plenty of tools to balance the odds as you play Your Heroes will a mess the blessings of ancient deities H providing new sets of skills and abilities mix and match these Boons of divinity to create your own unique play style as you challenge the Legends the first boy from the timid Olson Studios thank you so much for your attention and may your adventures in the draft last be glorious turn off I’m Liam Baker get packed West 2018 thinks of Child’s Play I’ve always liked video games and Liam would first just watched myself play video games you’d always be by my side as you got older lamp start over taking my skills at first Lynnwood play let me try dad let me try and then I just let Leon do it cuz lamb became his passion became his passion at 6 months old I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and since then I’ve been going to the hospital five times a year for 14 days Days every year and the beginning of the hospital stay is there is like nothing to do and it was really like boys and stuff and then as I got older Child’s Play came into the picture I definitely don’t know where I’d be now without having video games to play for someone who is stuck in this like in because all these people just walk in by outside me and April do you like but his bed every day normal life it helps provide me a sense like I’m still connected to the outside world I just got an older it just seems like he’s been spending more time in the hospital and it also affects his overall mental health as well how many games available to lamp while he’s in the hospital it’s so beneficial to Liam’s overall chance my started in 2003 there was a newspaper article that

really kind of got Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade Fire it up that said video games or murder simulator unconcerned and people how to be horrible and so they decided that they would show the world that games can be good people they knew that they were good people than you hundreds of Gamers thousands of Gamers across with good people and so they issued a challenge end of November like November 24th that said we’ve got this list of toys for the Seattle Children’s buy a toy that it to us will deliver it in they raved about a quarter and from that point went oh this was kind of a stunt we were doing and this was a huge impact we need to continue this then quickly in the next year your registered charity made it official charity reset the whole bunch of other hospitals got more of the hospitals on board in Child’s Play was a was a thing Frankenstein that’s all you got

Toys R Us Us all you got

to add developer introduction for Garland Glory festival at turn-based tactical RPG with a Battlefield only weapon we set out to create The focus is on Tactical Unit placement than clever use of the environment in Garland right you’ll photos cannot be final weapons instead of your Heroes use their abilities to push pull and Maneuvers deadly hazards around the battlefield mahe dragons weave. Of the drowned plants with fearsome bosses to challenge a from the greatest of Heroes though you’ll foes will be powerful you will have plenty of tools to balance the as you play Your Heroes will a mess the blessings of ancient deities H providing you sets of skills and abilities mix and match these Boons of divinity to create your own Nike play style as you challenge the legends of the first born first born from the Tama Dustin Studios thank you so much for your attention and may your adventures in the draft last be glorious I’m Liam Baker get Pax West 2018 things to Child’s Play Play I’ve always liked video games and Liam would first just watched myself play video games you to always be by my side as you got older and started for taking my skills at first when I would like try dad let me try and then I just let Liam do it cuz lamb became his passion passion I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and since then I’ve been going to the hospital five times a year for 14 days Days every year and the beginning of the hospital stay is there like nothing to do and it was really like boys and stuff and then as I got older Child’s Play came into the picture I definitely don’t know where I’d be now without having video games to play for somebody who is stuck in this like in does all these people just walk him by outside in April do you like like normal life it helps provide me a sense like I’m still connected to the outside world I just got it also affects his overall mental health as well how many games available to lamp while he’s in the hospital it’s so beneficial to Liam’s overall health that helps them get the days days cancel a star died in 2003 there was a newspaper article that really kind of got Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade Fire it up that said video games or murder simulator kitchen cabs in and people how to be horrible and so they decided that they would show the world that games can be good people they knew that they were good people they knew hundreds of thousands of gamers are also good people and so they issued a challenge end of November like November 24th that said we’ve got this wish list of toys put together for Seattle Children’s buy a toy send it to us will deliver it in 2 weeks Bay Rays about a quarter million dollars of toys and from that point went oh this was kind of a stunt we were doing and this was a huge impact we need to continue this then quickly in the next year or registered charity made it official charity reached out to a whole bunch of other hospitals got more of the hospitals on board and Child’s Play was a was a thing

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is this all you fat to project playing pandemics creativity and covid-19 we’re going to spend the hour sharing with you what we’ve been up to creatively the past few months hopefully that will inspire you to begin working on your own projects that you’ve been thinking about or encourage you to pursue new skills during this time the panel is what it is themselves and then we’ll get started hi my name is Michelle clef I’m a writer and narrative designer with the Outsourcing Studio tale-spinners which does a game writing a narrative design for various skin companies and game studios I’m also the co-founder and chair of the IGA romance and sexuality special interest group which basically talked about romance games sex games and the developers that make them and enjoy them so yeah I’m Stacy Mason I’m an indie developer and narrative designer and researcher and so I previously worked at companies like Telltale where I was that creative lead at the RNC group I’ve also worked at places like Hangar 13 part of 2K Games and then moved on to endear eye works at Sunderland Studios and am now starting my own team I’m also finishing up a PhD in computer science with the center for games and playable media at UC Santa Cruz Cruz I’m sharing this with I am an independent game designer ride to an artist I do mainly independent field work your show in Galleries and things like that difficult clients such as the music Crystal look for them and Wizards of the Coast I was part of the DMV live 19 this year and organization I’m also on the faculty of computer science at Fordham and I’m in the program in the faculty for the program of advanced photographic studies at the at Bard College the at Bard College I’m Samantha Reger my current day job title is that I am a senior content strategist which it sounds super impressive but it’s a fancy way of saying I copy and paste a lot of stuff and then tell people that I don’t like I also am a freelance writer copy editor and diversity consultant and I’ve published exciting news my D&D group just passed our first year anniversary and I am twit persistently I am a writer and editor in general I also work in games as a game designer designer game writer editor and diversity consultant I have worked on everything from the AAA to Indy Aiko co-authored the book The Game narrative toolbox and I also contributed to an edited narrative tactics for mobile and social games pocket sized storytelling so that’s a little bit about us so what have we been doing since the pandemic started what new projects have you taken on at first you got to go from a little bit different than everyone else on me panel in that my personal projects have been less personal products and more so than external ish projects that have external deadlines but that I’ve been kind of quietly putting off and put it off until covid-19 and then like right well I guess now’s the time to work on them so one of the things I’ve been

doing is I have been working on a book on how to write and Design sex scenes in video games that was something that had basically I’ve been kind of like okay get around to it at some point and then it happens like will I get some points is now and the other thing I did I’ve been doing that is sort of a personal project is a an interactive fiction game with there’s a company called Fable Labs that does sort of mobile interactive fiction and I’ve been sort of basically I kind of got to kick started with that and it’s been taking a while but I’ve been working on that in my spare time the other thing is that actually drink overtime basically came back home to to take care of my dad cuz he’s needed a little bit of extra taken care of and he get started making a game in RPG Maker to White Pass his time so a lot of the times I’ll be like at at like 8 o’ dinner and suddenly he’ll be like I don’t understand how this works like it or change a few like variables and then it will all work and he’s like to do it and what is this Wizardry and I’d like like that’s why I get paid the big bucks please will somebody pay me sorry go ahead I just going to say the other thing that I’ve been meaning to get back to you in terms of personal like for fun projects has been dreams on PlayStation 4 which is a really good sort of technically user-friendly very powerful game creation tool and they just released their VR set so you can actually make and play VR games in it now and I still kind of suck at 3 a.m. sat in particularly in terms of art but I’m like I want to start making life VR spaces to hang out in you know while I’m stuck inside during covid-19 so but I’ve been up to yes I mentioned before that I’m putting together an Indy team and also finishing up a PhD and both of those are things that will kind of expand to fill the time that you give them which unfortunately drink Ovid is all of the time a couple of months into a shelter kind of realizing that I was working a hundred and 10% of my time just cuz there was no real break between work and down time for me and a couple of my other ride her friends found themselves in a similar position and sort of lamenting the fact that we weren’t really riding for fun anymore and so we started a game Jam which were calling for fiction Jam that’s based around interactive fiction and Story games so it’s kind of work on a different time scale as a hobby but what is done is sort of allowing me to tap into you know some of the things to your feelings that I can’t really put it into my commercial work and being able to have a creative outlet for that will also growing a community that’s really welcoming for people that have first it will never meet again before I better interested in trying out interactive fiction for the first time so That’s a really fun and honestly I low-key kind of keeping me sane during the quarantine and I just now connected the Dark Souls 2 Who You are because of March 9th to fix it the most importantly I have been expanding my cooking skills lost I have cooked more but I have roasted more chickens in covid-19 picked any bird before covid-19 roasting sticks chicken so far in the past I just roasted one chicken one duck in 1/2 straight so lots of new cooking things are you on made cookies for the first time I made brownies for the first time it’s amazing but interesting for me like worry if you’re not productive repeat yourself and find a time like excuse me I’m a freelancer Daddy landlord needs me to be productive so don’t tell me all that because all the people tell me that are salaried employees right independent people who are watching this you’re in range of people right so I get infuriated when people are turn you took care of my honey it’s not so you know your anger is fight so I have be well go to me I was we were heading into publishing Thea into place and a lot of that for me I’ve quite sure has now been marketing so I’ve been a journalist and going on panels and talking to a podcast interviews and blah blah blah about not this kind of Poppy stop being a big thing I’ve been

doing and I find that it’s been harder for me to do creative work and so balancing it out with this kind of thing you have been really really good that we did a lot of that however I did just start a new project 2 weeks ago so according to turn on I-4 to Davis and I are partnering with strange Horizons Austin Samantha mention that so we are on special issue next year about so that we sounded like because I need hot wax ended I literally called Cleo and I’m like hey remember this like time to lising hinted drop legs months ago let’s just make it happen now that is not because I have more time and thought about you not the case because I’m a freelancer similar it right I might have more time and that I’m not doing my life work anymore but like I like stacy says a lot of freelance work just fills the space you give it right back for fall because I have to change the way I’m teaching courses so I told you so was the one like big thing and I think what’s been making me do that where I was working with other people like a lot of the indeed a lot of small Enduro play giving jiangshi blood in the banquet hall just made like $100,000 right the day like in doing coke small thing I’m not sure if I do like this small I think we should think again unmanageable because they feel by son and a lot of trouble getting longer work done I was working on a choice of games story and I just stopped and I should email my editor and be like and also I’ve been gearing up to go into the publishing phase for a number of large but I got one the voice for a couple of publish them but a lot of them of them alarms about death right and I’ll be right and Shining flashlights in the environment not going to have a drink of it so I have to mix those project yeah it’s listening to you guys talked about like feeling all your time and doing all the stuff and being super productive and I’m over here like my personality if you ask me what I’ve done during covid-19 Instinct is to be done nothing I just you know sat on the couch have to actually have other people outside of me goes no sweetie you’ve actually done a lot let’s list it out so like when toilet when you invited me to this enjoy call you’re working on that that Homebrew D&D thing you should be on the panel is like does that count count I had exactly the same thing happened to me too so yeah that mentality of like oh you got to be producing you got to be putting stuff out there with your other side Hustle and I’ve been so the last several years my money situation has been so tight end just before Cavite like I’m like I’m doing okay money is fine I finally move my cat up here like life is good covid and so now I’m having to stop and we look at things and go okay I haven’t been writing for myself because when I think about writing sitting down to write my stories but I’m not good enough I don’t want to sit down and start because I’m going to show myself that I’m not good enough and I don’t want to see that so I’m just not going to do that I’m going to go work on something not that so it’s been a process of stepping Bath & rediscovering how to have fun doing things taken a lot of the pressure off and finding I found a great therapist right before coated bless her and bless her so a lot of it has been like okay well what do I actually need to feel safe being creative and I discovered like oh I don’t actually feel safe & Save open spaces and even though I live alone in my apartment I have converted like these small hallway closet into a tiny little writing room this is comfortable for me and I can make pretzel myself in there and I can write stop apparently what my ring need it before covid-19 stop and I would not have done that I would have looked at myself like you’re crazy to order think you’re crazy don’t do that so really stopping to say what do I need

to feel comfortable and what will bring me joy so one of the weirdest things coming out of coded I actually enjoy localization it can be really fun it’s my version of crossword puzzles so I have started on my own localizing Japanese webnovels I run it front of the Japanese script through a free translation software and it comes back to me and sometimes it’s pretty good and sometimes it’s really not and sometimes I have to cross-reference things with Google translate in Google Translate is not that good at all and then I have to try to figure out what they what do they mean and the fun part about localization as it’s not a one-to-one translation position is making it understandable for the audience so sometimes that does mean changing the sentence around because a proverb in Japan doesn’t make sense to somebody you know from California so that is my crossword puzzle is now translating Japanese webnovel and you know what that’s what my brain needed is the other thing is I have started doing online digital art classes to get back into doing art museum for the painting there but I don’t know how to do digital art so I am forcing myself to or seen I have decided I picked a big project that I’m like someday I want to do a webcomic I have none of the skill have some of the field I have none of the skills needed for a webcomic there is so much I would have to learn to get to a final webcomic stage and having that be easy project that I am working towards I can come up with a list of all the skills that I need to learn and it makes it seem less scary on my final thing is Xtreme GT thing is I’ve started like a PowerPoint slide presentation teach a friend all about Earth’s geological time scale because she needs to pick her favourite Epoch mine is the pleistocene and and and as for me I got into games 12 years ago because I wanted to make my own games and you know why am I going to make my own games and then 12 years later I had not made my own game yet and so I had been preparing and thinking about if I wanted to do and actually collaborate with people and find a way to pay them in all of that and the so then covid-19 people I wanted to work with you know we’re free to work in varying degrees because he thought I wanted to work with were affected as well so I am now working on my visual novel the different developers are right now in their own lives I’m actually really working on the music right now with the composer which is really really awesome and the programmer has basically put the bare-bones infrastructure for the visual novel in the engine that were using so I’m really excited about that because it’s been 12 years too long in the making touched on this about like I’ve got to be productive why am I not productive or you know figuring out what you need to do in order to be creative so I mentioned lots of people have responded to the pandemic in different ways you know some people just kind of want to be by themselves some people need to be with others you know there’s a lot of fear which is okay because that’s normal we’ve never been through anything like this before and when you have that kind of pressure like that you’re fearful you’re anxious it’s really hard to be created because it takes so much of your physical and mental energy that you need so in the things that you’ve been exploring during his time have you found that appreciate a fortune something you has given you the inspiration to find that energy or likes Amanda said you know figuring out hey I could make this face just for my writing room has helped you to develop skills what have you found has helped you had to kind of be productive when you need to be I thought about the statement of a resident because I’m leaving Michelle’s and despair at me for saying this but I have learned before the pandemic I was never a reader of John

I may have shared from about misplaced disdain but some people have a job little man in the house house like I was re-watching gay TV shows the good one. day and I’m like you know what this is making me happy I need more of this and so I went into my New York Public Library app because if you do Lifesaver for me here I’ve been getting every book I wanted on the New York I’m going to start reading gay romance stuff on the question is enormous terrible stuff out there by being like the thing and we know Writers are very talented people and I’ve also text are on AO3 4th right now of things interesting things happened like they do a lot of cultural work is important to me than a lot of cultural work for queer people who have Outlets through this and having a talk to a bunch of other Professor friends but like what is the role of fanfiction and like in fact it’s easier to get into romance through fanfiction because you don’t need you already have a predetermined relationship with the character that and what does this mean I’m I’m I’m country because of this weekend I’m I’m watching stuff at the Saint pistol Point film festival and watching that and thinking about that in terms of okay with what what is this doing what is this do it if it’s really interesting energizing me and it’s making me happy and just happens to be say that all of this is this whether or not it is it in the end of it Burien if the sake of like if we are not working we are not good people right but I probably should have taken all that so I can trick my brain into thinking I’m being productive even though I don’t believe that one’s measure of value should be productivity I can pick myself into staying or before because I am editing to ontology is about 6 I’m doing a panel tonight about that you know like get it to play like you know Return of the old bird in and like you know Edith Finch cuz I’m like yeah totally research for but I’m I’m narrative I got to buy these know the story and see what narrative trickster using yeah if I and then I can somehow fit a sentence about it into an article and Publishing I make that it was worth it what am I I think the rest of my life one of my greatest achievement is do the store like the Gem Store blog post for a game company and I was able to work in scientific details about dinosaur tail and like the sentence with the horns are called that Niall Horan’s in like that bag of yours on the tail like that went out like I thought there live like people read that that’s my cheek all over that yea though I thought I I I’m the same way like you know that the bits that I enjoy so I’m a bit unfortunately is a said the the personal projects on doing feel a little bit more kind of like there’s a deadline that feels a little bit more like an obligation as opposed to that something I sit down to do in my spare time but everytime I get to a section where like braids pages about you know the implications of fade to black sex scenes and games versus like explicit sexy than he was all these examples and now I’m going to talk for two pages of like you know this one seed in God of War and I’m just like apparently I’m getting paid for this I don’t know how but it is like reason the word popcorn came into my head that

sort of like to a certain extent like you know like before covid-19 element of like everything we have to do has to be super serious like we have to be super super productive we have to be super like do in deeply meaningful things and I think for a lot of people to a certain extent what has helped at this time is embracing the kind of more popcorn mini elements that we like so yes it might just be like I want to sit and read like romance novels for like an hour and I’d like to a certain extent that the perfect ideal is if you can combine your creativity and your popcorn keto Coke consumption into one thing like hey I’m playing this game that also lets me make a game that’s great but to a certain extent it’s just a you know sometimes it’s just a case of I’m going to watch Outlander and tell myself that this will be you no meaningful later on I don’t know how but it’s what I need right now I think I love that I desperately want to escape that in a way because I don’t want to have to justify my like Joy by saying this will be useful later Freakonomics recent the way to talk about places like Amsterdam and are trying to move away from this growth model be the gold I’m trying to like embody that because I never had to do any old burnout article that came out last year or the year before the funeral that’s been percolating and I’m like I like burning out you and Colbert. But I don’t want to feel miserable that I live alone as well right my husband alone like this is myself permission to enjoy this thing without feeling that I am doing it for work and cooking and one of those things today because yeah yeah I definitely I’m listening but everybody is saying I’m certainly what you said about about shorter form being a lot easier to kind of get around in terms of creativity Samantha you know the what do I need to feel safe this was like filling of space with with productivity and got a lot of that it’s worth that is for I carved out fortnite be fiction which the form of that is that we’ve been chilling you spend two weeks to make a very simple interactive fiction fuse would like an upper and word count something like three thousand words or something so it’s something that a lot of people can do in a weekend and for me it’s like that was what I needed to feel safe cuz I have all of these really long projects like I’ve been working on my Ph.D for 6 years and I’m sort of getting to the final stages but it’s you know it’s a really long term thing and then starting a company that’s also a huge commitment and and all of that and so for me it was it was that thing we’re time in the pandemic has to spend it’s like at the on one hand you blink and it’s been 3 months and on the other hand like an individual today takes 20 years so like I also was having this you know I want to finish things in order to feel the sense of completion and beliefs that you feel when you finish something but I’m in the middle of all these long-term projects that are taking all of my time and consume everything so how do I carve out space and make it such that the creative things I’m producing are like it’s okay if they’re not very good cuz I only had twenty-five hundred words to work with or like you know and also trying to capture those constraints and the game gym format and all of these things just feel like lower the bar a little bit for it for you know the entrance and people who never made against before but also for myself because like you know that the first piece I made was sort of exploring some feelings I was having around family issues and stuff like that and having an outlet for some of those sort of things to your emotions and depends on if I said I didn’t have to worry about getting through a publisher or you know folding into my five your projects or whatever we should really nice for me so yeah I’ll always feel like anytime you open yourself up to something you’re not used to or you do something that you don’t do regularly you kind of expand your perspective do you all feel the same way have you noticed that like Shawn on you were saying I’m hoping my stuff up to romance and smoke Samantha you said I just I really enjoying localizing these Japanese webcomics have you found that like your perspective is changing and maybe you’ve gotten like brainstorming ideas that you didn’t have before just because of a different media you are opening yourself up to oh for sure my brain is coming up with different stories because Within Japanese web novels like there are genre tropes that I have never run into in Western literature and the writing

structure is different with Japanese what mold is very very heavy focus on dialogue and I love written dialogue and having to go in and put all the pros and description and like I always get dinged on that buy my my editor of like we don’t know what they look like it shouldn’t matter and in Japanese and it’s just I log and there’s not even any tag seems like you just have to infer who is speaking and sometimes is rated how many views has been like what the hell am I so that’s definitely been been really interesting and like I said just allowing myself to go listen to Fun like other people would think that this is like torture but this is fun for me and what does it matter what other people think I’m weird reverse the thing that I’ve been experiencing is allowing myself to not taken some content I go to Netflix and I swear to God I re-watched cells at work like 50 times cuz that is like my happy safe thing to have on TV because I sign up for its going I’ve already watched it a few times I don’t have to worry about characters dying or or is it Cliffhangers like it’s a safe thing worse is like I can’t even watch I still haven’t watched the final two Avenger endgame stuff and I’m like during cold is the time for me I am not emotionally prepared for that I’m going to have to wait like another two-year and say that that’s okay but that it’s that is okay too not taken some new content as well to not have to constantly be oh but I should be knowing what the current stuff is for my for the industry and I have to stay on top of all the trends like I know you can stay on top of just what you like for right now that’s fine I really like that sentiment because all of us working in New Media stuff right where is the Stinger like you need to know what’s the newest what’s the newest need to always stay on top like I’m a professor I need to be able to stay and then weather was like Professor that came out while we were in middle school and I’m like oh my God a lot of like example and a lot of my video games to do because their video game is an item of a particular kind of game design so there is a special like you think something disorder understand how do you watch this children’s TV show yet have you watch this other children watching some TV shows them I watch them once a week maybe but I think Samantha uritus I’ve been giving myself permission to like not be caught up on it Game of Thrones that make you know what I’m not going to finish this stupid thing I’ve watched Wikipedia what happened in the end Grace I’m I’m I’m done with that that I like eating like just because you got the sheets are being sent in front of you I got some point your fault and yeah it made absolutely did this is like so resonating with me because like it like it’s not even like that in terms of like it if you was not just things that people tell you know you should be watching this you should be playing this is even things that you yourself feel that you should be playing because you know you like it but you’re just not in the right like mine that bird likes me for me my liked by cross cross that I bear is like anybody who knows me for 5 minutes will be like that woman is way too big of a fan of Final Fantasy 7 for her own good it like first week right and I’d like to know I’m still light back on chapter 8 and part of it is just because like you know I kind of want like time like quiet time to sit and engage with it as opposed to like you know on like catching it like you know two hours like after 10 p.m. or I like putting it in between like this other projects in this other project so I tell myself that permission to just be like it will be there when I

look it up I don’t have to worry so much fun spoilers because that’s this game came out like like what heater new spoilers but they’re the source that make me happy and it’s just like okay that’s fine it will be there when I’m like you know anybody want to play cuz I think I should think there’s like so much for us to do like both good like both completely fun things and productive things that I think there’s there’s almost is feeling of eater you feel guilty that you can’t do it all or you’ll do one of the things but you’ll be feeling you’ll be feeling guilty it didn’t do that other thing so like I should be playing World of Warcraft I should be playing Final Fantasy 7 but when it comes down here is like I’m in the mood to play final pants and I’m in the mood to play World of Warcraft right now so I will? Sorry it’s like they have feelings every single one of the projects or things that I want to be learning or should be working on is a person or a friend and if I don’t work on it then I’ve heard it’s peeling and so then I run into the situation of like what I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings so I’m just going to sit here and do nothing for a while the worst products Netflix movies should I watch now right and then for 1 hour you want none of them Netflix for an app for just oh my God I spent so much time on YouTube how to make it this time I could have been playing a video game at the worst part to a past life of the projects that have hurt feelings as well there’s an actual editor behind that because then you actually have to talk to your editor well there aren’t actual hurt feelings but there’s that feeling like I’m Ono my editors going to look at me like I’m not mad or something new you know everybody’s brains work differently we learn in different ways and there’s just so much content you know that there’s just so much stuff that you can find different Orioles different videos different Wiki’s how exactly do you evaluate a learning source to know that it’s going to be helpful for you I do do not a hundred percent on recommendations from people I know honestly Ireland recommendations a big part of like if they let me see the beginning of the content for free lecture the first lesson for free you can watch that then that will help me because I can get a feel for okay this is how they’re like language like this is how they talk about a thing because if they talk about a thing in a way that does not make sense to me this is not going to work so I can start to get a feel for it that way and then sometimes it’s a money issue like how much does it cost is this within my price range Oro this does look like really good content and it cost a lot of money I do want to do it since I put money down I have to do it I can’t not do the thing like there’s so many skillshare or free YouTube videos out there that there that yeah you get lost if I go out which one do I pick well I already paid x amount of money for that class over there so I’m not even going to look at you too and all the really cool shit there I’m going to sorry I’m going to do I’m going to do that class that I put money down for it because I’m not the not going to give me my money back I’m getting my money’s worth that’s part of it for me but that’s like recognizing and like being able to put money down vs like when money is tight and I still want to learn something yeah it’s it’s a challenge definitely has a challenge to it to juggle I think it’s like ever ruled over at like five clicks like you goes five clicks down the Google rabbit hole and then like you have to cut yourself off so sometimes said you never look like that yeah I think a lot depends on like what kind of learning like someone wants to do because like for example like I’ve been watching a lot of tutorial videos for things like for dreams where that will be you know it’s much more contained tutorials it’ll be like how do you do a cloudy sky with God ways or something like that and it’s a very like it’s very contained concept so and in those cases I’ll be blunt sometimes it’s just so it’s it’s 5 minutes I’m willing to spend five minutes as opposed to is 20 minutes another probably going to be like you know like talking about their channel for the first 5 minutes on home screen really do love your work I’m just extremely easily distracted but the in terms of like longer-term stuff like I will say that if I didn’t have this book and I didn’t have the interactive fiction I didn’t have it on all of other stuff at General General de we’re going on I would probably before before covid-19 actually purchase a whole ton of classes on sale at I think it was

would be like it heavy would have really liked to have like kind of start settling into those on a kind of a day-by-day basis and like being able I think like for me something where you’re able to learn at your own pace is really important and of course you know and that’s with a lot of YouTube tutorials in a lot of online classes you can do that but with a lot of things you can’t so some people like that fact of like I need to learn this by a certain date and other people really like the there’s a full class here and I need to take in order but I can take it as slow or as fast as I want so I think that’s like a big part for me and also Fishbowl beads aids good for me I think one of my biggest challenges I work best with deadline so during covid-19 no deadlines for anything and all of these personal projects projects have no deadlines so there’s all the Time in the World to work on them which means they never get work done so one of the things that I’ve started recently it was I reached out to her friend was like I need like a creativity coach like I don’t know what that is I like you’re going to because you’re going to be my creativity coach and accountability partner we check in once a week and it’s like okay here or the goals that I want to be working on and she knows my big project that one thing that I’m like working towards is doing a webcomic is having the skills to do a webcomic so picking that one big project having a friend who knows that that is the goal it helps me Wade through all the Clutter because if I start watching a class and I’m not really into it I don’t really feel like I’m getting what I need from it I can bail out of that class is this going to help me learn how to draw a add me better know okay well I’m out is this the style door teaching is this something that I’m into or not know okay well here’s is really beautiful Land Oil landscape painting tutorial well I’m not going to do that I want to learn how to draw an anime face so sometimes that’s the thing that helps is a big project on have somebody who can help you stay accountable and then also help you not overwhelm yourself like if you’re like if your goal is to write a poetry books don’t have your goals be like 15 pounds a day and I’m going to revise like 20 of them just because that’s not really probably real I mean maybe you can try but maybe that’s not realistic so like maybe it’s like you’re going to write one poem this week and like maybe revise 3 know what the actual achievable for you and then if you manage that like then you can add a little bit more don’t overwhelm yourself to begin with because then you already set yourself out to feel like a failure as for me I am the more fences engaged the easier it is for me to learn so like I can pick up things if I read it but it’s really not going to stay so I need to see in here and also be doing what I’m being and hearing so Michelle mentioned you to me I tend to binge flash sales and you know by two or three horses at a time when they’re like 11 or less and Samantha was mentioning that you can preview video so you can get a sense for that instructors teaching style you know like you know how much content do they have in a video what visual aids do they use does the way they explained things make sense and you can do that for you to meet horses you can do that for you tube so I would preview things first to see if you are in the flow with that instructor and if you’re clicking without instructor but also several of you were collaborating and that create what did you call it the creative accountability coach is is really really cool and weight are working game so we’re used to collaborating with people but there might be some people watching who are not used to collaborating and they might be thinking well maybe I want to take out a project where I do you need to collaborate with someone what why is collaborating helpful and during this time specifically because we really can’t meet in person as much how have you been using a different platforms what platforms have you been using to collaborate with other people I think comes from me being raised Catholic so guilt is a big motivator but yeah seriously like I I don’t want to waste their time so if I have set up this one hour weekly call with somebody

who is a friend who I care about who is also very busy and dealing with anything I didn’t didn’t read that chapter that book or I didn’t watch that tutorial I didn’t do that practice exercise I didn’t do any of the stuff that we said last week that I wasted their time and space as friendly as as she is like I wasted her time so I don’t want to waste your time so even if it’s late cuz the Night Before Our call and I’m suddenly like oh my God I’m going to do all that stuff like I said I work well under under deadline the suffix that That works for me me Anderson way I mean I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I like set up artificial to reach deadlines for myself yeah I think I so 2 a.m. to bring it back on questions before the pandemic I actually the last time I worked it wasn’t entirely remote Indie studio and you would think that means that the collaboration going from that two things of the pandemic would transfer pretty well once one but then actually hasn’t the case because now a lot of people that I’m collaborating with have you no kids at home who are suddenly all up in their face or you know or they have just other external factors and people’s lives are just a lot less predictable than they used to be so where previously at our remote Studio we could also do like possibly sit on a zoom call all day till like you know me roar like a regular office that’s not really possible with the team that I’m currently working with so it’s a lot more sore like scheduling check into to have some of that accountability that you’re talkin about Samantha and then I think then I think there’s a different levels of collaboration and collaborating in different ways so like the way I collaborate with my Indie team is really different than for example of how I interface the people in the community that we’re building around fortnite be fiction and so with that there’s a Discord server and a lot of people sort of in their heads have an idea of the things they want to build a windmill just reach out to people for help with like oh hey I’m in twine and I’m trying to decode this thing and it’s not really working and and other people jump in and they said all I had that experience let you know and they’ll just kind of jumped into a channel workout their thing and then like that’s it that’s really real collaboration and so I think there is a list for me when I was starting in games that I had this idea of like like the only way to make a game and I think increasing we’ve the industry and a macro level but certainly on on small projects small part of that whatever you know where you meet up on that and then kind of dispersed to to another area coach friend I picked her specifically because I like her personality it’s going to be like she’s going to wrap me in like cotton candy bubble of like safety in like support where is another friend that I have that she was like, you should pick this other girl she’d be awesome I might I don’t need like a military drill sergeant she’s going to break me I’m fragile right now I’m the last so no like know what kind of personality do you want to work with and you need to work with and if you find yourself working with the wrong personality it’s okay to be like oh yeah this isn’t working I think Stacy is point about how during the pandemic the working with other people remote key is not to the same as working people in before and I think energy but I want to use the office it like it Greater than the sum of its parts everything is worse than the sum of its parts right it’s not it’s not that we can 121 translate to I have I was working here now I’m working here no because it seems like a logical told the state of the world is taking us right if you’re in the context example there’s a very significant election coming up that is very important right if you’re in the bridges contact what is happening with your economic situation now that we still haven’t had happened right so there’s a lot going on in the world that are in conjunction with the pandemic to take your big toe right and so we can expect us to work as well as we did before until one of the big things of collaboration is also division of labor right you can be like like like this weekend said I can’t do that this weekend I’m recording for for the Julian come over this weekend but I’m going to talk to us just go right there next week

of labor has always been important part of collaboration because your mind Can Only Hold so much but I think now everything is just literally more difficult to do right literally everything is more difficult to do having that thing that I know I don’t have to worry about that you do deal with this have been very helpful and cool bases around before that you have someone reliable and and during covid-19 it again everything is harder to do so cut people slap like my undergrad for spring semester I was like whatever I don’t really care when they going to hand in homework now unless they have it in the group when I can’t breathe anymore because this mess is over I didn’t tell them that but I’m like I’m not reliable is a just started stop yourself from feeling isolated working with someone else is going to stop me don’t live alone with all the time labor and socializing is a great a great effect of this lab projects of labor but also having somebody that compliments you both in terms of skill set and perspective because it’s like obviously when you’re dividing that labor you want people who like that’s their thing and they’re really good at it and you doubly don’t have to worry about it and additional teams that are like yourself but not only will you have a stronger like product but you’ll probably have a surprisingly better working relationship if you find people that compliment you vote in your breast tender scalp got about got about four and a half minutes left anyone thinking about learning fit anything else or taking on another project during this time that you have not tackled yet and what would that be well it’s that I would I would love to spend more time to lay around and in dreams or in like udemy and and learning something but one thing I did want to, to which is sort of off topic but I think you know maybe a dessert a touching on that is a lot of this depends on what like our day-to-day like you to work creative stuff is because one of the things I’ve been kind of struggling with is like I’ve seen so many creative but there’s a kind of feeling of what I’m getting to do my creative work and and there’s a sort of feeling of but we don’t count the work for higher creativity that’s creativity for somebody else and it’s something that I actually like struggle with a lot because I’m like yeah I know I’m not being creative at all I’m just writing 20 million bars for this game and then I’m doing like for this game but it like part of I guess the process has been realizing it like that even though that’s not by necessarily my personal project that is still creativity and it can still be fulfilling like I can still come at the end of like a week of I like chicken butt out of there at those parts that was amazing and so to a certain extent that has given me a little bit more permission that you know maybe I’m not doing as many personal projects or or personal learning as I could be but that’s okay because like I’m I’m getting fulfill it out of the set of day job work that I’m doing and I’ve still got enough energy to do you get out of that the book and some of the other projects and at the end of the day that means that like all I’ve got left is like some World of Warcraft in some tall guys in me that’s okay it’s it’s fine it’s really fine I want to extend that to Norm created or non artistic work as well right because we eat a we know that we have historically relegated quotes Woman’s Work and boat ride the labor of keeping your household up to like that’s not work right so like I said I am cleaning a lot less than normal because I’m feeling depressed all the time right for the day is out like I cleaned today that’s like yeah that was a a thing I did that I needed to do and I got is an achievement down on my daily list like I looked out everything I do I did the laundry I took out some disciple like I put that down like that’s an achievement because it is I had to walk outside and I will actually saying like I really like smelling what you were saying about like doing your kind of like little writing note because I think even just those little details of like what are we doing to make the space were in

but if we’re stuck in this space what are we doing to make that space like more livable and that in itself is creative like I I mean in terms of like super simple things like we’ve got I bought like a couple of cheap solar lights on like you know where ever and I put them up and like I don’t know what like it’s it’s real think of that is creative but it gives that same sort of like well I’m really happy to be in this space and I was able to make that space like work for me and work for my family and I think like absolutely like just those little things like that can can be like really fulfilling I want to see her you’re writing I’m talking do you like a call with you you got about 30 seconds left anybody want to add any other Pearls of Wisdom Wisdom going to be okay support a creator as an artist that you can do and it’s okay to say that you need help that’s fine Beeville it’s either of honorable right now all right well thank you so much panelist it was a fantastic discussion and I hope all of you enjoyed it and that you are feeling more productive when you need to be don’t feel like you have to be but again thank you much thank you thank you thank you Genesis Warriors and Adventure game set before during and after the big bang Cosmic gunshot aimed at the heart of a god Rockets the universe into existence and must be undone explore the expanding Universe to discover Clues on how you might destroy the big bang and prevent this tragedy

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hello everyone and welcome to the lovely or lethal will that animal cuddle me or kill me at animal on animal representation in games I’m your host Jake and I’m a game designer in the

suburbs of Philadelphia you can find social media and Sprite born and you can find my work it’s bright Burns that itch. IO my segment of this panel is going to be an introduction to the different ways that animals can show up and games in particular how are animals part of game design this will also serve as an introduction to the rest of our panelists the most common way that animals appear in games is as background such as the birds and ghost of tsushima reminding you that you are on an island to tan here you can see the iconic cranes animals can also show up and gives his metaphor Greece is a game about trauma and recovery and your panic attacks can show can see your Panic as an eel animals can also be symbols in going to talk about quite a bit is the defender of this land and as such his family comes with deer horns on it you can see deer in the wilderness all over the course of the game animals themselves can be adversaries in games with the stealth of ghost of tsushima human adversaries aren’t going to find you very often but Hawks can see you from the air you can literally fight animals as adversaries and games this is a thunderjaw from Horizon zero Dawn and part of it being an animal is that it has the affordance of exactly what you would expect that looks like a t-rex with rocket launchers on his bag and that’s exactly what it does Monster Hunter also does this really well you can see your restlessness picture and it behaves exactly how you’d expect ass Talons of poison you I’m not going to go too far into the detail in this because Hannah can tell you more about that in expectations too so when you fight Sif in Dark Souls you sword and you fight something unlike every animal in every using animals as adversaries I hate it when they’re too realistic I don’t want to fight this fluffy dog I want to pet this this funny dog please stop making me kill dogs games get it from GameStop besides opposition you can also have animals in your side so animals give your companions this is very common when you have horses and games like Red Dead Redemption ghost of tsushima I picked ghost parsley because I love that game in person because the Horst in your companion actually tells you a little bit about shinsekai when nobody else is around and you summon your horse and get on it will stay supportive things to the horse like you’re a good horse Nobu and I really like that animals themselves can also be characters such as the horse in shadow of Colossus your horse I’ll grow while you’re on the backs of all these Claus I will do her own thing and she will distract the bosses get them to move around she also has pivotal scenes in the cinematics you can even play as animals themselves such as Amaterasu in Okami but I’ll leave Brandon to talk about that one animals are very commonly made appearances in games has absurdist the same way that they show up in mascots in sports this is often used to just remind you this is a game you’re here to have fun you’re here to be entertained but on the other side of that Spectrum games can be absurd with their animals so that you can talk about heavy things things that would be too difficult to think about if you were very immersed in spirit Fair uses this when all of its animal characters are there to help you get through lessons about grief and death death but if you want to hear more about animals as a storytelling mechanism you can have to turn in two parts part of the even when animals aren’t your enemies like the dragon on the right side of the screen the affordances of being animals for your characters can still tell you more of the three player character is the left which one do you think is the Trixie character it’s the fox animals don’t have to be characters and you don’t have to fight them they can show up in the background parsley is setting but also as resources in stardew Valley all of them give you different resources which are sources of income gifts recipes for food

animals can also make an appearance in games as a form of activism this is a scene from Coral which is a puzzle game about saving the coral reefs recent fish the prince of fish is shown to teach you how important that is but if you want to hear more about that you’ll have to hear Christine’s part animals themselves candy game Mechanix such as Monaco what’s yours in mine it’s a heist game where you’re trying to steal as much as possible from the level and one of the character classes has a pet monkey that will steal money for you without being detected but if you want to hear about monkeys and games are going to have to turn it to Jonathan’s for the panel I really like shadow in front Fantasy 6 he’s my favorite character in one of his mechanics is that he’s a dog named Interceptor wear when he gets attacked Interceptor will Counterattack it’s great I love it but Interceptor is also part of the story he is the only way that you actually know that shadow is wrong with father animal can be upsetting not just the background best friend forever is a new dating game where you get to let the dog all of the singles have dogs most of the major characters have dogs it’s just dogs everywhere they are also their own characters with their own personalities animals can be a mechanism for travel nachos companions like the horses and Shadow of the Colossus ghost of tsushima here in Calico you work at a magical girl Cat Cafe and you can take any of the cats in a large them and ride them around town it’s great when you’re not riding with no animals can still be navigation to Ghost of tsushima uses golden songbirds to show you her secrets are you can see the song right next to Gin the shoulder part of that is the bright gold the soup down in front of you and they lead you to where you need to go but you can see in the distance does Golden trees that’s also put the impulse to tell you where to go my favorite of the foxes you can find foxes and ghost of tsushima and they lead you two shrines of an Ari just a fox protector God and then you can cut the fox its crate sometimes animals can just be over all game design when I was first playing breath of the wild you knew just barely get over some Towers you have a few pieces of gear you’re starting to see what the world looks like and then farosh soups in and you’re just like what is that and of course you need to do everything about it can I fight it is it a friend is it going to show me where it needs to go like what is the strike in doing so it’s it’s navigation its resources its combat it’s boar it’s all kinds of things and when games really integrate their animals well and they don’t walk in pee all of these things all I but my favorite is Amplified and I titles game sometimes the whole game is just what is it like to be a goose this game has my favorite pitch of any game of ever played which is just you are a horrible goose that’s the game that’s the setting that’s the player that’s the story if the mechanics it’s everything and I love it that’ll do it for my portion of the panel animals can affect game design and tons of different ways please stop making me kill dogs could you very much now now let me know it’s really a lot of experience with animals that might appear a little bit exotic or unusual to people who don’t get to see if I probably have a little bit of a different relationship with what kind of animals Inspire fear or revulsion or fiction for example people find the particular black and white bird for a threatening but that’s probably because they’ve never being dive-bombed buy a magpie when they were kids we actually used The Magpie is the four a game about Road Safety that I made a number of years ago. When he had a ride their bikes safely run, and basically

it’s because the magpies such an iconic character in Australia generally look at them from the visual design point of view and I’m really interested in the creature design of animals in games I would or not they are an existing animal or a fantasy animal something I noticed a lot in games is when they use our unknown mental library of existing animals to come ashore hands to give us information about what this animal in their game might be like especially if it’s a fancy animal but we would never have been counted in real life how should we approach it likely to be threatening all friendly or neutral and by giving it a similar shape features to existing animals for which we have that sort of information and memory you can basically do away with Reames a text in Exposition that would otherwise get in the way of gameplay and allow the the play add to Quintin suitably pick up on with Addison animals that they should be concerned about encountering or perhaps even think of is like something they can utilize this amount or as mount or as food and quite a little games use this strategy Philly sullied appointed wasn’t looking for it you may not immediately notice what this man is a creature is based on one that doesn’t really quite obviously is the Avatar The Last Airbender series I worked on old console Time games from the original seasons and the live-action movie quite familiar with saying Linda Schepps of animals which mostly done in that case what’s up one I really enjoyed was the the Fine Asian lizard mounts because in Australia we have a lot of really large lizards and they tend to congregate in cafes and around areas with live humans the same way that a lot of people in other countries get sparrows so again they’re not really considered to be a threatening animal attacked or intimidated so yes is used as mounts but also is fighting animals in a game was really one of the other animals but I don’t know that as many known Australians appreciates he’s actually quite true to life is the flight was bad I love this show which is from the cartoon about the top where it gets frightened and lays an egg and surprise like you might expect chicken to do plural of platypus toys to come look like it was designed by committee plants in the sentence is actually one of my favorite because it’s surprisingly and a threat you can play with it you can feed it but don’t be fooled by it or it’ll eat you and it’s it’s something you have to watch out for neighboring Sims wandering into a garden because they might get eaten by this thing that you are otherwise keeping as a pet and I think it an example of a somewhat and realistic complex and realistic look at domesticated animals and don’t think you only see me sitting games games so far is it to least somewhat tame yeah you can can treat it as a pet but it’ll still act out at animal nature isn’t totally safe to be around specially when it’s hungry and I think something you don’t often see dinosaur games something else I really enjoy saying is when designers play with an animal scale in game this is limbo and I love it huge compared to the fire which is basically tapping into that out of scale fear than any of us have of spiders and in the game making it as large as frightening as it is an unwise I know they will also does this really well it has these giant bugs that you find in the forests around Albion it’s kind of an opportunity for any of us find scary or irritating at a scale that

actually allows us to make a set find out of it it’s Karis not actually being a threat and making them is a great way to Laos to do combat with these numbers written in creatures that flies in real life and thinking of our out of game attract animals in Yonder cats old basically resemble Pusheen cat cat’s Inn Yonder is based in on just encountering a cat in the world which you can locate by their adorable meaning sound know when you find it you just watch roll around and be cute for two seconds before putting it in your backpack is basically a collection Quest into that instinctual all cute value of cats that we have in the real world where we just enjoy watching them be there adorable selves I in the same game Yonder there a larger animals Coke Ruffles and because this is actually a combat base game it’s really being intimidated by the old homes on this crate just went away is that the design is used to diffuse on normal Association us of a cute familiar animal this is animals bounces around like it’s an enthusiastic puppy so The Gruffalo will either be bounced away on the tiny stubby legs for if you’re planning on creating a creature that resembles either a predator or threat in the game to the fuse that natural reaction that has recently been prepped attacking it will made-it took the player off is through giving it a non-threatening movement Style been told you that games that use animals as NPC or enemy characters were actually be play character that you love to play and I don’t know if this is something that’s changed of the years is really a mid-nineties kind of innocence for me or if it’s a fact that we at that point per episode of video games is being a kid friendly and kids media likes Peter Rabbit to the Looney Tunes and they all had fees cute mascots as Canton play characters about that but I don’t think I appreciate it but I was a kid because obviously it was so familiar that they were actually chosen sometimes by American Studios to be in those games because they were almost fantasy characters looks like they were creatures that was just weird and different enough without actually having to come up with a totally made-up character that you know that they could use some is the mascot and it’s not something I realized the time but people didn’t even realize that Crash Bandicoot was based on a real animal like the Bandicoot was the animal when I was looking online to find descriptions of him is like braaap what is he and numb yeah it’s something I think you know when you see it from being an Australian you don’t realize it but these are actually like weird exotic who to love people have no pre-existing associations of whether it’s supposed to be like a cute cuddly animal or whether it’s a dangerous animal like a fox game I can post recently that I really enjoy being the play character as an animal was Ian’s eyes it’s a game where you play the guide dog to a blind kid on his first day of school and you have to protect him against the holds of school children in the school but it’s not only interesting because you get to play the animal as protagonist but it really flipped on its head that whole Companion Animal idea and lot of games that utilize a dog as a companion animal but I suppose less often do you see

the animal in a relationship with a human in a game where the animal is actually the one in charge and making the decisions so that was a really interesting reversal of that kind of role in games there is a game in Fable the chicken chicken contest pitch is terrible but it’s basically a call back to the original Zelda games where you were able to hit chickens with your lying and I remember playing that when I was a kid and you find it hilarious and it was really interesting coming to Fable as an adult and having quite a different reaction to the opportunity I was given to kick a chicken oh my god with a little chicken and it was an interesting look at how my relationship quiz animals and how I would approach a essentially non-threatening animal in the game has changed as I’ve gotten older because this is no longer any interaction I really want to have in a game and also maybe that’s the Australian coming out of me because as always remember the bugs will fight hello everyone welcome to my portion for this packs panel talk my name is Brandon I am a public relations coordinator currently volunteering my time with post-war NPR PR a new initiative to revive pro bono PR services to new Indies no animals have always been an important aspect of my life dogs in particular I’ve been lucky to have raised and known many great dog goes over the years so I thought why not talk about man’s best friend in my portion of this talk I’m sure many of you in the industry might follow a certain Twitter handle called can you pet the dog it’s a great account if you haven’t already followed it but it definitely made me want to think of a new question sure there are plenty of games where we can pet the dog but how many games can you play as the dog surprisingly not many no of course there are plenty of games where you partner with a dog or maybe even temporarily control one for example Riley from Call of Duty ghosts or rapide from Tales of Vesperia but what about playing as a dog for majority of the game well let’s take a look at 3 game examples where the hero is a canine starting with Clover Studios a magnum opus Okami in this game at Players take control of Amaterasu a Reincarnation of the Japanese Sun goddess in wolf form now two-player she looks like a divine wolf with a fiery shield on her back while to the local villagers she’s just a normal-looking wolf that just happened to show up in the village one day she’ll eventually use her Celestial brush an ancient weapons to save Japan that’s only one facet to this character Clover Studios emphasize not only her Divine of skills and abilities but also the abilities and and things that she can do as a as a wolf so let’s take a look at that Shelly no only has a dedicated bark button which can be used to interact with characters and animals she can also dig in certain spots to find treasure or even caused a bit of Mischief in the village even in combat Army has some great unique dog specific techniques like a golden shower attack and among other I won’t mention while and why she can’t speak to Villages directly she can interact with animals by speaking to them are by providing food to them animals especially dogs play a key role in the main narrative with the introduction of the canine Warriors each dog representing a virtue of Confucianism one warrior in particular showcasing the strong loyalty and bond by wanting to protect his owner from danger when a roachie the main villain comes to disrupt The Village I’m mainly going to keep the is simple that cuz I would really encourage everyone to go ahead and give Okami a try to available in all modern platforms so let’s move on to the next dog go shall we now the next dog on the list is Wolf link from Twilight Princess now this is slightly cheating since wolf link isn’t playable throughout the entire Adventure but his inclusion to the story in world are just as important do the Hyrule being covered in

Twilight link is transformed into a wolf in this form link does not have his traditional Arsenal at his fingertips but instead he’ll have to rely on unique wolf abilities alongside help from midna his new companion in this form link can dig to get through tight spaces bite and Claw his way through enemies and utilize wolf senses to follow smells and see spirits / ghosts and wild wolf link segments are relegated to only the Twilight realm for a few portions of the first half of the game there are sections where link will be a wolf in Hyrule and while in wolf form link will be feared because as well and they don’t see anything but a monster so wrinkled have to talk with the animals to figure out how to progressed sneaking his way through the village like digging into a house to collect arms and weapons in order to help you out later in the adventure will senses are also very important later in the Twilight Room sections as in order to restore light to the provinces of Hyrule link will have to collect several and I mean several drops of light from invisible Twilight bugs which can only be found using the wolf senses of gameplay that first seems really promising but it doesn’t really ever go anywhere after that you’ll maybe have the occasional use of the wolf abilities after that you’ll probably never really go into wolf link form except to well teleport teleport away I will fling cuz even only relegated to a boss fight at the end and that’s about it it would have been really cool to see Nintendo come back to this idea maybe later but doesn’t really seem like they ever will now finally our final game in the list is a dog’s life on the PlayStation 2 developed by Frontier development this 2003 Adventure game allows us to take control of Jake a level dog go that’s just enjoying his life until Daisy is crushed is dognapped Jake will have to collect bones and explore the world to find out what happened more on them a second it definitely deserve some time now this is one of those unique titles that rarely happen and only happened like once in a a generation and we’ll boy does it show now you might be familiar with the developer Frontier development the makers behind Elite Elite dangerous they need a in quote GTA but with dogs game about some well I guess quite the marketing points back in 2003 shortly after the GTA games went open world now just like other adventure games of its time Dog’s Life cast Jake with collecting Bones by finishing side quest digging them up from the ground or by competing in braces or other activities around the game different dogs can even be controlled for a very short amount of time to collect specific bones that Jake normally wouldn’t be able to get Frontier development I feel like really captured the essence of being a dog since can dig you can bark can jump and this game infamously has a dedicated poop button to Yes. You heard me correctly dedicated poop button which will make Jake poop and allow him to grab a species to fling another humans and other dogs I suppose that’s one future future titles aside from those actions players will spend a lot of time and smell-o-vision where the game in the first person mode where you’ll find specifically marked the next location I know a few seconds ago I had previously mentioned the story and while this game kind of goes from like zero to a hundred in like 2 seconds so it turns out that Daisy and other dogs are being dug nap buy an evil Corporation in order to be turned into cat food yes to turn dogs into cat food and it gets darker because at the end the main villain Miss peaches is sliced and diced and mashed into cat food at the end while the dogs just watch it’s something else that’s for sure no these obviously are not the only games where you can play as a dog there are a few more out there but it’s not in common as much as petting a dog is Okami

Twilight Princess and a dog’s life all focus on similar but different aspects of being a canine and I would love to see more of this be involved in the Next Generation I’d like to really see more creative outlets and any type has come out of this and hopefully maybe even one of them will be the hit anyway thank you again for watching and we hope you enjoy the rest of your time at Pax online hi Pax Pax online thank you so much for joining me on my leg of our session lovely are lethal will these animals cuddle me or kill me I look forward to talking a little bit about animal representation and games across the Spectrum some of my favorite animal representation in games some of my least favorite animal representation and games animals and games I’ve worked on and what I think the future of animal representation and interaction and games is so yeah I really look forward to this I think animals make our lives more colorful and I’m happy to be a part of this panel so thank you for joining I’m so who am I my name is Jonathan Jennings I’m software engineer out of Los Angeles my Indie Game Dev Studios cut weird kid Studios where I’m working on my first solo game for the Oculus Quest called Galactic bar fight I’ve been working the industry for the past eight years for years in mobile games for years in the yard and I really relish being able to work among so many talented people and other amount of Studio dogs I’ve seen and worked with has been awesome and I loved pretty much loved pretty much all of them it’s a it’s an awesome job. And I love being a programmer so the animals in my life are roof at Sea and grizzly Rue is so far left she is my girlfriend very judgmental cat she likes to stare at me a peek at me around corners and then whenever I look at her she gets really surprised and then turns away or runs away it’s super interesting when I feed her she’ll walk to me though to the right is Foxy with a perky ears she’s very shy she’s my sister is God she’s a lap dog and to the right of hers grizzley on his back he is my Barrel fur I love and adore him he is just full of wax and happiness whenever I see him he is the best dog in the world and I can’t imagine life without any of them so the perks of pets for programmers I think pets in general are the fluffiest RubberDucks you get rubber duck debugging is one of the oldest solutions for problem solving and programming it’s basically the process of talking to someone or something and admit it to kind of work through your mental process when you’re trying to debug a problem or find a solution and I think what a pets around they are the best best creatures to voice of those potential solutions to so I think look into his eyes I feel like I could solve any problem and I think that makes Pets the best rubber duck she could imagine and they’re actually Adam it so they can you know who for pets for programmers is and this applies to all disciplines of Game Dev I think they’re excellent stress relief during the hard times maybe you’re crunching maybe crunching maybe have a really aggressive milestone maybe you’re just having a bad day I think it’s something really special when you’re in the studio or you get home and you just have a pet that’s there to embrace you even if it requires some food bribery and just kind of love you through the hard times I’m just remind you that it’s going to be okay and life goes on Beyond Yonder game be on the hard day be on a project so yeah I love having pets around for a stress relief when things get tough when life gets tough and then the last perk up where programmers and having pets are animals and studio is adjusted the bay encourage you to get moving and two to take walks I we we camp out of our computers we camped out during meetings can touch you with their nose and let you know I kind of want to go outside and I’m kind of remind you that hey maybe you

mind and maybe I know for me sometimes taking a walk and coming back to the studio I’ll head to work way harder after a brief break versus trying to power through and sometimes not getting very far so yeah that’s a great to remind you hate you sometimes you got to get up and get moving so animals have showed up in work that I’ve done are animals the animals in the first game I worked on Animal Planet wild plans for the iPhone back in it was a and edutainment digital card collection game and leopards ocelots flamingos and over a hundred in total them you could take down animals that were on the food chain it was a super awesome game where I learned a lot of animal trivia and yeah it was great getting to work on and I learned like I said I got to learn a lot about Le animals I got to learn about how animals anime and all sorts of stuff like that and then this is It’s a Twitchy action game that I worked on for the iPhone back in 2015 the main antagonist to thunder Jack or thunder Jane in this case are the fish that attacked them as a roll down the river and this saying it’s not working right now for actually but there is fish that come out of water and they try to push push Jane and Jack over and interrupt their progress during the game play so they are the enemy to the main characters by and super not satisfying to compete against so one of my favorite representations of an animal in the game is Ecco the Dolphin I think I was about five or six when I play that go to the doctor for the first time and I was just blown away by how fluid and beautiful Echo was and how it Go sounds and looks just how Serene and brave the character of echo is there family gets taken and they go on a journey to fight jellyfish think Echo is one of the best representations of animals as a game character I’ve ever seen in the mini games I played even now many years later so yeah I love that. I think it’s one of the best representation of any kind of animal in the game and then my next fair representation of animal in the game are Pomeranians and Tokyo Jungle in Tokyo Japan Tokyo II over by animals of all types was lying Antelope and you get the pic to be an animal breed and come like the king of the Tokyo Jungle and nothing is a satisfying as walk wandering around as a pack Pomeranian and taking out packs of wolves or I’m hunting Antelope and just think such a small character become the king of the Tokyo Jungle is a lot of fun so the Pomeranians and touka Tokyo Jungle are some of my favorite game characters for sure have fun plans I’m one of my least favorite animal representations and games happen to be the apes monkeys and chimps Justin James games in general Vape Escape is a great example of the always seem to be causing trouble and just serving as an obstacle to you completing something and whether they’re attacking you or just kind of causing a mess I think Donkey Kong the original Donkey Kong is great example of that the Lions and the Lion King guard example of that just in general apes monkeys chips are they just tend to be the trouble makers in the games I played and so I think that always seems to be annoying I’d love to see like a monkey character that helps you and Monday I think the future of Animal Companions one of the best friends I’ve seen is moss a quill from Moss she has an awesome Mouse who is and I love her nonverbal cues way to communicate with the player on my lights have her purchase her body language she thought she was a sign language to communicate of the player versus using actual word but beyond that is just the way she animates to kind of invocation scared or she’s moving timidly or she’s trying to run for your life will is just a really living character and especially if you’re both going on an adventure together and our journey and a quill feels very much like she’s living in a part of it as you both Explorer and that’s it that’s everything so thank you so much for joining me on my small section of our panel you can contact me at LinkedIn you can contact me on Twitter

and you can contact me on Instagram at chuckleberry 1990s thank you again for joining me on my leg of our panel I hope you enjoy the rest of it the team that we put together for this is is great and I hope you can the rest of your packs online thank you so much hello everyone my name is Christine and I am a community manager for the games industry having worked on games like the grandia HD collection for Nintendo switch and PC as well as full could Studios made a purchase on Xbox and PC as well but before I was doing any of that I was working on getting my Bachelor’s degree in environmental science and conservation from real life which limits working in the meat educated the how we can improve conservation efforts for certain species now the way that this is really connected to the work that I do now in the gaming industry is Isaac Community manager you’re very focused on the representation of your titles to a certain audience and connecting that audience to whatever message that that you’re talkin about and this is something that we largely due in our conservation efforts which brings me to a game called abzu which has a extremely important message about how we can how we can help educate the public the general public on different species of marine life that maybe we don’t even look at it or even consider on the way in which they do this if they have you play as a deep-sea diver who’s is restoring these different in different environments buy brain species back into these now there are times in the game and what’s your exploring alongside different species and you can ride on their back or you can hold on to their Finnball you explain these absolutely gorgeous areas and there are so many different kinds of of species from from Turtles to clownfish to Barracudas to all these different kinds of a fish a mammal and sea mammals that you may or may not know about am I the things that you can do in the game is meditate now you meditate you’re able to jump from animal to animal in that area in order to learn their names and by doing this the invokes is kind of curiosity about every single you know species that’s in that area and I do believe that there are trophies Awards you can get for doing this but I think that this just came home and no Natural Curiosity that invokes is so important to a concert conservation efforts but scientific efforts no one of the creatures that looks looks at in the game is the blue whale and this is just what a blue whale looks like naturally and then this is what you would see in a su so there’s actually an entire scene where you can ride alongside the blue whale and it jumps out of the ocean it’s it’s it’s really absolutely gorgeous scene that I just had so much but just for those of you who don’t know the blue whale weighs as much as 200 tons of 33 elephants and just to see the scene where the blue whale jumps out of the water with you and it’s absolutely gorgeous and I think it invokes the sensitive of beauty that just looking at this animal you wouldn’t naturally think about but also these animals are endangered so that the scene in which ab Zoo has used to make a long-ass animal I’m really brings Focus to how just fragile and even Ford size how how much these animals really need and then there so you do explore different creatures as well maybe some that are not so pretty or don’t have a good a squid Which Wich deep sea creatures that when you don’t encounter when you’re when you’re snorkeling in Shallow Waters but these are species that also exists and they bring attention to this game as well and one of these creatures that I also want to look at is a humphead wrasse which is a creature that normally isn’t really talked about even conservation studies but it’s one that is a concentration dependent right now it’s endangered and threatened and

the reason why is threatened because the amount of overfishing that occurs in the tablet at so it lives in the coral reefs we’re over a hundred million I’m sorry / wear over a million species currently live and foot the role that it plays of starfish that naturally just eats coral reefs in order to in order to keep it healthy but because this species of shrinking that species is growing and eating too much of the coral reef so I have a lot of a priest appreciation for abs to bring attention to the species through meditation and for its showing multiple times within the game so this is it’s not too far off from what the species actually looks like so this is what it looks like naturally this is a male humphead wrasse also known as Napoleon fish so they can live up to 30 years old but the problem that’s half with these creatures is that they’re not living to these ages because of overfishing I’m so there considering some places especially in earlier history they were considered a delicacy in some places but now because the species has basically been hunted to almost near Extinction there have been lost put in place to protect against overfishing of the species especially in terms of the juvenile members of the species because if this species is going to survive at all they’re going to need to be able to grow to maturity in order to reproduce so another cool thing about this species that isn’t necessarily pointing at the game but that I really enjoyed researching was so the species this is this is a male the females are generally orange pinkish with this really bright vibrant color but the species will actually switch from female from female to male if they believe so they usually swim in in pairs and so if the if the male dies the female actually switch to mail so that it can produce more sperm in order to help it’s numbers over all within its immediate habitat but I wanted to go into was how do I think of how would I like to see animals represented moving forward and games and that brings me to SPC is the great white shark white shark is so villainized and made violent in so many games especially with I know it’s more, cool and Maneater but even classic games like Donkey Kong Crash Bandicoot Bandicoot save Escape sharks always villainized are always need to be either minor villains or very violent creatures and the species is currently threatened so the damage that we give these creatures moving forward is extremely important to its survival and one of the things that we can do as an industry and even as artist is to make sure that the image that were putting on these creatures for future Generations especially children who will maybe be going into the science fields or even know contributing to the to the life of these creatures is that we can we can kind of take that bad reputation that bad image off of them which we can do it is too kind of show both sides of the way in which these creatures exist so absurd does a great job at this where the first time you encounter it does attack the ship that’s with you but that’s also because shark use their teeth in order to sense new things they’re they’re almost like babies in that way when they put something in their mouth to figure out something new sharks will actually have sensory ability in their teeth and that’s why a lot of shark encounters a shark will actually bite a surfboard because they it’s an object that’s foreign to them and they won’t go at it with the same veracity that they would their natural prey so these are some of the kinds of characteristics that we can place on two animals moving in order to help their species overall and another thing that we can do in order to help

protect a species is to help support different organizations that are provide research or conservation Aid such as the World Wildlife Foundation in order to help these efforts and I and I really would like to see some of the violent tendencies that are put on on certain creatures taken off moving forward in the gaming thank you and I hope that you enjoyed this present on a zoo and conservation from real life and I will see you on the other side I want to talk about how we anthropomorphize animal characters in games to the point where they are people too and what we can do to carry that for a little bit first rule about me I’m a longtime filmmaker and animator with some minor credits on emmy-winning projects the work of mind you probably seen is animation for Peabo the panda be vandalized animal mascot of work but it impress my brother now I run Noble robot a indie game developer and publisher here in Minneapolis we made when did Satchel which stars a mischief-making ferret on a panel or at any time during Pax feel free to fire up your switch Hassle and published on switch last month of nice games Club gaming and game development we do in death round tables at interviews 1 hour game jams and like a whole bunch more nice games. Club or wherever you get your punk ass before I go to my animals and video games are placed on first is like two animals in nature right so the relationship you have is roughly in there or just cats right then you have like mechanical pets so illustrate for this is Ratchet & Clank ratchet the animal here the Droid in Star Wars had this is well we’re like they’re sulfur he’s basically you know that they have mainly human characteristics even if I have a prehensile tails or whatever empathy with the imagined experience of actually being

that animal and this is why I put the goat simulator in the but doesn’t contradict contradict either and so in the right so our character sprocket who has to be to now Sonic is just far too radical dude to be anybody’s pet and the goose is essentially a blank slate feel like everyone’s going to hate I’m I’m certain of it ludonarrative Counterpoint you can also described as like the Rugrats approach which you’ll understand if you’re by my age a CounterPoint in music is the relationship between two or more independent Melodies which we play together create a single piece of music it’s one of those greater than the sum of its parts Concepts and that’s what’s important about it and it’s really hard to do well the video games offer a perfect playing field for counterpoints not just because they’re already a necessity A literacy to process simulate incongruent harness that instead of just accounting for it I will send a counter pointed reading but I thought about this concept A Lot maybe a little bit too much will making our little about a ferret me to really executed I do like this even if a player doesn’t see it and all characters are a perfect way into this kind of already so we kind of understand this sort of multiple realities that this offers are so it’s the perfect way in so what can we do the players concerned but I’m like most games reserved lose

control of the main character during cutscenes the players you’re auditioning for like a dog Orchestra and if you don’t make the cut you get put down the Twilight Zone episode of more interesting things with at least I think again selected for times as much wisdom for six to seven times as long as this every week thanks tell everyone this is Kevin from Treasure Coast games here to give you a quick construction to our game hamster scramble cancer scramble is a brand new Fusion between two familiar genres a distinct sections and puzzle boards up above and the platform stage in most puzzle game you just have the game board and fro however you have full control over a character in the stage hamsters enter from the top of the stage by a pipes running up the sides of the area and move back up when they reach the bottom in order to make matches on the puzzle board players will have to chase down and catch the hamsters each hamster has a

to try and make make matches making matches since orbs at the movie appointment for downward what players were hit the center line the platforming and puzzles themselves are rather scramble making matches isn’t the only way to attack your opponent players also have the ability to swap into their yourself or straight up finishing them off players can stun them for a short time finding the right times and have to adjust their strategies depending on which stage they’re of the game single player content as well to please come try out the game never great time at Pax online what do you think it’s like here being a kid in the hospital how do we feel are we all the same no we are each our own different some of us are here for an hour some of us months we all experience different things but we all share one thing we all just want to be kids and that’s where you come in because of you we have a new way to play a new way to make things better and you helped us get just the right people to make it all happen including one of the first gaming technology specialist in the country and even includes immersive technology such as augmented and virtual reality not only do we use this technology for fun and for procedure supports so they can heal faster and get home quicker when you’re playing video games because of Child’s Play we also have the world’s first child life medical director not only do I get to help develop and manage these programs I get to promote the mission of child life throughout Children’s Hospital Colorado and the community urgent Technologies to establish best practices to benefit our patients and families to improve the experiences and how we can Leverage is technology and really fun and innovative ways we just want to say thank you thank you for helping us be kids thank you for helping us play thank you for helping us heal


hello everyone this is Kevin from Treasure Coast games here to give you a quick construction to our game hamster scramble cancer scramble is a brand new Fusion between two familiars genres a platformer and a match free puzzle game it separate platform stage it must pass away and you just have the game board scramble however you have full control over a character in the up the sides of the area and loop back up when they reach the color in wincot becomes a ball of the same color carried by the player two player can the name and throw the ball at the board tabletop and I brought all of these lovely people to join me on

this is Kevin from Treasure Coast games here to give you a

quick instruction to our game hamster scramble

cancer scramble is a brand new Fusion between two familiar

genres a platformer and a match-3 puzzle game it’s

separate into two distinct sections and puzzle boards up

above and the platform stage

in most puzzle games you just have the game board and throw

pieces at it from a static location in Hampshire scramble

however you have full control over a character in the states


is also here at the Hampshire’s will scramble scramble the

Hampshire’s enter from the top of the stage by a pipes running up the sides of the area and loop back up when they reach the bottom in order to make matches on the puzzle board playlist will have to chase down and catch the hamsters each hamster has a color in wincot becomes a ball of the same color carried by the player the player can then aim and throw the ball at the board to try and make matches making matches since orbs at the opponent’s board filling up a meter that adds alignment full movie of haunted sport down work but players were hit the center line the platforming and puzzles themselves are rather straightforward so I’ll skip the fun part swapping enhancer scramble making matches isn’t the only way to attack your opponent players also have the ability to swap into their opponent’s side of the stage for a limited time why are there you can harass your opponent and disrupt their game plan by throwing balls at their board stealing their Hansen for yourself or straight up finishing them off players can defend themselves from an invading appointed by attacking them which will knock their Hanser’s out of their hand and stun them for a short time finding the right times in positions to swap is key to getting the most out of it Bullhead its own unique platform layout and mechanics such a slippery ice platforms and Bubbles that catch hamsters and

carry them upward upward players will have to adjust their strategies depending on which stage they’re playing in in our demo here at Pax online up to 4 players can enjoy local and online multiplayer and Ford the game stages there’s also the hamster Village to explore and it tastes of the game single player content as well please come try out the game never have a great time at Pax online hi I’m Gareth Amia Martin the solar developer behind another Waters another Waters is a narrative exploration game that costume is the AI assistant who is that a biologist has the Explorer and study an alien ocean play through unique interface that off as a distinct perspectives on the world world of glass 667cc Paints the picture of unique and complex ecology throwing a mess in the Braves signals descriptions and sounds sounds is offering a compelling mystery as you help Valerie Bass track missing scientist Dr Medina Mora uncover the complex history of this planet in other Walters also rewards free exploration and scientific study scientific study potato taxonomy entries trees from Fleetwood biological sketch has to be unlocked for each creature when does an alternative to the militaristic in colonial focus of most science fiction is a game about Humanity’s relationship to the ecology sits around us are insatiable curiosity about the natural natural in a time of climate crisis in ecological destruction come by imagine a different future or are we doomed to repeat the mistakes about species fast find out who this unique and beautiful dive into another world available now on PC Mac a Nintendo switch what do you think it’s like here being a kid in the hospital how do we feel are we all the same no we are each our own different some of us are here for an hour some of us months we all experience different things but we all share one thing we all just want to be kids and that’s where you come in because of you we have a new way to play a new way to make things better and you helped us get just the right people to make it all happen including one of the first gaming technology specialist in the country

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World on each one says a very different local audience in this panel IGN editors from six of our Global editions will discuss the similarities and the differences in our local gaming communities at the hilarious predicaments that these differences in something clandestine and some other War Stories on how we handle them so let’s introduce everyone on the penile I’ll go first my name is Daniel Robertson I am the chief editor of IGN japan-based out here in Tokyo we launched the Japan site in 2016 be published in the Japanese language for the local audience but since there are little bit games that come out of Japan we also sometimes produced content for the global site in English as well go to tell you the gaming scene is pretty different in Japan than it is in the west and we certainly have some challenges launching the site so I’m looking for the sharing some of the stories are you guys we going to go next next my name is Alex Simmons and on the UK shooting at 8 for IGN I’ve are in the UK we started back in 2006 Paris much is a separate site to the us we run around review put that are in constant but now we are we are essentially the same so it would collaborate on everything that we do we started with two people myself and one other but with one laptop which is tricky I was 6 + 6 + video + like to say we do everything like you and does forum Renton to video to social everything we’re many IGN my little Island in New York I’m slightly funnier the music About to say that next shower I next shall we go to Andrea hi everybody I’m Andrea from IGN Italy we launched in 2012 we’ve been doing video games like all of our staff has been doing video games magazines and content for the pasta 25 years or so I could be defined as a veteran I act as publishing director for the website and I think we’re one of the oldest by now for an addition of IGN in four languages of Performing from English and I’m here we are awesome thank you who’s next Danny cancel my name is Danny Lee I from my Jenny’s well I’m a basically we’ve been launched in NFL 2015 giving wasn’t in the mainstream like it is now because we star stuff coming through this kind of this thing is a big huge big deal all of the geek culture essay on the westside it’s a big deal but here it was like was like nobody was talking about these to get because it was like okay it’s like you are. Or it’s not school but now but now everybody gave me so I think a lot of that happened because if we manage to put the cultural Geeks into the mainstream media so it’s really cool that they thought of that awesome Barbara hi everyone so good to have you all here with us to talk about IGN and the globals kill my name is Barbara Gutierrez editor-in-chief of IGN Brazil well we long should the website in 2015 This is actually my first year as editor-in-chief and I am super happy of what we accomplished around here our Motel is actually doing Brazil even more you know making Brazil to play even more so yeah I think that’s what we are accomplishing this more and more it’s good to be here thank you thank you cool and last but not least Nick but hope everyone that my name is Nick Rego I am the editor-in-chief for IG Middle East least we publish IGN in two languages in English and Arabic and I hope to see both teams a challenge running outside in two languages but we try and do is tailored to our region specifically so whether it’s means a review or interviews with sudden game developers we try and make sure that all of the Condor be published by the Bibble local sad because that makes poor feeding her audience and it’s being an interesting ride in 2012 but we love it and we wouldn’t change it for anything else else amazing so that’s why your team for the panel today I should say you know usually something like Kyrie 3 all these

kind of global events normally we would do sometimes we would that will be meeting each other in person and getting a chance to hang out so it’s nice to have this opportunity I don’t know why for some reason to live online this year for no reason whatsoever but at least I know exactly exactly so that start with some little snapshots of you know what game is like in each editions country in your local region Festival I’m curious to know what are the main gaming platforms for each of you if if PlayStation is the most is like the biggest in your Market put your hand up please okay right okay that have a lot of sugar hands because that’s not me need need any PlayStation is like it started the whole video gaming culture and Peter gaming being taken seriously what with Sony coming to Italy opening an office and so they established a very strong position which they have been pain throughout all these years and so even without going into numbers PlayStation Station is by far the leading like not like the War I figure you see what it’s like 60/40 or 6535 Italy is far more ahead PlayStation than than Xbox are they it’s time for us as well go ahead like thirty-eight percent of people blade on PlayStation so it is bigger than the other ones but it’s like a small portion you know I think that they are here in Israel same here most of the people that play mode on the PlayStation van only because of your awareness because PlayStation was here since they were kids only later on we had Xbox coming to the restaurant and then we just lunch Nintendo a year ago so now there’s more where is for the other consoles what’s till you see this is kind of a PlayStation Nation sometimes because people admire more of the single player of people here read aloud to single-player experience and then they did they get I think it makes it more luxury for them so this is why we see most of the audience there and now this phone fall guys came in and now it’s more even okay now we have a special multiplayer game that’s for us at least for the console consumer so it’s really cool Lucifer the first because you know I sure will Brazil switch just launched it’s like in August so yeah yeah well I had like I have a switch I butted like in another country when I went abroad when I was covering an event so yeah we just have it now yeah yeah it’s very nice to have an official Nintendo here because now we can talk about games and to be more relevant to the audience so it’s cool at the game Boy Game Boy Advance even is known as this year it’s so difficult for his so I think I think two thousand and something we have no switch we have no Wii U have no we all of it has been imported into the grey market and sold to resell has so it’s very difficult to try and get these games of course not available in the markets but if we approach Nintendo and say like a we’d like to check out some the scam they would just say sorry we don’t support you reaching so we can give you anything so it’s a it’s a tough uphill battle but there are stronger small communities of sport like Pokemon and like I’ll just follow games on Nintendo platforms but officially I wish we had that support from Nintendo yeah it looks a little bit around here as well as it’s like a really small community but they are super engaged as well I’m okay I like to come back to today in a bit more detail a little bit later but Festival imallexx what about in the UK which which console PS4 PlayStation historically has been the stronger of the two but with 360 it just it was a flip Xbox Live 3. Generation is let’s face it Sony drop the pole for PS3 and Sons of developing sport X Games that came out and it’s one of those things that if your mate is an Xbox then you can I get an Xbox if you want to play together and that’s what happened with 360 but then with PS4 I can Microsoft Outlook the ball because that confusing messing around it being a multimedia machine

people just wants to games console so I think that’s going to be interesting for PS5 and Xbox One series X because Sony is getting traditional rate that is always done series X is looks like it’s going to be more interested like an eyeball find that may be a lot prayed every 3 years or whatever it might be it’s an interesting approach I don’t know whether it’s going to work yet because I getting on the next cruise ships but for now PS4 PC is growing you sing a lot of younger people getting into PC market because it’s becoming more affordable right definitely that’s a trend here in nycha pain as well but time before us I mean switch Nintendo is by far and away bite by a comfortable margin is beating out PS4 the switch really has outsold the PS4 in Japan with half the time on the market and and it was you know the same in previous generations ultimate Alien games sorry was sending games right now you look at the the weekly multi-format charts here it’s usually 7 or 8 or even 9 for the switch yeah yeah I know before with the 3DS as well you know what area you would see just on the train you everyone’s playing on the 3DS and you would see very few equivalent PSP Vitas in the wild kind of thumb is widely adored by Japanese game is in a way that the other PlayStation But there’s not really much of it in a slightly different way I think Nintendo of a c virus or family-friendly child-friendly which helps a lot of parents feel more comfortable cat games for the children that kind of thing let’s move on I’m curious to know about games that are published that are developed in your country and your individual regions that are still around the world Alex you’ve been quiet for a while so she was thought with you I’m are there any British games that you can think of the world on fire allez allez code GTA V Originated in Scotland and now it’s Rockstar is a company is exploded a lot of supposed to know for the development of Red Dead 2 working on my project something crazy like that across the world but it’s all sucked up into the center of that Hub in Edinborough so I don’t know if you can see things like Tomb Raider until the Americans told off of us I’m not oversee Rocksteady that’s a great British developed just announced their own Suicide Squad games so I’m interested in this evening list media molecule playground games even all the Lego games are in the UK out to an extent I get tax breaks that’s good I guess I’m across a lot of those games all games that is there anyone who is it out of any of you guys is there any country Way GTA does not sell her is not popular not even think such a relief Highway To Hell lyrics Nick has a story for she has been banned in this region probably you know why store the Green Market I think she would have a way to get it online through like other country just all seems Roswell because the game isn’t readily available to purchase you really have to want to play the game read reviews video people saying about it just want to buy it if you don’t have easy access to a game like that then you less likely to go ahead and buy I feel so I think you could we do have the game yarn while playing it already saw that because it’s something that if you send me something me something if they really want to be playing of course entree how about you are there any games for me to lie that we would know globally sure because it went quite popular during his presentation like and if it has been successful the Mario

Rabbids one by Ubisoft which was developed in Europe here and during the presentation there was the Yamato reference and David is the lead developer that basically cried on camera and I’m lucky enough to have I’m lucky enough to have him I’m on my friends and it’s being a source of pride for everybody else everybody here in Italy to have a game so closely being developed with Nintendo which is kind of really protective about their eye peas and knowing David a I know a I know how much love and care and him and his team poured into the game and I think it shows apart from that like recent example we had my stone which has been reasonable reasonable successful with the racing games since the early 90s with the screamer series on PC and then they went to on the years developing several several racing games differently than what Alex Mansion for the government involvement the Italian government has been very very very late in getting involved with Peter gaming development I mean I remember it and he’s probably says something about my age but I remember writing in magazines in in the 90s and saying what why is it that France has so many investment from the government and we here we physical sleeping sleeping and it took more than 20 years for the Italian government to wake up to the fact that video gaming development was like cereal industry that was worth of their attention now something is moving but in my opinion. Not quite enough but still bet something is better than nothing and so let’s hope that the future you know how something better for us this looks a lot like the Brazilian scenario as well the government didn’t woke up until well now you know about video gaming so we have a really strong independent Market but it’s like I think to the community you know we do have a really big strong game but it’s easy as falling Celeste it is half Canadian and have Brazilian as well like us to do a bus yes it’s many balls sorry studio is Brazilian so we had this game this is really strong game but besides that we have another ones that they are not so known so we had Horizons to reach a we had no Heroes here as well but they’re more like in the games you know know I see I think I’m here in Japan oversee we don’t have any famous games at all popular around the world assuming you know you like in Spanish be out there and spreading the word for in gaming no given the wells Mario and Sonic and Pokemon and all those lovely bright bright kind of games through to you know Dark Souls and there’s a lot of games that come out of Japan’s little games. She stay in shape and as well let you know I mean one example for a long time Monster Hunter was hugely popular here and just nobody cared about anywhere else around the world and it was some very smooth dedicated Building Services but in Japan with something like millions of copies every time it was the 10th power booster that are epic games is Tokyo game show With a Japanese games just when selling very well overseas in the PS3 generation obviously that the PS3 being a system that was a little bit developer in front of him anyways and developers were having trouble because in Japan 10 to build their own game engine from scratch rather than using third-party tools and so for a for a console like the PS3 was very hard to develop very hard to develop anti that sort of the point where I am developers were deliberately trying to make games that would appeal to a western audience and and failing quite circumspect actually in some cases like Cactus any one of them them quantum theory from McCoy Tecmo or there’s a lot of the road is littered with that some of those kind of games or just making games that are only for Japan and the problem just got worse and worse and people started referring to Japan has the

Galapagos mentality and that I got it world Animal Crossing and stuff like that so nice are little tight on time but we did touch on games that are banned in in some countries Nick guy you mentioned GTA let’s start with that let’s go back to Nick but she wasn’t there was some of the games I believe that you’ve had found over there yeah so funnily enough when the original God of War Series game out back at the Buddhist all because I have the word God in it so that got banned luckily I think with the last one the PlayStation 4 so he was able to try and figure something out on and that was viewable on child but how’s the Last of Us 2 haven’t played it because it’s not available here I’m so sorry Digital Store started with physical copies so I can you go to try and find a slightly Shady way to buy the game out of the display or get a free market in from somewhere but yeah I mean when it comes to being all ready yet I mean that are very much this truck is available across the various possibilities for this is it huey on Lebanon or in Kuwait Saudi Arabia each country has its on and Owen County of reading levels I think this is one game by the blanket ban to the crossing at least that I even still needed even bother kind of thing like or going to try and attempt to feel that they just said that at least so are you guys going to have to buy from the US tour or you can try and get it that way so I think two of our biggest things in the last couple years of God of War and most recently Last of Us Part 2 I see poverty there any games that you can get ahold of in Brazil in the 90s or early 20s to tell them we had belly doom and Counter-Strike bands around around here it was well belly and doom it was well thanks to the violence so the government said how this is going to influence people and children but strike was something related to a map it was a mod map called CS favela so people banned this will just because it was portraying like a favela this is is stupid I’m sorry but it is so nowadays it’s okay we can play Counter-Strike and we can play doing well as well belly unfortunately and Billy are very different to pick actions of violence I’m in SRE GTA was available the time but that wasn’t bad but Billy was which makes no sense whatsoever IV was band around the world thanks to a Brazilian song this is super interesting yeah like they got a Brazilian song but without the right so it was band around the whole world but it was shortly reverse ask her her crazy we’ve been playing whatever games came out throughout the history with no problem whatsoever I’m very happy to report I’m actually ordered by bus right what all movies did they come on guys it must be very complicated to work that way so I’m really happy for 8:30 to enjoy this kind of Freedom which maybe maybe stems from as I mentioned before government don’t you know Even paying attention I don’t know but still we we’ve been able to play whatever we wanted to so that’s good I guess maybe condiments a man doesn’t give you the right amount of attention so now you can open in American user just to download from their store because you can download here so I always try to find a way to play it anyway listen if you’re a true game that you will find a way that’s the moral of the story store that sells Nick Jonas volume three details but you feel like you know them all I don’t know oh yeah

IGN does not support of course course you know people went if you have a game that people want to play people will probably find a way to play it to know a little bit about everybody’s part of the world I’d like to talk to you about some what it’s like running an ID in addition Way You Are so I think that while the beginning of each mentioned when you when you saw at lunch time can you talk a little bit about what it was like launching a global edition of the world’s biggest gaming news site in your country let’s start with Alex Wood would be the earliest so she stopped with Alex so we were the UK was the first edition to launch outside of the US and like I said it was in 2006 August 1st 2006 my brain forever so we were at the song by Fox Interactive so we should an office with my space and Alexa I said it’s just two of us and we were the kind of the Nerds in the corner and yet all these cool people tons of money in the other side the office and I went from 20 people up to 250 in the space of a year and then Facebook came out and they went straight back down to save her again while we will happily during all think it’s one of those things that they kind of look to this gun will you’re doing is playing games all day I actually what we were doing we were giving people a reason to come to our website Myspace never did that I’m not something that’s almost dies he dies first in everything that we do just to make sure that we are appealing to that audience and like I say we did a bunch of UK specific stuff in the early days but the Demarcus become so globalize now that tastes so similar between UK and US release dates most of the the same so we collaborate with you I said basically what we do is we operate during all time zone Hondo to the us at the end of all day they went through that day they hand over to a u and on and on are you being the Australia team that’s right you so you guys have all the time zones covered in English through US UK Australia we’re pretty well covered as a little gap between the end of Australia and UK which means sometimes somebody gets the knuckles rap cuz we miss the story over late but we’re working on it baguette I guess I guess that in terms of which Edition launch nexx Alexandria right Andrea Wright read be there there in a minute a minute I don’t know about that start with no problem and we launched in 2012 our main you know the toughest thing to ever camels that we were kind of late on the market for Italian Market because they’re back then there were already several established local brands for video game information so so we needed to establish the fact that there was going to be an Italian edition of IGN because I was quite popular among like hardcore Gamers day they they knew didn brand there was like a quantifiable amount of traffic going from Italy to but I have to say yoga people were happy that I Jen was coming to Italy we have been I’ve been trying do a genital acm’s 2018 and seven I remember picking up the phone and stand straight calling somebody of the boss of the bosses of IGN in the u.s. saying I would like to do IGN in Italy if I have this like your alarm and I think I am because I have been publishing director for a for a future public publishing when they had a battalion Italian company so it took me six years but at the end I succeeded in bringing IGN in Italy and most of our staff was included you know well well known persons in video gaming industry so we did not have problems like establishing ourselves as somebody doing this seriously problematic about from that we create most of our content from from from scratch in Italian and just adapt what we feel it’s like exclusive and stuff like that from the English traditions Nick how about to the lunch in the Middle East how did that go so we launched in May 2012

interesting because we were here before I give you running a locally grown website and then we decided to transition. 2 IGN IGN and so I remember Bakery changing the Twitter handle off our Old Branch i g n m going hello world and people lost their fathers are like wait what does IGN that what’s happening you i g n r are you trolling I would feel like know what we’re launching its happens to the big announcement I’m waiting on and it just kind of grew and grew from there we Lawn Service in Arabic and English and it’s been fantastic it’s been challenging of is he running two different you know certifications of the site in terms of making sure that continent discovered in a timely fashion both English and Arabic but you know it’s it’s great because it’s expanded the the reach of the website to all these people who picking up gaming who come to us for going to give me advice interviews and things like that and the community has grown around it is fantastic so whenever we do events but if we put you know something with the name IGN Woodley so I Onnit people are going to show up because they know that it’s going to be about gaming it’s it’s what we do is what we love love awesome sounds relatively smooth relatively relatively and Arabic or was there a time when it was just one of the other other for us our goals for a gym at least was you can have have a website that is only in English because it’s going to be eating it a lot of people in other parts Amelie Sedona Sally have English as a first language you struggled with the language so we have to make sure that it is in Arabic the other challenge with Arabic is this so many dialects across it whether you’re in Marathi and yui or you have a Lebanese accent or Egyptian you kind of want to twist and change some of the woods around so it’s a boy that whenever we’re making contact with its video content or articles we kind of make it a sort of like Universal Style Arabic so everyone can understand it and there’s no kind of differences with which the house one thing over the other or so been missing for a team but it’s ensure that no matter where you are in the Middle East you are able to choose what do you want to see the side in English or messaging it in Arabic okay Daddy I was saying earlier we weave on chat Day 2018 it was hard because there was no industry or any is it entertainment industry and agriculture here maybe a few tiny website here and Community Playhouse for communities and most of them to people who knew IGN they were like g n from all the broad not from here so windy they hear their will like okay this is cool but the same reaction is you didn’t you have Nick is that a troll is that a fake account are you going to do it in English why are you need an English everybody had their own completely to know why is it going to happen but we managed to do it through a whole heart is 6 years years I think I took us own credibility just because we had these huge name upon myself I G and so we need to show herself and to educate the audience how to how to react to to YouTube video game news and how to react to to to you know there’s a new games about to launch and you wonder woman Wonder Woman movie about to come out here so late they didn’t know how to react about it because it’s so used to get the news so late but now when they of us we are we have a very good response time I can tell you that even though we had difference in time zones but just because we just getting the news right on time or just when are we getting the news that say Tan in owns three again but it’s good for us because we are going to use that time to make an improper article to make me be a video or anything just when people will get up in the morning to go to have their own use just ready for them with the coffee so I think that this is like the Israeli artist pretty much time to digest us that we hear I’m not a fake and we are very close today ID and us we all working together basically and their the really like the way that we are response time is very precise every anytime soon this is the biggest thing that’s really proud that because it was one of the one of them disadvantages that we used it to her own as messages and they loved it and I just want ad about that event that we do we do time to the event as it is Nix that people just hear the name IGN and physically Israel their juices so you know running to the party with your facts we have lists everything is just because now that I it’s legit it’s the queer Dakota skate the route I’m when did you guys lunch again can you remind me that you

launched in Brazil have five years so yeah I see is a little baby yes but it’s such a journey you know I wasn’t there in the beginning but I first entered like in 2000 I guess as a reporter so it’s crazy that you to see that so much has changed it you know I’m in specially in the gaming market around Brazil we had a like a moment’s that it literally not like not even a single company food would you know and get some money into the gaming industry and nowadays is crazy with Esports and Indie Games you know and I like the Triple A’s as so the most difficult part of will build enough ijen here is for sure about content you know we have a a huge gap between like the US developers or Japanese developers you know so it’s hard for us to get some interviews you know to get a like really fresh content because the Brazilian so different from the US audience from the European Origins from the Japanese audience so we love means you don’t that’s it it’s funny because you know 1 + 2 they’re going to launch with a new single about with a new music and it’s from a Brazilian band called called shut down but his name was shut down and the Brazilian public we went nuts you know oh my gosh in the game with this because it’s not the character itself is just a music but even if it’s just the music the Brazilian Defender vs. oh my God you know just for the meme you know so it’s hard for us to get this kind of confidence you know but it’s great I’m in the audience is amazing everybody loves gave me so yeah it’s it’s it’s so good to be part of this I’m getting I’m definitely getting bugs next vibes from that that lost oh my gosh bracelet day going Mount of means that we do Frost in Japan’s Willow Street shortly after you guys I guess then in 2016 and I was kind of crazy an addition in Japan Market for games in general but to me like I came out of I was in Media about 15 up to that point anyway originally from the music side but I was doing a lot of video game related media here in Japan as well reporting foot magazines about time and I when you know I’ll publish your hair is a newspaper company when they said that we going to lunch the Japanese edition of IGM when you come in and be the chief editor a drastic but why you don’t you don’t want me doing that you should find that Japanese language understanding what’s going on and I ended up saying yes and we are joined the company in 8 on April 1st of that year 2016 and we launched the site I think it was April 7th so 10 days later I’m up to that point we just prepared like crazy we wanted to build up an archive of content so that we went what you want a 1 with 1 articles nothing there so I think we like like a couple hundred articles right now news stories and features and a few reviews and you know one day people cuz people what had already been looking a little bit of the English language site from Japan and it’s only one day that redirect didn’t hear it isn’t in Japanese life it would just confuse a lot of people the first but time you know what some of that this would have so I don’t embarrass crossword us was a fun thing Japan has

some really really good strong and media already that sign of people not roll around the world and then Tracer in Japan and it’s not like the rubbish it it’s easy to work with Titan the really really good media that they have hair so that’s one thing but also I’m coming to it with a sort of the West and Sensibility of doing things like, while reviewing games in Japan most gave me to refuse with a score at the end is very very rare earth game review and so I’m getting game wishes disorder sort of understand what that even means in and why they should want us to give judgment on there when we might say bad things about it that if the sum of the Publishers will not very excited about that Prospect and it took awhile to minimum a mile localize the IGN English language review Hyrule Warriors Legends 3DS version and depending on you play 3DS or new 3DS it took a massive performance hit that game and the on 3DS IGN give it a 4 out of 10 and we publish these two versions of the review and people don’t usually Seattle media would not normally say something that sort of straight about you know the game being bad especially with a Nintendo platform in that kind of thing and so you had some people saying wow this is great you know you got this freedom of expression Boulevard and they’re telling us what they really think and then not trusting an opinion and then the other people saying IGN is just you know how they would cause chronic itching means like casserole shop timings comedian suspended this point now in a fluid later that settle down and and people take it for what it is but we have to really prove to people that we’re not getting into just passed something when I get to be disrespectful but at the same time when to tell you if something is bad I’m going to tell you this if we going to say something but yeah I definitely had some strange things back in his early days with angry Developers is not even angry that would refute a game by a friend’s game badly and things like that but it’s definitely come down now but yeah the great thing about having a publication like this in Japan is just because they’re are so many game is in a half the population in Italy as a gamer and yeah we have a huge deeply ingrained I’m coach for gaming and so you know people just love to have a different kind of media to read read which is that service very very well I’m aware that we are almost out of time so let’s go to very very quickly and briefly have you ever had a time when you’ve revealed a game on your review school has been different than the score in the global IGN site to the point where your uses have have noticed or complained Nick I see you holding your head in Your Hands by why did you bring the question up yeah so we have a very specific incident that I recall I mean there have been a few pepper over the years but one specifically one standoff is this game called The Last Guardian which everybody was hyping about and really looking forward to so if I recall correctly IGN u.s. give it A7 seven and our local review I gave it a 5.5 thick a CBC blood he said that this game is is good but it’s more it’s more because the hype around it has risen it is amazing level but at the score it’s not a very good game essentially published The View and the amount of comments that came in that review was like nothing would ever seen before any article published since we launched IGN Middle East so much so that people people spamming are Facebook page and Twitter and stuff petitioning to get this guy fired and it was just it was just like a massive amount of traveling across all back from that YouTube comment supposed to be filled with negative things you just had the artist of Shaker Heights and see like this is part of the job that people don’t understand that you know which is kind of giving you what we thought of the of the game but it’s not stopping you from going out and follow me on the pinion but it was just like this mess but in the end I think after about a month it’s finally died down by to my him like me too much that’s just like kind of publish it and leave it there I mean I leave it leave it to its own devices together one thing that I think sound. out to me to me in Brazil we called This Love of the audience that reviews are considered still nowadays these like monolithic opinions that nobody can discuss nobody can you no

see things differently I was listening to you Nick and I looked for a score for the Last Guardian and it was 8.9 so you have a person and up to the point where you know you basically Miss problems like technical problems like like the one you mention four idle idle warriors on opinion has to have value in like your opinion mixed with your own experience also to answer your question the initial one yeah several times with a different opinion as compared to u.s. are you okay and I think it’s so good and I think it’s a part of what makes having like like the basic concept of the internet you can access so many opinions today you can read about several people’s opinion and then form your own witch might in my opinion is not counterproductive to your website because you give your opinion and if you build yourself up to a certain standard of reagor Oroville integrity than then it’s fine guys Danielle death stranding students are very little and we gave it to very high school credibility here and the game Peoples Trust and after that they were like why did you give it a try not to give it a ten I mean they give it an what’s going on here so should we trust you guys or the people in the US and a very more like in the zone and it’s in the industry itself so it’s actually people who are likely to be back like that but it was okay we we managed to do you know what we mean adjective through just because you know later on this are all the reviews I just saw the ad to reduce all the other outlets here decided to give the State score so they were like it’s okay so maybe there were wrong so it’s easy to you know as you were saying Andrea to look at this time you score but don’t look at the hole review this is much more important because we’re not here to you know to say to tell you that don’t play games just we will maybe we will tell you why you shouldn’t play it and it will fit will never hear you know to back Alicia geiman to kill so I think that was one of a bigot bigot because it’s very shaky but that’s definitely something that I personally think is it a really good point of having different review schools in different regions in different languages Frost in Japan know the way the same game might be received here can be completely different than the last time we had so many times when will give it a school that’s wildly different than what the us or even of the light Western media might get that same game we have so many examples of one with the death stranding which the US s i g n u s k y she was that the review was based in Australia gave it a 6.8 out of 10 but this is when I am still in the decimal scale which is not anymore they give it a six-point + 9.5 + fit a 9.5 and you know our of you was even considering you know maybe even getting a little high we we sort of discuss it for a while and then then because I didn’t know I think the idea of a game where it’s sort of that it’s very much a sofa management heavy action like kind of game maybe just the pills the people in it in a really different way here for example games like can you shoot is like Call of Duty and that’s kind of games they took a while to get popular in that it’s not so deeply ingrained into a culture to have guns shooting games where you shoot very very greasy realistic you know who games not necessarily wear something like death stranding where it’s has this very real and I’m so sorry bro approach seem to be received much better by Madonna write about our audience team as well well everyone left I came here yeah we’re like posting on social media about you know the people who thought the game was amazing rule of Rights Garage in u.s. movie people who sold the other way around with these people in Japan just cuz it came out of town

lot of other games too it’s funny to watch them unfollow we are completely out of time I’m so very very finely I know it sucks right that I really enjoyed speaking to you guys and that we could go on for a little longer on Fox would only allow us to do so but let’s just very very super super brief comment from each of you about a nice jingoistic thing something that’s great about being a gamer in your country in your region and let’s start with an e an e the coolest thing here is the as I was saying an example as I was saying it to Daniel earlier when I was a kid the coolest kid in class was the when was the better athlete was the better in soccer nowadays it’s like he’s to be the coolest ever it’s actually intruding our mainstream media room so fast and I feel like that’s we had the hand upon it because we saw the way how gaming evolved here as a tiny communities to gaming Fest then we’re covering around the world and people here are waiting to a coverage because they don’t because now as I was saying we have the response time so everybody’s in gaming made my cousin is a disease that is one of the most popular kids in size because I’m giving each other stuff for isn’t set up so who knows auntie she’s working on IG this is like if this is the coolest thing though that’s a very popular a very popular awesome Alex what’s a what’s something wonderful. Being a gamer in the UK UK well I mentioned it before but most of the development scene is amazing so like being part of the games industry and Bam still these games being made and how it develops over time is is being incredible on both side light of c i g n r us about you guys is equally as important as an entertainment slice of TVs movies I’m so being embedded in that side of things has been really interesting especially in the last 6 months when it’s basically stopped completely but not work with started a lot more virtual junkets with Talent we’ve just another bunch of stuff a tenant which is coming out here for the Earth’s away handling the global review for that contradicts icing how UK relatively small country is such a big part of War IGN does most of the games in the movie industry has Hall okay Barbara what about time for you in Brazil well actually is it so similar as Denny nowadays is super cool to be a gamer I was at when I was younger I used to hear stuff like well you’re a girl you can play and stuff like that this is so stupid anyway so you know right price yet anyways in an hour gaming market around Brazil would you have liked several women and we are getting like even more accessibility to like everyone around Brazil especially we have Mobile gaming I like growing each state you know and this is a opportunity and more people are playing in this is so good so good specially in the country that most people don’t have like much to eat they don’t like know how to write you know this important this is super supreme court like in the technology basis you know so I am super proud to be part of this now that you sent to help our community are Gaming Community to get strong each state cool how about you Andrea play for me the best thing is community it’s always being community video game a situation kind of similar I think worldwide not just like for Israel Brazil where it is just like the time reference changes when video gaming became cool but we’ve all been through the geeky nerdy thing what are you doing to I’m doing video games all right nice interesting and for as long as I can remember the video gaming community of people online has been like delightful Italians love love to talk about everything I love to talk a lot about everything and the sow yeah for me it’s always been very very nice to be involved with the community and and and

and I think that for gamers it’s important because in the media media in the past like General Media generic media you had this idea that video gaming made you this like sociopaths that did not have any contact with anybody and the difference is 3 and the reality show so different from that you make friends you have you build relationships you will you create communities and so for me that’s the best part about you owe me two games something that you love about being a gamer in the Middle East was just how it’s evolved from you know playing Age of Empires and a CD Land Cafe somewhere for like $2 an hour to what it is now what we have like massive massive things kalaidjian convention what we have celebrities coming down we have Esports tournaments all of it has just changed so much and you know I can go to one of these events. C a mom who’s never played a video game and ilife dancing with the kids in front of an Xbox Kinect for Just Dance Like that’s insane you know it’s stuff like that that I love experiencing every single time I go to nearest any list because it transcends your nationality your income your you know your your gender everything and you just kind of go on Atmos yourself and have fun with that you don’t have to necessarily know what everything about Anon in front of an arcade cabinet playing Pac-Man because it’s literally just a joystick so that’s the beauty of Jimmy and in our region is it successful for everybody and every every part of our region cool I’m so fresh here in Japan obviously gaming has been so deeply ingrained part of the culture here for a long time and so people you know who grew up with games have children maybe even grandchildren and so gaming is a very social social Pastime here I was saying before about used to see people with 3 DS’s on the train these days you know you’ll see people playing mobile games on the train and then and we can meet a lot on public transport in Japan Tokyo anyway but some see just people playing games everywhere and they help people understand games it’s not like an alien Concept in that way and see what that means is that by this point you know in 2020 we have like a very rich I’m so sophisticated selection of games that are available in the people want in the people play from everything from you know that the big guy games like Animal Crossing on the switch so that kind of thing all the way down to your recently a lot of games out of say China other parts of Asia or other countries around the world people applying more and more on the mobile on the switch if you look at the switch download shots any given week you know at least like half the games in that will be Indie titles and so people ready when I like a variety of games and so many people if I sort of like like letra and games like guess which is really nice and they’ll send me that we still have like arcades everywhere you go out in any sort of major area or even though that major are a pretty much anywhere in Tokyo or any other big city around Japan you’ll find arcades and somebody who grew up in arcades in the UK and I love them so much it’s it’s a nice way to just survive in an environment where people are enjoying games that makes it like a I think that is want you here hear international travel of the pictures are going but I think it’s very different from 5 years ago so I think I should come quick but let’s wait already have everything with the Pac-Man hair and stuff so yeah we will get okay it’s been really really great to talk to you all and that to everyone at home watching this you know ordinarily of course we’d love to be there at physical Pax event last game I went to is PAX East in February is hard to believe at this point if it were that that was this year so I’m sure all of us are you not ready wish that we could be there with you guys and take your questions on that kind of thing I maybe next time but to happen to for today this is why I will leave it so thanks everybody for joining in the panel and if you want to stay a little a little goodbye and thanks everybody for watching enjoy the rest of my lights

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9 witches family disruption is a 2D pixel art action adventure that during World War II where the mysterious old SS division is using an evil curse in a desperate attempt you change the course of the war you explore over 60 colorful and beautiful pixel art style location you encounter over 40 characters with the range of entertaining humorous personalities which can be crude sympathetic blue me or sarcastic but always Bazaar it’s a single player game with dual character control you’ll be able to switch between Professor krakovitz who is confined to a wheelchair but able to commune with the Dead at his Japanese assistant to KIRO for sent undercover to resolve the supernatural phenomena occur in the rural Norristown collects interesting items to store Indian Venturi and takes notes about objectives and clues clues it’s gets Goosebumps and a blue aura around his body when he senses the presence of spirits and is able to enter the astral plane an invisible World between life and death there he’s able to communicate with lots of tools to gather further information that will help solve the case is full of puzzle-solving elements that involve sneaking into enemy territory in disguise solving riddles finding Clues and missing Keys hidden inside mystical artifacts and many more well-known Adventure game Mechanix like western-style stand-ups in gun fights everybody a happy Thursday and welcome to the events caused play Q&A panel here at Pax online brought to you by the folks at nerd caliber I’m Rodney Brown the editor-in-chief of

your caliber first person shooter as a cosplay photographer on Facebook you have an amazing panel here with all sorts of really interesting questions that they’re going to answer and we’re going to start with Celtic directions from the panelist beginning with Bill Sherer me for about 15 years now I started off with spandex Goods and have done a corset tree along the way and currently experimenting a lot and if I passed right now excellent and moving on we will go to Colonial Armory 10 years has Lake I work mostly in Eva for armor and props I also do a lot with 3D printing and like the combination of the two I also I work a lot with making LARP armor so it’s more durable focus more on like Mobility first accuracy sort of stuff durability in mass production damn has been processing for about 14 years I know anything hang letter word Electronics last but not least lucky groom creative what you grab a what’s container does cosplayer a computer mostly give details sewing detail embroidery I’ve been branching out into free printing and putting technology and just seeing what’s new in what’s coming up the Onyx pendant outstanding a fun and hopefully continuing to expand Dame what can make sure you enunciate and speak up a little bit you all by the way people who submitted these fantastic questions and we’re going to jump right into our very first one Allison asked what would you recommend material wise for making a prosthetic cyclops eye covers both of your eyes and you can still see through it examples would be Nifty from hazbin hotel or do you want from Futurama anybody want to jump in on that well I’m a good a good way to put an easy way with things around the house you might be able to do is take mold pair of sunglasses trim those Center frames out things attach the ear things to a JP want to do it right to the ear things over it with a fine white match so no one can get in but you but you also no more advanced a minibus use a place called Reynolds Advanced Materials us actually have a head count on our faces or even you wasn’t 3D printers to Aces Worlds Advanced Plastics you can get ahold of things like dragon skin latex silicone words like material a plus material be mixed together becomes material C and you can sculpt mold and cast the whole process expensive place they like to talk to you they have really nice First skit online tutorial to help walk you through everything one caveat I know I feel sure you have experience with getting the silicone Super Saiyan you’re only get like so many wears a ton of it right so so

when you when you craft a prosthetic with silicone you need to have it be as soon as possible like a piece of passion on my route when you get to your skin at that just makes it paid right into your skin food and taking it off you know how conventions are there another hot and at the end of the day you just want to just go taking off out prosthetic like that even if you do it gently you might get one Bears out of it I have a couple of hours the idea of head casting is really awesome but I’m guessing you’re going to want to find somebody who’s if not an actual professional really experienced at at doing the head cast of you but don’t do this on your own you can’t head the process of actually being a like a Hollywood braids involves a lot of silicone is safe to put against yours its the brand so you actually fall flat against your actual face and that’ll wrap wrap your head and in a plaster plaster cloth and then it has a hard and so it’s it’s actually multiple person process one person can do it for another person but it’s best if you have two or three people helping with the process and making sure the other person’s okay because they brought up there knows you know how to breathe so it’s process process or very claustrophobic it’s yourself scam just getting a little bit like cheaper now is like the cameras off of 7 units scanning inexpensive makerspaces work with that what’s a good idea I didn’t even think about that other follow-up I had was you talked about or the idea of a white mesh where would you get that see through white mesh to flip over or under the plastic piece let’s Tablet if you get a joint world you can they just I think it’s just under mesh mesh spandex and although the benefit of going to Jo-Ann’s and you can see yourself and judge whether or not it’s your preference is it will have a bit of a fog it will look like you’re walking through a park but Google next question this is submitted for Nautilus Lee what’s the best way to add voice amplification will costume that completely covers my hair army I’m guessing this is in your wheelhouse a face mask or like a full helmet and what I use I use a personal PA system that walking guides use it just has like you know volume on the top of mine actually has a USB things you can put a USB drive in there and play music out of it that the headset goes into you can also buy a bunch of a lavalier mics they’re really cheap on Amazon and they work with this if you want to like permanently in place the microphone in The Mask or helmet I was just putting off to the side so you don’t have a direct like you’re not breathing in and they don’t hear you like inhaling and exhaling costume somewhere and you can just chat with people and not have to yell for anyone to actually understand what you’re saying microphone boxes that store if you’re on the front of the proper Forum looking under anyting birthday messages to Voice Box it’s the exact same thing website for the replica replica prop forum Dr if it’s popped up on your screen there next question is also from anonymous how do I keep water openings in costumes they the front of dr. mrs. the Monarch or

the back of Molotov cocktease actually showing too much skin I do it a by skin tone of spandex and airbrush it to look like skin no make the muscles I don’t have I use something called Power mesh and it’s just made my skin tone color of a so that when I’m walking to deceive deceive spandex World. Com and cam both of those two are, go to for those and these thanks Louis within the past like 2 years expanded their colors of our mesh from basically every skin tone die I have that’s that’s what I’ve done for some more things and it just that even if it’s just a really thin piece of thought it just makes you feel more secure and people think that for what I wore Red Sonja I didn’t have anything on my skin but I I did I what I did was I use their pants tights of all the way up and I would actually cancel the leather he needs strength sort of things directly to the dance tight and I trim off the excess and it apply glue before you trim so it doesn’t want all over the place but that actually I would only need to change out the dance tights like every five times I wore it and it was actually really good cool cool and I haven’t seen your guy would have known that no it’s not dropped from Rhiannon interesting And Timely do you have any advice for people who have trouble wearing masks both in relation to covet and caused by in general any sort of way to make it easier and more comfortable Boudin yes yes go ahead I’m having work with the five-oh-first and Rubble then and Stormtroopers are all of them get all computer fans like one and a half 2 and 1/2 inch fan install them near any actual air vents Aiko are out another thing I’ve done another costume I had was with a half mask. Just had to come home because because the air flow going through the iPad would you have to wire it up and have a battery pack yes I if like in a Star Wars Buckethead you have plenty of access space around your head between a battery pack there for my costume that I wore which was just on their lair wires you can’t try and hide it at you minimal amount of battery lasted long month I do Jade from Mortal Kombat and I aware wear regular cloth mask has been conscripted into making them doing it and it’s a matter of keeping it tight on the face is what helps for myself but it’s just it up mentally knowing I have an easy fade out of it is what really helps like so for my jade I have lips right here and it actually just clips into my wing right here I have sown dual parachutes flips into the side of a wig so when I’m ready to take it off and easily just like

Adele and put back on off on off about it usually take it off bring something for back on I’m not stuck in her mouth all day day it sounds like learn for like wearing heavy armors and wearing like masks is like God has helped me is just trained myself to take long and slow breaths like don’t don’t breathe shallow as you normally would Breathe In and breathe out and do that and I actually like get that like rhythm going as it helps with like inside like trying to like for a little bit of hair back and forth through the filter you’re forcing a lot of air back and forth through the filter so it’s like a long stroke vs 4 stroke stroke what they teach you in martial arts or yoga breathing advice to probably would work well for people who are just generally claustrophobic about that as well saying that if somebody who’s not at all so I I I’m not saying that is an effort that’s for sure that’s for sure so salsa from an anonymous sender what are the best things to use for making really thin metal looking armor so there’s like an old-school school cheap Tech it was like would you like to use Bondo and fiberglass and hate your entire I say that this was only eight years ago do barge cement or contact cement and then we will take Metallica spray liquid to to metallic spandex add side of that it’s stretch it out over top of your phone let it dry and then you have Barry send a said that’s how I did my Magdalena Wonder Woman what all my Ivy Valentine armor is made out of its it’s either that or it’s for a blow or wonderflex or something like that could you can do the same thing smooth and everything this week is just don’t ever don’t crack it does go anywhere just talk all my armor in a suitcase and it doesn’t send it send it, it sounded like somebody was throwing shade there with you Colonial how do you do it into the darkness Darkness smile friend so used to it like I came with my armor used Sentra if you want to make armor pieces that are only a single pane or single only curved along a single plane or single like access it works great for that and that like it you can get it like once like 1/8 in thick ahold of shape early will hold paint really well this is normally used for making signage and you can get her from like like online War like art since art supply stores that will that be either of those images you sent me popped up the roman armor so that roman armor is made out of slap slats of this painted with just like Rustoleum paint they held up like I still good but the problem is for day it’s a little griddle so if you’re in there for like

LARP it can shatter if it’s cold out that’s one of the reasons I moved away from it all so I know for like chainmail doing fake chain-mail Stitch explicitly designed by like old Hollywood to to make chainmail I don’t know anything about that though I just know it exists another I use it just because they gave it to me Wigs was using a lot but it’s mainly sold by artist vacuum forming plastic it looks like it would be like worbla or where was very heavy can get very sick and very cumbersome sybarite you hold it like your vacuum for me pull out your phone under piece and you have a very thin durable peace of plastic armor that’s very very tired Deborah it’s very very thin it’s just heading a very low don’t take it to school other if you can find it quite thin offer veg tan leather I think they like pretty thick and you can do it much in the same way that we was talking about with Ventra individual alarm leather to get multiple axies that Morgan there’s dyes in pink it’ll make it look like metal metal Harsh Mistress if you screw up shooting higher melting but it’s a little unwieldy he also didn’t clear when I did all the gyms or might run we are polystyrene with the polystyrene when it comes to like getting the metallic finish the Ruby cheats thing is you can ruin a really good build the pour paint job and you can improve a really medium build with a great job job on a really just depends on how you paint it there’s a hundred different ways to pay a hundred different styles to paint it’s really what works for your aesthetic and what you’re going to go for and what material what you wouldn’t use the same paint for leather as you would on spandex as we would on Sentra and he went on and Brew some spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks for you I can just because it’s even if it’s fast I’m going to throw in a little club for something we did last night which was the final score summer cosplay contest series we did in conjunction with Pat Covey the commentator and the winner of the entire series was David designs in a knight Artorias in Dark Souls and the one of the things that all the judges commented on was the distressing and the detail and paint job no airbrushing every single bit of that costume was done little crush brush and judges just went crazy when they heard that so it’s amazing you can’t airbrushing is so much easier I’m guessing wearing hers it’s not as expensive as people think it is if you have Harbor Freight in your area Will Smith live and die by Harbor Freight out there in Waterdown most paints that you like I go to AutoZone it must have my liquid paint mortgage payoff if I’m doing a cup or not it is

very cool moving on to our next question another one from anonymous anonymous has been busy how do I attach horns will work if they are late I tried to read way is neodymium magnets really good glue and a headband it’s try not to add heaving permanent into my wigs just so I can use them over and over again because they’re expensive need a blue wig again just to let people know who Amy Chua just popped up there are 3M version of The Rare Earth or need dinner in them that one up magnets and sorry magnets and sorry demon horns made out of EVA foam and I just stuck to magnets in the base using E6000 6060 everything and then I took a regular plain white 1 inch wide headbands cut out circles where orange would correspond on my head stop the madness and mirror put a piece of wearable a piece of wearable up is agoraphobia War block when I got ready to wear the costume I would put my wig cap on my hair back what’s a headband on the place but my wig on and then my horn to just be like if somebody like knocked my horns thing when I I like it like that is to make sure that you weren’t the hair around where you going what the horn so the hair Falls naturally around the Horn as it would in real life and us don’t just like play the horn on top of it won’t look like it’s connected and part caused the big legs nicely around around it helps so much also invest in some good paint pens so you can Mark what side of the magnets or what side of a magnet made that mistake what do we talk as strong as I are at holding if you reverse the polarity of a doubly shoot right off your head so somebody mentioned the idea of using like Chicago Screws to actually like screw it to em I am so Chicago a brew and then there is a cold sore a spice or something else that it’s screws into the usually have like a piece of armor or work cell there with lightning to do that again I was on an actual photo of Chicago Screws so don’t like using those if it’s going to be like what somewhere like on my shoulders or a my head because that is a one-way ticket to migraine now also allergies to metal if you’re going into like a headpiece all of our bane of existence Loki what the song on the forehead

nice this one underneath here you can see I do have Chicago Screws attaching the horns into the headpiece piece but then I have a quarter inch piece of L200 spree phone talk to cushion the head but you don’t you don’t wake up with like bump on your head regarding Horan’s it’s the wig still I think Chicago Screws might be a little metal quick if you to at least layer something between the Chicago screw and it’s like a horn because just the way that sell its to febres it’s too want like a piece of leather or something very cool so our next question is from Hannah Hannah wants to know or get some advice for spray painting when space is limited and Oro alternatives to spray paint if it’s too Limited but that’s not healthy if you have to alright so if you can if you can get a cross Breeze across your house but a fan in one window blowing in another window paint call Xtra lease has them repainted on accident paint or use an airbrush instead airbrushing is you will achieve the same or better resolve actually and its butt you hold it it’s fine it can’t be by it can be it depends on the novel that you help me but it’s much closer of an application less go everywhere but always have a tarp down no matter where you haven’t noticed we all live in 8 months out of the year so we just can’t do anything outside because it’s the Arctic I actually do have a small a 3-foot by 3-foot by 3-foot paint booth tents like a pop-up tents that I use when I have do you spray paint because we all know that sandable primer lice pet spray primer sanding your life away To do it so I use that when I have to I do go see some friends when we are allowed to see friends at their maker space and they have pink room that has a vent to the outside cans or not airbrushing learning curve but once you get the hang of it really useful like it ever going to say no One caveat with if you decide to make your own other than purchase have to make sure it’s an explosive proof and other weapons could ignite Euless from the fan really bad time flap in the back back it up to a window window a little bit else and then someone else spray and there’s like Zip It Up and your paint booth just parked outside is that what you’re going to do timer for

so my suggestion would be as if you have a window that you can hang things out of a sweet setup like a clothesline line for the situation that you can hang up like your your prop ryuk like if you happy you spray paint at Emagine like if you don’t have the room for it are brushes a way to go use I have a garage so I just keep things up in but if you spray paint during the winter another good thing to remember is it warm like heat it up to like anything that you could eat only comfortable holding your hand in for a long time Temperature and then keep it inside your jacket when you’re not spray painting that’s how I’ve been spray painting like outside in like -20 number Jersey hobby airbrush do you still need to wear some sort of ventilation sensor filter how do you get air Park craft related that’s whatever chemical you don’t forget all the time when it comes to airbrushing and specially because a lot of airbrush paint has the talent been in it and it’s just like metallic Glitter in the Air guys let’s just wear eye protection every house later really should have some safety goggles Excellent suggestions so question another one from anonymous what’s the what’s the best way to keep the paint on my phone armor from cracking it depends on what you make your armor up make your armor off leather armor because I you’re always so what’s start with that if you are working with leather flexible weather how do you paint a door color in a way that won’t crack under under you most leather dyes mother paint latex based dish the oil and water based on will stay on top liquor cause of death days and then if you use actual leather clear coat on top of it and I’ll seal it down even better for leather it’s it’s relatively simple as long as you are very careful in your paint O’Neill Armory how did you do that with the armor that you’re currently wearing or the stuff behind you like lots of layers Plasti Dip in coats of the actual like metallic paint and then just a bunch of layers of it it’s like just how I was weathering them they eat is this one right here has like seven coats of paint on it easily 7 coats of paint on it and then just don’t let it to form too badly badly I don’t let it get beyond that point where it cracks no I should have won I haven’t put it on there how often would you do have to repeat something like like what you’re wearing so I haven’t actually gone to work at a convention has been in Paris cost him back there that was theirs aspects of like foam work itself that have failed and the paint still fine like I haven’t had to redo the pain I’ve had like LARP costumes that I haven’t had a touch up paint at all with like I have things like this problem where you can see oh hey look at white foam underneath because I didn’t actually use Plasti Dip on this and this is Ono I need this for this weekend let me just make this in an hour tell me the story an observation for anybody is doing a demonstration you need to bring whatever you’re demonstrating up to the level of the middle of your face otherwise people are going to see it yet yeah this like I use this in like never weed in lawn games and that’s what it is finally

happened to it after a like weekend-long games of like actually running around hitting me with like in this or like it rubbing against combat armor when I’m running I’m running though lots of layers paint gentle what would you use for a Steeler in Forever head like always been like just clear coat varnishes or I don’t know how well polyshades works on flexible thing of all if you have if you have a beef solid crop Minwax polyshades does two things that does a weathering affect of like muddying things up and also put a thin layer of polyurethane over it Feels Like Straw I’ve used it for a models like painting tabletop miniatures and like I’d like to drop those pewter models on the ground and like a paint sticks like the metal band with a paint just like I’m fine once again old is he when I was doing which foam I would miss a little bit of latex paint in to have some. those last two cities and when I do you clear coat on top actually use a latex based clear coats that has a that has a this is actually out about five layers of Plasti Dip where the white lines aren’t white lines are unchanging and the rest is metallic latex mixed with limited metallic acrylic added on and then it was a bird in a like a base of acrylic mixing medium with a little bit of latex holographic mixing medium all how you view private eyes I know at Michael’s now remind at the cell specific paint for phone that’s said to be like latex based phone pinging sound like okay awesome for cosplayers what are murdered somebody there’s thing cuz it’s kind of similar is PVC if you used in your costumes all or any Star Plastics to prevent things from scraping off his like he was he does not like like spray paint or primer vinyl dye like AutoZone let go to any Automotive so you can get vinyl dye which is a spray paint that the molecular lie but like it actually looks like find to final Stitch PVC is polyvinyl arbynator never and then you can use that as a primer paint at school I didn’t know that about PVC pipe that’s very cool next question question what’s the best makeup products and techniques like Nightcrawler or twi’lek Nightcrawler or twi’lek people don’t hate themselves but yeah really want to know not end up looking like you have we have all made the mistake you’re going to need primer and barriers barrier spray is too firm for him a lot of major makeup companies make a barrier spray like marijuana

because when you put it on it creates a barrier between your skin and then the makeup you’re putting over it super super pigmented because they’re expecting you to wear them for a long time and it’s such a drastic change in color different cuz you’re going to prom at work or do you are going to be be and if you don’t wear something to protect natural texture of your skin wars the size of a mood prayers can seep into the pores in the next day you look like a. To not To not what is primer does but you must wear under makeup all the time anyways beautiful imperfections on face and what does is that but also cheap corners in crevices and finding a new home for the next week once it’s against your your natural your skin it hopes to make up to the barrier pray it’s a little tacky quiet you have a spritz it you have to let it dry with a hair dryer or wave or whatever around and then you can start to apply the makeup and a little bit more to the barrier spray also I feel like every other man and you have body hair I’ll recommend exfoliating your skin a couple of days beforehand hand there are types of makeup weigh then there’s four her easy way is a cake mixed up with you Olympus viewer he go to the website we love colors to get a color match of tight while they only have to paint from cast right if you can honestly skip a whole lot if you’re going full body it takes at least six hours will be prepared to wake up at like 4 a.m. at least want to be at the car it’s a long process so really bodysuit of spandex does wonders yeah Matt at Aunt it does wonders to layer barrier spray that paint barrier spray the paint until you get the solid color that you’re looking for and then you’ll finish it with barrier spray and Pat it with milk or baby powder or better actually at my makeup is a what are the Adam Aron of paradise water-activated really any liquid activated and the best way to really apply it is one of these bad boys just hit a disposable one on Amazon a blender Blue makeup sponge as if we’re ever going to be discolored from now on we ever going to be used for discolored and I don’t use water to active it’s super fun actually use mattifying setting spray or more barrier spray to activate this is it keeps it drying faster faster faster even coverage and super fast a even five or six

it’s not just going to be one color you’re going to get like three of them color dark color light color one for the whole face once in your shadows and then one for your highlights just don’t want to be like one blueberry your Contour with powder as well fight remember you’re no longer your normal color are now purple or blue with it never do your makeup the first time at the con look at myself also don’t forget about doing regular beauty makeup which is where you pull your eyelid down into the side to your contacts first basics of a cup your guy do it too but you of your guy I want the Nightcrawler should have Supply in Aurora don’t we are now just coming up on 9 minutes left and I’ve got any more questions that I really want to sneak in here so Jackie has asked I want to work first mold of a 3D print with worbla but the world was stuck to the print is there something I can apply so it doesn’t stick recommend doing that requires worbla to belch is going to is going to pause your 3D print to also melt it don’t do that if you want to be friends a budget using unflavored gelatin even even play can work be careful about getting it in books and crannies yeah on Thermo flask becomes a single that make sense now I’m sorry Jackie stop going to work that said There Are Rules releases you could try up a mold release can’t Reynolds material will hold releases but it’s it’s it’s applying heat see it’s just it’s probably going to help so we got another anonymous question here or what are the best ways to connect multiple foam armor pieces together and or to the rest of your costume costume Paris you flip snaps in pool yeah pretty much all of my stuff I actually 3D print anchor points I used to make them out of central but like this is this is this is just connected with all sorts of 1in strapping that’s been pop riveted disease and then these get glued into the armor pieces and and like right here off of like the chest plate I know a lot of people will do like they’ll get like a purpose use like bulb base layer and then attach like velcro and velcro or light clips to but I found it just you things do a chest plate or two a belt and I’m facing off of that or anything that needs to be put together using tension so like adding old rings that are held together with the elastic in the back that go underneath things Clips the Apple pieces for the elastic sure that order looks interesting name is there a different way to do this with the weather no actually very much so much the way Chloe alarm reset except

you’ll be using Chicago Screws and rivets and snaps like cauldrons this one is just a single folder and it doesn’t he has to hold it in place like I said put things to the chest plate Anchor Point fabric about that is if you can the love of God as a kidney plate like a kidney strap let you know I have backpacks have the the strap that goes around your stomach if you’re wearing it armor that’s at all Heavy Friday to allocate the weight onto your hips as much as possible or trying to distribute evenly across your shoulder or across your chest in order to make it so that it’s not digging into your collarbone bo3 pounds is a lot after 6 hours sure so Chris asked what are the most useful items in the repair kit that you bring to a con Velcro Velcro with glue on it safety pins in magnets or super gluing magnets like a little tiny hot glue gun New Orleans bread extra spearmint gum what was that you’re holding up their colonial Armory zap-a-gap which is a c a + glue it kicker which is an accelerant for CA + glue but you just glue the thing in place hit it with the zip kicker in it immediately starts the CA glue regardless of what materials are cuz if you ever get those materials that do not want to stick together when in doubt take it off Maxwell