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Snap-on EPIQ Tool Box Tour | Fullest Box on Youtube

hello my name is Christian buyer I am a heavy equipment diesel technician I work for Caterpillar you know Claire Wisconsin we work on a large variety of equipment anything from d-10 dozer x’ all the way down to skid steers as well as motor graders haul trucks excavators paving equipment and also several brands of wood disposal and quarry equipment that we deal I’ve noticed watching YouTube videos on toolbox tours that they’re very popular and people love them so I wanted to bring you a high quality video of something I don’t see much of and that is a heavy diesel equipment technicians toolbox the similarities and you know the differences in tooling between a lot of what you see as far as toolbox tours with automotive and even diesel truck medium-sized all the way up to semi technicians so I just kind of wanted to bring a little bit of a different raw taste to these toolbox tours and obviously people enjoy them so I hope you enjoy this video as we kind of explore what I have in this epic toolbox so obviously starting out I have a 84 inch epic in combat green with the blackout trim I have a side locker and a hutch on this with the bed line power top I do not have power drawers in either the locker or the box I opted out of those options and I also went with the standard locks without the echo locks so starting with the hutch I have a small coffee maker here obviously using that thing all the time I have my Texaco coffee cup keep a couple of charging cables back here one for my iPhone and wonders for the standard chargers on the lights I have a CNC American flag I recently got to fill in this space in the back of the hutch hasn’t moved to the left of my toolbox I have a 36 inch sound bar as well as the subwoofer just a TV sound bar and subwoofer really inside of this hutch poems just straight out out of my box that’s really nice I also have a 24 inch curved screen monitor run off of my laptop with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse I have the stereo receiver that is connected to my sound bar if I want to listen to the radio as well as a wireless charger for my phone and just an organizer for the things I pull out on my pocket when I get into work keep some plastic silverware ibuprofen and change back there on that shelf I also have a document organizer for snap-on catalog receipts some handouts we get I keep a thing a rags up on top of the subwoofer I also have this desk mat on here just if I need something smooth the right on just because the texture on the the top makes it a little difficult to write on so this is kind of handy close up on what I keep in the top of this organizer I have a handful of markers extra stream light flashlights I love these stream lights these are the Reacher rechargeable and I have two of these obviously so when I have one go dead I can grab a new one and recharge the other one I also have one of the traditional battery ones I have a selection of pocket screwdrivers up in here I collect or find I don’t lose them too often so I don’t have too much trouble with that but just in case writing a steel writing piece so I can write on steel highlighter there are safety glasses a pair of sunglasses earplugs I keep some cat keys in my snap-on koozie the Milwaukee headlamp I am not sure exactly which model this is but it’s the 450 lumen one here we go is the 21 11-20 I also have a spare battery in my locker on hand ready to go charge it up keep a couple of cashews using some cough drops and that back one there but that’s what I keep on the top of this so we’re moving up to the top of the hutch in the locker I’ll go through the things I keep up here so starting on the left here I have a Milwaukee fan so it recently got this really nice in the summer part number is 0 8 8 6 – 2 0 battery powered or obviously plugged it plug it in para master force jack stands I mostly use that for my you know working on vehicles or skid steers they’re just three ton jack stands obviously I have my Milwaukee work radio use that if I’m not around my box or I’m working outside a couple of old MACO click type torque wrenches I don’t use much anymore so they sit up here I have

a pair of rubber boots for Washington the wash bay a knee mat so moving further down the box here just a cheap computer bag some jackets sweatshirts gloves things like that for the wintertime I have a pair of the NIP –ax 24-inch and I believe it’s the 36 inch bolt cutters up here big inch and a quarter drain hose of the Matco maybe 58 inch by 7/8 pry bar back there and also the 48 inch can I keep up top so then under my box I keep this big wheel creeper I can’t remember exactly what brand it is it’s like a tracks or something to that effect I found it on Amazon I’ve got a really good deal on that really wide body real thick so real comfortable to work on and treating me well so far then I also have a foot mat that I stand on I pulled out from under there if I’m working at my computer for a while so I can use that and it gives my feet a rest on the concrete I also have this northern tool adjustable stool this is nice to work in my computer as well I just keep this set off to the side another thing that’s not in my box right now is this cube light from Milwaukee nice flexible head on it moves all around it swivels using it right now for light while I’m filming and then if we come over I also have the rocket light plugged in right now I using that as lighting as well this also sits up on the top of my box normally so I have that out right now we’ll go ahead I’ll walk it around here and move to the back of the box back here I just have a extension cord bombed up but keep that plugged in and then I keep my air hose flex l air hose back here on the back gone around everything on the outside of the box let’s get started on the inside of the box so obviously top drawer this is my socket drawer we’ll start over here on the right hand side and kind of move to the left so back here all I have are some deep six-point snap-on half inch drive 3/8 up to inch and 1/8 the goal is then to extend this set all the way up as far as they make them in chrome half inch drive and then also I need to get the shallow ones do the same thing all the way up as far as they make them pretty weak on my chrome sockets for 1/2 inch drive the two sets I do have the metric and standard deep I got on a BOGO deal so that’s why I have those right now my impact sockets I do have a few macro sets but most of them are Sonic’s I really really like Sonic’s Mac Sonic’s impact sockets they’ve done really well for me and I really enjoy them so I really don’t find it worthwhile spending the extra money on the snap-on impact sockets that being said I have deep and shallow 12-point standard 3/8 up to inch and a half I have six points half inch and half inch drive deep and shallow from 3/8 all the way up to inch and a half my metric chrome deep 12 millimeter to 24 millimeter my metric 12 point shallow and deep half inch drive ten to thirty six twelve point and my six point shallow and deep ten 2:36 I do keep here and I believe this is 1116 so yep extra deep this is for Jake brake bolts on C 18s and a brand new 3/4 drive 12 or 12 point 3/4 head bolts soccer for C 18s I have my stud remover with a Lyle tool this is kind of uh this is the one if you got the space this really works well back in the far back I have the metric and standard set on one rail of 3/8 drive hex impact sockets I also have a I believe it’s the seven piece set of metric snap-on swivels these are kind of my secondary set I actually have the rail set up so I can fill it in with the rest of the sizes they make but I just got this set for free when I bought my box so we’ll get to filling that up eventually I have the standard and metric half inch drive in macro impact hex sockets the standard snap-on flare-nut socket set got that on a really good deal so I don’t have the

metric set yet one of the tools that you just don’t need all the time but it’s nice when you have it gearwrench stud remover and installer set metric and standard I believe it’s an ace 8 piece set I have the snap-on metric quarter drives chrome swivel six-point set and then the standard same thing these are actually caterpillar brand rebranded snap-on 12.3 h-dr chrome standard and metric Lyell tap sockets the full set of them nico master hex chrome sockets i have the sae and the metric set of those Matco i have a couple of sizes of the half inch pin list swivel sockets 18 mil 3/4 24 mil inch and 1/8 and then I have a snap-on one engine 316th I use for 30 mil back here I have sunnix deep and shallow six point quarter impacts snap on shallow and deep six point quarter drive Chrome and then the mid-length twelve point quarter chrome all of them that they make the full set here I have deep in shallow six point standard impact believe those are some X and then I have Matco twelve point shallow and deep standard then these back here are just some chrome shallow and deep craftsman twelve points same thing with the metric sets now they’re on triple role slot cut organizers because what I’ve done with the snap-on quarter drive sets I’m going to do the exact same thing with the three inch drive sets in both metric and standard here I have twelve point Matco 3/8 drive shallow and deep and 6 point deep and shallow metrics same thing with the SAE quarter drive Chrome’s snap-on deep and shallow six-point quarter drive and the mid-length quarter drives and then sunnix deep and shallow six point impact quarter drives so down here in the front of the drawer I have my extra shallow 12-point metric and standard sets snap on I have the metric and standard sets of the quarter drive extra shallow twelve point I have Nikko Torx plus set right there I have a Matco internal and external square drive plug socket set as well and that’s all three it’s Drive and then I also have the half inch drive down over here as well those are just internal I have the metric macro pinless swivel set as well as the standard one I have this is new here this is actually gearwrench makes these four Matco so I picked up the 24 mil 3/8 drive one handy for some tighter spots these are silver you go back when the macro made these just regular Torx socket set down here I do have some external silver eagle sockets Torx and a couple of random sockets that I found out in the back corner there so that is everything I have in this socket drawer moving right across the top of the box to the left this is my other deep drawer heavy duty sockets this is all three quarter drive and one inch drive so I have some metric 1 inch drives I pretty much buy these as I need them these are also all sonic sockets and these are my standard ones I do have some security Torx sets security torque set in here from Silver Eagle that just didn’t fit in the main drawer as well as snap-on super stubby standard and metric sets and so I believe this is a gearwrench standard set and a Silver Eagle metric set of long chrome hex sockets here I have a met metric deep 3/4 Drive set this is brand new and a shallow 3/4 Drive metric set here I have a sae deep and sae shallow three-quarter

sets here these the metric sets both go from 24 to 46 and the standard I believe goes from one inch to two inch the beeps are kind of nice to get into some spots that have nuts on it on the bolts and the showers just don’t reach them so that’s why I have both of those moving down the left side we’ll start in the back corner here I have a lot of Allen wrenches but right here I have a standard and a metric set of the ball tip extra long sockets these are your inch and I believe one is Monaco here I have a quarter drive driver really never use this thing keep that in there I have here the easy red quarter hex bit and quarter socket driver here’s some extra long double ball tips extra stubby Allen wrenches bon bon HUS made in the USA metric standard set and a metric set I also have the same brand in standard and metric of just the standard stubby at a ninety degree the one thing I should point out on these double studies is the allen keys themselves are not actually a true 90 degree which is really handy for getting in tight spots which is what this particular set is made for have another super stubby just standard set a little shorter then I have the regular the regular old ball tip on one end and standard length on the other end metric standard and the same thing with no ball tip on these other two some reason rather I have a lot of Allen wrenches I don’t feel too bad about it because more often than not somebody’s asking for something or you know you need to cut something down you know a lot of a lot of tight places you find a little allen heads in so it comes in handy out of all the different ones here I have my tech angle 3/8 drive and half inch drive 300 foot pound obviously the caps and the batteries for them moving into the ratchet selection this is the quarter drive super shallow bit our socket driver here’s a Macko bit driver quarter draw or 3/8 drive ratchet in the quarter body just the flex head super shallow 3/8 drive ratchet then quarter drive buckle pull these out I guess but I have three three lengths from the really long medium and short of the straight head in quarter drive 3/8 and 1/2 inch then flex head I have the standard length and the extra long in quarter drive 3/8 and 1/2 inch that was obviously done on purpose I use all these ratchets sometimes I use a bunch of them in a day but they all have the purpose in a place as well as my personal OCD of having their ratchets look a certain way and having a certain selection of ratchets so that’s my ratchet selection obviously no comfort grips really not a big fan of comfort grips I like my steel handle ratchets continuing down this side snap ring pliers and T handles so my snap ring pliers I have all of the nip –ax professional grade snap ring pliers that they make these are the ones that have the inserted steel or spring steel tips on them I’ve never had one of these break and I found that on other brands I’ve used that’s what’s happened I really dislike that I dislike the poor quality of machine tips so I’ve found these and been really really happy with them like I said I have all them that were made in straight and 45 degree or 90 degree and the smallest the biggest and inside and outside it was an expensive investment for all of them but very happy with it here’s a proto c-clip snap ring pliers I also have the OTC ratcheting ones the inside and the outside with extra tips and screws in the back here the T handles I have the standard in the metric sets these were made by Baco Baco is a snap-on owned company that also makes snap-on so I’ve recently got these haven’t had much of a

chance to try them out but I trust that they are exceptionally made so looking forward to using those further down yet then here mostly extensions I keep my CDI dial tour French really like this thing rolling towards things like that where a piece of tubing here is to protect my ratchet handles my steel ratchet handles well doing a starter bolts down inside of dozers specifically so I don’t work them out this is a homemade torque adapter fifteen sixteenths reason being I needed a really slim profile so I ground a wrench down for that this is a twenty four mil a homemade tap extractor for broken taps works really well I used it a handful of times now I have here a couple of warnings drive extensions and those are sunnix I have 3/4 Drive extensions in here four of them different lengths 24 inch 3/8 drive macro extension as well three of these different lengths I believe 18 15 and 12 or 24 or 15 and well something like that 18 and 15 maybe these are just tucked on cheap chrome half inch drive extensions don’t use them much in here having five extensions I think I might have everything known to man maybe not quite but I’m locking the full three-piece set locking impact extensions from Mac Oh Mac Oh standard impact extensions two of those I have the six piece set of these half inch drive wobble plus extensions same thing the 3/8 I think it’s identical setup as the half-inch drive one’s just a couple of extra things in here a little Sun x3 h2 quarter adaptor and a cheap sonic swivel you know like I said same stuff the wobble plus locking extensions and non-locking impact extensions moving in a quarter first I have a real long snap-on quarter drive extension a couple of backhoe ones outside of the wobble plus again in the quarter drive right here I have a full set of random is a set I put together 3/8 drive pen widths wobble half inch to 3/4 half inch to 3/8 3/8 to 1/2 3h to quarter bit 3/8 to quarter sawed square drive and then 1/4 chrome swivel here I believe these are Aries brand recently got these these are just low profile adapters 1/2 to 3/4 3/8 to 1/2 1/4 to 3/8 the ball style ones versus the magnet ones that you can buy on the Mack truck or wherever else half inch pin the swivel snap-on three quarter to half inch adapter 1 inch to 3/4 adapter 3/4 to 1 inch adapter and a 3/4 swivel those are all sonic zones Irwin 34 piece impact bit set really liked this so far haven’t had any issues with stripping I added these half are these straight bits and another quarter driver to that we really like that set so far well we’re under here plot one of these one is metric and one is standard 3/4 X sockets come in handy when you need them I use them to terribly often Erwin 90-degree adapter for quarter bits these are some weeow metric and SAE full sets of quarter drive hex bits I also have a small erlan hex bit set underneath here I believe this is and get it open here just torques full sets of torque square drive and a selection of Phillips bits I also keep my Matco quarter drive bit holder in there and the quarter drive bit holder for the snap-on low profile set those put back away for this drawer moving into the electrical drawer and here I have a digital outside mic t

gauges those come in handy a lot of stuff stacked in this drawer this isn’t anytime tools inside micrometer set this is a depth micrometer set by anytime tools with the extensions and everything pull this out is a 24 inch sterile starett certified straightedge anytime tools dial indicator Noga dial indicator holder with the one adjustment knob really really nice I like that a lot calculator some extensions from my dial indicator I have a Mac Co laser thermometer back there this is just an eco rpm gauge you have a sample pump for pumping samples on caterpillar equipment we do a lot of that if you work for a caterpillar dealer to get analyzed this is a refractometer use this for checking cool it I have a whole pile of feeler gauges back here anything from these real narrow on this hole I believe it was Lisle or laying feeler gauge set I have some real long ones back there so I’m not gonna pull all those out that’s its back there a battery terminal cleaner here this is an injected in caterpillar injector depth setter and the engine turning tool for Caterpillar I have a fluke multimeter here standard tape measure and a metric tape measure OTC start button might be the best starter button I’ve ever seen if I prefer this thing over a snap-on one any day pick that up on Amazon this back here is a bunch of test leads all homemade stuff other than this one just a lot bunch of wires with connectors on them my test light here was Mac o one with the curly Q wire a whole selection of crimpers just all kind of thermal crimpers a lot of stuff for village it’s mostly what we use this Deutsch am seal things like that I have an amp clamp adapter that plugs into my fluke reads out on their wire stripper some more leads for my meter this is a cap tool to inset in here for checking three pin sensors plug this in based off the light you do your troubleshooting really simplifies things bunch of deutsche terminal tools those are metal ones i have some plastic ones in here that came in this master set some go into the pins just keep a selection of those in there that’s everything in this drawer into the last drawer here these are all homemade over in seal kits you know just different types of seals i have three of those and one of electrical connectors this cheap chinese IAM quarter drive brush set nylon steel and brown comes in handy for cleaning out some bores real nice here I have a spring compressor kit really don’t use that much here but on cars it has a handy couple of time cheap valve spring compressor kit nothing too fancy really don’t use that here it’s too small for anything we work on but God got it for some car heads so that’s what I’ve used it on it’s work off-brand thread chaser kit everybody’s seen this this is not this a nap on one off-brand one best thing I think that as far as the battery testers know that I have seen is this Foxwell BT 705 really really nice battery analyzer use that a

whole bunch on checking batteries around here replacing batteries this is my stant coolant pressure tester just a regular adapter and palm this is my air lift fulfilling cooling systems of the correct way use that obviously bulk in cars and in heavy equipment here by OTC slide hammer kit whole thing really comes in handy quite a bit here actually way back pull it out here but I have a dura block kit there was a point while I was working here that I was doing a lot more bodywork on counter weights for excavators for insurance jobs that really came in handy for that and that is the last of the drawers on the left side moving down in the middle here into my metric wrench drawer far-right backside at the full set of Eaton STC quick hydraulic line disconnecting she’s seen a lot more of these type of lines in caterpillar equipment a couple of strap wrenches here as well as a selection of filter wrenches you know just for taking off filters I have the Flex head zero degree offset gear inch 120 tooth set that goes from 10 millimeter up to 19 millimeter I also have the only thing standard in this drawer is the mountain set of zero Degree off ratcheting double ended wrenches really pair up nicely with these the biggest downfall I see in my metric set of your inch flex head ratcheting is they’re not zero degree offset on this side and it comes in handy it’s really nice I’m not beating on them for that it’s just nice having both the mountain and the gear inch ones I really like the torque you get out of both of these sets so I have this metric here inch set the standard mountain set and the metric mountain set on this side moving to the back real quick just a cheap 36 inch straight edge you know if I just need to trace a line real quick or something like that I also have a Mac Pro 15 inch and a 10 inch adjustable wrench as well as the 36 inch snap-on breaker bar it doesn’t come out too much but when it does so I was about to bring I have the Matco rebranded obviously wrench extender comes in handy when you need it it’s one of them tools you just got to have I have a standard tool shop pipe wrench I don’t think I’ve ever used this you’ll see why in a little bit but I do have it Williams chain wrench don’t stubborn filter cylinder heads things like that this chain wrench comes in handy really like that getting back over here to the right I lied about the standard the only standard being the mountain wrenches I actually have standard torque adapters 3/8 drive torque adapters in this drawer I have from 3/8 up to 3/4 Cornwell torque adapters will go to in depth with it but I would like to upgrade these to snap-on eventually that would be my suggestion if you’re looking at for us in this industry these actually come in handy and use these uh talk so the standard and the metric sets ten to nineteen twelve point torque adapters I have my snap-on 30 mil torque adapter moon wrenches Matco 10 to 21 millimeter set also the standard set my standard wrench drawer BOGO deal on those so one of those things that you don’t need all the time but definitely come in handy snap-on flare-nut torque adapters ten to nineteen metric snap-on plink direct plus ten millimeter to nineteen millimeter in the extra long a Matco sixteen and eighteen ten degree offset or sixty degree offset wrench pretty handy for doing overheads set of Matco and from 24 to 36 Tecton justice standard-length French’s love to upgrade all of them up to snap-on eventually but for now this really works well I’ve had this set for a really long time other than the ones I’ve warrantied which is two of them these are all the USA made and macros and the tech done that has done well for me I have 24 30

32 and 36 that we use on cat even further left I have the reversible gearwrench from 8 millimeter all the way up to 25 millimeter ratchet and wrench sets we really like to move into the SAP other ones eventually I don’t have any complaints about these other than their profile is a little thick but don’t use these at whole time so it’s not worth it at this point today gearwrench 10 millimeter up to 19 stubby ratchet ear is just one of those things you need a extra short runs those really handy you’re in metric cruise feet is regular crow’s feet 3/8 drive all right Pittsburgh double open and offset wrenches this set an inch and 3/8 inch and a half inch and 5/8 inch and three-quarter inch and 7/8 a two inch really nice cheap starter set for hydraulic lines these are the ones and I’ll take a hammer – if I really want to beat on beat on a line get it off they also have a little extra length so they are nice cheap set good to have our own these are also really nice Pittsburg service wrenches running from thirteen sixteenths all the way up to inch and five-eighths really nice on hydraulic applications torque adapters half-inch drive torque adapters five-eighths eleven sixteenths and 3/4 take that back five eighths 3/4 and 15 16 snap-on really nice to have around use on the whole bunch the gearwrench same thing as the metric set and standard from 1/4 up to 3/4 really like those like I said Nicko half inch drive torque adapters from 1s one in 1/16 to two-inch those picked up where the 3/8 set leave off really nice complement each other I’ve put a ton of torque on those and not have had a problem with them most ancient 3/8 inch of 5/8 the ones I’ve used the only downfall I’ve seen in these do not have a ball detent in the back of them I did and the ones that I use them as I use them drill the ball detent in them and it works perfectly fine offset wrenches a lot of people might not know unless they work for Caterpillar but cat likes to rebrand snap-on tools as well as a few other brands I believe do the same thing so us CAD technicians have this 14 piece set from 3/8 to inch and a quarter of snap-on wrenches rebranded cat this only cost about $200 through cat which is ridiculously cheap compared to snap-on price also from cat even though they do say snap-on arm I know the bigger four wrenches we need which are the inch and 3/8 inch and a half inch and five-eighths and inch and 7/8 those for all is a snap-on autumn even though I got him through cat and they’re only about a hundred bucks apiece this is the standard blue wrench the metric one I have also blank Drive plus extra long standard snap-on wrenches prevention pair from 3/8 up to one inch 1/2 inch in 1916 60 degree offset backhoe wrench matte coat the old micro USA made and a couple of Crescent wrenches wrong corner all the way up to inch and a quarter standard light gearwrench reversible ratcheting wrenches from 5/16 all the way up to one inch gearwrench 3/8 drive torque adapters from 3/8 up to one inch and the gear inch stubby ratcheting wrenches from 3/8 up to 3/4 as well as a snap-on player not crow’s feet in the back from 3/8 up to 3/4 moving down long radiator hose pic Matco 90-degree hose pic snap-on as well as this other heavy degree a heavy decree pic from snap-on this is some off-brand weird angled hose pic but this thing works really nice if you can’t get from the backside just hooking it and pulling it back towards you that Aries clip removal tool we mini screwdriver set Philips and Platts Baco mini file set they make it for snap-on

obviously scraper BluePoint this is also made by Bako this is a carbide scraper have a couple of tips for this really nice but really hard to remove kind of grime and rust thank tools I really like a couple of tighten tools that I have this really wide scraper really nice for removing dirt and tight spots and just scraping up a bunch of dirt and getting it out of the way I had the full selection of the hitting or the hard end macro scrapers as well as the one that’s non thin nice scrapers for removing crap out of the way heavy duty case separator as I call it the snap-on heavy-duty scraper the I believe it’s Lyall tool carbide scraper that everybody loves so much tightened razor scrapers I have a short one in a long one like I said tighten tools really it’s been awesome for me I really like all heavy-duty they feel snap-on snap-on air Chuck I have all the Muller cups well you say that clip removal tools then we use them too much in this industry but working on cars and stuff I bring in this job it’s pretty handy having these around one more hose pic here and macca one it’s kind of my go-to really like that one I had the long snap on and the short snap on fixed sets awhile adjustable steel removal tool for lip seals macro a standard and metric nut drivers to snap-on stubby screwdrivers back here I have the four piece snap-on file set as well as one random rasp without a this is kind of a cool tool I found this is a Mullen cups brake caliper file this is for removing the rust and crud from the slides and your brake calipers the correct way to do a brake guy moving down here I have the Matco Torx driver set as well as the macula screwdriver set Phillips and flats macro gasket scrapers and I believe these are Tecton or Sonic’s spoon tip picks moving down into the pliers drawer I have the mythic 16 inch and 22 inch alligator pliers Cobra pliers I believe they’re called I have the tool I’ll filter pliers along with the Cobra pliers I have the full set obviously twelve ten seven six and five inch I have the low-profile Cobras the ten inch black wrench pliers a couple of die cutters any bolt cutter and copper cable cutter duckbill needle nosed 45-degree needle nose up straight needle nose in both short and long obviously here I have the three-piece set Pittsburgh set of hog nose needle nose I also have the three-piece set of the alligator pliers obviously without the button snap-on combination pliers these are the 47 ATF sets of the medium sized one hose cutters still have a pair of Matco dikes don’t use those too much vampire screw removal pliers real nice set of pliers removing screws lineman pliers from the epics random pair of tin snips couple of homos pinch off pliers and pouring around then I have all three of the new picks I believe they call them s trenches they’re basically a smooth pipe wrench any other aims form but I’m going to go out on a limb and make a really bold statement that these are much much better than the PWC pliers that are made by Bako for snap-on these by far have better grip easier to handle and easier to use heavier duty by a longshot and I would take these three over the PWC series any day of the week so really really like those obviously making that statement an infix flush cuts straight

and a 45 as well as a cylinder ring with removable pliers full set of erlan vise grips like smaller ones round jog flat jaw and the C job ones so that’s my plier selection obviously I really really like my nip expires more than any other player brand that I’ve ever tried or used so that’s what I use and stick with moving down yet again into the hammer drawer I have a large it’s actually the shorter handle ten pound sledge I have a four pound sledge snap-on Hamrick my favorite hammers by far 40 ounce 16 ounce 32 ounce deadblow 54 deadblow 32 ounce Tecton brass hammer knock code dead blow two sizes of Lady slippers two of each really haha kind of need two of each for lifting clutch Pistons and discs out things like that so a snap off set of size and then a coset of the larger ones I believe this is a 33-inch gearwrench rebranded Matco indexing prybar really like that iconic branded easy reds extended three-quarter drive ratchet it comes in handy occasionally I have homemade cheater bar heaviest Duty cheater bar they’re ever going to see probably about 36 inches long or so a couple of Jimmy bars a 30 inch I’m 24 inch back there lineman bars whatever you want to call them back they’re a three-piece set of indexing the product bars from Mac co-branded I’m sure from somebody back with pry bars here in one craft and I found regular pry bar so that’s what I having my hammer and pry bar do I’m moving into the heavy duty drawer I have my Milwaukee 15 amp 9 inch grinder right here my walkie grease gun a couple of handles from the drill grinder cut off a couple shields one inch impact Milwaukee impact in here I have my three quarter rock the impact in here a three ton lever chain hoist a one and a half ton lever chain hoist a 3/4 ton lever chain hoist and down here in my little half ton never change device these are all jet all 10-foot chains on them these are all recently new to me but we use them all the time obviously the shop supply some of them but you can’t find him or they broke them broken it’s nice to have your own so that’s kind of a heavy-duty drawer starting in the front here a bunch of forcing enforcing bolts an alignment studs most of them are either homemade or bought through cat some other line that studs here along the side a bunch of Emery cloth things like that three inch mirror just some brand I found on Amazon a pair of pretty nice pliers pretty cheap a couple oversize the washers keep in here for a couple specialized jobs Blue Point flexible grab tool really handy I said the spring spring flexible ones just clips kit right here for changing the retaining ring on the end your impact animals use that quite a bit extra die grinder wrenches and then I keep all the diagrams or inches that I use in here these a lot of doubles here still UV flashlight by Streamlight a couple of different modes in it really nice for finding any leaks fuel line disconnects come across occasional fuel line we need those for just some odds and ends extra razor blades flashdrive heats and small brushes utility knife a little inspection here magnet belt stem removal tool in there brass and steel wire brushes as well as a hos cutter air hose cutter pull over nozzle tips a couple extra batteries a stretch line for checking track tension can’t a pillar timing pin as well as caterpillar c15 c18 exhaust stud alignment studs and that’s what I keep in this drawer moving into this drawer next there’s a lot in here so keep my grinder different sand pads and brush pads there we saw a

die grinder roll locks wire brushes flapper wheels things like that big homemade oversized punch I have a bunch of macro punches in here some race punches these are the wild or the Brent the brand is wild I get them at Menards they’re made in Kansas actually so it’s a bunch of point punches like that whole load of punches in here these I think are all macro pin punches marker punches deep cold steel chisels punch holder three-piece macro brass punch set and a macro roll pin punch set both of these sets come in handy a lot recently starett precision punch set haven’t used this much but it is handy for putting figures and guns and things like that air saw blades as well as well as sawzall blades a selection of taps that are used I don’t have full tap sets out a couple of dies and some caps I use on a regular basis here that are supplied to us I just keep a handful in here this is a screw removal tool for on your air hammer comes in handy occasionally I have some eighth drive burr bits for my eighth inch drive die grinder as well as a couple of sets of Macko cord driver bits and some left-handed drill bits in here this is my selection of air hammer bits all kinds of stuff chisels hammer heads I also have my air air gasket remover scraper blades in here back to ones here I have my Milwaukee step bit set full step bit set come in handy occasionally this is a rigid rib and find a blue point extractor set that comes in handy occasionally and a bit impact driver my Mac there’s a lug nut or lug stud installation tool and I made this little adapter for running on pullers so the center screw the polar has something to rotate with a bearing there comes in handy just an extra bit for my my engraving tool these are brand that no longer exist but probably the best type of extractor I’ve ever seen these right here are made by this company called extractor and if you can see how these fine little teeth are in here versus the five fluted ones made by Irwin these things grab onto bolts like nothing else so they’re not actually listed in sizing it’s just one through I believe ten ten or something like that so basically I believe it’s like eight millimeter up to nineteen millimeter and they aren’t given standard or metric it’s just both so I was able to find these on ebay and I’ve loved them I have actually two two sets of the larger set the larger half of the set and then the one set of the smaller half so I really like these I’ve asked around trying to give to me a not him and haven’t found anything these are just some high-speed drill bits from Mac oh I replace them we were supplied bits here at the shop so I replace them with bits as I break Andolan over here this is the external fluted like I was just talking about Erlin extractors that they work occasionally but not as good as I would like but then this here the full internal extractor set by her one and that should be everything for this drawer all right moving into the last drawer in the right bank from the big Milwaukee pool thought kid haven’t used it too much it’s fairly new but does come in handy and some modifications and installs that we do move around here before we put that back this is a central tools projection tool Junction measurement cylinder projection cylinder liner projection measurement tool I can get all that out so just a block and a dial indicator gauge projector checking cylinder projection on engines here I

have a Lyell inner tie rod master set use that obviously on cars not so much and heavy equipment this is just coffee for my coffeemaker and this is a OTC master brake blaring KITT I use this on cars as well I don’t ever use it here this is a tool sold by Mac very overpriced and it is made by an Australian Tool Company I believe if PBT it is a drill pump system just transfer pump it runs off your drill so I picked that up the Sonics spark plug socket set so I have the sixteen nine sixteenths five eight thirteen sixteenths and then thirteen five eight to nine sixteenths extra deep spark plugs like it’s obviously not using that on heavy equipment but I do use it on cars snap on a borescope this is a 8500 series the BK 8500 with the detachable handle those tools it’s real expensive but comes in handy laying tools this is obviously something I don’t use so much on heavy equipment but more on vehicles it is a master spindle free threading kit and then this the Mac go outside micrometer set full set one inch up to four inch I believe moving all the way left into the locker now I keep a couple of lights here these the lights went open that’s the red fool by Matco made by Schumacher and the other is an actual Schumacher brand one handy little lights for in some tight places they obviously have magnets on the back magnets on the bottom and then they swivel move they’ve got hooks on the back rechargeable two of them obviously cell phone goes dead I can stab another one don’t use those so much now with all the Milwaukee lighting but I do have them handy a couple extra tubes a new grease cutting oil some rubber lubricant air tool conditioner glass cleaner for cleaning safety glasses rubber gloves bug spray doors open in the shop in the summertime it’s a little buggy in here battery cleaner terminal cleaner this is oil treatment just super super slippery good for putting together valve spools things like that penetrating oil this is a petrol gel for hold MOH rings in place a couple of different types of RTV assembly Lube heir to oil this is die by oil systems so Loctite primer spray adhesive multipurpose spray adhesive there too that’s kind of what I keep on the door we’re moving to the back now onto the top shelf keep a face shield here for grinding purposes have a selection funnels a flexible funnel here the spill free funnel by Lyle it’s another Lyle funnel just an angled funnel for getting into those hard-to-reach fill ill spots I have a weld helmet back in the far corner and some snap-on hand cleaner universal adapter for cooling systems some mechanics gloves open the very top up here I have some gasket dressing for engines high tack some injector or ring lubricant I also on this shelf have handful of different types of anti-seize moly nickel and copper based another tube of grease up here I have some books in the back with some information I want on hand obviously my Milwaukee charges up front one of them being a rapid charger one being the regular charger 30 weight oil for assembling transmission and drivetrain 10 weight oil for assembling hydraulic

components and 1034 engine components all just in some old bottles chargers for the headlamp lithium ion batteries – Milwaukee also have my porter power up here the next drawer I have no two gallon Milwaukee vacuum a 12-ton bottle jacks at the hand our bottle Jack old cascade bottle for catching projectif plugs while shooting out hydraulic lines to clean them if two of these 20-ton pneumatic over hydraulic bottle jacks good for lifting trucks and things like that really handy to have these very quick and a lot faster than the hydraulic lift systems that we have around just a cheap small bucket back here I have some extra leather gloves and things like that in it but I also use that bucket for catching clogs or draining things whatnot I have a tool bag here a husky tool bag and also a snap-on tote tray these are very handy around here being that the machines are big fill this up with tools and carry all the tools up onto the machine onto the next drawer so I have three different sizes Ziploc bags just for storing parts labeling well I’m taking things apart some garbage bags for the garbage cans around here and also covering up parts from componentry builds a few different signs of those garbage bags cat5 wire we get bundles of this here and we cut it out take the installation off and use this for marking hydraulic lines and harnesses as we pull things apart here I have a selection of a handful of different sizes of Clovis’s all the way down little little ones like that a little bigger ones these work for a lot of the smaller lifts around here the shop has bigger clevis this for bigger lifts I have a selection of three different sizes of these erlin C clamps come in handy for beautiful things brake line bender use this for vehicles not so much here at the table there not so much on the equipment here at the shop just a selection of old band clamps caliper compressor a couple of these this one I use here at the shop on the CAD equipment this one I just used on vehicles I bring in battery terminal polar a brake caliper hangers come in handy I have three different sizes of these three dot there too they’re both two jaw and three job pullers I have three different sizes of those on Universal polar here please I made their copper copper jaws to cover up the steel jaws of the vices when you’re holding pins for planetaries and things like that to remove roll pins I’ll have a set of a four piece set of small funnels to stack their bearing race we’re doing some driving stuff selection of some gold washers connectors things like that in the back in here this is my this is the full master set of the ODC seal and bearing driver set it comes actually in a much much larger case and this smaller case all laid out in foam obviously it takes up way too much room so I consolidated all into the smaller case that is very heavy that goes from four four and a half inches all the way down to half-inch in 16th increments so it’s very handy wishing you the out of this the shop has one but gets pretty beat up so I have my own here moving into the next drawer this is air tools so I use a lot of air tools still as much as the battery stuff I do have I got a couple of blow guns here longer one in a shorter one as well as a one inch IR impact of a three-quarter IR impact a siphon gun for siphoning out bulk mineral spirits and spraying down parts with it my 1/8 chuck die grinder I have a 3/8 Mac code a grinder the street I believe they call it the quiet version you know

see here the max this is the Ingersoll Rand 50 108 max die grinder also had that’s a street one of a Cornwall street die grinder snap on one horn Street die grinder Ingersoll Rand airsoft cheapo Street diagram half and connive Matco 90-degree Cornwall die grinder 90 degrees snap on one horse air sander a belt sander degree anger saw rant max so let’s back over your soul ran needle scaler down here snap-on palm sander for the bodywork stuff I was doing in your solar an air hammer half and 3/8 ingersoll-rand hammerheads these are absolutely wonderful we really need to get in some tight spots in between chain cases things like that just really wonderful to have around I do like having the half-inch and the 3/8 due to the fact that you can keep a low profile like they’re meant and still run you know a 30 mil or 36 Millett on it a little bit of a modified air chunk for getting in some tight spots extra long snap on one horse die grinder a board sander down here for that body work I was doing and my gasket scraping my new magic gasket scraper here so that covers the air tools as you can see I do keep a lot of these whips on here these two inch whips on the really common use tools just kind of keeps that big chunk out of the way I do like to put lips on to the power tool drawer in the back I have a sawzall 4 inch grinder drill I have a half impact half inch impact the mid torque 3 H impact a quarter bit driver the quarter inch impact the 3/8 impact I have the cutoff tool and the 90-degree die grinder short or standard length quarter drive ratchet 3/8 drive ratchet long quarter drive ratchet and long 3/8 ratchet to 12 amp hour batteries I have 4 or 5 amp hour batteries ones on one of my lights right now and I actually have six of the I have two of the three in power batteries the newer 3m power batteries the little ones and actually four of the two have other ones and two of the six sample are ones I obviously have a handful of them out getting warrantied right now really love these Milwaukee tools and is the only thing I would use in the environment that we work in moving on to the next drawer these are just all the adapters pullers pushers spreaders short Rams feet and all that stuff for the porter power we use the out of porter powers whether it’s to take part breaks off or you know installing things moving things around pulling things so this this tool is very very useful and like I said we just use the out of it here so shop does supply some of these but like everything else with everybody using it things get broken and disappear and it’s easier to have my own the other thing very very useful in this industry on the concrete working in the shop this neat creeper these are made I believe more or less for people doing flooring in the construction industry but I came across these and put a bunch of guys are using them now in here just saves your knees I don’t want to you know I want to do this job for a long time and I’d really like to save my knees so between the knee pads and that thing I really try to take the stress off my knees as much as possible moving into the last drawer of the locker and here’s some miscellaneous things I have a couple of nine-inch attachments for the nine-inch die grinder or the 9-inch angle grinder I have my engraving tool a heat gun for removing decals and things my induction heater with a whole bunch of the adapters this thing works great you know there’s some times where you can’t you’d be using the torch we use the out of a torch but sometimes you don’t want to catch things on fire so this comes in handy especially if I’m doing some work on a vehicle Ethernet cable for doing

some of the some of them are flashing a handful of hoses drain things like that this is a adapter for hooking up nitrogen to AC systems to find leaks I have a selection of tape here as well as a couple of random blocks for supporting things a couple different grits of sanding pads from my pneumatic belt sander a selection of Loctite superglue just some different fluids butane a cop gun a small scoop brush a selection of grease fittings test fittings drain Ecology valve fittings things like that for drain fluids that’s what I keep in this drawer alright guys that is my toolbox tour just kind of going forward in the future the next thing I want to add to this is a mole cart I’m looking at the master series slide top snap on all cart and matching colors is this with that I plan to just put in my everyday use tools so as this box gets bigger I am still vocal enough we moved from Bay to Bay in this shop we’re never in the same Bay for very long so we got to be able to stay mobile and obviously as I need more tool storage rule card will help me do that as far as more cool storage attached to this thing the future plan is to and side Locker on the left hand side of it or your right hand side as well as overheads the entire length of at that point obviously that’ll help it close everything I have on the top plus some and that additional side lock would really help out a lot also I’ve moved my bulk storage from the bottom three drawers and I’ve moved that into my other side Locker I’ve replaced these bottom two drawers on either side of me with probably some more 4-inch and maybe another six inch drawer to give me more smaller tool storage in this main box and then leave my bulk storage in the ends and above so far is tool brands I am really not dedicated or sworn to one tool brand by any means I love my Milwaukee power tools abs they’re durable we beat the living crap out of them here in the shop and they pull up players I love nip expires I’m gonna stick with nip expires I’ve really had a good experience with them impact sockets I love my sonic sockets you know I like my snap-on chrome sockets a snap-on had some really good hand tools but for the price I just can’t beat the sonic sockets you know I’ve never had one break I’ve got great customer service on some missing sockets before and just adding additional sockets to my sense so I really appreciate them other major tool brands not a big fan of Matco vac and cornwall by any means you see the couple of things in here most the macro tools I had came in a tool set that I got through the caterpillar program I’ve moved most of my stuff into the brands that I’ve chosen and then I’ve had good experience with the reef my reason for not liking those three main tool branches they do more tool rebranding than they do manufacturing of their own tools and to me that’s just a waste of money I guess affording the small guy but I’d rather support a company that’s manufacturing their own tools so if I can get the same exact tool with the same lifetime warranty through the manufacturer on Amazon that’s what I do so that’s my choice and getting of the majority of my tools off of Amazon obviously with my snap-on hand tools I really like my sockets wrenches ratchets and some other miscellaneous hand tools I think they make great quality tools and I choose to stick with those tools manufactured by that dealer so that’s my toolbox tour I hope you guys enjoyed that you know maybe in the future we’ll be looking into doing more content if that’s something that people are interested in seeing from the perspective of the heavy equipment diesel technician so you know this is kind of fun for me to do this toolbox tour kind of show off what I have and I hope you grow in the future as a technician and as a tool enthusiast so I appreciate you guys watching