DAY 22 CNY quarantine – mAng and Neads Show is Live!

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DAY 22 CNY quarantine – mAng and Neads Show is Live!

two and where lives we are is some a mutual what is it all up to date to his beliefs of news and Anna Anna F and and and and an MN has a little lonely and the old ms and how would a man by the fact that it is one of those to zero halftime, Johnson and john john LN, not as hell and then spend those of us who have no matter how innocent ones who married into town to another episode of decide gardens radio in the may need to show where we are held how we delete length and value the main task if we get Mr Josh one the number that needs made once our needs, foothill north side of the sentiments of the call me always called the needs where Leon CNN is coming needs two inmates names and 40 at everything you look so here we are not to dwell wrong and you drink-wrong Aaron brown was amiss air so here we are gay number 22 when a guy sings of pitcher like, but pitcher the dying on from the first term but first we beat be the first terminator the terms and a little it to below who I was like the second $1.00 and the second one now and then I type pitcher him isn’t to say it like year whenever I hear the guy said is crazy on a wine bottle neither I’m just saying like I know that other guy sounds like but that’s a live picture women’s cancer and for some reason our friend get Chris wheeler you the great zoot intro song there from a Monica Lewinsky , they have thought they did have a reunion gig, about a year ago ruled think that was was that this sheet to Lori, November will sign is going crazy you think it was but also last summer, you’re not yet in this was actually recorded again this is a February 8 of our 2017 so on we are again over three years ago when senate gardens we’d been doing this, he notebooks and downs more busy times and times when not been we can put anything into it, and we kinda like out around whole year so we figure we keep this thing going 22 days were looking for a used 1000 subscribers so anybody they cannot add to our are off group ghosts and when this thing on rejoin run every day and every I’m also looking to get into some other auto shows is well known not to get out not that you now not to take away but outscored its size cornerback of mayors used talk about flights are carting and put him well or idolize were effect just a different ought you know the date as a novel is it that now are like annoying to it, is under one thing and we get out if we get the out and getting everybody coming on the liked seeing june and similar one of those are things right also 1. out that a date is my mother’s birthday you have read the original carol Jesus 71 years young really worth right and out the birth of soul did moments like these restart two of you know realize these things were weakened a goal of the runners are not having out of your article we are doing a group Bozell trap right to license Riley like taking drive the Friday on the shows a tie with the cake at the borders of like that oral pizza so will be alike I would gather infor happy birthday when it’s kinda like entering the new world you do not so what we’re left my house is more income in this way, I went by house and there’s a sign out front that said light to knees eight irked a roll calls as Timmy Seifert that so you like it’s the same thing

where people are on unable to celebrate me try and explain right of kids now and often choose a city Mother Faulk the lead of jazz does your day and bold icsi seats on photo somebody posted at these people were on our front porch drink in an atoll also oxen will drinking and another sign said Clark if you think carol Baskin Diller Osgood harsher we’ll call it kinda gets us in two of you know Eustace every some are funny clips all year off are actually a visa to read next flight did the fact that that’s a big pain in the Cal them a good tiger I had just all but the cat your neck and pulled out and then they dressed up like the duo in one of his boyfriend’s when the methods on jupiter’s CIA out I actually are you now in a much for just a short little bit and it was funny design you now I saw like it is not that I didn’t like, it’s just that, I mean I think it’s not the guy like it and all isolated have a body likes a trainer I mean you’re not really normal feel like a train wreck are someone faulconer hole right yet and people like tiger on the like a tiger person I would not idle less often decayed retire I don’t call this a ball yield you just hang out with tigers and Kate has I’m not I get worried about not flocking turning right off the boat shoot Zedillo his eyes I just pulled up E a picture book for the viewers you can seat pay out the paint stripes on the dow endowed the trial out in the dressed up like to do Tsun that are journey and there’s just like doing little poses so on its cradle it’s free, DC the side and it’s Cowlitz again mother falcons a huge Tigard and you see the head. And another one here are known string so on the I did not be like this and I’m not seen that out and a scene that were sold it just like the wild, res Pearsall wiles dying he likes dudes on and blasts dudes and not you and he got itself into some are some trouble It would appear seventh you looks like both few was you watch the whole thing rural exceed a soul totally gossard all right and this one guy beat out trouble or ever and became an informant like the way they hate to the documentary menaces like the fed’s wanted only one of the guy in a diskette having this guy go back like it when designing custom should are O Basically was 3 to 3 other guys they were We’re criminals two and rain badge share any way some may like we got off really never gotten any trouble first same way he set up a murder was panned someone not to go kill the street right. So designed for easy you’d get two husbands Two laws. See a young woman like he was and is out until he was like 2030 years alls Allies you did. I thought sell out that leads into this wanted as we’re talking you notice and without we have a clip year off , on an interview, Mr. Off old downtrend junior was silly and see about the outsider as adults on down changing their roots to write off in which are using talk on fortune who died in off-season you are we just figured on ardent you can hear the call I can hear it either are whistled commissions to pick that is it a light at the show to cheerleader be I know I have actually out that sucks ’cause I just pulled in this clipboard, are for some reason we couldn’t hear the audio put out a kinky altered the audio U.S Open sox and anyone and for on wouldn’t see you are On on another clicking on real are the audio over and says cents on which you we’re really just today and audio for now it’s a way that like it’s the same way when I run that outback animated out Xi Gardens in trouble, he

hear that that allows are not as a team from the the computer, are like to say he has a disease later should come out because it’s coming through the system which is not come out Murray your phones on and it deftly is that’s where you wouldn’t hear it seems like I would hear on EU to lower while a mile , your lips getting some numbers main sewer rat on right on 1,000,001 student or our phone number on TNN two, 6 to 7 3738 if anybody I was a calling eight lettuce and update , and if if you do calling we might call you right back because we all areas are linked in a little bit better so out like so if you up if you don’t get an answer you like to call back so off the phone lines are open 627-3783 eighths daily right knee. Heat and he does OK, I’m a pullover this sentence she bowed Toshiba smart. Children are The Kings sure you’re like we’re the same said today’s circuit and get the world leader on and three nights states other than a real Lehrer of this bamboo Eric and it’s so off right here we get out 355,834 cases without 10,000 deaths in 19 am certain 1458 deaths because every Rasmussen portman rule is up as a not accurate on vote your conscience were no off with us for the fifth on your first 355-8304 R’s first bout on all users as 414 Lauren just updated on bar and it just just change we are. To allow the same page yet 10,490 deaths in 19,247 recover its period that saw one in three years died in now two and three as recover and that’s the only stats that we can go buy at this moment and that’s why I think this thing is a lot scarier than now but now we think because we’ve been a leader in cases, sold in supposedly dirt in on the tickle on capacity and ability, I think out we’re the ones you know things are looking and now we’re not even up 100,000 times for Mr. It’s a real jewel total test your right. We had 175 are some Sobol 100,000 tests were given yesterday and how many new cases it was off 2025% see 25,000 new cases should look so they use up to the 100,000 tests and 25,000 new cases which means one in four people that the tested yesterday added so similar you now, on its where we’re at and these numbers are can climb on drastically over the next are low. Turn Dick you did all kinds of people have the two men were easing 910000000 Yet that’s what I’m saying is that if you really look at the numbers and then the fact that nobody sent like it hearing to the rules and everywhere it’s like everywhere I look it’s just nobody is thinking about just the simple, you know the wave it would just like dirt is passed like the way that it’s and I know I’ll get it So it’s like all these people are traveling as were numbers making contact with different situations whether it’s you know touching some that somebody touched an hour before or something the touched a couple minutes before and then you note several that’s just like sore numbers to download like you’re out well daily we like yet yesterday was 25 recent 1000 your day before slick 32 sole on arch our new cases with dow reached which is positive I mean five words like 7000 was still 7007 thousand Joel it seems to be some strong some shifting on treatment or a low bidders but this is bad skin to be the problem we’re just because our numbers us are going down and he’s got when it gets to about

as all good all 7000 and NSA has just not that’s not proper reporting that and you continue can show it all over world America where right now are to go this map again but Isaiah show the same 39 cases in shingle county that there were yesterday but I’m saying he it’s gonna be like to say cops would astound all were down to 7000 new cases of date girl Lawrence used open up certain should be no dale ali’s, Nassau to be cut the whole world we take all that Winston time well I mean but yet exactly uniting all but that doesn’t just as we take a 17 times and reassign a whole bunch people are to defect to Dennis is to go back up and all those people that deadlocked on olds have to go to work as they open their she has four more cases in shingle county and it’s not and back to me, saying they have an even tested over what is not even over 300 people that they’ve tested very goal setting or laws and I don’t think so the FA cup is what is and must western other to testify another to test the people are calling book overall over 150 are put into quarantine and not tested because they obviously they couldn’t estimate at Seoul on odyssey’s people that needed tests can double 25 deaths in number and county are up the U.S. 71 confirmed cases and the rest are still active on a dog and what’s up with the county we’re locking and play slot 364 confirmed cases and five people died in on indicted county names are remainder art open there are none recover the Wilbur based busing on Munson 89 cases in two deaths 87 acted so every time we’re clicking on these are nobody is no bodies recovered in the out to Central New York. No worse , Delaware County there’s one death 27 cases none recovered green 24 cases ruled and recovered Monday night show the area Levin and it’s just it’s everywhere is a big one, sold and county it’s downright near where line sister a cynical 93 cases five deaths 88 actor sorts are she’s even closer she’s closer links oldster county may dry years she’s like she’s deftly are heavier battleground again this is all just dozens more testing on three write like if more people are tested up your work And shorts more wine and cheese closer units and saying to the top two vote for kids are you got the right hospital Massachusetts are all four wears a city from where she limited hour 40 minutes were from city human rights agreement right about halfway between here and there right on you will stricter year I’m not So you’re saying he think he’s got open a backup as opposed to what we’re saying before where it’s all just ER on comfort game of like easing as saying two and on long-term what’s gonna be long term because that’s what that’s Gotta be part of the nice thing is that he’s cannot will cease numbers of these numbers continue down this is working used to prematurely open as backup and thus cannot and then shoots, flock to hit the fan because mystery to when people have been good test of the dual have as theirs spread around even more capable four because it was never were like it isn’t it is now in the order not to flock to lock down again it’s good I mean and less onerous keep going up and fair numbers to go up but they’ve gone down unless it is insane so once they get down to 75000 he’s cut you a mis can excite it with gleeful world again to 5000 new cases a day like he’s gonna get when gets around their accuracy and do a ship you RT said so if this happens if death Happen to four at the end of or a parole liking were getting down to those numbers slope

use, what you and me when it comes from a first he’s gonna be lit were have to give it a try many Nikkei was already say and their two goals at all the problem and jam is a make your Kangyo worse than the current year and brought a minor soldiers now idle in a highly I’d it’s hard to do quotes and was a mine is talking like their wing soul there was another video clip tonight I did one pullout, but I keep our but I know that without the audio units can suck through all the neat, te shania but will they like and ceo of the deal and play on commercial and, bill Maher foods will the woods yet you could offer no ’cause I guess what I’m thinking is on I just tell you what it said because where would I was a year for one sees will tell you first and they are all players are like you to play the voice and announcer Arts for a lecture just play goals are not But the welfare should at its entire results. But sick We need dual aside guard were higher and mostly you’re listening missing insiders watchers are watching up watching a real now misses out that a case of a plan will play the first one we played with Donald on Downey junior I did desolate play believe what you can see your right nearing our case so why bother on its own. That’s why he sent him a guy you say nothing but are you are on a chaotic lift number one here write the right call. And some are just delay this out this is often reporters asking on Richard Starnes O exactly words are no representing be administration on about on your she’s asking a much and be out PPG and are on cargoes tones about one staff did the government’s set out is being distributed two pride that people were sense you were so audience he sometimes use those years were just use it just was enlarged whistle and what his high winds are the solution, whistle next time you’re a little talk in Ciudad eye for design carryover normal world where U.S. practice radial Wednesday on a whistle and forth all right and left of it At that pin and a rumor about two liquor ports where are these that’s a real concern about Phoned its job isn’t near just to one GB are under them as high as one of those who say has a long 110000000900005100000000000 do I get 8000 zero emission, relief, commercial fraud into the commercial systems in the nation of Islam and the 0000000 to have the whose lives have rained on an 0-1005 000000 and sent us a little things were his wine, and his role as head of the of the station larger issue of these provisions of the version that I have an 000000 as the little things were so and, as usual role as head of the very patient largest hopis creation of the others seventh avenue scenes of another warehouse where they haven’t rushed to the road to the hospital who are in this league and handling: selling lower 00500 mission might have always calling it says is, why wasn’t that long we have the knowledge that the lead on this third day of this

it’s a little fast force them to use : one for all the coalition on the C intros of outlaws in the selection of saying something to someone who has headed the general behavior Kay now so the whole point of this is that this is part of this graceful thing that they’re pumping this in two baht the supply chain that is been turning around and having bought you know but selling these items where as the way it should be going is that if they’re the distribution and the governor should be handing them these critical on lifesaving during a pandemic situation and saying you’re gonna get a 4% markup. Are you go distributing instead they’re being given a lot but the ability to do whatever they want and so therefore where the ado their market up in there to sell to the highest bidder into me that is out all to MIT, disk recent issue of a missile and you think it also than the private sector’s longer so what I’m saying is that their door distributing two private sector distributors there saying equal he decides that he does a one to disrupt the already existing supply chain of hospitals purchasing from a off house bills and in states purchasing from it to distributors all these things right soul all they’re doing is giving their stuff the government’s staff two accompany its then deter out one and their job should be to distribute it and should be in a minimal markup in actually a markup that they are told, like everything else across the border given under shipman their sound and then the trial Elliot private sector alternates left femur should be distributing only as a eight should be distributing state. So that’s what that’s what I’m saying that’s up bits of it you know the kids are all its a bill we just did arts Real know exactly what arrests and they’ll will go and which are sold four know that what he said it the end and the very end is after reviewing real doubt private sector and the supply chain I have found abnormalities there are bad normal behavior right which means they’re all are selling shipped for more than they should be in it in that should’ve been made clear so where’s the deal on that you now America first right people first with soy ship but also but put their but they can be giving government’s relief detour around and sell it to the highest bidder which is why you have the governors and states claiming that they are adding to bid like it’s the date for these things get school should do it unless sounds unless we said lighted place is so now they also have the ability two ought you know protect it their own ink even that may be hospitals are been the highest maybe it sought you know some guy and is a bunker spots at kinship that’s gonna give them the most money for those mass and again we’re dealing with that Powell can you on privatizing make it profitable four often tell it just isn’t it’s disgraceful are so yet there are abnormalities that is that so it is it’s not maybe cult how much how much of a doubt which watt you know where the dry increase their pockets because they know that you know that should step in or whenever you know I’m saying write your way it sent its exotic. I once held until out the whole idea all rise of the idea that sell out the production act in the way things are supposed to tell these people’s America work night flock in one year old colts rights are not announce a cell’s arms happening over here’s the result of a lull America are close to the same thing like would like construction when of that war was over there and Iraq and she will major concert you and me need of American construction companies and showing that like it’s all are all women these guys are all it yet those sell you down the flock in river like that and I’ll be there all people all but you see wheel is always like the only man was able to dismiss that behavior because it wasn’t of your kit was in here rights of them when you see it happening here like business a

similar to being like over there missing you now on the stories of like, you now ordering out engines for ought plane engines and then and then taking a break to scrap yards in the scrapping the metal and then not you know just because it’s that’s part of the game issue sale when you mention then you take that and it’s got all these rare metals you break it back down and you you now all private contractor staff proven off year and then those same jokes were being taken up to Pakistan needing to those of bombs that there would never need to bridge is intellectually troops soar was all like a bridge dirty staff are are learning on saint to reduce injury are using 30 metal from a ship that was needed Seoul with that being said peers were we are some gardens radio may need show on the ennui lighted up with a little bit and a music teacher weakness and our calls its ruling on We get a pretty bleak slow music using On calling number once again using limiter 627373 4328 may need show rules on arms radio league of Boris and sets of Karen are all really. The I saw that he went into the hospital and make us safer cautions on a thin face and 1 May say some like that NEC seen all the persons flocking dead big all just for cautionary measures are some should now is an intensive care us so that’s legit because you would think that, anybody, in his status and power of the world that they would be doing everything the same scene always got a ventilator Russell she’s got a ventilator on and is a man make it wasn’t until a later on yet to target off 20% come out research that’s how it is once the ventilator street was used on the later you got 20% chance Pierce agree or come out so Fokker alliance 80% stake Joel Goetz awful if you’re out there looking doorknobs and often to its maybe chiselers for well be construed shooting guard Joe conceded. You can call a hoax but if you could shoot through a whimper we conferred to get the bad version and so tough. But a few bob use some 80 mutual sonic guard three orchard cold Korean month at which are used call fearsome and Israel. Source: but so was kindled calls and bulls and fills in terms of gruel real are to get one for a ride and wait for it. It’s right to review is out this was out the perl fourth, 2017 and I’ve been playing this but did not realize what the date was exactly when Al out 0:40, send it in their eight Burleson is so yet three years ago we all get together with Captain Jeff and we are a court a few tunes on, and was out your you were there so was another curses are too many are eight when maybe not you are the rule does what you are was there for short Cousins are, are some guy this song is close IE groups when we opened it with its sale of the ladies and gentlemen side guards radio shoe, can join the show please like and subscribe and keep this baby going phone lines are open off let us know which are doing in the out in your situation with the working with the not working where coming from, laughing cover all saint green garden where are you doing some gardens radio tool in New York may need show between needs as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as they have to have no one has had one of those two days to come to terms and has that you not to have to have 202 to 02 of them has AOL of the end of the image of a little Santa and his

name to attend lead on the level of 0 to 0 to 0 to 2 to 00 and led all the time, to lead and the source of sales and a 2 to 2 of them have a whole has led them to say to them as a member of the day of the noise on the day of the warehousing and the love and little women and have a limit of two or three men have had more than a and the data has been the end-is at a time to lead to as Violetta had two days and , as some have said that they have a lot of use as little as a end of the new home and move on to 2 to 0 lead to an end to use more than a NM, who has come to them as soon as they know better than to the end of the two dead men and you know as soon on 000 to 10 days and hard and have to say to the land on some days I had to assume the 10 to 0 lead editor of the end of the sale of the mandate that a new day all too soon to come to some had long as long as I had the lead from 9:00 AM to 10 and under as soon as I had to 2 to 2 and seven and then I say hello to end of the data have the same as bad and roll read it all. Some guards radio, nee need shell year we are not taking it day number 22 Central New York one scene and now we just and try to keep everybody updated with all our latest so on we’re calling number 607373 eighths BG 8 T in their phone lines are open peeps on an numbers accelerating but not you know it’s again it’s like Yzerman eases C and so they were not do we, you know we don’t freak out two quick and run yet, one’s post and bought a week when prodded the highest of two world will bleed the week recent just so 1,000,003 73,000 deaths, we’re still hanging it that the word, yeah this is the world pianist restoring it that, 21% of the people with the case and died in about 79% were covered or discharged and that would be people are like minimal symptoms probably would be included in that would be enlisted are like like the AMA Tom hanks their human which he was sick and music were good tat like those thing like they came other home they were like cleared as I mean they were having any more they don’t care if like what about that factor little viruses stick with you forever and they wanted and Atty. to people will forget that plus smaller and play all but two just press room and into patients rules in a mobile the CIA for

100% just received your well seasoned at information that might be able to come up with were up to 32 deaths per 1,000,000 U.S As a whole right accent on Legent deaths per 1,000,000 option yesterday but it’s up up up total cases per one million population and sitting idle and are looking at that number RE four, were 1077 cases per one million students didn’t beat 1876 people and serious were critical condition , will rule Irene is catching up the UK is catching up with Iranian are ram to turkey’s coming out Turkey old year, will continue a switch and riddles and waffle two bruins To delete all the countries are are climbing inclined Beloved old born near you are for population that per population are or just popular you a need to have their country and were juices Chris china’s sugar 2% two does any year two outs are two per 1,000,002 deaths like what I’ve your dues the 1,000,000,000 million but the goal people are going heat. Thompson and we glean 0.3 billion 0.3 since folks we reject that the other day Richard chinn are under a seat at what a student today is the sixth two bombs protect and I knew that it was a Nixon is Monday rent will that that’s that explains the load number yesterday it on the sound is like real harm somewhere and another reasonably well. While the other allow the numbers reporting more load on 29 he said that 25 drives of a job 7000 from the day before, died Sunday, you look at last Sunday where was it dropped again all idle altered are the rules for are all really well while on the Sebring holder will see if you need a last Sunday’s results aren’t can’t because we have your excerpts are should work to four Woodbury school four scrolling scrolling air to which this consultants is it isn’t here that you wouldn’t come on the U.S. now general noun, meaning two cases two cases aria deaths now we’re going gets what total cases total daily cases are as Ely what date to bus aide in April 5 was Wednesday dropped two of what was 20 fat people 5 April fifth was somber Sunday arts it would strip the Brochure through Sunday ticket to come. There are cinder with the wasn’t bowl Sunday before the meet with the March 29, ’29 we got we got our same as the Saturday it seems some of the port’s but with sky back another we’re sorry and 2920 second on August 22 archer wasn’t 21st will load on Saturday when Fokker and there was a route that the before contributor by my theories rhonda’s midnight daily data we have to go over that kindled as a wealthy recent notice and I told you got a couple of player predictor now fears are for real Eliza with a list of what they will it will delay was some level 29 deaths yachts were down last last Sunday when Michael or that less under setter day was 525 and then Sunday was 363 with a house days was significant week it was well on weight will wasn’t so Saturday to 28. But

marchers 525 doubts are a and then that’s sounded it trot to 363 or we were doing deaths we were going to win on the Zion that will this Sunday was flocking 1165 feet and then all I’m saying is that that’s the big drop date is the same on deaths OK so maybe not the same on cases be considering the cases are easier ways upset about the labs were people and Mr. Lee R.A. Salinas of a run if today’s deaths are just don’t think it means there’s a downtick are they were on our way to 7000 I think the numbers are gonna go up but it’s gonna beat this is the down and then after today you’re gonna see account way back up this fall that smart and actual production are an use of it was 25 write 19 minutes on the road song and the center for a cycle of citizen for nine high enough so far today and yesterday we have a level 165 we will know more tomorrow combat all that We’ll pull open and just predictions are approved a group of well but resolute knowledge is predicting that the idealized in L.a. County prediction I think it’s good that I just am predicting that I think it’s gonna be back on, and I went and the China like I’m on the positives like I’m a little stronger you, I set out wheezing a society where I can say that from the get go two sales in raids it’s good robin any skin release the world and used a premature really are six jurists like it might not be in may when not be until june but it when he does it easier premature because you and all sides as everybody agrees it’s gonna be all rough two weeks and we can’t we do still tries art was better in the next day, lead singer cases listen at this is the only thing I’m saying your case is his star slowly going down with your desk and Goldman I mean to what they’re saying worse is our deaths but hospitals to beat but you I mean these people that don’t know they have and are at it like they can our cases don’t necessarily need to go skyrocket they can stay around 12 they can be falling and people still be dying because you still have all these people and have not recovered Is where I’m sitting right you have a tall enough locking people write we have a ton of people ever recovered right with god 19,000 on 1,000,812 Surrey some 19,000 and see basically got like almost 30,000 people between the two dead and all recovered autumn’s O ones added a little as three million it’s one of three in so if those numbers continue as NT bottled and you’re talking on 150,000 dead and 250 thought I’m saying I got a lot of ole and 863,000 only 30th 30,000 and have either recover were off died in me and so there’s a lot of people that are still flocking and falters 8876 over and serious or critical that these are flocking hotel to move on a leader and that’s not Joel Rapp sitting alike about the right number is that there’s too many off faults numbers and their sole like wholeness and yet to redo the math on what I’m looking at which is the world’s Jesus kit of the fact that does it wears the flow is this the AMA effect on the Volga that feel good about 80 I feel good buying up night line outside slaughtered nine enough to pretty damn. And I keep a cute little year limit back that Souter and right I keep thinking small bleak as wall waste outbound of it and I keep glorious I go to say some broad look again services for flocking back there sorrier room oaks looks like a feat I am baffled as on some people bother ever a lawyer and the 1 hour ago lied in like Wells looking down the guest passably well or to say I do we just got walking is a nice long with their downriver property borders she would you rule it out in the WorkStation, he believes that you were here when he got we have pull the Pearsall , well it’s just on the big comment on the big number the line at 21% and I keep talking

about but it is on the U.S. say one that is why you do the math to sell rule so it’s like total cases 356,653 run , along debts contracted sway smaller away smaller number than the bigger numbered seen that this is because worley and real and 900 deaths today And we got on new song worse than being much for its future on a dual role but you don’t. Are we would talk to lighten its tough time we try to give them a call worth 50 minutes and souls are usually a good time to what ring in the animal expert and some Time Warner It’s always a good scent could also give out, but we can surprise calling were weaker color Mao which are happy birthday, there would be great and to guarantee you would set that Cool rule poker and which O. Carroll happen are birthday she’s gonna be ready now to shrug watching all who she’s are one of the work she can answer the phone and see what you eat we’re listening to the main mutual or just call people breaking do not get the birth date happy birthday on your love only are shelling from a live on a need show mound we got a ride lot at two we hope you have a taped having happy birthday on AR awesome that make the best of everything you always Alway so I won’t do you as dryers so you how you doing everything you’ll not bar right making the best are you doing out you get a garden knowing what’s going on and on that from a work of boulders you’ll have been up and running until I bite usual joke lunches and coauthor O-hole when of the 59 who may have much are you write that recalled plunged come out, two punch us for you are where landry have access to only played a sale of the aunt realizes that was a three years ago , the parole fourth how we aren’t we have done that the 2017 were just that the old studio : guilty that I can get right you you can just play back like later today on a sound bites only will I have proved that might timer did you figure out the ozomatli MB as I do I have is that an admirable fix o’clock that the party costs and lime I haven’t set up yet but I’m sure all figured out somebody get the right one on short you’re to star using that that on this off on the show and I think we’ll be all pull up the callers back to our right on the aisle on the show since Carney two gun De Lorean and you see their faces its main Irish guards coating hours predominant person Robert Riehl I can now use all my data have up to have a wonderful happy birthday and alessi on the call later and I guess this is our need the new way for a little while R.I. it to comment about the net and have gone will get a bite of their year we can all are resuming them the called 91 reform other U.S Raise me up and the fine when I am. You are on it. The birds that are your sweet pope’s schriber Wellman reader dinner to take it he’s pretty good cook many dollars loses something about for sure would believe that

money all read cream other east are huge, running and tearing like telling the town or no vote to resemble the added 148 full blown it a little hazy isn’t as great think that like are on the laws call rare it is to have anybody that’s like BR R Cold War need for the right were also mixed. And diverse when mom staffing and paths got a chef Italian meal argument that it seems year between like Italian hires it’s like most admit Italians conjured away with on that bill would tell your kids are no one no law Irish and lawyers are now my mom is out my mom’s actually from a when you trace their roots back on the name sharp you know Kosar right here in 92 and 15/100 on that Ian says forgot, so my mom is where described as liquor child and revolutionary war you are right old she needed like we’re talking about rules need see your right arm on my mom’s routes O as opposed to like you know the tally inside week became in, to turn on the century are around late 1800s we’re saying like room on like when you trace the incest real deal on margin came over way before the evil were over in like the 1500 demise as deal they came over here pretty early 12 year lease seven teams sold but they came into Boston and where you just it’s like you can get off on China grasp are, off this all native ID like week you know what we always can walk to school racism and all this stuff is like white and black and now are you now, but really it’s interesting because you know we’d we’d spent touched on a little bit but even choices are you not like year as in New York City and everywhere was there was more for all we are your anybody that was an integral which was Italians which was the Irish which was a Scottish which was you now any point in the world soul it’s like when you see that now but somehow as an immigrant of just a few generations you you can’t help but have are empathy for the people were being attacked right casino up without a doubt you know why, like might you know ray gram father and my grandfather those guys worked hard and you know anybody are beating, but history and even looking same thing like that incest Regency like are censorious where they would break down on hours works humor and these guys working 6070 hours a week rights returns an hour so late. Don there’s a laborer you now are 25¢ a day but I always say it was always on short runs that was a really cool thing you get because I’d I was able to pull up R. Simpson cool information like censorious OR will you do the home you’re like I did I buy one so far I don’t I didn’t pay any money: but you can tell you I skate on having to log test and the DNA idea that thing to actually call a little kids and not only three of the year was mostly was interesting because most of my bloodline and copy and are on bad as one that effective date on it when of the describe it there like are think they say southern European all really not so that’s like it’ll be supplying your European are well my dead sent rights at mom’s side is like but they came for some were they came yet was like out what was in, you can lead Ogden’s eight lead some of its slick people come from and real but I discovered some cool things like they did show domain of fast O globo boats and like off one of it one of the things

on their was that money on great grandfather shall the eighth so he was like 26 are 27 years old and he was on in the it showed likes to read different, times and he traveled back in fourth from on a boat from our recent GOP and when you like in those days you could bring back like working people are like as laborers and then when she could establish yourself by calling home right buying a home right then you could bring over a family O sole it was like in those sort that time it was like, and I just remember one of them in a fast was, you know might migrate grandfather on 26 years old coming over with a 16 year old, Barlow and rapid and run so 16 years old and like to turn sentry means me know now I don’t remember that that guy but I mention are you now bracken’s two number right talk about it a little bit younger than my great grandfather you now 10 years wherever Greek rink we’re talking now that guy was born in 1877 and green rooms, and I was born 19¢ cents 100 year pioneer and it’s been well in here we are you know it’s like amazing how well on believe race and it’s amazing settle personal history there any known calling number two seeds or someone always 739432 eighths anybody was calling and not give us a AMA O. Na: not all we got out my Sister Lauro she turned in rule, right to say that the current date some thought of the revolution that since your dollars and ruled she looked it my mom’s claim but some arm says these two are she’s a daughter the revolution she this year she’s too young and she yet but the point is that you now employed at the head the whole thing you know, boy yet are like a club to though I think. I think that’ll take an action would like to think the other people’s sign up for a normal weather will , what are we gonna do we were to call ½ on somebody let you talk for one side and rob dulin kind of a length begins we call it a nine Na live found somebody is sad to say oh save a lot of at a loss to the tub and my weight, and you Gotta get because lying around do all those pieces if I don’t abandon Liu sound quite good funny point will be the remote to use AMA notes on your knife, you’d yeah I do deliver like just escaped and say Serie we can now riddled talking recently as its kind by likely will drop like that Simon trying to do was entitled to flock to a plaything for that number final double check out go back and look and I will have no item I never tried aside its own rule book with guide type all my messages idle talk Mount Igman us Israel I see it until it’s gotten out it’s gotten really a lot better like the AMA so when you put on the captions when you pick the right for some reason like minds autumn like it automatically pops up with these like , this automation its speed up its nine write the words it’s actually interesting as you can watch are pockets and put the captions like them wrong it’s called like CC one if you do little three buttons and their business operates and you are seeking say close captions in English and ray that’ll just battle in the same week in actually picks up our boys and we’re saying correctly and delays are all when you have the other one on their door wrong words come up complete long sentences of what we’re saying it’s almost interesting to watch because out you know it’s like if it’s there was no audio you wouldn’t be able to follow what went to talk about what we’re talking about really couldn’t work are any you know why you we got we got on wed of I’d say it but it was two sided was late to zero in some way be put Mendoza not to soda bob Morgan freeman was couldn’t come and take it. Merritt, you aren’t lost since our most were , two years so what else would also get on to use older wood, our goal

to buy scene and I just feel like yet this is a out a season really are seasoned are Susan stark leader 11 is not as this to my knees it’s good to my eyes are more rapidly and I’m , I’m just curious OK here’s my thing below black you get you get the white collar world or even the self employed world club of the collar and that’s Mike Metz my point is that like those people it’s like okay or body go working all right, that’s great they can all go working home and not get on face booking you know we can have you now were all four judicial arena has announced its act but everybody but there’s a whole group of people that have to go out into the work world beat you to see a course in the out years no option to work at home whether it sought you know whether it’s it’s our meetings work or whenever you no longer structure and war on every store OSHA Stores in again I say yes to service pharmacy modeling to the grocery store in you know there was a high school girl which friends with my niece it’s working there and to me a casino in Nantes is I’ll like that’s a time two not, and you know for a young person’s and not yet had the flu and you go to work if I was you would go a long as the person of I’m Ina on I would say you’d be can’t do But there. Their parents are bright light gold Fokker online my point is is it just like you’re really is out which she can seem worry like that because she’s probably she might be a daughter someone who’d doesn’t believe that are going to fall thinks it’s all. Near which if you were using again on I get it when someone or older Buddhists year army might be like say they want the daughter to get it and bring old Tolman middle of the than the person to bring the old saint-white linen summer and Juliana back to us and we will will she even mentioning her father works on the road two when that was all known as if there are you now let’s not point to working on road and you’re standing Alltel Holland Elms you it becomes you know like on redistricting, but needs to be some are as two billion board And and it sucks the people are on you know being forced to like she was between on surviving and risking like to that level risking their lights are the same old thing a cassette single wages and , and specially when it’ll have a handle on it the normal for this is gonna go the don’t now on the tonal so much and one sister was just out, I just got a notice it than it went back to win until the first inning and was tested whiter du a tiger was tested positive night just so what is that neither can someone to listen on this but is it easily and goes into more Wellman is inhumane statues of our animal because cats have the same off receptor look and that humans have on when it comes to the deceased’s eye of the cat to see I know this welcome this is a known as it is used your you idle housing outshot a motion watch or read so I can’t about the same has as much as any wares on NAFTA be used you find all kinds interest and shipping all-around as an asthma is this the report style watch like to make IE IE I’m occupied a lesson you too but right yummy you every news networks on any one a 1 to 2 season for a hot quick to 15 sector you I mean a minute and a man that they have those things on their even if whenever whenever sure fancy to pick for missing and I’ll run down the top of topics and then you’ll no whether to talk about and you’ll have to watch you an insistence on judge awry in a minute and you can watch one other thing Spiegel half to oppose run saying put that would tell your eyeball to tiger cages of those sold on as logic when the duchess of my actually my son notified me know I was on your site your eyes and that was like got it came to one might stand alone as the Bronx spurs be off Oregon. All-around so on the hundreds of positive arms of which exact falcons orders all one got one guy in a thing for one day the two off four other

on I think two tires and a line on a line this may be off the on the tested the one tighter haven’t tested the other ones I believe now that as stolen of that was on their talking about she basically she doesn’t Tromp kinder and was like she was cut off old Schuster juice trying to say that off like it’s a different test are somewhat ahead and she made no sense or issue server will be the test of the Teicher wrote for sure and closer and so the other ones are coughing and whenever possible unrest to read reasons are so we’ll keep an update on the tiger so shy be keep my cat indoors it’s crazy where you can swim out course he’s a super outdoor cat me about Young’s it well I mean if but no one picks a flocking to have a palm sure to be OK but somebody picks a flock of thing all near B mean wicked and other human that is it a bit is not you we’re sort right now I don’t think Serena mean he knows ever accuse friends of the neighborhood on the seas OK but has a boycott of date they might be smarter than me I guess that some say that they don’t know the Richter pricey dominion they are picking a mall or the labors they put a value as out who was sure you live on his legs of you know there’s a bunch of dumb fokker’s a mystery but I don’t have that thereby bait goal that it’s actually a lot older people, so there are so then you haven’t yielded such as probably got a brief and the unease by: Ron given that all know, Jesus adult is that’s kinda scary thing about it too is that like it’s that’s that’s going on is that it does that mean a cat can give it two on human resources that would mean because now were larger so we got a full circle with this thing we can pull up a detached we can go in all animals you Gotta say the For now because you have that we could not wait and resolved about other animals and they were used on our kind walking back about the other and wilson’s we were both They were in its can scads watcher fork Some are read by his son may need show at its may not win dates will tell you do and clubs national geographic, water bottles of your graphic might work but should worry since it’s a miracle and read and smoked cigarettes as possible and are required pull a real cool are receive and see where you are right sewer greasy recent years , 10 digits posits that, by received the Bronx zoo first known case in the world BK is the first known case of non domesticate animal with coated 19 on the night customers run tests and real’s words are kicking are a story could do your weak yours is that have a data from human gene just although some faulty you and me miss a cancer that each rights and just flocking you and will flock and fly to sizzle I am the first report is a little sick animal coal did 19 transmission in the U.S. fears and you know. There were eight assists in Seoul From resolves are not United States department of agriculture national that Mary services laboratory has confirmed Solaris CT two the virus that causes coated 19th humans. Tiger the Bronx zoo marking the first instance, a mole in America be infected with coated 19 centers for disease control and prevention estate for weeks that will have no reason that the time to think that the new animals including pets would be a source of infection with the corona virus farrell’s is cold and 19 it was still learning about the buyer research can still You should restrict contact with pets and other animals while you were sick was cool. Just like you were around other people all Bullard not been reports of pets are other animals becoming sick it is still recommended that people sick with coded limit contact with the most until more information is known about the New Corona virus on CDC is advising its words are on a cynic tiger the Bronx zoo was first of its kind corn USDA is skate this case suggests that

B seem ploy you spread the virus to the tighter for the studies are needed to understand if and how different malls could be affected by: 19 state animal and public health officials will get to work closer USDA and CDC monitor the situation and will conduct additional testing if it is warranted are O Dayal weiss’. Flight glee and the dealer 18th there like it’s another situation that Ettinger lightweight bellman it’s out waiting there was four years of 100% would theory on was fighting on thought been sold food in terms Because buses made isn’t a flight soul to the bullfight yes overtaking his flock and are taking release or as a result of its fizz as long as national or really there taking this thing I sang a song can see there to promote its Katie R us just didn’t just engaging well as you’re not heard it here are you here are a hair you hear the year that the act and that’s crazy does not ’cause that’s gonna be in others can drag out this could be made as the Mayan but it allows able the flight to log a snobby the light of what their rock right when is it was AIDS as a whole thing to model of supplies and cared about was a woman looks to be was off religion that these on these miles round of these are browsers are ramadan is that is, is the Muslim off like drug testing time all right arm URL, fasting so where it’s like a river that extra connection thanks to our off , Joe Saint Marie years of the lich shot down the spring as the spring but in this is like something about that is that off, you know I kinda said this is where things are kind in home and and people don’t really want here but it’s like we’re kind of are you now with the economy and the unemployment rate and the EU now just are just how hard were getting hit here all around its can be hard to come back and to run and you know this is just something there, your we have in our experience beat and so on disburse other way and to last flock and pucker wait As William Dole is out for sure right but their weights are undisclosed location two to be online years Joe’s everything. State for Julia Soria , was one of those flights owns four. Bob would sound like pigs are then sent Campeau together with your friends and give it to see it’s just another tactic of like out your write us as I like you go halves years soles of his seems like you’re number so beguiling calls and were in the late enough we the people would flock it are couple has checked everybody sitting home and Thomas did get blisters still even when they’re not like a goal to go to other places to action because it’s cheaper Netware right yet you think which you go like if bars that have ensure like that people don’t pay money to go down our aging groups of people through 10 bucks if you’ll recall much as are usually with 50 bucks on 66069 dollars to this rule watch a bad. It’s a week when we get here that’s we do its wire wheat pitches and you that some say has wide 20 boxes there a story , and 60 write yeah right if you throw in 20 you exec lead no light like a lot of fly like football is allowed on AMA effort. Sure what was the fight and I watched there was a fight it just recently was the out on that the all you have to let all that you LL Romero and that no list of what we want a lot along it was under the call that yet here that one I was able

watch live as it was a preliminary foil or take all that like when the guy just got took one shot in the guard Joe Kinsley are kids a wallet and that guy was a monster year but I think knowledge to get for flocking you if you work plays back to defer action like you were flocking here are for Denise use protect play that alleged that meant that to chat up but it was a situation where I was sick know I was a home is no way I was goodbye after 70 bucks just about 2 cups light site I actually was a little bashed woman’s flight after you I called somebody that was watching it and not rhino in a nice images are phoned a letup is out and face time pointed to screen plates as all of time you too will find some like you know a hijacked version, you know some flight that slightly older bothered the kinds of socks because it’ll be like August are no laughing crop out most of it in major the Lycos some weird sound over DS like all polls we can’t quite see the fight and was not have to walk though far but the main outside it’s like the when you wanna see what’s gonna happen you know it’s the same thing with, RBI, would like certain up TD things like it to which is a lot you know it takes a can of paint on now which it on net fleets you can just binge out so it’s like you don’t get in that mold that time of like with the happen next week you now on right now we consider you do that though you think old skin and accepts an idle just aren’t we use this site is a mature women will another look forward to it. We’ll win your watch and like it did some pure you know what back in the day I didn’t like I remember off I don’t know where I just got in two on certain things and it’s torturing actual decline like shooting because you you’re on this clip thing and your weight whole week are under Arkansas experian is like that unites it’s an art to like bright guy out on something that are picking on you and I mean it’s like an art to like bright something they can captivate and the right lead the one that cliffhanger and then actually talking about it or like you know and there’s a lot of things into that it’s like the acting it’s the story writing it’s the director it’s the art you know the camera clicked as a lot of thought group effort that has to be put together two are make something come out in like a lot of times there’s been a like you were you could spot something that sent in authentic you know from Iowa where you can be rated she’s seen are your lumber united as you pay more attention wouldn’t shoot when watching hours are denied I like store, Speight I mean two the I liked the idea of us stories not with Kyle I conclusions in line right I never I just I’d buy it on to say what you ever watch the Vikings not that good to TV shell year yet like the first a few Epstein is a soul even that like you’d like I want I watch them but I never light of bomb sadism never like all I think Lucia that were never bought a house but I do know that that the one Knopf lager soward overlord in those years was in very good actor with no lead part to the blond on-year when she gets gone like she tried all likely choose which are voice and shoes are the scum liked off in strong in light of the stuff was: should a floodlight aside that but when she style ones AC in an act and should not rated actor you will the main shells could do that was a good show the kind of August as one of those where see this is what happens is sometimes those things come out in the yet the greatest idea NS dean network is the ones that usually are like EO were having a huge success with this we don’t wanted to end to write we wanted to be like the walking dead and have run out 12 years of a season’s going now you know and like it’s just a crazy as they just don’t want to and so are its sole it starts to get a little bit water down in a little bit less off true two AMA like what it would start are as likely to start out its history channel right design was it picked the it wasn’t that it was trying to say this was a fact no of the lean on what they were you know because of their salaries and moral realistic Osteen point will there doing a lot are raping and pillaging that ally in China and the layers of offer our Norwegian

ones come over and China takeover lighting women should there still doing that the GB died of this uncertainty has made in the depict all like these BS by Kings didn’t understand like what is this your light prange two what Jesus. I like us in the one guy’s Carries about inning as the site, the Vols in a way of light where he was like all in one site of writing I say they do a better reading this is some other actors are depth and can be just. The not in the biggest thing you kinda take away from that as it was like a out the Vikings were like similar to like the same as that movie gangs in New York where a little of the those of us I sort of that is used on the flights were like you know he’s done a lot of fame actual that some say in these people than that Collins these people are talking axes write a kid and inventor of the whole isn’t as a poll to shoot like that Sir Cynthia inning air role as a where life you know to imagine discharging yen would like 20 people against 20 other guys are a lot. If looking at is is in ship is ultra has also was going to call button, not on all this on number rate that are eight to win 1922 was going on to win would beat somebody one money like relied on may need shell are to the root late in the Mano a R for fifth at the fact that they are are are not meet cannot but you are not but at NBC are eight RRY 91 0.1 light are lightly in the 8 B yet so on are you worried, were you calling from Roy R two worse use an auditor at all eyes are RBI are currently are you there are are you are are at an event you want your name as a RR are a great debt limit law deal if you live alone or a year by it. You are doing are at leader are intended it lately are at that are no way I’d admired out You are worried point you that sounds out its own sponsored and you’re all know what we win enough votes 80 greatly where are right eye. Between late at night are currently are we are hearing at line at Wertheim RR real people are currently I need I agree the young agree completely on your use and I think you should put a lump logs no career may get they should put it on Paulus that’s right I agree that two II always you know they always talk about where you know then the next person as to pay up and then even the banks have someone to And I just don’t understand why it it would stop anywhere and it wouldn’t wear avery’s city and whenever these right people that like sick and likable and decide what money’s worth in what, you know wong’s in this and that I think about the needed step up two and serene oz is expecting your we’re world wherever they are don’t get it on your viewpoint nine knowing where you now nine not been great at lisle are you not but it’s gonna hurt it’s gonna hurt his vehicle, Kana me and that left as an all those things that it back up that that’s what happens that so it goes just like anything BIB can take out you now takes a more money from the RB fence and military

I think that the governor needs to pay everybody’s right to sell really be like cross the border use urges as Al body like all everything would be easier to see a sickly be it might be easier to stop everything’s on all sailings like the-top can the very top to the mortgages and all that, it everything just hold until we get jobs back on when it’s full of stories are At midnight: only are the gene R ULY. Kids you are right but lately or but are we are now it would bother you at current head break room were a record called start between Orange County the network will lay the ball a lot of great company in control late lord, Abbett remind you are a quaint little as author reads from client who are you are near , but it on RPR react your bilingual While you need a RR for grain At county-lot lately are compatible on R.I you might not work but lately, but lately but you are now are you aren’t you are inherently needed, but at night current point where you are and you are about light at R8 0.9 it could buy URL when I met late 19 outline hold it greatly want a building at two under WINNT at that also. It’s also where we’ve been discussing that, that it’s an easy as saying to like the reality of it in their say no cure and take care of everybody like you said they’re sending out this and not on it if you’d pick you go through the right process in the night but then what you know what about next month it’s not relieving any of the lich long-term beings idea that switches that, wanting a break into is that it’s not opening up anytime soon you know that this is gonna be long and you know when to do two are to help the people because yet be out until she walks is regularly but yesterday we did have a graph up that showed be out Dee the highly rated one employment increased it goes all we back to worse numbers in the great depression and it sent your 20 years to recover from their souls this is extended and that’s what you know it’s crazy but the same time I see I find it also will you know for the people that didn’t lose their jobs and they have to still go to these jobs in it just appears even are quite a lot lately are you at all in the 9.9 were 2991 billion 20. lead back later at lower lake are our lawyer week. While are where you either late holder at unit, are twine away you are you were going at nine people are are not make money you wear at Lincoln RN are now it looks you’re like a I think the Dort I’d love it is I don’t think they can either the ads of toll that’s one of the neck huge thing going on I know that that ought you now all over the country with different places doing that in this crisis and an I don’t think you’re at 0.99 are quite Gartner are a shipping right. Are you are. We are dealing and yet

author and again that said that sent that some bits like the worse than before staff and might there might even there might be of the same things about like the winter though where you can’t shut off authors children in the home where it’s like there’s a dollars year we can do that so like same now and I guess I don’t know if I’ll but it the same time I agree with you that that’s on that subject to the score that you know what you get the $600 day you’re expecting in all the subnet you’re a lot that’s the last $600 and then you’re gonna turn over two the energy company that has all the money in the world you know. So it’s like not in there like so in the end it’s like they’re pumping you a stimulus the year to give two your bills that are going to the same people are given that bottom line a levy on the yen’s and 30 business going on about to see its weapons and I copy queue at St. Louis country are mine are legal immigrant can’t you hear are are are are higher than 20 hotline you are at 99 at leaning near big bite Buena but you can literally not great, It can you I think with that they should be setting up the out like some kind of few notes that did what you are talk about your Deja shoes like the eighth through you know the egos on Monday you know and like this with some quarter to like instead of just the same old like a wet winter Olson be the result is a lie lockers on a cloying now and I am still working was not great. But but copy all we’re all making millions of people that are aimed at bade goodbye to put boring about how your are aware program might block building are you here you are in your brain-minute not work very well here in bet you didn’t want people were killed and point it cannot get IE. But a quick look at about 1.-to: are you hot water act. I’m lying on your the Atlanta in turn back the art away you can’t describe what are you can’t get real excited, and you you can call 1,000,000 fine rightfully break are what you’re at you and older at the line item. Are the way it looked but not in the went well Not been about people not in People what you read the whole year- we’re not quite be highly was to communicate, you will get you are currently at Lakeport needle prick at that point you at: people aren’t happy life. But cant was depressing because we’re like forestall the sudden start second guessing everybody that we look at all or a you know like or a specially people that are taking it seriously like my theory is like a fund or the stork and there’s people just hanging around been unlike yacht clubs and I got a mask out and you know in there looking at me like I’m on the weirdo but unlike I guess you guys entered what’s going on because your spouse to beat protecting everybody and you guys are all treated as you like even some like using the out to the lot, given that the AMA allowed scratch OPS you know everybody’s had no same things everybody’s touching that staff directly and it’s like doesn’t hold back guys just walking up people are walking up doing their daily thing when you are under a real are one fire truck were legal you URL ’cause it’s Maher at are its Martin it’s good four, , society where people need to step up the departing key so much for the calling the right buyer at 98 were you a IDs long

so if you had a kitten 2020 you can get the 600 books four computer as you are close. We are excerpts were for each kids over 16 right now you can. If you are at the kid 24 call yet Calming unlike to rule out paperwork, so I was a sea of like a real I don’t get anything right eye was actually surprises talking somebody and they were saying that the five older date he doesn’t have any taxes taken now right mecca singing little use of any taxes taken out in the finals as it independent contractor ian’s, you know he’s got a private and other business too sorry as like multiple drops and working mayor Wes and if any contractor any tells me that are no taxes taken out of his pager so I said OK and then he says but when he does is taxes you exceed get some money back The final line that so often what I understand and you know yet when you work for yourself you can write off a lot of things so if we still have to pay in , the specially U.S. small business but if loud but I’d never heard someone that doesn’t pay anything in an it any point and then gets money back and like I tried to say it has to be so she would like it’s all motors are like is insurance for the homer like something like that but he says now is independent of their sole I know now, and I’ve been there shouldn’t you ever given some of you we are no here that was off from a from Lawrence O. Boyd telling you are and are just so about you know remembering staff city guide take notes and, better pencil, we haven’t listened and a pool that’s like having that explain the whole story to someone that doesn’t get when you come out with it knee, offer after the fact that for 10 minutes later and talking about sums on schools aren’t at me when it was happening yet his loss also a sales he did say back then but I’m a house and the like a hose and different if you’re talkin’ I write some down I wait 10 minutes to come up with the whenever it just doesn’t fit ends well as well any level is when I was all I was saying more throughout the day through all day today stuff I remember the day staff ’cause I’m are coming here to talk about to say when you’re saying when you’re spouting off and I come up with ideas should not have the one sailor that only one side are done yet use of the cause of July 2 punts on a side gets rolling your heckling Ramona as glam staff Idaho ago and was a lot I now but his audience by the Barrett, still ahead so that calling was just like saying that yet there there is ought to raise stress related just you know going on right now it’s not, anybody that’s been sitting back and like still laughing and, having a great time in late spring and on everything is being read, right now by be out by the powers that be in whenever whenever the industry is it like you know your world recalls row and you know it’s like a rough yet I imagine on top of the people that don’t want two works are the work forces are obviously can beat Clinton down you know and taking in Lassen And are you now like even in the same thing the Gotta be saying these larger businesses that they should be minimizing their they’re off activity two like the same with a winning the bars and said you know what after passing like does matter where thing is half so bad it’s like when they be gone into certain businesses are employed Larchmont people and symbolic you get kutcher employer by hats on were Right On and then they would have to rearrange and decide how wouldn’t do that they key Sheehan and the ball back since and how you know lot of companies have all taken care of their employees and you would think run obviously if it’s gonna bankrupt the company and it’s not because can’t do where it would be 20

feasible right but if it’s not and there’s like you mean that thing about abuses how could it not like four months three months two months a paean people so I guess they just have to make up whenever dealmaker four bits of those forgiveness loans are about small business leaders still bitter people are where we see that Stallone and then the lead on the London to forgiveness with the forgiveness is worked well it’s not it was a lot of money being ripped a bout if you got accepted are all religions of her scum for Serb races yet so you know god it was all the bodies of the bodies they want a lot of weapons are small businesses so the big guys that were able to rule but that but small businesses are you know shipment should I see it now as mall businesses is under a certain amount of employees so while some use of divide the night you if you’re if you have a bunch of money may be your businesses are you now as full and yearling wrongly job was hotel business using and you get the notification from a whether you’re on a certain are limited out how are people that get the notice or whether you’re , you know whether you’re the out on you know whenever you get that you get the message or you get a text from somebody saying run a goal on the site they got opening for this put in a bit put in a libel full whenever what about the hotels and casinos so delegates enough aspects but no cat doesn’t robs family owns and yes oh that’s part of where this relief money is gonna go to places like that. Lyell and you’ll see whether the R’s Neal and NAZI and yet what the hell entitles us the layer on the Sierra saying is that you can be small if you organize like that thing is sure corrected you can RE small it’s not even be encrypted it’s like okay alike for example, the idle moment you are a supple shoe company and was not a silly of Bolsa Company might be like I want my song set have the out on company so on the open up form and he’s can run it right: as a lay unit and then liking 10 years it’s his Rabin like a man I’m not, governor in a mall or I’m of this and it’s like Avis jobs available you know like that sold its more like that your you get your own thing and get it when you’re in the system and you’re getting the information and so like you said first come first serve you always 100 openings for people to get some furry, you now forgiveness won’t say their employees is worth four yet so you got 20 employees runt singing a RE its tell your broker for stump for search rule for scum for Serb soul a certain people I don’t care if the villages that one for the rich people rules One but you could use all scalable though it allows you might guess on this guy needed it and it’s like sitting it turns out that it’s like out right away now that’s rather all and sought on, this guy if it’s you know works doubt whatever may and commodity in some guys all that I don’t know yet idle that everybody’s always trying to make everything on more than is even if it is or isn’t sold been idle because and do a lot yet you could be a hundredths are right on battles I don’t, there’s also little things like first come first serve to come in that make you saying that bats like one of those on your mark moments that made something passed legislation by saying , you know will the only son in law as I was like getting so much money to go ball that’s why was first coup under arms so then it’s a little out since like the ninth caller like we could say OK to be a prize for nine caller we can take one brutally attacked a riding becomes renting technically you can trust that that persons like to win the right thing right but it doesn’t mean that they are that they’ll are are we’re talking O reason I need show bags and let’s call from whole issue that right always on the negative always find and I tell if a positive situation like all of being skeptical are right on all I see I just told because I go again said though I don’t are rule have enough fuel float through it like that are its just thought to me just can’t it’s like conversation about

on them and I’m just disappointed in the way things are bought by rising one and where we’re at little lake is our are just society as a whole that’s what happens when the we’re on our way to dislike are you now with what happens when DC, you were not filled because everybody’s workable money money money always a mezzo where people’s one trainer brought all sold was the first thing you are mean it’s why they would rather one event and and sacrifice their parents rule were off chitwood. Some lawmakers are brought out the balls looking all they really are angles money but then they get old maid I’m a kid and wants to be happy you rule flight are think that we are all but some are now it’s another thing that’s another it’s another dollar loss call rhino series of two day rule are doing it right and training to minute. Are there some reaching are you are a read your bomb raj will sap and then you live on the may need shall not counting in each country doing yard catch up on worried and older at current Brian Schachter: call your folder full now minutes that updates them microwave source bread now and they’re reaching those crevices that they previously did not I could barely use cell it’s no longer safe zone on Et Gant and you up to it on to a gem got quarrels areas undergoes now sounds like he’s real time a shoulder us are about that rats are. You recall it can show by ticket Use that profile none doubts about the fact that commitment on human we walk and religion wife none wants you What got you roll of world between you are liable because my kids but that complement onboard want great egret can I use a seal our way up yellowed a reader you up and people are not yet we are a lot with our deck pocketnet August. What does it yet. But you watch you or anyone look you look O30 1000 but we agree on it to continue all Goldman were teacher want global as the fact that, you run into quarantine did just kind of nut kids bring back in a pine cone pretty but on I’ll really understated creek Rick reed on you are. Look all worked out grew up reading marble which you or your full are you beat carrier weaker to roll in a court order lovely and right are likely to talk like to brag law was a little like a wares where it’s close it out, roll back up their Mac dollars at now are never looked back to that guy is water so anything out any updates on your end anything out critical Yemeni out and eat you feeling better worse I feel about their rate, or illiterate as the family is limited. If you could do that which don’t want to know quarters or invite you to talk to make one of those kids that aren’t giving it clear that you no longer go get the viewable people drink yet tell aside, it could be a corrupt your mint grilled lot of ditzy lowered I woke up lack night inventory watched a little dark and a bad dream that PR yelled at me and said like it’s still a bad this bag, Judy Zaragoza has been a slight bad ideas get made a total of the dogs flocking back the plight of eight on a lot of eye to see the show little idle every other bullies and blocking its not been at camp B corner portrait to the lot I watched by watched all that two Mintz on with the autos are but you’re also was a member watchers use portal your little outside kid can I wake up , drip line and I wake up with that can concurrently of working like electric eel all Leonard

IE on it, mike wrote it, or bleak, critical rule board right in online on at lame duck I’m looking over the key into court, or really right now I’m trying not call when I need you can’t count on it called a wart the few rhino on a call to work you’ll already ready to compromise and Cuba get a high court but when half of the night is caught on the is a little power to shore those of the blight 91 on the bike one caught grated peel and IE were lightly of 20 years the Krieg Arnold could burglars are high wind up your story caught capital cartridge built correctly world are you still have a yard line I have no record right tackle product might court right leg map smokers are you would like it bought and sold your image drinking water would actually enter the quarreling erudite at growers global are you in real deal real take that kind of like you are and out in art, the collector what we’re due it right out at: art die wake up, not nightmare not some kind but it no cargo not In article one more out, I closed the worried it a little green bay laurel caught, not all are no little outcry, and can’t currently enough was a dreamer at the line of code called a green audit might lead content lead to a little bit kit maker to tell Stacy bellied and widowed that are at our you are what you’re looking under a shot at it until you can’t just thought love got it on the model armored old lady not care. And unlike you’ll read only I get caught, which you can’t recall the literature and everywhere real alert L should need any given night, contact should be your knee Mike Lowry Telerate Khamenei short break now it’s a real good normal could you people to leave, told you to a largely has come in contact with people and tell of the season brought Night pits time for allergy so it’s like even if you can happen in the past are who you write Heller GE like so that’s another like out team it’s like you’re of its always shifting in like you know trying there trying to get the two little road dust pound string that taking it apart but can’t recall current rock built to lead all people got your note not deftly been yacht Gitlin global debt but I would like to get a court battle I got out your mind elegy person but you needn’t keep locked on your show that beat Kentwood kitchen and IE you all people and all yet seems a gypsy niceness are you’ll get is up just like a cell fee that we cannot put up years you’re a photo when you when you’re on like a solidarity with the doing that you know some work what you about like a witch Uribe reader you’d be at all the builder but (not yet a degree of mud. You really got a lot but I couldn’t be no one caught Derek get yours told you that little lock abortion illegal and I Ryan road in and out into the community yet let art: are at greater mount little as a lot: biohazard style in the area out you’ll get is a cellular article cool our young regard Yorkers are a key and public art are worried order yet I think it’ll call your ought I think it’ll up your credibility on the show if you’re respirator and we can pull out that that image it’ll be a right to be like old sister: there is that walking and got its going or eight cookbooks Nintendo art names in is all art and the popular as a win like it real hard guilt or cute: be like a larger letter your airplane P using the look. And Cartier talked at length err building and a lot in a and they like that idea of a message to the city which is a real always inspirational and not on the zinc soul human ARCO you are told in order to be entitled to an art audit cartwheel to call original off court Coach Bert knockers yes eat Marriott lines in and bought shortcut committee at great onshore egg rock metal coating art career at 400 your Dr

Art you’re right now I sit still Note, looking forward to aunt seen the error final products your body you’re meant on Toby after the little guy about my mind that all caught can you take Al line right now are learned but will trumpet can’t work it out court right groin right will be judged a right to free to learn anything gnaws on awry where one on a world record because it’ll raise all I he said that was they had the bellman is only reason why he won’t alter one is panicking so that’s a year during Willie Dunn, a little later date in a idea died be a work in the bucolic day he would let that picture be big right to lie to latino dollar picture be kicking and it got a map lot of legal limit on either the year you outcropping back yet levied breach great clarity were right yes on it by hitting catcher show earlier but out earlier but you watch it back tears that there’s a clip on there are one , as some kind of output ministry shun official in general are something that is out we’re trying to explain how they delivered, you know planes and tons a cart of all PP eight to the private sector to Ben distribute trigger typical of distribution means which means explains why it, states are are updating on the day for this stuff basically it’s are comparing it to a outdated and on watts so like oppose two this stuff shouldn’t the liver directly to the states indirectly to FEMA to be distributed too, needs on as oppose two all were not market you know or if the dish is to be channel is chosen as the distribution because they are you have all situations lined up been that they should just be told straight up your make a 4% markup on this project and You now. You are a whole were shows short time proposing a thick layer so yet on I was just out the note is the guy stuttered to the whole thing and then basically when they said well and then he closed it by saying after looking at the way some innocent been performed we’ve found abnormality sold a locally is so then saying that yes there are people are gouging and on holding back or are you now forcing these places to fight for the year for the approximate it is suppose to be your knees a little worried it gain overbidding it killed more normal retail rate right QTR knollenberg era a warrior been a cackling barring all the teach you were when people call it are more you rich huge. It caught condemn or get current to Rick you’re in your age clinkers that curry 19 out yet the corporate war to be added in Usenet lawyers extra pink not Carter ulan recorder when you go court order was onsite is a inning worry you remain in art: a bill to help our outlet ago courage she did Koppel are watered every 1 to 1 tie it. You cannot get make your global like what caught in the trigger still can’t be all right and eight great quarter outlook you’ll eat like you can want cars your yard mark card at my retail breakneck but can’t you be older are a great yarn tabletop read every breed in any event, the big unit curb your your acuity important you’ll but it could cut your rate on corporate now are 28 are logs and train them in picks up are saying in this been a big difference in the circumstances, is that they’re being you know delivered in basically give into these people but not understand search of the middlemen are your chances of course if you’re gonna make you know what every 10 OPS that bin you’re going right so you go down for a Mac and cheese Monday number jewelry But looking back O but a lot going on are what you did you get in and out you’ll adequately diet, paper and you write you on all right but all have shed no light on all the sum the

diet wires slides rebel but he died at it like copyright laws have been set on NT brine wooded you nice we better get back to me and we’ll just long enough that we allow your little and let sit on a rock and there are not black leader yet line or but when we see on the tiger 62 in all. But let carol Byers you as if that the jury a spot on the voice and data but the fact that we pulled it surely are used to read back spending in the cow ground all off into Tigard and a dressed up like Joel and some other guy due date they were greater looked awesome I got a minute: a pretty sight, selected awesome Manet of the fifth or the letter and has all are anybody in this the first one there are inspired how you’ll tighter caring are up on the historic Europe but you’d better use at Bonners sure that it no doubt about that night and highlighting watching and I know you’ve looked like all your kids to write I just love to hear for you when you said that are real fight cleanup Lockhart is a fifth of the fact that in between Anjou were Robert sweet young added to the more you don’t want to get I just saw the aisle pineal but shies out one night, Clinton and the one where you said of the hallowed alleged that was the husband BSZ not on the saying goes he shoots that dollar annual of night when you watch the ball one guy like to see the big water level and yachting alleges the big money goes then yanked a straight isn’t-coach at this and yet the store at you at your that was a good one that does little like the only light junk of like a dad was so by Saudis oz one of the battle at him as a kind of like a kid seen it but I can realize that old thing kind of incident Prison and a lecture notes are all which give in to seven lead to a tight at another guy was on TV your body there Jeff Lowey they had a Monte beat used Elders are you with a outcome board you would see, he’s got hot Manet and his wife looks good on older you look cycle weasel where ordered you look back with your own accord. You’d look like it can’t work. A woman. Right : bonnie note: to the town square right on your people on your peers are get Carter brokered and his budget order and allow us all the hat with ado reader letter writing to cheaper Seattle week early Arturo Klein are eagerly at eight. We could not write: we’ll argue that you as you like me as the opposite traded chief underneath that can affect all grades are drawn, I sliced to the guide is that are 20 site, let up Reichardt sheet are a lot are eight get led peace out that might might add to your outlook to a dealer and tried as you going to try to cut you are a nightmare I could see by god, can at quite young men as a 2 minute later bought are coming off a DN there are human so of your we are we good rule out there, street sure we’re rule for intruders now and are your real whacked with us that golden walker would rule on my grandkids don’t know that chuck berry to no quick comment before and we just take a break on, unlike breakout of keep going with this thing on call and number 627373 4328, you’re listening two side gardens radio nay need show today is Monday, April 6 at 2020 to 22 were sensual New York lockdown be endowed 22 as street at the Saud said the main need show on a daily 3:00 PM and preach he was an accident in the Ahl are yet cut in two off on cutting the animated version well use a little on

as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as low as 000000 as soon as soon as the times and has a zero and 820-0000 to two to oh two and gates realize that the same center at the end is his long and Anna too soon as well as in then as soon as he was also were soon as soon as soon as a as soon as bad as soon as it was a member of his men and 100-tilt your loss on me all I got him to play the lead of a whole of some as high as a memo says, zoos as soon as a lot of them as as soon as the dead was some of them as soon as soon as soon as he says high as soon as I was at that as soon as two and who come to an end to end an 000 and eight great-taught cheek at Grady not, he sounded as if the head of the whole of his as soon as a lead they have not worked as soon as his arms and legs as a as soon as a new eye as soon as south are ringing mutual Sarkar law some guards radial yet so off as a body Dooley we undo that call in number 627-3738 and we’re a still rolling with this cast today from bay was calling and gives they’re up update what they’re doing and not how things are going so we did hear from someone today that did not lose their employment in and out day art, like they’re unemployed and they are actually on the kids say it sounded like they did get through on employment, unemployment, and that’s that bug on you know it’s not that that’s not the other sonatas solution you now unemployment’s no solution so I hope, Idaho, they can come up with some some kind of play and two of two would keep this thing all going to redo all comedian john’s or can you do are richer and keep waiting when it’s all about its right reed told Spanish their are now when you are some real your write your old minimize your daughter Under us us 607373 eighths is aren’t we need shoe were just giving music is go back about two of last update on heroic update on its 83 were two sole reason children worldwide or are 1,337,715 world 74,223 deaths 277,757 and recover this is a worldwide absurd rule was worldwide 270-7757 recovered we’re still hanging to 21% when we talked about it, are as far as close cases 21% of the people closed

and died and a 79% were covered four discharged , john hear your total deaths graphs that his role was too are almost 70,000 people dead Cases by country again we’re currently sitting in our worldwide there’s been a dish and 64,000 cases today , so far are yesterday ended at 71,409 in actually those numbers four, right around 8:00 in the knee or think that’s because arms where this originates from this world a meager it’s odd GMT time ruler , so you’re as you’re looking at three are 62,573 cases in the United States exactly armory and Sears near 25 1000 so you we’re about 4 hours left to a tally and before I say outcome up with the final year of a real, our deaths per 1,000,032 per one million , or other custom five couples are in 32 times for one milieu have a little sneak up there were Spain past Italy and that was sent yesterday I think Kinda like older number two Its famous number two near and are germany’s on the rise would not be as much and so actually France is the one looks like you’re on the rise and a passel with the most cases so their pride in the past Germany and I mean they are not everything to me is like got , I guess the lee was running 5000 cases a day when we were really are looking at a couple weeks ago so it it it seems like are still hanging around the middle or the laws and so they’re testing lab and 1937 per one million compared are 5732 solar trust and we were strong. O but they’re all we have its bales are the leading Italy and not germany’s sent you are free it’s O Italy and Germany are goals that have been nice to have less Honduras though so we must those just recently installed on load spot that its population and the user would be tested are juries elitist and 918,000 Stores so we’re jury of their excellent Ron Shipp were looking its. So well be back tomorrow and will lead his dilemma O and we get a call here, take it would stop using for local it’s a kick in church the web you’ll our live on the side gardens radio mainly showed are older than the levels of lead around dawn hours rule well, how are you doing crime into all the making of staff Leon you have any of you, information that your love to share with our viewers a time where now using outside jail and start might not hold it hard chairs were outside got cut peace summit wreck rams don’t you dare our story OK, so we’re trying to keep the new cases outdoors are trying to keep that don’t deny merger and nonemergency 19 other socially gets so fully preparing to turn over the majority hospital two coated cases it’s already own rights went to a wholly garage daughter: each tires aren’t legally and Karin and stringy training which arranged the summer comes down its arms times our test car at what we are prepared , but the still limited on the up PP crowd she ideal Arab me know I do and eastern slopes county lines yards but it’s like I said there was even like you know those mechanic globes are all Robert Byrd it’s like people buy buy that punic 20 pack in the product grudges all over the apple you know things like that or even like AutoZone

should be able to all your pitching on that becomes a raincoat we have a comment line and decide between king or dying solar it nowhere in sight on the local business periods are donning a need in a key on how cool it amazing that saucier or body sent doing what they can yards so still a fairly slow down their oars things picking up as far as sent your weekends and after ankle cannot carry a lot mark Carter a chieftains Korean right so if you’re like the numbers seem daunting rain are standard that has just resolved at grandma’s area’s other Jews symptoms positive status as a writer stop leaking career as an appetizer. After now it’s time consuming artist jean rights tiny stage right and a mace go home and were teammates are not serious enough to be your alarm go back and alert parents are locate there is a eight things for the call and then not you are a true hero it has done a lot at bank you guys tiny, it sent the toros things and you know you’re used to all in when you work in the industry are obviously used scenes sick people in dealing with, you know whenever situations are not ideal four on right but it’s kind of another case when there are you now you go in there with this potential every day with the obvious and increasing your your risk of fire content with someone I mean mint I mean to be honest only: hospitals normal times to some kind of like skin settlement, just off like that you were an arduous and didn’t need to be a he- and not a big city and arms researcher. Pour your look as though. When I go through for storm due closer cancel richer you mean opening if it’s if you’re near ribald clock, but then how long you wait like one of the ways and funnel cake it’s money group there are your real didn’t care. Carries a cane reagan’s economic crunch isn’t sure we’ll be right on the coke therefore can result from four on the French are you right there in the December to close is weary holes is mother and, things are still bed getting worse in the data did worse as lock everybody out there enough keep in touch up Your people say I’d you now call people don’t hog and give people call say was happening to what it would now are eight in the meanwhile Righetti gets a little out Wilkinson music year looks like little accents little exit , we’re listening may need show biz owner what do I get one shot top use and predicted sonic guard ray your lower bits. At work were not quite as number numbers two show for a 5446: chambers wall of the M. O Laurier many are any soul once again please ingenuous into side gardens radio nay need show thanks so much for two mint and now we’ll see on the next one and extravagance in Holland and say hello and many of them than to one of those to zero halftime of the Nevada judge john MLN, not as hell and then spend those of us who have to have the windows into one of many had a long and had a loan from the end of the ideas on how to

add content to live site has endured some needs to rates at its summit far as I say some of his hands on some of the number of LF someone has a long and one has a has a lot of those of the son of Tom Lazio said they have someone who has as many of them have some talent who say it has had a goal and San Jose and the land as a whole is a lot of those on a limb, and when and how long has it has and has had and a soldier has no date has not allowed a man who have had sought as a halt the old who have had had a home and a whole and ½ mile of Santa Ana has an NFL has had good sent down signs and 0¢ to rates as low as infobox I love and some say he had them and who knows and sorry and found a result of the laws are on hold a single and a lot of the lives of them as a whole house on the one of them on how to get a lot of them as a as it is a null and some level of a U.S. citizen who led the centennial of a lot of that end of the handle as often as a FF FA is a little demand of the ms and then to have to say I saw some of them have some new home and one of those Angelenos are the result as a law as it only as long as I was out of them had a whole has a hand of those of a one and has always had a little have the same as hell and some of the house all the same as the Allies have not had a goal as soon as a child has a sense 100007000 on all had seven and 5 to 1 of those in a long as they all have a hand and then home and and and and and and who to learn from all and I meant the end of them have had to settle on a limb and sent them home and now has the U.S. will have to live as that little had a heart and soul has all that is using them some of them and they have and have some of them have said to have had a whole house and senate have to have some of whom have had some say some one who had a a a a a lot of it has an end to end holidays and saw as a whole and an 8:00