reality camp 2016 – Session on Photograhy by Anoop

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reality camp 2016 – Session on Photograhy by Anoop

criteria other word little my taxes on it was going to care with you Pollard should camera canon of the lenses fixer idea me God resume let some other way I’m going on down there with me tomorrow yes a lot what a silly book away under the fire gamelan LaCava do you finally put account viewfinder karna porn and shoot camera you fight with water Carolina to the other end sub action shooting in over and so gay invasion from a random number plenty light yes sir i’m on the port number i get the lens are tutoring novel itself ooyala video I mean picture on it number of you fighting rocker on the sensor Mumbai luckily William minimum delay put a mirror on Dow P Mirren let lets you put it in the light to the flipped a the time i sublet yellow cable your lip put photo current policy moves every camera cool it is a very good right Ilyasova far out it enough postulates we forgot some illegal I told dr. new Villa kamagra gotta let me slowly corner a pastor hello Emma who have him listen to you he sent some theoretical the up and running camera crew leggy girl it sub kurama tier American that person yeah parts of the ctrl j latona depth of field number ten apparent Logan boog on a bike underwater in about half of focus i was already to the pariah dr. focus writer kitten aw shut up or I’m gonna teleport Angela I’m a infinity or a focus on a particular if I can only control the depth optional in a controversial a pencil waist size will shut up get that time explosion runner at third time shuttle thorne the Recon time the Mujahideen ever gonna shake character and if you want it at the political background okay what are they played out in a particular cell phone will perform can I can I power level ok free sighs Nicola heater if it’s so low-key create another shuttle spirit just Jenna gonna delete individual adoro shut up okay aperture shutter sensor program develops and Solana never feel him i believe me to program sensor you’ve seen digital cinema slightly room lenze email data you can you for a shutter speed chapter prosthesis Omega mean we’re on were like boom oh never got some sense LOL you give exclusive hell of a room here camera camera important a palapa lenze he left Earth or Never Land side you might get the quality down here the type lengths on ten nine eight depending IDK matt is a versatile to mobile camera lens sir alan gray point and shoot camera it’s a SLO camera lens you are a poor on the Mississippi dream alone or any other going on the quality location ok call a glass element still use it on at length said man fact see here the venture wanna do peru camera lens on the water for another unju motherland populated part element 0 ok all of it every question already lady Lucas he’ll insulin personified why don’t you let so that widens owner poodle area filled la cuna leonova covery able to widen quite as a little normal length on that normal next on the one you saw them now prefer to feel em normal in siliguri another 50 mm wanna go to fill in camarillo a language full frame camera up you see in the normal election over at 50 mm our telephoto let’s zoom lense another on Lorraine telephoto lens whoo-hoo regarding let our took on a night of a girl it’s a telephoto lens Allah Soviet somewhere so maximum have a lens and after wounding of hotel lens on tagging other assume ransomware dr Sanjay Patel it’s a lap 100 as he can focal until unbalanced my ambulanceroid until it’s a keeper

gonna put a normal photograph Rizzo methylome are legit terminal hui yin both shimano widen widen to fragment why don’t you let psyche suhagra insulin now the courts area of oppression frame the Korea wide angle X wants a cooler full of authority nobody row sophia mama normal and sunny 50mm entire block lynnster 35 28mm turn you forum 18 among 14 among 10 now 8mo hung up by chloe bola let’s say a wide angle until now so stay would be more like you ola 7501 not side 90mm 200 of them 300 or 500 ommegang a night for a wide life photographic saga you see the earlier yea somali linsell okay so let’s ponder a focal aims more like you wanna lens to locate telephoto later solo 50 mo minute on a given like my dad to let you know on which I 50 / to star in the wide angle and still on the water Correa wide-angle lens to start a la foto 24 comic you’ll make me never told you for a moment good enough for listening know they got the wide angle lens on the Pharrell kind of shading over a wider perfect oaxaca at the crater lake in practical no camera is my DSLR camera when you go against your camera to chamber a producer Salim go in and shoot camera 28 m 0 mighty kind of my excavator cultural 5000 successful toby Saudi edition or theta L accompany your home 24 my robot West is the camera castles in a huge difference i dunno namitha much it’ll drop from mono very much love guru different setup in 28 of them ok so he can I come in here with a poignant shot camera while you were turned 24mm wide-angle and said hola camera hey bro 30,000 rupees rage again or what NEP SLR camera waking hour it wide angle lens set the pro no giving us a number like ninety percent shoulder a number editing Ella almost widened like tele via voice I’m okay April 24 moving globodyne you love to wear normal normal x 50m amana solana proof camera in normal xmas came 50 publicity a goon up in the way later on whenever L it several times also the Christian story and silver in the commute but sure yet thomann adiga picture quality the other lens if you stay mum normally so another car no more el eel insolent glass element see you later bro and I’m moon on my lap last eleven surah’ Trayvon yet on glass elements already know Autobahn distortion Garre a plain glass elements awesome camera good leather oscillator Guarino upright party good amazing 50mm lens are no gay film + 40 result i doona let let said it will cause to co robic ok moving a costumer American blends in development server while there a path of max open tivo 1.8 a one point forward even 1.2 linsell but at one but two much goes here 1.8 again in a tenth of the particular panel equality for let’s say you know oh that’s a long camera wang is le poor boy let’s look about 10,000 angela novello camera using ambassador to after a yamaha water 50mm lens a good eater perfect location Allah classics telephoto lens wildlife will algerie love sports a wildlife regarding will you sit in the lady Sylvana telephoto lens enlarge photo etc 50 a moment more like popular in the root cellar hungarian siyana telephoto lens on boo bye okay I’m uh manoa sense up to so point length on this sensor I thought it said I only other standard are catching us up but I a feeling photograph wheeler 35mm wonderfully mint as I said aha Fillion Julian mother ah linds in a focal point of our distance of fifty cuddling with the pressure colliery Parvati to exile is this I’d like earlier other assertion of someone say

what some say was ridin birthday so let’s ignore that only I think of focal length of lens’s after soon and 420 420 28 200 sunland sauna 8200 so much fun here and surrogate mother only having a photo poem other Soviet so it can request or never change cell on it ain’t about our body camera Tony wonder okay it’s just I can show you what I see you on it 24 home lenovo why I 35 mo mo mo kho chieu nay oh boy 50mm alright so boy can take another night session in magic micro bio Viper you’re ready go to a leg or ingested luncheon America something apparel man will photograph you luminary photograph all right photograph progressed a character in the interim bail masala gamble oh man will modern I mean automatic model Italian the much is going ok together in that cellar for mobile loop celica point and shoot camera Lou la SLR camera look man will more go my model system listen Lana maximum number for image in the water maximum control so program module aperture priority shutter priority mode tsumugi you see em now even more are no parabens in control two more digital editions imagine provide a number 21 lat purser control h lambda shuttles million taxable basal insulin relay for you positive he aperture 1000 whole progression camera including are you a person of the channel Olivia book but it’ll catch yep to it over the area maximum weather so are we doing on an f-stop will I put in the blood fats and I probably Jeff 22 5.6 f8 them again a personal Osama log of the photography group culo como quiera put a part of it up Robin de la f8 when I 250 in the grade book shelf ate amanha under a purse or a fit down to 1500 ml shutter speed oh I’m na kar gaye ho sorry guys have passionate of solo Oprah know after Dolan forecast for a steady gig in the area let the field Corey hello we never yeah I’ve got across on the cooler area focus oh yeah first I just see in the next HR number libido focus on a particular the Panther but enjoyed it number one is going to back your loan and inhabited Allah louder you over a night sort of the number by guerilla for Christmas tree and I ecosys relay later on or let myself do I pull it Olivia personally hello camera into a person man you later to see a regular camera crew tonight to share of poignant should camera lupertazzi about the top field the field the photography i want to program paternal time on the field underwater Cimarron focus I’d you can area turns over Lydia focus I you read compute of chocolate ready where they will follow another focus on shout out of the car or bike and overhead auto focus on by a robot cut it a photograph or somewhere below the photographs are back through composition technically you are walking under the name optra background in separate ya drinkin super and olive composition nicholson blooper a minute or a another god he photograph Adela nee moham on the agenda Oh Oprah go to the photograph contigo mannequin are the subject other people karai I’ll cut it in little pony animals in the closet is intended Veronica sorted by gloria in the paragliding loop and neck not prominent edelman yella our marker and ocean subject necesitas it up by a gorilla hello Simon ami James now know focusing on the beaver Inlet is number back go to subject a subject of convo Casilla by a curriculum along with Colonel Burton ela ela illegal each subject name like a tener let something as a picture dr. Finnigan fooly cooly no Phillip

butta butta aperture guna and over nunavut second banana is it a hole in a welcome to this play a part navteq conducts correlation nanos keep our yoga book subject you Donna Cassata cuts a maximum opportunity not even the Pope will go equity booty d phi e subject Adara diagonal according to the size o a major santa ana by chronological authority of personal number kuda let go see about person number cool yes depth of depth of field yep put a fence up around the aperture numbers around or depth of field coolican days a person number whether the early to tell you to end the war another 11 hour a tower 5.6 are 128 opponents MZ correlation i shut off spirits shutter speed of rotation moving outside of the pigeons are number or you know good ball more like it too long they should just send em ultimate Shadow Spirit Gutierrez of the sale howling shutterstock Oregon you know volleyball vol- a bowler in a movie in item feeling hella borough in a bundle of that there were no freezes you can have another you are going in a pile for you Polly in a way to hear that your shampoo spider at the children I chase alright much internally shake our each taking prasanna government is it a shot was very thorough very low lightly behold a man over to 3rd Ranger lower light on a low-lying time you go to shutter speed automatic at the chalet for example to do camera auto body get a shot instead is utterly nothing shadows to be controlled as rainbow number of subjects in movies are the shaker fast shutter speed what some suspect Amarillo or Rojo character and your free Syria actually facing regular the shuttle splitter cool living so slow shutter speed on again follows out of the way e willow action table number but you have to vega de janeiro saber automobile photo comment level of God they reported it now I’m going photo to customize this car moving in the field and we come down on the menu bar get on to blair back in car on a focus ID other obj no drop shadow still jamming a fining in the coconut very technical Martha okay well I never did are you I use so speed Philippe squared are left a number of our children but if we live in a forward direction on the boot on the road don’t know if we leave it out a photo taken with it now let 100 a nightstand normal filling with the core equity I used to call yet two hundred and a 400mm will use the other feelings fears / coordinate such a low lately shredded cabbage where those fast action of digital photography available Phillies fear Allah is osvetila chemicals and I he are you so spirit to another and said no light no external cavity shiny so similar and sensor imagined a quality Corey karna Grayson mundo normally who also died sorry okay people that we are thousand edges of each other normal number 1000 Emil look of a quickie ninja for Attila until I call taker work though rotation black the area look none of garage capillary random of the job i use of butyrate individuals around or reaction for easiest way number goes up shallow lo a black background local I also putting a whole grains and full of two buildings I know like I can push a great day he may sense a poner la la salida de lo e prime I have 48 of

american idol right how are you hi Donna since ionic actually hood it may send a technique as I really personal pune virginia is about a program Daria in tumblr camera why I can so method SLR camera one is somewhat normal light hit combo and philip ostrem full frame camera 100 crop sensor log and grab another nonprofit association has a georgia lens and a 1.5 x 1.6 x another final ok sauna photograph feel it put stranded in order 35 mo photograph here so lot sighs okay on that video forum will be low-key running low normally photograph is a 35 move forward in a blue begins on the feeling okay ten play fable 35 more money diagonally i believe in the size other creditor sensor in the cost of production boundin minute sir j qu deluded palace camera will awake in the sense of your life believe me develop agriculture why peezy oh boy we cannot send some more mobile notary reason forever these times are hundreds LOL though imagine a call kick him wake in the lengths in the qaakil enterococcus either go in and shoot cameras and digital SLR camera you see pretty love you see you see in the sense of it but believe in Daniel for you 35mm philly vin de paseo de la muchacha loca normally whatever pixelxdimension is ready to be four killings are cooler and search field of thin lips and set aside side corner at such a few laughs you know just so stay up of lenses on Logan you know Melissa Cosby mm normal incident now we have a feeling so delicate eye area not okay southern another car but a feeling my area cows he say 50mm lens to reach where digital SLR camera sensor number ditching us Olivia my butcher now agave born on the field a few cars for a pudding crop that link or even a tiny lips for air can be 50mm lens sir ha ha ha karam she live 35 mph 03 Allah Allah give full friends and some in over 35 move welcome on a roll again cheerio SLR camera mr. Wigman luxurious LOL sense unavailable filament that is your medical chilla what if you’ve came up in a while everybody know that I fifty for over 37 camera box of fame events are a threat you okay with them again either 50mm for Osama now deus allah career changer for everybody so high it does not feeling he’s a magnification factor in the world osama nikon canon camera with a looong hoow so is it is it at a magnification factor roms olive oil 1.66 away 1.5 it’s another way in the magnification factor in the quarter Sherea sensor we in my digital SLR camera in here to lend some of it another are limp saha all in today’s camera which has Savonarola Ricardo 1.5 it’s a link in 1.66 type focal in the polarity feeling so I lower-end mamita motorola dunno remover ginger que aunque el pasado 100 of them Glen said k a note in that area sensor week in the gonadal usama DSLR camera literature at the 160 mm wider in effect quitter all over the net Nico running 1.5 x 150mm I dug it up to fitted for 50 / janek on camera with ginger 75mm I’d are you happy 75 moves over there alone again I are they DSLR or mustard or entity in the lens on the camera portrait in some way Allah photographically mention a photo so visible Sabah Wyatt lexi lou bega while in telugu annada farmer comes you’re exactly right for things like what is widely which is known from mobile FSL ferragamo town centre it is a book not a morganite polish a quarter gonna shake word banana caramel or the mobile have to make a wide angle axilla with a wide angle inch aluminum block which is heretical summarizer know a poor they put our cards if i read it wrong angle go 75 7075 aluminum also afraid to put a

1 not fair mumbai or log instead of all right where our coverage which I got a chop-busting portrait lens mockery Nicole naquadria someone more pheromone click on for agents from the bottom a pillow Tamara 90 important is much i unlock all you i never after the arrow and bow the night away go to another girl and so I get over he he has ever been up all night we make it to knock the roof came home late so long to herself having effect a 75 no matter now go to another portrait and saturday yes will confirm legalizes default previous answer for frame essence up and all of the signal same take if removal convenience Wilfred kiya hai la st Sunday welcome multiplication factor morning o’clock Oh 50mm lens up full frame camera vchera 15 what an egg in the deal 100mm watcher come to moidle full frame camera so tanea camera on the malay but your soldier for Frank amreli are in a sense of a welcome polarize older brother processing capacity other the same certainly the sets and manufacturing divided difference of the beavertail second a quality or Waco today normally do reading Ron Lyle in the forward in soccer chega advertisement sector love you using the camera normally filtering ever the number of prints eyes over and the valley for function for money you’ve seen the camera gonna put premium so I’m a camera or lay allegory amateur photograph floor lingual movies to normally use in the camera okay mr Sevilla DSLR camera given me corn macadam Allahu Allah camera okay we’ll try again to go store like mulan relation to my gmail like okay camera will this fin Amaro awaken the lens of locusts higher quality I mean who deal in silver romance is opposed to go home I go to a tasting room but nobody allowed using the camera on the weather interim croak the sensor picks up makeup it’s a corner and megapixel actually in some realism he would send some of the co-head tiles over loyola sharing a sensory learning another piece insulin a while good resolution molded to say for friend 20-megapixel but a poignant shot is only my of Excel over- mother full ceramic or equity princess locoroco d40 and a sense early photodiode so that combinations of a canary on Saturday before I could call you Joe normally you know function woke up in the ocean where the Ducks one apron dr. pol a hundred saline baths a full-frame into awesome real life love with Philip full flavor probably but over the course to run is awaiting enough evo widely if you change we’re okay 200 movement of them song serve someone a gamma ray Ron against other open a 350 at all can you see em Nico not a time cooler focal length of the pool would recommend 350mm unicorn full friend Gail Enzo Magnum on regulation what I do vocal to the cost siding would end up tomorrow white balance balaclava graphic Turner oh you wanna sell or come play evil children oh you silver shooting session over and so what you say the automatic elder he put the camera okay oh why burn scar quedo never take em all of the automatic white balancing over another perfect logic all right quite that smaller camera never passed I talked about sposato can I’m sorry y vamos a la over white girls model located we should begin than ever is it cats in November lineman anyone selling number pad i saw on a novel water nigga bubbly put someone in a good eh assemble it still gonna wipe in sports allocated to cut out of the mighty manual photograph ill going buddy my mother flown over the world of blue color lights known as the lighter photo light source sin and size of the white bulbs rakia turn on your Bibles manually got a yellow bike man using hands so sorry it is basic concept of junk not open a film photography Vegas miles a day late Freeman wanna number lazarevic i’m penelope lamentable tombola studio a janitor I think feeling wine here whining about this directly will know about handling you another walk in the daylight Philemon oh they like to know

where in dayton point by jose rodriguez not only white ones over other time or light blue which are going live y pase a protein you can forget the havoc insomnia chemicals on university professor hear something tomorrow and servitor venom camara Laye sensor and a black nice answer the citywide ask for a main then your way most point oh my my fellow appointed as a combination of many names but let’s follow the over i balled up actually every object cumulative i tap into the power in immokalee what are the external force and Elomin error charred are very bottom we’re so the same color will appear differently different different measures now merely putting it in there kenya never eternal of your droid okay so camera and all those of you at there are enough custom white balance on but normal case to the movie did we got a photo if the network memilih isolation in our white in the bucket that mullah cameras or having reservations problem deliver power source under a custom pinner camera can even do i turn now they’re doing it right is that a sense of all thumbs rgg mmm but then Cara monuments like okay this is why Wow basil children can judge all the other programmatic in this No it’s a man with Thank You Father block now saying no 900 block a mile of a lot of shogi I’m gonna show Beyonce yeah hello white color the economic migrants the terrible options of that so I think you know why but it’s more than 30 up and not somebody numbers on water line I’m such an accountant personalized change or whatever like no forgot something a la remodel a progress in an era hora light in the mechanoid are the other collection will begin the point here the lights are on the moo shu Taylor nah I mystery chola wise ball scammer is a table a little character from the room rate of them he boy imagi to shoot in la città no image in post-processing so either computer love the wine bar white for him Sergei if you were a group hello 32 grouper concepts up in the shop tonight why did you see my point circles around everybody sees the body turtleneck other camera come to this polyvore you somewhere

the okay cool you censor them make you more like great let you know some of them are the course of one tom is not something a little more lined up your morning like the solution for the program to retire the solution coordinated surge a photographic entirety of the versatile solution for a solution coolant sensor image in the size the Korakuen temporary solution pudiera wonder where camera died I quality governor image in equality for all Noah the rational normal prince-tyson included by but normally well 20 megapixel 11.4 megapixel camera after camera photo edit a father you have come through natural I don’t know Cheryl a combo shaking in defecation forever change the way you imagined shoot the jailer and I exercise insights about here in Gotham high quality loss a peppercorn out for a solution coordinate such a purim reimagine the call taker on normal / e resolution program would printing in a body kindergarten Dorinda Jenna so I said printing assumptions on their DP la opera’s photo dot / NJ arrow in some ways around a new colony bases are nine DPI resolution will who are resolution printing general social Gordon and such inequality and okay cool video is our I mean imagine songs over us another instruction coordinates that you made it a size are good for my office around image size an actual size of a photoshop let go I’ll have a person size and number of image anything some method I will decide SAT there are no weapons aboard the hemorrhaging vary the size goody goody goody condone day he’s a very underrated album homeless out of my net the work on it when i do i do not show the shower we obey lo que no la novela Polamalu megapixel culinary silica resolutions are unless I mean I follow a 2-megapixel airing on the 68 la balle is explicit let us camera I mean for dinner were a bit on the victim area became the focus on Jeff Hardy physically resolution number logo he saw Donna Karan a poner la fecha de 12 megapixel ok killer isn’t a new poety that softer with today is Annette in the poet tirana oh hi I part 10 megapixel naga parrilla havin evolution another puter with a photoshop revolute i stumbleupon overlay camera if the never look softer which the email in disguise who taylor james Van high megapixel important she actually is an accessor of the game oh I’m such a 40 lost out on bail awesome am yet the megapixel habla I forward it to the quality debugger our makeup is Rolla shower milk bit of Allah Allah il Illinois with Attila furniture with Metellus actually physical sensors donate to my office of capture en la capacity is a Porsche 2 megapixel a dream kappa solarium father such a court date if it is it yeah 30 such a happy vegan a sensible better idea wauseon oh no no central authority damn to wake in the lens he’ll inside what a prevalence of plastic ok no normally somewhere else can have you ever taken up like a CCTV camera I get to do so on Iran analyst same formula Ellen Godin alle volte sala de oro a dome camera i can get about 6,000 the musubi soon hello I don’t know what I can while awake in the lens aluminum plastic less plastic lens to make a month ago somebody ah caray arm awesome foster welcome its London good to the warranty same way would say it in this way p is sorry i’m joseph illogical get wherever they come from the Virginia Company na in dec all tickety-boo Oh Dixon equality whatever was on our water early camera on the way to occasionally bo karsey stencil of you see McCarthy’s in a cup when I posted on igano a little over here oh no overtime or look up another company let me talk in a six-mile can develop on a SLR camera Lou the equivalent sir but she loves a lens

in the manufacturing quality go alone honor goes to the service became relic price lithium rice import in the middle playmates aye sir come back selectors a look at a proof ki Mariah image sizes second ago maximum going to the night sitting up Ilana Rovner delegate there were some that paspa together then I pass for to negate I’m going live he passed for to get it to work salama somewhere your number the father is your shop circa Jason is it Padre photo/efrem irrigated it is no wonder personal momentum in econ three two double zero Cooney camera down here now though I genova do you know I am I let it in the password in the quality they lay together fighting mad three critically lap phosphorylated finding material vestige mata ki maybe anaconda is another pie de Gama holographic slew your passport in decison over in the wall right kuro in the eye of a pixel camera I’ll every pot or is it a passport unless I silly can reduce even if they get one down in the ocean mega facility 10 megapixel la cual es el agua la were you image of the bed now they’re transporting this I silicon rebound on the notion of it hang out here so whenever the valero one relation to verticillium oh I shoulda put a passport teammates were printing that quality by Amish are you and then i am dividing am going written authority over today yeah yeah we major somewhere though image in the side scootaloo booty arrow pointing or a fortune quality where is I’d America he did you know my monograph e-learning in raw image future places Tommy reclusive a much narrower see answer okay and they put photoshop Bassnectar makes the class students remedies method like in the picture 1 which is on the throne that quality because there are coral radiations passed a way that the total relations relations are really important navigate them if everybody is not possible I can make it up that concentrates of game relation I placed in nomination in good quality there’s a definite diameter does it seems it or not they look like if I tomorrow its mission is customized foliage is a tour of the course and coverlet camera with cigarettes member

karana America why get so much open us at the univ area for some quality and bring order you see here in la cumbia tomorrow 32 gb memory card amazon local reserve see that Peru is 600 rupees smaller mainly good night my leg you again yet both awesome there is also no peace in there with you never really thought about this in a cardinal be another option balding already gotten away effect on the complaint whatever material or reliability loaded but Judy well over an accountant only using some of the Ottoman era he color de ellos son de seguro que ahora normally through social got me Connolly for my photo you see the rounding it but I’m only one here we cool whenever car use here they thought is ok that allows another look at the water cooler to make someone a record another car my cunada camera you soon another UCLA la plume busted point you wherever you are whenever Allah quality older than ever coordinates as you’ve already met joseph information as soon as it is coming if i work in the terrifying I in fact I can speed up the photocatalytic camera OPA for samuel butler further them changing of the body Oh sauce and pasta now forget the fastest to come number if panorama contains original aversano Allah necessary giggle ball again Publius Cimber they get up in another jumper is so much no evil pin the murders No come on no I mean camera Ellen normally fat festa Susannah story hello fact I the fact that is Jordan normally song about the credit card you so much i think another he karthik am i got 32 formatting as a legal competitor for Mateo along he reckons even Nick on down here under my own I pick Andre 32 double zero you one day nikond300 camera angle a here on the camera you carded raking over nothing to donate it mattila get up data corruption where animals are the only cooler you can modify that if it dry out which is some other number normal energy without direction where the telephone crap i said will save you the tracking number intricate boys exist pyramid i get Celebi card data another man well Jennifer no no Nanette Carter camera gathered in April vomiting severe and their supporting the registering on the roof at the computer for my TV come to Frankie 1i the proxy server there for 30 to 60 80 of the decision overall pretty system na ma al-laham a deepening fighter if you leave now Veronica volume a camera is indicative of it is a soil above image a machine yet he opened steps in a very basic

under linux based upon a camera you see no for gamera vs. over linux-based home at all come on Paula Karen and a focus on Apollo camera lame-o for my customized egypte easily given up piggy ran across America nothing i’m a great idea of your friends over got a guru ji jailbreak eon ago hacking aware that other guy he units please lower door I know I say okay push a yellow angry attempt on Rubio somnium areola your night will photograph or somewhere to go I will tell you how to practice on over there camera chaotic guarded for my camera gear up the net for my tia is it uh Carla you see you can come to you so my butt to camera or low even same model gamelan handy guru we are we getting oil into garden is it a thicker than before Matt you seen him a fake first method camera technical side is again cleaning composition but I como el del a camera on save on under mobile camera an igloo for also cambrian gel polish for Ron Eaglin photograph a poser Vatican derivative office eek composition role in the gorillas go to photo number for tai mei wanna handle the nature started in the mo okay in the immigrant value telephonic original Louisa push a number so these are gonna decide which it again Anna pusher in gray number ten here presently hula put a photograph regret saying charity what I get we have together get you react until 11 it number seven photo como sounds like alone Jane tyska way and then lose yourself here let me photograph you lay a stone crab and avocado roll and criminal high-end condo one who woke up serveur like to hear it goes on inside some multi that is only good till I the other day where is not legit remember to but photograph our unity gorgeous today okay Moby look at your resume their normal an American cigar you are gearing up for the composition techniques Oh good coming