Color 101: How to Wear the Right Colors (Webinar Replay)

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Color 101: How to Wear the Right Colors (Webinar Replay)

All right guys! If you’re just joining us, do me a favor and let me know where you’re calling in from, just type into the question or chat box, “we’re coming from…” and then we’ll go ahead and get started So, I’m Brock and I’m joining you today from Washington DC and we’ve got people from all over the place We’ve got Pasadena, New Jersey Wade, you’re also in DC that’s awesome Let’s see Ohio, Philippines, everywhere This is so cool Toronto, Hollywood, Singapore, Victor from Atlanta, Georgia; and we’re all here to learn about color And you know, it’s funny, I have– and some of you guys know about this. I have a private Facebook group for anybody who’s bought the Short Man Style ebook and I did a little poll inside the group You know, they’re kind of like my VIP insiders and I asked them, you know, “what do you want to learn about?” Of everything, any topic that has to do with clothing and style, and overwhelmingly, the response was colors We want to know which colors to wear, which colors look best on us and of course, how to match colors and I think this is a really important topic If you read my posts and you’ve read my books, you know that I’m all about fit I always talk about how clothes should fit, and I say that fit is the most important aspect of style; and I focus a lot on that because it’s hard for shorter guys to find clothes that fit You know, if your clothes don’t fit, well the color doesn’t really matter If they don’t fit, it’s just not going to look good But after fit, after you understand fit, color is very very important, and it’s also very confusing, and so we’re going to talk about why it’s important and why it’s confusing and then we’re going to simplify it So, at the end of this, you should have a very good idea of which colors look good on you and also how to combine colors Okay, so like how to put together an outfit that has the right combination of colors for your specific body So, color, I always say is the second most important aspect of style It’s more important than brand or price or, you know, formality, dressiness, anything like that Okay, not quite as important as fit, but it’s still very very important; and I think the reason that it’s so confusing, it’s pretty simple There are just so many colors, and it’s hard enough to figure out which, like basic solid colors look really good on you But it’s even harder to figure out how to combine them Okay, because once you start combining colors, there are literally infinite possibilities; and we don’t have the time or you know, the money or the desire to try out all these different colors and combinations and figure out what works on us So, a lot of guys, they settle for you know, a closet full of blue shirts and khaki pants and black suits And you know, these colors don’t look terrible on anybody, they’re kind of like your safest bet I think that’s why a lot of us settle for that But it is worth putting in the extra time and effort to try on different colors and figure out what works for you and that’s what I’m going to help you with today And the power of color, gentlemen, it’s crazy the difference that color can make This guy, same dude, two different photos taken about five minutes apart, same lighting, same camera, different colored shirt That’s the only difference here and look at the difference, look at his face So on the left, he’s got this kind of pale pink shirt on and you know, he probably saw someone wearing a pink shirt, and he’s like “I can pull that off,” and you know, it’s not that he’s not confident enough to wear pink or anything like that It’s just that it doesn’t work with his skin tone and it makes him look kind of pale and kind of sickly and washed out. Right? But then, in this green shirt, he looks healthy and vibrant, young and the camera picks up on that Okay, so the camera does not lie, that’s the difference the right color can make Color is very complicated but when you break it down, it really falls into two categories You have to understand skin tone and contrast Okay, so skin tone is built-in You can’t really change it, it’s just something that you’re born with Okay, there are actually two types of contrasts, there’s natural contrast and outfit contrast and we’re going to break each of these down, starting with skin tone Okay, skin tone, it can also be kind of complicated If you google things like “what skin tone am I” or “how to find my skin tone,” you can go down a serious rabbit hole of information; and most of the stuff that you’re going to find is it’s from like women’s magazines and like beauty companies and makeup companies

and it’s great you know, some of it’s good information but it’s overly complicated So, you’re going to find articles that are like how to find which season you are Are you a light summer person or a deep winter person? And I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t really care if I’m a deep winter person I just want to know what colors to wear So, at the very basic level, okay, skin tone falls into two categories Cool or warm You are either cool or warm Now, granted it’s not black or white, a lot of people are somewhere in between Okay, I’m somewhere in between, I am what you would call neutral But it’s worth trying to figure out if you’re more cool skin tone person or more warm skin tone person, and you probably lean toward one direction Okay! So, what is skin tone? Let’s figure that out first Skin tone is not how light or dark your skin is Okay! It’s not, you know, are you white or black; or it’s not, you know, your ethnicity or really the color of your skin It’s the underlying hue I know that’s a little confusing but it’s the underlying color or hue of your skin So, we want to figure out how to figure out our skin tone And I just want to know without going any further into it, what do you think your skin tone is Do you have an idea of whether or not you’re a cool skin tone person, or a warm skin tone person? All right, we’re all over the board, a lot of people don’t know and that’s just fine A lot of people are pretty sure they’re warm, pretty sure they’re cool, warm but not sure I think I’m warm Yeah! Fair enough, okay! So let’s figure this out If you have cool skin tone, okay, your underlying hue or color is going to be pink or blue So, the tone of your skin, the hue of your skin is going to be pinkish or blueish You’re probably the type of person who gets sunburned easily Okay! You probably don’t tan very easily, or maybe it takes you a long time to get tan Okay, one good test is, if you look at your veins and try to look it through your veins like on the inside of your arm or like on your wrist, they probably have a bluish tint to them, a bluish tint; maybe even purplish Cool skin tone people tend to have blue, grey or green eyes Okay, not always, but that’s just what they tend to have and silver metals tend to look better on their skins This is another test you can do So, you probably have in your home, like a silver metal and a gold metal, like maybe a belt buckle, or a watch, or a bracelet, or a necklace And you can go get both of them, hold them against your skin and see which one looks better; and it’s not about which one you like more, it’s about which one looks better against your skin, which one makes your skin glow and look healthier Okay, in the same way, there are different types of whites; and if you’re a cool skin tone person, pure white, like snow white is going to look better than off-white or like the ivory cream type colors So, those are two tests you can do Okay, so after we’ve gone over this… so using the silver metal test or the pure white test or looking at your veins Does anybody now– is anybody certain that they have cool skin tone? And it’s okay, if you’re not Okay, I see some yeses, that’s good Nice, Kevin is positive, he’s a cool skin tone person, that’s awesome And Michael, you’re less certain anywhere, that’s fine too Okay, let’s talk about warm skin tone So, if you have warm skin tone, the underlying color or hue is yellow, gold or orange Okay, you probably get tan in the sun At the very least, you don’t burn easily If you do the vein test– you look at your veins, they’re probably going to be more greenish than blueish and if you can’t tell, well, you’re probably somewhere in between But if you have warm skin tone, you most likely have eyes that are brown, hazel or amber in color And instead of silver metals, gold metals are gonna look easier against your skin, they’re going to jell more, okay Similarly, off-white and ivory is going to be a better shade for you It’s going to make your skin stand out more and look healthier as opposed to like a pure white Okay, so who is positive that they have warm skin tone? All right! Kevin you say, “Definitely, warm.” Awesome Bob is probably cool Very cool, seems like a lot of people have a good idea of what kind of skin tone they have Now, here’s the thing, what does this mean, it’s great that we know what our skin tone is What does this actually mean for what colors we wear? Well, it’s very simple. If you have warm skin tone, you’re going to look better in warmer colors; and if you have cool skin tone, you’re gonna look better in cool colors

And yes, Brian, you can be both, you can be in between, a lot of people are I’m in between Okay! But in general, if you’re on the warmer side of the spectrum, you’re going to look better in warmer colors and if you take a color wheel, you can literally just divide it right in the middle and the colors on one side fall into the warm family and the colors and the other side fall into the cool family Let’s look at an example So, two of my favorite stylish short guys Okay, Elijah Wood, classic cool skin tone kind of guy He’s got sort of like a pink underlying hue to his skin, light blue eyes, he’s a fair skinned guy and he looks really good in blue colors Any shade of blue, he looks really good in Now you take Aziz Ansari on the other hand, another very dapper short guy He’s got this kind of golden yellow glow to his skin That’s why it looks so good with that gold bracelet and that yellow shirt Now keep in mind guys, I’m not saying that Aziz Ansari can’t wear blue Okay, he wears blue all the time and he looks good You know, he’s not going to wear a yellow suit of course, he’s going to wear a blue suit But he’s going to look even better if he incorporates a warm color into his outfit Okay, so if he’s wearing that navy blue suit, he’s going to look really good if he wears a yellow shirt or a yellow tie or something warm But look what happens when you take a person with very cool skin tone and they wear very warm colors See, Elijah Wood has kind of pale skin, he’s a fair skinned guy and it’s not that he looks terrible in yellow It’s just that, it’s not doing anything for him You know, he looks pale, kind of in a bad way in my opinion He’s got a paler to his skin and it almost looks a little sickly against that yellow Same with the red It’s just not putting his best foot forward you know You wouldn’t see him in this yellow shirt and be like, “Oh! What are you thinking?” But he could look better and he does look a lot better when he wears blue The blue looks great against the pink hue of his skin It brings out his eyes and he just looks a lot healthier, a lot more natural Gentlemen, my challenge to you would be to try on a yellow shirt because I think a lot of us have closets full of cool colors That’s what’s available, that’s what we end up with, and we actually never consider the fact that we might be a warm skin tone person This is Dave Franco, he’s 5’7″, and he looks really bad in blue You know, his skin looks kind of chalky and kind of pale and he doesn’t look healthy but when he puts on yellow, it just makes his skin glow; it really brings out like the orange undertones He looks really good So, I would say to you, try on a yellow or an orange shirt and it might look better than you think, and if it doesn’t look good, that’s fine, that means you have cool skin tone But I would try on a yellow shirt and a blue shirt, maybe take a photo of each one, and make sure you have good natural lighting and look at them, and just be honest with yourself, which one really makes your skin pop It looks, you know, makes your skin look healthy and natural; and you can even ask someone else, you can ask a friend, girlfriend, you know, which one they think you look better in, and you might be surprised And keep in mind, I don’t want you to think that, you know, if you’re a warm skin tone person, you can only wear warm colors and if you’re a cool skin tone person, you can only wear cool colors because reality is, most colors come in cool and warm hues So, there are some colors that are like inherently very warm, like orange is like a very warm color Blue is a very cool color but most colors are available in both different hues like for example, I love the color green I love wearing green, and I’m not going to not wear green just because I have you know a certain type of skin tone I’m going to find the green that works for me So if you look at these greens, the cool greens have more blue in them, while the warm greens have more yellow in them Okay! So, I would encourage you to not rule any colors out but when you’re shopping and when you’re picking out outfits, try to find the types of colors that work with your skin tone So, if you love, you know yellow, you love red, that’s fine You can wear those colors, just be cognizant of whether it’s a warm version of red or a cool version of red Okay! And you know, to your question Wade, about brown Brown is the same, there can be cool browns and warm browns, same with gray Okay! A gray that has a lot of blue, that has kind of a blue tint to it, that’s a cool gray But a gray that has more of a yellow to it, that’s a warm gray The stuff is subtle guys but it’s powerful Okay! Let’s talk about contrast

So, contrast is the second component of color; and if you understand skin tone and contrast, you will be a color matching pro Okay and you’ll be ahead of, like 95% of guys out there Skin tone is about, you know, what colors look best on you Contrast is about how to combine colors; and we’re going to break contrast down into the types of contrast and then contrast levels So, let’s get into it What is contrast? This is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s just the difference between colors So, contrast is just the difference between colors and you know, this guy here, this is Anthony from the Closet Freaks blog, really stylish dude Definitely check out his stuff if you want some outfit ideas He’s wearing a very high contrast outfit because you know, black and white, that’s about as high contrast as you can get and the greater the difference between two colors, the higher the contrast This is a high contrast outfit Now, the two types of contrasts are natural and what we’re going to call outfit contrast Your natural contrast, is the contrast that you’re born with Okay, it’s occurring on your body, I’m really talking about your face So, the difference between your hair color, skin color, you know, eyebrows, eyes, lips, teeth That’s all contrast that you can’t really control, you’re just kind of born with it, it’s natural Outfit contrast, on the other hand, is in your control and that’s the contrast, well, in your outfit So, it’s the contrast between two different pieces of clothing or within one piece of clothing So for example, outfit contrast could be the difference in color between your shirt and your pants, or if you have a striped shirt, it could be the difference between one stripe and the next stripe So, let’s talk about natural contrast, Conan O’Brien is a classic, low, natural contrast guy Dude is like a ghost You know, so, his hair and his skin and his eyes, eyebrows, lips, they’re all very light So, there’s not a lot of natural contrast going on, on his face He’s a low natural contrast guy Beck! Okay, one of my favorite musician, is also a low contrast kind of guy Light hair, light eyes, light eyebrows, light lips, fair skin Then we get into the mid or medium natural contrast levels, guy like Jonah Hill He’s a medium contrast guy, he’s got darkish hair, lightish skin but it’s not nearly as extreme as like Conan O’Brien, or Beck A lot of us fall into this category, this kind of middle ground, this mid natural contrast That’s what I am, I am a medium natural contrast guy Okay, Mark Wahlberg is another good example of a right down the middle of the road, natural contrast guy Darkish hair, lightish skin, you know, but not nearly as extreme as Conan O’Brien or Beck Then we get into our high natural contrast Okay, this is Kit Harington, stars in Game of Thrones Very cool, very stylish dude He’s got really dark hair, really dark eyebrows and eyes Dark facial hair but light skin So he’s got a lot of contrast going on naturally in his face He’s a high contrast individual Similarly, you take Kevin Hart Okay, happens to be 5’2″ by the way, and hilarious He’s a high contrast guy And this one’s a little tricky I wanted to include him because if you have dark skin and dark hair, you might think that you’re a low contrast person But because of the white in your eyes and teeth, you are actually a high contrast person Okay! So, keep in mind, if you have dark skin and dark hair, you can still be a high contrast person like Kevin Hart here So, which are you? Are you a high, medium or low contrast person? This one should be a little easier than skin tone Just leave a comment: which one are you high, medium, or low? All right, we have, we’re representing all contrast levels in the house today We have a lot of mediums, a lot of lows, a lot of highs, mostly mediums and that makes sense Then we have outfit contrast, right? So, you know that you’re a high, low, or medium, natural contrast person Now, let’s talk about outfit contrast So, this is an example of a low contrast outfit because I’m wearing dark blue pants, dark grey jacket, dark grey shirt, grey shoes There’s not a lot of contrast going on inside of this outfit This is a high contrast outfit Okay, white shirt, you know dark blue shorts, that’s about as high contrast as it gets Here’s some more examples of outfit contrast, so you’re going to have your lower outfit contrast in the left

and then moving into high contrast on the right So, what does this mean for us? Okay! We know our contrast levels, we understand outfit contrast What do we do with this info? Well, the rule of thumb and again, this is not a set in stone rule, this is a guideline But the rule of thumb is that you should match your contrast levels So, match your outfit contrast level to your natural contrast level Okay! Say this a different way If you’re a high contrast person Naturally, if you have a lot of contrast in your face, you’re going look really good when you wear outfits that have a lot of contrast built in If you’re a low contrast person, you’re going to look better if you wear low contrast outfits And we’re going to get into this one a little bit too because I know this can be a little bit confusing So, here’s an example of high and medium contrast guys, wearing low contrast outfits, and as you can see, it’s just not really doing much for them; so like Elijah Wood is a medium contrast person and drawing a low contrast outfit and it gives the effect of, it kind of makes it look like your face, your head is just kind of floating there, it’s unbalanced, you know Same with Dave Franco down here, he’s a high contrast person He’s got dark eyebrows, dark hair, light skin and when he wears a low contrast outfit like this white shirt, it kind of just washes him out and it just doesn’t look balanced Same with Jonah Hill, he’s a medium contrast person and this pink shirt, low contrast pink shirt is not really helping him On the other hand, you can have too much contrast, you have Daniel Craig or i.e. James Bond and he’s a low contrast guy, he’s got blond hair, blue eyes, light skin and he’s wearing a very high contrast outfit Okay, not only is his suit contrasting heavily with his shirt but he’s also got this pocket square that has a lot of contrast built into it; and the effect here is that your eyes are drawn away from his face to his outfit They’re drawn to these jarring lines, these contrast lines that are built into his outfit and it’s not really flattering him There’s not a flattering look for him even though the suit fits Jonah Hill, he’s got this crazy tie on and you can’t help but look at the tie Your eyes keep going back to his tie Just try to focus on his face, it doesn’t work, it takes effort And that’s the opposite of what we want to do, we want people to look at our face And then Mark Wahlberg here, you know we’re not going to talk about this outfit, we’re just going to give him a pass because he’s a cool guy Now, here’s some examples of guys doing it right You have Kevin Hart, he’s a high-contrast individual He’s wearing a high contrast outfit, not to mention the gold jewelry, which looks awesome with his skin tone Dave Franco, high contrast guy, high contrast outfit Ralph Lauren who happens to be 5′ 6”, wearing that monochromatic low contrast outfit, which goes perfect with his natural contrast levels, and then of course, Jonah Hill medium contrast guy, medium contrast outfit And just compare that with the guys in the previous slide, these guys look much more natural, much more balanced Your eye can go up and down their body without any problem and your eye naturally goes to their face because their contrast level is fluid and uniform throughout their entire look Now, I know what some of you guys are thinking, you’re thinking, “I thought you told us that short men should avoid contrast, in general, at all cost because it might make you look shorter.” And this is true, all right! In the Dress Taller PDF book, I did say that you should avoid certain types of contrast But it’s not all contrast in general, it’s the type of contrast that cuts you in half visually So, for example, wearing a white shirt and black pants, that cuts you in half visually Okay, so, that’s an example of contrast, that’s probably not the most flattering look for a shorter man The key is, if you want to add contrast to your outfit, to do it in the details So, for example, this t-shirt has contrast built-in because it has that graphic on it Similarly, I’m wearing white shoes Right, so that’s a little way to add contrast Now, if this shirt didn’t have that graphic on it and if my shoes were say dark gray, this would be a very low contrast outfit Some other examples for adding contrast in the details You can use your tie, okay? Little things like the buttons or your buttonholes, contrasting thread on the buttonholes Okay, you can throw on a jacket or a sweater, shoes, glasses Okay, you can add contrast in subtle ways

versus, you know, more obvious ways Gentlemen, when you put all this stuff together, it is amazing, the results that you can get Okay, I use Jonah Hill a lot and poor guy, you know, sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he doesn’t; and I feel like I use him a lot for examples of what not to do, but look what happens when he gets it right This is the perfect outfit for Jonah Hill and the reason being, okay, he’s matching his contrast level so he’s a medium contrast guy He’s wearing a medium contrast outfit He’s got very cool skin tone and he’s wearing cool colors Okay, that blue and the purple, they’re very cool colors Additionally, as a shorter guy he’s got small scale patterns, which are perfect for a shorter smaller guys Okay, the checks on his jacket, the polka dots on the tie, the stripes on the shirt, they’re all small and scale He’s also got pops of colors, this bright blue that bring out his eyes So, here’s a little pro tip, if you want to bring out your eyes, you can add color that’s just a little bit darker than your eyes That’s a good way to bring out your eyes He’s also got a spread collar, which is perfect for his kind of wider face and a half windsor knot, which is again the perfect knot It’s the right proportion for his width, for his neck and his chest; and, you know, when you look at this outfit, like if you saw him walking down the street you wouldn’t think, “Wow! Look at the contrast levels on that guy!” Like you don’t really know why he looks good, he just does, you know And most people will never understand why, but gentlemen, a lot of this has to do with his contrast levels and the fact that he’s wearing the right colors for his skin tone So, let’s take some questions Before we get into the next section here Do you have any questions about contrast? Okay! Wade: Would you recommend using a larger pattern offset or a small pattern? Yeah, that’s a good question You know, pattern matching is, it’s kind of a science and an art In general, you know you should use smaller patterns on the clothes that are closer to your body So, if you want to wear an outfit that has multiple patterns and say you’re wearing a shirt and a jacket, okay, you can wear… Actually this outfit is a perfect example So, his shirt has stripes and they’re very small and scale They’re very thin and close together and his jacket has checks Now, they’re also small and scale but they’re bigger in scale than the shirt Okay, so this is a good example of pattern matching You know, I would recommend it if you’re new to it, I would recommend doing one pattern per outfit and then going from there But for, you know, for shorter guys in general, you should avoid large-scale patterns All right! Let’s see. Victor: Can you redefine outfit contrast? Yeah! So outfit contrast is, it’s basically, it can be two different things, its contrast between two different items of clothing So, it could be the difference in color between your shirt and your pants Okay, but it’s also the contrast within one item of clothing, like this tie for example, has some contrast in it because it has those bright dots on it and against the dark red background, they contrast So, it could be between two different items of clothing or within one item of clothing Okay! Ben is asking about eye color and using a darker color Yeah! So, if you have light blue eyes like Jonah Hill here, and you want to bring out your eyes, the natural color of your eyes, you can incorporate something into your outfit, that’s just a little darker, so like medium blue; and that’s what he’s done here with the polka dots on his tie and also with the checks on the suit So, another example would be like, if you have, say like hazel eyes, you could wear, you know, like a medium or darker green pocket square Thomas says, “Is it better to wear patterns closer to the body and solids on the outside?” Yeah! In general, you’re going to want to wear patterns closer to the body So, that’s a good rule of thumb; but again, you can wear patterns on the outside, but the patterns on the outside should be larger in scale, so it’s not going to look good if you have, you know, if you have a shirt that has big polka dots on it and then a jacket that has really small checks Okay! Michael says, “My beard and hair are going salt-and-pepper, still generally dark but patches growing out in gray, so I have to factor this in.” Yeah, yeah! Factor that in, I mean if you have like a salt-and-pepper beard, you’re probably a medium contrast guy You know, it depends where you are in the in the stages, I guess of going gray But if you have like salt-and-pepper type hair, you’re probably a medium contrast kind of guy,

which is cool because you can kind of go both ways on that So, that’s actually a good thing So, let’s see, Chan says, “I have white, yellow, Asian skin and dark hair I’m not sure if it’s medium or high contrast.” You are probably a high contrast person, okay I think of a classic high contrast Asian guy as Bruce Lee You know, he has really, really dark like jet-black hair and kind of that white yellow skin tone and he’s a high contrast person So, if you’re tan, if you’re tanner, then you might be a medium contrast But you are most likely a high contrast person Nicholas says, “Can you lower the contrast between two opposing colors by wearing tone down less saturated versions of them?” Absolutely! And that’s a great point If you wear less saturated, less rich versions of colors, then that will tone down the contrast Okay! Adam says, “The information you provide regarding skin tone and contrast makes sense What about matching multiple colors within the outfit while taking into account skin tone?” Yeah! That gets a little more into color schemes So, you know, you can wear different color schemes, regardless of your skin tone So, for example if… you know, I really like analogous color scheme, so I like wearing colors that are closely related but not necessarily monochromatic So, rather than wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue pants, I might wear a blue shirt grey pants and you know, a dark blue tie or a dark blue jacket, and that’s an analogous color scheme but they’re all cool tones You know what I mean so So yeah, you have to kind of look at color schemes, and then within that scheme, you should make sure that the tones of the colors are aligned with your natural skin tone Joe says, “I have black pants and a neat white shirt. How can I make it work? Well, if you want to wear a white shirt and black pants, I would recommend wearing a jacket as well So, I’m assuming you probably have a black jacket that you can wear with that and that… You know, keeping the jacket on makes it so you’re not really cutting yourself in half visually But you still have a lot of contrast built in there Okay, what contrast would I be? Medium brown skin, black hair You would be a medium contrast person What about a tie that has a larger pattern than the shirt? Yeah, that’s fine and you can play around with ties You know, you can get away with a little more with ties than you can with like shirts and jackets Yeah, wearing a tie with a larger pattern than your shirt pattern, that’s totally fine Okay and we have, let’s see, a bunch more questions I am not going to get to all of them guys but I will definitely follow up with an email to any unanswered questions Let’s do one more and I will move on How do we contrast properly during the summer when we are expected to wear light colors? That is the perfect question for the next section of this presentation, thank you for asking that So, this is my go-to warm weather, summer color combination Anybody can wear it, it works for every occasion, you can wear it to the beach, you can wear it to a wedding; and you probably already have the clothes to create this this outfit And gentlemen, I’m talking about white and tan This is a great outfit for any contrast level, any skin tone because tan can be a warm or cool color, white can be a warm or cool color Okay? This is the perfect building block, it has some contrast but not a lot of contrast You can play with the contrast levels like Kit Harington here in that middle picture, that’s more contrast than, for example, the outfit that I’m wearing But it’s the same basic colors This is a great outfit and the cool thing is you can build on this outfit So, if you’re a high contrast, cool skin tone person, throw on a blue blazer and a pink tie, right, with this outfit If you’re a low contrast, warm skin tone person, complete it with a, you know, a tan jacket and a yellow tie So, this is like the perfect building block color combination for your warm weather outfits It’ll work all year long but it’s a really good warm weather color combination because it has this sort of like summery, casual kind of like Safari, adventurous look to it; and honestly gentlemen, you cannot go wrong with this So when in doubt, wear white and tan, and I’m willing to bet that you guys probably already have clothes in your closet to create this outfit So, gentlemen! I told you I have an announcement, very excited because you guys are literally the only ones hearing about this You know, the thing is I love, you know, blogging and writing blog posts and writing e-books and you know, I have The Short Man Style e-book,

The Dressed Taller ebook and they’ve been downloaded over 15,000 times, which just like blows my mind and makes me feel really good But at the same time, you know, there’s only so much you can do, there’s only so much you can do for people and help people by giving them information I’ve been trying to figure out how can I, you know, help you guys in a more hands-on personalized way? And really like I wanted to do something that has a lot of accountability built in You know, I was wondering how I can help you in a way that surrounds you with other guys who are just like you, kind of like a peer group I want to give you access to me, right, which you don’t really get, with a book and ultimately like, I want to help you guys take action on things that you learn and get fast, tangible results So, with all that stuff in mind, I’ve decided for the first time ever to do a live training program and it’s going to be three weeks; and it’s going to be held via webinar, just like we’re doing this today It’s going to be June 16th, 23rd and 30th but everything will be recorded So, it’s okay if you miss a lesson, and we’re basically we’re going to spend an hour talking about different topics like color and fit and body types, and then you’re going to get an assignment and we’ll follow up later in the week and talk about that assignment, and we’re going to have a private Facebook group, just for students; and you know, we’re going to be able to Skype with each other and get outfit critiques and ask me questions And you know since this is the first time I’m doing this, I’m opening enrollment to just 50 students because I want to keep the class size kind of small And I want to be honest with you guys, you know the reason that it’s $79 is because I want your help, I want your feedback and I want to make sure that, you know, this is something that’s super helpful to you guys, something that, you know, that you want and so this first kind of pilot group of students is kind of my You know, you are kind of my partners in crime, you’re in it with me and I’m going to ask you for your feedback and that’s why it’s just $79 So, later on when I do this again, you know later in the year, it’s definitely going to be more expensive because it’s such a time consuming thing for me But right now, it’s just $79 and like I said, you guys are the only people to know about this If you’re interested, check out that URL And, you know, you can email me with questions, you can ask questions right here in the chat box, I’m going to stay online for a while, and there’s a phone number at the bottom of that page, so you can also call me All right, so feel free to ask any questions about this class or about the training and thank you guys so much for joining us today And I’m going to be hanging out here, so So, yeah! Enjoy the rest of your day and let’s chat Cromby you said, “I really hope you do this again and make it available during different times.” Yeah! Absolutely, I will do this again and I will make it available during different times This was kind of the first one and since we got such a good response, we had a full house today, I’ll definitely be doing it again Henry says, “Going the Antonio Centeno route.” Yes sir, yes I’m definitely following in his footsteps He’s kind of a mentor of mine and and he offers some great training So, I’m trying to do that. The difference is I’m focusing just on shorter men and no one else is doing that Then you say, what about ruddy fair skin? If you have ruddy fair skin, you are probably a cool skin tone person So, if you’re outside in the cold weather and you get like a pink kind of glow to your cheeks, then you are probably a cool skin tone person Joe King says, “Lots of info. Thanks, Brock.” You’re very welcome, Joe Felix, you’re very welcome, thank you so much for joining us from Nigeria, that is awesome You’re very welcome AJ, very welcome John, Ben, Tyler thanks for signing up brother Brad says, “What at time of day would the class be offered? If you can’t make it, can you submit questions in advance?” Absolutely, so it’s going to be offered in the evening, I’m thinking 7 or 8 p.m. Eastern Time and if you can’t make it, you can definitely ask questions in advance, or you can watch the recording and then email me questions and we can talk like that You’re very welcome, Thomas Kevin: “What time will classes be?” Yeah! Probably evening time, Eastern How was Stylecon? Good question, StyleCon was amazing StyleCon was awesome and definitely try to get there if you can next year There’s nothing like it You’re very welcome, Michael You’re welcome, Nick. Thanks for joining me Kevin: Just signed up, awesome Thank you, sir JT, you’re welcome Ben says, “What did you lecture about at StyleCon?” So StyleCon, I talked about fit I talked about how clothes should fit And you know, the three most common fit mistakes and how you can avoid them So, it was all about how clothes should fit Michael says, “Is in the class any focus on shorter, heavier guys?” We’re definitely going to talk about body type, so it’s not going to be focused on, you know, heavier guys in general, but we’re going to talk about

You know, there will be a lesson on body type and what that means, you know, if you have a heavier body type or you know, a skinny body type or a built body type Henry says, “This is awesome I wanna help contribute. Best of luck.” Thank you sir, yeah! I appreciate that and you know, if you guys want to support The Modest Man, definitely you can buy the e-book, you can sign up for the class Someone asked me where did I learn this information I learned this information the hard way, and you can go see, there’s a post on The Modest Man called, I think, it’s called “How I Used To Dress” or “Stop Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit” and there’s pictures of me of how I used to dress and you’ll see that I was not always a stylish guy, okay I used to dress horribly and you can go check that out Okay! Chan says, “For high contrast, Asian skin tone, would you say gray or navy? You would get for your first suit.” Okay, so your first suit, you got a high contrast skin tone, I would go for gray or navy, either one is fine But if you do gray, don’t do light gray Do like a medium to darker gray So, I would do like a medium gray or a navy, whichever one you like better Keep in mind, gray is going to make you look older and navy’s going to make you look younger Franklyn: Just signed up for the class Thank you sir, I will be seeing you there Let’s see another question Do you happen to know the formality of black square-toed shoes? To be honest, I would stay away from square-toed shoes If you’re going to get black shoes like black dress shoes, I would get like an Oxford or something that has a tapered rounded toe but I would stay away from square-toed shoes There are some things that goes in and out of style and they’re, you know, somewhat trendy and you know, shoes can last a long time, you don’t want them to You don’t want to buy a pair of shoes that’s going to look outdated in a couple of years So, I would stay away from any square-toed shoes, black or any other color All right and I’m already starting to see a bunch of people signing up for the course, which is very cool Michael: All signed up, looking forward to it Yes sir, I am looking forward to it as well AJ says, “What time for the class?” It’s going to be in the evenings like after work, Eastern Time, Eastern Standard Time like New York, DC time So, probably 7 p.m. Eastern Time and it’s June 16th, 23rd and 30th Hey AJ! Yeah, so if you have work if you can’t make one of the classes, basically I’m going to post a recording, so you’ll be able to watch the recording and then me and you can have a follow-up email discussion or Skype discussion to make sure all of your questions are answered So it’s not a big deal if you can’t make one of the classes Jay says, “Some people say, ‘cool colors can flatter a warm skin’.” Yeah, I mean, it’s you know, it’s not an exact science you have to do experiments In general, cool colors are going to look better with cool skin but I definitely encourage experimentation because most of us fall somewhere in between the warm and cool skin tone spectrum Henry says, “What do you think about Uniqlo? How about JCPenney? These stores that have sales every day.” Yeah! You know, Uniqlo is good, it’s– I think it’s better than most brands for shorter guys I mean their stuff, their slim fit stuff is definitely slim You know, my problem with Uniqlo is like a lot of their shirts are still too long So, I like them, you know it’s a good price, I think it’s cool like basic clothing, but like a lot of their shirts are still too long JCPenney, you know last time JCPenney I was really impressed with what they have, I mean they had the whole Nick Wooster thing for a while I don’t know, yeah I don’t really know what’s going to happen with JCPenney I hope they keep doing what they’re doing but yeah, I think they are kind of going backwards Someone just asked, “Do you ever think that The Modest Man will become a full-time job?” Well, it actually is my full-time job I left my day job back in January and I’m focusing on The Modest Man 100% now Okay, AJ says, “What brand do you usually find good sizes for short guys?” Well, you know, there’s a lot of different brands I mean, basically any major brands, like for me at least, I have to get stuff tailored There are some brands that are focusing specifically on shorter guys Peter Manning, Jax Everett, a new one called Ash and Anvil, it’s just about to come out So, definitely check out those brands that are focusing exclusively on shorter guys Philip says, “What is your opinion on the Original Penguin? Unique styles and colors but can it fit?” Yeah! I like Penguin, I like the styles and colors Again, you know, like every other brand it has a lot of the same problems and that a lot of the clothes are too long But I think as far as. you know, style. color and the other aspects of the fit,

I like… I have some Penguin clothes, I have a shirt from them and a couple ties Franklin says, “Wondering, what are your thoughts on biker style boots? The ones that reach just under the calves for shorter guys.” I love those kinds of boots, I like boots that they go up a little higher I have a couple pairs of boots that are, you know, considered high boots, they’re great And Pete says, “You’re building an online business as well. That’s awesome I would love talk to you about that.” Send me an email Okay, I hear your comments about the later classes I will definitely keep that in mind and we’ll try to make the class time a little bit later Someone asked, when did I stop growing? I’m 16 pushing 17, 5′ 3″ You know man, I stopped growing, probably I stopped getting taller probably like, I don’t know, late high school My body type changed a little bit, you know, I got I added some muscle. You know, in high school I was short but I was like really really skinny So, I bulked up a little bit since then but I probably stopped growing around then I probably hit about 5’5” and a half, 5′ 6″ and I stopped growing So Don’t worry about it man. 5′ 3″ is nothing wrong with that Okay! You might grow more, you might not, but either way, you know, it’s not about your height, you can’t control your height, so you got to focus on the things that you can control, like dressing well Wade: Are we never supposed to mix in, or contrast warm tone and cool tone color clothing together in same outfit Not necessarily. In fact, you know, if you’re going for like a monochromatic color scheme, which is kind of fun to experiment with, you can play with warm and cool tones I mean like a warm and a cool blue or a warm and cool green With anything like that, that’s kind of like, you know, breaking the rule, I would say that try to master the rule first and really understand it and then once you understand it then you can break it So, you know, don’t I’d say first, like figure out your skin tone and you know, figure out what colors work best for you, and like if you have warm skin tone, try to wear warm colors; and then after that then you can start to experiment with mixing tones And if you fall somewhere in between, you know, if you have neutral skin tone, then yeah, you can definitely play with warm and cool tones in the same outfit Okay, Franklin: “Following up on the biker boots question. You’ve seen it recommended to tuck jeans into boots for more of a bad-boy look does that work well for shorter men?” I want to be honest man, I am not a fan of tucking pants into shoes like tucking jeans into boots I don’t think that’s a good look I do like rolling my jeans, like rolling my jeans so they have a little cuff on them But I don’t really like tucking them in, I think that’s First of all, I don’t really think it’s comfortable, you know and I think it kind of looks sloppy and it’s kind of like a trendy look, it comes in and out of trends and you know, so I’m not a huge fan of it,but if you like that look, you know, you should definitely do it, so Wade: Thanks Brock, great seminar Thank you, sir When can Desert boots be worn? Desert boots can be worn all the time I love desert boots You know, like ankle boots also called chukkas They’re great, they’re super versatile I probably wear my I have a pair of J.crew McCalister’s, they’re gray suede desert boots and then I have a pair of Cole Haan, brown leather desert boots Between those two shoes, I mean those are like my two most versatile pairs of shoes You can wear them with jeans, chinos… probably shouldn’t wear them with, like trousers or suits Younis says, “I have olive skin. Should I stay away from beige, brown, like a camel coat in the winter?” That’s a good color, I’m sorry that’s a good question If you have olive skin, you’re probably a warm skin tone person Probably, although not necessarily You still have to do the metal test and look at your veins and all that stuff But if you are a warm skin tone person, no, you’re going to look good in beige and brown and camel Definitely, don’t shy away from those colors Henry says, “Tell us about how dressing well changes the way you are perceived by appears?” Yeah, I mean dressing well, you know that’s kind of what I talked about a StyleCon We don’t dress well just to dress well You know, it’s not like a vain shallow thing It’s about… yes, how other people perceive us but more importantly how we perceive ourselves, and it’s about your self-image and your self-worth, you know, which is a very complicated thing and a lot of the factors that kind of influence your self-worth, how you perceive yourself,

are outside of your control You know things like your height and your IQ and who your parents were and your skin color and all these things But dressing well is something that’s totally inside of our control and that’s why I think that it’s so important to focus on And when you start dressing well, yes, you will be perceived differently, you are gonna get more attention, people are gonna look at you more You’re gonna seem more confident You’re definitely going to start to feel more confident; and when people treat you differently, it kind of has this exponential effect, like the first time Like I noticed that when I started dressing well, people asked me for directions a lot more So it’s like… I get stopped and asked for directions all the time now and it’s really weird and I was like “why is this happening?” It’s because I’m dressing well and I just seem like a person who has his act together and who’s trustworthy, people trust to point them in the right direction And when that starts happening, you know it’s a very cool… At first it’s kind of weird, you’re like, “wow, why is this happening?” And then you realize that it’s because you know, of how you dress and how you look and you start to get really confident So, yeah! Dressing well is, you know, when I say that it can really like change your life, I mean that’s not just being dramatic, it really can have a huge impact on your life Okay, Philip asks,”With summer around the corner and wearing shorts, do you have a preference of good no-show socks that won’t fall down?” Yeah, I just wrote a post, it’s the latest post on the blog, it’s called 10 Warm Weather Essentials and I recommend a pair of no-show socks in that post So, you can go check that out You know, there are a few really good brands for no-show socks, Fulk is a good brand, Taft But the key is to, you know you kind of get what you pay for with these things If you buy cheap, like a 10 pack of no show socks from like Amazon or something, it might not work out. They might fall off and fall apart Okay, someone says, let’s see, “I clean houses for a living and I wear Chambray and Oxford’s to keep a professional look Footwear suggestions.” Yeah, so you’re on your feet all day, you want to be comfortable but you don’t want to look sloppy Yeah, I mean Oxford’s, that’s pretty dressy for that outfit, for an outfit that you would wear to clean houses I would probably go with something… I mean unless you find a really comfortable pair of Oxford’s, I’d probably go with something a little more comfortable like a pair of work boots or desert boots or even like nice sneakers I mean, like I wear Vans sneakers, they’re super comfortable You could also wear Let’s see for housecleaning You could also find like, there are a lot of dress shoes that are made specifically to be comfortable, like there’s a really cool brand called the Primal Professional and they make like these really comfortable dress shoes But they’re also really high quality and really stylish, so you could check them out Cole Han makes some very comfortable dress shoes So, yeah but I would put, you know, function over form and make sure that you’re keeping your comfort top-of-mind Even if you have to sacrifice style a little bit Okay, Kili. I think that’s her name Kili “Love, what you’re doing, question about jean rise and fit Should the jeans be right up to and hugging around at the crotch area or should there be some room down there?” Yeah, so the key is to find jeans that have a longer rise You’re going to want to find like medium rise jeans because if they’re right up around the crotch, let’s be honest, it’s not going to be that comfortable But if you wear them as low-rise jeans, yes it will make your legs look shorter and that’s not a good look for most shorter men So, you should find jeans that have a longer rise and that way you can wear them higher up, but they won’t be restricting you too much down there Henry says, “Yes, dressing well, the sign of maturity for a young man, it definitely makes you seem more caring.” Yeah! Totally, I mean people notice this stuff man, like if I always use the example like if you had to ask someone– if you’re in a city that you’d never been to, and you’re running late for a meeting and you and you’re completely lost, as a man it’s already hard to ask somebody for directions If you have to ask somebody and you have two options, you see some dude in like baggy jeans and flip-flops and a guy in a custom suit, tailored suit, you’re going to ask the guy in the custom suit because he seems trustworthy He seems like a people that people You know, a type of person that people trust and so yeah, I mean it’s people make snap judgments about you all the time, every day, and a lot of that is based on what you’re wearing Okay, Jay says, “For a presentation, is a navy blazer with a t-shirt and dark jeans and dark shoes appropriate?”

That depends man. So the the blazer over a t-shirt is a pretty like casual stylish look and that’s not going to be appropriate for a lot of office settings Now, if you work in like a really casual, kind of cool office like a startup or a tech company, that could be fine Just make sure the t-shirt, first of all it should be a v-neck if you’re doing that look, not a crewneck; and make sure it’s a really high quality t-shirt You know, make sure it fits well, make sure it’s not too long like you know, don’t wear like an undershirt, like wear like a really high quality t-shirt That can be a good look Wade says, “Could you recommend some jeans that have higher rise?” Yeah! So, most jean companies have different options like they have like some low-rise jeans and some high-rise jeans. Definitely more low-rise jeans out there right now Some good companies that have like medium rise… Peter Manning makes good jeans with a medium rise There’s a new company called Mott & Bow that makes very affordable jeans with a medium rise You could check out like Nudie, APC, like they have a bunch of different cuts Some are low-rise, some are high rise, so Jeans are tough man, like you have to try on a ton of different jeans I’d recommend going to the mall, which I don’t usually recommend, but go to a place like Nordstrom that has a bunch of different designer jeans and you know, try like 20 pairs on and just find one that works for you because it’s… jeans have to fit really well and yeah, you’re going to want to find, you know, the pair that not only has the right rise for you but that also fits around the thighs You know the only thing you don’t have to worry about is the length because you can get them hemmed Tyler: You say, love the hemming your own pants posts, just bought a sewing machine the day before.” That’s awesome, that is so cool Yes, there will be more tailoring and alteration posts in the future because that one got a really good response I’m going try to post a lot more about like DIY alterations Okay, another question, “I fail to understand the formality of the blazer I always put it just below a suit and I’ve never never moved it from that position How casual can it be worn and how dressy?” Yeah blazers, I mean blazers are pretty pretty versatile Keep in mind the difference between a blazer and a sport coat So, like a blazer traditionally is like a navy blue, has brass buttons, it’s a little more dressy than a sport coat, a little less dressy than a suit It can still be worn with jeans It can be worn with different colored trousers Now, what you’re not going to want to do, is wear like a blue blazer with blue trousers You could wear it with, you know, tan trousers or grey trousers or brown trousers but you’re not going to want to wear a blue blazer with blue trousers because that just kind of looks like a mismatched suit Okay, Kevin says, “For Peter Manning, are the returns super-easy? I want to try their jeans but usually hate the whole online…” Yeah, online returns are pain Peter Manning, I believe they still have don’t quote me on this, but I believe they still have free returns Free shipping and free returns. Definitely try them out You know, for what it’s worth, their jeans fit really really well If you look, I have a post called Peter Manning review and I’m wearing their jeans, so you can check them out They’re not as… Like in terms of like the colors and the details, they’re not as modern I’d say as some other companies but the fit is spot-on So, if you’re thinking about trying them on, yeah, I wouldn’t let the return process hold you back, I would definitely try them All right guys, thank you so much for all your questions, thank you so much for your time I’m really honored that you would spend an hour with me today Definitely going to do more of these in the future and check out the class that’s probably going to fill up quickly, it’s already started So, you know if you’re interested, definitely grab your seat now and Yeah guys, thanks so much Enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you soon