Computer Law – Dr Gautam Singh – Oakland University (Part 4 of 4)

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Computer Law – Dr Gautam Singh – Oakland University (Part 4 of 4)

ok this is located in Illinois is located in Michigan where is the time so sometimes the issues of venue not only the federal course want you to bring the lawsuit ends in the state where the crime with the defendant is located with attendance is down side depended on Assad is unknown and field stapler the kind of committed so if I’m if I’m launching a attack but compromising computer in Illinois sitting in michigan and i’m using the computer will not actually launch the attack where am I located an interesting questions and of course if the venue is not proper it becomes hard to try case because you know you’re going to say the venue is not properly honor we need to ship this to Illinois and if the motion is granted all of a sudden you have to contact the prosecution Illinois give them the entire case file just delays everything costs more money there is also a statue of limitation two years for civil actions and gathering evidence is often as hard and that’s why we need to do set course when we talk about computer forensics what kind of try cybercriminals and I think there’s some talks of bring that horse each content which not only person in forensics but also some cyber law and time to study so further there is a juvenile fish was it mostly most people in this contour germanized and you know it into now for seating there is no being in an ovary so convicted okay but if you’re convicted as a juvenile you just said the status of juvenile delinquent though all that matters is you know instead of being a juvenile how’s that you have the liquid because spontaneously this is no conviction and so there is no criminal conviction on record so there are some interesting issue especially with cyber crime I believe that is the last time that happened so thank you for your attention and i will open two of them that i think some of us will come in contact more off the side profile hacking stuff recovered his 14 driving into port scanning that’s something that i think a few of us have played around with but if i was driving around and i was in another country let’s say panda you have self service and outside since house they left their Wi-Fi look inside connected to its a hop on facebook and talk to some friends is that considered breaking the law like you fail to secure your own wireless network and I is that considered trespassing question so connecting to an unsecured so is the exit kinda way I other this at a pool or so in parallel so ill internet access is on the right number too late aren’t authorized you are not authorized so we’re driving we’re driving is from drive around and find the bunch of open access points yeah but yes yeah dude no isn’t it accessing this computer yeah it’s I think that this would be authorized access another port scanning legal to stand someone else’s computer I know it’s about time and time again where people argue you know we can put a server online he will scan it or is it legal to go up some stops and rattles doorknob the what is the reality is that because some tools like n math you can just set up a man in the brain about assessing first of all you’re accessing right but how you accessing to paint something of value education that you’re painting something about what about appertaining information just excess computer obtaining information I’m checking my facebook through somebody else’s I don’t know yeah well face Messiah I’ll see you go yes if you’re doing on a government

computer no you might have things are really defined Oh for example something with a whole year must redouble so far standing is a little tricky say someone just stands a range and office on your administrator of a small company you’re like hey this guy’s scan me but my key servers for they say it’s open to the world like he’s standing no i think that i have i have to say that for scanning is probably okay on this and get into a government computer where your that’s passing who is trespassing it’s kind of stepping on the computer whether pork whether a certain port is open or not is that concert need to be information how will be hard to pull under this information will have to be something more than this board open and if you want to think about something of value about what port is open that valuable neck could be possibly SME this i don’t know i mean maybe maybe use that information to derive value the value and you have value you selling that information to someone I’m compiling this information of what ports are open and what websites and I’m selling in the black market 100 bucks now that’s something clouded that case you could be charged obtaining this information games and value so it really depends on what you do if you just do a post and no value how we can come under this is that that information probably positive no it’s not but I got my computer I’m the holidays cool perfect i’ll put it off right he’s a crook of seven secure was Patrick Corbin Patrick Corbin he’s obviously is he in the awkward penn’s campus I copy I’m sorry I’m yeah i think so i was very very yeah we need to actually I think it’s better to actually compile a list of question then create like a FAQ and then post that up on your website for the cyber see a good idea and then you know have some case law should pose danger if you are confirmed and accused of possibly committing a crime cyber crime what should the response should you respond or should you lawyer we don’t want to answer anything and you are acidophilus question go easy on you you always better off taking the fifth so that sounds bad that’s her lair calling me if it’s just a what’s your name way you live so complete that this did you do this so I can’t answer that question I say uh or someone how would the prosecutor then didn’t you hear that question yes ok so you intercept a method I’ve got lots of banking numbers and personal stuff but you don’t want to be you know charged with any kind of a wide capital crime so what you do is you encrypted they’re really really strong QP and prosecutors norway’s know

they’re not so what what happens wasn’t there a really really big case about a year ago somebody was trying to be prosecuted and he had a really good encryption scheme using TPM chip on his laptop that no beach access and there’s some sort of kind of remember with a verdict plus but he claimed that he forgot the password member so something happened yeah because that’s come up with you done to poor sods that does come up and we in the United States so this I’m not her you know this coming under the Fifth Amendment again that can’t be forced to testify against to herself actually and so what American quotes have sort of heated saying that hassle that has the testimony that like amendment and so therefore in the US I think there was a case that I think what your friend was a quarter Otto page where this guy had some interpretive laptops and police got a window of it and I think the thing of was that please kind of knew that the wife knows the password but doesn’t want to give it up she is asserting her Fifth Amendment rights so police have that anytime you have a conversation on prison phone there is an expectation of privacy listen knowledge a lot of people don’t know that hey you know this is life happily can tackle my phone but newer on earth you’re in a prisoner if an inmate they can listen it so she was talking to a husband who was in custody and revealed to him that she’s not even give the tacit and so in that case I don’t know if anything happened whether there was a field or not I don’t believe it was in that case the prosecutor judge ruled that we’re not asking you to speak the password so that was not asked him to testify against yourself you’re not asking you to sell some company all they’re saying it are gave us your laptop in an unencrypted for so they change the question and I think encrypted password encrypted laptop so it’s not that okay so i guess if that answers your pressing up in claim that i don’t remember it that’s any much harder right and i think someone at the border at the part of those no expectation of privacy music from canada water they can search you all day long so there was someone who had who had some really interesting pictures of mental life on laptop and other search results give us the password encrypted then but they locked him up in a thing that it was in England and how the countries where there’s a lot of discs of personal PGP pretty good privacy kind of things that are very rampant there there there is no Fifth Amendment so they can actually throw you in jail so Fifth Amendment protects you but i think that is sort of getting little the way a little bit but another hate raising the question we need to see this laptop in a con encrypted form now they’re not asking me to tell them what the password is just watching to give the evidence in this case that we can lead it hey I don’t think settle this question once and for all especially as a pianist height and all the times people in capture and working faster because it just happens in the background right you know your hard drive is probably encrypted and you don’t I bet you can’t go in order passed a law that because it’s faster now if you if you log out and log back and they can force you to log back end you want you to log in and then of course and I don’t remember my login password are so right so I think they’re able to get most of people are able to most the time police not only provides that have gone on prosecutors not prosecuted for the data able to find so the answer your question is that’s the simplest the surest way to a widening has come but I do believe

that there are some academic sort of questions that that will come into the original fair use and they don’t have a copyright law perhaps so half these are specific to you know the Academical wool you’re coming up to these questions and I think it might be a good idea to start a load when they asked questions page and and take these question researcher and have you know some of you can go and talk to these professors and dig into some dress codes and some base locks and we then you’ll see what the way the courts of resolve this question that’s really what it’s all right do you want to summarize what people should know just big picture what somebody who’s going to be doing cybersecurity you know experimentation should know before they start doing anything cybersecurity experimentation I think the biggest biggest watch out for the packet sniffers that would be the one that you’re really seeing the panic and other than that just don’t just be cognizant of the sites that that could potentially use you as a launching a package so it happened but it’s so big so badly so unprotected that someone you can launch and so just kind of keep your passion especially when they happen the third thing is to you know there’s a lot of mod of x and fishings machine taxes becoming very very smart out so they will be emailing people really want to waiting for it so just just be careful about what watch out for you know I basically justice by the mind and they usually have the latest the a lot of it that is not colorist actual proper time that gives you the complete and finally I guess what you really have to be careful office I don’t want to say that the other way that you know it’s a fact though there’s other ways to have fun I would think that would be on the bottom of the position i think it’s a it’s I I just tell you what happened it is addictive all right it is addictive and I’ll tell you what happened it was a really really high place though official acne of the captain EO Chrysler was Dino pleasure at times one fine day Google Watkins of office he was a vice president under this computer didn’t ask to leave the same thing if inspired on the spot and I don’t even know not disposable kind of because she incorporates explosives what kind of a convent attack then they could be charged themselves so not this logo t hat on herself it was a very person that I was funded research at Oakland University several times and it was such a shock so that’s why I bring it up because I don’t hear about this in a very shocking manner sometimes and you know I make it a point to talk about it and if I’m saying it’s better to say put it out there and talk about the 10 so that’s what I want to talk about it you guys are young you know just make right decisions all right wise words

thank you that was outstanding