Human Resouce Management Functions

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Human Resouce Management Functions

Oh you okay start so good morning today we are going to discuss about various functions of human resource management remember we have already discussed about what are the different type of functions which are performed by HR managers which is known as operative functions there are few functions which are performed by all managers like planning organizing leading and controlling but when we are talking about human resource functions okay which is specifically performed by HR managers I had given you a brief overview like employment related practices human resource development compensation management and human relations now if you look at these functions briefly can say that some of these functions include planning for organization jobs and people that is basically you are going to design organizations they are going for manpower planning and you are going to plan plan about the organization organization in the sense what kind of structure it will have so the first thing before you even go for manpower planning is important to go for organizational structure that is a prerequisite okay so unless you develop a structure for the organization you do not know how many people would be required what kind of job they are going to perform okay so when we are talking about organizing that is planning for organizations so you have to develop a structure for the organization now when we talk about developing a structure for the organization okay so what you do you see that what are the different activities that is to be performed by the entire organization so the first thing that you see is that you try to list down all the activities that is performed by the organization and then you group them into different categories so similar activities are grouped into one category say all activities which you think is related to marketing is grouped under marketing all production processes and related activities are grouped under one category which is known as production okay but the point so you that is how you develop departments and each department it has a headed by a person so if you remember managerial functions when we are talking about it that it is planning organizing and then leading so leading means what you are going to have a person who is going to head a particular department or lead that particular department and what is the responsibility to direct guide and control the activities of that particular department lint it got the point so say for example if you have a structure like they say in a manufacturing setup suppose this is the first level what you call as general manager ok now this general manager has a number of managers like say production manager say HR manager say marketing manager say our ending and many more maybe there isn’t it now under the production manager you have a number of managers

working isn’t it one is say quality control manager sigit one is the in charge of the manufacturing one is maintenance manager ok and similarly another manager may be there who is working under this production manager note these activities when we are talking about these activities basically they are part of the production process isn’t it but the point now when we are talking about these things what I mean to say is that these people whether it is quality control in charge I manufacturing in child or maintenance person as the other person who is working under the production department ok they will be reporting to whom the production manager and the production manager is reporting to the GM of the company ok so what is this this is the structure of the organization at the point so when we talk about our missionary structure this is how we develop a structure ok so the first point is planning for organizations so we are going to have a plant that what kind of structure it will have ok so what we do you first you list down all the activities and then you group similar activities which can be put together like all activities related to production based put under the category of production manager and one person is going to be the in charge of that department this is how we develop a structure for their way okay so what does this structure show roles I had relationships roles and relationships roll means the person who is working here he has to perform the role of a HR manager the person who is going to work here is going to perform the role of a production manager isn’t it so first you develop a structure and then you put a person on each of these rules here here here as well here so at every places we are going to put one person as in chance isn’t it got the point so he is going to perform certain jobs quality control engineer sigh manufacturing engineer so he is going to look into the manufacturing process he is going to look into the maintenance of the machine isn’t it he is going to look into the quality of the product and all of them are reporting to the production manager so you are not going to only define the role that what each of them are going in a particular position but what kind of reporting relationship exists within the organization that is also reflected by the structure isn’t it so reporting relationship that you can see here is the Quality Control Manager is reporting with the production ahead okay so this is what we call the reporting relationship so if you look at the structure okay you can very well see what kind of structure what sorry what kind of relationship reporting relationship I mean and what kind of different roles which people are they are going to perform now let us have another example with which you are more familiar like say you have say I am going to take an example from my article a cool so the top concern at ikkaku is the director of the institute then you have deputy directors then you have a number of Dean’s down the line isn’t it this is this level of the day there is only one person one deputy director is there but then you have these you have a number of Dean’s Dean 1234 list goes on 56 suppose you have six days Dean academic dean you see Dean pc then research then continuing education din alumina affairs okay so in that sense you have a number of persons who are heading a particular function so the person who is here is going to perform a particular role suppose suppose he is a person who is in charge of sponsored research and industrial consultancy okay so you have identified that all activities related to research and consultancy are grouped together and one person is going to be there in charge is it and he would be

called Dean so you identify what could be the role of this person is to oversee the activities of this particular department which our function said isn’t it now this is one way to structure of the organization now coming down further you have head of the departments okay now you have a number of head of the department’s hods okay these hods are going to perform various functions related to one particular department so all activities related to teaching in a similar areas are grouped together so all social science subjects are put together and then you have in charge say humanities and Social Sciences ahead all subjects related the management are put under the person of under which are of one person and then he is going to be called head management department is it it that is how you classify and group activities and then you make a person in charge of that particular department okay now under this a chode you will have professors associate professors lecturers and down the line support staff so this is the structure isn’t it so what does this so this shows the reporting relationship now head for all administrative activities is going to report to the lady and the director but functional for all research activity he will be reporting to the Dean slick and then district would report to the director ok because director is the executive ahead of the institution so this is the administrative setup now coming to say this is the academic setup now coming to the administrative system there is a person who is called registrar and this register is put here this register is directly reporting to the director then under this registered you have a number of persons who are called dr’s rdp registrar’s establishment accounts and things like that and under each dr you have a number of persons who are known as a US assistant red stars okay who are looking at a particular function now e se RA are academic so the duties and responsibilities of this person has been defined there is going to a person who is going to perform this role rated so what the structure so this the roles and relationship of the people at the workplace square to you so he is going to report home now suppose he wants to say something to him he cannot do it because this reporting relationship is known as line relationship in a line relationship is basically this way downward that is superior subordinate relationship superior always commands and expect compliance from their subordinates isn’t it but the same is not the situation with the subordinates they do not command over there Superior’s what they can do at the most they can give advice to their seniors that if this is done in a particular way probably it would be better isn’t it so if you look at this relationship which goes up upward this is known as a staff relationship stop relationship I have this is known as line relationship line relationships the line relationship is basically superior subordinate relationship and when we talk about staff relationship that is subordinate superior relationship where the role is role of a subordinate is more or less advisory in nature you can advise your seniors but you cannot give any command to seniors but at the same time if you look at line relationship which is basically superior subordinate relationship is superior always command and expect compliance from their subordinates isn’t it so this is clear to you this is how we develop a structure and for if you develop the structure you have different rules and you also know what kind of relationship exists among different roles who is going to report whom who is going to advise soon so this is what we know as organizational structure okay so they are going to plan about the structure so understanding of the structure is

basically a prerequisite for any HR manager you will ask a question why why we should know about the structure of the organization yes any question answers to this question why understanding of structure is required by the HR manager that is required because you know that role clarity is required isn’t it if you do not have a person for a job then who is going to do that particular job is will not be clear so now for each assigned jobs you have a person who is going to perform that particular job so it would make role clear isn’t it there will be role clarity the person who is going to be assigned a particular role would be made responsible for the performance it would be accountable for that isn’t it otherwise nobody would take responsibility for the job if it is not done isn’t it so it also brings responsibility and accountability on the part of the role incumbent the person who is going to perform the role and reporting relationship should also made very clear so that you know that who is going to report you whom you will be reporting ok and what you will be reporting at the same time you also allow some discretion in their responsibility isn’t it for example if you have a job which has not yet been identified who is going to do it then what will happen there will be chaos in that sense you have to see that whether any one of them can take up the responsibility and perform the job isn’t it so some area of discretion is there even if it is it is not your area it is not your responsibility and if you think that you can take it up you must take it up without infringing into the responsibility our area of other person isn’t it without violating the norms rules and regulations of the organization ok so that is important thing about what i was talking about planning for organisations if you look at the next point that is jobs ok jobs another thing is now you have a job say production manager now when we are talking about job the most important thing is that you are going to design the job design the job means what could be the content how much autonomy twould will have it will be having what kind of responsibility we are given to the person okay what kind of relationship this job will have with other job so this is what we know as job design okay and another thing that is done along with this job design is known as job analysis you design the job to identify the content of the job ok how much economy will be there how much responsibility this job will have okay and what kind of relationship this job will have with the other job but when we talk about job analysis it it is nothing else but the duties and responsibilities associated with a particular job so job analysis basically is nothing else but the duties responsibilities duties and responsibilities associated with the job and job design is basic related to content of the job autonomy degree of autonomy that is relationship with other jobs ok so this job design and job analysis along with what we have just described about the structure ok these three things are prerequisite to start any HR activity in the organization ok so unless you understand the structure unless you know what is the content of the job ok what are what are the duties and responsibilities associated with the job you cannot have a full flame structure who is going to work isn’t it

now if you look at this ok now you have a position say called Dean sponsored research and industrial consultancy ok you have to design this job design in the sense you have to see that what would be the content in terms of what content in the sense is job design that is that is the part of the job analysis like know that is made clear that he is the person who is responsible for in the station is sponsored research and industrial consultancy this is the job when you list all the duties and responsibilities of a sponsored results Dean then it is clear that is going to oversee the activities related to sponsored research ok he is also look into the consultancy’s that the institute is going to take up through its faculty what kind of research projects are going to be there how to lie cell with the government funding agencies industries to bring in more projects digit it so that is what that is the duties and responsibilities what about design job design I am talking about the content yes yes anybody seniors job design so far as the content of the job is concerned duties or responsibilities is taken care by the job analysis factor see about from autonomy and the relationship of this particular job with the other job you have to look into the content what could it be you have to identify certain things like what are the different tasks so you have to identify task task identity like a person has to perform certain tasks in a given job okay then you have to put a label to the job that is this is the name of the job which this person is going to do task identity that is very important what else is to be done yes what kind of a specialization is required to do the job ok how much freedom the person should have in order to perform the job autonomy and whether this job is related to other jobs or not either vertically or horizontally so the job of a green enteric is related to vertically that is down the line he will collaborate with head of the departments for projects and consultancies through its faculty at the same time he will also collaborate with other Dean’s isn’t it so any job has to kind of relationship vertical and horizontal relationship ok because all jobs in organizations are interdependent or linked with each other you can say even if the sponsored results Dean brings in certain projects but they do not have a faculty to take up this project what will happen it cannot materialize isn’t it at the point so it has relationship with other job vertically as well as horizontally and you have to see that how much freedom and autonomy is required by the person to perform the job that is the control factor how much control is required whether you are giving you full autonomy or limited autonomy or autonomy that is appropriate for doing the job because in any job you are going to take certain decisions we are going to perform certain things okay so whether you cannot take a decision related to your job are not adding up to run after your superiors to ask him whether this can be done or not so this is what i mean by job design we’ll discuss that in detail next lecture then apart from job design we have job analysis basically which talks about duties and responsibilities and

that is derived from the job design isn’t it so you’ll is down the duties you list all the responsibilities and at the same time you also try to find out what kind of qualities are required by the person to perform the job so duties responsibilities and qualities are part of you can say job analysis qualities in what sense in terms of qualification and experience which a person required to perform the duties and responsibilities associated with a particular job at the point so these strings structure design and analysis is a prerequisite to proceed further to understand functions of human resource management okay now coming to the next one the strategic management of human resources strategies are adopted for the management of the people what kind of strategies you are going to adopt so that you can attract retain and motivate the people in the organization for best performance isn’t it so you have to see that what could be the various strategies strategies I mean action plan so HR managers are also responsible to develop strategies to attract the best people form the organization of course they have their own constraints and resources limited resources within which they have to attract the best person for the job they have to retain him they have to adopt certain HR practices which will help organization to retain people in their relation okay create good working conditions provide good salary create good infrastructure so that people stay back with the organization otherwise they would leave who is responsible for this kind of thing HR managers so HR managers are basically responsible for attraction retention and motivation okay this would devise methods so that people are motivated either by monetary means our normal non monetary means so recognition appreciation and things like that so that people are motivated to perform better okay planning that is very important okay where we are going to talk about the number of people that is required to work in the organization okay so when you talk about HR planning that is quality and quantity of people quality and quantity both are required I mean how many people would be required at any given point of time by the organization to carry out all the activities isn’t it and with what kind of qualification in experience so you look into quality and quantity both at the same time when you go for manpower planning you ensure that you have the right number of people and that is quantity and the right kind of people that is quality at the right time well when any time you must have just enough number and at the right place okay so that is how we define manpower planning we’ll talk about that also then acquiring human resources that is basically recruitment and selection activities that is taken by the organization Square to you coming to another function build building individual and organizational performance once people join the organization they are going to perform the job okay managers are also responsible to ensure that people perform to the best of their knowledge and skill in the Armas ation isn’t it and you also measure their performance if you remember yesterday we are talking about it evaluate the performance of the people okay you trained them if they are not good if the performance is not up to the mark they are being trained so that the gap between actual and required performance is fulfilled for example you are not performing up to the level you are being trained and after training it is seen that yes your performance is up

to the level are up to the mark it means the graph has been filled up by the training at the same time certain administrative decisions are also taken based on performance appraisal report based on your performance report you are given incentives promotions rewards recognition appreciation everything is related with your performance appraisal report okay so your reward is linked with the performance rewarding implies through performance surprisin okay and the thing is that you are going to look into the compensation management we were talking about that direct compensation is wayside salary in direct compensation is fringe benefits in directories that is not directly paid to you okay that is not in cash but rather in kind isn’t it like like you are given telephone facility okay vertical facilities late travel allowances isn’t it this is in direct compensation okay next important function is maintaining human relations human resources now when you talk about maintaining human races resources okay basically we talked about union management relationship so there is a need to develop a cordial relationship between Union and management and the workplace how it can be done through bargaining this is what we know as collective bargaining what happens in collective bargaining the representatives of the Union and the management sit across the table and negotiate about the terms and conditions of employment including wages okay this is what i mean by collective bargaining then you when a person is retiring our when a person is resigning from the job okay it is the responsibility of the HR manager to conduct exit interviews have you heard about it yes everything Terry use are conducted if a person who has been selected for the job is leaving for certain regions okay then an interview arise with HR manager where HR manager is going to ask them certain questions like why you are leaving what kind of problems you face what what are the cross bit what if you have any better prospects somewhere you tell us okay why you are going there why we are not able to provide this so he tries to get some feedback so that he can improve the system in place isn’t it that is why he is also responsible for conducting a bit interviews but recently there was a recruitment in tata is still ok and what actually happened that after serving for several months in a graduate engineers started resigning are leaving the organization organization was very much worried about it they interested this responsible to the GF HR manager and then he arranged an interview of all the candidates who had resigned and we’re joining other places in order to get the feedback from them that why these people are living it was not that thought I still was not paying better or the infrastructure and facilities were less or not comparable with industries he wanted to identify what could be the various regions ok I after getting these feedback he tried to include those things in the system so that when they are going for recruitment next time they are better prepared isn’t it so that they are able to retain people in the organization see the biggest and the most important thing today five HR manager is to attract and retain good people in the organization I can give example from IIT color food itself in many of the departments including ours we are not able to get good faculty you will be surprised to know that if we place like IIT not many people are coming forward to join such institutions why there are certain regions so getting competent people and retaining them both are very difficult these days I was just having the data that how much we spend on recruitment ok the Institute higher spend lakhs of rupees okay in order to recruit just 30 faculty okay and out of that only seven had joined so far okay so the total cost of recruitment is coming around one lakh

per grandi date just imagine that how much money you are spending to recruit people in the organization you get people but getting good competent people and retaining them is the most difficult tasks for most of the organizations so you constantly try to get feedback through different sources and one of the source is those who are leaving the organization that why they are living and that is why exit interviews are conducted to find it out okay outplacement what is that outplacement yes Rajesh yes that is basically you are going to rehabilitate suppose you do not have a job for a person and for certain regions he is being retrained or laid off so you helped him to find out a job okay that is also the responsibility of the charmin HR manager though it is not a part of his duty and responsibility but as a moral obligation or as a there is social responsibility he is also taking of this responsibility that those who are going to be laid off from the organization okay they can find the suitable job for themselves and employment at-will organizations also trying hard to see that is people are coming willingly to work in the organization the last point is multinational human resource management what is multinational human resource management managing people across the globe now you have multinational organizations so you have people working from different countries different cultures isn’t it so here I am talking about international human resource management managing people in a cross-cultural sitting suppose you are going to work for your company in Japan then it is the responsibility of the HR manager to train you to understand the language the social etiquette so that you can adjust yourself better at the new workplace in Japan otherwise you will find it difficult isn’t it so who is responsible for training and these kind of things HR manager then HR manager is going to arrange a special training for you so that you understand Japanese language he will also arrange a cross-cultural training so that you are told about Japanese culture and society because you are going to work there isn’t it and the cultural norms are different there so if you adopt the same cultural norm probably you may lose business as well so you have to understand the etiquette the social norm and practices that is followed by the host country isn’t it so this cross-cultural training is very important especially in the case of international human resource management migration problem we saw problem and other kind of things are also taken care by managers okay who are working in multinational companies excuse HR managers now we had been talking about why HR has gained so much importance we discussed about some of the factors like because there is increased competition to retain and attract good people so everybody’s after them there is a crisis in the industry economic crisis okay instead of having employment security we are going for more employability of the people in the organization okay commitment is towards the carrier domestic front also you face lot of competitions is it for any product you see who have a number of products so the domestic competition size increased as well then the government also want industries to adopt fair employment practices okay we just cannot throw out anybody then demographic changes you have a cosmopolitan workforce okay people working from different say segments different geographical areas the consist of different age groups okay female participation in the workforce is increasing generate values of the workforce is changing the expectations have changed the expectations that people had 20 years the earlier is not there like I am writing something and

that will make it clear the kind of values that is basically driving people today I am writing two sentences the shift is there now from living to work to working to live you are not just leaving to work like a mad person but you are working to lead a good comfortable life isn’t it that is the value change if you do not find a job very satisfactory you do not expect to that today because you think that it cannot give you a good life so this is the change in the perception and the values of the workforce today customer focus the most important thing today is that you are not working in a monopolistic market okay when you can sell your product because no other product is available but today’s market is different the change is from seller’s market to bias market isn’t it for any product you have a number of alternatives you can choose any one of them so anything that you do you must keep the customer in your mind because if the customer is not happy and satisfied with the product anything that you do will be a exercise which does not help you which will not bring fruit isn’t it so customers expectations must be met by providing them better quality product at a competitive price by providing them better services afterwards okay now you have sold the product and your responsibility is not over whether you can provide good service at a reasonable cost at a faster speed that is very much important today if you cannot provide service at a speed that is desired by the customer you will not be able to survive in the market today okay so these things are also important now look into some of the internal factors okay that why HR is important since you are going for downsizing restructuring and risk organizing you have to see that people who are working in the organization they are engaged in productivity there in efficiency increases and they are able to maintain quality so quality and productivity is important so it is the responsible HR manager to motivate that is basically related to the motivation what we had been talking about was attraction or irritation retention the third important factor is motivation so unless you motivate people and they are involved and committed to perform well you cannot increase productivity and efficiency of the people new technologies and production concepts okay share is also responsible that people are trained with the new technologies okay state-of-the-art production technologies so that they can work more efficiently so they need to arrange training programs and do everything that is required with it education of the workforce training and development is another major activity which is taken up by the HR department you know the mode most of the HR department also have a training department in-house training department where they regularly conduct training programs for the managers as well as workers both so in-house training is conducted if they do not have the training facility in house then then they send workers and managers to attend training programs at different places academic institutions management institutions isn’t it in areas which may include technical as well as we have well both responding to slower growth changes in the market the organization highest respond and ensure that the growth rate is maintained it so what is the responsibility of the HR manager here it is the responsibility

of the top management why HR manager should be responsible or should intervene to ensure that is the growth rate is constant or maintained at least if it is not growing up yes Rajesh why HR manager should come into the picture if the organization is not making a profit yes the question is that what is there for HR to do is it going to do the same traditional thing which they have been doing so far that can be oust out sourced also isn’t it whether it is wage and salary maintenance of weather looking to imply welfare activities now HR is going to prefer a more strategic role in the organization they have to see that what is their contribution for business growth and development so they have to help organizations and educate and train them especially top management to ensure that they are able to better visualize the changes that is taking place in the market in the environment so that they can respond to it and that is possible only when HR manager is both proactive you can and train top management so that they can understand the nature and dynamics of the market it that is why you will find that some of the training programs are arranged for the comp management as well where they are able to understand the vision and mission how to develop goals how to develop strategies for the organization how to understand the in external environment in which they are going to operate external environment means the market the customers restructuring and reorganization since HR managers are engaged in development of the structure ok and you know that this structure is developed intentionally depending upon the requirement of the organization so it is the responsibility of the HR manager that if need arises they can change the structure of the organization you know that most of the organization are going for engineering restructuring and reorganization from taller structures they are developing flatter structures reducing the number of levels reducing the hierarchy isn’t it and HR managers are helping the management to develop this new structure which facilitate growth and development why you have a structure so that all the activities are carried out too smoothly but if it is creating some kind of endurance I was creating some barriers then you have to change the structure and that is why most of these are my sins are going for realization and restructuring you are going for multi is killing of the workforce so that they are more flexible and adaptable at work if you are specialized in a particular job then what will happen you will do only those things but if you are multi-skilled if you are trained in doing a number of things then you are more flexible in your work you can take up other assignments as well when the need arises isn’t it and you can better adopt two different type of work okay so instead of developing very specialized skills you need to develop certain skills which one which is required by the organization and that is where multi-screen comes into the picture it should be multi-state you should not base lies only in a particular job which you are doing but when time comes you can do other jobs now look at what kind of changes are taking place in the human resource management the major change is that the Department of Personnel Management I human resource management the one major change that has come into a picture if you remember it that most of the departments which were known as personal department have changed their name name as human resource department HR department but by changing this normal culture the activities have not changed yes they are still performing the same thing okay and the visible trend is that these personal responsibilities are

being decentralized decentralized ins in the sense that the non-core activities are being outsourced or it is also given to the line man some time to reduce the burden on HR manager train towards reintegrating personal functions that used to be separated compensation performance appraisal and evaluation all these functions are linked together okay so performance appraisal reward system evaluation all these functions are being linked together okay and you know that many of the companies are going for information systems okay what we know as human resource information systems so you buy certain software like sap and other softwares sap HR is the one module okay it is a human resource information system software and with the help of this software you can integrate all HR activities together any places using land when whatever you say wide area network Lane local area network again all the informations are at your fingertip one person kind to the dog ten percents you can go for online processing of applications and things like that you know a centralized database and all the databases over there and then one possible sitting over there and doing all the job so you are also reducing the burden of the HR department with few people who can do the in terms of HR department most of these non-core activities like managing say salary looking after the welfare activities are being outsourced formal recognition that HR policy just as much a part of corporate policy other functions now the problem in most of the industries where that HR department was treated as a second-rate citizen I do not know whether Rogers would agree with me but the line managers used to treat HR managers at second routines they think that it is a service department and their role is to provide the services to other departments now that role is changing and it is very important for HR managers to change the perception of line managers that they are also adding value to the business there is also contributing to improve the performance of the business so HR policy is as good are equally treated as corporate policy at the point now look at the current and future challenges to human resource management it is the last point which were discussing that is formal recognition formal recognition that personal HRM policy is just as much a part of corporate policy as other functions okay now coming to the last one that is current and future challenges of human resource management corporates are going to reorganize themselves reorganize in the sense they are reducing the levels in the hierarchy they are reducing the head counts from taller they are going to be more flattered because to meet the global competitions they are going for more strategic alliances like joint ventures mergers acquisitions okay the growth is more cyclically in the nature there are lots of ups and downs in industries that is going on okay diversity is increasing the workplace workplace diversity I think I’ve already talked about is that you have people working from different cost culture color raise 6 isn’t it so managing a diverse workforce is another important challenge for the HR managers and when organizations are going for strategic alliances like joint ventures mergers and acquisitions the char manager role is very important he has to see that implies related issues are taken care of otherwise there will be a problem then at the same time he is also supposed to meet the expectations of the implies ok because advises are nothing else but a part of the society so organizers exist to meet the requirement of the society isn’t it so you have to see that what is the social responsibility of the organization ok we talk about corporate social

responsibility corporate ethics not to pollute the environment isn’t it to be ethical in their conduct and behavior isn’t it so our vices must be treated as vehicles for reaching these societal goals that are my sins are also responsible towards society because ultimately they are part of the society itself now these are the challenges HR professionals is strategic business partners ok HR must be made a partner in assisting corporate leaders they have to integrate HR strategy with business strategy ok they have to create new options and possibilities it means they should create an environment where managers can think in a non-traditional way that is thinking out of the box okay now i am very important change i am the challenge is leading change in the organization so they are known as change isn’t so if there is any change in the organization they should facilitate it in such a way so that there is less resistance and more commitment to the change by the implies so they go for leading change they are going to look into imply relationship they are going to see that organizations are able to plan and better implement the changes which they want to bring in okay now third important point is teaching HR competencies to the line Maris the misnomer that only HR department should take care of other activities and line managers should not take care of people with related issues it is not correct actually HR managers should also teach line managers that they can also handle people related issues in their respective departments so that burden on the char is reduced this centralized HR activity you are going to downsize your chart that will help to downsize the HR department itself because line managers will also share the responsibility of the HR okay and the next one is coping with more complex laws and labor laws HR managers must be good in understanding loss general laws which is applicable to industries as well labor law which is very important for them how government policies are going to affect people working in the organization and they should also work and lies in with various institutions to attract good people okay so there is a better need to have better interaction or interface between academia and industry and HR manager can I try the lesson with forth purpose isn’t it and finally keeping up with the changing technology okay technology is defined as the nature of production system so you have to use technology for various things and this that is what we call about human resource management systems our HR is where you’re going to use technology to help HR to grow and develop okay like technology in the delivery of HR services to the employees use technology to track applications you know that today we talk about online applications even recruitment are being an online isn’t it and you also ensure that the administrative aspects of HR is handled by the technology so you have a software related to human resource management HR is software which will take care of the administrative issues so that you are free to take up more important issues I Jenner char management okay so that is all for today thank you