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Learning About Vintage Jewelry: Design Muse, Income Stream vs. Repurposing | B'Sue Boutiques

hey everybody today we’re going to do something that’s a little bit of a departure from making jewelry because I’m going to be honest with you maybe you’ve had days like this too this week just about everything I touched turn to dirt took up a week like that but whatever you did just didn’t work out well I finally started goofing around some patina stuff and some things on polymer clay and it’s coming around but I’m not ready to show you what I did yet because I want to get it just perfect so that when I do show ya it makes some sense and I look entirely stupid anyway so today I’m going to talk to you about something I do know something about I’m going to try to do it in an organized fashion you know at the creative group we’ve been talking a lot about vintage jewelry and how vintage jewelry can be your muse your design muse something that sparks creativity something that inspires you you don’t necessarily copy the piece but you take some elements of it and make it your own not necessarily repurposing it but taking new mixed-media products maybe brass stampings maybe wire maybe metal you cut out and you take that vintage influence you make you can learn a lot from vintage jewelry so let’s say you go off to an estate auction or a house sale or two ever flee and you come upon a box like this you can see there’s just all manner or doofus in here pretty stuff cool stuff you look at this you know and you get to take this box home for say 50 bucks oh it’s big jump on this box with both feet for 50 bucks let me tell you I’m going to show you why I’m going to show you how to go through a box of jewelry I don’t know if in the time that we have I can get through this whole box but I’m going to go through this box and show you some of the highlights and what to look for when you get out there jumping around and you find a box of jewelry because don’t look at this as a box of jewelry components people are doing that look at this as the money to buy what you really want to buy for your design needs it’s not necessarily something to break up just about everything in this box is I’m going to show you is a little too good for that I’m going to show you why so come on over here Rob’s going to come over my shoulder and we’re going to see how far we get sort in this box so you went to the estate auction inside this box –cat here and off and you said how it’s interesting what could I make from this no stop right there buy the box if it’s in your budget bring it home and learn to sort it don’t start thinking about what you’re going to make out of it think about maybe it being another income stream another source of income for you believe me this works I would not have the business I have today if about 25 years ago I hadn’t thought that way because I started out with $20 and a baby on my hip scarf and around just like this okay now this would be a mighty fine box to find so we got our box here let’s see what’s in here and what is in here yeah can you see there oh my my heart’s one pittypat already this is a power app Aurora is a set of jewelry three pieces or larger many companies made a line of jewelry that could be mixed and matched so whoever this lady was that bought this way back in the day got the earrings the brooch and the necklace and this is timeless this will never go out of style this belongs to me by the way this is made by a company by the name of creamer now let me see where the mark is on it probably yeah you can’t hardly see it but it’s right up here look on the finials the end pieces four marks also another place it might have been would have been down in here as a place to look always look for marks I’m going to see if these earrings are marked they are very fine script mark creamer okay this would have been probably 50s might be a little older I’ll be honest never did the research on it what zoom marks in here it appears note

there it is right and see you have to know where to look right down in there this creamer lovely set kind of a jonquil glass all machine cut stones very pretty I’m going to set this aside now let’s look at some more this face this is a nifty little fine did you know they still make this piece we’ve even had it from time to time this is an old um composition plastic and not really celluloid dress clip this is a dress flip the little cherries awesome it’s part of my own collection and I bought it on Etsy a few weeks ago and I just loved it the retail value on this pin is probably between 35 and 45 dollars and you could expect to get 30 these and I I did well and I bought this piece for $8.00 so there are deals to be had if you know what to look for dress clips okay here’s another piece you might say all of the stones are dark in that you know I take that apart no don’t this is a duet now show you how that works see this is a frame these light out of there I’ve been taking this this belongs to me I would take it apart for a while so it might be a little stiff so in the interest of time may not take it clear apart but this one comes out to okay and then slides back in that’s a frame now who made this is a mark whoops it just left this down you’ll have that you need to be ready to put it back against this patent pending I think there is a mark on it so I think was a j-rail piece it’s his pot metal not sure maybe that was another one that I had been anyway yeah it’s just pot metal anyway goes like that you don’t repurpose this you would reset that it’s done which I will do later these are worth money the the clear crystal ones aren’t worth as much as a figural duet and a real duet will say Koro duet and there may be owls or a fish or flamingos or whatever painted pot metal could be sterling look for them you will find them they are worth money they could get you money for the things you really want okay now we found this little guy there’s no marks on him I’ve looked over it all over the place I can’t find any marks but he’s clear set now some people used to say oh that’s a jelly belly no it’s not this is a glass stone it is not a jelly belly this is a really nice figural though a jelly belly would have a lucite stone if you screwed in some time this is pot metal with a gold wash over it no marks it does look like designer jewelry it’s very finely finished but for the life of me I’ve never been able to find a mark on it now that I’ve turned it this way I think I might see something down there but I’ll have to get my loop out it could be an important piece you would never break something like that up we were talking about sash brooches the other day at the creative group here are an up examples of such brooches there’s nothing wrong with this except this has some patina well we like patina so we don’t have a problem with that now collectors don’t always like patina but I didn’t use to clean these up because I you know I would leave it for them to decide if they don’t want the patina they can clean it if they do then whatever it’s there for them this is um I don’t know what kind of metal this is honestly it feels so rigid and thick I don’t know but it looks as though it’s been pierced out but this is an older one and how do I know it’s got the C class let’s see can you get up on that round and show them that anything like this is probably pre 30s going back to Victorian times okay now this would be 30s forward and this one probably came on address was probably an ornament that came with a dress the purchase of a dress and it has a safety clasp which we see today the safeties came along 30s and up and on the style of this says to me 30s but it could be a 40s piece too but if it was 40s would probably later forties because it in war years they made a lot of stuff out of sterling because brass was used in war effort a lot so anyway there’s a couple of piece of Caesar sash brooches okay here’s one we talked about some time ago online it’s a China painted pin brass setting kind of like a turtle back there you go

see it’s got that see clasp that means pre 30s these were ladies projects path projects in those days they learn how to paint these things in classes and then they would fire them in a kiln this is the gold finish the only thing wrong with this broach is that the gold finish is worn so no you don’t break this up what you could do is you could thread some chain back through here or some beads and you could make it into a necklace or wire it into something but don’t destroy somebody else’s craft project you wouldn’t want somebody to destroy yours this is too good it’s not broken it’s a nice piece with the gold worn off of it you probably might only get Oh thirty five dollars for it but hey you know if you find in a box of junk for fifty dollars that’s a payday for you okay here’s something I actually did find a box of junk many years ago this great big oil pen is over three inches across it’s all handset pearls with some little aurora borealis rhinestones when you see aurora borealis it’s that flash that yellowy golden flash that means that it’s 50s are newer because there was no a bee or aurora borealis previous to that also the style of this piece the way it’s made it says 50s all of these parts are still made and you can see that these cups these Pro cups were all riveted on they used to do that with a machine called a kick press there is no mark on this but it reminds me very very much of a jewelry company by the name of Bo Jules the way it’s made is just layered you could make stuff like this today totally this could totally be an inspiration of design muse for you piece like that okay what else well this piece was in here doesn’t look like much does it but you know when I see pieces with this little serrated edge here the way they’re set I don’t know can you see that as a little serrated edge and I just glued in I start thinking right away Czechoslovakia so then I turn it over a nice stir working and where is that many times it’s on the pin stem and you can hardly see it but in this case it’s right here it’ll say check oh this one does and you never going to be able to make it out but this is a check piece probably 30s made from brass stampings and stones that were made in a mold Czechoslovakia was famous for that they would do this people would do it as a home business they made the glass stones in their homes and molds so this is a Czech piece and the value on this is probably about $35 um okay now we found this piece in the box what do you think of that hmm pretty pretty pretty pretty how do you think that is think about it what do we see here that’s identifying well there’s a tag as a makers mark which I don’t really recognize at all but that doesn’t mean anything you can always research it and google it this has got a lobster claw on it there’s a big telltale sign that this piece is probably new and it is also the finish is it’s not even your black Japan finish is very matte it’s not well made this is made in China pick this up on a buying trip a long long time ago because I like the design of it and it kind of inspired me that’s why I do sometimes when I go to New York I will buy the cheap Chinese jewelry because there’s some good ideas there but very poorly made and this is no exception what about this you make this grandma beats you think it’s grandma bee kind of sort of a little bit funkier than that grandma gone to Las Vegas I don’t know no rhinestones and it guy gets his rhinestones of his Las Vegas it’s a collar necklace it’s from the $0.50 made in Hong Kong time was that you the signatures right here you’ll look for it right here it won’t show and the camera I don’t think but it I can see it timewise Hong Kong plastic jewelry wasn’t worth a lot and and still much much of it is not but it is not something to break up especially if it’s in good shape I would hold on to it remember when the West German plastic pieces weren’t worth anything and they are now so and that’s not that long ago so I would leave it it’s kind of cool real when you put it on it’s really kind of close okay so what else can I show you okay this piece when you make of that

it’s a hinge bracelet this is what we used to call glitter under plastic but you could do this today with resin if you could find a mold or use this for a mold piece by cut low the hinges broke this one’s not going to be a payday for you because this would be very hard to sell unless you can fix that tube rivet and make it match in the back and I don’t know if I would because you might shatter this so somebody has tied it together with a little bit of fishing line it looks like actually I bought it like this because I liked it and so it’s in my collection today if it was in good shape and wasn’t messed up in the back you might get three five dollars for it if you find jewelry like this don’t be quick to tear it up it’s kind of fun and this is a big design Muse because we can do this with resin today no reason why we couldn’t and make all kinds of stuff so this is just a good one to have run on your workbench just to inspire you okay what else we got in here real quick oh this is the buckle and it has something else to go what happened oh yeah this buckle has a pair of here we go again dress clips and this is some kind of mystery metal with a nickel finish on it so not necessarily the healthiest finish in the world but you know why they used to put nickel and plating is because nickel actually need the plating stronger and made it last longer you know but no marks on this so I don’t know I’m thinking 20s 30s probably but even so it’s still scratched off and today’s players have found ways to do finishes without nickel that are really quite strong and that’s why be so boutiques carries only nickel free finishes and they’re all very good and high-end finishes and just to show you that make this piece you think of this you think that’s a long are you reading my blog I made this last Saturday cuz I just got this kind of a hook you see this kind of a hook that screams me this is our silverware silver plated finish and I made it for the challenge for the creative group this month which is making your own chain and I put this together from the civil world silver-plated hoops that we have to website and the little connector bars and then this piece which we sold out of immediately and they’re on order of we’re having again soon and I love this necklace I think I’m going to take it on my trip with me I’ll put that there now I’ve got this in here what is this who is still got the tag on somebody must take it to flea market couldn’t get $25 for well how would think it’s worth $25 we got book chain there this is 50 style book team you know why couldn’t you do that little connectors and washers I’m gonna awesome what’s wrong with this piece anything wrong this piece let’s examine it up we got a stone out you might be able to find a stone to replace that though there’s probably like a four by eight millimeter pair you might find a get blacks are not hard to come by you might find one it probably worth putting aside so you can find a stone because this is a nice piece it’s too good to tear up I would not tear it up in fact I don’t see any marks on it but it’s made like designer jewelry one day you might find the earrings to go with it or someone has I don’t know Rob’s tap and I mean saying we’re running out of time but I got just a few more I’m going to show you here because they will let it slide a little bit for us this is not old that’s a new piece made with our sectional material be super tapes we carry these we’re out of this right now but they’re coming in what else might be in the box of this Tom necklace Tom jewelry when you see the stuff you think automatically I’ll let’s break it up don’t think like that the first thing you want to do is you want to look for marks there is a mark on this and I can’t make it out right now but somebody this is a designer piece I just can’t make it out right now I should have done my homework and looked at at previous the stones are not bad if somebody likes a shabby-chic look they’ll be happy with this let somebody else repurpose it you could sell it if you did repurpose it do it responsibly by maybe removing this part and making a new chain to be putting it in a series of chains hanging down but maybe make it so you could put it back together or something I don’t know it’s your jewelry but it’s kind of a shame if it ain’t broke like they say why fix it this is a

piece of florenzo with a swing tag I wanted to show you this because this piece is marked here but this is new old piece somebody never wore this just got the swing tag on it that’s what I mean when I say swing tag copyright Lorenza so when you find it with a swing tag your extra coal for collectors okay well there’s just a whole bunch more in here I don’t know if you can look click with me here’s a piece of sh RL this is a finally finished piece of pot metal it’s got a little bit of wear to the finish on the back it’s 50s a piece like this is probably worth about 30 bucks so you don’t repurpose it you could hang it from something that resurfaced it but here’s a piece of chain nothing on it there’s it this is great for repurposing because it’s it’s not attached to nothing this is great use it go for where we got your real quick on so quick real quick well we go ahead this is 19 was a 20 jewelry company it’s from the late 70s early 80s and people are collecting it now so look for this stuff you can sell it this piece on star made in the fifties I think it’s got a little stone out if you repurpose it please don’t cut the backs off and glue it into something and this just this brooch should probably get you 18 bucks why not get the 18 bucks and buy something you really want anyway that’s about as far as we’re going to get through here there’s some broken crystal in here that’s great for repurposing and so this is not old memory wire bracelets from this period you’re probably only going to be about three coils thick okay there are two even this is made from some old beads and a broken necklace and some new India glass and I made it in it’s mine so we gotta go it’s getting it we’re going out of time there’s so much here I could show you but I hope this helped you out to get you to see that you can learn a lot from vintage jewelry how to separate it that it does have value and it can get you where you’re going if you learn to piece it out get it on your Etsy shop and sell it and make a little money