Filing New Shapes Into My Acrylic Nails | Long Chrome Jelly Coffin Bling | MADAMGLAM

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Filing New Shapes Into My Acrylic Nails | Long Chrome Jelly Coffin Bling | MADAMGLAM

hey guys what is up welcome back so in this video I’m gonna show y’all how I made these new cut out nails with different shapes I think you guys have seen the heart-shaped nails I’ve been doing with the heart-shaped cut outs I did two videos on those they’ll be in the cards but first I want to show you guys some new chromes from madam glam I have six colors here I’m gonna swatch them on white gel polish this is white this is perfect white sorry from madam glam and I put a no wipe top coat and cured that in the lamp so now I’m showing y’all what they look like some of them were filled up more than others I don’t really know too much about that the gold was filled up super high it kind of got everywhere but I’m just going to like show everything I want to be real upfront honest and truthful about like how these are working and swatching and stuff I actually thought I was gonna hate this one the most but I ended up loving this one the most it was so pretty on top of this white to me it has like a holo reflex in it too so that one’s called Estella and I’m gonna write their names on the on the swatch stick as well I did notice that a lot of these shades are very similar to some Chrome’s that I already have from various places so as I come across those Chrome’s that remind me of some other Chrome’s I’ll let you know like what they are reminding me of so this one that i’m swatching right now is reminding me of a pink duochrome that I got from Banggood so I don’t know which one is gonna be cheaper I might have that info in the comment section pinned to the top if I have a chance to like do that research my gut is telling me the banggood one would be cheaper just because it is from banggood and anytime something is branded it might have a little bit more higher price tag so this one reminds me so much of like daily charme Unichrome I’m not sure which one would be cheaper between those two because those are both like well-known brands madam glam and dailycharme are both well-known but if you just love madam glam and you’re already shopping on their site and you want some chromes and now you know like where to get them like these shades I feel are very very nice to have on hand you can use this stuff for all types of designs and I was really impressed with how they came out on my design today I wasn’t really expecting much but they just really really shocked me so you might notice that I’m getting patchiness you might notice that my application is not adhering at the first try and I feel like that’s normal I don’t really know what’s going on I think my lamp is going bad I’m not a hundred percent sure why that was happening to me but if you feel like your chrome is not adhering right away it just wiped down the nail with alcohol make sure it’s completely dry and try again and then should adhere so the second I mean sorry the fourth one I just switched out it looks just like Unichrome but a tad darker I don’t know any ones that are like that so this one I think this one was the one that reminded me of white chrome yeah that one reminded me of white chrome from daily charme too and then I think this one is a blue duo chrome yeah and it reminded me of the duo chrome set from banggood like I said with the pink duo chrome so yeah those are really nice these have like very space galactic type of name which I thought was real cute so I’m gonna do like some zoom in so you can see how pretty Estella is I I just I can’t that’s so pretty to me that nice like rainbow holo coming through Wow which one is y’all’s favorite let me know by the way guys this is gonna be my first time like narrating through a 40-minute video straight I’ve never done that before kind of nervous about it I hope I have some enough to talk about like I don’t know we’ll see I hope you I hope you like it if you like the longer videos click like I know you guys might forget but yeah Im gonna remind you in the beginning click like now that you’re here so I’m doing a set with tips I ran out of my enail Couture nail forms but I have some on the way I just got the tracking notification that they are on the way so I’m so happy about it so excited can’t wait to get them and I kind of wanted to try to do a more coffin shape today because I know I’ve been doing the square pretty much like riding square until the wheels fall off like I’ve been on square and I just can’t get off square I just love square but these tips are giving you that kind of like tapered coffin and as you can see they’re not even really tips these are full cover coffin nails unfortunately I don’t have the link for this I’m so sorry about that I really hate to come on here and show things that I don’t have links for

this particular item my ex-boyfriend bought this for me and like we are not in communication so like I’m not gonna just ask him where he got he probably doesn’t even know anymore we got this like last year or so so like yeah I’m really really sorry about it it’s always embarrassing to have to explain why I can’t give you guys links for certain things but like he had bought me a ton of nail art one time and that’s a lot of this stuff I’m still using now so yeah if you have if you have a significant other get them to buy you nail art sis like hello you know how girls be like having their boyfriends spend money to get their nails and hair done well when you’re a nail tech you’re like BAE I need nail art like buy nail art for me so this is me doing my acrylic application oh I’m so excited about what I’m about to talk about you guys okay first off this pink I’m using on my nail bed is a custom mix and it’s like a mixture of a banggood acrylic and a JC Beauty concepts hot pink neon hot pink acrylic but I don’t think it’s completely necessary to do this mix I think you can get away with either the banggood or the JC Beauty one I just wanted that perfect in between so I mixed them but yeah it wasn’t that necessary because I’m put in chrome on this design and yeah idk so I’m just capping the rest of the nail with JC beauty concepts ballerina kiss I believe….I really…no, dramatic pink I always mix those two up wow I always mix those two up dramatic pink is a very nice like clear pink acrylic and when it cures (SETS lol) it doesn’t have a super super strong pink to look to it but it is there so if you build it up real high you’re definitely gonna see it so I’m not making these nails super thick I kind of wanted to like play around with like the thin tapered coffin look I don’t know I feel like people people still kind of love that I think that there’s some of you guys out there who kind of missed that and I tried real hard I tried real real hard to not make these square the end of the nail was a little bit too tapered in for my taste so with the acrylic I do kind of like widen it and I’ll show you what I mean as we get there I’m using my number 12 oval alpha brush by the way a link for that will be down below and if you are considering buying a brush I highly recommend the Alpha brushes I’ve been using them forever I get asked a lot about what size is good for beginners I think size 8 or size 10 is nice because it’s not so big and I think if you start off with a big brush you might be overwhelmed but I think at the same time if you start with a big brush it might be good for you to to kind of like just pop right into I don’t know just like to start off at a more advanced level I don’t know maybe not I I started off with a big brush I think actually I started off with brushes from Sally’s and they really sucked but I think if you start off with a quality brush it will kind of eliminate a lot of the struggles that you go through when you’re doing nails there’s a lot of struggles and I find that the products you use really make a difference in your application and that’s something I’m gonna touch on in a bit because I trying out a new product that actually changed my application for the better I don’t know if you guys are noticing just how neat and nice everything is applying today and everything is just kind of blending and setting nicely there’s a reason for that and how we’ll get to it very soon but just doing a nice little simple ombre cuz this is gonna be a jelly set so I wanted to do like a colorful nail bed faded down into a transparent nail tip and I think I told you guys in the Nike video Nike Nails video that I don’t like doing crystal clear tips anymore because it makes the nails look incomplete like there’s no nail it just like ghosts into nothing and I used to love that but now I’m just like not into it anymore so I’m gonna put a jelly color on the tip to be honest these are basically just like the Nike nails except without the decals and without the striping tape and instead of glitter we’re using Chrome so that’s kind of what this look is these are a little bit shorter than those nails and they are a little bit different shape we got the tailor tailored the tapered coffin and these have a little bit of that Empress curved since they are a full cover nail I can’t avoid that empress nail curve but that’s okay and they kind of do have the slightest bit of C curve in there so yeah like I said not making these too bulky cuz I don’t want to just have to deal with a lot of filing because these are not real nail tips they are very wide right now

so with my efile I’m gonna taper them in but before I do that I wanted to show you guys this amazing monomer I have to take a moment to brag about this monomer okay I followed this woman on Instagram she put out that monomer that I just showed you guys very pretty wasn’t it it was a very pretty bottle it was a big isn’t you get a lot of freaking product and what first drew me in is that first off she does beautiful nails that’s always a good thing that’s always a great thing when the person you’re trying to buy product from they create beautiful nails using their own line so I knew it had to work well because her nails look good and then I noticed for the same price of what I’m paying for no lift nails monomer Sally’s Beauty Supply I’m gonna get double the amount if I buy her monomers her monomer I think it’s like 18 ounces and not double of what I get and it was only God I don’t know it was real cheap you guys like seriously you cannot beat this price like it was very cost-effective like very cost-effective like even if it performed badly I think I would still buy it and just deal with it cuz the price you cannot you cannot beat that you know saying low odor the odor was very very very low and it smelled so freakin amazing you guys it smelled tropical I felt like I was in Bath & Body Works I literally felt like I was in Bath & Body Works it smelled so pretty and nice like I was actually enjoying the smell and that never happens with monomer when I walked into my house you know how you walk into your house and you have that monomer smell that hits you at the door but instead what hit me was a nice tropical breeze like it I just can’t I cannot brag about it enough it was amazing amazing and then I didn’t get gumminess or stickiness and it didn’t set too fast it didn’t set too slow I got the perfect application I have been getting that gummy weird stickiness and it’s my acrylic had been setting so fast with no lifts nails in this heat but this monomer wasn’t giving me those weird freaking reactions so I mean I’m shook I’m so shook the bottle is pretty the packaging is pretty and it’s a squeeze cap so you just open the cap and squeeze the bottle into your dish no unscrewing I’m like Hello like she thought of everything she did a really great job I feel and I think we should be I think we should support women entrepreneurs black women entrepreneur black owned business like I’m here for I’m here for it 100,000% and I just want to like introduce you guys to this product because I’m a customer for life I’m I ordered three bottles the first time I ordered it because I just knew it was going to be bomb and it exceeded my expectations beyond what I could have even had hoped for I was just very shocked and impressed like I don’t know what what I don’t know what hit me the most like the smell or the application that those are like my top two favorite aspects of that monomer and you know like me and another tech had been having a conversation we had a conversation about like where should we buy bulk monomer online and like then all of a sudden she introduced this product and it was like a prayer was answered because I realized I was spending so much money at Sally’s Beauty Supply anyways so y’all just saw me at file shaping and buff my nails and nothing spectacular my usual filing routine nothing wrong you know nothing crazy and then I’m just using the Makartt jell jelly gel polish and I’m mixing it on the nail with a bit of clear cuz that pink is so strong it kind of hides the jelliness so I had just cured off camera and cleaned off the sticky tacky layer and now I’m back with my sharpie and y’all know what we about to do y’all know what it is ya know so I’m gonna draw some new shapes today cuz I want to try something new and I’m gonna do some butterflies and stars on this hand and then my usual hearts like this cutout thing it’s so funny like people’s reaction to it on insta is really it’s really funny I’m like people get triggered people love it people hate it but it’s like I’m getting so much engagement and views off of it that I just want to keep doing it for the hell of it I love it personally I think it’s cute as hell I think it’s so freakin cute and it might not be practical for everyday wear but I don’t care like I do nails for art not really for being practical but I think it’s okay my

sister’s a whole cop and she has a heart hole in her nail well she’s not a, she’s not a cop she’s a booking officer but she still has to do a lot with her hands every day so like she has this heart hole in her nail and she hasn’t complained at me yet and she is one of my biggest complainers about certain things so like yeah if it was really bad she would have told me by now so I’m using the same drill bit that I used in the last video the cyan jelly one and peachie one this one is the is from the Ophanie e-file kit it’s the real straight pointy one I used to like using the one that’s laying down beside my hand but I found when I started using this one I was able to get into those tight corners and make really point pointy kind of like marks I had a little bit of struggle with the star and you’ll see you’ll see that in the video just just the slightest bit of struggle and I think I’m gonna try to zoom in so you can really see what I’m doing here the best advice I can give you for this is to go straight through the design and create your first hole and from there go left and right like the thing about this okay I’m sorry I keep changing up what I’m trying to say the reason why okay oh wow am i okay am i okay yeah okay you guys asked me a couple you guys asked me if I can show this technique on nail tips and the reason why I haven’t done that is because I think I would lose control of the e-file because tips are very very thin and I think the e-file might you know oh go crazy go stupid and just like fly off to the side and crack my nail off I think because I have acrylic on this nail at this point I have a little bit more control of the situation I feel like there’s more stability within the nail structure that it’s not like just eating through you know what I mean I don’t know that’s my theory that’s the reason why I haven’t tried that yet I will try it I just forgot to do that today I’m really sorry about it but that’s what I’m thinking so umm I don’t know you guys like I hope that was helpful what I just said but yeah you want to like go straight through create your first hole and then like just carefully inch your way over to the next area and then go back and then inch your way over to the next area and then you want to like look at it from client view and look at it with your hands like out in front of you and you can see straight through the hole and then just work your angles and get all that junk out all that like white bits that come off get that stuff away cuz you might make it too big which ended up having to me on the other hand and we’ll get to that when we get there but the star ended up looking like a flower so I was like okay I’m kind of here for it like I kind of like the idea that why didn’t I think of that so I end up doing flowers on the other hand well one flower um it’s so funny like when I started doing the star I realized damn that makes the heart so much easier trying to do this freakin star and get like nice points and stuff I think one way to do this would be to get those hole punchers that are shaped and then punch it through a nail tip that would probably be another easy method to get like a nice crisp you know especially if you’re doing like apres nails and you’re just putting gel on top of that when you start putting acrylic on there it’s gonna gunk up the holes they’re gonna have to e-file anyway but if you’re doing apres you can go get a little hole puncher maybe and just punch through the end of the nail but yeah like I felt like it ended up looking like a toy something about this color the chrome the jelliness the glitterryness and just like the playful fun holes in the nail I think you guys will know what I mean when we start getting closer to the end they looked like little toys on the end of my hands like something I just got from a Happy Meal so sad weird and crazy I don’t know but I’m here for it I’m here for it it made me happy it really did it just improved my mood there’s so much so after that I’m gonna start doing my chrome application and this is a lot of layers of chrome that’s why I kind of made the thin the nails thin to begin with that’s always a good thing to do is kind of like have some foresight with your sets think about how many layers of paint you’re gonna be putting and then chrome and then top coat or whatever cuz that’s gonna like bulk up your nails quite a bit quite quite a bit so that’s a thing so I’m top coating the nail and I’m doing the underside because we want it to look glassy and you want to clean out that hole if you feel like you made your shape too big you can leave the gel in there because it will start shrinking it and

make it come down to a size that you’re comfortable with but I kind of wanted to keep mine open so I’m just gonna be cleaning through these and yeah so I end up using two different Chrome’s on this set and the inspiration for this chrome set came from @tres.she prom night talons they are a press-on nail company I’ve done a video recreating their look like two times before I don’t even know how many times because I get so much inspo from them it could be more than that but they did those iconic what’s it called the matte nails what is it called seaglass yeah the seaglass nails I got that inspo from them and yeah it was from one of their recent designs they came out with it didn’t look like this but it still inspired me they used like a very strong pink chrome it looks like pink chrome from dailycharme at the nail bed and then in the in-between blend they put some galaxy holo and then the tip was clear so that inspired me to bring through my galaxy Holo for this so I’m using the color called misty I think I totally just missed what was on the cap of this nail but this is the duo chrome with the blue reflex and boy she was popping oh my god oh my god do you see this girl hold up this is when I started really feeling myself this is when I was like oh we’re doing this today okay I guess I need to be extra I guess I need to really feel myself so I’m just putting down a base coat because at this point I’m like okay now I’m gonna put holo galaxy halo on my in-between Blend I was kind of like do I want to do this do I want to commit to this yes or no do I really want to put this galaxy Holo on here yes or no do you all have those moments where you’re like this is the make-or-break moment if I put the glitter on I can’t go back type stuff yeah that was me and I decided you know what just do it just do it the galaxy holo like have you ever regretted doing the most and I don’t think I ever have I don’t yeah I don’t think I’ve ever regretted doing the utmost so with a little bitty brush I’m digging in there and just putting the littlest bit right on the in-between that’s gonna help hide any messy like seam that might be there and just make an extra little bitty bit of holographic sparkle in the nail and placing that into the base coat I decided to go with the base coat that way when I put my top coat on top of this it will adhere to the base coat better I feel like putting top coat on top of top coat is a risk cuz they might not you know grab on and there’ll be like a little splotch I hate that I hate when I put a top coat on top of a top coated nail and it’s like sliding it’s not grabbing on and then you have to like wipe it off and buff the nail a little bit like who has time instead of doing that just put a base coat because that tacky layer is gonna grip onto the top coat and yeah it’s just you can keep going like that so yeah with this little brush I’m just applying these and scattering them around and then I’ll cure that into place that galaxy Holo came from Beauty BIGBANG and I’ve been using it for 87 years like I’ve had that thing forever it lasts so long that stuff lasts forever and it was crazy because when they sent it to me it had like hardly any product in there it was almost like a pinch of product but that’s all you you don’t need much like it it stretches real real far so I’m using one of the Chrome’s that looked like uniChrome I dont remember the name but of course I will have those names listed the ones that I used and the ones I didn’t use of course I’ll have it listed what does that say Lou I can’t see that um Sunstone okay Sunstone and I think Sunstone was the one that looked like a darker version of unichrome and I just put Sunstone on the nail bed and I blended it slightly over the Holo chrome then I’m gonna steal that in and I decided okay now this is done and it just looks so playful it looks so fun uh I freaking love colorful nail bed and then transparent tip yeah I don’t know I call I feel like I called it that jelly nails are never ever going away like they will never go out of style right like right no one’s tired of jelly nails no one no

one like you know no one’s over it I’ve heard people say that they’re tired of like pink to white baby boomer I’ve heard that and I and I have a sympathy with that or was it I have the same sentiment or I sympathize with that empathize Wow yeah I feel that I definitely do okay so these stones are from banggood I’ve been using the heck out of the banggood stones lately cuz they just come in so many sizes Wow they come in so many sizes like super small sizes which I like and just real good for cuticle bling to get all those like you know that perfect radiation from big to small it looks real cute it looks good you know and just you know putting these out you know of course these are gonna end up in my big box my big shoebox of stones and for once I’m being responsible and I’m filing where I want to put my stones so that the glue will adhere I’m being responsible so we’re not having any stone sliding around so yeah I’m just placing these from big to small and by the way these are backless stones that’s why they look like that and they just worked out really really nicely with this I had actually ordered these along with the other two I got and they didn’t get here till now so I feel like it was like meant to be that I use them today they’re so so cute just uh I really like these and when I put them on they don’t look super backless it’s like you can just tell there’s something different about these stones but you don’t know what it is they kind of have like a little bit more iridescent to them a little bit more lighter not so dark I don’t know I hope you guys get what I’m trying to say here but yeah just nice simple cuticle bling I was about to about to make these like Sailor Moon nails and do something really special on these and it would have been like really big like a really big thing and I was about to put on here but after I finished this base I was like man I don’t want to ruin these nails I don’t want to I don’t want to waste such a nice base of nail because I think this design on its own is just so good by itself so I decided to just save that idea for another day maybe that’s something I’ll do for tomorrow because I don’t know I love I love the Sailor Moon or magical girl nails that people do and I have to do it every once in a while like if it’s been a while since I’ve done a magical girl set I feel I start fiending I started feeling like I need someone asked me to do some Madoka nails girl I’m so here for that I’m so here for that and then um I want to do what’s her name Cardcaptor Sakura and what’s it called Magica no it’s one show that I don’t really watch damn it I forgot I have some pink to blue stiletto nails and that set was inspired by that show but anyways this is the other hand I really like the mismatched hand trend and I’m seeing it a lot more frequently lately I think it’s just one way to get the best of both worlds you don’t have to choose on just one color and I haven’t done this type of purple for ever this really nice lilac this is a banggood acrylic do not sleep on banggood acrylics like I used to preach about these and just like rave about these because it’s all I used to use and people would tell me that they are like they’re not smooth so I don’t know what’s up with that maybe it’s like a Jaclyn Hill lipstick situation where some people are getting good product and some people are getting a bad product I don’t know but for me they’re very smooth and very pigmented and it’s just like you can’t lose you get 24 colors and if you use your colored acrylics wisely they last years because you’re not really supposed to be building up your nail with the color acrylic you’re supposed to be like painting it on and just like putting on enough for it to be opaque and then you cap the nail with clear build up your structure with clear clear is the acrylic that you’re supposed to be running through quickly you know so yeah I really like these I really like this purple I’m not a purple girl you know I think I’ve said that before but this type of purple is everything this lilac lavender she’s so cute I was watching um I was watching Tati the other day and she said that this was her favorite color and it kind of like made me think it I was like that is a nice color though like it is really cute and I think that’s why I grabbed this and reach for this because I felt influenced or something I think

she influenced me to like this I don’t know it’s not even like that’s my fave beauty guru or anything I don’t have a fave I was just watching her because she’s so she’s like a classy person I don’t know she’s interesting to watch you have to admit that she’s it’s interesting to like peek in and see what people are like and like what people are talking about I think that’s why people like vlogs just like see what people’s life is like and stuff anyways I’m doing the same thing on the purple hand so I’m not showing everything I am gonna show the application and a couple other steps but like certain things don’t need to be shown again just cuz this hand is purple you know but yeah I’m gonna cap with dramatic pink again on this hand and yeah that was also cuz I’m low on my clear and I didn’t I didn’t think I would have enough clear to finish this set but I really didn’t need much and I think it is because of that monomer the monomer made my beads work a lot better than the no lifts nails monomer like the no lifts nails monomer would literally make my beads so sticky and runny sometimes that I would have to like swish the product across the nail and just like clean you guys I was cleaning off my brush so frequently with that other monomer cuz it was so sticky all the time and I would like have a I would have a bottle of brush cleaner on my desk and anytime I’m not using my brush it would be soaking in there because I felt like my brush was like constantly gunking up and sticking up but like those issues are a thing of the past like I didn’t have any problems like my beads are doing what they’re supposed to do it almost felt like if you’re like in training and there’s a bunch of rocks on your back and everything is just so hard and then one day someone comes and takes all those rocks off your back and you can just like fly across the room Like if anyone watches Naruto like um a Rock Lee moment where he takes off all his weights and he’s like kicking ass and stuff like that’s how it felt like I all my restraints were taken off and I was finally able to apply acrylic properly it was amazing yeah that’s what I mean like having product that helps you it helps your entire life like your applications better so yeah I like you know with brushes with the acrylic you use with the monomer you use all those things are gonna work together to you know make you happier make you love this hobby you’re not gonna be stressed it’s gonna be a joy you guys I never I never had such a fast application and I don’t know if it’s because I use tips today and maybe right when I use forms I over apply I’m starting to think that too I think when I use tips I can see the shape of the nail so clearly and I can just like apply what needs to be applied and I think what I have forms on I’m kind of just like over applying cuz I don’t see what the nail is really looking like I don’t know that’s my theory right now and I have to kind of keep playing with forms but yeah I still prefer the way forms look on me because I don’t like the empress curve I have to say I don’t the empress curve is cute and stuff but I don’t I don’t know it’s not my favorite it’s not so I’m using the purple Makartt jelly and she’s pigmented right now I don’t know what’s going on sometimes she’s not pigmented sometimes she’s pigmented but she looks really pigmented today so I’m not using the most I’m just using a bit of her and painting the entire nails I don’t really know why I decided to paint the nails first and then drill those holes in I really can’t tell you why but I just had it in my mind that I wanted to paint the nails first and then drill out my shapes I could have just waited til the nails were drilled to paint them don’t know sorry about it but yeah just make sure you clean off that sticky layer cuz that’s gross it’s gonna attract a bunch of dust it’s just ugly one thing I hate is having to clean off my desk a lot but someone sent me someone longhairpretty nails Evie @ longhairprettynails like literally sent me her dust collector that she wasn’t using anymore because she had got a nicer one like a Valentino one which is like the the gold standard of dust collector so she was able to get a Valentino dust collector so she sent me the dust collector she didn’t use anymore and it’s actually real nice I’m just not able to use it right now because my setup is not big enough to have all that stuff on my desk so when I move soon I’m moving like mid-july I’m

gonna set up my area so I can use that and I was gonna wait to talk about it when it was already set up but yeah oh god I was so happy when she offered that to me Evie is like a pillar of the nail community like she’s the OG and she’s so nice like she’s very supportive of all the nail people I feel like and she’s just very positive you never hear anything negative come from her I really like that and I don’t know it really touched me that she reached out to me and was like I heard that you needed dust collector do you want mine and she shipped it out to me with her own money like wow what a blessing I was so touched it made my whole month I was like wow like I don’t know it’s just amazing things like that really just I don’t know I was real I’m still really really happy about it so so blessed it just grateful so yeah I hope she’s hearing this thank you so much Evie but yeah I don’t know and like stuff like that makes me want to pay it forward to the next person you know cuz she didn’t have to do that but she wanted to she said something like us nail girls have to stick together and I was like yes like I love that like we don’t have to compete you know cuz like I saw a post on insta that said something like there’s a billion dollars or something in the nail industry there’s no reason for nail techs to compete and that’s so true like there’s so much room for everyone to do whatever they want to do in this nail thing and it’s like I don’t know she’s just she’s an awesome role model really look up to her really love her if you don’t know about long hair pretty nails which I highly doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t know about long hair pretty nails yeah I don’t know I’m just very um touched I was so touched by that but yeah I just did the filing on here the reason I mentioned that though is because clearly I need a dust collector cuz there’s a ton of dust in filings behind me and I’m like half of this video I had to keep like sweeping it off and throwing it away that’s why I like to use paper cuz I just throw it away when it gets dirty and then just get another one that’s not really great for the environment so like I said when I move everything’s gonna be different I’m probably gonna do a whole new nail room tour video too because I want to set up my room real cute this time and like just be a little bit more thoughtful to how I have things set up if you guys want to see my current nail room tour I’ll have a link in the cards and yeah it’s just very humble huh it’s a very small space because when I moved here I didn’t even do nails like that I was like just starting so it was something I was just doing very casually but yeah that’s how long I’ve been here I’ve been in this same place for like five freakin years and I’m so excited to move I’m not even going far I’m just like going down the street but y’all they be trying to get you with that pricing girl you could shoot I don’t know how it is where y’all are but like where I am every six months they try to like add money add some increase the price of your rent and I know it’s normal and stuff but it’s still irritating cuz it’s just like y’all are not really doing that much like I understand it’s the market value but there’s nothing much changing around here in this area so like what’s the real tea sis wow you guys we made it through the forty minute video I’m so I’m shook I can’t believe I can talk that much and I was prepared to keep going because I didn’t realize how quickly we came to an end so this is what they look like they’re freaking stunning they’re iconic I love these so effing much oh my god they look so good here they look so good here and listen if the bottle opener nails trigger you let me know why if you love it let me know if you hate it let me know thank you guys for watching anyway if you’re new subscribe and hit the notification bell that you never miss an update from me thank you guys so much for watching I love you very much and I will see you in the next one please have an amazing day or night and I love you so much bye~~