LP Farming Simulator 2013 #8 – Dual upgrades!

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LP Farming Simulator 2013 #8 – Dual upgrades!

hello guys welcome back his are in farming simulator 2013 and you know what takes a long time this sewing this ginormous field we got here well there are bigger fields but this is pretty big and with this small sewing machine I don’t know been at it for probably an hour real time so far it really is a pain so there is no doubt in my mind that the next upgrade that we need before we get started on like other types of farming equipment is in the sewing machine and I think I showed you in the last episode in the shop I was looking at some of them I can see appear that one that I have now has a width of 2.1 meters see the capacity doesn’t really matter because when you have higher a worker they just refill it automatically and some of them can so this combination like wheat barley canola or grass same with that one those three meters is just a slight upgrade for twice the price or upkeep anyways maintenance to point 15 but it is potatoes you know three again so maybe it’s faster I don’t know not sure if there is like a speed difference in some of them that might be as well what helps potato planter wheat barley canola grass three meters I know maybe it’s faster again and Mase and sugar beets so at some point we’re going to need this one probably for starters here though they have six meters for sixty 2304 those things that we need to plant and the cool thing actually didn’t read the description super mounted drill combination is particularly suitable for small to medium viola but this one I read here and it it will both seed and fertilized at the same time that is very useful so they were saving a lot of time this one does not it’s eight meters though mm-hmm and fertilizing doesn’t take that long so one of these two egnater sounds tempting it’s very quick to fertilize actually this is nine meters for 10,000 more maybe I’ll go with you in there this is 15 meters but now we’re now we’re up in a different price range all together again yeah I don’t know by the way I thought it was weird so shortly this girl be finished and then I’ll have to put him in that field over there cuz I’m done that yet but then she’ll be able to make some serious money on this big field here I’m going with canola once again because simply you just pays a lot more than all the others as you can see canola is over 2,000 the other ones are around 1100 and allow if that changes over time because it’s been going down like it says on the arrows there that the price is going down for a while they still twice as much as the other one and has it’s not going up or down very quickly so I’m just going to keep doing that until something else pays better at least until I can afford song i got my main goal now is to find some way to make tons of money and then once i can make tons of money that i can start experimenting with other types of

farming like potatoes amazing stuff like that yeah so we’ll see when this is finished because it’s a bit boring for you guys to watch the same stuff being made all over again and again she finished well nice touch okay stupid that wasn’t so hard was it and I don’t think I can cut down trees we’re getting at all yeah all right I’ll see out of it all right that was one of my I just wanted to show that that was my highest yielding mission so far but see i have now my extended field from before fully grown and the new field fully grown so we’re ready to make some serious money now and after that we’re going to buy a new sewing machine yeah that was it all right that’s one okays going to write a little bit curious whether i put the angle right but they seem to adjust as long as them completely of course seems to stay with occasion usually all tablet and now this guy and I have my tractor’s lined up here so this guy can empty the tank of that one and over there I have the other tractor so yeah we’re set but I’m not going to put you through this now I said well I’ll be farming here on my wonderful day all right it’s all done just finishing up here a little bit you can see I now have almost twenty seven thousand liters of canola in my storage that I’ve filled up during this oh and that’s now going to just empty by two treasures I think they’re gold I think that’s the name of these things I could just read it somewhere anyways this one well they’re just gonna Park it here for now then we have this guy also has a little bit in it and then we’re going to go sell it or we’ll see how much money we can get and buy stuff our favorite activity Oh that we can’t let it go when there’s will there’s a way finish up already I want to pour this

all into my silo or whatever it’s called first just to see what’s our total and then I have a surprise for you I need to keep these stats open here on my PDA in the meantime the course the surprise is related through that I guess you’re all really really curious now but probably not see let’s see how much are told ways so forty thousand four hundred and thirty four liters of canola forty thousand liters that’s quite a bit I can’t remember how much this tank can take let’s check that out let’s fill it up I just need to see which that one okay let’s fill it up to full forty thousand total this one can take what you take quite a bit it can’t say oh yeah twenty four thousand two hundred ok so it should yeah okay so I can finish it in two full loads now no before I reveal the surprise let me just get this guy started on there on this area here just because it’s going to take a while there we did this first and then so but my sewing machine is so much smaller than this one so the sewing always takes longer although I would like any one of those two okay pay attention to the PDA we’re going to sell now and ok if you through some stats this is the prizes all right special offer at the farm shop canola 1.8 X the time or the price which means they’re selling it for three thousand horse buying for 3436 oh that is pretty sweet now if I could only remember where the farm shop oh yeah i think it’s it’s probably down i think i know where this so that should breaking some serious money that was a i was just giving through this and I was feeling through a little bit and luckily i stopped this before the eight hours right now because I was having our I speak to you know to make it grow or solids I just tossed the time to real-time immediately because this is awesome I’m going to make a ton of cash I’ll see you down at the farm show that’s the one that’s the phone shop and up there is our fun so this might go down in history as the single most yielding load I will ever have in this game who knows what’s that Oh should be filled okay so we’re now at 50 1800 approximately let’s see look at that oh jeez oh yeah so how much is that it’s like 83,000 okay yeah I think yeah 83,000 on one load the next one will not be as much but it should be at least fifty thousand which is like I could get nearly pay back my loan let’s see what the next one brings in what I total becomes so the next one here is only 67% full we should still give us like my get my

guessing is just around 50,000 more but we’ll see maybe slightly less like 48,000 my estimation but I do understand now like the reason you have those silos you should probably just farm everything and not sell anything until there’s a special offer and when there is a special offer just like go crazy go to town sell off your your stock problem is right now though I really need you know the starting funds I need some equipment and stuff too to really get it rolling so like shopping wise what I would like to get now is like a potato harvesting machine or something to get to try something new out actually what I would like even more than that is some silage stuff that I don’t really understand because you have to mix different types of grass and hay and what not to feed cows I mean and she probably for that matter but I’m not going to do that because the things i’m going to buy will just make me able to earn salt money so much faster in the beginning so i think that’s a good investment and then once we have that role and then all the money from that point on can go to those more fun stuff so to say all right let’s see you have thirty four thousand eight hundred from 34 290 okay i was about two thousand off so it’s like 46,000 road yeah nearly 46,000 for that load its buying time I think we have I think I can afford a couple of things now the good thing when buying upgrades in this game is you don’t really have to look at it as a replacement because you can always use the old stuff too so even if i don’t buy like the top notch the year to year of of any one particular tool right now i know that i’ll be able to use it for the simple reason that there are so many fields that i will need it at some point to just I like it to form multiple fields at once so let’s see here I shouldn’t let me get out so it’s not so noisy okay we were thinking about the sewing machine is mostly important if I can also afford and you was gold merriment cultivating if I cannot for the new cultivator as well and they are pretty cheap it’s on a 6-meter this one is three meters so that will be a cheaper Craig this would be a slightly more expensive but actually now sell enough that would be a good one preparing the harvested field for the following working steps yeah so it should go with that one super 8 okay so this one I need the powerful tractor it says so probably if I if I have 53,000 spare I will grab that one but let’s look at the most important first sewing machines and we were considering that one because it can or was it was it this one it’s 6 meters and it can sew and fertilize the same time then there is of course this one which is 8 meters this one is only uh that one is only a sewing machine yeah so is this well the thing is I can afford it and it’s so big it would just make things so much faster should we get that one actually I don’t know if they if I have strong enough tractors you know what I’m

going to take this one here yeah yeah I’ll take this one and I can afford more stuff next episode without so much grinding and so by that one and that leaves us more than enough money for which was it this also held in a row I need a powerful tractors I’m going to buy that one bye that leaves us with 75,000 still and these two double patches guys score okay let’s pretty sweet let’s put all this stuff back to our farm that one that one and that one and that one I have something more spread around the place now you’re that one too putting a mission down there okay you know what let’s put that one back to just clean it up sorry good do I eat to hear clean up here of this okay that should be good and that guy is nearly finished I guess yeah so let’s see how much better the new one is I’m going to use the fees are so big which one was that which one was what this is the multi-purpose thing so I need this to prepare the field Oh I’m gonna need a new tractor soon maybe I can get a let’s not go crazy hold on how do i attach this we got it oh look at this monster that isn’t so sweet ok No actually you’re gonna split it’ll help over here so on so look and it’s full glory unfold yeah that should that should help a bit look at the size of it compared to that other thing it’s a good one so of this I guess how it worked right so if you’re trying straight uh that’s much faster I can get the even bigger ones with that helps I like it lastly compared to the other one but yeah so he’s gonna be doing that now my question is I’m pretty sure that this little piece of crap tractor here cons cons handle the other one actually in a washing I should clean this up to budget choise it this the old sewing machine I can’t find it nice i don’t think i can

get to it now I’m just going to clear the way for later you done sir okay let’s wait for that glad to be done and i’ll see if i can attach the the new sewing machine to this one or if it’s it’s too small it is too small i would leniently attractor what is the cheapest tractor that is what do they cost well this one is twenty-five percent off the same one I have power um I’m two kilowatts 134 horsepower suit o.o is worse this is what why thought weren’t that one so much stronger than everything like i would think that one was bad through I don’t think are pretty high till to get something here we got something with a bit more overpowering it with more kicking it let’s see chair wheels well it’s truly for like potatoes now here’s something powerful that’s probably the next one I’m going to buy I think that’s the next episode we might get this thing 139,000 i already have 75,000 so i do one more round of farming here and i should be able to afford that that one was really strong yeah what it is me sling from well one less done well we’ll have a look at I didn’t your sewing machine it’s time for some action it’s not every episode we get to test our two new pieces of equipment I’m looking forward to this next one of the most I hope it fits on this tractor though otherwise it would be little annoying see dump that one here and the front weight on still a pretty small tract with about that your visual work so far so good okay cool all right so the thing is I need to fill it up oh ok I can’t steer it oh I need a better tractor for this one still going to try it I’m not sure sir look if I give guys in sort of lifts off the ground if it’s right esteem and I can’t not at high speeds anyway might be different when it’s done let’s see refill so still going to do condolence this one can also take quite a bit in it which doesn’t matter at all relations I’m going to hire a worker I’m not sure if I need to refill it or not okay let’s see so since it has 0 since it can both so and fertilize and it head over there to the fertilizing thingamajig as well poof well this is sending out the be difficult I really need a new tractor um I don’t have a refill option

didn’t I get the thing that can both so and third lines live like my plan boom maybe I don’t have to do both yeah it doesn’t seem so okay well let’s try without them II all right let’s get into position here and unfold this and they also have with these things you have the rich mark not really sure how to use those what’s the point right i’m guessing the hyatt worker will show us is it fully unfolded I can turn it on he is his one no I are working here see what he does today I’m not sure if it’s both sewing and doing things by guess we’ll find out oh I chose the wrong seat though oh well I guess we’ll harvest of this which will allow me to maybe I put the tractor on hold for another episode we can throw something to do with hey next time maybe maybe we’ll see since I chose the wrong seat oh well that’s all we have time for this episode guys thanks a lot for watching I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me we got to try out some new stuff I’ll see you around for the next one take care