How to Layer Iron-On Vinyl and Make a Baby Yoda Milestone Blanket

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How to Layer Iron-On Vinyl and Make a Baby Yoda Milestone Blanket

– Hello everybody, my name is Jennifer Maker Today I am showing you how to layer iron on vinyl and make a milestone blanket on The Great Maker Show & Tell (upbeat music) So ever since social media became a thing, I noticed that lots of new moms love sharing photos of their babies as they’re growing each month, right? So each month they have a photo I totally missed out on this as my daughter was born like five years before I joined Facebook at all but I think it’s a really fun idea and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a milestone blanket If you’ve never heard of a milestone blanket, it’s basically a blanket with the numbers one to 12 on it which you just lay on the floor and you put your baby on it and then you mark the weeks or the months of and then you snap a photo and you can buy milestone blankets, of course, you can buy them from lots of places but why not make it yourself just the way you want? Today I am going to show you how to make a simple milestone blanket and all you really need for it is a blanket and some iron on vinyl And since we’re working with iron on vinyl, I’m also going to show you how to layer it so that you can make super cute decorations on your blanket Like this adorable baby Yoda or this super cute and pretty simple giraffe, both of which were made with layered iron on vinyl Now a lot of people tell me that they’re confused about layering iron on vinyl but it’s really pretty easy and I’m going to show you how to do it so that you don’t have to be afraid of it So for this tutorial, I am using several different kinds of vinyl For the numbers and the letters I’m using the strip flock which is a really soft flocked vinyl that feels a little bit like fabric so it’s really nice for this and for the layered iron on decorations I’m using regular Cricut every day iron on which is your basic iron on vinyl that works on pretty much anything and everything and I’m using it for the giraffe and the Cricut sport flex iron on vinyl which is great for stretched fabrics like the fleece polyester blanket that I’m using for this baby, for the baby blanket and I use it for this baby Yoda You can really layer almost any vinyl The only things that you really can’t do is put another vinyl on top of glitter iron on vinyl, foil iron on vinyl, holographic, patterned or printable iron on If you want to use any of those, they should be your top layer only and you can totally layer the sport flex iron on which is what we’re going to be doing today with the baby Yoda but if you do this you should only use sport flex in your layers and no other iron on vinyl because sport flex stretches and the other vinyls don’t and that would just be a mess So there are a few important things to remember when you are layering iron on vinyl First if you have more than two layers like we do here, you’re going to want to reduce your press time by at least half otherwise you risk overheating and over pressing the bottom layers Second, you must always use a cover sheet of some kind, so you could use like Teflon or something else Whenever you are ironing like additional layers, you got to have the cover sheet I’m using parchment paper, I think it works really well And third, whenever possible, trim your layers’ carrier sheets so that you can do multiple colors at once, it cuts down on time, always a good thing and reduces the likelihood that you’ll get little lines where your carrier sheets were when you were pressing Finally, if you’re having any issues at all getting your layers like aligned, I know that stresses a lot of people out, you can use the star alignment method which just means that you can add stars to each layer at the same spot and then you can use them as a way to align all of your layers together, you have two stars like right here and you just kind of build it up and the stars don’t have to end up on your finished project as you can see and I will show you how to do that in this video Other than the vinyl and a blanket, you’re going to want a way to cut your iron on vinyl I am using my Cricut and you’re going to want to want a way to press the iron on vinyl and I am using the Cricut easy press two in a big 12 by 10 size You’ll also want a weeding tool to prepare the vinyl, a pressing mat, cover sheet, maybe some heat resistant tape to keep things in place when you’re moving them around, this is a big project and a yardstick

to measure things and get them all in the right spot and if you would like to make a way to indicate the numbers for the photos, you can make cute little frames, I’m using Cricut veneer blue and a little acrylic paint to make frames that look just like this I think that’s it Oh, you need a design I have the giraffe milestone blanket design that you can use freely over on my blog at Now I can’t give you the file for the baby Yoda, as that is Disney’s property but I can show you how to use a properly licensed Star Wars image over on Cricut design space to make this super cute baby Yoda So let me first show you how I prepared and layered my baby Yoda which some people call Boda, I think and I used the sport flex vinyl for that and then I’m going to show you how to iron on the rest of the numbers and letters over onto your milestone blanket and this is a big surface and how to do this without going nuts Your first step is to get my milestone blanket pattern over on my blog at I keep my free files in my library You get there by going to the red bar at the top and you go to enter the library, if you don’t have a password, you can get one for free and once you’re in the library, the fastest way to find the pattern for this project is to search the page with control F or command F and just type in milestone and here we see the milestone blanket giraffe file I’m going to click that to download it and then click it again to open it This is what it looks like inside The next step is to go to Cricut Design Space and upload it We’re going to click upload and then upload image and browse I’m going to find the file that we downloaded It’ll be in our downloads folder We’re looking for the SVG file Click that and then click open and it will upload to Cricut Design Space So here is our milestone blanket design and really, it’s pretty much ready to go You don’t have to do a lot One thing I would recommend is you un-group it and you separate out the things that are going to be cut in different materials For example, your giraffe is probably going to be done in a different material because you’re layering it so you can move that off to the side and your frames, there’s two of them, are likely they’ve also be done in something other than iron on vinyl, right, because they need to move But all of these things, all of the things on the right here, these letters and numbers for your blanket, in this tutorial I am doing them in flocked vinyl but you can of course do them in regular iron on vinyl like the Cricut everyday or the Cricut sport flex The decal, the giraffe, we did this one in Cricut every day iron on, you can also do it in sport flex You’re not going to want to do it in flocked because you’re not going to want to layer that The frames we cut from veneer So wood veneer, Cricut wood veneer So you may want to separate things out, hide things based on what you do But otherwise, it’s pretty much good to go, you can click make it and you can cut things out, note that you will need a big mat to do the arrow and the grow baby grow sign, now there’s one other very important thing that you need to do before you continue on and that is to mirror all of your images So we need to turn mirror on for anything that’s going to be cut in iron on vinyl So that’s a whole lot of stuff here All of this needs to be cut in iron on vinyl There we go, so we want mirro on for everything Now you can click continue and you can cut it out You just choose the right material for the vinyl that you’re using, if you’re using the strip flock, I recommend the glitter iron on setting If you’re using sport flex or everyday, you can use the built in settings that are in Circuit Design Space Now what if you don’t want to a giraffe but you want a different design? Let me show you how you can create that baby Yoda design that I showed earlier in my video All right, let’s move everything here down on our canvas so we have some room to work Okay, so I’m in love with baby Yoda, okay just so you guys know and I really wanted to make a baby Yoda for this milestone blanket and however, Yoda is a Disney trademark and I’m not about to violate their trademark by drawing one myself and distributing it, so naturally I went to Cricut which has Star Wars licensed images to see if it had a baby Yoda so I just click on images and typed in Yoda and alas, this is what I found There’s no baby Yoda here

I’m sure one will come in the future, I am sure of it but we don’t have one yet, however, all is not lost We can still make do with one of their licensed images that they do have, so down here we have old Yoda but he still is kind of cute and we can totally change this into cute baby Yoda so I want to note first of all before you play with this that this, these images, all of these Star Wars images that you see here, they are paid, they’re not free so if you want to do this, expect to pay for it, this is a licensed image from Disney, it’s only two bucks currently so and just if anyone’s looking for this image, it’s not coming up, this is in the Star Wars size matters not cartridge and the number is M81FEFA3 Okay, so I obviously have purchased it so that I can play with it and I’m going to click on insert images And I’m going to make it bigger So this is old Yoda, he’s cute but I want baby Yoda but the thing is is that it’s not uncommon for us to have images like this that are close but not quite what we want and what if we want colors, what if we want layers, right? We just have this black and white image So you can totally do this and you can do this using the contour tool and the shapes tool We can change this to be what we want that works for our needs So first let’s duplicate this so we have an extra copy Just over here at the same size and then we’re going to zoom in here and basically what I want to do is get rid of all of the old Yoda face (chuckles) and just sort of clear the face so that I can put in some cute eyes and you know, that sort of thing Nothing too complicated and then of course I wanted it to have some color not just be black and white and so what I’m going to do is use the contour tool, this is a very cool tool, it’s over here in the lower right hand corner and it’s going to let me remove parts, all the parts that I want to remove, right, so what I would like to do is get rid of all of this old stuff All this old Yoda face stuff so all I have to do is click on it to get rid of it and you can see that I am doing that and I don’t want these old ears either So just, I’m literally just clicking at it so let’s see how that looks See? Progress already so that looks pretty awesome Now how do we get a layer behind him that’s green and retain this black layer too? So we can do this So I am going to right click on this and I’m going to do duplicate, now we have two layers I’m going to move this one down a bit here so that we can play with it a bit more Well maybe I’ll move it over ’cause we’re kind of runnin’ out of space there Okay so we’re going to use contour again and this time we’re going to get rid of everything inside I’m just going to do hide all contours and you can see now I have just the outline of Yoda and now I can change his color to a Yoda green which to me is kind of like reptilian, maybe a little lighter than that, that looks good and I can slide it over here on top of the image that I have I can even select them both and choose a line, centered to get them right aligned on top of each other and then I’m going to send this green layer to the back See, we’re making progress already, now we have two layers Okay so we need some eyes, you know, we can just do circles, so we can click on shape and just do a circle here I want these to be black so they match the outline, well I guess they could be any color but I’m going to do black and so this is just a circle so we could do something like this, I’m going to duplicate this and put it here I mean, that’s cute and you can totally do that if you want but baby Yoda actually has more alien looking eyes So, and we can do this, we can totally make eyes that look like this so let me show you how I did it, so I’m going to bring one of his eyes over here and I’m going to slice it by creating another shape and I’m going to slice it in half So this is about half So I’m basically going to select these two images, these two elements, to use slice, you can only have two items selected or it won’t work, so I’ve got two items and I’m going to click slice down here on the

lower right corner and I end up, I’m going to get rid of all the extra things I sliced away and I end up with like a half circle shape So this is great, so I’m going to duplicate this shape and I’m going to rotate it around with the rotate handle and holding down the shift key to get that nice increment and then I’m going to unlock it so that I can modify its shape a bit more and I’m going to make it shorter Like this, okay? And then I’m going to put it right here and we can zoom in more to make sure that we’re getting that centered, that looks close, doesn’t really have to be perfect but if you want to get it perfect, you certainly can All right, so there we have a much more alien looking eye, wouldn’t you say? Especially if we tilt it a little bit up like this Can you see it? And then we can click weld to put the two together to create a cool baby Yoda eye We can drag this over and put this into position Maybe that’s a little bit big I don’t know Get rid of this round eye, which was still cute but I think this is much cuter and we’ll do duplicate and then we’re going to use flip and we’re going to flip it horizontal and move it over here and voila cute baby Yoda eyes We can select both of them and click align, and do align top so that they’re in the same position You see, you see how you can do this? So now we have a very cute little baby Yoda and we can keep going and doing more and more stuff, right, you can like really get into this, you can make more shapes and do more slicing and welding and you know, we can have his robe be a different color, we can add some ears, we can give him a nose, we can do lots of things Hopefully you can see how to do it, though, right? The tools that are in Cricut Design Space actually give you a lot of flexibility and so I went a little further and I kept doing this and let me show you, let me go ahead and save this So we’ll call this Proto Baby Yoda ’cause I did do more and I just, but I want to save this in case we come back to it but I took it a step further and I actually, let’s go to my projects, so you can see Here we go So here is a baby Yoda, two versions made from that exact same file that you saw and I simply used shapes and slice and contour and everything to create these two images So here on the left we have baby Yoda in his hover carriage I don’t know what’s that actually called but it’s adorable It’s a little baby carriage that floats I guess and you can see just his head peeking out of his carriage and then over on the right we have the baby Yoda wearing his brown robe and you know because later on he ditches the carriage and he’s just walking around on his tiny little feet (chuckling) And the thing is is that these are all layered and ready for you to do cool stuff with I’m just using the file that was in here, I just, you know, created layers by duplicating and contouring and slicing and all that stuff and you can do the same thing with any file that you need that isn’t created, you know, as a layered file already, so yeah, so hopefully that gave you an idea, now you are welcome to access this canvass, it’s public, I’ve shared it, I’ve put the link to this canvass over on my blog, it’s also linked in this video description So feel free to use it, just remember you have to pay for the image from Disney because this is a properly licensed image because I would not want to violate any trademarks I feel very strongly about that I want to just show you this image here because I am going to cut this one out and show you exactly, we’re going to do a layered iron on with this image and I want to point out a couple things Let’s first of all, we can hide this baby Yoda one here so we have just this one here So I put this one into, I think it’s five layers, so we have baby Yoda’s outline with his eyes and I gave him a little nose, nostrils, his ears, which was simply made by using duplicate and slice, or duplicate and resizing and stuff like that and contour The outline of his head, so it’s just his head that’s separate from his body because I wanted to put him into his hover carriage and here we have,

this is all this, this is the same color, it’s like a light gray and then we have a dark gray and you’ll notice there’s some stars here So one of the things I hear from you is that you get, you’re just not sure how to line up your layered iron on vinyl so it looks good So I want to teach you the star alignment technique What I’ve done is, for each one of the layers is, I’ve put some stars and they’re always in the same spot So, and we’ll just move everything So here is the first layer and this is the dark gray, you’ll see there’s two stars up here and they’re attached, okay, next layer is the silver one and if we line up the stars, you see it goes right into position So imagine you’re doing this, you cut it all out and you’re layering your iron on vinyl on your blanket or your shirt or whatever you’re making, you just line up the stars You align your stars, that’s all you’re doing and you could do the same thing when you’re preparing a design in design space, just stick some stars, attach them to that layer and then when you cut it out the star is there and you can just align the stars, see? So here is baby Yoda’s head and we align the stars just like that and baby Yoda’s ears, now I didn’t put any stars on those ’cause I didn’t want to waste the pink vinyl ’cause it was so far away and really, we’re just centering them in there, it’s no big deal But I did put stars on this black layer here So see? Ta da, and it’s really easy to do, you can do this yourself, they’re literally just stars that are attached to the layer, right and you can at anytime hide them if you don’t, if you decided that you don’t want them Now of course I’m sure you’re wondering, well aren’t the stars going to then be stuck on my blanket or my shirt? No, they’re not and I’m going to show you how you can use the stars but not have them stick to your material Yeah it’s actually pretty awesome So this baby Yoda is ready to go assuming he’s the right size, now he is the right size for the, I sized him for the blanket so if you’re making this with the blanket, that is all ready to go and you can go ahead and click make it and it’s just five mats so there’s the silver, the dark gray, the black, the pink and the Yoda green and I used sport flex for all of these, I cut them all out, and it’s so cute, it’s so cute guys, so let me show you exactly how I layered this iron on vinyl and this baby Yoda so that you can see how to do this for your own milestone blanket or regular blanket or whatever it is you’re trying to make So here we have the colors I’m going to use for the baby Yoda We’re going to start with the color of the first mat which is the silver, I don’t have a full sheet but that’s okay, I’ve measured and now it’s important that you use the right, you put the right side down on the mat, I have a whole video and tutorial about this but basically you want the shiny side down, this can be hard to tell with the sports flex but if you can’t tell which side goes down, look for the side with the kind of bubbles, that’s the side that goes up, okay? I have a tutorial linked here to help you determine the size better, make sure it’s really well adhered to your mat, you can see mine is kind of lifting up on the corner there, you don’t want that so I just used some painter’s tape to tape it down, now my mat’s not that bad but I’ve noticed the sport flex tends to not want to stick to the mat so well and so just be careful that you are, you know, that it’s sticking down and that you’ll notice right here it’s not, see up there in the corner, that’s a problem I paused it, I removed it and I added tape and started it again, I only had that one sheet left, I didn’t want to mess it up so if your mat isn’t so great, you can do this but really it only works with iron on vinyl because it only has to do the kiss cut and you know, just go through the one layer and leave the carrier sheet So when it’s done, remove it from the mat and you’ll need to weed it, I’m going to trim, take off the excess so I can keep it, to weed it, I just start on the corner and I pull it, it weeds really quite easily, I like the sport flex for that and you need to take out all the bits that don’t belong so it’s actually pretty simple design and then cut it and that’s good For the next color which is the dark gray and I always check the screen to see what size vinyl I need and just cut it down to be absolutely sure I’ve always got the right size each time, there’s no guessing if you just check the screen, see how much, you know, ’cause you can hover right over it to see how much of the mat your vinyl is taking and always

have the right amount each time and definitely make sure that that vinyl is sticking to the mat Get all of your layers weeded and then we can stack them up Because step three is to layer our iron on vinyl Now we are going to start layering these before we actually put them onto the blanket to make sure that they work We’re going to line up all of our stars just like this and we can see it all goes together perfectly so it’s ready to go, so the star trick requires a little bit of freezer paper, just a little bit, couple of little squares and freezer paper is going to allow us to put those stars down without letting them stick to our blanket and you’re going to see how that’s going to work So let’s get our easy press mat out, we always want to use a mat or a folded towel, I like the mat a lot though And we need our blanket which you should prewash before you apply anything to it, so you’ll want to make sure that you have got it in the right orientation and we’re going to put this layered iron on decal in the lower right corner of our blanket, we don’t to be too far over or it’ll be in the way of the baby ’cause we don’t want, you know, it to be, the whole idea of this blanket is that it’s a nice backdrop, consistent backdrop every time and we can see the baby really well so we don’t want it to, our decal to crowd the baby or anything We’ve got our easy press and we’ve got it turned on Everything looks good to go We’re going to set this at 305 degrees We’re going to do a press of 15 seconds and I just preheated it Now it’s time to start our layers, so we put it into position I use those stars to make sure that it’s level and I also use my ruler This looks good Now we’re going to take the freezer paper and put it shiny side down on our blanket in between the carrier sheet and the blanket itself and it’s going to allow us to use the stars to align it without having them stick to our blanket It’s important they must be shiny side down or this won’t work Once the carrier sheet feels warm to the touch instead of hot to the touch, I’m going to go ahead and peel it off slowly It’s a little, it’s very stretchy so it tends to wrinkle a little bit when you take it off, it’s no big deal Now you’ll notice that star is moving, look, it came right off (chuckles) I forgot to put it shiny side down, I accidentally put it shiny side up but it’s okay, we can fix this, I got a new one and it’s now in place so we’re going to put everything down, put our parchment paper down again and press it for 15 seconds, we’re doing a light pressure and this sport flex is a warm peel so we don’t have to wait very long before we can peel off the carrier sheet And again, because it’s sport flex and we’re using, we got a very stretchy blanket here, it will stretch when you pull it off but it will also go back into shape especially when you smooth it down so don’t let that bother you All right so we’ve got our Yoda on and you see how easy it is to just line up those stars like that? I don’t have to think about where it goes, I just line up the stars and pull off the carrier sheet Now we put down Yoda’s, actually, let’s put down his ears first instead of his outline, I want the outline to be the very last thing we do so we just center the ears right into his little green head, put down our parchment sheet and press it for 15 seconds and then we wait until it’s gone from hot to warm before we peel it off Doesn’t usually take too long Peel it off just like that and now we put on our final layer, just line up the stars, put down our parchment paper and press it for 15 seconds We’re pressing for 15 seconds rather than the full 30 seconds that the Cricut heat guide will recommend because we’re doing so many layers which I mentioned earlier, right? So by doing it a little bit less, we’re not heating it too much which will cause issues later So once Yoda has gone from hot to warm, we can peel that off Cool and now we can take, we can take off the freezer paper, it’s just like, sticks just there ever so slightly We just take that right off and it is done! Let’s look at it Isn’t that amazing? It’s, looks great, it’s super cute

I love it And for step four, position and press your numbers and words in place All right, we have done our super cute baby Yoda Now it’s time to put all of our letters and numbers and other decorative elements onto our milestone blanket You’re going to need your pressing mat, something to cover your vinyl as you do the layers so I’m using parchment paper Your press, your heating element, your iron I’m using the awesome Cricut easy press This is the 12 by 10 size, pair of scissors are useful here on all of your cut decals and a yardstick for measuring So we’re going to do this half and half because you don’t really have to spread the whole thing out because the blanket is divided into two halves That makes it easier ’cause nobody really has a gigantic area, even I don’t have a big enough area to work on this blanket, so So I’m going to preheat this Oops (chuckles) Wrong button So I’m just going to preheat this kind of like top third here and I’ll just slide the mat over to make sure I get it all So I’ll slide over here and do this side I need a longer cord, I think I’m going to slide and make sure I got all of this Preheating is definitely a good idea to do, I really recommend it I know it might seem like a drag but I think it makes a big difference And you don’t want to do all that work in cutting out all of this vinyl and then have it mess up, right? That looks pretty good, let’s double check our measurements We want this to be about 17 and a half Let’s see, this is five and a half inches and this is four and a half so I’m, pull over, just need to come over just a little bit more Let’s try this Now I’m just aligning this with the top here Five inches and five inches, perfect, okay Now let’s do our arrow at the same time And we’re just going to set it right under here like this That looks good and we’ll probably want to like make these two even, going to slide my mat over a little bit too Here we go, this is a big project, so, you should be patient, go slow You got to make sure that if there’s a carrier sheet here, that this is, you know, either we trim it, which is a better idea Or you just make sure there’s no carrier sheet between your vinyl and the, we’ll probably do it in three phases, this one, this one, and then this one and we will do it for, we’ll say 12 seconds each time and then we will wait ’till it cools down because the strip flock is cold peel and then we will move from there, okay So let’s make sure we’re getting right to the edge, right here and we’re using medium pressure Which means you’re not pushing down really hard, medium pressure to me means two hands So I just press down on two hands (beeping) Okay And then we’re going to move this over and we’re going to do the middle If you have a smaller easy press than I do, you’re just going to do the same thing, maybe in more passes though (beeping) And then we need to move our mat underneath So slide it carefully Go And another 12 seconds on this side (beeping) (beeping) Okay Now we need to wait for it to cool down Do not take it off while it’s warm, this side is still, this side is maybe ready, this side is not, which you know

is kind of a challenge because we’re going to take this all off at once but let’s start over here and see how it’s looking That looks good So I’m going to start peeling this off This is very stretchy so don’t be alarmed if it stretches as you go, just go slowly All right, now take this arrow off or the carrier sheet off the arrow as well Okay, lookin’ great So let’s continue, this is still a little bit warm Want it to be somewhere between warm and cold When I say cold, I don’t mean like, you know, for your refrigerator cold, I mean it’s definitely not hot Like this feels warm to me still, this, I can touch it, this is barely above room temperature so I think that’s fine so let’s go ahead and remove that This Awesome And we wait until, okay this feels good So I’m waiting until it’s just like mostly room temperature but maybe a touch above it So it’s not completely cooled down We go Yay, that looks awesome Okay, I switched everything to the other side so that I can do this half so we’re going to do the other half now and we are going to focus on, in fact, the top half of this half and then we’ll flip it down and do it to the other one So here’s our fold line and here’s the edge of our blanket So we’re going to concentrate on this quadrant of our blanket and we’re going to put our numbers, one, two, three, four, five, six That’s it, that’s all we’re going to do Our numbers So let’s first preheat I’m just going to go ahead and preheat right on my, I’ve got paper down on here so it’ll be fine (upbeat music) So we have preheated this whole quadrant of the blanket Let’s put our pressing mat underneath (upbeat music) So we want to do is center our numbers Starting at the top so we got one, two, three You can eyeball if you want, you can measure it if you want It’s completely depends on how cautious you feel and how much it’s going to bug you if it’s not perfect but we have a ruler so we can make sure we do it right, right? It’s up to you Does not need to be perfect We’re talkin’ about babies here, guys They are perfect in and of themselves so with seven inches on this side, seven on this side, this looks great and what we’re going to do is, the quadrant of this blanket ends here then we’re going to put our other numbers not right at the edge of this quadrant because we have two more rows of numbers plus the weeks and months letters to put on there so we want to just raise it up just a little bit, make sure everything has got some breathing room so So like this There, that looks good, here is our fold line right here You guys see that, I don’t think you can, I don’t think you can quite see that So, but that will give us plenty of space, well, you know something, let’s just be sure You won’t be able to see it but I’m just going to double check, so ‘Cause once this is on, you’re not going to want to try to get it off, trust me, I have made plenty of mistakes before as you guys all know All right Number two Number four Don’t forget to push your button (chuckles) (upbeat music) (beeping) And Our number five and then we’re going to stop and peel these before we move on Medium pressure is two hands

Okay Again, remember we’re looking for cold peel which doesn’t mean refrigerator cold I interpret that to be just over room temperature Like this one is still hot Warm Warm Getting there (upbeat music) Ta da! (upbeat music) We did it This looks amazing, let me hold it up so you can see it Can you see it? (chuckles) I’m trying to hold it up as high as I can I’m not very tall though, so This is cool, this was fun and it was easy to do and you can use this same technique for making just blankets as gifts Think of all the cool things you could do If you like the baby Yoda, ’cause oh my gosh, who doesn’t like the baby Yoda? The first time I saw baby Yoda, I just about died (chuckles) I was watching The Mandolorian, I’m like, what is that, oh my, anyways, sorry (chuckles) You can make blankets for anybody, not just babies, using iron on vinyl It’s pretty awesome And there we go, a beautiful milestone blanket made with love by you, this would be a beautiful thing to make while you’re expecting, waiting for baby to arrive or make it as a gift for an expectant mom or dad They’re going to love it and think of all the cute photos that you’re going to get, thanks to this milestone blanket Now I wish I could show you how cute it is with an actual baby on the blanket but I didn’t have any babies to borrow (chuckles) And my teen daughter wasn’t going to have any of that so just use your imagination (chuckles) If you have any questions about how to layer on iron on vinyl, please leave a comment below this video We’ll be happy to help you or better yet, come to my Facebook group at and be sure to enter my giveaway for a Cricut I’m actually giving away a bunch of Cricuts right now and you can enter over at And that’s it for today, tomorrow, I’ll be back to show you how you can cut and assemble a larger than mat cardstock project so something that doesn’t normally fit on a mat and remember I’m always interested in your project ideas I love to make what you want if you could tell me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it Until next time, this is Jennifer Maker, reminding you to craft a life you love (upbeat music)