How to Make Planner Stickers with Cricut 7 FREE Templates (Desktop & iPad Tutorials)

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How to Make Planner Stickers with Cricut 7 FREE Templates (Desktop & iPad Tutorials)

Hello Cricut buddies! Jav here from Cricut Maker Crafts! In today’s video I’m showing you how to create these super cute and fun planner stickers for your planners with your cricket and some printable and some printable papers so I recently got my first ever planner a first ever hardbound planner all these years I used to use the digital planner because I was studying and I had to move around a lot so carrying a huge planner was pretty difficult which is why I just had all my planning stuff on my computer but now that I’m settled in and I don’t have to move around a lot I decided to finally get a hardbound planner and because all the planning becomes so much fun when you have an actual hardbound planner you can get super creative with it you can have all sorts of quotes and stickers and all those stuff but the problem with this planner was that it didn’t have the a lot of motivational quotes and stickers the number of stickers were very limited so I thought that it would be great to create my own stickers especially because I have my cricut as well so that’s how this tutorial was born so let’s get started now before we get started with today’s tutorial I want to share a couple of announcements so first of all I’m running a milestone giveaway once I hit 10k subscribers on my youtube I’m gonna give away a Cricut maker bundle so if you want to win this make sure you hit the subscribe button below secondly I wanted to share this amazing video that I created for everyone just starting out with Cricut or don’t know what SVG or SVG cut files are so go ahead and sign up for this completely free training video the link is given in the description below also if you are new to the Cricut world and finding it hard to remember all the tasks that you need to perform with your Cricut then go ahead and grab this set of cheat sheets that I created just for you it’s only $15 and you get this 40 page set of cheat sheets with all the diagrams and everything that about everything that you need to do with your Cricut so let me just read out some of this stuff that are included so there’s the description on everything about design space the left hand side panel the right hand side panel how to cut how to mirror how to group how ungroup everything is given in this set of cheat sheets that you just need to download you can you can print it out and keep it beside your Cricut or you can just leave it on your device to refer to it whenever you feel like so when I was getting started this really helped me in remembering everything that I needed to remember about my Cricut so go ahead and grab this it’s only $15 the link is given in the description down below so in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to create your planner stickers on design space desktop version as well as the iPad version I know a lot of people said that they just use an iPad that don’t haven’t laptop for to use with their Cricut so I decided to include an iPad tutorial as well so that those who do not have a laptop can still can still make their own planner stickers secondly I’m gonna show you two different versions first I’m gonna show you the easy version using the free template that you can download from the Cricut mega craps VIP library and the second one is the Miller or advanced method that you can use to create planner stickers from scratch and the most important part I’m also going to show you how to kiss cut which means how to cut your stickers so that the backing is still intact and you just peel off the top layer which is the sticky layer and so stay tuned for all these awesome stuff coming up in this video so for this project you’re gonna need printable sticker papers I’m gonna be using these ones from silhouette and I’m also gonna use something I got from eBay just a regular printable sticker

paper so I also had a bunch of these glitter sticker papers and I’m also gonna try these out as well and see how the planner stickers turn out on these and of course you’re gonna need your fine point blade up printer that’s the most important part and your magical Cricut machine so you can use your Cricut maker or you can also use the Cricut Explorer alright now let’s get started with the easy method so for this method you’re gonna need to do you’re gonna need the free templates free sticker templates and you can grab them from the VIP library and here it steps on how to download these files via the VIP SVG library so to download the free SVG file first of all go to cricut maker crafts calm and then click on free SVG’s enter your name and email address and just click on count me in then check your inbox for this email inside the email you’ll find the link for the free VIP library just click on the link and you’ll end up over here from here download the file that you need to work with it’s gonna get saved on your computer so go to your downloads section and it the file is gonna look like something like this just right click and click on extract here so this is a zipped file it’s either gonna look like this or this so just click on extract and you’ll see all of these images and the image that you’re you need to work with is this one which will have this browser icon don’t open the image right away go to design space then click on upload followed by browse and then select this image that you need to work with and this goes for all images all SVG images that are available via cricut maker crap alright once you have your templates downloaded and saved on your computer open up Cricut design space and upload your favorite template onto the design space canvas so I’ve already resized these templates to fit on an a4 or a letter size paper so you don’t have to do anything all you got to do is just grab them edit them and start cutting them it’s very easy and straightforward I’ve pre-made these templates so you won’t have to spend time on design space trying to create your own template because design space sometimes get so glitchy and you might lose your project as well to save all that time and hassle you can use these temp premade templates and modify them as you like so let me show you to modify these templates so first of all after uploading them on design space go ahead and ungroup this entire ungroup this entire template so that you can work on individual shapes next click one of the shapes that you want to work with and I’m gonna show you how to add patterns to create cute little beautiful colorful stickers I’m gonna select this one so we can see what pattern we choose so you can go to fill and click on print next beside print click on the colored box and from the drop down menu click on pattern and wait for a couple of minutes – for the patterns to populate and there you go look at these beautiful pattern designs they looks so colorful and so beautiful so you can just click on any of these patterns and they’re gonna appear on your shape this is a great way to customize these templates and create stickers or which match your theme and

you can also edit these patterns by just clicking on edit pattern and this window will pop up and over here you can change the size of the pattern you can rotate the patterns as well you can flip them horizontally vertically you can move it around you can do a lot of things here to change the pattern so go ahead and customize these shapes the way you like add whatever color you feel like adding I’m gonna show you a couple of different patterns over here and then we’re gonna move to the next step so the pattern library is so huge and it’s full of beautiful designs I love this confetti one let’s select this now let me change the scale of this confetti design you that looks much better you can also change the colors from here let me choose another pattern this is a really pretty one with all the flowers and stuff it makes a really great sticker for spring once again you can resize the pattern here by going to edit patterns and once you’re happy just click done next go ahead and change the colors of the shapes if you like now you can go ahead and add some text so just click on the text icon add the right at the left hand side from the left hand side panel and this text box will pop up where you can type in your text now to edit the text select everything and you can change the alignment from the text edit panel you can also change the fonts by going to the font section oops so I’m just gonna resize this thing and to place it on one of the shapes you can add whatever text you feel like you have complete freedom here so just place your text on the shape on the pattern shape now go ahead and I did the font you can also change the color of the font and you now let’s do the fun part let’s take this let’s take this to the next level by adding some images so just click on the image option on the left hand side panel and you’ll be and you’ll end up on this image library so from here go ahead and select any image that you like you can select labels or you can select labels or quotes or any other photo that you like from here but remember if you’re not a Cricut access member you’d have to pay for these images so keep that in mind if you want free images you can go to and upload and grab the free images from there upload them on design space and then add them to your planner stickers so I’m just adding some random images just to show you guys how this thing works you so once your you have modified and customized all of these all of these

shapes what you need to do next is select all and just click on flatten just click on flatten so that everything is set to print and then cut this is extremely important if you don’t flatten it’s not gonna print and it’s gonna cut individual letters which we don’t want so do not forget the step select everything and then click on flatten so that when you go to the mat this is what you see so this is what you need to have once you’re on the map and the next step from here is to click on continue and send to printer but we’re gonna come back to this later so alright so this was the easy method of creating your own planner stickers using the free template provided in the cricut maker crafts VIP library now what if you want to create planner stickers from scratch and you have enough patience to deal with design space so what you can do is first of all you need to create a template so this template will act as a guide so that you can add shapes on top of it and we’re gonna resize this template to the letter or a4 size paper whatever paper that you are using so this template will act as a guide so that we don’t go beyond the paper size so once your template is in place you can start adding shapes to your template you to align these shapes properly just so like just select all the shapes and go to a line from the Edit bar and click on a line from the top and then you can also click on distribute horizontally to evenly distribute these shapes look at how perfect that looks so easy next you can add more shapes of your choice now let me show you how to create these arrow head labels so first of all add a square and then turn it into a rectangle next add a triangle rotate it to 90 degrees and resize it so that it fits perfectly beside the rectangle that you just created you now select both the rectangle and the triangle and click on well so that turns into a one complete shape let’s make another type of label so I’m just gonna duplicate this label and I’m

gonna add a triangle here at the back I’m gonna resize it select both and I’m gonna click on slice to cut out this triangle potion soda you now we have two different types of labels ears so cool now you can just select the to make things easier you can select the shapes already on your canvas and duplicate them this will save you a ton of time so go ahead and add more shapes that you if you like create come fill up the entire paper because sticker papers are really expensive so try to fill up every single gap next you can go ahead and add text like I showed you earlier you can also change the patterns of these shapes if you like and you can also go ahead and add images you now once you’re happy with everything that you have go ahead and delete the template at the back this is extremely important we don’t want this template to be cut we just want these shapes at the top so go ahead and delete this template select everything and flatten it out signaling the Cricut to print and cotton click on make it and this is what you should have all right now I’m gonna show you how to print and cut these pre-made motivational stickers that I made for myself so just so I just grabbed this SVG file from the folder with all the other planner sticker templates and you can find this in the same folder you can upload it on design space and you can modify the colors if you like so just select on the shape that you would like to change the color for and go to the color option and choose whatever color you feel like whatever matches your theme your planner theme so once you’re happy with all the colors select the whole thing and click on flatten this is extremely born without flatten it’s not gonna come out good the print the Cricut won’t get the notification to print and cut so after flattening this is what you should have oopsies so we have a problem here as you can see there’s a little triangle in the layers panel telling us that the we have exceeded the maximum length of print and cut so I’m gonna go to the Edit panel and I’m gonna manually type in the cutoff point which is six point seven five inches so if you face this problem just go ahead and downsize your so they can get it printed and then cut next I’ve added this another set of stickers you can find this in the template bundle as well so let me just show you how I uploaded it and this is in a PNG format so it’s gonna be different than how you upload SVG so just go ahead just go to the file folder and click on the image and from this

when you reach this point select complex and setup simple so that we can see all the colors click on continue and then save it as print and cut instead of just cut because when you save it as cut you won’t see all the colors so so it has print and cut next select the image and insert it into the canvas make sure that the size is compatible so I have to switch to my to my phone camera because my design space was crashing because of all the apps alright so once you’re ready just click on make it and you’ll end up on the mats and this is what it should look like everything should be on a paper if anything’s out of the mat then go back and fix it make sure that everything is flattened and inside the template if you’re using the template method so next click on make it and then click on send to printer insert your paper inside the printer making sure that you inserted the right side so in my printer I need to place my papers right side down so check with your model to make sure that you’re placing your paper correctly or else you might end up printing on the wrong side and we don’t want that so once you already just click on this option to – printer and you’ll see this new dialog box from here you can either click on enable add bleed so that there are no white areas after cutting out the stickers now if you would like to make sure that the printer that’s printed in the highest quality an able an able opening system dialog box and once you click on print you’ll see a new dialog box pop up and you can click on advanced and here you’ll find all the print settings at the there will be an option at the bottom where you can select print qualities so from there make sure the highest pink print quality is selected and then you can also change the paper size and some other settings from here once you’re happy just click on OK and ok once again do get your sticker sheet print it out so I’m gonna print out the second sheet as well you all right both the printing is done so this is what it looks like after printing for this shade of stickers I use this silhouette sticker papers and as you can see the colors came a really good really vibrant and beautiful much better than what I got using the unbranded sticker sheets next it’s time to get this thing cut so I’m gonna choose sticky note settings and let’s see what kind of what kind of cut we get whether we get the die cut or we get the kiss cut so I’m gonna place my sticker sheet on to the mat and we got to make sure that we align the top edge of the paper with the top edge of the mat this is extremely important or else the stickers won’t get cut properly next load the mat on the machine and start cutting out your stickers and here we are so as you can see so with the sticky note settings we got die cut stickers rather than kiss cut stickers I actually wanted kiss cut stickers with sticker backing intact so I tried once again using

so I tried once again using the printable sticker removable settings and once again I got die cut stickers so the third time I use the vinyl settings and as they say third time is a charm I successfully got kiss cut stickers as you can see over here the sticker backing is intact and I can just peel all the stickers from the sticker sheet and stick them wherever I want so that’s how you create your printable stickers using Cricut Maker now let me show you how to do the same thing using your iPad so first I’m going to show you the easy method using the pre-made templates so first let me show you how to grab the free SVG file so first of all so to download the free SVG file first of all go to cricut maker crafts calm and then click on free SVG’s enter your name and email address and just click on count me in then check your inbox for this email inside the email you’ll find the link for the free VIP library so after clicking on the link you are gonna end up on the drive so from here tap on the planner sticker file that you can see over here to open zipped files on your iPad first need to install this app called eyes if it’s this one with the yellow icon so I’ve tried two different apps and the other app didn’t work this is the app which actually worked so go ahead and install this app on your iPad and click on the free library link that is included in the email that you received and you’ll end up on this free SVG library from here tap on the planner sticker zip file and on this new screen that pops up click on tap on the three dots at the top right corner and tap on open in so you’ll see this new dialog box and the top right from here tap on do i zip and you this file will open up in the app like this so wait for the file to load and when you see this message click on OK and the file is going to get unzip and here you can see all the different templates and everything included in this zipped file next select all from the bottom left and tap on save you then click on okay so and all of these templates will be stored on your iPad folder now go to design space and click on browse files when you see this window tap on on my iPad and then go to the izip folder and inside the folder you’ll find the folder for planner stickers tap on that and you’ll find all of these sticker templates so from here you want to select the file with the double rectangles so these are actually the SVG’s the files that you can see from your eyes are not SPG’s they are PNG so look for files with double rectangles and you can also check them and you can also look for a dot SVG design so tap on any of the file that you would like to work with so let’s select this one it has a variety of different types of labels so let I’m gonna go for this one rename your file click on save and your file will end up on the library so tap on the file and then click on insert and there you go your template is now on

your canvas now I’m going to show you how to customize this template using text and images so first of all go to actions and click on ungroup so that all the individual shapes are separated and we can work on each of them next I’m going to add some text so I’m just going to tap on the text option from the bottom panel and I’m just gonna select some random font and type in my text next I’m just going to resize and place the text on top of the shape so you can’t really add patterns on the iPad version so I’m gonna skip that but I’m going to show you how to add images to add images just tap on the image icon and it will take you to the image library from here remove all the filters and you’ll end up with all the images available on Cricut design space so go ahead and select any image that you like I’m gonna go with this unicorn one just for demonstration purposes next place the image on your shape go ahead and modify all of the shapes and once you’re happy select everything and click on flatten so this will ensure that your stickers are printed first and then they are cut and if you see that small triangle danger sign at the on the layers panel don’t worry about it this is a warning sign telling us that our image size is greater than the one recommended for print and cut so just go to just tap on the image then go to the Edit panel and change the width to 6.75 and there you go the triangle has disappeared and we can now get this thing printed and then cut so I actually want to cut a different set of stickers so I’m going to go back and load them here and I also want to cut these stickers on adhesive fall paper so if you don’t want to make any modifications and all and you want to cut out all of these without printing them what you can do is first upload the image first upload the SVG file and make sure that you’re using an SVG file and once you’re on the mat select the file and click on attach so that so that nothing moves around on the mat when you click on make it so everything will stay in place once you click on attach and as you can see here all I need to do is place the a4 or letter size paper and everything is going to cut get cut on the paper so if you don’t want to do print and cut this is the other option that you can use so I’ll be cutting now these do setup stickers one is gonna go on printable sticker paper and the other is gonna go on the adhesive fall let me change the colors off these stuff first you and that looks pretty good now I’m gonna click on make it and get it printed and cut so once you’re on the mat preview section just click on continue from this dialog box select your machine next click on send to printer from here you can select the number of copies and increase the Murph copies you can do from here and then tap on select printer and if your printer has Bluetooth it’s gonna be detected on your device so go ahead and connect your printer to your device and once you already just tap on print to get your sticker printed so here’s my sticker sheet now I’m gonna select the materials

and this time I’m gonna go for vinyl setting like I mentioned earlier earlier once you select the vinyl setting you get kiss cut stickers with the backing intact however if you want die cut stickers without the backing individual√≠s tickers are individually cut out then you can select sticky note settings or printable sticker paper so I want kiss cut stickers so I’m gonna go for vinyl and I’m gonna load the mat and get this thing cut for the adhesive foil stickers I use the printable sticker settings because the fall is thicker and with the printable stickers settings I got just cut with adhesive foil now let me show you how to create your line are stickers using the advanced method where you can create your own template on the design space app using the shapes provided so first of all open up design space and next we need to create the template so add a square to the canvas and resize it to the print and cut material setting size which is six point seven five by nine point two five now add some shapes by going by tapping on the shape option now let me just change the color so we can easily see what’s going on here and I’m just gonna resize this circle as well and I’m just gonna duplicate it and place it side-by-side you next let me show you how to create arrow head labels so for that you need to add a square stretch it to turn it into a rectangle next grab a triangle and rotate it 90 degrees and place it right beside the rectangle now select both the objects and click on welt and there you go you have a nice arrow head label you now let’s create a different variation of this airhead label with cutout at the back so I’m just gonna grab the triangle again and rotate it and place it at the back on top of the arrow let me just change the color so you can see what’s going on you now I’m going to select both these objects and click on slides and there you go you have a completely different type of label now so let me change the colors so we can easily see these things and I’m just gonna add boat up these labels on to the template you and I’m just gonna grab a couple of different shapes so make sure that you fill up the entire template because you don’t want to waste the expensive sticker papers and if you’re worried about the alignment click on the shapes that you want to align and tap on and it followed by the align option and over

here you’ll have all of these different options to align from the top and distribute horizontally so select all any of these options to fix up your alignment you let me add a couple of more shapes and once you are happy with everything that you have don’t forget to delete the template at the back because we don’t want it so once deleted select all the images and click on flatten so this will ensure that your images are printed and then cut alright so that was if that’s how you create printable sticker papers is for planners using the design space desktop as well as the design space iPad app alright with that we have reached the end of today’s tutorial help you girls and guys enjoyed it if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comment section down below and do not forget to subscribe to my channel for a chance to win a Cricut maker bundle when I hit 10k I’ll a see you in the next video bye bye you