The Gender Code (Gender & Sexuality Documentary)

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The Gender Code (Gender & Sexuality Documentary)

who are we attracted to and why what defines our identity social norms tell us who we can love and how we can dress based on whether we are a man or a woman we define and separate ourselves with words like gay and straight a male and female what does it all mean there are people all over the world who do not fit into these narrow definitions consequently they suffer hate violence murder and suicide because of the public’s lack of understanding we are taught to believe that our identity and our tendencies are black and white just say you’re gay just come out yet there is evidence that tells a very different story we don’t have language to describe men who are attracted to trans women do we notice exciting people of different shapes colors sizes and attractions yet because of a lack of education or unfamiliarity we feel we do not know how to approach these people I do some of us find it difficult to recognize the two people of the same sex can be in love or that a male can have a feminine nature or a female a masculine nature is it because of tradition or is there a deeper reason for the first time in recorded history we are going to look at the bigger picture and present a completely new way of looking at what has been called gender and sexuality as our language and science given us an accurate understanding of our self-expression and who we are attracted to but could there be a world hidden in plain sight much much more diverse than we realize [Applause] this is me my name is Luca and too many 8 years old I’m the creator of the gender code I direct write produced an animated since I was a kid I loved life I always loved things that were beautiful I love colors I love fashion I love everything that’s feminine and magical I have dreams I love having fun and expressing myself I love having a laugh with my friends there have been the good times so I started to express myself more feminine I started to wear clothes that I loved when I started to find the magic but every time I went out and I dressed so every time I hit a brick wall no matter how much I tried to express my inner magic or my art I did everything from surgery to fashion no matter how feminine I looked it was the same cycle over and over again being speaking about matters of gender diversity trump administration officials are considering legally defining gender is somebody’s biological sex at birth I quickly began to realize that there was no language or space for people like me I learned that our self-expression and who we love was one-size-fits-all based on our biological sex and that my story was connected to millions of other people’s stories around the world it was very dark and lonely you know I ended up homeless on the streets for a couple of years we have begun to insist that our identities that ourselves exist beyond our bodies we are the goddess transgender people our goddess and spiritual leaders I was bullied violently I’d often get a clip from near hell from my dad he’d say why are you talking like an effing poof when I started this documentary I began because I wanted to find out about trans issues

and what went wrong but I began to realize that this was a much bigger picture and a much bigger story than I ever imagined and I ever envisioned straight men are attracted to trans women there are men but all around the world who are very attracted to feminine nails and transgender women identify as being straight where I’m attractive the femininity transgender it took me on a journey to the darkest parts of the world revealing a broken system hypocrisy lies heterosexual cisgendered men only engage with trans women in the dark I became witness to reality of men attracted to gender feminine people in a dimension that didn’t exist yet in public space with limited language and models to reference I felt like a mermaid with no voice men don’t give themselves the chance to love me and if they do they don’t act on it because of their family and reputation it’s so painful I feel we’re in a world where there is magic and a spectrum of so much potential love and light that’s being held hostage by an invisible system that we can recognize as patriarchy our lad culture when society teaches men that expressing their emotions is unacceptable they repress them instead I owe my life to my sisters and brothers of yesterday who have come before me to fight for me to be Who I am today now it’s my turn to fight for my sisters and brothers of tomorrow at 28 years old I realized that my dreams have been held hostage by an outdated system rooted in superstition and lies and that the only way to be free and to move forward is to change how we view gender and sexuality it’s time that we change and my girls all around the world are worth more than that me we are experienced in a gender revolution not only a gender evolution but a revolution of humanity the gender binary is being questioned more than ever before and a new generation is moving towards genuine fluidity redefining gender as we know it for the next two hours we will take you with us on a journey through the past the present and the future from my perspective and from what I’ve learned and from what I understand you paint a bigger picture of how we got here and where we’re going although we don’t know where this story ends we certainly know how we see things today right here in our present at the moment of our birth we are presented with a myriad of people who have been separated into binary groups known as male and female from an early age we noticed differences and learn specific ways to dress and behave based on this separation some of these differences are natural and physical and others are tendencies we adapt to and learn through culture and tradition we have become familiar and comfortable with men and women having distinct differences as we define them typically we are familiar with women being more feminine and men being more masculine both by how we appear and behave as of now our society gives us a system of identifying ourselves from the perspective of three distinct States firstly they tell us that our physical body differences we are born with our genitals is called our sex the state of being male or female the sex of the oxen then based on whether we are male or female expectations of our nature are automatically made on how we should all dress behave and think males are assumed to play a more masculine social role and females are assumed to play a more feminine social role this is called our gender we understand that the intimate relationship of two people creates a union of chemistry and romance that can create love and new life tradition and society familiarizes us with the idea that it is only males and females who

can naturally share this type of connection and intimacy lastly our preference in terms of attraction is called our sexuality it is automatically assumed that these three States always come in sequence and are black and white for example if a person is born the sex of male then that person is assumed to have a masculine gender and be attracted to females only everything in life including tradition culture media and education systems reinforces this black and white way of thinking the dating capital or the dating game credible a beeper we can but does this work for everyone for some of us we fit perfectly into this system of life why why would you crack our way mail is what we have learned about how a man should look and behave [Applause] and a female is what we have learned about how a woman should look and behave [Applause] together but to make a perfect happy union that is familiar and natural to us we are oblivious to anything beyond what we traditionally understand twenty-one-year-old Matthew Shepard was found beaten and unconscious last week census of transgender but what about all the people who can’t live this way most Americans are repelled by the mere notion of homosexuality [ __ ] you’re straight she’s got it there are people who stand tall in our society who contradict the idea that our gender and sexuality is black and white these states of being are not yet recognized or understood by the mainstream why is this tax cuts and gender fluid trans matters of gender diversity our genitalia many of us feel really confused with gender identities non-binary my gender expression is more masculine gender gender identity trans community gender not transgender transgender murders of three transgender the victim was attack us he’s gay LG administration wants to legally define transgender out of existence a transgender movement people identify as transgender transgender fields transgender in the early 20th century at the dawn of a revolution our planet witnessed a time of great change discovery and transformation having been virtually invisible in a previous age of darkness and depression women and african-americans now had rights for the first time in history and their actions began to push those in power to recognize that every one deserved equal rights regardless of race or sex around this time of change scientists and scholars noticed another awakening it was finally acknowledged that two people of the same sex can have an intimate relationship in those days many people denied that homosexuality existed at all it was acknowledged that people were born one sexual revolution but felt they had the characteristics of what was traditionally expected of the

other sex a theory and language rapidly surfaced that attempted to describe these non-traditional behaviors people who had feelings for a person of the same sex were branded homosexual gay or lesbian and people who behaved in a way that was familiar to us only in the opposite sex were branded transgender or transexual in the early 20th century a Jewish German sexologists named dr. Magnus Hirschfeld recognized that there were three genders men women and the third gender Hirsch felt coined the word transsexual he was a pioneer of his time who performed the world’s first sex change in 1930 transsexual and a transvestite differ they should be 30000 transsexuals of both sides in the United States before long the world had invented a vocabulary that defined a person based on their behavior and attraction four years after our consciousness would be met with ignorance fear and a lack of understanding that’s a very lovely dress too that you’re wearing seoeon would you buy how I made it myself there’s and gentlemen these very very charming contestants is breaking the law you see each of our contestants is a man should be obvious to you that you don’t lead a normal life you ever have dates with men who don’t know that you’re a man most of the times they don’t and what do they do when they find out well they don’t really care when did you first discover that you were effeminate I think we ought to clear up with feminine what’s gay well what’s the difference now C Mon you openly admit that you’re a homosexual let’s say you were dressed as a girl when was the first time you went out with a boy they can you say you’re engaged is he homosexual or is he straight no he’s three west let me ask you this question if he’s masculine wouldn’t it be more normal for him to go out with a girl two out of three Americans looked upon homosexuals we’ve discussed discomfort or fear one out of ten says hatred no man is born homosexual sexual behavior is learned behavior pure is uncertain some studies indicate that as many as one-third of those who seek help eventually become heterosexual and maybe some here today that will be homosexual in the future there may be some girls that will turn lesbian we don’t know but it’s serious don’t kid yourselves about it they can be anywhere we ought to know we’ve arrested all of them so if any one of you have let yourself become involved with another boy you better stop quick because one out of three of you will turn queer and you will be caught as this is one thing you cannot get away with this is one thing that if you don’t get caught by us you’ll be part by yourself and the rest of your life will be a living hell in the early 20th century Christianity had more sway over people making society traditional and conventional it was a sin to be homosexual consequently homosexuality was a criminal offense sentiment is against permitting homosexual relationships without legal punishment minimum imprisonment of the Acoma sexual the Bible condemns homosexuality churchmen have called it unnatural unmanly ungodly suspicion and fear were widespread as they had been during the witch hunts in the Inquisition anyone who was seen as sexually perverse was thought to have both a moral and mental illness homosexuality is in fact a mental illness the sexuality is an illness homosexuality is a problem these people are a fit subject for a mental health program psychologists tried to cure the mental problem while doctors tried to cure the physical electroshock therapy was used to try to cure a person of homosexuality this involved showing the gay man pictures of nude males and shocking him with a strong electric current over a short period of time he will be unable to get sexually aroused to the pictures and hopefully he will be unable to get sexually aroused outside in other settings as well techniques used in conversion therapy prior to 1981 in the US and Western Europe included icepick lobotomies and chemical castration with hormonal treatment aversive treatment was applied such as the application of electric shock to induce vomiting until the person hated their body and thought differently routine police raids and investigation

committees allowed police to witch-hunt and arrest people who were known as homosexual or transsexual during the year of 1964 we arrested 3,000 homosexual for me as a person in 2019 to look back we had no way of connecting to each other like we do today we didn’t have the technology we didn’t have the social media capabilities that we have today I can’t even begin to imagine the darkness and the pain that these people went through back then most people were either imprisoned or murdered consequently most would go into hiding or commit suicide due to the unbearable fear the suppression of their true spirit and the shame felt by their family the homosexual bitterly aware of his rejection responds by going underground they frequent their own clubs and bars where they can escape the disapproving eye of the society that they call straight the dilemma of the homosexual told by the medical profession he is by the law that he’s a criminal shunned by employers rejected by heterosexual society he remains anonymous a displaced person and outsider loneliness and suicide because most of homosexuals and Jack wings they get to a certain age and they don’t want to live no more I about hit that eight you ever felt that you want to end your life Oh many times holding hands and kids in the park great people couldn’t do it why can’t wait don’t know that and I am having to lie I feel the saddest part of being a homosexual I’m just sorry that it took so long I’m sorry that I spent so many years in the closet on June 28 1969 a riot broke out at the Stonewall bar in Greenwich Village decided that they wouldn’t take it anymore men in dresses kicked up their heels as lesbians and others for bricks and coins and police on a June evening in New York in 1969 a routine police raid took place at the Stonewall Inn a bar where gay and gendered reverse people would hang out for the first time in history gay and transgender people had had enough and fought back drag queens and gender diverse people faced the police raids head-on it is truly a symbol of oppression of how gay and lesbian people’s lives were controlled by the society that said they were worthless the effect of the Stonewall right was to change the direction of the gay movement this revolution in the air brought a new state of freedom and a new consciousness to everyone from the 1970s gay protests and pride parades occurred in Canada and the US for the first time people all over the world began to come out as gay we want the freedoms the freedoms to love and sometimes even to love a bit in public that belong to the heterosexuals in this country we are just as happy a type human being as any other in this country the program we are about to present as a report on the gay liberation movement some of the scenes may be disturbing or shocking through some viewers they are homosexual men who relate sexually to other men they with women who relate sexually to other women lesbians have begun a battle for their civil legal and personal rights we were going to go on a crusade across the nation and try to do away with the homosexuals who would have done on June the 8th that was protests all kinds of problems and every father want to ask that you forgive him that we love Him and that we love him and that we’re praying for him to be delivered from his deviant lifestyle father pioneers appeared on the stage of history such as Harvey Milk the first openly gay politician who was murdered in 1978 married but there was no law that says two human beings can have number one another modern-day gay rights movement in the United States they just want to celebrate 10 years of growing gay freedom San Francisco some observers feel that repeal of the ordinance would be the fault of these the flamboyant gay I find after long periods of darkness in history there are rare certain surges of electric revolutionary energy powerful movements like the Gay Liberation Front would be the foundation of the freedoms we enjoy today there is a rich legacy of revolutionary freedom fighters whose stories have been erased from history Sylvia Rivera was an American drag queen whose fight was part of the spark to

start the gay liberation movement are shippi Johnson agenda diverse drag legend was one of the first to fight back at the Stonewall Riots after years of oppression people are finally being free and experimenting sexually by the mid-1970s the sexual revolution was well underway how many years have you been a homosexual I was born homosexual it’s beautiful this beautiful revolution just so happened to coincide with something darker standing under the surface the lifestyle of male homosexuals has triggered an epidemic of a rare form of cancer it’s mysterious Hedley and it’s baffling medical science in 1981 a tragedy struck that would scar the LGBTQ community for decades the dealing with some new deadly sexually transmitted disease hiv/aids was a sexually transmitted virus that killed millions around the world disease has already claimed more than 800 cases nationwide the blame was put predominantly on gay people and it became known as the gay disease people were afraid to touch gay people these people were dying in their 20s their parents was sometimes disowning them thrown out of hospital rooms they lost their apartments as queer history remains largely undocumented this period witnessed unimaginable in Justices that have been left untold to the public Hart Island New York was a burial ground for the thousands of unclaimed bodies of those who died of AIDS disowned by families and discarded by hospitals sometimes in trash bags the government continued silencing the disease’s reality and limiting it to the gay community however because Humanity is more of a spectrum we began to see those barriers quickly crossed over once thought to affect only promiscuous homosexual males AIDS is now spreading in epidemic proportions to other segments of the population powerful movements like acto were left with no choice but to come their own doctors lawmakers and scientists that effectively create a plan to push for the life-saving medication we have today the largest demonstration ever have an estimated 1,500 people here already rich white heterosexual men have gotten AIDS for anybody an exhibit in the 1990s saw time of cure and change events have moved people to push for full equality medication for HIV AIDS saved lives we are forced into the position we are dying this is a community that was tested in a way almost no community on earth is ever tested the AIDS epidemic lost a rich legacy of heroes a generation that are not here today to tell us the realities and stories about the truths of gender and sexuality intrude style to our generation to rediscover the 1980s and 90s saw an era rich in creativity and art a time when gay men expressed their natural femininity and self-expression through fashion known as the club kid era the people who want to have fun it I’ve something to do if you’re a boy or a girl in between it doesn’t make a difference so much fun and it’s just creativity really great but you need a mixture of everything you need old young you need drag queens who need straight people you need gay you need a little bit of everything in order to make the club work it’s drag I mean everything you wear this is this body you have as a vessel and you’re bigger it’s bigger than there you say you got a yellow stripe I don’t believe anybody is anything I am a man and when I got into the bathroom in the morning of cobweb oh yeah the group dissipated in the mid-1990s with Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s crackdown on Manhattan’s nightclubs I feel that there are windows of opportunity throughout time that open and close for short cycles why I’m just being out and being wonderfully glamour dragon itself has been in all the major magazine the eighties club Katie rest a wave of strong feminine expression that later went underground after 9/11 the 9/11 terrorist attacks fellow Americans justice will be done I was born a boy for me you a man play

it safe mm witnessed a mask from mask culture where femininity and its popularity was at an all-time low however is it possible that the Trump era is seeing a resurgence of a lost generation homosexuality began to be decriminalized in Western culture around the world decriminalization made it possible for homosexuals to organize open into a powerful lobby the next step was gay marriage marriage equality or same-sex marriage was legal for the first time in Canada in 2005 but same-sex couples all over the world were still struggling with a lack of spousal or property rights in the eyes of the law [Applause] the legalize same-sex marriage same-sex marriage futures in Hawaii Mexico vania Illinois same-sex marriage gay marriage is legal in recent years the US UK and Ireland have granted full marriage equality this morning the Supreme Court recognized that the Constitution guarantees marriage equality the words we use to describe gay people have expanded from the scientific word homosexual to embracing a wider spectrum of identities presented to us as lesbian gay bisexual and transgender we know this today as LGBT we have witnessed an awakening in our understanding of what we call gender and sexuality we believe we know it all yet there are many questions left unanswered society has passed down a story that would have us believe that our sexuality and gender is binary meaning that a person is either gay or straight either a man or a woman why do you dress this way you do find the term transgender I think it’s like the one with the mangina I have no idea but that’s a prickle and yeah but is it that simple most of us have become familiar with gay people over the last few decades but very few of us are yet aware of the spectrum of gender and it’s connection to broader sexual attractions this is a culture of people who are born one sex but who have personalities and self-expression that we so far only associate with the other sex they have been made invisible to our consciousness until now our first look is a transgender equality substance so this is for you guys I am three years on whistle story hey guys it’s Jimmy it’s a story that needs to be told a person who is transgender is someone born one sex but who feels they are only comfortable being the other sex there are both trans men and trans women it is a courtesy to call this person she if she identifies as female and he if he identifies as male this is Katie she identifies as transgender which means that she was born physically male butt transitioned to the sex of a female she is an example of one of the many beautiful transgender people today having surgery or taking hormone medication to transition from one sex to the other means the person is known as transsexual I am three years on testosterone I’m over two years post-op surgeries for you means are connecting with your body innocence so many of us happen to be trans that’s people really coming to for a month which is a great thing so like me being transgender is like having my natural behavior was feminine wasn’t learned when she went I’ve had to medically transition though that the world can see my spirit our next look is a more recent term that has entered our consciousness and is known as gender-fluid hi sisters James Turrell sorry I love you and we will see you in the next one hey guys welcome hi everyone it’s me Jerry what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel I am Sean Miley more hey Queens what’s good ladies and gentlemen and all fabulous identities image a person who identifies as gender fluid is someone born one sex but who has feelings and self expression that we only associate with the other sex they express themselves and their style independently

with a unique kind of beauty on their own level that suits their place on the spectrum maybe I don’t fit into the definition of man or woman or something else this is Jamie he identifies as gender feminine that means that his expression is more feminine and he expresses this while also embracing his natural sex oh you’re known by you like 5050 male/female and I’m like that does not make sense for you to assumption gender fluidity is not about being a man one day and a woman the next or a man dressing as a woman rather the idea is about expressing a gender that feels right for you while not being ashamed of or trying to hide your natural sex or feeling the need for medical transition there are all types of people on the spectrum some people want to have surgery some people don’t have surgery I think it’s very important to acknowledge that everyone has a different place on the spectrum there’s no like wrong way to be trans keep indulging the things that cannot be changed like my voice my wide shoulders gender to me is a bit like it exists like it’s real and it informs how humans interact with each other a great deal and it’s important but we’ve made it up for me the idea of gender is a way to describe the polarity of human traits its idea is real and relevant but its placement is completely made up I’ve learned most people are somewhere between the masculine and feminine spectrum you must be gay and I said no no I’m straight but outdated social norms have made this reality shameful and invisible when I started to explore me expression I thought I was transgender as I went on some things are not for me I don’t take hormones and I’m culture with my body and my voice makes as more feminine yeah except my biology I’ve learned it’s all a case of a dated language my language out there there was no YouTube tutorials that there is now I had no reference and I didn’t know what was going to happen I feel gender diverse people are a very important link to society that have been overlooked we break down toxic social expectations and bring people together through a powerful mix of femininity and masculinity to be a woman I want to be a man it was about I am everything can I get it I still had long hair on whose anything myself is more feminine for me right now I’m just living my life there are many other artistic expressions drag queens are stage performers who exaggerate and have fun with identity and traditional gender roles for the sake of comedy or performance Shantay you stay hymies RuPaul’s Drag Race gender diversity is not new to our reality American Indians viewed androgynous or gender diverse people as gifted and powerful by nature they were known as being too spirited families who had them were seen as lucky to be that kind of person means that there’s some kind of balancer female elements you see further because you can see in both directions the whole issue that if you are a man and you have a sexual relationship with a / – you’re not having sex with another man I’m having sex with a bird on to the partners of the menage technically are never homosexual because they’re not having sex with her same gender interesting ly enough a number of traditional cultures saw to be inappropriate for bird aaj to have sex with another bird aaj that was considered unnatural you think about a stick that has male on one end and female on the other end sexuality or gender is the same stick but you have opposite in since the category you get caught in European tradition even Illustrated a male of female but if you take those two ends and you’ve been in together see for circle then you end up with the possibility of an infinite number of points along that circle and people change during different times in their life but you’re not trapped and the only one way of thinking or only one way of being when the Europeans invaded North America as early as the 11th century they forced the gender diverse people to dress and act in European culturally imposed gender roles religious influences quickly erased the spectrum before it could be encoded in history books during the Crusades when the French fur traders trappers missionaries explorers came in contact with people who are different we get trapped a lot of times because seeing forced to speak in English we’re herded into using certain kinds of terminology trying to refer to things that aren’t really translatable we are noticing that our sexuality is not as simple as being gay or straight throughout history gay people would seem to be obsessed with straight-acting gay people are really obsessed with everything that’s straight acting community wanting to be straight entity in other words they would appear to have a sexual desire for their partner to dress and behave in a way that we

traditionally connect with that sense for example with lesbians it’s sexually desirable for women to act like a woman to be feminine in other words not masculine similarly with gay men it is sexually desirable for men to act like men to be masculine not feminine I would go out to gay bars and I would just see how masculinity was so prized femme people are looked down upon in the community or deep fear of the power of women anyone who’s displaying feminine trait dating apps know them and masks only just don’t my tiny I thank you for to them there’s a lot of internalized homophobia and I think there’s a huge obsession with hyper masculinity looking more masculine and acting more masculine to maybe meet other guys why change yourself this is reflected in newspaper personal columns right up to today’s acts if people who identify as gay are attracted to the looks and behavior traditionally associated with their own sex then who is attracted to people who have a third gender James and manipulate me as a person who may or may not have been trying to figure things out about their sexuality at that time I was quite curious I’m pretty sure I was straight he was kind of playing to straight guys yes as a gay man iving into straight a topic that is very confusing and complex and then not a lot of people understand I’ve always been into straight men and the problem with that never found real love because straight men behind closed doors they love people like me they love hooking up as long as other people don’t I really kind of fell into a trap someone that was kept like the secret transgender and straightening we don’t have language to describe men who are attracted to trans women there’s a whole one of the biggest problems today is the invisibility and confusion of the attraction of straight people toward the third gender when we were introduced to trans and fluid people it became clear things were not as simple as gay and straight an example of this is men who identify as straight who are noticing the existence of the third gender loving trans women’s nothing strained about desire for trans women before look at trans girl Sunday Statistics social mailing outs and encounters show us clear evidence that most straight men all over the world are not only noticing the feminine beauty of trans and fluid males but are also showing a deep desire for and attraction to them inside every heterosexual god as a part of their trans girls push their ordinary British man now proudly declaring their attraction to women with penises if the man is attracted to a transgender he is indeed straight I feel that he’s straight because he is attracted to what opposite of his feminine energy titties girl behaviors of a girl I don’t think I’m gay I like transgender women summers doing whatever you like you like and nobody has to decide nobody has to label you because of it for someone I’m into women I’m not getting people that it’d be confusion about the time they think that our gender is gay no gays it completely different these men usually experience anger or confusion a society tells us that attraction to a person of the same sex labels us gay but is it that simple let’s look at a typical situation that happens today this is Katie a person born male but who has a more feminine nature Katie likes to express it this way this is Eric a person who has a masculine nature and expresses himself this way Eric finds himself attracted to Katie but feels it makes him gay that his friends will think he’s gay if he reveals his attraction to Kate yet he is not attracted to masculine men like himself just some females and some trans girls so can we begin to understand his identity and attraction a legacy of shame inflicted on two people of the

same sex being together and pushed people all around the world to hide their feelings toward a person of the same sex we can just admit to being heterosexual cisgendered men only engage with trans women in the dark and won’t be free and I’ve had me tell me that they’re in love with me but they could never you know introduce me to their mother or they could never go out in public with we don’t have anyone in their lives know that they’re in love with me and it’s really really painful our lives matter and we deserve love in the ball game he’s obviously not the only one out there but there are very few people that are comfortable enough to go public with it all these guys are all those trans women but none of that I guess is the fear of getting labeled as gay and there’s a face created in our culture for men who are attracted to us to be able to acknowledge that there’s no language for us and you have to be sometimes on the street with a guy not calling me one of the other guys realizes I’m trans and then I gotta change and then he has to prove that he is you know masculine enough were man enough but because they need to create space in our society and then men were attracted to us need to have the courage to be able to say it some straight men realize that this is an erogenous zone for that that’s not gay she doesn’t want to derive pleasure from that part of Scotty from another man there’s a lot of muscles in a big hairy chest and all that stuff consequently men who feel they are straight are discreet about their attraction to the third gender and keep it in the dark sticking to females as a safer option on a street value why do I fancy a trans woman this leaves trans women lonely invisible and largely fetishized some are swayed into prostitution to feed the cycle effective female violence for some many appeal of trans women is purely sexual I’m not shaking the leg boy is I go the unfamiliarity and misunderstand about third gender people has caused them more than others to be left jogger discriminated against but ostracized from people are afraid to hire them or even be seen with them the trans community that the homicide rate is crazy then for the raid she was fired from her last job after she came out as a transgender female there is a strong sense of deception linked to trans people that still lingers in society the idea is that the person is in a disguise or out to trick people dressed up I’m really they are just being true to themselves we can then just a road that I know were they looking at me because I am trans hot with the trans woman it becomes this huge scandal there is a sense of gotcha like we got you in the scandal because you were with this quote-unquote [ __ ] no it could be my girlfriend oh man I have to tell you and I mean she fell for that over the real world and I’m really a vegetable [Applause] [Applause] as a luxury cruiser waiting for you and Miriam with 10,000 pounds but before you claim the prize Miriam has something to say I’m not a Roman I was born as a man almost decided not to go on the yacht with Miriam and spend a week not about someone who’s deceived me and everybody in the house someone slide having been rejected by Tom Miriam’s left to take the Mediterranean cruise alone subsequently some commit suicide a 2015 survey showed that 41% of trans or gender non-conforming people have attempted suicide at one point in their lives psychological a fact that it has on transpose was [ __ ] unreal another teen has taken his own life there has been injustice of thousands of murders perpetrated on gay and trans people in the last few decades these are still the victims of violent attacks an attack on a gay New Jersey couple hard to did that because they’re gay latest transgender women murdered ready to go out of her house the words given to us to justify this

fear or hatred are known as homophobia or transphobia but do these words illuminate what’s really going on also gay bastion is kind of fun cuz um when they come out of there like gay bars and stuff and walk and beat him up you’re like Oh meme you out there so is that what you’re saying not really but just like you know what teen year-old Brandon McInerney is accused of killing 15 year old openly gay classmate Lawrence King some men have killed in the name of staying true to their straight identity as reflected in the thousands of murders of trans women around the world there have been more than 400 people murdered due to anti-transgender bias in the past decade the attack was Sabbath the transgender woman assaulted by five or six men beaten and shot in the back corner of a transgender Wayne State University student one example of many is Gwen around here who in 2002 was beaten and strangled and murdered by a group of four young men interestingly she’d had sexual relations with of the men who would appear to have known she was anatomically now yet it was only when word got out to their friends that they’d had sexual relations with her but these men attacked her could this be the impact of a label such as game when are aho the team victim of a brutal attack murder brought national attention to the issue of violence against transgender Americans one of her former lovers screaming out I can’t be gay I can’t be gay when was me punch beaten over the head wrangled with a rope there are transgender women who are caught with machine guns until there’s pieces of meat until they’re unrecognizable then who were stabbed 30 40 50 times set on fire we bring out certain year and a certain anger in some people suddenly they find themselves questioning themselves worrying about how their response to us back their identity it suddenly something that they thought was a bedrock part of their identity has been challenged another victim of ignorance was Matthew Shepard a young gay student who was beaten tortured tied to a fence and abandoned in Wyoming in 1998 a shepherd with – wooden fence we said the victim was attacked as he’s gay thousands we beat and left for dead who didn’t like idea Human Rights Watch has released a video showing some of the abuse that gay people are facing in Russia in 2013 Russia’s government created a law that bans propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations in the wake of this law thousands of innocent young LGBT people were hunted down like animals tortured intimidated beaten and murdered by vigilante groups under the false pretext of protecting children against pedophilia begs for mercy and is told he has a choice he can lose an arm he’ll be sodomized for the large book these groups have grown ethically since the introduction of the law banning the promotion of gay equality to children the so-called gay propaganda box lured abducted by a group who burned and forced him to say that he is gay that he regrets that he is gay and then they handcuff him gave him glass bottle and what they asking to do is to rape himself with a bottle Russia now lives in an age of fear and ignorance these are just a few of millions of cruel and hateful incidents in a cycle of fear and ignorance that Springs from a lack of knowledge and understanding 2012 alone 265 transgender women were murdered where did all this come from what does it mean wait she dressing like a mom and when would expect most Americans are repelled by the mere notion of homosexuality is in fact the mental illness you’d attract you have none of feminine boys more masculine it’s can be prevented from becoming guests yes homosexual naturally the second you see your son dropping the repressed you rock all the rest of it case number of anti-gay attacks in recent months against the LGBT murders of two transgender women a transgender stabbed to death and run over by a car holy fire because he’s gay teacher fired for or indeed men from donating blood savage murder of a local 23 year old man 1882 I hope very much to have these hands it

was raped by beer bottles attempted to set him on fire yet again another teen has taken his own life and openly gay fifteen-year-old boy named Larry is murdered by a fellow 8th grader named Brandon Larry was killed because he was gay Billy Lucas of Greensburg Indiana was just 15 years old when bullying pushed him over the other person was taught to racism in classes and that thing’s lives of so many trans women to society but more importantly to the end of the girls who engage in that female transgender the partially nude body of 24-year old to when is it going to stop looking around us today it is obvious that the understanding of our sexuality and gender is limited what are you doing wrong I thought you were straight she’s not dead in fact it appears that our understanding of our entire existence is limited to crack the gender code we should open our minds to new ways of looking at things all we should do is look around us the answer is everywhere just like electricity electricity is everywhere and nowhere at the same time approaching this scientifically we could for argument’s sake look at this as energy the speed of light which is constant express their relation to energy in a simple equation physicists Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla both said that all matter is energy it cannot be created or destroyed only transformed just like the Internet it is everywhere but cannot be accessed unless we have a medium to tap into it like a phone the same principle applies to us as people energy is all around us but just because we can’t understand it directly it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist most of us know that electricity is created by the polarity of others it forces this is a scientific fact this balance is the foundation of our existence it is life and death night and day love and hate it is everything how can we begin to understand our sexuality and gender through these two forces well that’s what we talk so must be true as children our brain is taught to see ourselves in black and white we’re Catholic or Jewish gay or straight male or female a history has reinforced this thinking as far back as we can remember through separation wars violence and religion yet over the last century deeper and more powerful evidence of our potential has surfaced now from our understanding of polarity can we begin to understand ourselves let’s go back to basics and look at what history may not have told us about our brain ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and the Native American Indians recognized that the human brain is divided into two distinct intelligences known scientifically as the left and right cerebral hemispheres we can recognize this today for argument’s sake as masculine and feminine energy masculine intelligence or the yang rhythm is linked to the left hemisphere of the brain and the right

side of the body its energy focuses on what we can see and touch directly on waking reality laws and compartmentalizing emotions it hurts inside now so it’s hard for me to show those feelings it’s distinct energy force focuses on logic and is about to land on the mall rationality check flight hydraulic servicing cast full service discipline reputation division its land area we’ve defended the borders of other nations while leaving our own borders wide open for anyone to cross science science is a method of description in dealing with the natural world action partners and resistance feminine intelligence or the yin rhythm is the direct opposite it is linked to the right hemisphere of the brain and a left side of the body he focuses on the more symbolic visual and indirect subconscious mind and it is not always bound by laws or logic this side of the brain is thought to be the link to our higher self it’s distinct energy focuses on intuition emotion freedom self-expression eternity totality together America net magic awakening just like electricity these two forces are opposites for a reason they are sexually attracted to each other and bring a distinct magnetism expression and two ways of relating to life balancing both intelligences within ourselves is the key to a healthy mind body and reality we can all flow between the two because we have both within us however it seems that most of us are usually more dominant in one or the other for example most females tend to be more feminine conscious and most males tend to be more masculine cautious both intelligences exist independently and have no fixed form it is our culture that has attached idealized gender expectations to our sex how can we measure gender and sexuality by science a study by the karolinska institute of neurology in 2008 divided a group of 90 participants stray females straight males lesbian females and gay males MRI and PE T scans measured blood flow to the amygdala and overall interhemispheric connectivity the neurology scan results showed significant differences in electrical brain activity straight females and gay men showed almost identical higher concentrations of blood flow to the amygdala the area of the brain which governs emotion and mood while straight men and lesbians showed similar lower concentrations where the amygdala fed it signals mainly into the sensory motor cortex showing a more action related response it is important

to note that testosterone and estrogen are separate hormones and don’t define gender or sexuality which can impact the physical sex spectrum our sexuality and gender research lacks funding and visibility it is difficult to conclude for certain but it would appear that straight women gay men and trans women have similar brains it was straight men lesbians and trans men of similar brains also explaining the spectrum of feminine and masculine intelligence and its connection to sexual orientation right now we are left with a reality of men being ashamed to openly acknowledge their attraction to trans women where they could never go out of public with me or have any one event although the situation has improved considerably in the last few decades there is still a powerful bloc which needs to be understood men get to dating and sex with a trans woman then seem to stop themselves from developing their feelings any further why is this and how can we change it the answers and cure for this are not to be found in superstition or myth but rather in logic and science according to many neuroscientists our brain has a powerful decision-making component known as the neocortex region when any stimulus enters the brain it tries to understand it based on previous experiences in early life it’s powerful events create a pattern in the brain activated when we face a similar situation for example if we were once called gay for showing attraction towards another male or humiliated for expressing our feminine side the brains electrical neurons will Harbor these patterns that are activated every time we have similar impulses making us some deeply fear acting on them again if our brain works on conditioning us from early life how can balance between our two intelligences be our freedom balance can activate the insular cortex which is believed to create a bridge between the two brain hemispheres consequently this balance has the power to reverse condition thought patterns bringing us closer to our emotions and ourselves our emotions connect us deeply to each other to euphoria and to our purpose yet men have been conditioned from an early age not to display emotion vulnerability or tuned into their more feminine intelligence soft on me broke why is this and what is its connection to our sexuality and gender I believe that it’s linked to the death of the goddess in our culture goddess energy I’m not talking about feminine with Hello Kitty and pink perfect animals I’m talking about feminine goddess energy and how there was theories that there was a conspiracy to shut it down from the church and all the specific alliteration of patriarchal culture the biggest reason men using femininity or feminine women using femininity is look down about because people are afraid of it masculine intelligence is less emotionally in tune than feminine intelligence it focuses on tribe society and reputation so it can be more easily shamed therefore we see a huge resistance in masculine men openly dating a person who is transgender to change this people should begin to think for themselves and not rely on social norms or Authority collectively this will shift our understanding of sexuality bringing us into the future one of the reoccurring patterns that I’ve noticed is in young men particularly young men aged 16 – or and say 25 when they’re first faced with their first time seeing a trans girl in public with their friends they become confused at their attraction and they shame her and they exposed her for her biology bro that’s it

they go away and they think about a place in their mind and they begin to realize that they’re attracted to this kind of person I think these men have been taught from a young age not to see themselves as beautiful or amazing I think they’ve been shamed because of patriarchy and they kind of shut themselves off emotionally and they have a mask and a social image all the real emotions are hidden they come from a completely different headspace and therefore they can find it very difficult when approached with someone that’s transgender to acknowledge it openly because goes against everything that they’ve been taught from a young age this needs to end and this needs to end right now history has forgotten to remind men of their intense power and potentials that comes when they tap into their feminine side you’re going all soft on me bro men appear to be at their strongest at their most sensitive and emotionally use it and when balanced men can be some of the strongest most magnificent creatures on earth this reality is just clouded beneath afect legacy of shame words like femininity have been connected to ideas of weakness studies showed that from infancy until around age five boys express their feelings more than girls participants emotional responses were monitored the electrodes reported marginally higher responses from men recording twice the physiological response women but they don’t show us biology behind it too when society teaches men that expressing their emotions is unacceptable they repress them instead male suicides begin to rise correlation with emotional repression is not coincidental well society is quick to say men up it Mapleton lately hurting all of us yeah school boys not you we tell them to man up we tell them not to cry because in a patriarchal system anything related to emotions is tagged as family men actually have higher suicide rate than we portray the ideal men as being emotionally avoidant and when women are actually seeking emotional connection what they face is distance homophobia is so strong many places it’s very taboo for men to park themselves or to touch themselves between friends for fear of being labeled as game so we prefer to be physically isolated than to be brave okay so we need a new kind of man we need to reframe the traditional notion of this kind this lack of balance and man is reflected in emotional immaturity suicide rates and failure to connect in relationships and a lot of the mental health issues that are happening what young men I personally think that what these young men need is feminism when I actually speak to them to get to the core of what’s bothering you man what they always say to me is I have nothing to offer a woman the fact of the matter is is that is a patriarchal attitude that is no longer relevant to us in the 21st century feminism is not about a female as being powerful it’s what we dressing imbalance and it’s about equality and feminism is a very necessary thing for young men to have one of the biggest fears of a straight male is to have his perceived masculinity threatened and what better way to do this than called him weak when he taps into his biggest challenge the balance of his family intelligence the thing that right man about homosexuality is they think about a man allowing himself to be treated like a woman and there’s nothing worse than face of patriarchy it is the hatred of women that is the fuel of this whole thing you look like a bunch of fifth grade sissies after a catfight when the coach wants to humiliate his team he calls them a bunch of girls – that allowance because the worst thing you can do to a man is call him a woman men who are not men in whatever way the patriarchy wants us to be Retin masculine power and it’s too much to bear if you combine our fear of the other our fear of sex in our fear of a feminine homophobia is well in our psyche as our biology is fixed one cannot be turned gay by expressing his more feminine intelligence this shaming might be part of a method to control our way of thinking but why and convinced that the main problem of it is patriarchy not necessarily explained man men are to blame men are in control and dominate women patriarchy is an invisible system that’s in place that imbalances are left and right cerebral hemispheres effectively denigrating feminine consciousness not women both men and women can have feminine consciousness a long time the Bible has been misused to support prejudice apartheid segregation slavery to second-class citizenship of women now it’s being you misused to condemn gay people everything seems to add up to one route known as

patriarchy despite what people may think patriarchy is not necessarily the dominance of men over women but rather the dominance of a masculine consciousness that is imbalanced our way of thinking for the last 5000 years leaving the richness and wealth for feminine intelligence largely forgotten and repressed we have been steered away from using our right brain emotional intelligence because with emotion we can figure things out those who tried to question this religious superstition were often seen as witches and burned at the stake and people fear the word witch and it brings up ideas about women’s power we have been propaganda I fear women’s power to fear a female null word which comes from an anglo-saxon root wick which means to vendor shame consciousness a lot of these women were simply connecting to the more feminine forces which contradicted patriarchal methods now science and modern reality are pushing us to question outdated ideas of authority and social norms we all need to balance both feminine and masculine within us in order to have a happy healthy life why is our sexuality and gender still so puzzling to us you know corny enough dick I guess are we looking in the wrong place or are we looking in the wrong way to understand the reality it may be time to reconsider what we have previously thought and what we think we know when we approach one another we do so from the perspective of male or female and straight or gay leaving no room for the reality of the many other genders that exist and the people who are attracted to them however the reality of our gender and sexuality could be understood from the perspective of a spectrum let’s imagine gender as a line mirrored by the left and right hemispheres of the brain this is Shan Shan’s gender is more masculine on the spectrum and this is Alex Alex’s gender is more feminine on the spectrum because their gender is at opposite places on the spectrum there is a greater chance of them being sexually attracted to each other by electrical polarity however because both are biologically male our waking world may associate Shauna’s gay and Alex’s transgender Shawn would not be what we traditionally understand as gay however we become trapped when we try to express this reality in our current terminology there is a much wider variation in our genetics than we realize but we make this invisible through language one of the ways society erases people is by having no words to describe them other than male or female or straight or gay basing our gender and sexuality on our biological sex however we are beginning to move forward from this paradigm of being and thinking instead of being trapped in terminology we find our own place on the spectrum gender does exist on spectrum the new study that claims of a spectrum of sexual orientation we can map out the polarity of human behavior on a spectrum of gender ranging from masculine to feminine emotions and expressions if the fascinating thing is as much as we try to label things there is no way to label every point on an infinite continuum n it’s a spectrum and people who move across the spectrum a separate spectrum can be imagined for biological sex from male to female and variations

in between female or male or straight we were taught to see these as binding now we’re realizing it’s more like a colitis we see more combinations than that in real life hormones can vary wildly finally considering the laws of polarity our sexuality can be understood by the attraction of opposite ends of the spectrum and is usually swayed more by gender than sex for example a person can have a feminine gender yet embrace being completely male and a man who has identified as straight could be sexually attracted to this person some people argue natural thing is to only be attracted to the opposite sex but in practice it ain’t so simple kids some people are getting somewhere by some will take whatever they can get no what I mean when you throw in gender it gets even more color by three or four most kids identify with a gender and it doesn’t always match the sex they were assigned at birth and a person’s gender identity may change over their lifetime and culture is getting us new ways to express all we have to listen to the science science says we’re all honest I think you’ll finally look at sexuality this way it is more complicated but it’s also a lot more honest when we depart from labels and traditional ways of thinking we create space to move forward into the future transgender women and feminine gay men are simply people who have more feminine intelligence on the spectrum and process thought patterns through the right hemisphere of the brain in contrast transgender men and masculine lesbians are simply people who have more masculine intelligence on the spectrum and process intelligence through the left hemisphere of the brain Trane’s because I was transiting some choose to alter their sex on the sex spectrum and some day by the way their gender remains independent and they share this commonality it could be argued that a lot of masks for masks gay men could be on the more feminine side of the gender spectrum that express their gender in a more masculine way to be more desirable there is a lot of internalized homophobia and I think there’s a huge obsession when we start being ourselves we break through old ways and attract the right people many men prefer to express a more feminine place on the gender spectrum and still be attracted to women known traditionally as cross dressers that he’s a woman trapped inside a man’s body Ian’s changed his name to jaw first officer in the Armed Forces to undergo a sex change it’s your soul it’s about who you are as a person I had dealt with these issues all my life I make this character Bruce so big and it’s not me considering the laws of polarity it is very natural for masculine men to express their feminine side but social norms have ridiculed this leading to desensitization and oppression cure will come from pushing through stigma and gender norms and allowing people to express themselves naturally the human body has a powerful ability for metamorphosis and change we can create our physical self based on our energy and intelligence features that we might consider typically masculine such as a square jaw line or deep voice can appear equally beautiful carried in a feminine way it’s just that our minds have simply not had enough experience to observe this yet the huge number of men that identify as straight and yet find themselves attracted to feminine males and transgender women are not gay because the word gay itself is an illusion these are simply men who are on the more masculine side of the gender spectrum and are sexually attracted to the opposite gender this is completely natural and much more frequent than we observed directly this is also the case with straight females being attracted to more masculine females or trans men as long ago as 1948 Alfred Kinsey and American biologist presented the Kinsey

scale one of the first acknowledgments that sexuality was on a spectrum it’s a new study that claimed of a spectrum of sexual orientation bindings of Alfred Kinsey in 1948 who suggested that people are sort of somewhere on a sexual orientation continuum respecter of gender does exist on a spectrum and I would say like the Kinsey scale of sexuality from 0 to 6 I’d be like a fall I think the genders similar where one is female and 6 is male I’m close to the middle but I’m on the male side of the middle whereas you feel one so I think that when people got to understand that gender can’t exist on a spectrum and that your story is different to my story it is more complex because there’s more than two answers and people aren’t used to that they’re like male female got it I think just the conversation is well evolved hopefully in the last decade with the internet and social app revolution our reality is rapidly shifting I’m Luca and I am the creator of the gender code I direct write produce and animate we’ve been taught to believe that our sexuality and gender is either male or female or straight or gay however in my experience there is a little bit more to it than meets the eye there are millions of people who are expressing themselves in the way they want to express themselves and there are millions of people attracted to us that may not be openly acknowledging those attractions people like me who are on the more feminine side of the spectrum and are male hidden away are seen as secret by the men who are attracted to us when we put all our experiences together we find a bigger picture of the puzzle I believe that what we understand as gender and sexuality might not be the way we’ve been thought it to be I think we look at things through our social construct we look at everything through the lens of is he gay or is he straight are you male or are you female I think we need to be able to depart from our traditional ways of looking at things if we want to look at the reality my name is Dean the gender code belief system that society needs to be changed how we regard sex and gender when I was younger when I was like five six years old the word gay guy was said Jack from building grace you were taught you can’t be like a girl you’re gonna like football you’re gonna like box and your life is already mapped out for you this is the path that you’ve basically been put on and you have to follow Society tells us that we need to put ourselves in a box my name is Jamie I am 20 years old and I identify as gender-fluid i express myself true just not really given a phone i express myself by being Who I am just now on the docket tell me any different hi my name is Katie I’m a trans girl from Ireland I’m 22 years old I started transitioning when I was 17 it took me a long time to just be comfortable with myself I got my little bit get surgery and hormone and I feel like I’m finally coming into myself being comfortable with who I am on my body I feel like all trans girls should kind of you know not be ashamed of who they are and just embrace their body they feel like it’s getting so much better for society in the past has kind of told trans girls to be ashamed of the masculine qualities of their body throughout history Society has always told trans women like myself to pass as a woman and to not embrace their trans identity I feel like there’s beauty in just embrace and you’re trans identity as well if somebody knows I’m transgender it’s not the end of the world cuz trans is beautiful too and I feel like you know so much information is coming out in the media now about transgender I feel like older people are starting to see that men are starting to see that would be comfortable with their attraction to trans women my name is Shawn identify as being straight where I’m attractive the femininity whether that’s transgender more so because of the femininity finally see any shame in it you know you you know there’s a whole world that needs us though most of us probably going to wear off there are men all around the world who are very attracted to seven and males on transgender women society doesn’t really know this side of things that straight men are attracted to trans women they’re attracted to feminine males but it’s so true and it’s so real different men of dude that identify a straight boy are attracted to transgender and gender fluid just feminine people in general there’s a lot

of men traditional term traits men looking for the more feminine male trans girl femininity they’re attracted to it’s all very secretive all very behind closed doors a survey done in 2017 for the gay networking app Grindr shows a rapidly increasing reality of men exclusively seeking feminine males and trans women I don’t want to be just a trick o’clock in the morning text what’s up I want to be visible and I want to be treated with respect we’re living in this world the people that can’t be themselves social media today is instantaneous everyone wants instant food instant sex instant low instant gratification so I began to open the apps and I began to see a bigger picture and a bigger story and then just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger as analytics grew the results were staggering throwing a whole understanding of gender and sexuality into revision I’ve been used up for a long time and I stopped screenshotting after a week I think I stopped screen shot around 200 and that was in Dublin Ireland alone so if you look at the bigger picture and if you look at it across the globe and across not only double but Ireland and then you get to the UK you look across England you look across Manchester London Glasgow Wales then you reach Europe you reach America Minnesota Alabama so if you take that week and you multiply it at all the different countries and all across the earth you begin to see a very very big picture nobody’s keeping statistics or algorithms so this number is insurmountable because apps are relatively new this is very new territory for a lot of people publicly we don’t have enough statistics and education most females don’t want to believe that their men are capable of being attracted to someone of the same sex and straight men have nowhere to turn to talk to each other so effectively it’s a lost world that only gender variant people witnessed effectively the reality of the spectrum is rendered invisible to the outside world if you were to ask a gay guy or a girl who is not versed or knowledged in this reality and they’d simply tell you that it was closeted gay guys knowing what we know as gender variant or trans people we’re noticing a very different reality that this is what we know as straight masculine men who are looking for sex from feminine people we have to be able to depart from our traditional thinking in order to reach this and see the truth we are in the midst of a cultural global gender revolution the phenomenon of straight men being with younger feminine males is not new the ancient Greeks revered this and it was seen as a rite of passage during the Inquisition’s Spanish captors would keep Native American effeminate males as sex it’s termed poor catamite a male slave who was kept for sexual purposes during the Crusades today this could be easily written off as homosexual being our only rhetoric to reference however when we look closer we see that the participants were heterosexual men Grindr seems like a playground for everybody and honey but it’s all different people are different end of the spectrum being freer with our gender expression can be a higher dimension with a richer experiences and authenticity however there’s limited models to reference and this is very new territory gender feminine people have only recently been given the technology and resources to live their authentic self effectively men are only starting to explore their attractions and notice our potential masculine intelligence is not at its highest freedom yet and effectively the men attracted to us need to start being honest about their attractions both sides need to work to create a pathway for this dimension to start to exist in public space we’re not there yet I’ve been observing straight men attracted to trans women or feminine males for years and I’ve recognized that we’ve actually been undercounting an entire world of men who are attracted to the same sex I’ve called them the missing missing because we’re not actually looking for them so how are we going to know they exist and this is a paradox and this is a reality that does exist and is real the reality appears to be a language trap we’re looking for an answer terminology like easy gay or is he straight but the reality doesn’t actually match up to those terminologies when I started expressing my femininity I guess I didn’t even really think of what kind of guys I’d be with hung around with gay guys but none of them are really attracted to me because I was like expressing my femininity and it’s only when I joined like online sites like Grindr I started getting all these messages from like really kind of manly guys I didn’t know if they were stray if they were bisexual Grindr which is traditionally a gay app but there is like a trans tribe and there’s

definitely millions of guys on that straight identifying guys who are attracted to trans where feminine males like an unspoken fact I have friends who are gay and they even get like similar messages on certain sites like dating hats from like straight identifying males who are just interested in kind of experimenting with feminine guys and trans girls different people are different ends of the spectrum – come from a different headspace we’re 100% looking in the wrong way I was talking to one of the girls one day and I was explaining to her the attraction or predominantly straight males to more feminine males and they couldn’t get it gender xxx I represent sex of how we are as male or female gay males I have been in relationships we’ve had the most amazing experience I’ve had some of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had in my life with straight males with straight males I find they’re more attracted to the femininity in me necessarily I can’t say if I became else in my general experience of wearing makeup gay men are very turned off by it traditionally what gay man look for is something they’re lacking and that’s masculinity we all do but it’s make us a bad person it’s just being we’re looking for something we should really be looking at the bigger picture when I was growing on the oni gender are they that I could identify was a gay male I was told that it was very attractive for other gay guys is that if a guy was feminine anyway I didn’t express the way that is natural to me but I know is that something was missing I wasn’t been myself I always wanted to be feminine but I didn’t even dream that was possible and I was always attracted to what we would know as straight guys and everybody dreams that they’d be attracted to so I didn’t even think about it if you’re not looking for it it’s not there as I grew excited to express myself a little bit more and I started to do things that calm or naturally began to find greater happiness and a greater freedom maybe at the start it was the only label I could identify with with being a woman but then later on I recognized that I don’t have to be female to be feminine so gay guys aren’t attracted to me so who is they noticed I got more and more attention from guys who are identified with the label straight I recognized that there are certain men out there who had a very strong attraction to trans or feminine males are people on this more feminine side of the spectrum I noticed that it really didn’t have anything got to do with genitals because they were actually quite very interested to actually in my genitalia so I tried to understand or at least man gave we’ve got straightest time went by I realized that the reality is more about being attracted to a person under gender and are attracted to femininity so men are straight identifying Maskin males are gonna be attracted to trans girls they’re attracted to the more feminine males as well because they we express femininity a lot of these guys like to kind of keep this attraction disgrace is all behind closed doors that doesn’t really sit right with me the word discreet in other words is just their way of saying they’re ashamed of their own attraction towards trans women and I found a lot of guys who wanted to date me in the past behind closed doors they were ashamed of kind of being seen around what like a trans girl no matter how beautiful you are like sometimes guys unfortunately see trans girls as a fetish relationship Tyga was cheating on Kylie Jenner with you matter beginning to discover things about themselves to discover a part of themselves that they didn’t know existed until now now because we have all these apps and this access all these like new and exciting things are happening these these things that we never thought possible are possible matter how thing either becoming real I think it’s very unfair because people like me are on these apps and we’re you know just looking to find someone to connect you into the if you and your Grindr profile are calling yourself descri I am sick of being sexualized I’m so tired of being used escape go for death we’ve come to a time where we’re not gonna accept this anymore more idea of gender and sexuality needs to change as I’m coming into myself and I’m more confident into myself and I encourage all trans girl today just to not kind of expects to be just seen and treated like a fetish gay people trans whatever we were always on the spectrum on the feminine side we’re always err we always had decried phrase that was because I feel we’re on the more feminine side of the spectrum and we have the male body so we had we never really had a choice but to you know come out and be who we are but the men who are straight as we will do straight as pretend that exists the men who are straight are masculine and they don’t need to commit as gay understanding gay as something objectives they’re not gay so they taught really clear as day but however with all these apps up with all these new things and Grindr and stuff trans women are sexualized in the media they’re beginning to turn to these upside Brian they’re to try and look for these people in real life I think these nails are a parish of the list and what we call masks from us the handsome drop-dead gorgeous guys and they’re unable to express themselves and express their attraction it’s a case of mistaken identity people are not expressing themselves the

way they probably would be at their full potential expressing themselves I think that the paradox is that there’s a lot of guys out there who might identify as a gay guy holding off on dressing more feminine because of fear that they might not be feared attractive in the gay community by other gay men but taking away those labels are looking at the reality which is scientific the brain hemispheres people could be attracted to a gender as opposed to a sex I think patriarchy even though it’s very down a lot I think it’s so very much exists I think that affects a lot of gay men’s inhibitions to be more expresses me for example I’ve always been very expressive I feel like wearing something it’s you know I’m gonna wear it be more fierce my answer would be for people to embrace themselves sports also for people to surround themselves with people that want to embrace them that want to see them flight that our highest potential you need to be around people they’re gonna uplift you they need to find people that they can express themselves around authors gender variant people we to be more respected and that remote acknowledged in that we need to be more clued in and that I’ve gotten the respect back that I deserve feel like it’s possible for any trans girl to have like a straight identify boyfriend I met Julia and High School trenched underpart really doesn’t affect my people always come up to ask are you gay are you straight are you they just deemed the term Juliet sexual demand respects because we all deserve respect if we give respect to people we deserve a fact thank god the world has changed and they would get to a place where these guys will no longer feel ashamed today trans women openly and today femine males opening if they desire I’m not saying that every straight man is attracted to trans women and feminine males but there’s a huge number of men that are social media ups we’ve Grindr we face with youth we’ve always of ruined through all this information to really get to the core of who we are we’re getting to the stage an era where we sort of wonders and Pedro that could be a link to a lot of the world’s problems today we look at a jerk you think it’s you know hatred of women I think people like me gender diverse people are the missing part of the puzzle I think we really show people that’s not always men hate and women so I’m not female I’m very feminine we can’t look at this and say men to blame because we’re all wonderful people and we’re all the same I think these wars like gay or straight I think they were written at a time by a certain group of people a patriarchy everything is written muscular patriarchal my perspective of male the way a woman should look how she should dress was written from the male fetish and the male psyche and of the masculine side understands these books were written and these laws are written at a time when this was not understood they didn’t have the reality of everyone in mind such as people like me the reality for myself and millions of people around the world it’s not as black and white as we thought on stage I think people be much more happier as they began to express in a way that they like they feel natural to the people who are attracted to a certain type of person or gender be much more happier if they began to acknowledge openly the brakes you they were attracted to without shame or fear while we’re so busy fighting over all these visible words really miss no on the phone really miss now at the party there are males who are feminine or females who are masculine on the gender spectrum there are men who are very much attracted to feminine people feminine airs and trans women on the gender spectrum we’re not sadist we’re not CD or TV or Sony Panasonic DVD pair home practice or people the reality appears to be more about an attraction to the person and their gender rather than attraction to the person sick this is connected to the two hemispheres of the brain and the electrical energy that flows simultaneously through the body to create sexual chemistry we know scientifically that in all energy opposites attract regardless of the medium it travels through when we leave behind our traditional way of thinking we allow a new spectrum to appear like electricity it may not have been directly visible to us but it has always existed with this new perception our entire thinking can move forward instead of labeling ourselves as gay or straight or trapped in the wrong body let’s begin to change this and look at it from another viewpoint I want to be able to go try Peter argon and IO and chat with alla in public that’s not gonna be worried about what his friends are gonna take like it’s 28 days shit’s changing but we begin to see things in a new way and we depart from our traditional ways of

thinking that’s what’s really going to bring us into the future that’s when the party is really gonna begin this is the opening party of Abita summer 2020 this is the current physique I’ll bring it on FIFA every summer the beefer opens its gates to the clubbing paradise of the world it’s a place of intense electricity and euphoria this is Luca Luca is very yin energy and on the more feminine side of the spectrum he happens to be male but identifies as more gender feminine this is Shawn Shawn is very yang energy and on the more masculine end of the spectrum he is male and identifies a straight these two people are perfect for each other and would have intense sexual chemistry together yet we assumed our identities divided us into straight or gay categories what you do involve us like the streets don’t do a set ways of thinking that leave us blind to higher experiences and potential how can we change this and move forward stepping outside traditional thinking and labels let’s look to something real and scientific for an answer right above us is the Sun from the opening parties in May through to September astronomically and scientifically the Sun will rise in the east travel across the sky and set in the West however from winter to summer its trajectory will gradually change moving through a spectrum of darkness to light setting at a different time and place each day down to a matter of minutes these in between stages of night and day are known as Twilight the time of illumination of the Earth’s lower atmosphere when the Sun itself is not visible because it’s below the horizon it’s a time when the sky is neither completely light nor completely dark we perceive the Sun moving across the sky but when we change our perception we begin to see another reality it would appear that we could correlate what happens in the sky with what happens below and use it as a metaphor just like the Sun we are on a spectrum with many colors and preferences in between when we ascend from labels all that’s left is pure energy to return to Luke her and Shawn [Applause]

Shawn will push forward through social stigma and shake Lucas hand in front of the lads she’s a high this brave example brings us right into the future a place where people all over the world are finding their identity their own place on the spectrum and beginning to acknowledge gender diverse people and their attraction to them my name is Sean identify is being straight where I’m attractive the femininity whether that’s transgender more so because of the femininity finally seeing shame in it I don’t really see why any regard is short either humanity and our preferences are diverse and much more extensive than we could ever imagine social norms and superstitions have categorized and divided us however the power of Technology science and social media is breaking through old ways to a time when we can define our own place on the spectrum a time of unimaginable potential welcome back to my channel hey guys it’s Gigi I’m aquaria we have begun to insist that our identities that ourselves exist beyond our bodies beyond surgery beyond genitalia social media is really cool because it’s kind of like we have metrics that show us how many people are into different things and we just see that queer culture is on the rise I feel like the non-binary conversation really is happening within the younger generation I feel like it’s the next step gender is a social construct completely ridiculous that we’ve expected people’s identity to be one size fits all if someone doesn’t stand up and tell the story then how are other people supposed to know where to go in life half of young people declare themselves as something other than a 100% heterosexual the hatred cruelty bullying rejection and discrimination must stop we will not be erased the trans community needs more representation on television we are once again reminded that the fight for civil rights is never-ending but we won’t let the darkest recesses of human nature extinguish the light and hope and love we feel in our soul as gay people we get to choose our families don’t with my family once persecuted and misunderstood as disease-ridden abominations the world’s most powerful visionaries healers and goddesses are acclaiming our identities we bring the color to life and bring people together it’s time to listen to our story and apart from the idea that we are separate we have something that they don’t have we have a secret weapon love music laughter colors and sing imaginations those aren’t strong powerful moving forces that’s how we inspire we have spirit there’s a new generation of people that are beginning to find their own identity all started in their own language there’s a new breed of young people they don’t identify as gay or straight well it’s a new belief system that transcends the 20th century the future is about taking on new meanings of our femininity and masculinity is and embracing it in new forms it’s time to depart from old ideas and attachments to language and words that we cling to and begin to form new identities and new words for the future there’s a spectrum all around us and magic it’s the language and labels and all ideas that we have attached things that stop us from moving forward when we break through that and we begin to find new narratives and create new spaces that’s where we will find our power are we ready to shift our ways of thinking and reevaluate old ideas have we cracked the gender code this is how you throw a party in a bita [ __ ] better [Applause] yeah my name is no don’t oh I’m just

trying to live my best life I’m not a piece of meat I know I’m a sex symbol but it’s just not gonna happen I’m gonna come across as the biggest [ __ ] ever follow me so we’re not gonna have like [ __ ] promotional [Laughter] oh wait no don’t find something yeah actually no you complicit mommy gonna stick you know this is the law you do because there’s refining them okay look I know your tuna delights in his step there’s work yet trying to save my career to me yeah perfect more marche de Mar movements spin my body and face that’s great is help you you’re in it again yeah just a minute yeah [Applause] you you