Akiic ToDaHead Plays Farming Simulator 2013 Old Family Farm S2E29- Choices to Make

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Akiic ToDaHead Plays Farming Simulator 2013 Old Family Farm S2E29- Choices to Make

hello hello hello hello welcome back friends and neighbors to the old family farm with me a kick to the head we are back no it’s not nighttime it’s one thirty in the afternoon as you can see the sky is gotten real black now I did that at the end of our last episode it just start turning black as we were ending so we may be in some for foul weather I’m not sure it’s only supposed to be partly cloudy today um that’s definitely more than partly cloudy that is full out looking like storm mode to me that’s actually even turned the lights on the auto lights because it dropped below a certain light level so remember last episode we bought some new equipment we took care of the animals got them going as you can see we just started so their productivity hasn’t started yet but you can see there’s just over twenty seven and a half thousand liters of mixed rations now in the cows and if we tab over to the pigs you can see that they have just over a 8192 so just shy of 80 200 liters on there this episode we need to continue with our fields here we need to get this field complete it and get ready to start seating them and getting ready for the next rotation let me quickly jump to this wagon we need to get the straw picked up so let’s shut that off so welcome back hope everyone is doing good thank you for your continued support it means a lot to me and I think probably a lot of people are probably on on vacation is this is vacation time in a lot of areas as doesn’t seem to be as much a community interaction as in the past so I hope you guys are all ok I hope you guys enjoy your vacation if that’s what you’re doing I know myself starting next friday i will start three weeks vacation it is currently four o’clock in the morning on the sunday the twentieth of july so friday i get four more days of work starting on Monday late shift 22 are from 1400 or 2200 hour 2 p.m. to 11pm for you non 24-hour clock users let’s turn this on and let’s get to town get busy picking this up so I am looking forward to my vacation it’s definitely well needed at this point it’s been a hard hard year so far due to a while due to co-workers and stuff either no longer working there moving on to bigger and better things and just haven’t got their replacements yet as well as to the workload so I’m definitely looking forward to rest and relaxation or r and r is the military calls it I’m definitely looking for forward to some of that and I’m definitely looking forward to getting some more videos put out I’d like to start some new new videos as well not just focused mainly on my farming simulator and minecraft now there’s something going on currently with 7 days to die for some reason I am unable to record 7 days to die with OBS I used to be able to use it all the time but since some of the last patches 7 days to die just crashes the desktop and freezes everything up and I’m unable to do anything so that is why I haven’t had any 7 days to die out and quite a while it’s due to that I got to figure out what it is now I can record with shadow play but even with shadow play the stuttering is very noticeable and it’s not noticeable when you’re doing the game the game runs smoothly but when you actually watch back you’re you’re recording your playback you can see there’s quite a few stud and hiccups in there so they’ve changed some kind of code in 7 days to die that interferes with the way it’s being recorded so I have to try to do some research on it figure it out I’m not sure what it is but that is why I haven’t been releasing any 7 days to die

now there are some other games I want to focus on I’m going to keep those secret for right now but keep an eye up for my channel I will releasing another one probably oh I’m probably going to record it today sometime maybe it be for a late evening release today or maybe somewhere next week ok so we got all the straw picked up let’s shut this off let’s get Philip busy on the field here let’s get the lights turned on it’s very dark hopefully the Sun will come back soon okay and you go town get him going on this will go drop this back off you know what let’s take the straight to the cows we’ll just take this straight to the cows not very much an air but it be enough to top them off then we’ll get the the new front end tractor that we bought last episode and we’ll get to seating and let me just check normal time good ok it’s what I need to know and let’s just check ok yeah so we definitely want to get these seated and what we need to do though if we remember right we want to include filled 11 with this field and field nine with this group of field so we kind of get them separated and on a rotation schedule so we always have fields available yeah no straw is not accepted there i’m not trying to drop it there let’s get rid of the HUD I don’t like the head on and drop you out of the way so we can see our field and all its splendid glory and we need to sell some barley as well I think let’s just check still 1309 what time do we have we do have some that we can go ahead and sell some more of that barley as well how much do we have let’s go back to here and then up there we go still got just shy of 22,000 liters so let’s go ahead and go do some of that why Philip is selling our correction wide Philip is cultivating let’s go ahead and do that just go put this back into place just in case we do get some severe weather coming in will have this under roof to help protect it from damage as you do remember I do get the more realistic mod put in the more risk like weather mod I should say that does cause tornadoes and floods and droughts and stuff like that to happen hail storms and it will damage equipment that’s left exposed to the weather see all the automated timing lights are on due to the darkness in the sky and it’s one thirty in the afternoon okay truck is still over at arrow bays at bay hay and feed let’s get the mirrors turned on and canola field looking nice they’re coming along and we’re doing good okay so hopefully these other fields will come in to finish that shortly that way we can get them harvest it and incorporate the fields into a nice rotation basis group together and we need to be barley so let’s go around the wheat and drive on underneath the barley okay seven thousand liters let’s take this back to Earls there’s our new mixing wagon we bought last episode don’t have a place for yet I got to figure out where i’m going to store that got to figure out where i want to keep that okay make sure it’s clear looks clear let’s go

and we are coming into the Earl’s place go watch through the mirror watch it come out there we go so we’re slowly building up our money again now we’ve got pretty much everything that we need equipment wise for the time being so the money that we’re making now we need to focus on buying more heads of cattle get some more cows coming into for the milk production in the manure production and i would like to slowly start paying off some of our loan as well as we definitely need to get that down to achieve goal number two just to remind everybody what our goals are were gold number one was to own every field which we’ve succeeded in we now own every field goal number two was to have our loan paid off as you remember we started in a more difficult setting so our loan start out at a hundred 100 grand and we took out a tin grin loan at the start just to help us tie us over so we have 110,000 that we have to pay off to the bank and then goal number three was to reach a million dollars in the bank to be able to call this season of success and then we can move on to a new season so go number two and three are still out of our reach for the time being but with this great sale that we’re doing now the great demand cells were doing now it will put us closer we will be in a very good position to pay off most if not all our loan but we will be tapped so we might want to just pay maybe half of it off or are maybe a little less or a little more depending on what your inputs are so if you think we should try to pay it off as quickly as possible even if it means us a little tapped now that we have everything and money’s coming in it shouldn’t be a problem that way that way we can get rid of the interest payments that we have to make and we’ll save ourselves some money that way as well or if you think we should pay it off in smaller increments and just try to keep the money being invested into more animals and equipment that way so make sure you leave your comments below and how you’d like to do now obviously if there’s no replies no comments my my gun gut instinct is telling me let’s pay a loan off as quickly as possible that way we can achieve two things one we can lower our interest payments and save money that way and to get closer to achieving our next goal in the series so let me know what you guys think and still 20 minutes left in this rotation we are good now i can see philip has finished cultivating the field let’s quickly jump over there and to see how he’s done i’m sure he forgot some on the edges so will tidy that up yep he did so let’s quickly tie the tidy that up then we will get him busy seating we’ll get him busy seating that way these fields would be on the next rotation point and all we have to do is put in filled 11 over there in with it which will put it a little behind but it should be okay ok let’s go drop off the cultivator now let’s look through this here and still get twenty to twenty hours for barley we had two hours for potatoes and then sugar beet start in one hour now we do have sugar beet but we’re saving those for the pig so we’re not going to use the great demand for that we really need two potatoes to drop off of there so we can see what the next thing is coming up but unfortunately we’re not going to be able to see it for this planting so we’re just going to have to do what we normally do and just plant a variety of everything for our rotations

whoa careful okay we practice into place and control V lower that down now we need to move the other tractor real fast get it out of the way so we can pick up the cedar let’s get rid of this let’s just move this right over here there we go and looking under time we’re 16 minutes in I going to try to keep these as close to 30 minutes now as possible instead of the 45 minutes I had been doing let’s change this to let’s change this one to wheat we got enough inner we don’t need to put no more in there now we had barley on this big field last time so we’re going to change it up put weed on it this time so we’re not planning the same crop into the soil will try to keep it changed up and keep the nutrients and all that up so let’s just move Philip in the place here and get him started and will continue selling ok and go ahead Philip there you go and we’ll continue on selling and just quickly look how much we have left are you kidding that’s all we got left 9 987 we went through what was it I thought it was like twenty two thousand liters still left in there did I miss something did we do two or three trips thought it was only to this would make it fourteen thousand Wow okay well this is the last bit of the great demand that we’re going to sell so this will be the last of the money that way let’s move this into place and sell this this should put us closer to like 75 grand I think yeah maybe not quite that I 65 grand okay there we go now no sense in selling the last little bit of barley will keep that in there how is we doing we yeah wheats fairly high as well but we will keep that there’s really not enough to go off of on there now we will get a little more barley coming we still have one more field of barley over here that we can get I believe it’s one more field maybe two let’s take a look nope it’s just a one fail to barley and we still have three canola fields in to wheat fields the two harvests but we’ll get those they should be popping up soon our soon-ish I hope let’s go pull this into the pin we don’t really need this out now i’m thinking i’m going to quickly look to see how much a potato cedar is and we have that potato harvester which is i believe six thousand dollars to buy and if i can find a decent cheap potato cedar we might get into the two potatoes this this episode as well just to wow that’s a tight fit I don’t remember it being that tight in there obviously that’s not going to work so let’s get into this one don’t remember it being that tight see if we can get this over just a tad because I know I’ve had them both in here before okay come on trailer was tipping a little bit

yeah I’m gonna have to figure out something else for these trailers and move them around a little bit probably put one in each bay I’ll move something move those two over there for the grass cutting somewhere else and maybe move them down by the sheep fields down there let’s shut that off okay moving on let’s get rid of this don’t need that and let’s hide that don’t need that let’s check so if we go do I have any since I had to redo my mods i don’t know if i have any cedars for potato harvesting now you can see this is our potato harvester here it’s i believe it only does one roll at a time so we’ll take us a while to do it but if we do one of the small fields i think it should be ok but let’s just check sewing machines yeah yeah none of these will do potatoes and if we go to the end game once we have anything on cell know if we go to the end game ones then they’re going to be a little more expensive potato harvesting we want sewing machines trippers cultivators plows sewing machines now got this one here for planting potatoes it’s 23,500 so we’ll probably end up going with that one so we figured 23,000 five and then six thousand i believe for the other one so just under 30 grand we can start potatoes and I think that’s probably what I’m gonna do think that’s what I’m gonna do it seems like it’s gotten darker let’s check on Phillip see how he’s doing he’s coming along nicely let him go along now if we look at that’s not what I want if we look at the loan details you can see we owe 110,000 I don’t know why these are all on zero let’s go to finance history you can see where day number five since we’ve started we spent sixty two thousand four hundred ninety dollars on new vehicles 40,000 on livestock 1200 on construction that was for the ramp where you spend 341 dollars a day on vehicle upkeep one dollar on property maintenance and again that’s for the ramp we shelled out just shy of four thousand dollars on wage payments for today on day five um harvest income we made 146,000 and 11,500 from milk so seems strange seems strange why is there no loan interests on there not sure why that is but anyway we got sixty three thousand now we could potentially pay off quite a bit of the loan three-quarters of the loan to be exact um are we can invest it into more animals and equipment and I really think now thinking about it I really would like to get into titles just so we can have some earth fruit and if we look at the map again I think filled 11 our field nine are potentially the best fields use probably 11 because we do have the the silo or storage area for the potatoes and sugar be right up here so 11 or to even but probably filled 11 that way we can go directly to the pigs from here or we can go to the silos from here I think that’s probably what we’re going to do tell you what that’s going to be part of the community feedback so that just adds another option to what we want to she discussed below so do we want to pay off the loan as quickly as possible do we want to invest into potatoes right now get the potatoes planet and get the harvester or do we want to invest more and the the cows and getting the cows going more leave your comments and suggestions below let me know what you guys think and then we’ll go at that direction now what I’m going to quickly do is let’s take the front end loader

over and get the the manure trailer loaded up as we’re going to be needing that shortly get up so we can see there okay well load this up with what we have here okay c3500 liter and our trailer holds three thousand five hundred liters so it will take exactly one shovelful now to load this up max it up and let’s lift this up and dump it on the trailer okay don’t believe it will hold anymore but we’ll give it a try and see and can i delete this now can I get rid of this at all because i don’t like that pile there yes i was able to get rid of it now can i actually delete that at all well we’ll leave it there in case we ever do want to pick it up again and we’ll pick this up I won’t let me pick it up cuz actually a different type of manure that was the pig manure versus the cow manure will let me dump this on top of the trailer there are wonder not a problem though I can take this with us and drop it in the field out there and one of the piles out there yeah let me put it in there okay now can i pick up any more from the cows let’s get rid of that yes can but that appears to be all that we have in there to pick up and the question is will it take it all it shouldn’t because like I said that holds three thousand five hundred liters and that’s what we’ve used so far okay took almost all of it let’s dump this back into the pit move the trailer out and I think we’ll be able to call it a day from there the only last thing I wanted to do is fill up the slurry tanker get it ready for spring as well now we will have to move those trucks and trailers out to be able to get into a slurry tank or so let me just put the bar on here see if the bar will work nope yep there go my maybe too low for that one we’ll see if it work or not nope we didn’t need the bar on there so we can remove the bar goes to the top top hitch okay let’s move this out to the fields and looking at our time we are 30 minutes in so I definitely want to be getting ready to get you a point to cut this but i do want to fill up the silo tanker as well or two slurry tanker as well let’s just put this right here for right now put this down okay let’s move these out and I’ll move them back around off camera so let’s just pull this over here spin it around and drop the trailer right look drop the trailer right here and let’s quickly move this one out of the way and I left the lights on good way to put the battery down and we’ll move this guy out

yeah this is going to be interesting let’s go ahead and back into our slurry tanker then we’ll have to probably come to it a little bit at an angle and I think that was probably the wrong angle to come in at let’s back to saddle up or pull it forward a little bit now will come more at an angle this way there we go hook up and get our way out you can see that we are definitely Oh Lee cow cut a little too soon but we made it we are out let’s quickly do some topping up both slurry and we are filling up with the slurry from the cows and that appears to be it twenty-three percent now we’ll finish the rest up from the pigs and will you will call it a day here we go now just for the sake of time I’m probably going to take the shortcut through Earl Bay’s place I know he doesn’t like us doing that but I think I want to do that because I’m just worried about the weather it may storm soon so I want to make sure we get everything into place before it does storm and he decides he’s probably so busy right now he won’t notice cutting overthrew his property like this there we go now we have all this grass out here and stuff we can use to so we do have the ability to get to a lot of lot of grass so I’m not too worried about grass for silage so let’s finish topping this up will it fill it completely those the question yes yes it will how much do we have left we have still 513 liters so it took almost all of it so that’s good so we’re able to get one trailer fall out and we’ll use that to spray on the fields next time now this one trailer will do well if we use it on the smaller fields it should do two possibly three are it’s going to do the one big field and possibly one of the small fields but that will be all next episode and by next episode the other the other fields will be ready ok there’s the great demand for sweet potatoes our sugar be rather and you can see arrow Bay’s taking those as well at the Bay hay and feed just out of curiosity what are they up to 650 d 1 and now for me it’s not worth it I want to save my eleven thousand or fifteen thousand liters whatever it is that we have for the pigs 11,000 almost twelve thousand liters I’d rather save those for the pigs and not sell those so I’m going to hang on to those we can use potatoes and stuff soon so that’s why I’d like to get into potatoes as well so leave the lights on for right now we’ll just let Philip finish up with this as as we go away you can see that he’s almost done the weather’s still looking pretty dark so it was dark the entire episode so thank you for joining me be sure to leave your comments and suggestions below on how you think we should proceed from here whether we should pay off the loan invested in the potatoes and a potato equipment or whether we should just concentrate on more heads of cattle so till next time guys match that like button if you liked it and join us all again on the old family farm next time bye bye