Hello Counselor – Lee Soomin, Yang Jaejin [ENG/THA/2016.10.24]

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Hello Counselor – Lee Soomin, Yang Jaejin [ENG/THA/2016.10.24]

(We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns.) We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns National – Competition on Worries! / – Competition on Worries! Today’s guest is known for her unique charms – It’s Lee Soomin of C.I.V.A! / – Welcome! – Hello. / – Welcome Psychiatrist Yang Jaejin is also here with us (Psychiatrist Yang Jaejin) – Soomin, many people say that you’re quirky. / – Yes Do you also think that you’re quirky? I really don’t know why people think I’m quirky Imitate something from “Transformers.” – Show us. / – Really? – Can you do it? / – Please show us I’m sincerely hoping that she doesn’t do it – Let’s see how she does it. / – Show us! – Let’s see it. / – Show us – If it’s good, you can do it later. / – That’s right You all know “Transformers,” right? Bumblebee? Optimus Prime? Yes (Optimus) I thought she was blowing her nose (Her eyes are quivering.) – I wish it was longer. / – She’ll do it later Let’s get ready to roll I’m not sure how it will go (Please don’t do it.) (Will she succeed this time?) (Optimus Prime) (Bumblebee) (She’s certainly remarkably quirky.) – It’s very hard to pull off. / – I agree She can do about 100 of these things (She can do about 100 of these things!) All right. Last week, “I Want My Life Back” took its second win Have your parents changed a lot? Are they expressive? My dad is trying to spend more time with the twins, – and he’s been doing the dishes, too. / – Seriously? Your dad has been doing the dishes? Is he lying down when he does it? (Is he lying down when he does it?) Does he look after the twins these days? – Yes. / – Oh, my – Soobin looks much happier. / – She does Does your dad tell you that he loves you? – I guess he didn’t. / – Not yet – He probably feels shy. / – He hasn’t said it yet – Sir, please tell her. / – Please say it often Say, “Soobin, I love you.” Soobin, I love you (Soobin, I love you.) Let’s find out if her story can take another win today What does the winner get? The winner gets a 1,000-dollar gift certificate This story is from a woman in her 40s Hello I’m a working mom in her 40s with three kids I feel suffocated when I get home from work “Kids, dinner is ready!” “My daughter, tell your brother to come eat dinner.” “No, I don’t want to. You go tell him, Mom.” “Son, my son. You should eat dinner.” “Come and sit beside your sister.” “I said I don’t want to! Mom, you…” – The son and the daughter sound the same. / – Yes – Please try harder. / – Okay I’ll try again. All right “Come and sit beside your sister.” “No, I don’t want to.” That sounds like the dad “You sit there, Mom.” That sounds like their dad The first two of my three children ignore each other, and they haven’t talked to each other for four years (Unbelievable!) They haven’t said a word to each other for four years “Mom, I need to use the bathroom. Tell him to hurry.” “Why don’t you tell your brother yourself? Goodness.” “Son! Your sister needs to use the bathroom. Hurry up.” “Gosh, tell her to wait.” “Your brother says that you have to wait.” “Goodness. Mom, tell him that I really need to go.” “Son, she really needs to go.” “Mom, tell her to hold it.” “Hey, he’s saying that you should try to hold it.” “Tell him that I can’t!” What’s more? This happened a few days ago My son said, “Mom, I’m leaving for school.” So I said to my daughter, “Go with him. Come on.” “I feel suffocated when I’m in the elevator with him.” “I’ll leave a bit after him.” I’ve tried scolding and begging, but nothing works I really want them to converse with each other Please help me. That’s the story we received – It’d be so upsetting for the parents. / – Of course I also didn’t get along with my older sister in my adolescent years and fought with her a lot, but our relationship took a turn when I was 17 My sister and I talked for five hours and made up Ever since then, we’ve been very tight – You two get along now. / – Something must prompt it, – and everyone goes through such a phase. / – Yes – I have a personal favor to ask you. / – Sure – It’d be great if you can speak louder / – Okay because your whispering voice sounds so sweet (Your voice sounds so sweet.) I’m starting to feel attracted to you – I should speak louder. / – Please don’t whisper If you had kept it up, you would’ve had to marry me Let’s meet the mother now. Please come on out (Who is the mother?) Hello (Choi Bokhyun) (Welcome to the show!) (Taejoon helps her up.) Doesn’t Taejoon look so kind and reliable? – He’s so handsome. / – I know – He certainly is. / – Thank you They’re siblings of the opposite gender That could be why they don’t talk to each other

My son is in grade 12, and my daughter is in grade ten They don’t talk or look at each other Watching that makes me feel so frustrated For the last four years, my youngest kid and I have been going back and forth between the two You two are like their interpreters – Yes, you can say that. / – Are they usually quiet? – They could be quiet to begin with. / – No My eldest son is quite sweet and expressive – for a teenage boy. / – Really? My daughter is a big girl, but she does cutesy things (Pardon me?) You could’ve just said that she is cute You didn’t have to say that she’s a big girl – I wanted to be accurate. / – We know who she is now (You made it too obvious.) Did something specific happen? Did they have a big fight before they stopped talking? They used to have fights even as kids, but it started getting worse as they became teenagers They began talking less and got to this point Whether it’s between siblings or friends, opening up and apologizing first is such a difficult thing to do – It feels like losing, / – That’s right – and you can’t accept it. / – They’re teenagers, too – Exactly. / – The fear of apologizing first – and having it get rejected / – That’d worsen it is what makes us anxious That’s absolutely right – We should talk to them / – Yes to find out why things have come this far Where are you? Hello (Who are the brother and the sister?) Who’s the person sitting next to you? – She must be the youngest. / – Not her Who’s the guy beside you? – You mean him? / – Yes – He’s my brother. / – Right – Why are you sitting so far from him? / – Exactly – She doesn’t look at him. / – Your mom is surprised When she talks to me about him, she just calls him “he,” “He took my perfume.” She never calls him “my brother.” – I’ve never seen her saying that… / – She’s on TV (She’s on TV.) – Your mom is surprised. / – Right (Her hope is shattered.) We were very surprised to hear that you made your brother leave first because you didn’t want to be in the elevator with him It feels awkward to be in the elevator with him What’s there to feel awkward about? What exactly makes you feel awkward? Just being in the same space with him Then why do you come home? (Then why do you come home?) If being in the same space – bothers you that much… / – Exactly I have my room (I have my room and he has his room.) Is that why you don’t like taking the same elevator? We feel uncomfortable (We feel so uncomfortable!) Have you two been in the same elevator? Yes, a long time ago I waited for her because I knew that she was coming – I kept pressing the button. / – You waited for her I’m not sure if she remembers it, though Did you hold the door open for her? – Well… / – I held down the open button He did what everyone else would’ve done for her (It’s nothing special.) – Of course you have to hold the door open. / – Right I mean, he shouldn’t close the door on her Momentarily, we thought – it was impressive. / – It’s nothing special – Even strangers would do that. / – That’s right I’m sure there are times that you have to talk to her You might need to ask her or tell her something Has that ever happened? I just don’t talk to her. One day, she was watching TV I wanted to watch a show, but I couldn’t talk to her When that happens, I just go to my room You just give up watching the show? Do you hate your sister? No, I don’t hate her We’re used to fighting, so I just feel awkward – You feel awkward around her. / – I get it So do you avoid talking to her because it’s better than arguing with her? Yes, that’s right I feel much more comfortable this way Have you ever felt the need to make up with her in the last four years? I’ve never thought about making up with her because I think what we have now is the best solution I don’t think we’ll talk even if we make up (I don’t think we’ll talk.) (How did things come this far, guys?) What do you think will happen if your brother and you start talking again? I think our conversation will end very quickly Is that what you’re afraid of? Or do you think that it’s pointless? It’s meaningless, and we have nothing to talk about When I say “talking,” I’m not referring to having discussion about a topic I’m talking about expressing your thoughts, – and it doesn’t have to be meaningful. / – Right “Are you going to take long in the bathroom?” “Yes, I think so.” “Okay. I’m in a rush, so hurry up.” “I’m running late.” You can talk about these things without involving other people I’m not used to talking to him, so I don’t want to – It stresses your mom out, though. / – Exactly If they were my children, I would’ve been beyond frustrated How did you put up with it for four years? I admit that I’m exhausted. I’ve almost given up Thinking that they might remain this distant even after my husband and I die upsets me, so I’ve tried persuading them in tears I’ve also tried explaining how their views differ, but they can’t really understand each other My son tells me that I’m siding with his sister, and my daughter tells me that I don’t understand her So both my youngest one and I get so stressed out

Does your youngest one fill in when you’re not home? She acts as their messenger even when I’m home Let’s meet her youngest daughter, then Where are you? – Hello. / – She’s right there (She’s obviously right there!) She’s obviously the youngest daughter Acting as their messenger must be so stressful When the three of us are together, they don’t talk to each other, so I get frustrated It’s so awkward to be around them When did you hate being their messenger the most? I hate it when they make me run their errands late at night when I’m sleepy Have you ever said no when they asked? If I say no, they get annoyed with me I have no choice but to always say yes Families take photos together during vacation Right, all families do How do they pose? – Where do they stand? / – Tell us Someone has to stand in the middle – of the two. / – Always? – Gosh. / – They need a wall between them When was the most recent photo of the two taken? We took a photo of the two of them at her – graduation ceremony. / – Middle school graduation? – No, elementary school. / – Elementary school – Elementary school? / – She was in grade six – Is that the most recent photo? / – Yes, it is – When she was graduating elementary school? / – Yes They probably got along until then I don’t think they really talked to each other I can tell from the photo We asked her to bring this precious photo of them The one and only photo of those two Let’s take a look at the last photo of them (Gosh! What is that?) – They look so awkward. / – My gosh (This is the photo from her graduation ceremony.) – They look so awkward. / – My gosh – Oh, no. / – Is this the most recent photo of them? – Yes. / – They look like strangers The brother looks as if he’s done something wrong – You’re right. / – It looks like he’s apologizing And the sister looks angry. She looks as if she is – He is… / – about to hit him with the balloon It looks like he’s saying, “I’m sorry.” Can we really say that they took this photo together? This was the only photo I could find Ma’am, did you take that photo yourself? – My husband took it. / – Their dad? – I don’t get it. / – Why did he capture that moment? The dad was probably like, “What are you doing?” “Come closer. Stand closer.” “Guys, look at the camera.” “Gosh, fine! I’ll just take the photo.” They aren’t even looking at the camera How does that photo make you feel? I’m really embarrassed You look like you’re about to hit him with the balloon (I’ll teach you a lesson!) – How do you feel? / – I don’t know what to say What is that, seriously? (It looks like they’re hating it.) I must say that it makes me very sad. I wonder what I’ve done to make them become that distant – Right. / – Seeing that photo – Does it break your heart? / – makes my heart ache – Gosh. / – Of course it would What does your husband do when they’re fighting like this? He’s like a bystander – Why? / – His routine is different from ours since he goes to work at night and comes home in the morning, so he doesn’t really see them much I’ll ask the brother, then. When was the last time you initiated a conversation with your sister? I’m not sure if I can call it a conversation, but we swore at each other after a fight – That’s the last time? / – You swore? Is that the last conversation you two had? I’ll ask the sister. What’s the last conversation you remember? I’m not sure when it was, but he told me to step aside – “Step aside.” / – That’s hilarious. “Step aside.” Is that the last thing you remember? Then tell us what you usually do when your brother tells you to step aside I just do as he says That’s not true. She talks back to him – She doesn’t step aside quietly. / – That’s right – Then what does she do? / – Show us – She goes… / – She’s giving her the evil eye (You better watch what you say!) She’s giving her the evil eye Hey, look at me instead Please don’t look at your little sister – Look at me. / – You just looked exactly like you did in that photo I almost took a photo of that (She’s about to smack her sister.) She keeps mumbling to herself “Who is he to tell me to step aside?” (That’s exactly it!) I want to ask the son. His mom I asked you to speak louder Your voice is too sweet I’m in deep trouble Your mom is obviously stressed out enough to come here with this story What efforts have you made to make up with your sister? I gave her a notebook and a pen for her birthday (He gave her a gift.) However, she didn’t say anything Why didn’t you thank him? I missed the opportunity The opportunity – That’s not true. / – What isn’t true? He made a huge effort to approach her – Your son? / – Yes, so I complimented him and thanked him I told her to text him at least, but she didn’t – She didn’t? / – What opportunity did you mean? I didn’t have his number What? Don’t you know his number? Doesn’t she know his number? It wasn’t saved in my phone – Do you memorize it? / – No Couldn’t you have thanked him in person? – It’s too awkward. / – It’s too awkward Son, do you have your sister’s number? I do, but I only saved her number, not her name Won’t it show up as an unknown number, then? What happened four years ago that made you drift apart? Do you even remember?

It wasn’t four years ago, I was in grade three – That was a long time ago. / – It goes way back I hurt my leg and needed surgery I had a cast, so I couldn’t wash my feet and I stank That happens when you have a cast He teased me in front of the kids at church and they joined in – Did that hurt you? / – Yes Is that when you got annoyed whenever he spoke? Yes – You didn’t want to talk, then. / – Yes I didn’t think that would upset her I was young at the time, and I was immature and cheeky – She’s a girl. / – Girls are sensitive When did you stop talking to your sister? She curses at me first when we fight I’m older but she talks down at me and is rude – You’re older. / – She doesn’t respect me – I see. / – Did you really curse at him? I didn’t say anything that’s too offensive – Did you say things like “Idiot”? / – Yes Why do you think that’s not bad? It’s a terrible word – I have a question for the mother. / – Okay They must have fought a lot when they were young How did you react or intervene? My daughter was sickly and had a few surgeries, so I feel sorry for her I told my son to understand and be nice – Because he’s older. / – Yes, I was like that My son said, “Why do you only care for her?” I asked because I don’t think this began with one incident I think their bottled-up emotions exploded and got serious when they both hit puberty First, you had your son, then your daughter That alone makes your son think he lost everything The worst outcome is when the younger child is sick or has issues and the mother focuses on the younger child The older child feels they have to yield They’ll think they’ll never get what they want In turn, the younger child can become self-centered, selfish and indifferent for elders or superiors What do you think? What he said is right I told my son to bear with it and understand What did you say when you scolded them? Say I’m your daughter – What did you say? / – I’m your son I can’t… Can I just look at them? – Why? / – Don’t you like me? You’re too handsome Then pretend he’s your daughter and I’m your son – That would work. / – What would you say to her? Ahyeon, say something when your brother talks to you Try to understand rather than fight with each other – You cried when you talked to your son. / – Yes Your sister was sick and had undergone surgery before You saw her go through that. You know what it was like Can’t you consider that when you talk to her? Going back and forth is so hard for me You’re older, so be more considerate Put things nicely when you talk to your sister – What do you think? / – She sided with her daughter You all heard it, too. She told her son to hold back She told her son to do his duty as the older child You’re older, so hold back and look after your sister Take the first step She didn’t tell her daughter about her duties I see She stressed the rights of the younger child – I see that. / – She said it’s because she feels sorry for her daughter, but that’s part of the reason why they drifted apart He’s right and I suddenly feel terrible When she talks to me about her brother, she can be very rude Did you correct her? – I told her to be polite. / – Consistently? I wasn’t consistent (She didn’t correct her daughter.) I have an older brother, so I know how you feel There are times when you’re the underdog You have to yield to your older brother When I was young, I used to borrow comic books I read them all and returned them, of course – My brother hit me. / – For returning them? Before he got to read them Some brothers are like that Some make demands Even then, I used the proper names when I called him You’ll figure this out in time, – but your brother’s very special. / – That’s right Right now, your parents are a roof that protects you When you become older and start working, your parents seem to look small and powerless That’s when you start talking about serious things and get really close If you two can patch things up sooner, you’ll have more time to prepare for that If you yield willingly and not begrudgingly, – he’ll treat you better. / – Right

– You both missed the right time. / – Yes You both said you don’t remember when it started Isn’t it sad that you drifted apart for no reason? What would you like to do with your brother if you were close? I’d like to text him – about everyday stuff. / – Talk freely “This happened to me today. I’m so annoyed.” – That would be great. / – What about the brother? What do you want to do with her? I envied friends who greet their siblings in public We never greet each other when we meet outside Don’t you greet each other? Your sister said she wants to text you about things What do you think? Would you do that with her? Sure – Where’s your phone? / – Exchange numbers first That’s right Save each other’s number – Save it under a name. / – Yes Say what you’d type – What would you say? / – “What’s up?” “What’s up?” “We’re filming Hello Counselor right now.” – He’s sweet. / – How would you respond? “What do you mean? I’m right here.” (I’m right here.) – What are you doing? / – Don’t interrupt Talk about your everyday life She said, “What’s up?” “I’m playing basketball.” – Basketball? / – Who texts while playing? Don’t just answer – Say something she can react to. / – Keep it going “What are you doing?” – “What are you doing?” / – I like that – They’re getting somewhere. / – “I’m in my room.” “Okay, stay there.” Once you answer, you need to ask something else “Have you eaten?” What’s your answer? “Not yet. Have you?” – That’s it. / – “I’ve eaten.” “Don’t skip your meal.” “Don’t skip your meal.” (That’s it!) – Say one more thing. / – Well done – Eat something nice. / – “Eat something nice.” Then you can recommend something you ate That’s not how most people talk Don’t get excited about food Could you tell I got a bit excited? – Right now… / – She looks so pleased We made them talk The fact that they did it, I was so envious when I saw their cousins or others text each other about things or even talk on the phone I was so jealous But seeing them talk like that gives me hope that it could come true – I’m so happy. / – What do you want them to be like? Your dream They eat separately – At home? / – Even at home I want to see them eat together I can do that for you. Leave it to me Bring in the food – Do we have food? / – Yes Look Could you escort your sister to the stage? (Get there yourself.) Come on (Can they overcome the awkwardness?) She’s happy she gets to eat Sit over here Here you go (It’s a historical meal.) – When did this last happen? / – It’s a first – It’s a first. / – Let the brother serve his sister Waitress, come over here This isn’t your restaurant – Yeongja, it’s not for you. / – Enjoy I know. Look at each other, will you? – Talk. / – They made eye contact (They made eye contact.) They looked at each other Serve your sister Pretend no one’s at home. We’re just toys Try to talk as well What do you want? Seafood That’s a good choice That’s a lot, though He’s giving her too much (That’s too much love.) It’s a soup with no broth What should you do now? Broth or seafood? – Broth. / – Broth They get straight to the point That doesn’t mean he only wants the broth! (They’re so frustrating.) She got all the food and he got the broth You’re completely opposites – Broth seven, food three. / – It’s all broth Is the rest for you? Ask him – That’s it. Yes. / – Good Yes, that’s more like it. That’s right This is what your family wants to see. Now eat – Let’s leave them alone now. / – Okay Let them talk Eat at least half the rice (After some silence…) Have you eaten yet? Your dream’s coming true – What did you do today? / – Look away He asked a question Nothing much Nothing much (It’s a short answer.) Be nice Be quiet Let them be Say something She told you what to say He gave her food! (The brother gave his sister food.) Wait If you’re going to give her something – The pretty one. / – The one in the middle A tasty piece The two pieces at the end should go These taste the worst (She confiscated two pieces.)

(She shares it with the mom.) This is infuriating – That’s it. / – A piece of egg I like that (His sister returns the favor.) It’s like a deal’s going down (It’s like a deal’s going down.) They’re bartering Why don’t you say something to your sister? Did you do well on your exam? I didn’t take it yet (He can’t continue.) – The wall’s still there. / – It’s the sister My exam will be next week Good luck Thanks She actually thanked him It’s a huge change. The youngest looks so pleased It’s so fascinating – Is it? / – Yes We think it’s just nothing because it’s normal But isn’t this a miracle to you? It’s an incredible miracle Before they talked, they looked at each other That made me feel so excited That eye contact at the beginning You talked for the first time in four years How do you feel right now? – Awkward. / – Awkward? – You would. / – But, I don’t think you look too awkward – That’s because they’re family. / – Right – They’re family. / – No thanks It’s not awkward In front of everyone here, can you brag about your sister? She must have good qualities She’s easy-going and can befriend people easily – I think that’s good. / – Her personality – What about you? / – And you? You can say you don’t know I think he plays with our sister a lot – With the youngest. / – The youngest Can you give them a big hand? (You did so well.) You can go back to your seats What would you like to say to your children? I saw what you did here today You were sweet and cared for each other I hope you keep that up, even a little bit when we get home I hope you can reconcile… Oh, I got goosebumps I want you to get closer I don’t expect much I don’t expect you to put your arms around each other I’d ask for nothing more if you’d just ask how each other is doing Soomin and Jaejin, what did you think? I think this was a worry. It’s heartbreaking From a parent’s perspective, nothing’s worse than having kids who don’t get along For her, it would be a worry I must add something Your relationship with your parents and your relationship with your siblings – teach you how to be social. / – That’s right You don’t become close automatically – It takes some effort. / – It does You’re finally trying to put some effort into it It will become a great help in the future, so I hope you can reconcile – That was well-put. / – If you think it was a worry, press your buttons (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – three, two, one. / – three, two, one Stop – There’s something I’d like to say to Mom. / – Sure She’s a bit sick at the moment I keep asking her to exercise with me for her sake, but she won’t listen (She doesn’t care for herself.) We’ll try to change, so I’d like you to as well – I’m worried about her. / – He’s thoughtful – Her health? / – Yes Our cute little sister Say something to your mom I love you Make her a promise I’ll be good Watch how you call your brother Call him – Call him. / – My brother Look at him (It sounded emotionless.) That was so short Let’s see how many votes they got Show us the result The current winner got 170 votes The maximum is 200 (My goodness.) (A Silent War) Is it a tie? – 120? 130? / – Soobin got 170, right? 130. That’s a high score (Eliminated) (After the shoot,) (they exchanged numbers.) (Ahyeon) (Big brother) (Stay in touch with each other!) “My Son’s Desire.” Hello, I’m a housewife from Busan who’s in her 40s What happened to your dialect? (I can do this.) I go to war every morning It’s all because of my son who’s in middle school “No, I won’t go to school! I won’t go!” – That sounded real. / – “What’s wrong with you?” “Give me food. I want to eat.” “But you just ate.” “Go to school.” “I want more. Give me more food.” “If you don’t, I won’t go to school.” He switched to the dialect – Stick to one pattern. / – What’s going on?

What’s his identity? It must be the script I think he visits Seoul often (Does he visit Seoul?) My son eats way too much On weekends, he wakes up at noon He eats two bowls of rice, doenjang jjigae and spicy pork – That’s perfect. / – At noon – Nice. / – Two bowls of rice At 1 p.m., he eats bibimbap and jjigae – An hour later? / – Yes – After one hour. / – That’s a bit too much “You just ate. Why are you eating again?” “That was breakfast. This is lunch.” He eats nonstop the whole day Late at night, he eats three packs of ramyeon with rice and finishes a 1.5L bottle of soda That’s why at the moment, he’s 165cm tall and weighs 103kg Oh no He grew sideways (He’s only 14.) When he eats, he stuffs his face “A bone got stuck in my throat. I’m dying.” He acts as if someone would steal his food – He ate too much. / – A chicken bone got stuck in his throat, and it scared me Do you see why I’m worried? Could you please help me curb his appetite? (Son! Will you please stop eating?) He does eat a lot But I think the real issue is that he eats too fast It gets worse when eating with others When I was growing up, my mouth was always in pain I bit myself – While eating? / – In a hurry You felt rushed Not just me but Gookju and Minkyeong, too We bit the insides of our mouths We have scars – It’s because you’re fat. / – You bit your flesh Her son just can’t stop eating Let’s meet the mother who wrote in to us (Who’s the mother of a boy with a healthy appetite?) (She looks worried.) (Lee Dokyung) (Welcome) Was your son always a bit heavy? He was born a bit on the heavy side – I see. / – But then he ate a lot While other babies drank 100 to 200ml of milk, my son drank over 300ml (Nervous) He was different Take a few deep breaths first Are you okay? She did breathe deeply, but she glared at the same time – He was so cute. / – That’s adorable Was that before his first birthday? That’s normal – Now… / – I see the change The flesh makes an appearance That’s not too bad In the morning, I cook enough rice for eight people before going to work – For eight? / – Yes It’s gone by the evening How big is your family? – Four. / – There are four of you If I ask who ate it all, he says he ate it all up – No one else did? / – No He eats three or four ramyeons before going to bed He eats all that, then drinks the soup with rice – He drinks 1.5L. / – The huge bottle – Of soda? / – Yes – He drinks that like water. / – That’s fattening – In one go. / – In one go? Yes – Are you serious? / – He must take breaks Why does he say he’s too hungry to go to school? For his breakfast, I give him a bowl of rice in soup He begs for more “I won’t go to school. I’ll run away from home.” – Or… / – What? He’ll starve, then Let him leave home Did you ever firmly say no or just not give him – more food? / – Or scold him “Eat less!” I tell him to eat less and lose some weight It doesn’t work because if I leave bulgogi in the fridge for a future meal, he gets to it in the middle of the night – Secretly? / – He secretly eats them all How does he react if you tell him to go on a diet? “You’re also fat, Mom.” “Yes, I need to go on a diet, but you must exercise.” – That’s right. / – What kind of exercise does he do? – Wrestling. / – Wrestling – Wrestling. / – Wouldn’t it be okay to eat, then? Right now, he’s in the open-weight division, – but if he loses to 85kg, / – He needs to lose weight he’ll perform better That means he needs to lose about 20kg He’s in grade seven. How long has he been wrestling? – He started it since March. / – He started this year – It hasn’t been long. / – Early this year – Hello. / – He’s cute Hello Hello He seems reliable – Could you get up for a second? / – My goodness (Reliable and well-built) – Turn around. / – Look at his shoulders – Seriously / – He looks good Gosh, he seems strong – You didn’t tuck your belly in, did you? / – His legs – He is tucking in. / – Try sticking it out (Bulging) (His belly is finally showing.)

Introduce yourself in a cool way I’m a seventh grader at Sejong Middle School I’m Park Sangwon I see Are you a wrestler? – Yes. / – What class? Open-weight class What kilogram does it start from? It’s between 100kg and 160kg That’s right – Many must have a big build. / – They must be tall – It’s hard to be strong. / – How is your performance? I competed five times, and I lost all of them (I lost all of them.) – He competed five times, but… / – Why did you lose? How heavy are the other wrestlers? – About 130kg. / – He won’t be as strong, then What about their height? How tall are they? They’re 175cm tall – They’re 175cm and 130kg. / – They’re 10cm taller Is that why you lost all five times? – Yes. / – Do you know what you must do to win, then? I should lose weight down to 85kg That means you need to lose 18kg from now – Yes. / – How can you do it when you eat so much? It’s so delicious – “It’s so delicious.” / – “It’s so delicious.” – He’s so adorable. / – Does your mom cook well? Yes What’s your favorite dish among her food? Especially, the meat (Swallowing his saliva) What else? Are you smacking your lips? Pig skin – Pig skin. / – At home? and gamjatang Gamjatang – Gamjatang. / – They’re all pairings for alcohol (They’re all pairings for alcohol.) – Pork skin and gamjatang. / – Pork skin and gamjatang I make them often – Pork skin? / – You grill pork skin? – You grill pork skin at home? / – Yes – What else do you eat? / – What else do you like? – Two whole fried chicken… / – Oh, yes – Two whole fried chicken? / – He’s smacking his lips – Regular or marinated? / – Don’t smack your lips (His mouth waters nonstop.) – He’s smacking… / – Marinated – As he speaks, he moves up. / – He smacks his lips (It seems as if he’s going to eat right away.) (He’s impatient.) Pizza and fried chicken are sold as a combo nowadays – What else? / – I order extra-large pizza – Drink a bit of water. / – Drink. You’re nervous You sweated quite a bit (Dripping) He drinks a lot of water, too (I’m hungry.) (He’s squeezing the bottle.) He doesn’t need to drink that much (I’ll drink it all.) – He’s drinking water… / – Do you have to squash it? (The bottle is totally squashed.) You don’t need to squash it (He goes insane when he’s eating.) – He really eats a lot. / – Pizza. What else? I drink a 1.5L soda, then I eat three packs of ramyeon You eat all of those at once? – Wait, at once? / – At night? Do you eat all of those continuously? – Yes. / – At once? (The audience stirs.) How much meat can you eat alone at a BBQ restaurant? I eat 12 people’s portion of meat (It’s beyond their imagination.) – 12 servings? / – Any kind of meat for 12 servings? Have you thought that buffet owners might be unhappy? – I went to all-you-can-eat place. / – All-you-can-eat I had 12 servings of meat there The owner said (Oh, no.) that his restaurant would go bankrupt (The owner said that his restaurant would go bankrupt.) I was kicked out – What a mean owner. / – He must have been upset – If it’s all-you-can-eat… / – How much was it? It was 9.99 dollars The restaurant would go bankrupt Since he sounds like someone who enjoys eating so much, – we asked her to film him eating rice. / – Really? – Did she film him? / – It makes you want to eat (He doesn’t know that he’s being filmed.) He finishes a bowl in three bites Gosh, he eats too fast (Aggressively devouring the food) – She must be worried. / – It looks hot That’s his second bowl of rice (He already finished eating two bowls of rice.) He doesn’t stop chewing – Why do you fight with rice? / – It’s his third bowl He’s fighting with rice (Satisfied) Gosh, he doesn’t even chew (I wonder if he’s chewing the food.) – He’s not chewing at all. / – She must be worried – My goodness. / – Is someone chasing after him? (Clearing his bowl) Three bowls of rice (I’ll eat everything.) (Some may misunderstand that I don’t give him food.) Why do you fight against rice? Because it’s delicious – Is that how fast you eat regularly? / – Yes This is how you’re supposed to eat rice, but you (He bashes the rice into his mouth.) – You should appreciate the flavor. / – It’s so tasty – Appreciate the flavor. / – You need to chew in order to taste the flavor. How could you taste it? Once you put food, how many times do you chew? About twice – Twice. / – Once you put food, is this what you do? – Yes. / – To be exact, he needs 45 seconds only to eat a bowl of rice – Only 45 seconds? / – Only 45 seconds? – Only 45 seconds / – How many bowls did you have? I had six bowls that day We have teeth for a reason Swallowing food quickly is harmful for your stomach He’s likely to have gastroenteritis – That’s true. / – That’s right Problem is, there’s a satisfaction center in the brain You’ll realize how full your stomach is a half tempo slower than you actually are To put it easily, if you eat slowly enough, you can eat two thirds of what you’re actually eating Those who eat quickly like him

swallow food faster and then suffer from a stomachache Have you ever experienced that? “Did I eat too much? I’m so full. I’m frustrated.” Yes, once How much did you eat that time? – Once? / – That time, I ate about eight bowls – Eight bowls made you mad. / – He ate two more bowls Why do you think you keep looking for food? Is there anything that stresses you out? My coach only tells me to lose weight despite my effort – Did it make you mad? / – He scolded me Sometimes, the techniques don’t work as I hope, so I get stressed out – I see. / – It stresses you out That’s why I go for a pizza after training – You go for a pizza? / – That’s your only pleasure His coach must be as worried as his mom – Of course. / – That’s right I think the one beside him is the coach I think you often tell him to lose weight I don’t mind him performing poorly He doesn’t need to win a game However, I’m worried about his health When I measured his BMI, it was way higher than others of his age That’s why we watched his diet besides from wrestling However, there wasn’t any change with his weight (There wasn’t any change with his weight.) Since it’s been a while, he should see a result I even thought that it might be a genetic issue After worrying a lot, I called Sangwon I asked him if he eats something else than his diet – Other than the diet you provide, you mean? / – Right – He said no. / – My goodness He was scared I got even more confused, then his teacher called I heard that Sangwon locked the bathroom one day and ate cup ramyeon and gimbap there while screaming – Did he scream? / – Yes Was it because he was so happy? I don’t know why he screamed. Anyway “It’s ramyeon!” (Did he devour while roaring?) Did he lock the bathroom so nobody could enter? Yes. He blocked it completely so nobody can use it – Why did you do that? / – Why did you scream? – Why didn’t you eat quietly? / – Yes, tell us “Why didn’t you eat quietly?” It was so delicious Because it was so delicious. “Gosh, it’s tasty!” Cup ramyeon! Why didn’t you let your friends come in? I was afraid that they might eat my food Were you afraid they might eat your food? – Because they might eat. / – He locked in case Ma’am, we’re all shocked – Did you know about this? / – Ma’am – Is it your first time hearing this? / – Yes Is there any other incident that shocked you? We ordered fried chicken for delivery a month ago In order for him to eat more than we do, – he devoured fried chicken / – He ate fast and had a chicken bone stuck in his throat He couldn’t breathe at all – That’s really dangerous. / – So, we pat him on the back, and he put his finger in his throat to take the bone out – He could have died. / – We were scared to death – Did he eat again afterwards? / – Yes – He did? Wow. / – Normally, people would stop eating – That’s right. / – They’ll be disgusted – Why was it stuck? Didn’t you chew? / – No – How many times did you chew? / – About 2 or 3 times Don’t you think you should be more careful? No You just want to eat fried chicken again, right? Tell me how painful it was when the bone was stuck I couldn’t breathe, and I had pain in my throat I almost died – Still… / – What about after you removed it? I’m finally alive “I’m finally alive. I can eat now.” “I want to eat again.” Isn’t being fat difficult to live? – Be honest. / – It is difficult – Why is that? / – Compared to others, I find it hard to breathe when I run Don’t you have any pain in your body? – You shouldn’t be in pain already. / – My knees – Your knees. / – Your knees could be in pain – My back hurts, too. / – That’s right Since I’m heavy, – even a slight fall has a big impact. / – Of course – You can get badly injured. / – Yes, seriously I get badly hurt Even though he’s big, he runs a lot You normally need a day or two to treat your twisted ankle, but Sangwon got a soft cast – for a half month. / – I see In fact, he’d be diagnosed as extremely obese He may get juvenile diabetes from now Then there’s hypertension and hyperlipidaemia With time, they may develop heart or brain diseases I’m not cursing you This is a general process I’m really worried about his health issues from now on Aren’t you concerned about your own health? You must have tried to lose weight Yes, I ate only 3 meals a day when I was in grade 6 – Only three meals a day? / – Okay How was it? Tell me I lost about six or seven kg – In how much time? / – Three meals a day makes you In about two weeks – You lost a lot of weight. / – He does eat a lot

Eating three meals only reduced six to seven kg That’s how much you eat Eating a lot is a problem itself, but the type of food he eats is another issue Fried chicken and pizza are both high-calorie food Besides, soda is pure sugar Yet you drink at least one or two bottles of 1.5L soda Don’t you like vegetables? – No. / – He doesn’t like them – Why not? / – I tried, but they don’t taste good – They don’t taste good? / – No – “I tried vegetables…” / – He’s used to greasy food He’s used to eating greasy food Are you planning to lose weight, Sangwon? Yes “It’d be nice if my parents did this.” Do you have such wish? I go exercise at a fitness center I wish my mom could accompany me That way, I can lose weight Ma’am, what do you think about working out with him? From now on, since I’m aging, I better lose weight with him In fact, you should also worry about your figure – Of course. / – You should worry about your own I just want her to stop nagging She’s nagging because you keep eating What’s it exactly? “You aren’t smart.” “You must at least do well in sports.” When she said that, I was really frustrated I went out and ate dumplings with ramyeon – Do you… / – You eat whenever something comes up Is there anything you want besides food? Do you have a hobby? (Not really.) – You don’t? / – Is eating your favorite activity? – Yes. / – If she stops nagging, will you be able to lose weight? – Yes. / – Really? Yes Will you eat slowly if she stops nagging? – That’s important. / – Yes – Slowly. / – He always responds well I’m not sure if I can count on him – That’s really important. / – I can’t trust him Is there anyone you have a crush on? – There was. / – Was that when you lost weight? Yes, when I was in the sixth grade – That’s when… / – That’s why you went on a diet Wait, let’s talk more about that (Tell me what happened in detail.) – In sixth grade… / – I was going to ask her out Since I’m fat, I gave up and liked her secretly You had a crush on her Didn’t you confess your feelings to her? – No. / – Why not? I lacked confidence Sangwon started wrestling early this year In your opinion, does he have potentials to be a strong wrestler? How strong is he as a wrestler right now? His athletic ability is worth praising When it comes to running, he runs 100m in 14 seconds (He runs 100m in 14 seconds.) (What a great reversal.) – Really? / – He runs 100m in 14 seconds If he moves down to a lighter weight class, he’ll probably become distinguished by next year Why do you wrestle? It’s fun to compete with an opponent My dream is to win a gold medal at the Olympics (He wants to become a gold medalist at the Olympics.) You need to eat less, then That means you’re quite competitive Don’t you think you should eat less and train harder? I thought about it – Is it hard to resist when there’s food? / – Yes He may be tall and big, – but he’s only in the seventh grade. / – That’s right At his age, kids go by their instinct – Patience, anguish and resistance / – That’s right aren’t something he’s used to He needs to learn those from now on What Yeongja said is very important He’s not old enough to accept that he needs to do something against his will – Making correct judgment is difficult. / – At his age, adults should provide sound guidance Set a limit of what he can do, and tell him exactly what he mustn’t do In order to do so, you need to be firm Don’t cook so much rice if you know he’ll eat it all Don’t make bulgogi if you know he’ll secretly eat it Such behavior may be fatal for his health – It’ll ruin his health and habits. / – That’s true You did everything for him, right? I was worried that he may not go to school I gave him more, which became troublesome He became spoiled because he got used to it I’ll try to be more firm and strict from now I’m not the right person to say this, but I’ve eaten a lot all my life Set a quota. “You can eat up to two fried chicken.” “You have six servings of rice for the day.” “You have this much pizza.” Knowing that I can eat them all made me eat less and be less greedy about food You saved more for later I ate a bit in the morning then later in the afternoon I divided the amount of food I’d eat for each meal You become greedy for food when you think you can’t eat it any other time “I must eat it now, or she won’t let me.” – That idea makes you insane. / – That’s a great idea Set a limit of how much he can eat for the day Let him divide his own portion per meal Tell me how much food you’d like to eat in a day I’ll skip breakfast then have a light lunch I’ll have sweet potatoes for dinner You can’t even keep that promise – That’s extreme. / – It doesn’t suit you – Suddenly / – It’s not 50 sweet potatoes, right? – Yes. / – That’s your plan Besides, you’re handsome – You look masculine. / – If you lose a bit of weight, – you’ll be popular. / – He has broad shoulders, too Honestly, do you have a crush on someone right now? Right now, I don’t have one You should lose some weight in advance so that when she appears, you can confess your feelings – You get what I mean, right? / – Right

– From now… / – You’ll end up eating pizza otherwise (If he can’t ask her out again, he’ll eat pizza.) Once he loses weight and becomes healthy, I hope to see him on “Hello Counselor News.” (We hope to see you on “Hello Counselor News.”) – Go, Sangwon. / – Say a few last words to your son Sangwon, I understand how tough it is to train now I really hope you’ll lose weight down to 85kg I hope you’ll make a great wrestler I’ll also sign up for a fitness center and work out with you I love you, Son (I love you, Son.) All right. Do you think it’s a worry or not? (It’s time for the guests to vote.) I don’t think it’s a worry Why I kept criticizing is because of his health He was diagnosed with extreme obesity. In case he gets diabetes, he can’t have his favorite food – He won’t be able to wrestle. / – That’s right – What about you, Soomin? / – Me, too – It’s not a worry? / – No You don’t think it’s a worry If you think you’d be worried as a mother, press the button (What does the audience think?) – In five, four, / – In five, four, – Three, two, one, stop. / – Three, two, one, stop I wonder how many votes she got Show us the result (The result) “My Son’s Desire.” (My Son’s Desire) (Will she win with 175 votes?) She might get over 100 votes Did she get 175 votes? She got 125 votes. All right (“I Want My Life Back” survives.) This story is quite strange It’s from a man that works at a pet training center I scream nonstop while working (I scream nonstop while working.) because of my boss “Gosh, what’s this?” “My gosh, it hurts.” (I did it, I put those pins.) “I did it, it was me.” “You’re so stupid. How could you fall for that again?” How can a drawing pin be a prank? He put a whole lot of drawing pins on a chair (He put lots of drawing pins at the back of the chair.) – My goodness. / – What? (Oh, my goodness.) – I’m all worn out because of his pranks. / – My gosh “Aren’t you hungry? I made ramyeon for you.” “I put egg and green onion.” “Thank you.” (He spits everything out.) “It smells fishy.” “It’s a rotten egg.” (It’s a rotten egg.) (That was naughty.) “Isn’t it tasty?” The problem is, this is nothing close to my real worry I have so much to say All the hosts on Hello Counselor, please hear me out (Please hear me out.) – His life is at stake. / – That’s right That’s why he’s tolerating. In fact, – if his boss were 4 or 5 years younger, / – Exactly they’d get into a fist fight Since he’s not a coworker or a friend, he can’t defy Let’s invite him to the stage (Who is it that can’t stand his boss’ pranks anymore?) (Bae Junho) He’s What? (He seems very naughty.) – Seriously / – He’s just the same (He’s very naughty.) All the guests we’ve had so far – either react hilariously… / – That’s right – It makes them want to play pranks. / – Like a friend, he’s a prankster – That’s how he looks. / – He looks like a prankster It’s your boss you’re talking about. Will you be okay? (It’s your boss, will you be all right?) Even though he’s my boss, his pranks are just way too much I came here because I couldn’t stand him anymore I’ll settle this right here today – You came to settle. / – That’s right Tell me all the pranks he played on you (Tell us all about it.) When I’m sleeping, he farts and burps right in front of my face He burps? When I was sleeping on a very hot day in summer, he turned on the heater (He turned on the heater on a scorching hot day.) (That’s preposterous.) (It’s unbelievable.) When I’m in the shower, – he turns the water meter off… / – He turns it off If I ask him what’s going on, he’ll tell me that he turned it off – This is just a joke. / – I see The pet training center is in the mountains There’s no single streetlight there There are a lot of wild animals It’s really scary at night. There are graves, too He left me alone and just drove away (His boss left him alone.) I screamed at him to take me with him He was enjoying it immensely and he was laughing (Just thinking about it makes him cringe.) By the way, your work must be affected by his prank – That’s the problem. / – Yes While I bathe the dogs, he suddenly rubs dirt from his belly button below my nose (He rubs dirt from his belly button below his nose.) – That’s too much. / – That’s so annoying Even when I’m driving, he touches my nipples and picks my ears – When you’re driving? / – Yes And the car ended up falling into a field – What? / – Oh? The road was narrow, – so when he played a prank on me, / – You lost it the car lost balance and fell on the bank – You must be sensitive. / – You get tickled easily I’m sensitive about people touching me Like this? (What are you doing?) (Now we know.) This is why he tickles you You react nicely – Then… / – Have you taken a revenge on him?

When people like you get pranked, – they try to take revenge. / – They plan it But they always fail and get pranked even more – That’s what happened. / – Is that right? When my boss was taking a shower, I attacked him and poured shampoo on his head But I got caught. He said, “Only I get to do it.” (His boss said only he could play prank.) You should’ve turned off the water meter – I was too scared to do that. / – He’s his boss – You were scared of the consequences. / – Yes (We feel bad for him.) We’re going to meet his boss It must be him He looks very playful He looks a little scared, too I think you won’t be able to fight him Let’s meet his boss. Hello (Who’s his playful boss?) Hello Why do you bully your staff? Like you said earlier, Junho reacts well to my pranks “Stop it, Sir.” (And he flicks his tongue in and out.) He does this What? He does that to my nose – Stop it. Like this? / – Yes – You play together then. / – He provokes you That’s right. That’s why I have to do it, too But still, how can you leave him in the mountain alone when there are wild animals? It’s not that dangerous. There are many people there It’s a hiking route – At 11 p.m.? / – At 11 p.m.? – Yes. / – It must be dark He can use his phone for some light It takes only three to five minutes to walk down But he felt like it took 30 minutes He drove, so he thought it only took five minutes I did run for 30 minutes This is how scared I was When I went down, my entire body was covered in cold sweat What’s up with putting the drawing pin on the chair? About that, I didn’t start it first One day, I found a drawing pin on my chair (He found a drawing pin faced up.) – I found it first. / – Okay – You didn’t sit on it. / – I didn’t When I saw it, I went, “All right.” I didn’t get pranked You went, “All right.” (Look at this guy.) I thought, “Look at this guy.” – I didn’t do the same thing he did. / – Then? – I put it on the back. / – The back I taped the drawing pin on the back This is so unfair to me I know that man’s personality – That man? / – That man? – That man. / – He’s revealing his true nature – You must be close. / – Your thought came out I was working on something, and the drawing pin must’ve dropped – It dropped. / – And it happened to be facing up – Tell us honestly. / – Tell us honestly – I never did it. / – Really? I would be too scared to do it. I’d get hit He hits you, too? (He gets hit if he takes revenge.) (He sighs.) He loves UFC – That’s part of the prank. / – He hits like a player – He uses UFC techniques. / – Yes Pranks that harm his body are over the line – Like putting spoiled egg on ramyeon. / – Yes What if he really gets sick? We don’t just train puppies – We’re raising several chickens, too. / – Chickens Yes – I used the egg / – Fresh egg? freshly laid by a hen But it turned out the egg had gone bad I didn’t know that it was a spoiled egg – I tasted the ramyeon. / – Yes I added hot chili peppers, but I couldn’t get rid of the smell – If it tasted strange, / – Yes – you should’ve tossed it. / – We’re family (We’re family.) – You tasted it, too. / – You should’ve shared it You should’ve shared it with him I tasted it. I wanted him to taste it, too (Let’s share this spoiled ramyeon.) (He’s a hateful man.) He always pushes me to do what he wants He says a man has to be big and strong He feeds me eight meals a day (He’s forced to eat eight meals a day.) You should take his job – Yes. / – Take his job (He found his dream job.) – He says I should be trained. / – Okay He told me to do a headstand and tied my legs He didn’t let me go down for 30 minutes (He didn’t let him go down for 30 minutes.) – That’s torture. / – That’s abuse – That is. / – That’s abuse (It’s a dangerous prank.) – All the blood rushed down to my face. / – Then – the small veins might burst. / – Yes I almost vomited By the way, that’s more like abuse than training I couldn’t be here if what he said is all true I should’ve been arrested Yes. We almost got you arrested He told me “Sir, help me get a body like you.” – He asked for it. / – Yes He did the headstand. But he kept failing That’s why he asked me to tie his legs – He asked? / – Yes That’s why I ended up tying his legs But you didn’t untie him. Right? You didn’t because you enjoyed his suffering But think about it. If they were tied for 30 minutes, he wouldn’t be here today – How long was it then? / – About 3 to 5 minutes (It only lasted for three to five minutes.) Really? Why did he exaggerate it so much? – Who should we believe? / – He said five minutes, and his boss said 30 minutes – They say different things. / – His time is longer By the way, he has a problem, too At first, he said he was forced to eat But it turns out he asked for it I told him that I want a nice body like him But his training is too impossible

He hurts my pride Then I’m left with no choice As you can see, he talks very well Does he look easy? Do you feel like bullying him? No. I don’t consider him easy. I really cherish him – He’s like my own little brother. / – What? He’s like my own little brother Do you agree with that? Like his own little brother (You understand what that means, right?) Let’s hear from other staff members. Hello Hello Hello there Who’s right? He plays pranks a lot What Junho said is mostly right – He likes UFC, you know? / – Yes He sometimes does jabs Junho tells him that it hurts and he should quit But I guess my boss finds that funny He took out his phone and started filming He was like, “I love your reaction.” “You’re good.” We feel bad when we watch that happening Did you get pranked, too? – He doesn’t do it to me. / – Why not? – I guess I’m not fun. / – You must be boring There’s something I’m not happy about Say it. It’s all right Junho started to ventilate all the anger he got from the boss to me (The pain is spreading.) It’s a vicious cycle It’s a vicious cycle He’s the one who runs to the water meter and turns off the meter when I take shower (He was the boss’ accomplice.) – So they did it together. / – They did it together They’re actual brothers They become a team and (The brothers joined forces.) fool me together That’s why I take revenge in my own way Who’s the one sitting next to you? – He’s a customer. / – I’m a customer – You’re a customer. / – You’re a customer How did you end up here? (How did their customer end up here?) – How… / – How did you end up here? – I got pranked once? / – How? – I’m younger. After eating meat, / – Okay I asked him for a toothpick So he got me a toothpick When I used it for a while, it became very weak – No way. / – It turns out it was a used one (He was given a used toothpick.) – That was it. / – Gosh – You didn’t do anything? / – What? – You didn’t do anything about it? / – No It felt bad You always let him get you Did you ever do something serious to make him stop? I told him how unhappy I was, and he said we should have a UFC match then So I had a match. But I ended up rolling on the ground and getting my body skinned – I just injured myself. / – Gosh You didn’t do anything after that? After that… Actually, I want to challenge him today I’m pretty confident about knee-wrestling (He challenges his boss.) I want to challenge him If I win, first of all, I’ll flick him in the forehead once – You’ll do that? / – Yes And? And I’ll ask him to take it easy on me He should promise not to use any tools – He won’t use any tools. / – Tools – Do you accept? / – I accept Are you good at knee-wrestling? – I’m the best. / – He’s the best (He’s very confident.) All right. Please come out to the stage (I’ve been waiting for this day.) – He’s confident. / – He is (You can’t beat me.) (Go Junho.) You lose if you lose the grip or fall Ready (They get ready.) (The boss is very stable.) The boss is very stable (He laughs at Junho.) (Did you just laugh at me?) – He laughed. / – He loves this situation (He marches.) (What?) (He just ran towards his boss and lost.) It’s finished (He lost the chance of taking the revenge.) He can’t do anything – What was that? / – That was unbelievable – I have to flick his forehead. / – What’s that? – That’s an exercise. / – Men do that Lift your head (This is not what I wanted.) (He flinches.) – Look at him. / – Sir Hurry up and do it – Gosh, I missed it. / – Gosh Men are really childish – Ready. / – You can’t run You can’t run – Start. / – Start Come near. Come this close Here we go (The boss attacks first.) Come on Come on Come on (He launches a downward blow.) (Junho falls.) (This must be a dream.) (The boss is thrilled.) (Why did you think you were good at this game?) You have to get hit again (It’s his second time.) Are you good at anything? – Let’s change the game. / – What do you want? – Be serious. / – Play rock-paper-scissors Rock-paper-scissors Play rock-paper-scissors You’ll play only once – He’s really upset now. / – He looks pitiful Let’s play rock-paper-scissors Ready Rock-paper-scissors (He lost.) (He’s so unlucky.) Gosh (He got flicked in the forehead three times.) That’s it You should’ve given a rock – Do you want one last chance? / – One more? – Okay. Rock, paper, scissors. / – No Rock, paper, scissors

(It’s a tie.) (He’s the unluckiest man ever.) (He’s abandoned.) – Do it again. / – Do it again (He gets flicked in the forehead four times.) Move your hand (He’s hurt and humiliated.) – Stop. / – Stop – Look how happy he is. / – He’s the unluckiest man Go back to your seat – I feel bad for him. / – I’m so frustrated How can he lose all the time? Look at him (His forehead is red.) Look how red his forehead is – Look how red it is. / – This happens when male friends play this game Someone take the revenge. I feel bad for him Why would he take the revenge for him? (I’ll do it for you.) – Rock, paper, scissors. / – Rock, paper, scissors (It’s a tie.) (Yeongja wins.) (Here comes Yeongja.) You do it for me. Come You do it for me. Come (He gladly gets up.) – I’ll give you the chance. / – He’ll do it? I think it’s better if he doesn’t – It’s your chance. / – Do it well Do it well. Come from afar (Please do well.) (He’s very focused.) He made me do a headstand Made me stay like that for 30 minutes We’re family I tasted it, so I wanted him to taste it too (He’ll remember everything) (and give everything back to his boss.) (I can do it.) (I can do it.) (He misses it.) (He couldn’t even handle it.) You’re supposed to go very near He’s not good at anything – He can’t do it. / – He can’t – I think… / – He’s incapable of taking revenge – He can’t beat his boss. / – He can’t (Why can’t he do this?) Was there an incident that made you come out here? We watched the movie “Train to Busan” together – In that movie, / – There are zombies they kill a zombie with a baseball bat – Yes. / – After watching that, he said, “Hey, zombie. Act like zombie.” He pestered me until I did it So I had to act like a zombie When I did, he said he had to get me So he got a baseball bat and started beating me So my legs got bruised – He hit you hard? / – He That’s impossible He wouldn’t have hit you hard He must’ve poked him. But it must’ve hurt If he hits you hard, you’d die He did hit me with the bat What happened? You can try copying a movie scene as a joke, but did you really hit him with the baseball bat? He has to make it clear – You have different views again? / – Again? The baseball bat I used that time wasn’t a real baseball bat It was made out of a Styrofoam – Styrofoam? / – Yes – It’s the toy baseball bat. / – Yes I hit him lightly with that. He said he got bruised When I asked him where the bruises were, he said he got bruised where I didn’t hit (His legs got bruised when he got hit in the arms.) – Who should we listen to? / – Then So you’re saying you didn’t do anything wrong I feel sorry about that Right I understand that you have your relative point But I want to say this. This applies to your joke, your apology, and your prank What matters is how the person getting it feels Many people, after saying and doing things that hurt the other person, blame the other person for taking a joke so seriously. That’s wrong Your staff, who you consider to be a family, apparently got hurt both emotionally and physically Is it really his fault that he can’t accept your joke? It might be your fault that you don’t consider the other person’s feelings when playing jokes Yes What will you do if your boss doesn’t change? What if his pranks get worse? I keep getting injured I’ll either get another job or move to another country You’ll move to another country? What will you do if he gets injured and quits? What if he gets injured badly? I don’t think Junho will quit But if he really wants to quit, I’ll let him go And Junho He’s cold I don’t think he’ll quit because I’m handing him the training center next year – Next year? / – Yes I’ll be retiring, and he’ll be the manager You won’t go to the center then? – He will. / – I won’t disappear completely – He has to go there to play pranks. / – Yes – I’ll go there to hang out. / – He said yes Did you know that he was going to hand you the training center? Yes. I knew. And I want to do it, too Actually, ever since I finished serving the army, he bought me a car, a motorcycle, a cell phone,

– He’s like his father. / – and even this shirt – They’re like family. / – They’re family Three years ago, I broke up with my girlfriend When I was struggling, he came to me (His boss comforted him.) and gave me a warm hug – He’s amazing. / – He’s an amazing guy I still can’t forget that and I want to work with him I want to continue working with him But he always makes jokes So if he says he was joking about the whole thing – After a year, you mean? / – You’ll be hurt I’m worried about that He’ll keep coming to play pranks on me It’s going to be too tough to endure that He bought you the car and the clothes But that doesn’t mean you have to endure everything – Right. / – That’s impossible While constantly playing pranks, you might get him into big trouble one day I saw someone getting seriously injured – There are people like that. / – He was my friend And the person who did the prank has to live life feeling guilty and sorry – It’ll be a big problem. / – Yes You’ll lessen the pranks, right? Yes. I will. If Junho wishes, I will Please don’t humiliate me in front of our customers (Please stop the pranks.) If I get injured, I can’t work anymore. So please stop hurting me Boss Yong, I always thank you. I love you (They reconcile in the end.) He’s soft-hearted, and he’s about to cry now – Gosh. / – Look at that – No. No. / – He truly cares about Junho – It’s like this. / – He should stop then Ladies wouldn’t understand There’s a special bond between guys What do you think? Is it a worry? Soomin? I think it’s a worry I think it’s not a worry Like I said earlier, he should think about why his boss only bullies him. Perhaps he provokes – his boss to bully him. / – He provokes his boss He might be the provoker. All right If you sympathize with him, press the button (What does the audience think?) – A lot of people voted for him – In five, four, three, two, one – Stop. / – Time’s up Sir, what would you want to say to Junho before we end? Call his name Junho We went through a lot, didn’t we? (They went through a lot together.) Like you said, (He becomes emotional.) I hope you’ll continue my business – He became very serious. / – I trust you I love you, Junho (I love you too, Junho.) All right. Please reveal the result (The result) The winner got 170 votes (We heard a lot of clicks.) – Is it over 100 votes? / – Is it 107? I think a lot of ladies would think it’s over the line (Will his worry beat Soobin’s worry?) How many votes did he get? – 137. / – He got a lot of votes That’s a lot (He’s eliminated.) Thank you All right. “I Want My Life Back” wins for the third time Congratulations. She gets a gift certificate (Congratulations) Until the day we are all worry-free, Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you – Thank you. / – Thank you (Hello Counselor will always root for you.) (“Fanfare” by SF9)