How to setup an Icecast webradio on Ubuntu (Outdated) Latest on my channel

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How to setup an Icecast webradio on Ubuntu (Outdated) Latest on my channel

hello and welcome to a new tutorial in this tutorial I will be using a microphone since I thought I could explain things better to you in this tutorial I will explain how to set up a nice care server to create a web radio so you can let your list let your public listen to some music so first of all we need to create a new VPS to run the I scare server in this tutorial I’ll be using I will be using the digital ocean droplets it’s really cheap and it’s a really cute droplets it’s fast it’s with SSD so I suggest you also used digital ocean I will put in a link in the description where you can get a free ten dollars if you click on a link to digital ocean when you create a new account so you can like run a five dollar a month VPS for two months with a link alright so first of all let’s create a new droplet I will call this droplets eyes gasps YouTube I’ll just be five dollars and you reach in will be Amsterdam’s and susta closest to my position if you choose anything that refers to your position now let’s use in this tutorial 14.10 it’s a 64-bit you need to have a 64-bit to run the oscar server and that’s it I should just I really recommend that you use an SSH key because it makes the hole more secure you can find out on digital ocean how to create an SSH key how to use them and all of that stuff but in this tutorial to make it a bit faster I will just create a drop of living out a SSH key so let’s create the droplet and wait a few seconds all right so we got ourselves a new droplets now we can log into this droplet with this IP and as you can see that she just sent me the D passwords to log into the new droplets alright so in this tutorial I will be using winscp to login to the to the actual site alright so we got ourselves a new droplet which we will use for the eye scare server and this tutorial I will be using when SCP to log in to this droplet and then I will SSH into it with booty you can also just use booty but if you want to make it easy you can check the files like with an FTP client like when SCP then you need to select the SFTP protocol we will select the new IP so let me show you yes alright so SFTP the new hostname the port the username would be a root and the password would be the boss which digitalocean just sent me this will be in your email all right I’m gonna save this so if password you know save it as I suggest YouTube alright now let’s log into this new droplets it will probably get a warning just click yes now it should Santa Kate sir connection oh yeah because we didn’t create an SSH key you need to change the password first of all and we can’t do that with the when I see P so we first need to log in with Pootie let me find pootie all right now this would be the same IP

click yes again s root the password again copy it paste it alright so we are in our droplets now we need to create a new password alright alright so now we change the password of this root user we should also change the password in winscp right here I will edit it a little safe with the new password alright and I can log into it now there we are so now we are in the root server with when SCP and booty so basically with when SCP you can check all the files like an FTP client like filezilla and you can edit them if you got permissions to do so with pretty you can run commands like screen or sudo or download any new software alright so now we need to install the ice case server before we do that we need to have prerequisites yeah we need to have some stuff we need to have let’s see here this we need to have a droplet right we got the droplet now we need to have these programs these these packages before we can run the ice care server to do so we first update the server that’s all you need to do just sudo apt-get update you don’t need to use sudo because we are already root and now let’s upgrade server this is just basic information just hit Y click enter and let’s let it just run that’s all we need to do now all right so now that’s done we need to build the essential package all the software in there we need before we can install any other packages so just use this app get install build a session essential when you see it will say what it will install just packages the new packages which will be installed just click Y and hit enter again now it should install the packages we need before we can install the ice cast server all right so now that’s done we are almost ready to install the ice care server before we are going to install the ice care server we need to install some packages which the ice cast server will use in this case that will be lip for base and lip OGG all right so first of all we need to go into the temporary directory just use this command like CD /tmp now we are any time directory so if you can see when SCP we are currently right there alright so let’s just go in there and let’s download the lip for base package we can do that by we by this command will give you a link in the description or you can just search it online just do we get W get then the link this should download the package we need as you can see we refresh this directory you can see we got a new package in there but we need to extract

this trouble to build the package to extract this table all we need to do tor just use this command and then the package we need to extract don’t worry I will put a link in the description where you can check all the commands and stuff I do so you can easily create this builders packages now we need to get into that new directory so go to CD lip and let’s build this package we can easily build a spec edge by using configure and then we also need to make it and install it to be sure you can use sudo make install and just hit enter this will take a while alright so this package didn’t take a while the next one however will take well so we need to go back into the other temp directory and we need to download the other package we need and it will be lip for is I will give you a link in description as before it will download it again and as you can see we fresh it this package is downloaded now with the same commands we need to extract this package again lip for base hit enter alright so we got the extracted directory we need to get into there again and now we need to do the same commands to build the application so configure make and sudo make install all right so both D packages are installed on our server now this is all we need to do let’s just clean up the temporary directory with the following command I will also give you the commands links and all this stuff alright so as you can see if we fresh it we do LS LA you can see the temporary directory is empty we don’t need them anymore because we already installed these packages all right so now we need to install the oscar server on our Ubuntu server first of all we need to create a new user since we don’t want to ask us to run our root user just because of security reasons we can create a new user with default command add user eyes cast all right so let’s just name the user eyes cast give it a password alrighty full name bla bla bla bla yes alright this will create a new user and give the user its own directory in the home folder as you can see eyes cast and that we will install eyes guest after you created the user with your own passwords we need to login to this new user so let’s login to this eyes cast user alright let’s go to the home folder we can just go to the home folder with CD and now we need to download the I scare star ball in there so we will install the ice castle right in here and currently we are in there to do so we can use the W get again and then the link of the latest ice care server I will give you a link and it should be

downloaded right now as you can see alright so now let’s extract this package again with the same extract commands and you will see that the ice caste server files are right in there let’s just rename this ice caste folder to you like ice cast server so let’s guest server this will actually this command will move the ice case folder into a new folder but this is just a renaming it so as you can see if you refresh it if we do LSA you can see that we got ourselves the ice care server now we don’t need the ice caste turbo anymore so we will just remove that all right so now that’s all right so now we got ourselves all the ice case files we need we need to install the ice care server and we can easily use we can usually install this ice care server with the command we have been using all the time and that would be configure and make and soon you make install this would however probably give you an error like this the XSLT configuration could not be fact we can easily fix this by installing the library XSLT a wafer we didn’t add the ice guest user to the pseudo group yet so first of all we need to login to the root user again alright so now we are in the root user add to the user ice cast 2d shooter group as you can see we added the user I sketch to the group pseudo now we can go back to the ice cast again and we can use sudo apt-get install lip alright with that command we can install the library for the XSLT configuration just use a Y and hit enter this should install the package properly and now if we use the same command again so configure make and sudo make install you will see that dick of the installation of Irish guest will run properly alright so we got ice cast installs right now the last part we need to do is configure the ice care server we need to configure it before we can actually run the ice care server all the config files of highest caste are written in XML formats so first of all we need to rename the sample config file to our main config file and that sample config file will be in the ice care server folder slash conf this is the sample config file so to do so if you log in to pretty you go to the ice care server / go and we will remake rename the ice caste that’s XML dot in2 ice caste dot XML now you should always name your eyes cast config file eyes cast dot xml to get the ice get server working now we need to edit the main.xml config file before we can start the server you can use your default editor for this I will use nano on my boon to server and that is pretty easy you can just use nano I scarce dot XML and there we are if you use another editor in the booty and you can’t see the difference between these comments and the actual options you can also use your text editor on your PC like notepad plus plus copy all these fast so copy order of this poodle DNA put it in a new notepad plus plus file like

here and then just saved save s-say lesson like the ice cast XML and as you can see if you say with a stud XML you can see the difference between the commands and the actual options all right so now we are in pity and we are editing the config file we need to change some things we will only change some basic things since the advanced configuration will come later or if you want to go advanced you can check the I scarce documentation online and check all the options you got to change in this config file first of all we will change the location just use any location you like I will use world world alright and the admin I will use my own email alright that’s it for the top now let’s go down this is pretty important here you need to change the passwords of the ICS server into a pretty secured password you really need to do this since the passwords are used to administrate and look into your eyes cursor so if people know your password they can administrate your radio station or they came Hackett the sauce password this is the password for the streamers who will log in from the PC to the eyes cursor so if you log in from this PC tomorrow ask a server on the droplet I will use this password so industry over you should just hack me the relay password isn’t important in this tutorial since we aren’t using a relay and the admin username will be the EPI username for the administration backends we’ll see that later on but just you can use app mean or any other use you like and just choose a security password just like a password generator if you like to if you don’t know what kind of password you need to use the other name could just be localhost and the port would just be the default board all right so that’s it for the chain thing oh yeah the last thing we need to change are these lock directories yeah those locks they don’t work with this so just lead this directory and copy or just use directory where we installed the Oscar server so for the lot dear use home in this example eyes cast slash eyes cast server Oh server and then use the locks directory we haven’t created this yet but we will but we will create this later on now the same with this one and you up the rectory is already here same as the app in the directory so we can just keep this default we only need to change the directory in front of it alright so that’s really all of it if you want to change the lock files you can change them right here I will just call them access and error log the log level what kind of log should show etc so that’s it for now for the configuration file we changed everything we need all the other comments you can check out if you want but we will not use them so use ctrl dot X click Y press our Y and then press Enter so control X and then press Y and then enter this will save the configuration file we can check that with T winscp as you can see it changed the world right though the other things I changed all right so now that’s done and we saved it excuse me we need to go to one we need to go to the main directory again so let’s just go to the IceCaps

server directory so we will go right here and we need to create the logs folder so m’kay dear locks now this huge create deluxe like right here and we put the new configuration that will save its locks right there as you can see so now that’s created it should all work and that’s it for the cover rate for configuration of the IDE last thing we will do now is run the ice guests over itself we will run the ice cursor so you can in so you can connect to it and stream music worldwide you can use different methods to start the server first of all we will just use the ice can’t ice cast commands but we can also use a screen and then run the ice cares commands now we are still like in logged in with the ice cast user and do the thing we need to do now this around the eyes guest then DC for the configuration file and to the path where the configuration file is located so in this case we will use I scarce I just get server off slash slash nice cat dad XML this should start the ice cast alright so I need to change one thing I didn’t use an underscore I just use this one so let’s change the date on the score yes alright let’s save it it’s saved now you see command again and as you can see it didn’t give any ever so it means it is running right now you can check if it’s running by opening a web browser and logging in to your droplet so we’ll use the IP and the default ports which is he thousands and as you can see we got our scares to running now this isn’t really easy because you can’t run any other commands right now it doesn’t work you need to close this connection first before we can do something else so the easiest thing to the best thing to do is use a screen to run ice cast in that screen so you can run the Oscar server in the background instead of any foreground so if you do so we need to install The Scream software as you can see it is already installed and we can now run the ice cast server with the following commands this will be the name of the screen the ice cast and this will be the eyes cast command which will run in the screen alright so as you can see we will use screen to run the ice cast commands and the screen will be named ice cast now hit enter and as you can see nothing happens but if we check our screens with this commands you can see we got one screen called ice cast now we can attach yourself to that screen with the our variable and an ice cast all right so we got ourselves okay screen are I skip all right so as you can see you still get a warning that the hostname isn’t configured then it would use the localhost but this isn’t a problem because if you check this administration panel again you will see the eyes care service running so at the same time if you use control a and then

press D you will detach yourself again and you can just use all the commands you want right here and if you want to check the ice cursor again you just attach yourself again there we go you got yourself a nice cat server running