Shoutcast 2 – Shoutcast DSP Plugin

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Shoutcast 2 – Shoutcast DSP Plugin

hello and welcome to the you listen to my radio broadcasting tutorial series in this tutorial we are going to be taking a look at how to broadcast with the venom DSP plugin to a shoutcast v2 server the first thing we need to point out the are differences between shoutcast one and shall test tube the two main differences are the broadcasting modes and DJ management to explain the broadcasting modes properly we first need to explain what we had in shoutcast one and what we have in shock as to the shoutcast when you basically had to broadcasting modes you could have auto DJ enabled and in that case you couldn’t broadcast live until you disable auto DJ by logging into its and telecast and money by disabling it and then you had the other mode which me average was a live broadcasting only where you would connect to the server broadcast live and then disconnect and then if you wanted the auto DJ to continue playing you would have to manually log into its in telecast to to turn it on so it would resume play well in shoutcast too we have three broadcasting modes we have out DJ only a live broadcasting only and we have auto DJ fly broadcasting um the auto DJ which live broadcasting is actually very simple you have out DJ enabled and then when you start broadcasting live it automatically stops playing and your live broadcast is tuned in and then once you stop live broadcasting auto DJ resumes playing to get this accomplished out Lee Jay uses two ports and that can lead some confusion because the out shoutcast on only had one port so first thing you do is log into sin telecast if you don’t know how to do that you should just follow the control panel link and use the username and password that you got from us when you signed up for your shot glass to package once you’re in the control panel click here on two quick links under general and scroll down to live source connections you rather see that there are two ports here you have the shoutcast with you and the shoutcast 31 port the shell cast we went for it is here because not all software support shall cast with you yet not all software has been updated yet to support shoutcast too but shall cast to has backwards compatibility compatibility so if you have an old software that you want to use that when we support shall cast one you can broadcast with it as well and you can make use of the of the DJ management and auto DJ enuff also important to note is that these two ports here they only work when auto DJ is enabled and running if you so these are the the live broadcasting without a DJ ports if you want to live broadcast without DJ disabled these ports this ports won’t work for you you need to use the ports found under overview so click on overview rather general here and see the account overview the port here this is the port that you need to use for a live broadcasting only so if you just want to live broadcast you use this port here and very important note is while you create DJ accounts for for broadcasting and they have their own

username and password and you use those when broadcasting to auto DJ I mean with outage enabled you have to use the source password like you did in shoutcast 14 for a live broadcasting only to find the source password just go to settings just go to settings and set it here and I click on update and restart the server to apply the change more more of this is discussed in the account overview in the account overview store oh so if you haven’t you can look it up in our knowledge base if you don’t have auto DJ enabled and don’t know how to enable it please check out our out DJ tutorial I in our knowledge base now that we have explained differences the first thing we need to do to get started with broadcasting is download all the required software the first thing we need to do which is the base of the player is get venom you can get it by going to pin am calm then you click on free download here and download the relapse standard version then just click on free download until start download once it’s downloaded just the start installation click Next I agree next next next you can disable all of these and I just stove in up once the installation is done and check the lounge win up after installer closes and click on finish if you do start with AB accidentally just close it because it has to be closed to install the next part once you have finished installing minute go to shoutcast calm and click on the broadcast now option in the menu and then scroll down to the bottom of the page at the bottom you will see the shoutcast DSP plugin for a minute click on download once download is finished start installation click Next angry and click install once this tool is finished just by default to set the current DSP plugin and run winner will be enabled by default and just click finish them navigable ask you to select a skin you will use the default new bento skin I already have a player that does these so I’ll the same please and click on finish now we have all set stuff up and the first thing we want to do is set up vm i like to make the playlist here bigger so i click here this is your playlist where you will be adding files and the files for playing on your station a lot of people get confused at this point because they can see the DSP plane

it’s actually underneath manner here you can start off dragging the window all the time you can just click on the window shade mode here and when you want to and you have the plugin here when you want to resume using winamp just click here again and you’ll see with that the first thing we need to do now is get the details for rod casting to do that go back to Center Lacasse and under general click on quick links then scroll down to ft / sorry live source connections and there you have most of the details me and shoutcast the shell cast plug in the fully supports short class 2 and because of that we’ll be using this port here and there shall cast with you but before we can do any of this we need to first create a DG account to do that go to put under configuration click on djs I I already have a account here but I’ll to waited for okay so now once you are in VG management on the right side here you can click on create a bj account and you will see something like this the first thing you need to enter is a username you will be using this user name in the DJ user ID field here as explained earlier this account can also be used to log into it sent overcast and then the user of that account can do different things depending on how many permissions you set but let’s go into it step by step the first thing we need to do is set the username you can sell it to pretty much anything in this case i’ll set it to tutorial also the password just something here and the real name well this mode is mostly a label so you know which account is which easily if you have unusual usernames for example you can set something that you can identify this account with here we’ll just enter a tutorial you can enter whatever you want ok status should be enabled by default if you want to use this amount under privileges you can set the permissions that this account for help as you can see you can set the various things if you want to set all of the permissions hold down shift shift key select the first and the last permission in to select a move if you just want to select one you can just click on it it will be selected if you want to select multiple permissions you can hold down the control key and then select multiple of them by clicking on them in this case we want to enable all the permissions so we also evolved and all of them under logging restrictions you can set the time-based login restrictions by default the account is enabled 24-7 but you can send to various days allow from until showcases the daily hours from which the account is allowed to log in by default it’s set from QAM to 2 a.m. which means 24 hours a day ok once all of this set click on save and then restart the server to confirm the change to restart the server go to restart here under and click on it click OK and its server real resets off ok now the server is restarted we can continue with the broadcasting software setup return to Quick Links live source connections and get this server hosting copied and go back to the DSP fugging a very important when you are pasting these details in is that you don’t paste a blank space in if you do that you have trouble with the connection and you won’t be able to connect for where you will get various

errors if you do get a do have trouble connecting the first thing you should try is manually typing in the IP port user ID and password the will now enter the server address which is the server hostname or IP then we will enter the port as said because this software fully supports shoutcast we too will use the port located here in our case that’s 800 six or eight thousand six for it and then you set the user name of the DJ account we just created in our case that’s tutorial as well as the password then proceed to the directory tab and I vendor directory you can set the name and address of your radius website we’ll set this name to tutorial example you don’t really have to enter a website if you don’t have on back you can this check box here determines whether your station will be listed on the shoutcast com a radio directory in this directory if you want you can either enable or disable this most of the user want it enabled but you can also disable the next step is setting up the encoder you can either broadcast in a cc or mp3 but a cc is not as widely supported as mp3 so if you don’t have experience with online radio so we recommend that you use mp3 for now set the encoded type 2 mp3 and then you need to set the bitrate to get the maximum bitrate of your package going back to a scintilla cast and you will see it here under maximum bitrate maximum bitrate in our case that’s free to kilobits per second so we’ll choose free to hear okay now that we’ve set up the bit rate and the encoder you can also have an option here to save or archive the stream so everything you will stream to the server will be saved into one file this can be useful if you do some things like podcasts or you want to record your shows if you want to do that just enable this option here and click here to select a folder where you want to save it once you have set up the end color you can proceed to tiles you should you should leave this at at the phones at the defaults it will just send the name album and artist of your songs and it will update him out automatically this is what most users want if you want you can upload them manually and then once you have entered them you can click send update but for most people that’s very tedious to do and you can just use the default other ad at work you can sell artwork with your stream and and it will display to the listener if his software supports artwork you can use the send artwork from blank file option in this case we’ll just disabled because we don’t need artwork in this example logs you mostly don’t need to do anything here but if you experience some problems and you need to contact support you can click enable log in here and then open a log file to get the messages that you

will give to support once you’re set up of these go to input you have two options here you have the lamp which will broadcast any songs you play in with them or you can set it to in my case on felony but you will have sound card input here and when you select some kind of some kind input you will you can use your line in or microphone port on your computer to broadcast your voice or some external device like a mixing board or CD player you can easily choose the line in or whatever here under choose capture device in my case I don’t have any so I can choose anything once you have for example if you select the microphone once you have selected a lot of these both the line in some kind of sound card input here and the microphone here you can either push to talk to hold and you hold this button while we were talking or you can lock the button which will just stream your voice until you click on lock on the end which will disable it will return this to the net for now once you’re set up all of these so log in directory encoder titles and input you can try connecting to the server click on connect our first check if auto DJ is enabled and running yes by the way you can check that by going here this shows the server status which is the green check mark shows that it’s online the outer digit status and that our last source is connected in this case that’s out a DJ that means that everything is working if you have out DJ enabled but it’s not playing you won’t be able to connect it has to be enabled and play will now try connecting to the server click on connect on their output and it’s working if it doesn’t say sent here something isn’t working correctly and you should try to find a problem usually the status gives you some indication what the problem is and now that we are connected to the server we can try playing a song I have a followed here by default to play a song just double click on it and the file will play if you have multiple files they’ll play one after another you have some options here like shuffle which you can also use to make the songs random if you want or you have a repeat you can either repeat the playlist which song this little one indicates that only the song is being repeated now that you are broadcasting we should check if everything is working correctly to do so go back to Center low caste and on top here you will see the song name in our case this is the song I played and you can click on play here to see if if your song is playing properly in our case it sure enough is and that’s it thanks for watching for more tutorials planes to your knowledge base